Demetrio Vicente’s bonsai featured in 2000 Inquirer issue


Thank goodness for the brilliant technology of Google News! Barely two days after the venerable Philippine Daily Inquirer let loose a doozey of a front page in its 14th March 2012 issue where “unflattering” photos of Demetrio Vicente, a character witness called by the defense team in the trial of Chief Justice Renato Corona, were exhibited, Brenda Flake a member of our Get Real Philippines Community Facebook group shared a Google News link to the Lifestyle section of the 7th April 2000 edition of the Inquirer. Flake also included the following message on her post:

[Philippine Daily Inquirer] what are you thinking? Here is the proof that you have featured the house of Mr. Demetrio Vicente in your Lifestyle section complete with pictures and yet this time you made a mockery of him through you pictures and DID NOT APOLOGIZE directly to him.

Lo and behold on that page is a feature article on Vicente’s award-winning bonsai garden that he maintains on the very property quibbled over in the 13th March session of Corona’s trial.

The main source of contention surrounding Vicente’s property — which, even in the trial, he had asserted he maintained said bonsai garden on — was whether or not he did in fact reside in it. Looks like the 2000 Inquirer article settles that matter — ironic considering the paper, long criticised for its unabashedly biased news reporting in favour of the Aquino-Cojuangco feudal clan is suspected of deliberately portraying Vicente’s facial contortions (which can be attributed to a stroke he previously suffered) to humiliate him.

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According to the Inquirer feature, one of Vicente’s plants, a beautiful Mulawing aso tree had garnered several awards before being included in the “Best 100 Bonsai” at a World Conference in Kyoto that was sponsored by Japan Airlines (presumably also in 2000).

Above image captioned 'Nonoy Vicente and Alex Vasquez, a plant pathologist' on the original 7th April 2000 Inquirer feature

Fortunately, Senator Sergio Osmeña III, an “ally” of President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III, also confirmed both Vicente’s residency in the Marikina City property and his being an avid bonsai enthusiast…

[…] I confirmed with certain people if he lived there, and they said ‘yes.’ They have visited him there (in Marikina City),” said Senator Sergio Osmeña III.

The senator, a gardening aficionado, also joked that Vicente’s credibility was strengthened by the fact that “he likes bonsai and I like bonsai.”

“As a matter of fact, (Vicente) has one of the largest collections of bonsai. That’s why he has a big lot—3,400 square meters,” Osmeña added.

And so Vicente goes down in history as yet another contributor to Corona’s defense that had endeared himself to the Filipino public.

24 Replies to “Demetrio Vicente’s bonsai featured in 2000 Inquirer issue”

        1. Hehe, ang usapan dito is why you consider hearsay as TRUTH?

          Ok lang na ma-impeach si Corona but the prosecution has nothing to offer; most of their evidences are based from half-truths and hearsays. Gusto lang nila siya alisin and they take orders from your Tito Noy.


        2. Kung ang gsuto mong pag-usapan ang SALN, wag mong idamay si Mr. Vincente at ang kanyang pagtestigo. ismaa mo na rin ang pangit na treatemnt sa kanya ng Inquirer. Siya at ang trato sa kanya abd topic hindi ang kanyang assosaysyon sa kung sino man.

    1. So tell me this. You’re saying Vicente brought it upon himself that his condition was made fun of? All because he sided with the “wrong people” according to the Inquirer’s view?

      So bale, maaari din kita pagtawanan kasi retarded ka, at dahil pumapanig ka din sa taong tingin ko ay mali?

      Si Vicente, nastroke daw, tandaan mo. Ikaw, Vincenzo, ayaw mo lang talaga gamitin utak mo. Sino mas nararapat pahiyain?

      Play dead, Vincenzo. Go lick PNoy’s bones or something.

      1. Ikw ang dpat phiyain. U are with the corrupt. Hnd p huli ang lahat. At ngkakamali ka na nsa mali ako dhl kta naman s SALN ni Coronarroyo ang ebidensya. P80M dpat

        1. “Ikw ang dpat phiyain. U are with the corrupt. Hnd p huli ang lahat. At ngkakamali ka na nsa mali ako dhl kta naman s SALN ni Coronarroyo ang ebidensya. P80M dpat”

          Hahahaha,what a dumbass statement from a yellow dumbass.

        2. IKAW ang dapat pahiyain since because you’re a dumb yellotard, yes.

          Spewing the same crap all over again without looking on to himself that he is also corrupt. 😛

        3. at hindi pa tapos magpaliwanag ang panig ng punong hukom ay kaagad mong sinasabing sinungaling na.

          Corrupt? Di pa napapatunayan. Naniniwala ka (pa rin) sa haka-haka, at hearsay?

          Di mo nanaman ginagamit utak mo eh. Eh patubuin mo kaya muna iyan tapos saka ka bumalik dito. Aso kang ul*l.

    1. Wlang halaga ky Tito Noy ang corruption dhl parusa ang kpalit nito. Look at Gloria she will rot in jail

      1. Nah. Tito Noy and his family are also corrupt because things got worse when ‘Apo’ left. Of all the presidents, he has the biggest pork barrel and he used it to bribe the congressmen on signing the impeachment complaint against Corona.

        Fact: the pork barrel is the cause of corruption in the legislative. And your Tito Noy, including you, will rot in jail because you keep on spreading lies and false claims. 😛

      1. Hearsay din sa iyo. IKAW at ang mga Yellow Zombies ay hindi matanggap ang hubad na katotohanan na you want fabricated truths in order to make yourself feel better.

        The Inquirer is a Yellow Media mogul. I pity you for clinging on half-truths and hearsays, hypocrite. 😛

      2. Maybe you’re just nothing but a SADIST who pokes fun at Noynoy’s enemies or someone who was said being ‘corrupt’.

        Kawawa ka naman. 😛

      3. Baka hindi mo rin matanggap na maraming tao ang hindi nagbasa at ngaboboycitt ng pahayagang (oops, baka tabloid na) yan.

  1. p-noy is now proving he is more corrupt and hypocritical than any previous president.
    apart from being also the laziest and clearly psychologically flawed.
    get him in a mental hospital before the traitor does more harm to the country

      1. At ang Tito Noy ay mahilig manira ng mga kalaban niya. Baluktot ang pag-iisip, baluktot ang paninindigan, right? 🙂

        Sorry, but baluktot na daan iyon. Get real.

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