Senator Miriam Santiago is just what the doctor ordered for the prosecution

I know what the Philippines needs. We need more people like Senator Miriam Santiago. We need more people like her who won’t think twice about saying the truth. Senator Santiago doesn’t care about what other people think of her because she has the balls to tell them outright when they are being stupid. And the lady-Senator did just that when she said during the impeachment trial of Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona that the prosecution team is “an INSULT to the intelligence of educated Filipinos”.

Philippine society's bitter pill

Senator Santiago’s style is not everyone’s cup of tea. Some Filipinos frown upon the way Senator Miriam handles herself. They say that she is loud, arrogant, and intolerant. However, most people would disagree with that view. In berating the prosecution, Senator Miriam is doing exactly what a lot of Filipinos would like to do but can’t because they are not in the position to do so.

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The prosecution, composed mostly of Congressmen allied with President Noynoy Aquino deserves every bit of the tongue-lashing they get from the Senator Judges. In filing the impeachment complaint against Chief Justice Corona without enough preparation, they have wrought havoc upon the country’s institutions, not to mention put the branches of government in potential conflict with one another and possibly causing a constitutional crisis. What is worse is that they want the Senators to help them accomplish their dirty deeds. They have also distracted everyone from dealing with the real issues facing our country today. Now PNoy is getting away with his mediocre performance while in office. The prosecution had no qualms about destroying Chief Justice Corona’s reputation but they are now crying foul over Senator Judges like Senator Santiago giving them in-your-face lectures.

Senator Santiago’s detractors are claiming that she is very impatient. But who has time for the prosecution’s lies and deceptive stunts? Indeed, the trial is moving too slow for everyone’s liking not because of her “boorish lectures and pointless interruptions” but because of the prosecution’s incompetence. Everything the Senator has said so far about the prosecution has been spot on. A lot of people appreciate the wisdom and knowledge she injects during an otherwise boring and pointless exercise.

What caused Senator Santiago’s hypertension to go sky high again in the recent days’ proceedings is the realization that the prosecution is actually relying on the impeachment court to subpoena all their witnesses, including associate Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno. It emerged that none of the prosecution’s witnesses are willing to testify voluntarily. Their problem seems evident in the way most of their witnesses turn hostile against them after being subject to the way they ask their questions. Even presiding officer, Senator Enrile noticed it:

“I even aid them now and then by asking questions because the manner by which they grill their witnesses is really objectionable. Sometimes, it seems I am already acting on their side as their lawyer so they cannot say I am biased against the House of Representatives,” he fumed.

It has not been a very good experience for most of the witnesses so far as they also get a grilling not just from the prosecution who do not know how to handle their own witnesses, but also from the defense counsels who do not have a choice but to question their credibility.

Unfortunately, because the impeachment court decided to allow Senator Judges to ask “clarificatory” questions, which is also a source of delays, the witnesses also get a grilling from them. In a number of occasions, some Senator Judges who seem biased towards the prosecution even act very hostile to the witnesses. Who in their right mind would volunteer for such a thankless task? I wouldn’t. I wouldn’t want private details about me, which has nothing to do with the case against Chief Justice Corona, divulged on national television.

Senator Santiago’s detractors should give her a break. It’s not just her who has pointed out the prosecution’s weakness. A few of the senator judges have spoken out against the prosecution too:

Senator-judges on Day 24 of the impeachment trial told the prosecution team to get their act together and stop relying [on] the court to do the job for them.

This means the prosecution should produce witnesses on their own instead of requesting subpoena all the time.

Senator-judges advised the prosecution to talk to Sereno first instead of using compulsory process of the impeachment court.

“Bakit hindi niyo muna imbitahin si Justice Sereno? Kayong prosecution dapat kinausap niyo yung gusto niyong testigo at dalhin dito,” Enrile said.

“Nalalagay po kami sa alanganin. Tuwing may gusto kayong tumestigo, hinihingan niyo kami ng subpoena,” Senator Francis Escudero likewise told the prosecution.

Senator Panfilo Lacson added, “Bakit niyo kami isinusubo sa hindi niyo kayang gawin?”

The other senator judges may have been more subtle than Senator Miriam but after several weeks of trial that seemed to not have gone anywhere fast, subtlety is the last thing the prosecution needs. They constantly have to be reminded about the rules of the court or what they need to do to get things going. This is very frustrating especially for the judges who have to pay attention to all the little details in the proceedings.

Senator Santiago’s irritation with the prosecution is a reminder to all of us that we are not yet a mature society. In a mature society, members of the community do not need to be reminded of the rules all the time. They use their common sense, which is not something that most Filipinos have.

So what makes some Filipinos a bit squeamish about how Senator Santiago treats the prosecution? Writer James Fallows in his article A Damaged Culture: A New Philippines? made a very astute observation of Filipino ethic in general. In it he wrote: “The Filipino ethic of delicadeza, their equivalent of saving face, encourages people to raise unpleasant topics indirectly, or, better still, not to raise them at all.” Bingo.

With most of our ASEAN neighbors moving ahead in full steam, we don’t have time for misguided “delicadeza”. It is high time we get rid of this notion of saving face. We do more damage to our society when we turn a blind eye to our public servants’ shenanigans. Some Filipinos think that supporting a public servant they voted for means not criticizing him. Like what I have said before, there is a misguided notion among Filipinos that their public servants will eventually do what they are being paid to do. This is wrong and this is part of the reasons things never go according to plan in the Philippines.

To be sure, one of the reasons why Filipinos are not used to pointing out their public servants’ shortfalls is because of this belief that they are not supposed to be questioning authority. Where they got that belief is another story.

In any organization, there is a system of checks and balances in place that ensures that things work according to how they were meant to. If any part of that system fails, it would take a while before the goal of the organization can be met or, in the worst case, the goal will not be met at all. Included in those checks and balances are the low-ranking members who need to see to it that the people who make the decisions are doing their jobs.

A community or a society is no different from any organization. We all have a role to play in running the organization. Being a member is not just about enjoying the privileges of being a part of it. It is important that we perform our roles as community members by calling the attention of those concerned and make sure they are doing their part in fixing what is broken.

We should all applaud Senator Miriam Santiago for showing us how to be an effective critic. Let’s face it, anyone can criticize but not every vocal person is in a powerful position to make a difference. Our public servants just need to toughen up. If they can’t handle criticism, they have the option to resign.

280 Replies to “Senator Miriam Santiago is just what the doctor ordered for the prosecution”

    1. At this very moment the prosecution has presented a witness to show that Corona was friendly with the then president GMA. Their logic is that since they were in good terms Corona is partial in favor of GMA. This was at the time when Corona was not yet the chief justice. Suppose they were hostile to each other then, will they accuse Corona of partiality now ? The prosecutors have been dishing out non sequitor arguments right at the start of the proceedings. Do they take us all for fools? That’s one of the reasons why Miriam is scolding them.

        1. hahaha!! galit si miriam dahil naisahan sila ng prosecutor .pinasubpoena nila ang banko dahil wala silang ebidsensya kaya ng dinala ng manager ng banko listahan ng bank account eh de may ebidensya na sila ..noong umpisa ng empeachment halatang maka cuevas si enrile ,miriam joker.kahit si estrada .lahat na sinssabing evidensya ng prosecutor ay inuobjeckan ni cuevas at pinapayagan ng mga senator judge ..ngayon nanagbalik na sila sa bakasyon bago na ang isip nila dahil pagnagkamali sila sa desisyon at ayaw ng taong bayan ay hindi na sila iboboto.. nagising bigla ang mga senador .ang gusto ng taong bayan lalo na ang mga mahihirap ay katotohanan lang .kaya galit sila sa kaoobject ni cuevas dahil hindi nila malalaman ang totoo..ang mga tao ay wala ng tiwala sa mga politiko..lalong lalo na sa mga judge dahil nalalagyan sila ..

        2. Walang pakialam ang taongbayan dito so the prosecution should do the job on providing the evidence. Don’t say that you applaud the prosecs’ dirty tactics. It seems you want everyone to LIE in order to get the truth.

          What kind of truth that you are talking about? It seems you know a lot. Why don’t you testify? Only a insane man will believe in a truth that will make himself feel better.

        1. Not only my children but also myself..I wanna be like her in terms of intelligence and the way she criticize stupid prosecutors.

        2. right! if miriam’s attitude is acceptable, OK sige puede na tayong mag tawagan ng mga GAGO at OGAG! WE learned it in school that this word is a BAD WORD! nopw its OK na pala kasi nag nagsasalita ay isang ginagalang na senador at judge! tsktsktsk or should i say WAHH!!!

      1. kung pilipino ko.. maiintindihan mo to.. kung walang usok walang apoy.. miriam.. you idolized her?? and you wanna be like her?? kung maraming pilipina na ganyan.. i rather be gone.. mag isip muna bago magsalita.. di porket lumalaban,.. magaling na.. kawawang pilipinas..

        1. also.. i think di dapat criticize.. ang gamitin mo.. see.. like i said you should think first.. it should be scrutinize..

        2. whoops. sorry ’bout that. cool. that’s a parallax original.

          (hey i noticed that his handle “the3rd” really sounds like “the turd.” sorry! couldn’t help it. lol)

        3. Said the yellow3rd who is so butthurt. You’re the one who should think first. What you’re saying is like you wanna punch Gordon Ramsay in the face after he was scolding you for your very bad cooking and slowpoke preparation of a food in Hell’s Kitchen while the customers just walk out from their starvation. That’s the problem with you moron: you have no discipline and just being a happy-go-lucky.

        4. Kawawang the3rd. Kawawang Pilipinas dahil sa mga taong tanga tulad niya.

          Please use your BRAIN once and don’t be so EMO, will ya?

      2. si miriam ay bastos sayang lang ang pinagaralan niya yan ba ang natutunan niya sa school yan ba ang turo sa kanya ng magulang niya baka kaya nagpakamatay ang anak niya ay dahil sa kahihiyan sa magulang ..kung hindi sya senador siguro pag naglakad sya sa daan at ganyan ang ugali niya ay papatulan sya ng mga tao …suwerte sya at mayaman sya at senador pa ..

        1. EMO people love to hate someone if it nevers suits then, even what he/she says is the truth. They will do everything to put someone down, even using an event that hurts them, trying to further damaging someone’s reputation Iyan ang definition ng ‘bastos’.

          Ironic, isn’t it?

        2. hoy hapon may paemo emo kapa sa salita mo ay amercano ka o kunwaring amercano kayo pag hindi rin ninyo magustuhan ang comment sa amo ninyo galit din kayo dahil bayaran kayo ni arroyo at mawawalan kayo ng bayad pag naalis si corona at nakulong si arroyo .kayo ang mga walang katwiran na tao …kasama mo si ilda painglish inglish pakayo akala mo hindi kayo pinoy mga hipocrite kayo ang yayabang ninyo …

    2. Ilda, thank you for the article. you hit the nail on the head. I just wish your blog has like button. love reading the comments and shared opinions.

    3. Then a rather old Jeb who figured he was in a position to judge said the Mad Miriam was worth hellfire. Seriously? SERIOUSLY?!

      (Today’s PDI issue, in case you’re wondering.)

  1. well said
    and i see nothing more idiotic, hypocritical than these same pathetic law breakers, not only supporting pagcor naguiat but saying billionairre businessman steve wynn should be banned from doing business in the philippines for suggesting it was corrupt. now they are idiots worldwide. maybe they also want wynn to stop employing thousands of filipinos – whuch he speaks highly of. it is just the lawmakers that are tge problem. aint that so right. what lowlife these people are

    1. Is it Wynn’s influence that Filipinos can travel to Macau without a visa? What makes him such a positive businessman to most Filipinos?

      I don’t know much about Wynn or any Casino owners so I’m a bit curious.

      1. Here’s the link to the David Dunning and Justin Kruger paper on “illusory superiority”:

        “Unskilled and Unaware of It: How Difficulties in Recognizing One’s Own Incompetence Lead to Inflated Self-Assessments”

        And about the Dunning-Kruger Effect:

        1. Thanks for the links. It’s unfortunate that most incompetent people have difficulty realising their own incompetence.

        2. Have read about Dunning-Kruger Effect and I must say if this not a apt description of the King in Yellow then I don’t know what is. Also goes to show that he has mental issues if you guys know what I mean…..

  2. I am in complete agreement with everything you mentioned. The thing with most of Filipinios is they take things too personally and they like the ideaological person who always smiles, agrees with you and turn a blind eye to any wrongdoing. It is good in many respect but when it comes to accountability and logic, it simply doesn’t work.

    Perdonally, I have a theory about the Filipino society. We are more inclined to accept a perosn not by his credentials or anything substantial but how he can cope with ‘pakikisama.’ It doesn’t matter if you have a brain or not, as long as you can have that. As I said, it is good in soem situations but not always. You always want to someone to tell you point balnk whether or not what are doing is wrong or right. There is no point in being onion-skinned all the time.

    In many sites, I have seen people ridicule and call her names. I could always imagine Miriam in her head replying in these accusations. That makes me smile and glad that some people cannot see beyond tehri won prejudice.

    1. I think most Filipinos like PNoy treat other people outside their circle as complete enemies and complete devotion to their inner circle. So unfortunate.

      Thank goodness for rational people like Sen Santiago.

  3. Rep. Neil Colmenares… halatang halata kpag nagsisinungaling…. titingin sa taas… everytime na mag iimbento ng rason …titingin sa itaas..hehehhe

    OK ka ba Tyan Colmenares??? Ikaw ba yun sa commercial ng Yakult??

    Sabi nya… sa tingin po naman namin tetestigo naman po si Associate Justice Sereno kpag ipina subpoena ng Impeachment Court…tapos maya maya sasabihin na… Nahihirapan po kasi kami mag invite ng witness kasi ang babanggain si CJ. Conflicting Statements… kung sa tingin mo she will readily testify eh bakit di nya irequest na lng personally.

  4. Another good one Ilda! Senator Santiago is an equalizer. I loved her grand style as she humbled and lectured the arrogant Neil Tupas. She also exposed the lackluster performance and many boo-boos of the prosecution. Perhaps the mental and emotional state of the great leader is really contagious. The prosecution must be operating in a different political dimension. On the lighter side enter the strange critter created by JoJo Robles…

    The benignoramus

      1. Well it’s the truth and since the King in Yellow puts a great emphasis on the “truth” then it should be done, don’t you agree my dear?

    1. Der Fuhrer,
      The benignoramus, as described by Jojo Robles, is one species of dinosaur that just needs to dry up and go extinct. I wonder why Mother Nature missed out on that. Maybe as they say, dahil “masamang damo”.

  5. Almost anyone who looks at Sen. Santiago can more or less get that feeling that this is not a person who suffers fools, does the minions think that the King in Yellow’s words are bladed? Well guess what the senator’s words can burn them. It also helps that she speaks truth.

    1. I noticed that Sen Legarda is starting to lose her patience for the prosecutors as well. I’m glad she’s behaving more like a real public servant now.

      1. ah there u go, loren is my tita in law and u know her bukang bibig? “LETSE!!!” ask her employees! and her circle of friends! bagay silang magsama ni miriam, mga GAGO at LETSE ladies in robes!! wahh!!

      2. bakit nanahimik na ang mga senador si estrada lang ang nagsasalita dahil eleksion na maingat na ang mga senator judge .dahil baka hindi sila maiboto sa susunod na eleksion ..

        1. Papogi ata si Jinggoy e. Kontrolado ng media ang pag-iisip ng Pinoy. You just don’t know it yet.

  6. Another good post, Ilda. Agree with you on the notion that our society still has a lot of growing up to do. I wish there were more people like Miriam Santiago who has the balls to inject some sense and sensibility into many people’s otherwise corrupted minds.

  7. Great post and analysis too. We need someone like Sen.Miriam Santiago because she’s really admitting her disappointments in the impeachment. Well, what can you expect from so-called educated prosecution team? Nothing.

  8. Really now, Miriam Defensor Santiago…. she’s your role model? I thought this is Get Real Philippines? I can not think of one single event in history where she stood with principle. At the impeachment, she’s just kissing Cuevas’ ass… most senator-judges are anyway. I agree though that the Prosecution Team are incompetent eager beavers they are messing up what is utterly clear and common sensical.
    The law, nomatter how stupid sometimes it might be is the law. Stupidus lex, sed lex. Read Stupid Lina Law on Squatters and the dubious Bank Secrecy Law on Dollar Account. And you don’t get insulted with that?

    1. Am afraid if her “highly revered” opinion is contested by the Prosecution, the “good” senator will (1) Jump out of a plane (2) Carry a gun and shoot anyone on sight (3) Provoke her enemies to a boxing match (4) Instigate a “lusubin!lusubin” marching orders to those who see her highly….. and if all else fails,will just blurt out her classic “I lied!”. Now that’s the kind of people we want our next generation to be. Might as well tell your grandchildren to shoot their heads off.

      1. What is there to challenge? Her views are backed up by the constitution and the other Senator Judges such as the presiding officer Senator Enrile.

        You mistake me for someone who endorses her other eccentricities. Although I applaud her truthfulness, we don’t all have to be too confrontational. Everyone is unique in their own way. Everyone has their good and bad side. We need to observe and learn from other people’s behaviour by taking what’s good and leaving what’s bad.

        Try not to be too literal.

        1. Am sorry, I just don’t know when she is lying, joking or tellng the truth. She’s too complex a creature to study. But for her to lecture us mere mortals how to behave, now something’s just not right. It’s very clear that our senator judges just want to highlight their lawyerly prowess, grandstand and kiss Cuevas’ ass. For those who do not have the skills though, they are just making a mess of themselves. Anyway, the coming election will be the judge of how the Filipinos see them. And then we can judge our views if we speak for the majority right?

        2. Am sorry, I just don’t know when she is lying, joking or tellng the truth. She’s too complex a creature to study.

          Use the constitution as your guide. It’s too easy.

          It’s very clear that our senator judges just want to highlight their lawyerly prowess, grandstand and kiss Cuevas’ ass

          I don’t think Drilon, Pangilinan, Pimentel, Guingona, the Cayetano sibblings, Lacson, Lapid and Trillanes were kissing Cuevas’s a$$. I think they are trying to kiss someone else’s.

        3. Use the constitution as your guide. It’s too easy.

          I don’t think so. Why do you think the decision of the RTC is appealable to the CA and reversible by the SC? We can debate all we want how we interpret the Constitution. Remember PAL, TRO?

          I don’t think Drilon, Pangilinan, Pimentel, Guingona, the Cayetano sibblings, Lacson, Lapid and Trillanes were kissing Cuevas’s a$$. I think they are trying to kiss someone else’s.

          This one, I agree.

        4. Here’s the beauty of it: we don’t have to debate about what’s written in the constitution because there are constitutional experts and Supreme Court judges who can interpret it for us. Consitutional experts like Fr Bernas helped in the crafting of the constitution so they are credible enough; Supreme Court judges vote on all petitions so I know that any individual judge’s partiality can be overuled by the majority.

        5. Okay. Let’s assume that Corona is as immaculate as snow and eventually acquitted. Then Pnoy is impeached because of ill-gotten wealth but he took care of his bank accounts by depositing them all in Dollars.

          How will the honorable judges decide then? Acquittal by precedence? Do we really need to sacrifice common sense with technicalities? Will they issue a TRO and let the next three generation decide?

          By the way, how many lifetimes do they mean when they say temporary in Temporary Restraining Order?

        6. Wanderer–“Then Pnoy is impeached because of ill-gotten wealth but he took care of his bank accounts by depositing them all in Dollars.”

          But if PNoy “took care of his bank accounts by depositing them all in Dollars,” who would know that he had deposited such “ill-gotten wealth” in his bank which would be the factual basis for filing a “verified complaint” to impeach him in the first place?

          Unless, of course, the complainant had prior access to PNoy’s Dollar bank accounts upon which to anchor his complaint; otherwise, his recourse would be to go “fishing.”

          Or, perhaps, the complainant gets to meet a “small lady” along the way who suddenly hands over to him a mysterious folder or inexplicably gets to find PNoy’s stolen bank records inside an envelope hanging in the gate of his house.

          Anyway, there’s already a “precedent” to this fantasy–ask wise guys Banal and Umali.

        7. It’s just like the SC decision regarding the Megapacific Deal. There was crime committed but no criminal.

    2. CODE OF JUDICIAL CONDUCT Rule 3.04 A judge shd be patient, attentive & courteous to lawyers, esp. the inexperienced, to litigants, witnesses & etcs. appearing b4 the court. A judge shd avoid unconsciously falling into the attitude of mind that the litigants r made for the courts, instead of the courts for the litigants!

      1. Sen Santiago was just saying the truth about the prosecution’s incompetence and unprofessionalism. I can understand why Santiago lost her patience with them. And lawyers should learn to have thick-skin. There is no room for onion-skinned cry-babies in the courtroom.

        1. She just gave the Pnoy and his ilk a dose of their own medicine.

          Rude president from day 1.

          Serves them right.

        2. Miriam is just being herself guys. I could almost imagine what her son had gone through when he flunked her mother’s standards. Enough for him to pull the trigger. Be happy hindi nyo nanay si Santiago.

        3. Quoting Empres V. Karen:

          It is frustrating & tragic to read floods about it calling Sen. Miriam a “bully”, “bastos,” etc. to the point of mentioning her deceased son (using his son is more than foul).

          No 1 bothered to asked WHY she “screams”, “bullying the prosecution”, etc. All they see is Sen. Miriam bullying the inaaping prosecutors to the point of calling him a “hero.”

          Bravo for your sheer idiocy and ignorance. EMO people don’t use their BRAINS.

        4. I remember the sign that usually hangs above a government project..”This is where your tax money is being spent.” The impeachment, pantawid pasada, DSWD’s dole-out to the poor, etc., etc. Well, I’d like my money back and I’d like to exercise my power as the boss of all these “servants of the people”..YOU’RE FIRED all you incompetent lot! What a waste of time and money just to appease the biggest failure of all BS.

        5. a hero? ah, well.. let them suffer their small victories for they know they have failed miserably and i hope they pay dearly for their damn arrogance at the expense of the people…

        6. How hypocritical of some people to point out Sen Santiago’s outburst but then ignore their own below the belt comments that include her son’s death. Tsk tsk

        7. i read a number of comments elsewhere intimating miriam was responsible for her sons death!! very low. maybe they are trying to make her ill and a non attendee.

        8. The yellow zombies are getting desperate to keep miriam out of the impeachment trial and so far…
          THEY ARE FAILING….

        9. Your honors, let’s review the items at hand, shall we:

          – Miriam is a highly revered figure among her peers (sige na nga) FACT

          – Miriam goes ballistic and rabid everytime she gets irritated by idiocy. Fools suffer her

          – Miriam choses no place berating or humiliating
          lesser mortals FACT

          – The object of her wrath becomes helpless and oftentimes ridiculed. FACT

          – Sige, pagtagni-tagniin nyo yun kung nanay nyo sya.

          Objection your honors!!!! The last item is irrelevant and misleading!!!! The Filipino people is incompetent to answer that question.

        10. Forget it ilda. Some people argue foolishly when they are backed in a wall. they talk about moral implications of the word gago but they attack way below the belt by pulling up issues of MDS deceased son.

          those who can’t see beyond the senator’s point of frustration and disbelief on the prosec’s ignorance and incompetence of law…deserves to be sit beside tupas, Aguirre et al and be called such.

        11. tama, pahiram ng message ni Lola…..those who can’t see beyond the senator’s point of frustration and disbelief on HER SON’S ignorance and incompetence of law….deserves to….(pick your phrase)

        12. I think they are just giving the good senator a dose of her own medicine; she who uses the bull pulpit without let up.

        13. @dakdak:

          Point f*cking missed. Stop your bickering makes you more of a fool.

          Walang patutunguhan ang taong EMO. Whew, what hypocrisy.

        14. @kurimao: you got it backwards. she’s been straightening them out. but they, drama queens that these prosecution lawyers are, chose to use theatricals to get idiots to sympathize with them. looks like it worked.

        15. Parallux. You still don’t get it.

          Ano’ng pinagkaiba ng anak ni Santiago at ng Prosecution?

          Wala. Malamang kasi magpakamatay na rin sa kahihiyan dahil sa katangahan nila.

        16. @corymao: walang pinagkaiba si miriam and the prosecution? you must be watching showbiz lingo or something.

          miriam blew her top because of the many ways we (as in she, plus the senate, plus everyone else watching) have been disrespected by the prosecution by way of their antics.

          so, whatever you’re trying to say, either it’s not coming across clearly or you really got it backwards. whatever the case, it’s not “giving her a dose of her own medicine” but the worst display of unprofessionalism on their part.

        17. hypocrisy…eto yung pag hinahamak mo ang katangahan ng isang grupo at tuwang tuwa ka dahil sa tingin mo mas matalino ka sa kanila… pero pag sa ibang tao na may halaga sa yo ginawa yun suklam na suklam ka kasi tingin mo nagmamatalino sila….MALINAW BA? Tagalog na yun.

        18. erratum: “walang pinagkaiba si miriam and the prosecution?” should have been “walang pinagkaiba anak ni miriam and the prosecution?”

          as you were.

  9. And to think Miriam Santiago was being painted as “insane” or “psychologically unstable” nearly two decades ago. Whether you agree with that or not, actively and vocally voicing your dislikes is something that more people need to do like she does.

    I agree that we need to get rid of misplaced delicadeza. Or better yet, Filipinos need to start rethinking how they should apply concepts like that properly.

    As the author pointed out above, an indication of a mature person or community, is that the subject knows how to handle criticism without taking it personally. The corollary to this statement is that he/she/it knows how to be constructive in the criticism too. Unfortunately, things don’t seem anywhere near either.

    The author referred to Senator Miriam as “what the doctor ordered for the prosecution”. We can add to that statement by saying that the dressing down that she’s given them more than once, as well as the impeachment case going downhill quickly, are “bitter pills to swallow”.

      1. What they need is maintenance perscirption (if we adopt the bitter pills), not only after the trial but the rest of their law practice (if they ever had one) and public service. Lucky forthem and us, it is free of charge and you can always go to the web if one ever need a refresher course. Unless, of course, you are a very stubborn patient/student.

  10. The good Senator speaks , what is in her mind…this is what we must all do…there is too much power concentrated on the Presidency…we have to diminish this power…it’s corrupting the system. The President’s Pork Barrel Fund is a huge money fund, concentrated on the hand of one is the source of corruption. Disbursed , without any auditing, where the funds went.
    It’s good the Senate asserted itself. The Judiciary discovered its own power also…the Balance of Power in our government is beginning to shift to the

  11. i was actually begining to realized that Sen Mirriam would be a very good president… that can intitute rule of law and discipline for the country…

        1. Even though I like FVR, he also practiced padrino system during his time. Sure it may not have been as blatant as what PNoy is doing now but rumor has it that it was really Miriam who won the Presidency.

    1. oh yah? and i can imagine prez miriam’s speech would be like this: “Sa mga GAGO kung mga kababayan…” if this come true( which im sure will not be) then we will be a country of 90M supids or GAGOs!!! Wahh!!!

      1. Hindi naman lahat. Purihin mo lang sya okay na yun. Di ka na nya tatawaging GAGO in front of national TV. Siguro, tatawagin ka nya sa isang kwarto tapos sasarado nya pinto atsaka ka tatawaging GAGO.

        1. actually, sen miriam is my idol, i voted for her when she ran for prez. and I like the article above (of Ilda) but i was dismayed when i heard my idol uttered such very offensive word not mentioning the fact that her attitude in past hearings where she always lambaste the prosecs is unacceptable to ordinary people. Wala namang pumiyok kahit maraming nasasaktan at nakakahalata of her attitude, as a matter of fact, we just laugh it off and brushed it off, but hearing such BAD WORD like GAGO from a very respectable sen and judge is i think FOUL! esp if it was throwned at to prosecs. Whatver technicalities the impeachmnt court will use, the RULE on basic RESPECT is basic and fundamental, di na kailangan ang degree sa abogasya!Sayang ang mga pinag-aralan natin,kailangan pa bang bumalik tau sa GMRC? we can debate and disagree but let us avoid namecalling esp. calling each other GAGO KA! YABANG MO! BOBO KA KSI! etc. Kung ganito tayo imbes na mag-usap, we will be waging war w/ each other, we will be reaching with each others neck! Can u blame Atty Aguirre for putting his hands on his ears just to put a stop-gap from miriam’s another attack?! and she has the nerve to ask respect! respect is not ask, it is bestowed to people who deserve such!Even the anchors at DZRH were dismayed with miriams attitude. 🙁

        2. @Mocha cafelatte

          Did the prosecutors show respect when they conducted trial by publicity against CJ Corona and some of the Sen Judges like Santiago? The prosecution keeps violating the rules by talking about the merits of the case to the media. That’s actually part of the reason why Santiago got very angry at them. Con Neil Tupas even called Corona Judas Iscariot. Would you consider that respectable? Stop with the double standard.

          Did PNoy show respect when he bullied Corona in his speeches? I don’t think so.

          Having said that, I agree that Sen Santiago should not have used the word “gago”.

        3. @mocha cafelatte:

          Please, don’t use EMOTIONS and please use BRAINS for once.

          I have to agree on one poster:

          Anong pambabastos? She was just pointing out what is obvious from the get go. The prosecutors must feel honored that they are being lectured by someone as brilliant as MIRRIAM. Madaling i-dismiss si MIRRIAM na loka-loka after all, BRILLIANT people, are seen as CRAZY people by STUPID people. The problem with people is they appeal to the law pag sila ang lalamang but they are quick to appeal to the zombie masses when the law doesn’t favor them.

          Now you appeal to human emotions or even religion when human intellect is being questioned or in this case… bashed?

          It is easier being stupid and self-righteous, isn’t it?

  12. I voted for her then, I thought she had some sets of values that will pass off as decent and palatably-principled. However, I was proven otherwise when she challenged FVR to a boxing match and the succeeding events sealed her fate. If that is one part of History (FVR cheated) where the Law was violated, the “fruits of the poisoned tree” will be more tolerable to swallow.

    1. In connection to the mentioned report… famous quotes of a desperate dictator exploiting the bible exposition of the INC to his advantage. From the Philippine Star today.


      “President Aquino expressed confidence yesterday that the mass gathering of members of the religious group Iglesia ni Cristo(INC) at the Quirino Grandstand in Manila was not meant to serve as a warning to him regarding the impeachment of Chief Justice Renato Corona.”

      “Aquino said he was thankful for the support of the INC and that he was informed the event yesterday was not political but religious…”

      As I said before, lying is now an instrument of public policy. Did the INC say in a press release that they are supporting the dictator Aquino?

        1. To make Der Fuhrer “get real”, you have to beat him/her with superior logic backed by evidence. In this particular comment, Der Fuhrer asks “Did the INC say in a press release that they are supporting the dictator Aquino?” Answer this correctly and you demolish his/her comment.

          I’ve said this before in another site, but I’ll say it again: if you try to mirror this site’s style when you counter it, you come off at best as unoriginal, or, worse, as an unfunny caricature.

        2. It seems that we have another yellow troll here..problem is, his posts are just as stupid as the other yellow trolls posting here.

        3. What superior logic are you talking about? Do you really mean this is the first time you found out that lying is tactically employed in public policy? Be true to yourself (will that do?)

        4. Oh, you got me there by being ambiguous in your original riposte. Now you try to make me appear like a fool by saying that you supposedly really meant that it’s not the first time lying is used by public officials. Nice try, wanderer.

          However, in the course of doing so, you also showed that you do not disagree with what Der Fuhrer said. You only insinuated that he/she is supposedly naive for discovering only now that lying is used by public officials.

        5. Sorry bro. That is the reason I put the word “now” in caps. Is it not obvious that I did not contest his claim that Penoy was lying? I even reinforced it with my question (read between the lines) that says in effect “is this the first time you found out that denial or lying through one’s teeth was used to one’s own benefit?”

    2. meron din si sen miriam ng isyu on mental health di ba? lumabas ito when she ran opposite FVR. i remember her answer: whats wrong going to a psychiatrist for a check-up? kaya nga ang mga anti-miriam noon binato ang gate nya ng mga soy sauce or toyo 🙂

      1. whats wrong going to a psychiatrist for a check-up

        So what is wrong with it? It was probably a rethorical question when she asked it. She did not confirm seeing one anyway. What century are you living in?

        Ask PNoy about his psychiatric report.

  13. sa pagkaka-alam ko, ang ibig sabihin pagtinawag ang isang tao na ‘gago’ ibig sabihin isa siyang taong tanga, walang alam, stupid – ika nga… Not exactly a bad word or curse/swear per se, pero, pedeng maging insulto. At palagay ko tulad sa sitwasyon na ito.
    Hindi ako naniniwala na gagamitin ni sen miriam ang salita na iyon kung hindi iyon ang kanyang nao-obserbahan. Pa-isang buwan na ang proceeding na ito at hindi ko masabi na naging outstanding ang performance ng mga nasa prosecution in and out of the court. In fact, kanilang butas-butas na mga ebidesya, kawalan ng preparasyon sa pagharap sa korte, prescon, pa-pogi, pasaring at pag-promote ng trial by publicity ang mga ito ay hindi nakakatulong sa kanila kung ang gusto nila na sila ay purihin, hangaan, paniwalaan at suportahan ang kanilang misyon.
    Masakit pakingan pero isang description sa kanila ang salita na iyon dahil na din sa kanilang paulit-ulit na ipinakikita. Masisisi ba natin si sen miriam kung kailangan na nya ilabas using ‘harsh’words ang kanyang exasperation? O aluin, ipaghele at amu-amuin ang mga matatandang mamang mga congressman at mga abugadong ito na nagpapakita ng kawalang respeto sa sytem at procedure na iniikutan ng impeachment court na napapaloob sa batas?

    1. The senators should have cited Neil Tupas in contempt as well because he is always seen as either laughing or talking to his colleagues when Sen Santiago is on the floor giving her lecture. Tupas doesn’t pay attention to what she is saying, which is why he thinks everything is going great for the prosecution.

  14. Well THEY DO deserve to be called “GAGO”. They marched to the impeachment court filled with confidence but is unprepared, arrogant to announce their victory in public but couldn’t get a hold of it. Are they trolling?

    Just because they’re on the pre-tarded-sident’s side doesn’t mean they can bend the rules of the court. Hell even the president should abide by the laws.

    Sino naman hindi magagalit sa ganun?

  15. Let this be a lesson to all parents. This is a fact. This is not something we arrived at debating. Do not raise your bar too high and forget the basic right of every people, defense or prosecution, your children or other’s children. Hindi natin mapagtatakpan ang nangyari nuon kasi nag-uumapaw tayo sa bravura ngayon.

    1. Wala kaming naintindihan sa mga sinasabi mo. 😛

      Oh yeah, why hypocrites likw you wanted to put Miriam’s deceased son in this? The reason why he committed suicide is because it’s his own fault and not of his mother’s: that is due to pressure since he didn’t pass the exams. She would never use harsh words since she loved her son. Ang hirap sa inyo, pinapairal nyo ang EMOSYON at mahilig sa TSISMIS.

      1. It’s called “grasping straws” it’s something that people do when they have little or no factual basis for whatever cause they have. Do have patience for the guy, he’s got little or nothing to work with, gets?

      2. Hypocrites. Simple lang. Lahat ng panghahamak na isusulat mo against sa prosecution, basahin mo. Tapos tuwang tuwa ka na di ba. Palitan mo ang subject, instead na prosecution ilagay mo pangalan ng mga anak mo. Ano, masaya ka pa rin ba? Biglang shift ng pakiramdam mo ano? Yun ang Hypocrisy.

        1. Epic fail pa rin. The point here is this: sino ba ang hindi magagalit sa kapalpakan ng prosecution? And please don’t compare them to family matters, kid. Hindi ko gagawin sa maging anak ko iyon dahil, well, anak ko siya. That explains your failed logic.

          Your comments are still full of hypocrisy since you’re still grasping on straws. Please state FACTS for once and don’t be so much of an emo. iYAN ang hypocrisy. Gets? Admit that you’re anti-intellectual and that’s why our country sucls.

        2. @dakdak

          Huh? I really don’t get your reasoning/arguement here.

          And why bring her deceased son into it? Just because you can?

          I thought adults were better than that.

        3. Oh yeah, who said na gusto niya ipamahamak ang prosecution? They’re the ones who get themselves into trouble so they deserved to be scolded.

          Man, you’re emo is showing full force so troll harder, hypocrite.

        4. Na-google ko na. Explain ko sa yo isa-isa? (1) Hypocrisy is the state of pretending to have virtues, moral or religious beliefs, principles, (2)a feigning to be what one is not or to believe what one does not; especially : the false assumption of an appearance of virtue or religion. Kailangan ko ba i-paste lahat?

        5. And sorry to disappoint you because you’re not only a hypocrite because isip-bata ka rin, tulad ng iyong isip-bata na presidente.

          Nagbabalat-sibuyas ka lang. IYAN ang hypocrisy, bata.

        6. @dakdak: You don’t need to explain it because you’re still missing the point, kid.

          And what does that something to do with you’re arguement? Kids these days.

        7. Sabi ni Sean Connery sa “Untouchables”…

          “They pull a knife, you pull a gun.
          They put your men to the hospital, you put his men to the morgue. That’s how you beat Al Capone”.

          Napaka-callous ng idol nyo. Ganun din ang dapat sa kanya.

        8. @dakdak: Meh. Now you’re resorting on being vindictive and malicious. No wonder why we have a dysfunctional culture which you love being with.

          The prosecution panel are the biggest hypocrites comapared to Miriam since they always act ‘high and mighty’ by justifying their trial by publicity. Sino ba ang hindi magagalit sa kapalpakan nila? Noynoy zombie ka kasi kaya ganyan. 😛

        9. okay dakdak. now that you’be googled it, kindly spend at least a week trying to understand why you don’t get it.

          when you finally get it, then you can come back and use it. for now, you wear the dunce hat.

        10. Since you have a very flawed logic on branding Miriam as being ‘callous’, are you trying to tell that the likes of Bobby Knight, Gordon Ramsay, Margaret Thatcher and even Mahathir being one as well? In fact, they’re better people than the prosecution panel if you ask me.

          Just accept the fact that you’re just here to TROLL since you lost this arguement.

    1. dakdak is a much worse of a hypocrite just like the prosecution panel due to his trolling and his red herring arguements. You’re embarassing yourself.

    2. Good idea resting your case since you have resorted to personal senseless attacks like dragging the senator’s long-dead son out of his grave and you have no real substance to your arguments anyway. You trolls are like the prosecution no real substance in your cause and can very seriously test the patience of people.

  16. DaSuperSoldier has spoken. Miriam is a hypocrite.I concur graciously your honor. That’s what this fishing expedition is all about.

      1. Your style is bold and unconventional. But I got to hand it to you kid, that was straight from the horse’s mouth!

        1. Galing mo talaga Dong! Nag-kunkor na rin si Daidokatsumi sa comment ni DaSuperSoldier…..Hypocrite si Miriam!!!!

    1. Huh?

      Way to go kid, sige keep trying na lang.. maybe you’ll grow up and understand one day and be a rational human being.

      I am all for trying but when you don’t realize your mistake, then what’s the point if you don’t learn?

      Miriam may have hit them with a blunt sword by pointing out all the stuff they did wrong, are doing wrong and should not be doing, but then again, when you are faced with all their wrongdoings from the onset and they failed to realize their misstep even after warnings and being educated by the books/rules they say they are on the side of, what are you left with but to re-educate the ones on the extremely erring side of misinterpreted facts/laws/procedures.

      Yes, maybe she has been too blunt to the point of being rude, but would you rather have a softie trying to beat around the bush being kind to everyone while completely missing the point because you lack assertiveness in how stern and firm you are that a process and rules should be followed and adhered to?

      I would believe that the reason they dropped the 5 articles is not really because what they have presented is enough, but rather, the damage to their credibility and capabilities are already at breaking point. Pushing any further may be a point of no return for their political careers so they are treading much carefully now after support has shown to be not as robust and numerous as initially “imagined” to be by them.

    2. You keep on twisting my comments. Indeed, you’re a TROLL. Your personal attacks on someone makes you very horrible, HYPOCRITE.

      I’m very disappointed. <_<

        1. You are just as jumpy and eager beaver as the incompetent Prosecution. You are bungling your case big time. Now you keep your mouth shut just like the prosecution and listen to all the barbs and rhubarbs that will be thrown your way! The real adults are talking now!

        2. @weezy: Now you’re also trolling. And you’re also comparing me to the prosecution? Maybe you should keep your mouth shut because you’re also on personal attacks, am I right?

        3. Oo nga Dong. Nawalan na ng moral ascendancy ang idol mo kasi kayo na mismo nagsasabi na Hypocrite sya. Tahimik ka na lang ba Dong. Yung double standards nyo kasi e pagiging hipukrito din yun di ba?

        4. @anabelrama: Wait a minute, did I ever say that Miriam is a hypocrite? That idiot dakdak said that.

          Sorry, but 3 trolls using ad hominem attacks would never work against me. Your comments are full of hypocrisy. KAYO na lang ang tumahimik because you can never come up with an intelligent argument, resulting in PURE TROLLING, which is sad.

        5. You wouldn’t know hypocrite when he bumped you in the street. Just because you guys are articulate in English does not mean your arguments (that is the right spelling) are superior. You underestimated dakdak right from the start. That’s your superiority complex talking. That’s your ego talking. That’s EMO. Maybe your succeeding comments you will be careless and admit yourself that you are an EMO too. My suggestion is, less talk, less mistake. Beat it!

        6. @anabelrama: Oh yeah, so does the EMO people who are mostly Noynoy supporters who hailed Aguirre as a hero yet they even made below the belt comments on Miriam (look on dakdak’s unintelligent comments) by putting up her son in this. What you actually wanted is being VINDICTIVE and MALICIOUS. Victim mentality is very bad in our society.

          So you even justify on vilifying Corona? Maybe. The sad part is that “Filipinos don’t think, they REACT.” -Richard Gordon

  17. Review your messages and the posts bro. Is it not obvious? And my gut feel tells me your other name is sphinx too. Your arguement (sic) is a dead giveaway.

    1. Hahahaha. So you are quoting now. With dakdak’s permission, I would also like to quote from the movie “The Usual Suspects”

      ….the greatest trick the devil ever pulled is to convince the world he does not exist.

      1. Obvious troll is obvious. <_<

        "Listen to what I say, not on why or how I say it." That's what Defensor-Santiago said in her interview. She's quoting Margaret Thatcher.

        I just hope the prosecution will learn their lesson because they're the ones who started their own stupidity since Day 1. Who can blame Miriam for that?

    2. Meh. You and your fellow trolls are bring these ‘below the belt’ comments, especially on Miriam’s attitude yet completely missing the point after all. Makes sense?

        1. Me foul-mouthed by Santiago? Ok lang if it helps me. She is even the league of the likes of Gordon Ramsay, Bobby Knight and even Margaret Thatcher. What’s wrong about that?

        2. Sige sample lang “Ikaw GAGO ka. Wag kang gagamit ng lingwahe na hindi mo alam. Ang yabang yabang mo puro ka naman katangahan. Spelling lang mali pa. May google naman. Nagkoko-quote ka pang GAGO ka tapos simpleng spelling at grammar tatanga-tanga ka. I thought just woke up in a different dimension were text English is the norm…”

          “How dare you argue with me you IDIOT!”

          Ano’ng pakiramdam? Gumaan ba feeling mo? Araw-arawin mo yan atsaka sa harapan pa ng natinal TV. Magpakatotoo ka na kasi.

          Ano’ng pakiramdam mo

        3. What “….She is even the league of the likes of…..” My God! what horrible English!!!! Kayo talagang sa Prosecution mga GAGO at mga BOBO kayo.

        4. @anabelrama:

          Setting my emotions aside, I can use that as a way to motivate me. In Bobby Knight’s case, the cussing and insults is just a facade; he turned boys into men!

          It seems we need social change. It’s time for us to THINK CRITICALLY instead of the other way around. At least international TV is a much better alternative than local TV and sad to say, they voted for the wrong guy since they use their EMOTIONS instead.

        5. And please don’t compare me to the likes of the prosecution since they’re almost incompetent just like their boss Abnoy. You jelly? Good thing that I have never voted for him.

        6. weezy: And you should be the one who should GET REAL because you will never get nothing if you’re going ‘balat-sibuyas.’

          So you’re siding with this incompetent administration? I just hope that Corona will be acquitted because it’s all personal vendetta after all.

        7. the easy difference between miriam’s salvo and yours is that hers has SUBSTANCE, something the likes of you drama queens will never come close to mimicking or even understanding.

          is trolling all you can do, anabelrama and weezy?

    3. @weezy

      Why do people like you who have no defense resort to immediately concluding that I am a multi account?

      This hasn’t been the first time. I mean just becase we have a similar understanding and reasoning doesn’t make us one and the same person.

      Given your logic, I could also establish a conclusion that you, anabelrama and any person who comes to your defense (with a similar style of nonsense comments) is just a multi account and that you are simply defending yourself by pretending to be another voice in the internet. Then CHEAP SHOT. hehe! =)

        1. Mas nakakahiya ang mga taong hindi marunong mag-isip, all resorting to ad hominem attacks; attacking the person, not the message.

          Sino’ng mas nakakahiya?

        2. @kurimao

          Then if it is incorrect, what then is the proper way I should’ve stated or written it?

          I am open to your suggestion if it is in fact “more correct” but please keep in mind I do not wish for the essense/meat of my statement to become twisted or deviated from that which I want to impart.


      1. Pure speculation. Both you and your clones have horrible English. I almost fell off my chair when you said you are a “multi-account”. Hahahaha!!!!

        1. @weezy

          I said you are immediately concluding that I am (the entity known as Sphynx in getreal) a multi-account.

          I never admitted to the fact nor did I say that I (a single entity) is a multiple or plural in form.

          Anyway, slow-witted individuals tend to absorb only that which they can absorb, even if the facts are distorted beyond recognition.

          Good luck to you then.

  18. Parallax, Miriam is a hypocrite. A corrupted source. She is the poisonous tree. All words coming from her are “the fruits of the poisonous tree”. Watch the proceedings. Her self-righteousness is the issue.

    Hitler can quote the Constitution for all eternity but
    for crying out loud…!!!!!!

    1. weezy, weezy, weezy. whatever makes you think you’re got any of this right? all you do is act like anabelrama’s b1tch. both of you bring nothing of substance to the table, but you two help improve the post’s search ranking. so keep it up. haha

      1. parallax, and I thought you were a cut above the rest…… “…whatever makes you think you’re (sic) any…”

        Damn! BOBO ka rin pala.

        1. You moron just think that being a grammar nazi will make you feel better but your logic is flawed. Troll harder emo kid.

        2. Either you can’t make up your mind or you do not know the difference.

          A moron is different from an idiot.

          Try googling.

          BOBO! (and consistent at that)

    2. @weezy

      Are you saying what Miriam is saying/teaching is not valid? Not true? No legal and factual basis?

      I thought we’ve already established a fact that the prosecution filed a case with no evidence. Enrile also pointed it out that the prosecution is using the subpoena powers of the Impeachment Court to gather their evidence when it should have been the job of congress from the very beginning.

      I don’t know why you want to close your eyes to those facts and stick to a present situation without considering the events leading up to it.


      1. The emo kid is just like I R Baboon. You know, the monkey who wants to be more better than Weasel who is very intelligent.

    1. Hindi ba ikaw yung lacking substance anabelrama? Ang ginawa mo lang is maging grammar nazi at magpaikot ikot sa trono mo na mas may tama ka sa amin.

      Well, parang mas may “tama” ka nga, pero hindi ito yung tama na “correct”.

      Ayan, siguru malinaw naman yung pagsalaysay ko para sa iyo at tinagalog ko na.

      Tsaka ikaw din naman resorting to name-calling so why play high and mighty with the other posters here?

      1. Guys I think this trollers are provoking us like what Aguirre did with Sen.Santiago. If they are that ignorant people or paid hacks by the Yellow cabal then so be it only thing matters, we will not just swallow the Yellow cabal’s propaganda hook, line, and sinker nor will we stand by idly without questioning or looking closely at their actions. We will also not be silent when we see blatant unethical and underhanded tricks used by the Yellow cabal under the guise of “justice and truth”. As for this trollers my only for you guys who are dealing with them is this: “Do not cast pearls before swines”.

        1. Nakakahawa talaga ang kabobohan. “Guys I think this (sic) trollers are….” Pag-plural form, dapat……

          Mamumura talaga kayo ni Santiago.

        2. So what if she’ll say something with bad words? She’s still telling the truth that you must accept. I have 5 words for you emo kid: You can’t handle the truth!

        3. Hai anabelrama, so aminado ka nga na malaki pagkukulang ng prosecution kaya sinabi mo galit si miriam sa bobo. Ibig sabihin kung galit si miriam sa prosecution dahil ito sa kabobohan nila or talagang bobo lang sila.

          Sige ganituhin natin ang argumento naman. Itong impeachment trial ay ninanais natin matapos dahil ito ang magiging precedent ng mga susunud. Sa pag manifest, lecture or pagturo ni miriam or kahit sinoman na senator judge sa kahit sino (proseuction, defense o kapwa senator-judge), ito ay on record. At dahil ito ay on-record, mabasis.

          So kung lumalabas nga na sa kakulangan ng evidence, kamalian ng complaint etc etc, e pwede nang gawin basis ito para i-junk ang mga susunud na railroaded complaint at maiiwasan na ang mga ganitong bagay-bagay.

          O sige, yung manifestations/lectures ni sen. miriam ay kumakain ng oras, pero anu ba mas pipiliin mo? Pagpatuloy ng prosec ang kalokohan nila or mga speech na nagtuturo sa tao ng tama at kung anu ang dapat ginagawa? Ako sa side ako ng may positive input sa tao (meaning the lectures).

          Paniniwala ko nga kaya itinigil ng prosecution ang pagprisinta sa other 5 articles e para di na lumaki ang kahihiyan nila sa publiko sa kanilang kamalian na simula palang ay pinakita na nila. Alam na nila na mali kaya stop na, bago pa tuluyan madiskaril ang kanilang mga political career.


  19. Weezy, dakdak and anabelrama, another moronic emos with their squatter mentality. Patunay lang na nagdadabog kayo kapag pinapagalitan kayo.

  20. It’s easy nincompoops:

    Logic 101

    (1) Flawed English = flawed comprehension = flawed logic = flawed argument

    (2) Flawed source = flawed derivative = flawed argument

    And I thought you were paying attention to the substance of your idol’s oratory. You were merely watching her rhetorics, theatrics and hysterics.

    1. The irony is that you also have flawed arguments in the first place. Or worse, YOUR rhetorics. So what do you want? To be Yellow Zombies like you?

      Stupid emo people. <_<

  21. What I’m trying to prove here your honor is that everyone in this courtroom is BOBO, TANGA and GAGO. But we do not need Miriam to point that out in National Television.

    With that my fellow Filipinos, I rest my case.

    1. And so does PNoy and his government, including his supporters. Thanks to you, you admit that you refuse to think CRITICALLY and to be satisfied with the status quo. You jelly?

      1. Next time you use English, respect its rules. Parang Impeachment yan.

        Bawas bawasan nyo na yung paggamit ng “hook, line and sinkers” ang sakit sa tenga ng grammatical construction nyo.

        Paano nyo ngayon maiintindihan ang Constitution e archaic ang English nun? Mag-aral muna kayo ng tamang English bago kayo magdunung-dunungan sa Law. Okay!

        1. Still, your comments are PURE TROLLING. You love to attack people and not even the message.

          I keep repeating this because you NEVER understood what’s the REAL issue here. Don’t be such a grammar Nazi. HEIL!

        2. And next time you respect the rule of law even if it’s too harsh emo kid. Pareho kayo ng iba pang emo pinoy na malaki ang galit sa China dahil lang sa pagbitay ng mga pinoy drug mules doon.

        3. hindi ba dapat question mark after okay?

          Panu yan, hindi na nga pure english at tag-lish may mali pa.

          Hmm…. I’m at a loss.

        4. @weezy

          The problem is just because it’s boring to you doesn’t mean you couldn’t learn from it, right?

          So maybe your boredom goes to show/reflect on how you went about your education and as a consequence, your grasp of what it means to be rational.

          Anyway, I really do hope you “rest your case” as you blatantly put out and stop with the nonsense already.

  22. Pointing out incorrect grammar requires knowing correct grammar (like, DUH).

    Therefore, the fact that you knew the correct forms of the grammatically incorrect statements meant you actually understood them despite the flawed grammar.

    Samakatuwid… nagdadahilan ka na lang kasi wala ka nang matinong masabi.


    1. The trolling of those emo kids are as dumb as the Scout who is requesting the Engineer to deploy a dispenser too much.

        1. You sure is catching up fast with the other. So fast in fact tomorrow you might be the most read about article in BOOB TUBE BOOBOOS (if they ever have one for posts).

        2. Now pot weezy is calling the kettle black.

          I can’t make heads and tails

          The idiom should be “heads or tails.”

          You sure is catching up fast

          “You sure are catching up fast.”

          This is the problem in being a grammar Nazi; it is so easy to turn the tables on you.

        3. And I thought your a genius. Have you ever googled what I said? Oh wait. You didn’t played Team Fortress 2 so silly me so here’s a video emo kid:

  23. Weezy:MiriamDefensorMode

    You guys are boring me……..

    But hey!


    Your honor, PARALLAX has spoken:


    I never thought I could fish it from your elusive mouth.

    Now beat it!

  24. Weezy

    Sorry pal. You’ve proven yourself to be another one of them English speaking morons. Don’t worry though.

    Your honor, am almost close to proving that everybody here in this courtroom is ***************.

    And Miriam still does not need to remind us that in National TV.

    1. @anabelrama

      Are those two last lines supposed to be meant as proper executions of statement by weezy? Or is it just random statements?

      If they are in fact “corrections” then shouldn’t you have added I after Your honor,? You can’t simply jump to using am with stating I, right? I’m just saying.

      I do not get the context of the “And Miriam still does not…” If I just consider it in itself then I could either remove the word “And” and “still” and the essense of the statement is preserved while making the statement more proper.

      And for using does, shouldn’t it be an act of the present or a continuing act? Since it has been done, then shouldn’t have been “did” instead of “does”?


  25. You disappoint me auriga. This is the second time I made the booboo you haven’t seen it yet?

    Or is it because you were too fixated on Weezy’s messages to make up for your bi-atch Parallax’s slip ups.

    Your honor, with the exception of those who chose not to participate in this fishing expedition


    but still

    Miriam Defensor Santiago has no right whatsoever to disrespect us in front of the whole world.

    1. @anabelrama

      I think you need to stop being “too strict” on the grammar/sentence construction issue.

      For one, they did not write the article. Since theirs is only a comment, you would have to understand that is not as laboriously constructed and thought-out as an article/blog.

      Second, if there are mistakes that a poster may want to correct, there is no edit button. As such, you original post will stick. Even if you attached a reply to your original message to correct it, some posters would tend to focus on the original post and disregard any corrections made to it.

      Lastly, I see no purpose on why this type of useless banter must continue to progress. What is it for? To prove that your grasp of the english language is beyond our reach? Say we do agree with that, what then? Is it all for self gratification?

      Can we please just get back to topic and focus all comments on the article itself.


      Oh and btw, I think you can’t fault anyone if they are offline when you are online. People do have their own lives and are not limited to your own timetable, so I think you should at least drop the attitude.

      1. I think you got the point Sphynx.

        The approach is abrasive and strict, exactly a reflection of the senator-in-contention as I see it.

        The Prosecution is composed of people with families who also suffer whenever they see their loved ones being reduced to a pulp in shame over national TV.

        I agree though that Niel Tupas and his company cast the first stone. They were acting holier than thou in fact using the media outside the impeachment court to bolster their apparently unprepared articles.

        At first Miriam was entertaining. She was a well of wisdom indeed. However, the succeeding events prove her very unstatesmanly. She, the passionate speaker that she is, abused the podium almost everyday. I do understand how frustrated she is to the point that she does not know where she will draw the line. But she needs to know when she’s crossing it.

        Having said that, am apologising to the others I have offended. It’s not fun wearing the Santiago mask. Am starting to hate myself too.


        1. @anabelrama

          I understand and I also sometimes feel that a line has been crossed by the good senator, perhaps in light of the heightened emotions.

          I do understand that a senator judge may not be engaged in a colloquy (I apologize if my spelling is incorrect) with the defense or prosecution.

          It is my understanding that in light of the circumstance, only a fellow senator judge or the presiding officer can pull them back from “going too far”.

          An example of the said action is what the presiding officer did.

          But in any case, I actually do not understand why (1) Sen. Cayetano had to video it. (2) Sen. Jinggoy had to point it out eventhough it was not an issue with Sen. Santiago prior to him taking the stand

          It just seemed odd to me that those two had to make an issue out of it when the person concerned did not take immediate offense in it. Something just doesn’t seem right in the action of the two because why was Cayetano the only to have taken the video among his fellow senator judge?

          Hmm… I’m just speculating out loud but it doesn’t really have that much bearing to the overall case. =)


        2. @anabelrama

          Your repetitious trolling speaks for itself. Your deliberate disinformation in making the prosecution appear as the underdog is shameless. From day one of the Impeachment Trial these people have shown arrogance, gross ignorance of the law, resort to unethical acts of black propaganda, trial by publicity and fabrication/falsification of evidence. Seen as a public nuisance and offensive to the senses.

        3. “The Prosecution is composed of people with families who also suffer whenever they see their loved ones being reduced to a pulp in shame over national TV.”

          what a steaming pile of bullpoop you got coming out of you. the prosecution lawyers are fully responsible for the consequences of their actions.

          and who cares about their families? they didn’t care about the family of the accused as they put him through trial by publicity. they didn’t care about miriam or her family when they tried making her have a potentially lethal rise in blood pressure. who gives a dump? such contrived concern.

          you’re a phony, anabelrama. and the fact that you’re fairly articulate probably means you know better, but choose to be an idiot about it anyway. for shame.

    2. Congratulations for assuming that I am online and browsing GRP 24/7. I have a life offline, y’know? I really find your conclusion to my non-reply childish; have you even considered that I could probably be – I dunno – sleeping?

      And besides, my post regarding weezy’s incorrect grammar was in response to this statement he made in “reply” (enclosed in quotations because it added nothing to the discussion) to Sphynx:

      “Pure speculation. Both you and your clones have horrible English. I almost fell off my chair when you said you are a “multi-account”. Hahahaha!!!!”

      /*Italics mine. I unfortunately posted my reply under a different statement of his; my bad.*/

      I really find it disappointing that what could have potentially been an intelligent discourse has degenerated into mud-slinging about English grammar (yes, grammar; we’re not even debating about semantics!). Then again, that’s usually the case when someone resorts to argumentum ad hominem.

      /*Damn, it took me an hour and multiple edits to compose this! :P*/

  26. Did the INC rally intimidate the Senator-Judges favoring the prosecution (Drilon, Pangilinan, Trillanes, et al) into suddenly siding with Senator MDS and declare Atty. Aguirre in contempt? Just wondering.

    Miriam should not have used the word “gago” but those who were genuinely offended or insulted by her scolding of the prosecution are people who obviously identify with the prosecution. In other words, NATAMAAN SILA. They’re in complete denial of the fact that this entire impeachment complaint has been a farce.

    1. “but those who were genuinely offended or insulted by her scolding of the prosecution are people who obviously identify with the prosecution. In other words, NATAMAAN SILA.”

      That’s a good way of looking at it.

  27. May mga nakita akong mga points na ni-raise previously which were left hanging kahit na may valid points. How about yung hanging question ni wanderer (Where can he be?) regarding yung mga decisions ng Supreme Court like for example yung Mega Pacific Deal. Medyo ni-review ko sya and it turned out may ruling na illegal ang naganap, meaning may crime pero walang accountability.

    Sigurado ako nagbotohan ang mga supreme court judges pero possible ba talaga yun na walang criminal pero may crime? Hindi ba parang nakaka-insulto naman yun?

    If mali yun, paano natin as pro-active citizen, maiiwasan yung ganun?

    I will welcome an intelligent discussion regarding dito.

  28. Parallax, tingin ko naman you have something to offer to the table.

    Ang observation ko lang kasi is you look for an opportunity na hanapin ang flaws sa mga nagko-comment but you do not have a genuine argument yourself.

    Parang for some time, lagi kang
    nasa safe side. You can always prove me wrong naman. Ano ang masasabi mo sa issue na ni-raise sa taas?

    1. @kurimao:

      Ang observation ko lang kasi is you look for an opportunity na hanapin ang flaws sa mga nagko-comment but you do not have a genuine argument yourself.

      you’ve been missing the forest for the trees. if you don’t get what my arguments are (perhaps because they are short and they slam like a chair in the face) it isn’t my fault you didn’t catch them.

      Parang for some time, lagi kang
      nasa safe side.

      safe side? care to explain what the “safe side” is? and, not that there’s anything of merit to the opposite (which is the “unsafe” side), but care to explain what’s wrong with this “safe side” you say i’m taking? are you saying i’m taking the wrong side? does it have to be an unsafe side?

      hindi kita pinipilosopo, kurimao. you assume i only jab at people like a homey echoes his gang leader, which is completely myopic and expected of those i’ve embarrassed.

      Can you be a real proponent of the opposing side this time and subject your views to a more, I hope, enlightening discussion?

      proponent of the opposing side to what? what do you mean “subject [my] views to a more enlightening discussion”? don’t you know that confronting the emo drama queens (hi anabelrama and weezy!) who’ve been MUDDLING the discussion clarifies the issue? do i have to engage everyone at length?

      Do you believe in the infallibility of the Supreme Court judges, kahit collectively?


      Naiimpluwensyahan ang supreme court natin.

      they can be. it’s no guarantee that they are. they may or may not be.

      May mga questionable na napapasang batas.


      but what are you trying to say as your bottomline? do you believe we should do away with the supreme court because they’re NOT infallible?

  29. Can you be a real proponent of the opposing side this time and subject your views to a more, I hope, enlightening discussion?

    Willing naman akong mag-concede anytime.

  30. Okay, I will add more views for you to challenge.

    (1)Do you believe in the infallibility of the Supreme Court judges, kahit collectively?

    Ako hindi ako naniniwala sa dogma ng church regarding infallibility kasi nun, sila mismo
    ang pasimuno ng witch hunting and eventually umamin din ang church na nagkamali sila.

    Ang church din ang nag-excommunicate kay Galileo dahil sa opposing views nya at that time
    na hindi ang mundo ang sentro ng universe.

    Kung ang church (composed of learned men) definitely mas marami pa sa supreme court
    justices nagkakamali, all the more hindi ako naniniwala na infallible ang Supreme Court.Hence, dapat subject din sila at least once sa dalawang lifetimes na i-challenge.

    (2)Naiimpluwensyahan ang supreme court natin.

    – Pagkatapos ng EDSA 1, dali-daling binago ang Constitution para lang maiwasan ang technicalities kasi nga maaaring ipaglaban (based sa dating Constitution) na illegal ang nangyaring pagpapatanggal kay Marcos.

    – Pagkatapos ng EDSA 2, pinalitaw na nag-resign si Erap kahit hindi naman.

    (3)May mga questionable na napapasang batas.

    – Lina Law on Squatters – hindi ko na kailangang i-discuss siguro kasi branded na nga siya sa pseudonym na Stupid Lina Law

    – Pagpapaikli ng sentensya sa Illegal Possession of Firearms, retroactive pa, para lang mapaikli ang sentensya ng nuon ay sikat na sikat ng artistang si Bad Boy.

    1. These are non-issues to the topic in the article above, and at best are just tangential to the impeachment case against Corona. Nobody is disagreeing with the three points you raised, although you need better examples than the ones you raised.

      But let me humor you on this. Concerns that you have raised are why we have checks and balances.

      On the concern that the Supreme Court, even collectively, can make mistakes and can be influenced, we have:
      1. overturning of a previous decision, usually by a new set of Justices
      2. impeachment of Justices
      3. amendments of the law
      …among other things.

      On the concern of questionable laws, we have:
      1. Presidential veto
      2. review by the Supreme Court (this is not done automatically though, someone must ask them to do so)
      3. the plebiscite which puts the decision of accepting the law directly to the people’s votes
      …among other things.

      These measures I have enumerated of course have their limitations and addresses specific flaws. They are also subject to abuse. In the end, it is the responsibility of every citizen to use these duly constituted measures to their advantage. Do not expect public officials to do everything.

    1. i don’t speak for everyone else, but it’s fun.

      some people were just born to be a warning to everyone else (“don’t be like this idiot”). i merely emphasize.

    2. With all due respect to parallax, I think you sound reasonable. But for you Aegis Judex, what is the matter with you?

      You can not even maintain a decent civilized discourse and yet you seem to pride yourself on being an intellectual.

      You either make a rebuttal and give your side and stop making side comments that no self-respecting opinionated person in his right mind will utter, moreso write.

  31. Is that the best you can do?

    You ran out of ammo and categorize every poster that do not have your limited line of thinking to be trolls or Pnoy supporters?

    There are those who share the views that the Prosecution is indeed incompetent but does not necessarily mean they agree to every hook, line and sinkers that you throw their way.

    Another idiotic remark and I am bailing out. You had your chance to prove the level of your mental faculty.

    1. hold your horses, kurimao. i don’t think aegis-judex was singling you out or even referring partly to you. and i have to say, i’m partly responsible for what aegis is observing.

      so chill.

    2. :palm:

      All I did was make an observation, and this is what I get for it? Seriously? SERIOUSLY?! From the long and inflammatory tirades on the comments section, it really [i]did[/i] look like a war zone to me.

  32. Miriam is the only politician in the Philippines to have admitted to lying.

    Even if it was only in jest, that still puts her heads above the rest of the batch.

  33. The reason why Philippines is such a poor country nowadays. Too much opinions outside the Government. But these things never helped a single thing about the situation of the country. Seriously, Just let the damn trial go on and see what would happen.

    1. That is the most reasonable thing we can do as citizens.

      Let’s agree that:

      (1) Most politicians have skeletons in their closets, including the President

      (2) These politicians should have their day in court


      Di ba? Aquino won’t be president forever, so he will have his reckoning sometime soon.

      Then when we get the ball rolling, change, though incremental, is a possibility.

      Remember the definition of insanity? “Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result”.

        1. Yup! You are damn right breaking the law over and over and expecting the Philippines to improve, that is Insanity.

          That includes railroading the impeachment article to possession of ill-gotten wealth 🙂

          I remember my high school Physics instructor’s introductory question to Acoustics:

          “If a tree in a forest fell and nobody is there, was there any sound created?”

          This is the argument to the definition of sound that for it to exist, there should be a source and a receiver. To be limited to this definition of sound alone is to be intellectually “subdued” in a manner of speaking. In the same way that a body found riddled with bullets without a witness is to say that a crime was not committed.

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