Prosecution conducting a trial by media against CJ Renato Corona

Why are some members of the prosecution team for the trial of the impeachment of Supreme Court Chief Justice, Renato Corona still talking about the details of the case to the media? Aren’t they violating the court rules by doing so? Unfortunately, for reasons unknown to the public, the Impeachment Court seems unable to stop this outrageous trial-by-media tactic headed by no less than the head of the prosecution team, Congressman Neil Tupas, Jr. Defense panel spokesman Mon Esguerra is understandably crying foul over the prosecution’s blatant disregard for the court rules:

He attributed the ABS-CBN report to “unnamed House prosecutors.” Esguerra also cited the appearance of the lead prosecutor, Iloilo Rep. Neil Tupas Jr. before the ANC Headstart where he discussed the merits of the case on TV. “If that is how the prosecution and their media associates handle this impeachment, we are alarmed that the act of the Senate is already being undermined,” he said. “Imagine, having two trials: the Senate and the public, aided by some [television] networks. If the right of our client will be continually pilloried publicly on so-called evidence [that were] never presented or entered into the trial, then we might as well save the money of Juan de la Cruz and stop this charade or stop the live coverage of the hearings, so we stop the pandering, innuendoes and spins. Masyado na pong bastusan itong ginagawa ng prosecution sa media.”

At the end of this trial, we will all realize too late that the prosecution just provided passing entertainment for everyone. Nothing significant will have been accomplished. Even an acquittal might not mean much because of the way the Chief Justice is continuously being portrayed as a villain by the opposing camp. Yes, most Filipinos are currently having a barrel of laughs at the way this whole thing has become a comedy of errors starring the prosecution team. Unfortunately, while we are being entertained, not everyone is taking the details of the case seriously. This is evident in some of the reactions of regular folks in public forums. A lot of Filipinos are still calling for Chief Justice Corona’s resignation despite the ongoing trial that is otherwise going well for Corona. It’s like they don’t even see how the witnesses or evidence presented so far have NOT led to an uncovering of the so-called “ill-gotten wealth”.

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Most Filipinos who have neither the time nor resources to watch the impeachment live still rely on mainstream media to get their information. Major media networks said to be owned and operated by people close to President Noynoy Aquino (PNoy) are taking advantage of this by publishing articles and televising shows that are misleading and biased against Chief Justice Corona. They are doing so in an effort to keep inciting anger in the public in preparation for Plan B, said to be the possibility of another “People Power” revolution just in case the Chief Justice gets acquitted. The day our institutions and processes get junked yet again will be another sad day, indeed for the country. I can’t help but think that this impeachment is all part of the government’s grand plan to distract everyone from an economy that is flagging under the watch of PNoy.

Quite a number of Congressmen who are not taking part in the impeachment have expressed concern about the misplaced priorities of the Aquino government. It was reported that “Independent Representative Edcel Lagman of Albay said the administration’s inordinate focus on the impeachment and replacement of Corona was taking its toll on the economy and legislative work.”:

“The collateral damage of the impeachment proceedings on governance and legislation is becoming inevitable,” said Lagman.

“While the national growth has plunged to 3.7 percent last year, which is much slower than the 7.6-percent gross domestic product [GDP] expansion in 2010, and the number of hungry Filipinos has escalated to 4.5 million from 4.1 million last September, the Aquino administration has marshaled its time and resources to an agenda of ousting the Chief Justice,” he said.

Lagman said the implementation of national polices to address poverty and hunger may be stalled and the bailout of the fledging economy may fall at the roadside as all guns of the Aquino administration are aimed at Corona’s head.

After being admonished by Senator-Judges and being mocked by a number of political pundits for their incompetence, one would have thought that the prosecution would devote more time to preparing for the presentation of their “explosive” evidence and being more coordinated with their “star” witnesses on the next sessions. But no. The prosecution team is still consistently exhibiting its ineptitude – a fact they do not seem to be aware of. Even columnists from major publications who are known rabid Aquino supporters like William Esposo, Conrado de Quiros and Patricia Evangelista could not help but express their disappointment with the prosecution. Esposo even went on to say that lead prosecutor, the camera whore Congressman, Niel Tupas Jr should be replaced. It’s an excellent suggestion that you otherwise wouldn’t expect to come from a PNoy supporter.

That said, PNoy apologists like Esposo, de Quiros and Evangelista who devote most of their columns to rationalising PNoy and his minions’ moves consistently fail to connect that the prosecution’s inability to handle the task of proving Corona’s guilt has a lot to do with what appears to be very little evidence they have against the Chief Justice to begin with. Evangelista simply romanticised this shortcoming by writing “Let us give the prosecutors the benefit of the doubt. Perhaps they believe Corona is guilty so sincerely that the details do not concern them. Perhaps they do not realize their actions trivialize the nobility of the cause they claimed…” That’s a load of crap if you ask me. Why are these so-called columnists considered professional columnists? They are worse than bloggers because they publish unsubstantiated claims.

Then again is belief in guilt, as Evangelista would like to imagine motivates Tupas in his crusade against Corona, really at work here? In his recent column “Prosecutors linked to Hacienda’s law firms”, columnist Rigoberto Tiglao reveals what appears to be the source of Tupas’s almost sociopathic motivation to crucify Corona…

Hacienda Luisita Inc.’s law firm has been the Belo Gozon Elma Parel Asuncion & Lucila Law Offices. Niel and his wife [Yvonne Angeli] joined the firm straight from law school in 1999, becoming junior partners in a few years. “As lawyers, Niel and his wife are creations of that firm,” a law-school classmate of his said.

While Tupas officially left the firm when he was elected congressman in 2007, it is widely known in Congress that it is still “his Firm,” on whose staff he has continued to rely for his legal research and advice.

According to Tiglao, Tupas’s firm is already involved in the battle to “persuade” the Supreme Court to “reconsider” its resolution to subject Hacienda Luisita to the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program (CARP). Tiglao cited how the start of their involvement was a virtual go-signal for the impeachment complaint to be “rammed through Congress”. At stake in this effort to protect Hacienda Luisita from expropriation is virtually the entire fortune of the Cojuangco clan which can only be secured if the vast estate is spared from the CARP or if its owners get the payout they demand.

Tiglao continues…

If the [Supreme] Court buckles under their demand, it would result in the biggest payment to a private entity by government in our history, the biggest revenue ever of any Philippine law firm ever because of its contingent-fee contract with Hacienda Luisita, and immense wealth for the Tupases, if they—and most probably they have—still have profit-sharing rights in their law firm.

I had been puzzled over Tupas and his colleagues’ ferocity against Corona, the likes of which I had seen only in the eyes of communist firebrands or of people out to avenge their murdered kin. But now I understand why they have thrown all civility out the window, and had even wanted to drag his wife, his children and even his in-laws to a modern version of a mob’s stoning. Many billions of reasons, it seems.

Perhaps then, given the stakes involved, it comes as no surprise that everyone is treading carefully so as not to upset Tupas, evidently the anointed executor of the Corona impeachment. If any of the Senator-Judges are seen giving even a slightest hint that they are siding with the defense, they could be branded as a GMA supporter and face the wrath of even bigger powers.

In this context, we get to appreciate even more the emerging integrity of the Philippine Senate. Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile bravely risked drawing the ire of PNoy supporters when he repeatedly warned private counsel Joseph Perez to refrain from twisting the words of the witness, Noli Hernandez, Megaworld Corporation’s senior vice president for marketing and sales:

Enrile, the presiding officer, appeared irritated when Perez repeatedly mentioned a P10-million “discount” when Megaworld made the original reduction from P24 million to P19.6 million even before Corona came into the picture.

“No, this is not a discount,” the 87-year-old senator told Perez, triggering a reaction from the gallery.

“Counsel, you are twisting the answer. I’m sorry to tell you that. The reduction done voluntarily by the selling company could not be considered the discount. They lowered the price themselves. That is not a discount to anybody. Discount means you’re giving a privilege or a favor to somebody. The discount started at the reduced price of P19.6 million,” Enrile added.

The prosecution thought they could actually trick a property developer into admitting that they use bribery on a regular basis. They must be dreaming. And besides, the property developer’s claim that the property was sold at a discount due to a slump in the property market in 2009 — not to mention that the unit had construction defects — makes a lot of sense. This was even confirmed by Senator Manny Villar, also a property developer, who said that the discount was available to everyone and not just the Coronas.

The prosecution’s overconfidence is leading them to make grave mistakes, which is the failure to foresee the strength of their opposition. They are not good at listening, a skill they can apply if they could only stop talking too much and let the other party finish what they are saying. It was embarrassing when at some point one of the prosecutors objected to a question that hadn’t even been asked by the defense.

The problem here is that no matter how many times the prosecution has been caught with their pants down, they seem unaffected. They do not seem to be aware that they are out of step, which leads me to believe that they are incapable of internalising criticism. The fact that the prosecution still has a lot of supporters means that most Filipinos are incapable of internalising as well, which is why they appear to be unaffected by criticism, a trait that actually lulls most into thinking that they are the best even when they are not.

[Photo courtesy Reuters.]

105 Replies to “Prosecution conducting a trial by media against CJ Renato Corona”

    1. It’s their way of saying “look here” instead of the other more important headline that says “economy is going down under PNoy”.

      1. Pnoy thinks he is cute in presenting his new girlfriend..he thought that the public will be entertained and will excuse him for being inept in managing economic problems of this country… mo d tactless twister made it in public that Pnoy and Grace would not mind if their phone conversation would last few hours or even up to 4 hours? weh…you are already a lolo to act like a teenage lover, Pnoy! you are the president of 90 million filipino people. your mediocrity sucks, we are on crises!!!wake up!!! if your priority is your love life then, marry her now and then focus on economic reforms that this country is lacking, please…wake up mr. president..hirap na hirap na kami sayong umunawa.

        1. p-noy in puppy love again
          grace lee also known as ‘puppies’ for obvious reasons.
          from athletic james yap to chain smoking bald headed old man who only likes long distance telephone/text relationships. from feast to famine.

      2. “I ain’t sayin’ she a gold digga, but she aint messin’ with no broke nigga.”

        – Kanye West

      1. djmotwister (twitter): You’re a
        whore!… Ok, that is all for today

        who could he be talking about!
        surely not political groupie grace lee.

        the Liberal party – autocratic in policies – liberal in passing round partners

  1. it lays the basis for a mis-trial but with no evidence after 3 weeks that wont be necessary.
    so much for 45 properties etc.
    it has become farce and p-noy et al are panicking.
    the public are either bored, confused, not interested, or see the dirty tricks.
    plan b – raise popularity and profile via grace lee. shades of shalani in election.

    1. media will suffer backlash from this sooner or later, halatang halata nmn ang kanilang marching orders against the chief justice. 45 properties? oh nasan na?

      1. Most disturbing is that the integrity, fairness and objectivity of the media has been tainted. Once the media collaborates with the government it’s a sure sign that said government is becoming authoritarian.

        Let see, most of the media, Congress and government departments are dancing to the King in Yellow’s tune, the Supreme Court is under siege and I guess that the Senate will be targeted for the leash next.

        1. tama ka lord. ABS CBN’s Lopez indebted to Cory. GMA’s Atty. Gozon’s law firm lawyered for Hacienda Luisita. they control public opinion. We shld amend the constitution and limit media ownership to two percent per family. We’ll be more democratic that way.

      2. Tupas just denied that the list of 45 properties came from them. So the list must have come from Corona camp then????? Lokohan na ito.

        1. For a bunch of congressmen, they are exceptionally inept at performing properly and now they are also inept at LYING

        2. I post my comment again –

          “This Tupas is like a hot chick!

          But then he is not a chick he he he…

          And he is not hot he he he…

          But he can not man-up!

          See how he reacted every time he is grilled by the senator judges.

          I suspect the same also applies to Tanada…

          Closet queen creeps into my mind…”

    2. This government is so bad at pretending that they are for the welfare of the people. What’s worse is that they think that they can fool everyone.

      1. Your correct Ilda. I like you. The senators and congressmen have not declared in the SALN’S their shares of SOPs from the contracts funded with their pork barrel. Corona may have ants or cockroaches in his house, but the Senators have snakes and rats indeed.

  2. So the Tupas family has a large stake in the Cojuanco family fortune. That explains many things like how Tupas Jr. being the “alpha” of the team in spite of his ineptness and that his teammates are helpless to conduct the proceedings without taking the lead from him.

    So it all boils down to money, how crass can this guys get?

      1. i pity the prosecution panel specially neil tupaz, the more he talks the more he made mistakes, the more witnesses they presented the more they discredit their credibility, the more they intend to destroy the reputation of the chief justice, the more people admire the chief justice…these 188 signatories for impeachment without reading the context of the charges are now starting to blame themselves, i guess. who the real ones betrayed public trust here?. 1 finger points to cj corona, 3 fingers to 188 congressmen…and the country is weeping in poverty. kudos to you, cj corona for fighting for the supreme court of the people.. may god bless you.

  3. Looks like vincenzo is absent here yet again.
    Looks like he is too dumbstruck by the incompetence shown by his precious prosecutongs to comment here.
    What’s the matter vincenzo?
    Too chicken to admit defeat?

  4. Are the congressmen and woman on the prosecution side aware that WE the taxpayers are their TRUE bosses and not ABnoy?

    *NOTE Pakilagay po ang panawagang ito sa lahat ng posibleng pedeng ma-pag-post-an. Maraming salamat

    1. I wish the court would just stop the whole thing already. It’s obvious that there was no basis for impeachment. It’s a disgrace.

      1. As I said before…Henchman Neil Tupas is brilliant when it comes to black propaganda, trial by publication and blame games. It is apparent that the Sovereign Filipino People are not the boss. The dictator Aquino is the boss as he manipulates media, surveys and our people. The gullible, ignorant, yellow/red camp followers and groupies are brainwashed puppets who believe everything the dictator says. These people have forgotten to think freely and independently. Thus does the dictator Aquino divide and conquer our people with his destructive evil examples. He is destroying our society and culture. His red associates in the mainstream CPP-NDF, progressives and socialists will lead to the destruction of freedom and democracy. They will attempt to force the issue in the continued dark attacks on CJ Corona and the Supreme Court.

      2. By the way, do any of you guys know some articles about the impeachment from a foreign observer,s point of view? I really like to know what others think of our handling of this particular political exercise.

        1. I haven’t read any. Usually the Huffington Post and New Your Post writes about the Philippines but I haven’t seen one yet. I’m sure they think the whole process is pathetic.

    2. They are aware and they do not care. Why? Because the honor of serving the King in Yellow is has more rich rewards and privileges when compare to serving us their “bosses”.

      But then again we the taxpayers are not their bosses, but their serfs and they expect us to accept it and like it.

  5. lying through his teeth…how could these guys sleep at night…what a bunch of hypocrites…the whole lot…

  6. At the impeachment trial of CJ Corona, I can’t help but admire some personalities like Retired Associate Justice Cerafin Cuevas, Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile and Sen. Escudero. My big disappointment on the prosecution panel.I’m sorry!Hindi po ako natutuwa sa inyo! Nakakahiya…For the senator judges, I’m watching closely. I’m making a list of who will I drop in my list to vote. Be careful, you too are on trial. Uphold impartiality!

    1. siguro naka drugs tong mga kongresista ng prosecution side nun nilabas nila sa media with conviction yun 45 properties ni cj…ehehehe

        1. You are correct Ilda. So the defense panel should call Mr. Aquino to the witness stand. This to validate the conspiracy plot of the Liberal Party, the prosecution and the great leader himself as the scheming director of the plot to destroy freedom and democracy.

  7. The prosecution would like to ride on their claim of “good intentions.” But as the saying goes, the road to perdition is paved with good intentions.

  8. Ilda, as you’ve quoted this shameless presstitute Evangelista:

    “Let us give the prosecutors the benefit of the doubt. Perhaps they believe Corona is guilty so sincerely that the details do not concern them. Perhaps they do not realize their actions trivialize the nobility of the cause they claimed…”

    (Isn’t it the benefit of the doubt is accorded to the accused? Jeez, stigmatizing and vilifying one’s name do not concern them.)

    And I wonder why she did not add this:

    “The end justifies the means. The prosecution should be judged by their intention”

    And if they fail:

    “Don’t judge them by the unintended result”.


      1. Pumapapel si Pat Evangelista? Ipa-subpoena na rin yan! Lahat silang maraming “ebidensya” na sinasabi, i-subpoena lahat yan! Parang yung epal na si Raissa Robles.

  9. Ilda, as you’ve quoted this shameless presstitute Evangelista:

    “Let us give the prosecutors the benefit of the doubt. Perhaps they believe Corona is guilty so sincerely that the details do not concern them. Perhaps they do not realize their actions trivialize the nobility of the cause they claimed…”

    (Isn’t it the benefit of the doubt is accorded to the accused? Jeez, stigmatizing and vilifying one’s name do not concern them. This Evangelista calling their action noble???? She’s lucky if I would not misspell presstitute as prostitute in describing how her mind works. The funny thing is I feel I would not regret it…)

    And I wonder why she did not add this:

    “The end justifies the means. The prosecution should be judged by their intention”

    And if they fail:

    “Don’t judge them by the unintended result”.


    And if I would have the logic of Penoy’s yellowtards, I’m hooked line and sinker with the tsismis going around that Penoy’s bobo brigade prepared all the documents for Corona’s impeachment.

  10. ang batas ay common sense kahit grade one nakakaintindi kaya kung pilosopo ka talaga pangangatwiranan mo, pero ang tanong me maniniwala ba? Mag-explain ng mag explain ke se hoda palaliman ng utak at ingles, baluktut pa rin sa tingin ko at mali. Tapos! Tsaka baket kapit tuko kase sya sa pwesto malamang binayaran yan ni gloria na wag na wag kang magreresign paki kung pag piestahan ng tao ang buhay at baho mo. From the start alam naman nyang trial by publicity care of media, talagang sinasadya talaga ng prosecutor na magbanggit ng magbangit ng baho nya kahit sitahin pa sya at sawayin ng pres. Officer basta ang importante nasabi ko na at narinig na ng media it’s up to them na magkalkal at maglabas sa public. Tsaka takot lang ng mga senator na i acquit sya for sure talo na sila sa next election its POLITICS!

    1. ms. estrera…payong kristiano…kung ang iyong isip ay nakondisyon na ng media na mi utang na loob sa pamilya ni Pnoy at laging pumupuri ki Pnoy ay talagang hindi mo mauunawaan ang “common sense” sapagkat sasalain na ng ‘yong utak ang mga impormasyon at rason ng katotohanan. tayo ay binigyan ng dalawang tainga para pakinggan at balansehin ang katwiran ng magkabilang panig. at meron tayong isang bibig para magsalita ng ayon sa “common sense”. kung meron ka nito mauunawaan mo ang sinasabi ko.

    2. Wal kang ‘common sense’ dahil paniwala ka sa Yellow Propaganda.

      Parang ikaw nagse-share ng TSISMIS. Dyan ka mali e parang bobo ka rin tulad ng prosekusyon. 😛

    3. @aileen

      Thank you for confirming to us that most PNoy supporters do not even try to analyse what is being discussed in the trial. Looks like the court proceeding is just a waste for you.

      1. if she is a sampling of the kind of people out there, i am sorry to say, we are in deep s**t…blinded by the bright yellow light

        1. We are, indeed. Sometimes I have this false sense of hope that a lot of people are getting enlightened but then I get a reality check when I read comments like hers.

    4. Sa totoo lang hindi kinikilala ng yellow administration ang due process sa kadahilanang hindi nila alam kung ano ang ibig sabihin nun…isa lang ang alam nilang kulay sa pulitika at yan ay ang kulay dilaw…pag di ka-kulay out ka na…hayzzzzzzz!

      1. But they do follow due process…..the Yellow cabal way which involves taking out their enemies thru lies, half-truths and black propaganda.

        1. The prosecution has been violating the law since Day One. Yesterday they used evidence that hasn’t been allowed yet. The subpoena for bank accounts was only allowed yesterday but the prosecution already used a copy of Corona’s bank accounts during the proceedings on the same day. The copy was obtained illegally. Unfortunately, the judges only gave them a slap on the wrist.

    5. a translation of the above statement by ms estrela:
      Blah blah blah,rabble rabble rabble, yellow yellow yellow, cheep cheep

      Buk buk bucuk

      In other words, it doesn’t make any sense

  11. You can connect the dots now….the impeachment is to reclaim the Hacienda Luisita owned by the Aquino-Cojuangco families…You can see the Greed of these families…Putting their own interest of their Hacienda Luisita land they swindled; above the interest of the country…Our economy is nosediving .
    Noynoy Aquino is like a Clown in a sinking ship. Trying to entertain and divert the attentions of people, before they all get drowned…of course, the Clown , himself,will drown also…
    We ask all Patriotic Filipinos,to come out, to resist where this Mentally Retarded and Mentally Ill President is taking our country…we must stop this stupidity…

    1. Agreed! Let us start by again exposing Neil Tupas and his new condominium. The Alpha Grand View in M.H. Del Pilar Street. They say his master, the dictator Aquino visits there when he has time.

  12. why all the secrecy surrounding the funding of rappler. it only adds to the general mistrust and bias of the media.
    it is generally thought that rappler is funded by cojuangco-aquino with support, info and live feeds from abs-cbn so dont expect impartiality.
    its another dot in the propaganda war. all the usual suspects acting as a covert cabal.
    clearly not serious journalists if no ethics.

  13. eh kase mag-people power na. that’s their objective in the first place. eh kaso walang kumagat, hence, they’re unprepared. go flood the Makati area or EDSA with your yellowtards and let’s see kung ilan pupunta. baka mapahiya kayo!

  14. Betrayal of Public Trust

    These congressmen-prosecutors were trusted by their constituents to uphold the truth and not to tell lies. When they said that the chief justice has 45 properties, they should be bound to prove ALL of those because we are all assuming that the facts they laid were correct. And now that they are retracting their statement, how come they still have the guts to face the media and the Filipino people and say that the Chief Justice committed an impeachable offense? These prosecutors are the ones who betrayed the public trust because they misled the public in their false statements.

    1. True! Or possible na way yun ng prosecution congs to persuade and twist the judgement of the people, para perceived as “guilty” agad si cj kahit di pa nagsisimula ang trial…sorry to disappoint them, hindi kasing bobo ni noy ang mga tao at lalong walang bahid ng kabobohan si sen. enrile!

    2. They’re going with the theory that they can fool the people their blatant lies because their “cause” is a righteous and popular one.

      And there’s also the fact that they have been lying since day one so it doesn’t bother conscience much…..assuming they have conscience in the first place.

    3. 1) By simply denying that they are the media’s source of the list of 45 properties is betrayal of public trust.
      2) Malacanang denied that there is plan B to remove CJ Corona while records show otherwise. That is betrayal of pubolic trust.
      3) Malacanang denied initiating this move to oust the CJ while many can attest otherwise. That again is betrayal of public trust.
      4) Tupas said there is still presumption of innocence on the part of the CJ while Quimbo, Tanada and Angara are trumpeting otherwise. That is betrayal of public trust.

      The above are just few of the many offenses they have committed that constitute betrayal of public trust. If the 188 congresmen who endorsed the articles of impeachment still have some delicadeza left in their skin, please, just resign. As what Tupas said, let us be done with you. GO!

        1. its far too late for the prosecution to recover after being caught (again) with their pants down. Its only a matter of time before they get totally knocked out by the defense team.

          GAME OVER for tupas.

    1. It looks like the yellow chickens out of the bag.
      They are in deep crap right now since their true nature has been uncovered.
      It is only a matter of time before the whole nation gets tired of Aquino’s bumbling….
      The End is near………

  15. next week – 6 things
    1. p-noy will start distancing from impeachment (in public at least)
    2. the repeated phrase will be ‘betrayal of public trust’
    3. the press will be a bit more circumspect in their reporting
    4. but somehow there will be an attempt to re-energise public interest in the trial – otherwise it weakens the only arrow left in the armory – betrayal of public trust
    5. the senators will become more frustrated
    6. the opposition will look for an early vote after article 3

      1. It is a good move on his part. Whether we like or not some people can be blinded with this so-called love life of his and I do not believe in coincidence that his so-called love life made news when the prosecution is more or less losing steam.

    1. I have read that article and I LIKE It! It is so satisfying to give that idiot a dose of her own medicine. She should have kept her mouth shut.

  16. Frm Winnie Monsod:

    “Thus, now is a good time to evaluate the prosecution’s case with respect to Article II of the complaint, reproduced in full:


    “2.1. It is provided for in Art. XI, Section 17 of the 1987 Constitution that “a public officer or employee shall, upon assumption of office and as often thereafter as may be required by law, submit a declaration under oath of his assets, liabilities, and net worth. In the case of the President, the Vice-President, the Members of the Cabinet, and other constitutional offices, and officers of the armed forces with general or flag rank, the declaration shall be disclosed to the public in the manner provided by law.”

    “2.2. Respondent failed to disclose to the public his statement of assets, liabilities, and net worth as required by the Constitution.

    “2.3. It is also reported that some of the properties of Respondent are not included in his declaration of his assets, liabilities and net worth, in violation of the anti-graft and corrupt practices act.

    “2.4. Respondent is likewise suspected and accused of having accumulated ill-gotten wealth, acquiring assets of high values and keeping bank accounts with huge deposits. It has been reported that Respondent has, among others, a 300-sq. meter apartment in a posh Megaworld Property development at the Fort in Taguig. Has he reported this, as he is constitutionally-required under Art. XI, Sec. 17 of the Constitution in his Statement of Assets and Liabilities and Net Worth (SALN)? Is this acquisition sustained and duly supported by his income as a public official? Since his assumption as Associate and subsequently, Chief Justice, has he complied with this duty of public disclosure?”

    After 10 days of hearings, it appears that:

    (1) Corona did submit his SALNs; that they were not disclosed is more the fault of the Supreme Court’s policy than it is his.

    (2) Non-declaration of assets may not be a violation of the anti-graft and corrupt practices act or is at least excusable under certain circumstances; the title of Art. II is silent on graft and corruption.

    (3) Corona cannot be charged with ill-gotten wealth on the basis of a “suspicion”; he did declare the Megaworld condo in his SALN; the issue of a “discount” is disputable; some liberality is allowed in asset valuation, i.e. zonal, fair market, cost. And

    (4) The prosecution had egg all over its face several times, e.g., the discount and lately the “Corona 45 properties” claim which they now deny they made.

    1. “some liberality is allowed in asset valuation, i.e. zonal, fair market, cost.”

      add to that, time-related constraints, i.e. transfer of contract, depreciation, etc.

      Compare that against the number of properties the Coronas have, and you will probably need a team of accountants to pore over the documents. If in case some properties were not reported, the number of properties alone would make it unlikely that there is criminal intent in the omission/s, which make the talking points of Article 2 even weaker.

  17. Does any one know what newspapers are reporting the impeachment trial without any bias? I like to read their take on this.

    1. I agree with what they say about “bias”. It is to the eyes of the beholder.

      Perhaps, Manila Bulletin is reporting the impeachment trial without a spin. That’s why for some readers, this newspaper is a “dull” source of information.

  18. It has already been shown that CJ Corona submitted his SALNs in time as required; but the accusers have also charged the accused in this particular Article with having prepared his SALNs in a shoddy and dishonest manner.

    Note it well, however, that this trial is “denominated political,” because it is a trial for the removal from office of an impeachable public officer for violation of the “public trust” before a court of politician-judges;

    Thus, a sense of fair play demands that the politician-accusers should have been required, likewise, to disclose their individual SALNs alongside the SALN of the accused, if only to demonstrate convincingly to the public they represent the manner in which they themselves meticulously prepared their respective SALNs, correctly and honestly, in comparison with those the accused is charged with having submitted in violation of the “public trust.”

    In short, the accusers in a trial “denominated political” should come with clean hands washed among the innocent–if such “angels” among the 188 can still be found.

    1. Exactly, Mr Domingo! The accusers should be able to say, “Ok, here is my SALN, this is how it should look like. See the consistency compared to yours?”

      Eh wala. They can’t even do that because most of the 188 did not even file their own SALN.

  19. Sana yung 188 or lahat na senators at isama na rin ang si Presedenting Noynoy mailabas din nila ang kanilang SALN para malaman ng taong bayan kung mayroon din sila tulad ng ginawa ni Corona. Yun lang po. Salamat

  20. It seems that Cong. Tupaz has only the one who has capacity to buy such luxury Mansion at si Corona ay wala… kasi mas bata siya..mas malapit siya kay Pinoy at higit sa lahat mas corrupt siya….

  21. The prosecution thought they hit the bulls eye to pindown CJ Corona,where is the proof they claimed an overwhelming evidence? it seems they already ask the help of the soon to be unpopular preseident of the Philippines…… Please dont fool the people no more.. we knew your secret organization…..people will prevent you…..

    1. @teddy gaa

      PNoy might just go down in history as the son of the “People Power” icon who got removed the same way as the first Phil dictator.

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