PPP (PNoy’s People Power)


It is in the times of despair and sheer powerlessness that our holy and majestic president Noynoy (PNoy) Aquino showed his true colors. It is in the times of the imminent victory of the rule of law that PNoy shows his true intentions. Recently, PNoy threw a major tantrum that betrayed his inclination towards dictatorship; inciting another People Power.

Blunder after blunder in incriminating Chief Justice Corona in the ongoing impeachment trial, thanks to the prosecution, must have put our president to his wit’s end. Recently, the bank records given by a curious “small lady” which supposedly served as ammunition for the prosecution stabbed them in the bank, as they were proven to be fake in the end.

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Purported bank records of Chief Justice Renato Corona with the Philippine Savings Bank submitted as evidence by the prosecution in the magistrate’s impeachment trial are fake, a branch manager of the financial institution said Monday.

Senate Majority Leader Vicente Sotto III also reported that there existed no closed circuit television footage of the “little lady” that Oriental Mindoro Representative Reynaldo Umali, one of the prosecutors from the House of Representatives, claimed had handed him the bank documents at the Senate building.

“They are fake,” Anabelle Tiongson, manager of PSBank’s Katipunan branch, said of the bank documents shown to her by Senator Jose “Jinggoy” Estrada.

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Furthermore, the reputation of the prosecution itself is continuously being questioned, starting with the infamous lead prosecutor Niel Tupas Jr., and now we have Quezon City Third District Rep. Jorge “Bolet” Banal regarding his little escapade in snooping on Corona’s bank records.

This chain of misfortunes must have been too much for PNoy to bear. Bent on securing his political supremacy by eliminating those who are in his way, most prominently Corona, it is only imperative that he think of something that can antagonize the defense, while at the same time inspire the morale of the Yellow masses.

And what better scapegoat can he use to satisfy his personal vendetta against the respondent than the ever-sacred People Power?

Philippine history is riddled with the glory of People Power, which was first spearheaded by former President Corazon Cojuangco Aquino, PNoy’s mother, in an attempt to oust Ferdinand Marcos from office and allegedly usher democracy into our society. Meanwhile, the second People Power was launched in retaliation to the refusal of the jury in Estrada’s impeachment trial to open the second envelope (a legally invalid evidence from the prosecution) which could’ve incriminated the respondent for good. And now, PNoy intends to continue the tradition of amassing the power of the people to serve his goals.

But then, of course this is to be expected. The possibility of PNoy launching a revolution should things don’t go to his favor has been predicted in benign0’s article, which I in turn emphasized in my own article. Furthermore, in close scrutiny, one could discern how our president is starting to become increasingly desperate, what with the fallacious rhetoric and unfounded claims he threw against the respondent, which, in a rational perspective, will put him in a very disagreeable position.

1. Media campaigning

As a part of his agenda, PNoy recently spoke in front of the students from a certain school in Manila, urging the people to participate in the next People Power which he continuously alludes to.

Philippine President Benigno Aquino on Thursday urged the public to rally behind his campaign to oust the nation’s top judge, warning the fight against widespread corruption hinged on the result.

Invoking the famous “people power” revolution that installed his late mother to the presidency in 1986, Aquino said ordinary Filipinos had the power to ensure Supreme Court chief justice Renato Corona was removed from office.

“We should not allow ourselves to become victims of injustice. We must take a stand now,” Aquino told a town-hall-style meeting with students at a Catholic college in Manila.

(Source: Link)

This demagoguery reeks of ad misericordiam (appeal to emotion). PNoy, like your typical dictator, aims to manipulate the hearts of the masses by honeyed words laced with intellectual venom. Chief Justice Corona reportedly protested against PNoy’s increasingly dictatorial actions by insisting that the Palace should keep its hands off of the impeachment trial, and that it should not in any way tamper with the judgment of the masses.

2. Contradictions

Moreover, PNoy also seems to have a knack for word play to go along with his rhetoric. Quoting an excerpt from the same source:

Aquino said he trusted the impeachment process, but he wanted the public to understand that Corona and his backers were using a wide range of tactics in an effort to derail the case.”

This is nothing but a blatant contradiction. If he trusts the impeachment process, then he would not have to dip his filthy fingers on the business, because he would believe that the Senate can decipher whatever scheme the respondent has together with the defense panel. But then, any rational mind would know that PNoy will use everything at his disposal to steer the impeachment to his favor.

3. Indirect Blackmail

Another excerpt narrated the following:

Aquino said that if the Senate acquitted Corona, it would virtually destroy his efforts to rid the country of corruption.

“Extremely difficult, if not impossible,” he replied to a question from a law student about such a prospect.

This statement screams “support me or support corruption” all over. Aquino in his speech insinuates that Corona’s acquittal will impede him in his quest to prevent corruption in the Philippines. What does this entail? What does he imply? That people who support Corona and the rule of law does in fact, support corruption in his book.

In effect, he is indirectly blackmailing the people into supporting him under the guise of cleansing our country of corruption, lest they be labeled traitors and be subjected to the persecution of the Yellow masses.

4. Baseless Accusations

Finally, we have this:

Aquino insisted Thursday that Corona had lied about asset declarations required of public officials, which he said should be grounds for him being sacked by the Senate.

“According to just three (bank) accounts presented at the impeachment, Mr Corona had hidden 31.5 million pesos (about $730,000),” he said.

In an attempt to intimidate the Senate, PNoy made the bold claim and accused the respondent of hiding wealth from the court’s searching eyes, supported by the bank records presented in the impeachment; a bold accusation no doubt, but amusingly baseless. For the record, the bank records were proven to be false evidence, which actually put the prosecution at a great disadvantage having dawdled over useless papers all along, effectively discrediting the president’s empty arguments.

Once again, our nation has stood witness to how much of a phantasmagorical circus our national politics have become. On one side we have the courts struggling between personal interests and the upholding of the rule of law, while on the other side we have the psychopathic clown of a president, together with his cronies and Yellow minions, pressuring everyone to kneel to their influence.

Yes, it is in this time that our president shows his dictatorial nature. It is in this time that PNoy is showing his “less benevolent” attitude. But it is also in this time that we must stand stronger and resist the dark hand grasping our society that is the Aquino administration. It is also in this time that we continue to analyze everything rationally, lest we fall prey on the hands of what could be an upcoming dictatorship. As R. Buckminster Fuller said:

“Dictators never invent their own opportunities.”

Ultimately, it is up to the people to stop PNoy from becoming the next Hitler.

25 Replies to “PPP (PNoy’s People Power)”

  1. let us hope that people no longer accept the lies so readily and see p-noy and the cojuangcos for what they are. and one thing is for sure – they have no respect for the people and treat them as serfs/slaves.
    if people do not resist this attempt at a dictatorship they will condemn themselves and their children to continual decline and poverty whilst the elite and their hangers on celebrate in style, steal their money and amass a fortune in dollar accounts.

    their deceit and hypocricy has been shown in their contempt for the process of law. that alone should show how dangerous these people will be if there is no law to stop them doing what they want. by the people it will be too late. wake up now. gain self respect through individual thought and critical analysis.

  2. as expected pnoy’s spokesperson valte gave a stupid excuse.
    she claimed that the senate has not issued a gag order that will prevent
    him from expressing his views. i wonder where they are coming from.

  3. What a moron of a president! You don’t need a gag order to be reminded about respecting the rights of others. It just shows your desperation! You reek of filth and twisted view of justice!

  4. I predict that this president will simply ‘snap’ in public, for everyone to see the real state of his psychological condition and not one of his sychophants will be able to do anything about it. And then we will be free.

    1. Does “the real state of his psychological condition” disqualifies him residency in malacanan? Or does it qualify him in an asylum? Can’t wait that Noynoy be impeached though.

    2. Interesting. Has Peenoy ever encountered hecklers at close proximity in public, like what happened with Gloria before? An in-your-face exposure to something drastically different from his propaganda, similar to what Der Fuhrer has been commenting here, or one of those videos in Youtube: could those be enough to make him snap?

  5. “Aquino said that if the Senate acquitted Corona, it would virtually destroy his efforts to rid the country of corruption.

    “Extremely difficult, if not impossible,” he replied to a question from a law student about such a prospect.”

    We should help him else he won’t do anything else during the rest of his term. XD

    1. I think i smell sarcasm in this post. Not sure though.

      If we’ll help him, hope to split up the president’s pay check. haha

      His first paycheck was just for show…But now, his SALN can not be disclosed to the public? Hypocrite.

  6. The timing couldn’t have been more apt, could it? I’m expecting something big to happen during the Anniversary week of People Power.

    Arche, although this article focused on PNoy, you can possibly write a related one. PNoy People’s Power. Note that the placement of the ‘s is different. 🙂

    1. Indeed, I was expecting the same thing, given PNoy’s heritage.

      Ah, I see what you did there. I shall consider writing another article about that should time permit me. Or better yet, you can consider writing one yourself! 🙂

  7. “Aquino said that if the Senate acquitted Corona, it would virtually destroy his efforts to rid the country of corruption.

    “Extremely difficult, if not impossible,” he replied to a question from a law student about such a prospect.”

    Humanap lang siya nang lusot dahil alam niya na kahit nan dyan o wala si CJ wala talaga siyang magagawa dahil wala siyang ginagawa.

  8. If Noynoy Aquino wants to rid the country of corruption. He must start with himself. His Secretary Puno, admitted, he was accepting Jueteng Bribes. Yet, he is still there in his inner circle. He should let us audit, where he spent his 112 Billion Pesos Pork Barrel Funds…Any President who promises, that he can stop corruption is selling us “Pie in the Sky”…I have never seen a country, without corruption; even in communist countries. Because, we always have greedy people, like his Aquino-Cojuangco families in our midst.
    As I watch the Staged Managed “Question and Answer” session of Noynoy Aquino. And his tirade against Corona. I am reminded of the gesticulating tirades of Adolf Hitler of Nazi Germany, during Hitler’s Nuremberg Nazi Rallies in Germany. Hitler was diagnosed with : depression, psychosis, paranoia, and other kinds of mental illness. Noynoy Aquino has been suffering for a long time from: depression, paranoia, schizophrenia, etc…I’ m afraid there is a disturbing similarities, between the two..

    1. We’ll also need a Tassadar and a Zeratul. Anyway, since we’re practically “un-infest-able,” does this mean we’re actually Protoss? 🙂

      Oh, and who gets to be Kerrigan? 8D

      1. oh I never thought of Kerrigan. she must me miriam lolz or if you have better suggestion.

        im very sure there are a lot of Tychus Finlay in our country right now. http://starcraft.wikia.com/wiki/Tychus_Findlay Later on our own version of kerrigan will be betrayed lolz

        as for protoss, hmm we are prone for infestation of yellow mass media like AbiasCBN so were simply terrans lolz and yes we need the wise tassadar and zeratul for reinforcement lolz

        1. “we are prone for infestation of yellow mass media like AbiasCBN”

          That means those who cannot be infested by the aforementioned yellow media are the ‘Toss.

  9. “Furthermore, the reputation of the prosecution itself is continuously being questioned, starting with the infamous lead prosecutor Niel Tupas Jr., and now we have Quezon City Third District Rep. Jorge “Bolet” Banal regarding his little escapade in snooping on Corona’s bank records.’

    There is this Now What, Cat? blog which has the list of the prosecution team profiles.



    Rep. Rodolfo Fariñas
    1. Former husband of si Ako, si Ikaw; mayor and governor of Laoag
    2. Fariñas was a consistent honor student during his elementary and secondary school days.
    3. Ateneo- AB
    4. Ateneo- Law
    5. Topnotcher in the Bar 1978 us private organizations.
    6. He authored 29 House Measures

    Rep. Niel Tupas
    1.Tupas is the head of the prosecution panel of the House of Representatives.
    2. No Academic profile even in wikipedia.
    3. He authored 26 House measures.
    4. He is the son of Neil Tupas, Sr.

      1. Sen. Franklin Magtunao Drilon

        1.Impeachment Judge wearing shameless robe of injustice to CJ.

        2.Certified aquino watch dog and chuwariwariwap.

        3.Kapal muks

        1. Vincenzo B. Arellano

          1. Self proclaimed Noytard
          2. Certified Idiot/Nimrod & Certified Aquino C***sucker
          3. Absolute piece of crap

  10. pinoy after realizing his mistake in immediately absolving naguiat of PAGCOR on his alleged receipt of favors from a firm applying for a gambling licence has been quick to say that naguiat should be given due process and that judgement as to his guilt or innocence be held in abeyance until the investigation on the matter is completed a complete turnaround of his position on the corana case where he has alredy pre-judged him even as the trial is yet to be terminated

  11. PNoy…ahh…what a great big semi-bald disappointment. I can’t believe I let myself be bullied into voting for the guy. He’s a nice guy, but as a president…this guy sucks.
    I volunteered to support a dream…and I should have learned my lesson…dreams seldom become reality, especially when its got so much going against it.
    PNoy is a similar result to what happened with Erap and People Power II (I don’t consider it as such but history does unfortunately). He’s just a more preferred person as compared to GMA.

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