President Aquino and the question of trustworthiness

In the President’s speech last February 16 at La Consolacion college, he raised the following point (translated from the original text): “The question that this impeachment trial seeks to answer is simple: can we still trust Chief Justice Corona?” Until the Chief Justice (CJ) and his defense team present their side, we must refrain from answering this. Otherwise, we risk deciding under an ill-informed, biased set of data.

We can also ask the same question of President Aquino (PNoy), since we demand accountability of all our public officials. Can we still trust PNoy? We have pretty much gotten a good idea of how he performs, and from this we can project how he will perform for the rest of it.

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Before we start, we must define trust in what exactly, so let us delimit the scope of the question even further. Can we still trust Pnoy to do the job the people elected him for?

The most logical way to jump into this argument is to start by defining how many “trust credits” PNoy has earned or lost throughout his term. Let’s start by remembering where he had to make big decisions and how he handled them. Remember how he handled the Mendoza hostage massacre, his erring staff members such as Puno, Mislang, and Llamas. It’s not easy to forget that through his staff member de Lima, he blatantly defied a Supreme Court TRO just to get to President Arroyo. Remember Sendong and the recent earthquake. Last, but not least, let us not forget his tirades against the current target of his “anti-corruption” drive, the CJ.

Am I a nitpicker? Maybe, but the way to gain trust with somebody is to show that you can be consistently counted on to do the right thing. Ask the families of the dead tourists if they trust him. As for me the Filipino, how can I trust someone who selectively punishes wrongdoing? How can I trust someone who delayed a response to calamity victims? How can I trust someone who does not believe in the concept of “three co-equal branches of government”? How can I trust someone who tramples on constitutional rights? How can I trust someone who ignores the law because it’s inconvenient?

It is tempting to jump to conclusions that all I intend to do here is point out his past mistakes. Keep in mind that while I was writing this I was scratching my head and exhausting every possible resource to find something good Pnoy had done. Only one thing comes to mind: his option not to use the siren (wangwang). At least I can trust him not to contribute to noise pollution, and traffic.

Maybe in a way, PNoy has inspired us to demand more accountability from our government. But is it because we trust him to lead by example, or is it the exact opposite?

There are two recent events that highlight chances which PNoy could have used to gain his audience’s trust and make them reaffirm with conviction that “He is OUR President”. Instead, he used these speaking engagements to vent his anger at his enemies. I am talking about his speeches at La Consolacion college, and at the recent anniversary of the Development Bank of the Philippines (DBP).

In the former, he used the time to convince young students that the CJ was guilty of the charged crimes, even if the trial wasn’t finished yet. What he should have done, I think, was to inspire the students to reach for their dreams, and promise that he will help them attain those. In DBP, he berated officials associated with the previous administration. His tag line: “don’t test me”.

It seems that in answering the question of trustworthiness, we come up with more questions instead. I now need to ask certain ones pertaining to the future. Can I trust the President to lift the economy up from its current state from hereon? Can I trust the President to respect the verdict once the impeachment is finished? Can I trust that the President is not becoming the sort of evil dictator that the enemy of his parents was? Can I trust the President to stop the guilt by association way of thinking?

In short, can I trust the President to make the right decisions for the greatest good?

Most importantly, can I trust that the President does not have any vested interests that could make him lose his objectivity?

You be the judge.

132 Replies to “President Aquino and the question of trustworthiness”

  1. Can I trust the President to lift the economy up from its current state from hereon?
    No, if all he’s focused on is that HL.

    Can I trust the President to respect the verdict once the impeachment is finished?
    Obviously not. No explanation needed.

    Can I trust that the President is not becoming the sort of evil dictator that the enemy of his parents was?
    No. He’s planning to be the absolute monarch of the Philippines. Creepy.

    Can I trust the President to stop the guilt by association way of thinking?
    No. It’s what got him in the throne.

    1. For all Aquino’s slip-ups, surprisingly he hasn’t had too many regarding his own position on HL.

      I had hoped to make the distincion between trust and delusion in this article, although in retrospect I think I may not have succeeded.

        1. @vicenzo

          oo naniwala ako na maayos ang pagpapalaki ng kanilang mga magulang, kaya nga pinasuri nila ang tito noy mo sa psychiatrist nun nasa america sila noon kasi nakikitaan ng sintomas na wala sa tamang wisyo ng pag-iisip ang tito noy mo. at saka pinayuhan din ng tita cory mo na wag na tumakbo presidente etong tito mo dahil nga nasukat na ng tita cory mo ang kakayahan ng tito noy mo na talagang hindi uubra ang kanyang pag-iisip para maging pangulo ng pilipinas.. dahil sa gustong manatili sa kapangyarihan ang mga aquino at cojuangco at sa interes din ng ABS-CBN na tuluyang mamayagpag sa television at mga negosyo ng bansa ay pilit nila dinakila sng tito noy mo dahil eto na lang ang natitira at saka si kris na may tatak pa ng popularidad ng mga magulang nila. si kris sana mas meron utak subalit dahil nasira na rin ang pagkatao nito sa pagpalit-palit ng mga lalaki kinakasama ay tanging si tito noy mo na lang na nedyo conservative ang dating noon sa mga tao.

          nakitaan sya ng matinding kahinaan ng kanyang kapartido kung kayat sinamantala nila eto upang kunyari lang si pnoy ang presidente pero ang mga kabig nya kasama ang sandamakmak nyang student council ang nag mamaniobra ng pag giya nitong ating kawawang bansa. at binuksan nya ang pintuan ng republika sa mga kumunista at isinakay nya eto sa duyan ng kanyang administrasyon na wala syang kamuwang-muwang ay ginigulangan na sya.

          ang kanyang kapalpakan ay nagpapalakas sa suporta ng mga mamamayan na mas gusto pa rin ang demokratikong gobyerno at pag ka nagkagulo ay babalik dito ang base ng mga amerikano kung kayat ang mga kano ay lihim na humahalakhak sa mga nangyayari ngayon..

          ang mga kabig ni Pnoy na mga komunista ang babaliktad laban sa kanya at tatawagin na uli syang tuta ng imperyalista…

          talagang ganyan ang mangyayari kung meron tayong presidenteng abnoy at magiging kawawa ang ating bansa.

      1. “You are all pro-Gloria. Si Corona ang inyong pansinin dahil siya ang nasasakdal at kita na ang kanyang desperasyon. ”

        HAH!, you still insist that we are pro gloria even though we aren’t you moron.
        Iyak ka na vincenzo, talong talo na ang tito noy mo! Malapit na siya bumigay!

      2. Pareho talaga kayo ng gunggong mong presidente: nagbibintang ng isang tao kahit inosente talaga para lang sa ikakasaya ng sarili nya.

        1. you dont know him Ninoy, he will be proud of his childrens and maybe, matagal ng nakakulong ang mga katulad ni marcos at arroyo at baka hinde ganyan ang pananaw mo sa buhay. Bata hinde mo alam ang sinasabe mo.

        2. @mangyan:

          Wala ka ring alam kay Ninoy because like all politicians, he’s also ambitious. Bata, hindi mo rin alam na Ninoy is connected with everyone, including Reds.

          Marcos was a crook because he was pointed as being one by media pundits but let’s not go after Cory for her crookery while in office and what her family has done as well because she is well loved by autists like you an everyone else because she bore the ‘Aquino’ name.

          Because only fools are gullible enough to believe Aquino magic and hype, much like everyone with a last name has a label to them.

    2. yup , kaya nga binoto ko si P’noy dahil ayaw ko na ng ganitong buhay na lagi nalang may inaapi .Punong puno ng tiwala ko sa presidente dahil lahat ng pinaglalaban niya saaking palagay ay ang mga issues na hinde naibigay sa mga mahihirap at mga inaapi.

      1. Haaay, you have no idea what you’re talking about. The victim mentality is killing us all. So ok lang na manisi ng ibang tao if he didn’t do a good job?

        Just choke back on your tears, ok? Lahat ng sinasabi namin against kay Noynoy ay totoo. His ineptitude is more like pang-aapi, right?

  2. If only he can really make the economy more progressive like our ASEAN neighbors and removing that 60/40 crap to provide more local jobs for the Filipino people then I’ll praise him for sure but no. Instead all he can do is nothing but blame games while the economy is sinking down six feet under. At sige lang vincensus ignoramus magsalita ka pa ng “tutulungan tayo ni pnoy” o kahit anong mga walang kwentang pnoy fanboyism comments mo so that you’ll have a nice cup of epic fail. Naunahan na kita so shut your mouth now if you can’t say anything intelligent.

      1. @vicenzo

        oo tama yon…tulungan ntn lau na ang mga mahihirap ngunit di yan kakayanin ng tito noy mo dahil limitado ang kanyang pag-iisip. ang totoong boss nya ay ang KKKK, hindi ang taong bayan.

        ang isang presidente para maging maunland ang ating bansa ay may katangian ng tulad ni ramon magsaysay, ferdinand marcos, fidel ramos, merriam santiago at gloria arroyo…siguro nabigla ka kung bakit kasama dyan si gloria at marcos? well, di ko na ipapaliwanag kasi sarado ang isip mo sa parte yan.

        kung igigiit mo ang tita cory mo ay di ko ma qualify kasi kahit binoto ko sya noon at nag volunteer pa ako ng namfrel para bantayan ang ang sagradong halalan ay talagang wala rin nagawa ang tita cory mo.
        kung bakit mahal ang koryente ngayon ay dahil sa sinang ayunan ang makitid na mga pananaw sa laban plantang nuclear…ang score ni tita cory para sa akin ay malaking itlog at gayon din ki Pnoy mas malaking itlog!!!kung hindi lang nagkasakit si marcos, mas matindi pa tayo ngayon ksa south korea…nun panahon na yon 6 pesos lang ang dolyar, pag upo ng lola mo, sunod sunod ang stress lahat ang mga tao sa 3 araw na brown-out madalas…talagang pinarusahan ang mamayang pilipino.

        1. I told you before “genius” but you just remain to be a dumb kid. Again, if you can’t say anything intelligent just shut the hell up.

        2. nakakaawa ka bata? lalo na mga anak mo, baka ka nabubuhay dahil sa kinikita mo galing sa survival na lang dahil sa mga bayani mo.

        3. @mangyan:

          Mas nakakaawa since you’re brainwashed by the Yellow Nazi Propaganda so you’re comments didn’t make sense.

        4. @mangyan

          wag kang maawa sa akin, kayang-kaya ko naman mamuhay na hindi umaasa sa gobyerno mula noon pa nmn..nasa private sector ako at na train ako na maging mataas ang tolerance sa mga kapalpakan ng gobyerno…

          ako pa ang nagbibigay ng tax sa bayan ng walang daya. kung sinasabi ko man ang komparasyon sa mga presidente ay dahil hindi ako nagagalingan sa pangangasiwa ni cory at pnoy.oo hindi sila perpekto ngunit sana nmn ay hindi ang bayan nasadlak sa ganitong kalagayan ngayon. i reserba mo ang awa mo na yan sa susunod na bugso ng kamalasan n gobyerno na eto at tinitiyak ko sau na pareparehas tayong luluha ng dugo..hindi ko mawari kung ano ang kahihinatnan sa hinaharap kung patuloy ang kanyang pagbabalahura sa konstitusyon ng bansa at sa pag himok sa murang isip mga kabataan tulad ng talumpati nya sa la consolacion college, ang kanyang kasinungalingan pag dusta sa katauhan ng kanyang kapwa opisyal ng pamahalaan.. sana ipinauubaya nya na ang kaso ni cj sa senado at ang kanyang tutukan ang mga mas mahalagang proyekto para sa pag unlad ng bansa. kahit na daananin mo sa simple formula tulad ng “pareto diagram” paraan pag prioridad ng pag resolba sa mga problema, ay wala sana sa gawain ng pangulo ang personal na mag higanti at mag durog sa pinuno ng judikaturang sangay ng gobyerno.

          ang totoo nagkamali si Pnoy at kanyang mga kampon, buong akala nya ay mag reresign si corona?. eh lumaban yon tao, kaya eto, desperado na ang gobyerno ni Pnoy at dehadong dehado na sa katwiran at guhit ng batas.

      2. Kunwari ka pang Tito noy…eh ikaw ata mismo si PNOY hiding under this identity… magtrabaho ka na po mr.president… di ka binoto para magpa impeach ng mga ayaw mong personalidad sa gobyerno… natatakot ka lng na baka pag baba mo ay ikaw naman ang kasuhan kaya gusto mo magtalaga ng sarili mong Chief Justice…. Idol mo rin pala si GMA… hehehehe.. pare parehas lng kau ni Tita Gloria mo PNOY A.K.A. Vicenzo B. Arellano.

    1. Ipakita nya nlang ang kanyang bank account sa korte kaysa manira ng pagkatao ng pangulo. Ibinoto ba siya ng tao? Hindi.

      1. And how about your president must also show his SALN as well? And the Supreme Court is not like the presidential system in which the moronic masa like you will unwisely vote for the Chief Justice and the magistrates only because he’s popular and and celebrity but no wise thinking.

  3. Technically speaking in a real democracy one cannot trust a single person to hold all the state’s power, hence there are checks and balances.

    As for Pnoy even if he is the son of a hero(though you’re mileage may vary)he still cannot be trusted to consolidate all power in his hands. He also cannot be trusted with the reason you mentioned.

    1. That doesn’t stop him from trying, though. He controls the Executive, has the Lower House in his pocket, and is trying to co-opt both the Upper House and the Judiciary. What does that tell you?

      1. Pero may sayad at pulpol. Ang may tiwala lang sa kanya eh yung mga katulad mo na di marunong magiisip para sa sarili. Bagay kayo ng tito noy mo pareho kayong abnoy

      2. hindi magnanakaw ka jan.panahon ng nanay nya nag negosyo yan sa gobyerno…
        friend ko work sa bank na nagdedeposit siya na milyon milyon malayo sa saln niya…ang pamilya sagrado na sobrang linis nang angkin ng hacienda hindi sa kanila at pinahiram lang ayaw ibalik at ngayon natalo sa korte ang gusto ay bayaran ko at natin lahat ng 10billion…hindi magnanakaw my foot…binenta ng nyetang nanay niya shares ng pal sa maga tanjuatco/cojuangco pamangkin at dahil la sila pambayad, the usual modus operandi nila gobyerno nagbayad thru kuno…hindi magnanakaw my foot..ang pldt kay imelda yan oano, napunta kay tony boy..anf mga kumpanya ng mga romualdez napunts kina lopa bayaw ni demonyang cory bilyob2 halaga…ang mga alahas ni imelda ninakaw at pinareset sa hongkong..kala nila di mamukaan ni imelda noong gamit gamit ni ballsy at tingting..buset! dali diri sa mindanao dong kay baligya taka sa abu sayaf

    1. Hi,
      The list of questions that one can ask regarding trusting our President can go on for days. But the time for him to definitively demonstrate that whether we can trust him or not is NOW.

      1. And that makes you a liar since you still can’t provide solid proof. And no, your biased yellow media will not gonna convince us.

      2. Vincenzo is also corrupt because he is completely brainwashed by the Aquino Magic and Hype and refuses to use his BRAIN.

        That’s what Yellow Zombies are always spouting: GUILTY until proven innocent.

  4. Trust is an important issue, and I am inclined to think that no person who makes his living in the political arena cannot be fully trusted to think only of public interest. He owes too many debts to those who got him elected. But I rather think you understate the President’s accomplishments by saying he has only done one thing. So I tend to wonder if I can trust your objectivity. Trust is hard to earn among those who start with a big pile of skepticism.

    1. The writer said he was struggling to find more. Maybe poor Google skills and what not. I suppose you could offer some help on enumerating Aquino’s accomplishments?

      1. He had done alot for the Filipinos and more to come. He had Merci Gutierrez resigned, Gloria Arroyo jailed and now Corona being impeached. Tinupad nya ang kanyang pangako sa matuwid na daan

        1. And what would be the effect of vilifying and having Merci resign, Gloria Arroyo jailed and Corona being impeached? Please tell us how it is going to make a difference.

          How is it going to make an honest man out of Tupas, Umali and Banal? These people are still acting with complete impunity.

        2. “MaBaBawasan ang corruption at bblik ang twala ng tao sa gobyerno ng sinira ni Gloria.”

          Yeah right, Wala nga siyang nagawang kahit ano gunggong.

        3. And you will always be an epic fail vincensus ignoramus if you always make an “I’ll just leave this here :)” post especially when the article is so biased.

        4. @Vincenzo B. Arellano

          He had done alot for the Filipinos and more to come. He had Merci Gutierrez resigned, Gloria Arroyo jailed and now Corona being impeached….

          Putragis biglang nag-ingles!

          Yun nga lang baluktot pa rin ang pangangatwiran. Pinakulong si Gloria pero para lang makawala at protektahan yun mas malalaking mga magnanakaw, lalo na yun pinaka-malaki—ang sarili nyang kamag-anak!!!

      2. Peste, Let me just cite two. One is greater stability and trust than under predecessors, generally recognized globally and reflected in improved investment ratings. Another is his willingness to stand up to China without being belligerent. It is a fine line he has to walk, to show the Philippines as strong and not subservient, while continuing to promote a constructive trade relationship. That, too, is recognized internationally as a different, more mature Philippines.

        1. Can you quantify this improved investment rating? Compare it to past years. Compare it to Asian neighbors.

          With China, how does the Nobel Prize fiasco and executed Filipino workers fit into your view? Also, you seem to think highly of the Philippine Armed Forces to consider belligerence against China a valid option.

          Would you care to point out indications of a more “mature” Philippines? Because the one that ended up in Wikileaks isn’t saying so.

          You better list more.

        2. My perspective as an outsider is largely irrelevant. But my sense is that a lot of Filipinos don’t read much other than the Inquirer or Star, and some only patronize blog sites that reinforce their views, limiting though that may be. International media consistently write about how the Philippines is showing progress at breaking out from its standing as the wayward underachiever of Asia. I’m surprised that any Filipino would not be pleased with this opinion of their country. Many obviously are not. I have no interest in trying to list President Aquino’s achievements for those who, years later, are still hung up on Mr. Aquino’s winning the election, and are not open to views outside what is already lodged deeply and securely within their brain. Just read. I am not your research guy.

        3. @Joe America

          My perspective as an outsider is largely irrelevant. But my sense is that a lot of Filipinos don’t read much other than the Inquirer or Star, and some only patronize blog sites that reinforce their views, limiting though that may be.

          O jeez, even this site makes frequent references, citations within its many articles (and with hyperlinks even) to other sites, many if not mostly of which are from pro-Aquino media sources.

          International media consistently write about how the Philippines is showing progress at breaking out from its standing as the wayward underachiever of Asia.

          Unless you expect many here to have been born yesterday, it’s pretty common-knowledge that there have been and would always be international media that would either give favorable or unfavorable news about the Philippines. This is why it’s best to indicate which ones you refer to.

          I’m surprised that any Filipino would not be pleased with this opinion of their country. Many obviously are not.

          Not sure where among the 7.1K islands you are comfortably situated, but perhaps, unlike the Filipinos you’ve surrounded yourself with, not all Filipinos easily fall for hollow victories or flatteries as we have too much of that going on already with all their adverse effects. Some rather base their sense of pride on actual and substantiated ‘collectively Filipino’ accomplishments.

          I have no interest in trying to list President Aquino’s achievements for those who, years later, are still hung up on Mr. Aquino’s winning the election,

          This may be what you keep telling yourself, but it has never been about winning or losing the elections. It has always been about the performance of an elected official after s/he has been elected into public office—especially an important one—It’s all about, simply put—accountability. We have been burnt so many times in the past and don’t you think it’s about time Filipinos really put their guy to work?

          No one expects the guy to perform miracles, but, jeez, neither has anyone expected him to be so terrible over a short period of time, even surpassing those past leaders we sorely disliked.

          …and are not open to views outside what is already lodged deeply and securely within their brain. Just read. I am not your research guy.

          If you not up to the challenge, why not just so?

          Interesting how you’d rather refuse to back your claims and assume that you’re own brain isn’t the one so securely and deeply entrenched in you own narrow views. We’ve made our own researches already, even scraped the bottom of the barrel, and still find whatever achievements/accomplishments he may have, if there be any, dismal. This is why it simply makes sense to then ask you to cite whatever sources or particulars you may have or possibly been privy to (or may be ‘in the know’) to support your claims—And you don’t even have to resort to exaggeration as this neither has to be exhaustive nor requires extensive research on your part. Unless you’re simply trolling, it’s crazy naive of you to dish out contrary views and expect others to take your word as if they were supposed to be infallible (being a foreigner or even American doesn’t cut it) instead of providing means to support them. Others would have simply turned that challenge into an opportunity to substantiate and especially objectify their views..but oh well..

        4. Erratum*:

          If you not up to the challenge, why not just so?

          If you‘re not up to the challenge why not just say so?

        5. Felipe, I gave two additional points, the investment rating and the China tightrope, and feel that is sufficient to point out that “one accomplishment” is understated. I appreciate your elaborate response; kind of you to put in so much time. As for research, if I had a better internet connection, I’d do more of it. But remote is what it is. I do think trivialities are less important than concepts. I also agree with much of what you say.

        6. Hey Joe, I see you are merely repeating your points, so let me just repeat my questions about those:

          Can you quantify this improved investment rating? Compare it to past years. Compare it to Asian neighbors.

          With China, how does the Nobel Prize fiasco and executed Filipino workers fit into your view? Oh, let me add slain Chinese tourists in there.

          You know what, Joe? Even if the effort was in vain for Vincenzo B. Arellano, this adorable creature actually gave a more specific and concrete list of “accomplishments.”

    2. The list of questions, and perhaps even the trust deposits/withdrawals that I mentioned above was meant to enumerate as many as possible I could think of, but by no means to be an exhaustive one.
      If you can add more to either side, then this article is doing exactly what I intended it to do.

      Don’t shoot the messenger, look at the message. Think of this a guide to find your own questions of trust that you want answered, if any. You can also think of this article as an impetus for you to evaluate your own position regarding where exactly you think you can trust the President.

      If I wanted to make any bias known, I wouldn’t have posted questions. Right from the start, I would have given answers.

      1. That’s right. I wish those who say that you “understate the President’s accomplishments” would come up with their own list of PNoy’s so-called accomplishment apart from the “no wang-wang.”

        1. Hi Ilda,
          If they append the list of accomplishments/failures but stop there, then they’ve missed my whole point here.

        2. @FallenAngel

          Because of PNoy’s incompetence, the country is on the verge of a constitutional crisis, inflation is out of hand and not to mention there is disunity among Filipinos. So we really do need to concentrate more on asking PNoy to shape up or ship out.

      2. I wasn’t trying to shoot the messenger. Indeed, the article achieved its purpose, and inspired thinking, as you intended. I merely make the point that those who start with a belief that this president is not doing much are likely to not trust him very much. And those who want to find achievements, can. And those who want to find trust (investment rating agencies) will.

        1. Point taken Joe. If you read the article again I admit I could have crossed the line into nitpicking (pamimintas in the vernacular).

          If I had the premise that “this president is not doing much”, I would have said so above. Consistent with my previous reply, if I were biased, I wouldn’t be posting questions. I would be shoving statements down everyone’s throat.

          Remember that even the most skeptic of people can be turned around by a good deed that has great impact on them, so the degree of skepticism is not an issue. If you’re consistent with performance, you will silence the skeptics/critics. But that’s a big if.

        2. I agree with you. But trust requires letting go of one’s own security. I rather think that is not easy for many to do. The matter of trust is often not so much what the other person would do (President Aquino, in this case), but how much courage is displayed by the person who lets go of his own needs, or biases.

        3. I don’t know how you call increase in investor confidence an accomplish of his. The investors were merely speculating, riding on the euphoria of the 2010 elections. He did nothing directly to influence more investments, just simply papogi in the news, and as long as the news sounds good to investors, they will move their money. BTW Investment in the Philippine stock market does not necessarily increase jobs in the Philippines. Foreign Direct Investments are what’s important in a developing economy. People can always pull out their money out of the stock market in a minutes notice, but those who invest directly cannot simply move their businesses elsewhere.

          Increase in Philippine Stock investment = More money to the Oligarchs

          Increase Foreign Direct Investment = More Jobs for the people = More money for all

        4. @Combuzz

          Spot on. Besides, all newly elected presidents everywhere enjoy the “confidence” of investors until their incompetence become very, very obvious.

        5. Combuzz, you are right, he did nothing tangible to improve the Philippine investment standing, other than refrain from spending money. But trust is a criterion for investors. Indeed, in the U.S. it was Obama’s “credibility” that stopped the global economic meltdown occurring when he took office. Bush had lost credibility. So the character of the man means something.

        6. Obama’s credibility alone did not solve the financial meltdown, he and others in power worked together to solve the problem. First off a bailout of the banking system increased investor confidence. Then the Federal Reserve’s quantitative easing lowered interest and increased the money supply in the market, this in turn gives investors an incentive to take on more risk in the stock markets. Then Obama enacts the Frank Dodd act to regulate the financial system.

          My point here is there was direct action involved in creating investor confidence, this was not mere speculation on euphoria.

    3. I am also unaware of any other of Pnoy’s accomplishments, if you would like to reiterate what some of these accomplishments are I’d also like to know.

      So far i know he accomplished no more wang wang, a push for RH bill. If you would like to add on to the list, please be free to do so.

    4. @Joe America

      We await your list of BS Aquino III’s list of accomplishments.

      Perhaps you consider ruining our democracy an accomplishment.

        1. if he wanted to do research he could read all my writings. click on over. so could you. rather than casting slurs. loading snippets out of complete context.

        2. Joe, the funny thing with you is you’re always assuming.

          You said:

          “what, he can’t take care of himself?”

          “if he wanted to do research he could read all my writings. click on over. so could you. rather than casting slurs. loading snippets out of complete context.”

          May I ask if you are reading his thoughts?

          What slurs are you talking about?

          What are out of context?

          Just like most of the commenters here, I also want to read a claim which is backed by facts and not by an excuse.

          Poor internet connection is your excuse, then don’t make any ridiculous claim that you can’t support with facts.

          I’m not making any claim that you’re a fact-challenged dude.

    1. Answer: HELL NO! lest we end up with another dictator. I’d rather see him out of malacanang ASAP and straight into exile along with his slutty sisters than let him stay any longer.

      1. corona will be acquitted because until now the prosecution is still mediocre in actions while the defense who just object intelligently seemed more credible and flawless.

        i suggest that malacanang presidential guards should prepare a straight jacket for pnoy very soon and bring him directly to the mental hospital on the day the cj got his acquittal verdict.

  5. “Can we still trust Pnoy to do the job the people elected him for?’

    As I stated earlier, PNoy was elected mainly on the basis of his anti-corruption platform. If we look at the numbers, thus: by more than 15.21 million Filipinos (42 percent majority of the 36.2 million who voted in 2010 i.e. 75% of 50 million registered voters).

    It is not to say that the impeachment of SC CJ Corona is a do-or-die situation.

    But just between us, small ladies, 15.2 million souls will be disappointed if it doesn’t happen. 🙁

    1. Let them be disappointed. And I hope it hurts. 😛

      And from what I know, it may no longer be 15.2 million, since I hear a lot who voted him have regretted doing so.

  6. This is the bottom line. Can we trust a dark soul? In my 55 years of existence on this planet I have never seen such a political scoundrel and hypocrite who pretends to be for the people, democracy and freedom. The evil within him was revealed when he bought the souls of the bow well movement 188. The servants of the people in the Lower House have become the servants of the dictator. This shows he has no scruples and no morals. Mr. Aquino’s utilization of black propaganda, trial by publicity makes his perceived enemies guilty before trial. He destroys characters and reputations using the vast machinery of the state for his personal hidden agendas. His management of lies and fabrication against his perceived enemies is a very real truth. Even his evil deception in stating that God is on his side reveals his true nature. Lying and fabrication have become an instrument of public policy. He even teaches children his evil examples. His attempt to buy the souls of the Senators is seen as pure evil. Is he really a Catholic or a follower of Satan? Is he mad as they say? Perhaps mad with the ambition of absolute power. He is at the crossroads. The final roadblock to his evil ambition is CJ Corona and the Supreme Court. All three branches will be dominated because of his private hidden agendas. Mr. Aquino is still sleeping with the enemy. The communist reds combined with the yellows and their political allies may now be unleashed in manipulating people mob power. I saw the evil in him. He is not for God, Country, Flag or People.

  7. Looks like the critter vincenzo is absent yet again.
    Looks like he is getting more desperate in attacking this blog with his stupid nonsensical yellow propaganda.

  8. Trust is earned…I’m sorry. I cannot trust Noynoy Aquino. He has given his best…and he failed. He simply cannot deliver, what he promised to voters. He cannot even handle a simple Luneta Hostage situation. The economy is spiraling downward. Prices are going up and up, everyday. While he divert our attentions to impeaching people. I don’t trust the Cojuangcos, for their greediness. Their attempt to reverse the Corona’s decision on the Hacienda Luisita, thru Noynoy Aquino’s power…I don’t trust those Senators who allied themselves to Noynoy Aquino…I don’t trust the witnesses; or accept the fabricated documents submitted in the impeachment…I don’t trust the ABS-CBN, and other Media, allied to Noynoy Aquino. They spread lies and disinformation, to people. Distrust is already in the minds of people…if reality does not coincide, with what they are saying…then, I have the right to distrust them…

  9. The dictator Aquino and his mental lapses…

    1. In the Luneta Hostage Crisis Mr. Aquino REFUSED to take responsibility for the incident. He REFUSED to make accountable his designated subordinate and He REFUSED to apologize to the Chinese People.

    2. During the inbound flight from San Francisco, USA Mr. Aquino smoked cigarettes with his people aboard a PAL B747. He and his pals smoked in the first class upper deck unmindful of endangering the safety and health of all the passengers aboard the aircraft.

    3. Mr. Aquino refuses to investigate, remove or make accountable his cronies in the KKKK. All this despite the revelations of expensive mansions, questionable expensive eats like the LEDAC meals costing PHP 860,000.00.

    4. Mr. Aquino exhibited obsessive focus on his perceived enemies using black propaganda, trial by publicity and fabrication. In this connection, he also used the machinery of state to destroy their characters and reputation. He was instrumental in the supersonic railroading of cases against CGMA. His obsessive focus is affecting the affairs of state.

    5. The dictator at his late age, still plays PSP, electronic TV screen games. These games are affecting his focus on the affairs of state.

    6. Mr. Aquino admitted plotting the impeachment of CJ Corona and used the liberal party in his schemes. He dangled additional pork and monetary consideration for supersonic action of the so-called movement 188. This resulted in the immediate signing without reading of the articles of impeachment.

    7. The dictator is known for his mood swings where intense anger is exhibited. This was published in the news broadsheets. His latest adventure was in the DBP anniversary where he lambasted the gathering. He called them corrupt, etc.

    Please Name your own mental lapses of the dictator.

    1. – Mr. Aquino is sleeping with the enemies of state. His red connection in the highest corridors of power is known. He has secret talks and proposals with them that are still secret during the present time. He funds them with our taxpayer’s money. He also coins terms like “All out justice” while the MILF and its NPA allies in Mindanao are operating with impunity. The MILF base camps are still operating and are called MILF territory. No leader in his right mind would allow all the advantages in favor of the enemies of the state.

      1. The dictator Aquino unmindful of the Constitution and the rule of law continues his mad, obsessive ambition to totally dominate all three branches of the government. His less than skillful use of black propaganda, trial by publicity, fabrication and media manipulation is intended to deceive and divide the Filipino people. His evil examples even reach out to touch the minds of children. He is anti-freedom and anti-democracy when he schemes and plots towards his absolute dictatorship without firing a shot.

        1. Last Christmas… The dictator Aquino partied well while people were being swept away and drowning in Mindanao. As usual he reacted late but not as late as in the floods that hit Central Luzon. Mr. Aquino was seen inappropriately SMILING as he was distributing relief goods in Mindanao. Did he smell the sickly sweet smell of death? He was also seen inappropriately SMILING for the camera in the Luneta Hostage Crisis.

        2. Der Fuhrer,

          I believe the term they’re coining nowadays for “dictatorship without firing a shot” benevolent dictatorship.

        3. @FallenAngel

          No… his is not a benevolent dictatorship. Remember Mr. Aquino called for a defiance against the SC TRO. This is a against the rule of law. He does not seem to know right from wrong anymore… Let us call it a mad dictatorship.

    2. his need for secrecy – purchase and sale of porsche – sale of hacienda luista shares (to who). has always lived in the shadows all his adult life. what does he want to keep hidden

      his addictions – smoking,texting, game playing

      his need for control – (aspects of secrecy & paranoia)

      his lack of emotional maturity – needs naive people to play with and impress. fixates on people for short time.

      his inabiloty to multi-task

      his black and white thinking – no creativity or ability to debate

      his inability to commit

      his lack of drive/ depressive episodes

      his desperate need to be loved

      his inability to compete with his parents

  10. i have always been suspicious of the sws & pulse asia surveys which consistently rate p-noys approval/trust rating at circa 70% irrespective of drama and crises etc. that is illogical and fluctuations would be a normal factor of a genuine survey

    i now understand why.
    the methodology employed is to use the same group of pre picked people each time! no doubt 70% + being p-noy supporters.
    it makes a mockery of surveys and is just another example of sheer deceit, and ‘loading the dice’

    trust p-noy – not a chance

  11. remove 60/40 investment/ownership barrier
    implement full FoI including PDAF audit
    better still, abolish PDAF (pork barrel)
    full SALNS on line
    distribute hacienda luisita as per ruling – no 10 billion peso compensation
    implement RH bill

    thats for starters but change and progress would follow. so far talk on some things but no results and a real suspicion that the agenda is simply to maintain the status quo and then blame others for lack of progress.

  12. There’s actually a law that mandates the President of the Philippines to be, among other virtues–“TRUSTWORTHY”!

    For under Sec. 04, RA 7278, “The President of the Philippines shall be the Chief Scout of the Boy Scouts of the Philippines (BSP).”

    And the “Scout Law” of the BSP obligates all Boy Scouts, including the Chief himself, PNoy, to be, well, just that–TRUSTWORTHY!

    Let’s just hope that PNoy fulfills the other pledges a Scout is sworn to uphold, like: Friendly, courteous, cheerful, reverent and, most of all, kind.

  13. i have borderline personality disorder and after 40 years as a patient have become as expert as the psychologists within this particular area. ” it takes one to know one”
    whether p-noy has BPD or a dual diagnosis or a related personality disorder with i do not know, but i do know and have always known that he has a disorder. it is simply a question of degree and the impact under stress.
    such people can function at high level as i know myself, but it can be like walking a tightrope and if you do not manage it appropriately you will fall off. the problem is as president a lot of others can suffer in the process of what is a ‘me-centred’ world devoid of emotion, empathy and compassion.
    the issues of control, bordering on dictatorship are classic and are in themselves a coping mechanism but like n addict you are driven to need more and more especially as it gets worse over time. it will end in tears. but whose.

    1. This is just an observation… Does Mr. Aquino have a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde split personality? He seems to be very friendly and supportive of his KKKK. But is vindictive, ruthless and vicious against his perceived enemies. This seems to extend to the personalities and the institution of freedom and democracy known as the Supreme Court.

  14. its common. i have ‘jekyll and hyde’ but brought on by drinking. not nice.
    i dont think p-noy has it in that classic sense.(and i dont think he drinks)
    i think his choices are driven more by a combination of his secrecy and paranoia so he will only trust old friends and not want to make enemies of them just in case they spill the beans/exposures.
    its why ‘outsiders’ are not accepted and are just around for a short time – they are not allowed to get too close or really get to know anything.
    the mood swings can be caused by not getting your way (tantrums/loss of control), pressure, and criticism. life becomes a roller coaster.

    1. @jay

      Mr. Aquino drinks alcoholic beverages. If he is into Abilify + alcohol, this will make him drowsy. The late, great Dr. Leonardo Bascara once told me that psychotropic drugs and alcohol do not mix. This will cause real brain damage in the long term.

      1. from wikipedia

        “Aquino does not drink alcoholic beverages.He
        is an avid smoker, and has admitted to smoking
        up to three packs a day.”

        3 packs a day! he doesnt have long before health problems hit.

        1. @jay

          I saw the Carmen Mislang picture. Mr. Aquino was drinking along with them. If I am not mistaken, they were drinking Vietnamese red wine. I also saw a picture of Mr. Aquino asleep on a chair. The apparent effect of psychotropic drug Abilify or Seroquel when taken with alcoholic beverages.

    1. Same here.

      I just saw him on the news. He did another Corona hit-and-run. This time it was in Baler, Aurora. He’s becoming very irritating.

      Basically, what he is saying is this:

      I cannot do my job because Corona is there. I cannot do my job because former PGMA is still there.

      WHINER! Paulit ulit na lang. Wala na bang bagong mangagaling sa kalbong ulo ni PNoy?

      1. Do understand that he needs to blame someone for the country’s lack of “progress” and also give him a break a man of his abysmally limited abilities tend to repeat himself due to lack of imagination.

  15. for a president who keeps on changing girlfriends, unmarried at his age, how can you expect him to be stable? if stability is suspect, how can you trust him?

    1. In my circle of friends, the joke that went around us why Roxas dis not win the vice presidential election is “how can you trust somebody who doesn’t even know how to choose a wife”.

      Different from Penoy, but the common denominator is “decision making”.

  16. “Trust not the political personality who makes false oaths and promises, who uses democracy to destroy itself and its institutions, who destroys his enemies with evil deceit and deception and in the final analysis, who uses the name of almighty God for his own devious ends and means.” – Author Unknown

    “Put more trust in nobility of character than in an oath.”-Solon

    “Do not trust all men, but trust men of worth; the former course is silly, the latter a mark of prudence.”-Democritus

  17. For all you fact fanatics demanding that JoeAm do your reading for you, I refer you to this fine Reuters Report which provides a fact laden, balanced perspective on the Philippines. I am confident you will work hard to filter out the things that oppose your thinking and overemphasize the things that make you appear smart. (link to Reuters Report)

    1. JoeAm, assuredly, this reply is not intended to “filter out things that oppose [my] thinking and emphasize the things that make [me] appear smart.” But I think there’s a need–and, to my mind, a duty and an obligation of a Filipino, and not just a “fact fanatic”–to proffer some corrections in the Reuters Report you cited, and this concerns Secretary of Finance Purisima’s claim, in particular, that:

      “This is a rare occasion in the Philippines where you have a president who has the largest mandate ever and he wants to use that mandate to really transform the country.”

      However, COMELEC data on presidential elections held since the Philippines became a Republic clearly belie Purisima’s statement:

      54.94% 1946 Roxas
      50.93% 1949 Quirino
      68.90% 1953 Magsaysay
      41.28% 1957 Garcia
      55.00% 1961 Macapagal
      51.94% 1965 Marcos
      61.47% 1969 Marcos
      23.58% 1992 Ramos
      39.86% 1998 Estrada
      39.99% 2004 Arroyo
      42.06% 2010 Aquino

      From this data, would Aquino’s 42.06% share of valid votes cast during the 2010 Elections be regarded as a “rare occasion,” being “the largest mandate ever”–a mandate to justify the resort to “dirty tricks” in his quest “to really transform the country”?

    2. Casinos that promote gambling. Great! Just what this dysfunctional country needs.NOT!

      I wouldn’t consider attracting Casinos PNoy’s outstanding accomlishment. Gamblers will go anywhere where they can make money. They can set-up shop even in the most wretched places in the world. Even the article stated that investments in gambling took place even before he was elected:

      “The only changes came in allowing investment in gambling, which took place a few years ago. Other than that, there’s been no change in the foreign investors negative list (FNL) for a decade,” .

      And more importantly, the article recommended:

      “You have to be quite cautious when looking at the Philippines. What’s needed in the Philippines are more IPOs, more companies going to the market,” said Mobius.

      But Aquino needs to attract more than just portfolio money. He needs spending by multinationals.

      A report from the World Bank’s private sector arm, the International Finance Corporation, helps explain the trickle in investments: the Philippines ranked 136th out of 183 economies globally for the ease of doing business last year, and scored even lower for starting businesses. Overall, it was one place worse than the Sudan and two behind Syria.

      To try to address that, the government has set up one-stop-shops in 252 economic zones to help investors. Outside those areas, however, lie thickets of red tape and bribes for permits.

      But making money in the Philippines remains difficult.

      Even good news cannot be attributed to PNoy as growth in Foreign exchange reserve started in 2005, during GMA’s term:

      In the Philippines, foreign exchange reserves have more than tripled since 2005


      The writer only got one sided opinion from a PNoy staff, Secretary of Finance Cesar Purisima. He should have asked the opinion of the opposition for a more balanced piece.

      It was interesting to note that all this “optimism” was felt during Cory’s time as well, immediately after People Power. Unfortunately it quickly fizzled out:

      The “rise” of the resource-rich Philippines has been hailed before, only to disappoint.

      Optimism surged anew when Marcos fled a “People Power” revolt in 1986 that swept to Aquino’s mother, Corazon, to the presidency. On January 30, 1997, then-Finance Secretary Roberto De Ocampo uncorked champagne on the stock-exchange floor as share prices pierced all-time highs, toasting “the blooming tiger economy of Asia” and predicting the Philippines would soon catch up with South Korea and Singapore.

      Sorry to say but the perceived “rise” can be attributed to the confidendence enjoyed by every newly elected presidents. PNoy’s popularity can quickly nosedive in a few weeks or months if he continues to make a mockery out of our institutions. And considering, “he owes part of his popularity to his revered family name” it means his popularity is all thanks to smoke and mirrors. As the article says:

      “…pressure is growing on Philippine President Benigno Aquino III to go beyond usual half-hearted attempts to crack down on corruption, fix a stifling bureaucracy and find new streams of revenue in a country whose earnings usually end up in the hands of the elite.”

    3. Your link doesn’t tell anything but feeds from what the government is trying to convert people’s thinking. I think you need to update your comment.

    1. @domo

      This just in. The moronic president just made another childish opinion.

      “Noy: Hearsay is valid evidence under political dimension”

      Whoa! He defends his cohorts’ acceptance of “special favors” by simply saying that “bribery is an industry practice” and now he likewise defends his appointed Justice Sec Leila De Lima by saying “hearsay is valid evidence…”!

      What exactly does he mean by “political dimension” anyway? Is he making things up as with “fiscalizer”? Hearsay can never be valid evidence in any reality, dimension, or universe, much less therefore be ground for a CJ’s impeachment. Every insane utterance like these adds more credence to claims regarding his mental instability—it’s becoming more evident and looking a lot less like mere hearsay. Though he may be physically present, his mind appears continually immersed in some isolated dream world typical among individuals suffering from autism or some kind of madness or delusion. Perhaps the prospect of having to face such a calamitous defeat is forcing him to either ‘act out’ or retreat into this fantasy world of his.

      Truth and facts are not a matter of political consensus—they are not democratically decided upon. Mathematical truths like say “1+1=2” and so on, or logical truths like say “a thing cannot be both true and false at the same time and sense” (i.e. the principle of non-contradiction), and facts like water is H2O are not a matter of political or democratic consensus. Hence, no amount of people power, bandwagon, or popularity votes can change these. No matter how he or his yellow supporters try to pervert it, “evidence”, by definition, operates under the same set of principles or criteria—too bad for abNoy.


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