Debates on ‘rules of court’ continue to dominate Corona impeachment trial

Well it looks like much of the rest of the proceedings during the trial of impeached Chief Justice, Renato Corona will be spent on clarifying the rules of the court. However long it would take to finish the trial – it could be weeks or months – the presiding officer, Senator Juan Ponce Enrile will have to keep reminding the prosecution and some Senator Judges that “the law must be respected.” It is an increasingly excruciating experience to watch the trial as it takes place at glacial speed just because the prosecution keep insisting on presenting evidence that is either fake; had been illegally obtained; or had been tampered with.

It was so unbelievable that lead prosecutor Congressman Niel Tupas, Jr, a legislator, had to be told that “the source (that) was anonymous should have given the prosecution the caution to scrutinize the document before they presented it to this court as a basis for compulsory process.” This was in reference to the copies of Chief Justice Corona’s alleged dollar account, which according to another prosecutor, Representative Robert Umali, was given to him by an anonymous “small lady” on his way out of the building.

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Senator Enrile is increasingly getting annoyed at Congressman Tupas because as the presiding officer, he “assumes full responsibility for issuing a subpoena” based on the “fake” document. Frankly, the validity of the documents should have been checked before the subpoena was given. The quick approval is obviously causing some problems now.

What’s bizarre is that on the day that the documents were declared fake, the prosecution were insisting that they “never said the bank documents were authentic or genuine but ‘felt it warrants attention of this impeachment court’.” It’s either they cannot get their statements right or they do not know how to handle the “fake” documents since they are now stuck with them. But perhaps they felt compelled to deny they are “fake” after Malacañang spokesman, Edwin Lacierda said that they are indeed, authentic. In a press statement, he said, “they do exist”¦ those account numbers. And I think that has been proven right by the PSBank president. What’s very important here is that the account numbers were accurate.” Why a member of Malacañang is making statements as to the authenticity of the evidence in the trial is everybody’s question because they really should not be meddling in the case.

Worst of all, some Senator Judges are becoming blatant in their attempts to come to the aid of the prosecution; this, despite a motion by the defense asking some Senator Judges to inhibit themselves from the case. It is actually mind-boggling why they would do such as thing considering that the prosecution actually put them in a difficult position when they presented “spurious” copies of Chief Justice Corona’s bank accounts just to convince the Senator Judges to approve a subpoena to get the same bank documents they supposedly already possessed. If you are not following, I can’t blame you. The members of the impeachment court are confused as well.

It is such a disgrace that despite the palpable violations by the prosecution, no judge has so far suggested that they be put in contempt of court. In fact, a lot of people are already calling for the case against the Chief Justice to be junked based on the number of violations by the prosecution and the prejudice of some of the judges. However, the prosecution is just getting a slap on the wrist for delaying and quite possibly bungling the case.

I don’t know if it’s arrogance or simply ignorance of the law, but some Senator Judges are also the cause of the delay in the proceedings. Senator Peter Cayetano wasted the court’s time when again, he tried to make PSBank witness inadvertently reveal Corona’s alleged dollar account. The Senator exhibited some signs that he still can’t get over the fact that majority of his fellow judges voted to uphold the Supreme Court’s Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) on the opening of the alleged dollar accounts. He had another go at telling the PSBank executive that during former President Joseph “Erap” Estrada’s impeachment trial, the bank manager at Equitable Bank disclosed the details of Erap’s bank account even without a subpoena.

But Senator Cayetano’s efforts at trying to convince the PSBank president Pascual Garcia that it was okay for him to reveal the contents of Chief Justice Corona’s alleged dollar account was futile after defense leader Serafin Cuevas corrected him by saying that what happened then simply cannot be applied in this case because the Chief Justice is not being tried for plunder. Senator Cayetano’s actions though say a lot about his leanings. It is a sure sign that there are Senators who are allied with the instigator of the Chief Justice’ impeachment, President Noynoy Aquino (PNoy).

The Chief Executive even claims that there is enough evidence to convict the Chief Justice. Here’s what he has to say:

“Doon pa lang sa na-unearth na peso accounts, malaki na ang diperensya na mukhang napatunayan na iyung kaso,”

That is quite a remarkable statement from PNoy considering the defense hasn’t even presented their rebuttal. It looks like he is not interested to hear how the defense is going to explain the allegations.

Meanwhile, Senator Drilon was visibly upset that the documents that came to be in the possession of the prosecutors are said to be falsified documents. The over enthusiastic Senator didn’t want to stop grilling the witness, Annabelle Tiongson from PSBank. He justified it by claiming that it was an effort to establish the credibility of the witness. But why does he think the witness is not credible? Between the prosecution and the PSBank executives, why is Senator Drilon more inclined to believe that the prosecution is telling the truth and that the witness is lying? He really is good at multi-tasking, acting as a prosecutor and judge during the trial at the same time.

Still there are some sensible judges who remind the rest that the discussions are veering away from the actual case. Senator Chiz Escudero sent a reminder to the prosecution that the PSBank officers are their witnesses and for prosecution to “bear in mind that this is a matter of the impeachment court but not on the case anymore” — meaning that the PSBank’s testimonies may not be part of the evidence of the articles of impeachment after all. Nevertheless, too much time has been wasted just toing and froing on the issue. I can now understand why Senator Miriam Santiago once said that she is “surrounded by idiots”.

We can only hope that there would be more Senator Judges who can think rationally and see this impeachment trial as nothing more than an attempt by the Chief Executive to take control of the judiciary to complete his bid at becoming a dictator as it seems like he already has the numbers to control the other branches of government.

113 Replies to “Debates on ‘rules of court’ continue to dominate Corona impeachment trial”

  1. no ilda,

    the prosecution has the right to assume that documents that came into their possession could have some traces of reliability on them and they can ask the Senate to subpoena them.

    this similar to the rightof the ombdusman to investigate reported malfeasance in office even on the basis of anonymous complainant..

    don’t believe always on Senator Santiago’s words. they are not gospel truth. 🙂

    1. WRONG. It’s not only Santiago’s words, it’s Enrile’s words too. Didn’t you read the quote from him in the article? Common sense dictates that the prosecution should have exercised more caution in presenting evidence that could come back to bite them.

      1. so what if it’s enrile’s words. if you consider his words gospel also, you can wallow in them.. all i am saying is the request for subpoena on unverified accounts did not injure cj corona nor deprives him of his due process of law.

        the request is similar to a request of an anonymous letter writer to investigate accounts of suspected govt. official addressed to the Ombudsman. If the ombudsman can do such a thing, i wonder why can’t the prosecutio or the senate?

        1. If people say that the defense need to name their anonymous source before they can believe their claim that Malacanang is offering 100M to the Senator Judges who will defy the TRO, then the same logic applies to the evidence presented by the prosecution that came from an anonymous source.

          The subpoena should not have been granted based on an anonymous source. It’s causing problems now. It’s high time they stop honoring baseless claims coming from anonymous text messages and phone calls too.

        2. nice shutter-upper, ilda. jcc really should get himself a refund on his so-called law education. (then again, maybe the problem is him.) the vacant seat on the bus is really tragic.

        3. Unfortunately, no matter how nice it is, it won’t work on JCC. Deep inside I know he thinks we are correct, he just loves contradicting people. And he contradicts even former judges like Santiago and particularly the Supreme Court judges. *sigh*

        4. “all i am saying is the request for subpoena on unverified accounts did not injure cj corona nor deprives him of his due process of law.”

          But the way those unverified accounts were obtained, is illegal. You cannot right a wrong with another wrong.

      2. Hey guys, give JCC some slack. We need him commenting here. We need to show to the readers on how this anti-Corona/anti due process/Penoy’s lap dogs’ minds work.

        Kita nyo, hit and run na naman.

        Or maybe, we just give him a rope…

    2. “don’t believe always on Senator Santiago’s words. they are not gospel truth.”

      If her words were spoken by an anonymous source, they are still believable considering the fact that they are logically sound arguments, unlike the arguments on the link you provided:

      1st part: Tort law principle is not applicable to Constitutional law principle.

      You didn’t elaborate or lay the basis why this should be the case. Second, the law on secrecy of foreign currency does not state, nor discriminate, the nationality or the ethnicity of the depositor.

      2nd part: Citing provisions on Ombudsman Act as an excuse for the prosecution’s actions regarding the appearance of the small lady.

      LOL. The question here is not about the complainant, it is about a person that provided evidence obtained through illegal means.

      PS: It seems your logic is the one zigzagging, not the Supreme Court’s 🙂

      1. i also heard prof. avena and ted “failon ngayon”… ms. avena said, that since this is an impeachment court fishing expedition to extract evidences against justice corona must be allowed because this not a criminal court as it was also happened during the estrada impeachment???weh???

        well, i am not a lawyer to challenge the competency of these two chuwariwariwap but my common sense tells me that president erap case was plunder! ang gagaling nitong magpaliwanag sa radyo para lituhin ang masa.

        1. At ANC update: Drilon said that it’s the fault of the person who leaked the docs. Yeah right. He is washing the prosecution of liability. He should inhibit himself now. He is very thick!

    3. Dude,

      You do not assume when you submit evidence. There’s a thing called verification. It’s very simple. Sa SM nga vineverify yung authenticity ng gift checks eh what more in an impeachment court.

    4. …the prosecution has the right to assume that documents that came into their possession could have some traces of reliability on them and they can ask the Senate to subpoena them.

      JCC, tama ka kung naniniwala ka sa kanilang istorya. Pero…

      Hehe, hint: bakit kaya kailangang si Lacierda na mismo ang kailangang magsalita upang magbigay ng assurance na genuine nga ang mga dokumento?

      isa pang hint: naging lead prosecutor tuloy si Drilon hahaha!

      O kuha mo na?

      by the way, long time no see man.

      1. their documents turned out to be be true.. that is why the corona lawyer were twirling ang twisting in objecting to the subpoena.

        lately tatlong bank account sa PSBank Katipuna branch na may laman na P34 Million biglang isinara ni Mrs. Corona sa utos ni CJ Corona.. at the time that he was impeached (Dec. 12, 2011) — baka natatakot na mahatulan siya ng guilty at habulin sa kanya ng gobyerno ang pera para bawiin…

        1. Baka may babayaran???

          Di natin alam di ba?

          Pero that’s how the anti-Corna/anti due process minds work. Kahit kagaguhan – banat pa rin.

  2. Lets see….The prosecution subpoenaed the records of PSBank and Ms Tiongson on the basis of some documents in thier possession. Upon questioning, thier own witness revealed that the documents were altered, therefore fake, thus exposing the prosecutors to criminal liability. Since it was thier witness, the prosecutors can not debunk the witness’ declaration that the documents are fake. So the prosecutor/judges are coming to thier rescue, trying to debunk the prosecutions’ witness. They have now spent almost three days in this shameful exercise.

    1. That pretty much sums it up. We’ll have more of the toing and froing in the coming days as I predict the prosecution along with some Senator Judges will insist that the evidence is authentic while the witness will say it is fake.

      1. Both the prosecutor and their witness cannot agree to each other for their self interest. Prosecutor will not allow the documents to be considered fake because not only they are liable for submitting illegally obtained document they too are liable for submitting a fake document. On the other hand PSB will not agree that it is an authentic copy although with some alterations because they don’t want to be blame that the leak came from their bank. One question, can this document be produced by hacking the banking system? Somewhere in their banking system might be a soft copy of all transactions done in the bank including bank signatures , account balances, etc…

        1. Oh yeah. They are both being very, very careful.

          I’m just wondering why the bank manager only revealed Congressman Banal today after two weeks of being on the witness stand. Her counsel probably agreed to her telling the truth.

        2. Bank documents now are digitized (scanned) and distributed throughout their network. That is why you can withdraw using just your ATM card in any branch. They have a digital copy of your signature card in their system.

    2. I don’t think it’s been 3 days Mr. Butch Cruz. It’s been more than a week (I think). If all senators are convinced that the “little lady” illegally obtained documents are fake, all record base on that “little lady” doc will be scratched. Meaning all that time & tax payers money WASTED dahil lang sa “little lady”.

      Correct me if I’m wrong ha.

      According sa prosecution kasalan ng “little lady”, ng defense, ng senate, ni sen. Enrile, ng media, ng bangko, ng TRO, ng Supreme Court, ni CJ, ni Gloria, ng Phil. Constitution at ng mundo kase ayaw aminin ng prosecution (na naman) na nagkamali sila.

      It is revolting that they’re covering it up & the nerve na pinapasa pa nila sa iba yong mali nila. When in fact responsibility nila yan. Another tragedy about this is a lot of Filipinos believe every word from the prosecution!

      Btw, I’m not angry at you Mr. B. Cruz. I’m just feeling frustrated ‘coz I read something in the Phil. Daily Inquirer w/c is absolutely 1 sided.

      Panoorin na lang po natin sa interent yong buong hearing.

      1. What’s annoying is that some people are claiming now that the PSBank officers are probably in cahoots with Corona. Totally insane!

  3. I would say that prosecution is victim of catch 22 or victim of their own trap. Their shit is getting deep and they cannot runaway, it is the quicksand eating them alive. Article 2 is their silver bullet but so far it seems cannot get through the wall of Coronas. On the other side, I am thinking the whole impeachment is a playground for politicians, an exercise of Pnoys childish mental state..

    1. Yes, that is true. Because they do not have foresight, the thought of getting caught using something illegally obtained didn’t cross their minds. And then they had the nerve to quote Judas in their opening statement…gees! Sila pala dyan!

  4. So the cat is out of the bag… the evidence presented by the prosecution is positively identified by credible witnesses as fabricated. The prosecution led by Mr. Neil Tupas seen by many as a pre-bar, graduating law student continues its saga of lackluster, bungling prosecution. The entertainment value is better than a three stooges movie. But wait… Who will answer for the revelation of this fake evidence? The small lady, Mr. Tupas or Mr. Umali? Rule out the small lady as she may also be a fabrication… a cover story or a fairy tale intended to mislead the audience. Watch the following chapter. The repeat black propaganda, trial by publicity including fabrication continues!

    1. At the trial yesterday, you could hear them murmuring to the PSBank president and insisting on their point of view. It’s pathetic how most of their witness turn hostile.

    2. “if you tell lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.” that is the governance of Pnoy. the ABS-CBN,the inquirer,the Red groups, the legislative, the pulse asia and the entire executive department are using this tools to fool the filipino people that philippines is indeed, reaping progress through Pnoy leadership…ok kayo na ang mga bida! hahaha:) mga sinungaling!!!

  5. when fake/illegally obtained evidence is allowed, and invisible small ladies take centre stage, then you know things are going downhill.

    the legal incompetence of the prosecution combined with the political interference of drilon/senators is helping the defence to prepare a petition for a mis-trial – and then they can do it all over again next year!

    a president who is obsessed with texting naive young girls, and who clearly does not understand the law, or the constitution, only adds to the farce.

    1. What I really don’t understand is why the Senator Judges are giving the prosecution a free pass. They have been caught lying so many times. What the heck is going on?!?

      1. What the heck is going you ask? Why opportunism of course! This is the perfect time for he likes of Drilon to show their loyalty and devotion to the King in Yellow. Rich rewards the yellow faithful. is as simple as that my dear.

      2. I think the leniency of JPE on the trial yesterday is because he is preempting pro-PNoy senators like Drilon from asking outrageous and leading questions. But it seems it has only helped the prosecution’s cause. I hope those biased senators are barred from the trial.

  6. “All I want is the truth behind this. In my view, the Tupases are the political allies of the family of Annabelle Tiongson. I hope you (Tupas) respect my views the way I respect your view. I will no longer argue with you, let the people be the judge. Who knows, it might be the bank manager who leaked the documents to you. Let the people be the judge,” said Estrada. – Senator Estrada (Tribune 16Feb)

    I also gathered that Annabelle Buenaflor Tiongson is a related to a certain Porky Drilon, obviously relative of Senator/Prosecutor Judge Franklin Drilon from Dumangas Iloilo!

    What a shameless connection….LIAR LIAR!!!!

  7. “When the legislative and executive powers are united in the same person, or in the same body of magistrates, there can be no liberty; because apprehensions may arise, lest the same monarch or senate should enact tyrannical laws, to execute them in a tyrannical manner.”
    -Charles de Secondat, Baron de Montesquieu

    1. The absolute dictator wannabe should study the aforementioned quote. In the Philippine Star today, Ms. Valte denies Mr. Aquino’s dictatorial tendencies. Still denying for damage control. Still the repeat technique of black propaganda.

    1. wala akong kinalaman sa panawagan mo Pnoy! mag edsa ka ng mag isa mo! marami ka nmn kabig kau na lang magsama-sama, dilaw,andyan na lahat na kulay…me unyango, black and white movement,KKKK, kamag-anak incorporated, may pulahan kasama ni quiros, llamas, hontiveros-baraquel, walden belo, eta rosales, teddy caseno, joma sison,milf secessionists, yon mga appointees mo sa armm kayo na ang magsama-sama na kayo sa pag lustay ng pera nming mga taxpayers.

  8. listened to DOM-Noy in his element with schoolgirls today, and all the idiot can do is whinge and whine like a girl himself with his corny jokes and no sense of decorum or presidential bearing.
    not one ounce of inspiration or innovation.
    same obsession on corona. a lame duck.
    no wonder only a naive young girl from a foreign country calls him ‘intelligent’, and she is not exactly known for the size of her brain cells.
    p-noy is clearly a liability to the country and a figure of fun in the rest of ASEAN

  9. I am not sure if the Prosecution is destroying their case on their own or if they are getting some help from very smart tacticians.

    On the other hand the Corona team is handling this case like chess players every move they make has been strategic and planned ahead.

    When Corona was impeached they claimed he did not file his SALNs, the Corona defense answered that in due course they will prove that wrong and they did.

    Then the issue of the alleged 45 properties came up and once again the Corona defense answered that in due course they will prove it baseless and they did.

    Now with the dollar accounts everyone including the President are demanding that Corona allow his accounts to be made public and once again the Corona defense have said that in due course they will make it public.

    The President and the Prosecution should be really worried about the day when Corona makes his bank records public because once again they will prove that there was no wrong doing.

    It seems like the strategy of the defense is to let the Prosecution make a fool of themselves and make baseless claims and then each time these claims are debunked.

    Who know maybe the fake bank statements were handed to the Prosecution on behalf of the defense to make fools of them once again. If that is the case this is an audacious move but very smart.

    1. The problem with people who do not have foresight like the members of the prosecution team is that, they do not foresee getting caught with their lies. This impeachment has been shrouded in deception since inception. They are overconfident, which is quite the opposite of the defense.

  10. “No man for any considerable period can wear one face to himself and another to the multitude, without finally getting bewildered as to which may be the true. ” – Nathaniel Hawthorne

    the 2 faces of hypocrite p-noy has become transparent to all

  11. the conspiracy unravels
    the lies will continue
    shame on the liberal party for shaming the country and showing no respect for the law and due process

  12. Noynoy Aquino and his prosecution team, is trying to Confuse the issues…this is their new Strategy: Confuse the issues, and Confuse people…this is the reason they are questioning every rule; submitting fake evidences; and lying in the Senate.
    Noynoy Aquino went on a STAGED ” Questions and Answers” session, with picked students. Who asked selected Questions. Where Noynoy Aquino, answered them, in memorized answers. It was broadcasted in his Propaganda Media outlet: ABS-CBN…it is very easy to see it, as a show. Because in the end, he lambasted Corona, like a Mad Hacienda Luisita Swine…
    We must stop this stupidity…it is already destroying our country, and our economy…just for the reason that:Noynoy Aquino and the Cojuangcos can take back their Hacienda Luisita, they swindled from the Filipino people..

  13. Some prosecutors have to review Lying 101.

    The complete opposite of “Small Lady” is “Tall Gentleman” aka Congressman Jorge Banal.

    Bizarre indeed. 🙁

  14. banalgate
    a tall story of a small lady, a big conspiracy, little decency, and no integrity.

    DOM-noys message – ‘take to the streets!’

    unfortunately many already have – forced to live there through abject poverty.

  15. smokescreen

    the liberal party likes to use fake documents and outright lies to confuse and hide the truth.
    p-noys fake psychiatrist report to cover up the real one( and events only prove how true the real one was), fake romances to divert attention ( as one insider recently said, “When the
    smoke clears in the political arena, so will the smoke shrouding the President’s lovelife.” , and now the little lady of all lies
    no surprise that all the promises also turn out to be as fake as pulse asia surveys.
    MAD-Noy is not to be trusted. a deviant with more chips on his shoulder than in a branch of mcdonalds

  16. All of you are so caught up about how the evidence was obtained when you should be concerned about the evidence and the testimonies of the witness. And what’s more frustrating is the SC. I’m beginning to hate them. They aren’t for transparency at all. They are a hindrance to unraveling the truth. They are forgetting the purpose of the law and the constitution and it shouldn’t be used to protect one man but to protect the public and to let the truth be known. How elementary is that?

    1. Another biased comment from twoface. Obviously you are not getting impatient at the prosecution’s blatant disregard for the law. They are the ones causing the delay. If they followed procedure properly, there wouldn’t be a need to investigate where the leaked documents came from. If they weren’t trying to break the dollar account secrecy law, there wouldn’t be a need for a TRO. More importantly, if they gathered the evidence properly prior to filling the articles of impeachment, there wouldn’t be a delay in the proceedings.

      Why don’t you ask them to reveal their phantom sources so we can get on with the actual trial?

      1. You’re right. I’m getting more and more biased each and every day. It’s hard not to considering how many road blocks they are putting in the trial and how much of my taxpayer’s money is unveiled in Corona’s ,not 5 but, 7 peso accounts. Suspiciously closing 3 accounts on the day of the impeachment trial. Adding to that frustration is the contradicting statements of the defense panel. I had hoped that they would stay confident if their client really has some “explanation”.

        1. twoface said she’s out of here…

          I’ve told you guys, treat JCC, twoface and that other idiot commenters here with kid gloves. They are the embodiments of how the anti-Corona/anti due process blokes’ minds work.

          If I may suggest, just let them spew their “righteousness”. Don’t contradict them.

        2. @Trosp

          They’ll say “I’m outta here” but come back eventually or stay using another name. We are irrisistible 😉

          Twoface uses the same argument as that MindVSHeart but slightly less irritating as that Sarah. Their logic cannot stand the reality test though.

        3. @Trosp,

          Don’t worry, twoface will be back after all the wounds have been licked. He/she seems like the type of commenter who does not take being refuted easily, or with finality. If they did, it’s their character flaw.

          Commenters like whom you mentioned are like diseases. For you every one you put down, ten of them will appear. So we’re not exactly out of work.

      2. And all of you are making a controversy out of the PROCEDURE while missing the goal and the crux of the matter which is the TRUTH. How pathetic. I’m out of here.

        1. accdg. to n0ytards, it is alright for Pnoy to break the law as long as it fulfills his straight path promise.

          I’m hearing the fool speak on tv as of this post. Requested the people to switch channel.

        2. @twoface

          And all of you are making a controversy out of the PROCEDURE while missing the goal and the crux of the matter which is the TRUTH.

          Clueless as usual—Common sense please!—We’re way past the age of the Inquisition and the Salem witch trial. You cannot establish “TRUTH” using unreliable PROCEDURE. This is why science, especially of forensics, as well as other investigative processes involve (and rightly so) the rigorous application of [the scientific] method or procedure. It is PROCEDURE that differentiates authentic medical science, for example, from the medical quackery of “albularyos“, “manghuhulas” or witch doctors—genuine astronomers from astrologers.

          So far, the prosecution is the one acting like quacks.

      3. And don’t even try lecturing about ethical issues like THE END DOESN’T JUSTIFY THE MEANS because one, Robin Hood is my idol and two, if a trial is not fair enough for you then, I don’t know what is. What’s more maddening is the fact that you only support Corona because you hate Aquino. Shallow.

        1. Apologies in advance, guys, mapapahaba ito.


          There are a few things that Ilda et al., have been trying to get across to you:

          1) Nobody is anti-Aquino here. What we are is anti-incompetence. Do not get angry at us if Aquino and the prosecution team have shown this trait more than once.
          You enter our crosshairs, you get shot, that simple. And don’t counter me by saying that we actively look for things that they’ve done to pick on, while ignoring the defense. Don’t expect not to get shot if you’re the one providing the ammunition!

          2) Nobody here has prejudged Corona as not guilty. What we are emphasizing is that the verdict be arrived at in accordance with the procedures of law. While the law is imperfect, it is the better alternative to arriving at conclusions based on hearsay.

          You say that we should be more concerned with the truth that with the procedure of arriving at it. Do you know what that sounds like to me? The only thing that you want to hear is what you’ve assumed in that head of yours. It’s not rocket science that if you arrive at a conclusion using questionable methods, then your conclusion is invalid.

          3) You mentioned above that the Constitution and law are meant to protect the public and not just one man. So why are you excluding that man, CJ Corona, from “the public”? Does that mean you think he doesn’t deserve to be protected?

          4) You mentioned above, the end doesn’t justify the means. In the interest of fairness, let’s apply this to Aquino now. He is basically sacrificing doing the rest of his job in making an example of CJ Corona. I don’t know about you, but burning down the house to catch the pest that got away NEVER is a good idea.

          By the way, since you mentioned that Robin Hood is your idol, it tells me a bit of how you think.

          First, he hasn’t been conclusively been proven to exist, which means you would rather believe in fantasies.

          Second, that you would “idolize” an outlaw, though he was somewhat worshipped as a hero, tells me that you’re predisposed to rebel instead of learning rules. It’s not rocket science that learning rules, and abiding by them is the better way to get around in society.

          Third, idolizing men in tights is just plain wrong.

        2. The thing is, FallenAngel, I don’t see anybody right now who is like Robin Hood at all. What I see are Robbing Hoodlums who steal from the rich and steal from the poor. Guess to whom they’d give their loot.

        3. Ok. You lost me at Robin Hood. Are you for real? He’s not even real. The tale most probably originated from outlaws themselves who tried to justify breaking the law by romanticising it.

          What makes you think I hate Aquino?

        4. @twoface

          “..Robin Hood is my idol..”

          If that were true, then you should rather take from the unjustly rich—the oligarchs—the Aquino-Cojuangcos who exploit and wrongfully took from the poor; And give it back to the HL farmers who are its rightful owners anyway. Turns out, Corona is the real Robin Hood here with abNoy being the Sheriff of Nottingham.

          Perhaps your real idols are rather the Sheriff of Nottingham, the unholy Inquisition’s Tomás de Torquemada, and instigators, gossipers, and false witnesses of the Salem witch trials, or even the hypocritical Pharisees of biblical times.

        5. “Robin Hood is my idol”

          I remember one news about a drug trafficker who was called him by the poor people as “Robin Hood” only because he helps giving them food with that crime. When he was captured by the police, these poor people then marched to PDEA with a retarded demand on his release even if what he did is an act of crime. So you idolized Robin Hood because you don’t want to follow the law and become a criminal only to help those who are helpless but are not following the law as well? What are you a communist?

          And from the words of GW from MGS2 with that “truth” of yours:
          Oh, what happened? Do you feel lost? Why not try a bit of soul-searching? Don’t think you’ll find anything, though. Every time something goes wrong, you turn around and place the blame on someone else. It’s not our fault. It’s not your fault. In denial, you simply resort to looking for another more convenient “truth” in order to make yourself feel better. Leaving behind in an instant the so-called “truth” you once embraced. Should someone like that be able to decide what is “truth”? Should someone like you even have the right to decide? You’ve done nothing but abuse your freedom. You don’t deserve to be free! We’re not the ones smothering our country. You are.

        6. Robin hood may have a good excuse to did what he did, but the problem is that he just cured the symptoms not the disease. It would have been much better if he went looking for Richard the Lion-heart to tell him of the state of affairs of his realm.

    2. @Nutzi twoface

      “and what’s more frustrating is the SC. I’m beginning to hate them.” You are obviously into hate-think. I suggest you see a good shrink. Hating people for no valid reasons at all shows your state of mind. Your convoluted reasoning is shot with fallacy. THe real truth is…one man, his family and an institution known as the Supreme Court is being demonized by black propaganda, trial by publicity and fabrication of evidence. His rights are being trampled upon. The very nature and purpose of the Constitution and the laws is to protect the rights of all the people within the territorial jurisdiction of the Republic of the Philippines. Justice and fairness are the guiding light. What public are you talking about? The yellow and red mass is not the public. You just follow the straight and wide path to perdition. Your master subscribes to this slogan seen as disinformation to manipulate the minds of the blind, ignorant and gullible people that his path is the correct path. I say it is the correct path to absolute dictatorship!

        1. and your point, then? Because as I see it, Fuhrer outlined his points clearly. You, on the other hand, want others to agree with your emo Robin Hood logic. We have minds here, ok?

  17. the impeachment trial

    It ain’t about opportunity
    It ain’t about integrity

    It ain’t about the law
    It ain’t about the poor

    It ain’t about democracy
    It ain’t about decency

    So what’s it all for
    Not you, thats for sure

    It’s about autocracy
    It’s about hypocricy

    It’s about a political game
    It’s about power & fame

    It’s about greedy oligarchs
    It’s about corrupt sharks

    It’s about the money
    and the hacienda, honey

  18. The so-called government reform program of Mr. Aquino is the biggest lie. It is a political illusion designed to mislead the blind, gullible and ignorant. Thus perceived enemies are marked selectively as targets of government cleansing. The truth of this cleansing was seen by many. The supersonic railroading of the case against CGMA and the use of black propaganda and trial by publicity in carrying it out is a real truth. Guilty before trial. The same goes to selected personalities like the First Gentleman and Mr. Abalos. Yet…the cronies of the dictator can act with impunity. They and their great leader are immune to government cleansing. Consider then the real truth in the consolidation of total control on the three branches of republican government. The real truth is seen as a dictatorial government reform program designed to “neutralize” perceived enemies, strengthen the dictator’s cronies and completely dominate the lower house, the senate and the Supreme Court. The taking of CJ Corona and the SC are the final solution to Mr. Aquino’s absolute dictatorship.

  19. Robin Hood isn’t real. Who told you he was? Oh, you’re such a genius. I’m flattered you took the time to look him up on Wikipedia.

    Spare me that bs on anti-Aquino. You may be anti-incompetent, anti-bald, anti-bachelor president or whatever, you still end up hating Aquino.

    Anyway, I’m not going to explain myself anymore because your point doesn’t cross to me just as my point doesn’t cross to you. But I will leave you with something to think about. “Perfection of means, and confusion of ends seem to be our main problem.” -Albert Einstein

    1. Like I said above, the only thing you want to hear from us is what you’ve assumed to be true.

      Let’s agree to disagree. We were able to refute every single one of your arguments. I don’t blame you for acting PO’d and all. But the important thing is that we heard you out on what you want to say. The tone of your words implies that you’re seemingly not doing the same for us.

      Come up with better arguments next time. That simple.

      You want to trade quotes?

      Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference. – Winston Churchill

      Criticism may not be agreeable, but it is necessary. It fulfils the same function as pain in the human body. It calls attention to an unhealthy state of things. – Winston Churchill

      It is a fine thing to be honest, but it is also very important to be right. – Winston Churchill

    2. Grammarian @twoface, there’s actually a connection. Idol Robin Hood, as wikied, was known for “robbing from the rich and giving to the poor” while the Supreme Court under its Chief, Corona, will be known and remembered (by the Pro-Corona, of course) for the Eviction Notice–“dispossessing the Hacienda from the rich and giving it back to the landless poor.”

      Idol Mickey wikiquote: “Mickey Mouse is, to me, a symbol of independence. He was a means to an end.”–Walt Disney

  20. Galing ni Ilda!

    Unfortunately, you have many blind filipinos who are willing to swallow everything that PH media projects.ABSCBN and that tabloid pretending to be a broadsheet have now revealed their true colors! Yellow!–the sickening kind! Aquino disciples.

    Surprisingly, based on my survey (with cab drivers and street vendors as participants) the people believe this is all about hacienda luisita! However, they are not alarmed that penoy will damage the institutions of the country. They are too busy making both ends meet. And I think this is tragic because the oligarchs and political elites–the few people who control this country, will prevail.

    I never liked GMA too. But with penoy, something is strangely wrong despite everyone’s insistence that he is not corrupt. Why do I feel we don’t have a real president?

    Anyways, has anyone read Tiglao’s column? (Binay vs Roxas angle)

    More Ilda and Benigno!

    1. Hi lav

      Most people just want to get on with life. Let’s just hope this can shake up the system and put some sense into the way our public servants do their job.


    1. TROLL.

      You didn’t even notice that most of the people from the prosecution are composed of politicians???

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