Corona’s Trial: The Need to Understand What Justice Really Is

Given the interesting circumstances surrounding Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona’s very controversial impeachment trial, it is only normal that countless philosophical debates have been raised regarding this issue; the credibility of the courts, the efficacy of the Constitution, the morality of the defense and the prosecution, President Noynoy Aquino’s (PNoy’s) sincerity, and of course, the defendant’s guilt or innocence.

However, over the course of the trial, countless times have I frowned upon Filipino romanticists who view this legal battle as some sort of a telenovela, where PNoy and the prosecution play as the stalwart protectors of morality and justice, while Corona and the defense play the role of the immoral villains. Indeed, the impeachment trial has been distorted to look like some sort of a macabre drama for a number of Filipinos.

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Needless to say, a discussion of something more important is only rational; something that transcends the clichéd good versus evil scenario of the Filipino society. A discussion of “justice” is only fitting. What is justice? And more importantly, is justice being served in Corona’s impeachment trial?
Here is my personal take on the concept of justice. While I intend to say many things, for the sake of brevity, I shall provide a transcript of my most succinct argument, which I have conceived under the name “Axiom” in this article:

“Note: This post is aimed towards those who claim that the will of the people is with the prosecution, that the prosecution has the higher moral ground, etc.

Hahaha, morality, legality, impeachment…

Who says your view of morality is what’s absolutely moral? Who says you can punish someone, not with solid evidence but with your egos? Have you ever sat down and pondered on why there are so many views on morality throughout the ages?

That’s because morality as perceived by humanity is subjective. Morality differs from person to person. Two people involved in a fight will surely have different moral perspectives; conflicting moral perspectives, specifically.

Now, if you are the mediator, which moral perspective will you use? Do you honestly think you can produce a sound judgment by doing just that?

How has civilization overridden the emotional dilemma in the search for justice? They used a medium that’s devoid of any human bias. They used a medium that everyone can use without incriminating another or oneself unfairly. They used a medium where only the mind is the judge. They used “logic,” which in this case, is also called “law.”

Do you understand where I’m coming from? The only way we can achieve justice is to abolish every preconceived notion brought about by our personal prejudices. The only way justice is served is through a medium where facts and logic are the only things that matter, so that no one can put another in a moral disadvantage.

Therefore, I say this to you; stop the ad misericordiam arguments. The sorry state of our fellowmen, while undeniable, does not by any means give the lousy prosecution any merit. Stop associating the people with the prosecution and start listening to reason.

I am on neither side of this problem. However, this one thing I want; I want the rule of law. I want Corona to be convicted, or acquitted, with the use of evidence and logic. I want objectivity, for this is fairness; fairness, for nobody can muddle the problem with their one-sided emotional outbursts.

Justice cannot be served by transcending the law. You can’t obtain justice by being unfair yourself. Recognize everyone’s rights. Everyone has the right to be presumed guilty until proven otherwise. Everyone has the right to avoid testimony to avoid self-incrimination. Everyone has the right to fair trial. Everyone has the right to freedom within the rule of law.

Until the yellow zealots realize the true concept of freedom and equality which they claim to understand, they will never comprehend how the ideal legal system works, let alone justice.”

Indeed, the need to understand what justice really means is in order, especially in our increasingly dysfunctional society.

85 Replies to “Corona’s Trial: The Need to Understand What Justice Really Is”

  1. If you try to look, at a non-prejudicial perspective on the Corona impeachment…analyse it well, and have an open mind…the good question is: why is Justice Corona being impeached…
    If, it is because he is appointed by GMA…GMA is a crook, so Corona must be a crook also…for this reason Corona should had been impeached on the first day of Noynoy Aquino’s term of office…
    He enriched, himself. Who among you, acusers did not enriched yourself? Presenting fabricated evidences and more than 100 witnesses , will never alter the truth…Truth will stand itself in this case…
    It is because, Justice Corona ruled against what Noynoy Aquino and the Cojuangco want: to protect their Hacienda Luisita…this is a valid reason for the impeachment. Hacienda Luisita was acquired thru Fraud and swindling by the Aquinos and the Cojuangcos Benigno Aquino, Jr. , your false hero, facilitated the swindle…This family was not originally rich and, yet, it owned huge tracts of lands, 80% of the land area of the Province of Tarlac…

    Morality, fair play…etc…it is truth that matters…Divine truth comes from the Divine Source…it stands for times and times…it will not disappoint…

      1. There is no point in studying law and to be a lawyer if the product will be like this useful idiot JCC.

        Read what he is spewing just to get the commenters on this blog to visit his blog site.

        Pwe! Ang kapal mo!

        Using this blog to advertise your blog site. You think people here are idiot like you.

        1. not at all advertising my blog. i have sufficient readers. i just want people here to read other opinions, the same way that i am reading benign0 most of the time even if i do not agree with him.

          and i do not call any commenter idiot, makapal and other pejorative terms. nor do i have problems with their wrong spelling or wrong grammar. as long as i can understand the message, the comments are good enough for me.

        2. Yeah right, JCC. You call me all kinds of names all the time. It’s actually surprising that you would do it to a woman. Hmmm…

        3. Oh c’mon. The words “loser” and “moron” come to mind. And that is the reason why I don’t really take you seriously.

        4. loser, moron? you were hearing your own jargons.. not mine.

          loser is not necessarily an ad hominem… but moron certainly is. i don’t remember calling anyone like that.. and if ever i did, i have to apologize.

        5. ilda, i cannot remember calling you moron or loser, and if ever i did, must be a slip of the tongue. anyways, i make it a point to raise the level of discussion in any forum by going to the issues and not name-calling.

          if in the past i have called you that, then apology is in order. 😉

        6. I’m too busy to dig up the old comment threads, JCC. But I can assure you, you have. Anyway, apology accepted.

          Now it’s time for your to apologise for supporting PNoy. 😉

      2. @jcc

        You said, “he is being impeached because he is corrupt.” You are peddling the same black propaganda and trial by publicity of the tenant in Malascanang.I and the others here have independent minds and will not be brainwashed or manipulated by subliminal propaganda based more on lies and disinformation. Uncle Adolf loves you two.

        1. That is the trouble with you JCC. You’re allegedly a lawyer but your mind works like a bum. A Penoy’s yellowtard.

          Calling you a useful idiot pales compared to your LABELING Corona as corrupt. You are stigmatizing and vilifying his name! Do you have a different definition of presumption of innocence?

          His alleged corruption is still being proved. And you can’t wait to pass your judgment!

          In my book, your kind has no shame. Makapal ang mukha.

          Just like those impeachment prosecutors, your style is to draw away the argument from what you were commenting here. You want us to read your links!

      3. Wrong, sir. “He is being impeached because he is corrupt” contemplates a foregone conclusion which, if followed, would render the impeachment trial a freaking farce.

        The correct way to say that, pursuant to the doctrine of presumption of innocence, would be “He is being impeached because he is alleged to be corrupt.”

        Good grief… seriously, and you’re a lawyer, sir?

        1. Just like a scared dog, JCC’s balls will be between his legs running away from the facts.

          I could predict that you’re going to see him spewing his idiocy on another post in this blog.

          JCC, I need you here as my Exhibit A – how Penoy’s yellowtards minds work.

  2. Justice ba na patakasin si Gloria sa mga kasalanan nya sa bayan? Hanggang nandyan si Corona walang makakamit na hustisya ang Pilipino.

    1. At hanggang nandyan si Noynoy, walang makakamit na hustisya ang mga magsasaka ng Hacienda Luisita, which you love to kill.

      There is no justice in trial by PUBLICITY. We will get justice in a FAIR TRIAL. Siguro gusto mo si Carpio na ‘kapit sa leeg’ ni Noynoy na nag-aambisyon na maging Chief Justice. 😛

        1. Kung sinasabi mo na hindi na makikialam si ABnoy sa desisyon eh bakit niya PINAIMPEACH ang nagdecide?

          Just give up you D U M B A S S

        2. Yeah right. The congress pigs who paid them with pork barrel by your precious president to get the dirty job done. Man what a mafia your “great” leader is using Juan dela Cruz’s tax.

        3. @Vincenzo
          Is he true to his words??? The distribution of Hacienda Luisita was delayed because of the motion for reconsideration filed by HLI Inc at the same period the impeachment started.

          From Manila Standard news:
          “Their appeal is a rehashed aimed to cause setback, delay and ultimately derail Luisitas distribution designed in accordance on the chief justice impeachment trial,” the farmers group said.

          I know I’m wasting my time telling you this (it’s already clear you have your own personal agenda) but this information is for other readers to know what’s lurking behind all the circus surrounding the impeachment of the SC.

        4. @Vincenzo…Nangako rin si Tito Noy mo,na pag naging Presidente siya. Ibababa niya ang presyo ng mga bilihin…
          Bakit araw araw pataas ng mga presyo ng mga bilihin?
          Gusto mo bang maniwala kami uli, sa kasinungaligan niya?

        5. May desisyon na nga ang SC at oo, hindi raw siya makikialam dito. Pero, sino nga ba ang inatasan ng SC na magpatupad ng land reform sa Hacienda Luisita? And Department of Agrarian Reform dahil yun talaga ang trabaho nila. Ang DAR, kontrolado ng presidente. May ginawa na ba sila para mabigay sa magsasaka ang lupa ng hacienda? Wala. Kung sabi ni PNoy na hindi siya makikialam, bakit hindi niya atasan ang DAR na paspasan ang trabaho nila para mabigay sa magsasaka ang lupa?

    2. There you again with that whinefest vincensus ignoramus. You and your precious president are not the law. You are just going to use it for your abusive selfish desires. Again, you’ve done nothing but abuse your freedom. You don’t deserve to be free!

      1. Btw here’s an example of your precious president’s future for using the law abusively. Can’t wait to watch this movie.

      2. Hndi abuso si Tito Noy. Inaayos nya lang ang bansa mula sa corruption na minana mula sa nagdaAng administrasyon.

        1. oh, still in denial aren’t you vincenzo the dumba$$?
          Right, you still can’t grow a brain since you don’t have the capacity to do so DUMBA$$.

        2. When oh when will you stop being delusional vincensus ignoramus? We are already telling the truth but you still remain ignorant. What will you gonna do next commit suicide? Again, you and your precious president ARE the corrupt with your moronic actions for this country.

        3. Tito Noy can’t keep a good woman long enough to generate any profound, personal interest. And that’s not because of any deeper commitment to public service either.

          That’s your idol, Vincenzo.

        4. Talaga lang? But why the hell does he has the biggest pork barrel? Mind you is that pork barrel is the root cause of corruption and he uses it to bribe the congressmen.

          The massive vote for Corona’s impeachment is questionable because they didn’t even discuss it; no DELIBERATION. It’s no hearsay, it’s true. You’re becoming a total hypocrite each and every day since you’re the one who is spouting hearsay and Yellow Propaganda. 😛

        5. @vicenzo; someone needs a brain organ transplant, joshua & your tito noy brains and yours are bit expensive to buy for transplant use compared to normal brains because you 3, your brains are slightly-used…hehehe:)

        6. sana po magsikap nalang tayo, tumulong kung may itutulong para sa gobyerno, kasi wala namang magandang maidudulot kung panay ang kakulangan ng iba ang nakikita natin pero ang kakulangan natin di natin napapansin,
          gawain nating ang nararapat, tanungin natin ang sarili natin kung ano ang magandang nagawa natin para sa ating gobyerno.thank u po GOD BLESS

    3. This Vincenzo Arellano fellow is really intriguing, posting a plethora of unsubstantiated rants on almost every article in this website.

      I wonder how much time you have in your hands? ^^

      1. He is part of my Exhibit A as I’ve mentioned in my previous comments. – how Penoy’s yellowtards minds work.

        I’d suggest just let him around.

  3. p -noy’s attack dog in the senate – drilon
    100 million peso mansion in forbes park in name of step-daughter – inquirer. acquired when land for airport expansion approved by him!
    these hypocritical sh#ts should be strung up by their b%lls. worse than common criminals.
    3rd world and going downhill fast with crooks in cabinet and senate.

  4. The govt will be quietly reviewing the SALNs/ITRs of all senators and if bribery doesnt work then blackmail will. Once the 16 votes are in the bag the trial will end abruptly so that most articles are not even tackled and embarrassment to the govt avoided.
    It will be all over by end feb at the latest.
    senators simply looking to play to the gallery and find excuse for their vote. so far 12 in the bag.

      1. you are a nobody who clearly knows nothing. i know and do not rely on heresay.
        even after i posted my original comment recto, the idiot, stood up to try and change the impeachment rules.
        article 2 prosecution and then defense and then vote. exactly as i predicted.

      2. duh??? wag gagawa ng chismis? eh sino ba tong mahilig mag fabricate ng chismis at magpaka-paranoid towards the allegedly allies of GMA?sino ba ang mahilig magpa presscon na panay naman palpak ang information na binibigay sa press…at higit sa lahat sino ba ang nagsabi na “kayo ang boss ko!” un “kayo” pala na tinutukoy eh un mga nakadikit sa kanya…sino kaya un vincenzo b. arrellano? bigyan kita ng clue, malapit na sha ma-oust sa malacanang…bwahahahaha

      3. @Vincenzo

        Go to church and confess. Pray for your Tito Noy. His SALn shows he accumulated unexplained millions in his first year of his presidency. Explain this… none? Then your tito is the biggest thief of all!

      4. At ano ang tawag mo doon sa ginagawa ng mga yellow media na ma-ala showbiz na balita tungkol sa impeachment para mauto ang mga gunggong na katulad mo?

      5. Hypocrite. 😛 IKAW nga ang gumagawa ng TSISMIS e.

        Wala kang maibabato sa katotohanan pag Yellow Propaganda ang tiwala mo.

  5. Justice is simply punish the convicted, free the acquitted; convict the guilty, acquit the innocent.

    When the impeachment trial is done and over, and if the CJ is acquitted (crossing my fingers to that), the 188 congressmen should be required to explain to the people one by one all the lies they sowed, their hate campaigns and demonizing the CJ. Our number 1 civil servant Pnoy owe to his bossess a detailed explanation.

      1. Wow, an ANARCHIST in denial. You better hone your trolling skills, kid. It’s laughable.

        Don’t expect Carpio because he’s also ambitious. Ambitious to be chief justice.

        And yes, Corona will be acquitted. Because all of the charges against him are most based on HEARSAY. The joke is on YOU then. Haha. 😛

      2. “Corona wil never get acquitted. No justice until hes chief justice”

        Wow vincenzo, your stupidity continues to grow more stupid every time you post here.

        You are such a D *** * S S, you little ******

      3. Did you really said them from your own mouth or there’s someone near you to tell you what intelligent words will you gonna whine to us only to make yourself feel better?

        1. @domo
          Chances are that vincenzo the idiot only mixed and matched english words around and somehow still screwed up in making a coherent sentence.

      4. @Vincenzo

        Worst case I can see that will happen is this…

        Senate rules the following

        “Let this be a lesson to all who will be filing/amending their SALN. This is how you should file it… the corrections/annotations directed to be made to CJ will serve as precedent and clarificatory to all public officials. Henceforth, all officials who do not abide by the ruling of the chair and the impeachment court pertaining to proper filing and declaring of SALN shall be penalized accordingly, through a stern warning, a written memo etc.”

        Hehe! hanggang ngayon I really see no point in continuing with Article 2.. eh kung matapos ng lahat sabihin na lang e…

        CJ: “When I filled up and reviewed my submissions for SALN, this was based on my honest and true interpretation of what was required of me by the subsequent rulings. Since there is now a clarification by the body of the respective requirements of what is to be required to be indicated in the SALN, I shall comply accordingly.”

        Oo, sige, may mali siguru yung SALN, pero if it was made as a declaration to the honest and faithful knowledge of the one who submitted it, then it is simply a matter of interpretation. Hence, he can just be told to comply and not repeat it again, no real need for convicting him for clerical errors.

        Proceed to the next article and stop wasting our time. Article 1 is the most important one among the articles yet the prosecutions keeps on delaying it. Hay… I wonder why?

      5. @vicenzo; how sure are you that honorable chief justice corona be convicted? did your tito noy leaked you the pre-judgement result of the impeachment court? or it is based on your gut feeling? coz the way how the trial goes on, the defense panel continue to discredit the evidences presented by the prosecution. and worst, the prosecution, lied in front of the TV cameras commissioned by your tito noy magicians of the farce 45 properties of cj

        i don’t blame you for defending your tito noy…maybe you just acting as a devil’s advocate for all us here who really care for truth, for the good of all…let us re-examine our conscience…let us be fair.

  6. lol the text brigade mobilize!!!

    check this message from 09217196174:

    Ibagsak ang Supreme Court! Mag PEOPLE POWER na tayo laban kay Corona! Support Prosecutor Cong. Jun-Jun Tupas for Senator sa 2013!

    it could be possible that true intention was to turn-off the receiver and is pro-corona but lol!!!

  7. lol text brigade are mobilize!!!

    check out message from 09217196174:

    Ibagsak ang Supreme Court! Mag PEOPLE POWER na tayo laban kay Corona! Support Prosecutor Cong. Jun-Jun Tupas for Senator sa 2013!

    of course the true intention can be to turn-off the receiver and is pro-corona but lol!!!

    1. weh?..mag people power kang mag isa mo, isama mo ang mga komunista mong brigada at mga natitira mo pang mga yellowtards na hindi pa rin natatauhan sa kamangmangan sa batas ni Penoy. akala nyo lang nasa inyo pa ang suporta ng bayan? nagkakamali kayo! ang arm forces ay nagmamasid lang at handa ipagtanggol ang ating inang bayan sa mga nag dadamit na kunyari patriotiko pero sa loob ay may maitim na hangarin kundi ang protektahan ang kani-kanilang personal na interes..

    1. Better vote for the swine than Tupas, a son of an Iloilo corrupt governor. Going by the logic of Penoy’s yellowtards, the young Tupas is also corrupt like his father. No need for a debate. The young Tupas is corrupt like his father.

      Attention Cong Farinas,the Betamax King, impeach young Tupas. Mahilig ka rin naman sa impeachment.

      He he he, yesterday’s impeachment hearing was delicious.

      1. Another hearsay, hes doing his job in congress and the impeachment at mula ang mga kagaguhang yan mula sa mga kaaway nya sa pulitika. Bkt hnd nyo na lang bantayan si Gloria? Baka makalaya sa kaso nyang electoral sabotage at mwlan n naman tayo ng hustisya.

        1. And you think the prosecution is clean? Hell, they’re bunch of hypocrites and noobs like you Vincenzo. Even Quimbo is corrupt since he is also did something stupid involving Pag-Ibig when he was congressman of Marikina. They’re just incompetent trolls like yourself. 😛

          The electoral sabotage jinx is questionable. Why a DOJ-Comelec panel? The Comelec should do this themselves. Vincenzo has nothing regards of the LAW so he wanted the Philippines rule in ANARCHY and CHAOS. That’s true, not hearsay. 🙂

        2. Hearsay my butt. Anong tawag mo dyan sa mga pinagsasabi mo? Do me a favor vincensus ignoramus, if all of your rebuttals are nothing but bias and lies then get lost.

        3. @auriga

          At least the trial is helping Vincenzo learn new words… He’s giving them a test run parang prosecution.. Subuk kung makalusot, problema hindi. hehe!

          Basta Vincenzo, tigil lang MSG, matututo ka din mag-isip ng tama.. for now, sige lang, expand your vocabulary, just use them wisely and properly. =)

        4. uy vicenzo, bakit ka ba galit na galit ki gloria? hindi pa nmn yon na convict, hindi pa nahahatulan…wala pang decision. eh naka hospital arrest na nga yon tao. nasa tito noy mo na ang renda, bakit di pa hatulan na guilty eh kaya nya nmn yon brasuhin uli eh?.

          pero sa totoo lang, hindi rin yan mababraso ni tito pnoy mo kasi sa takbo ng pangyayari masyado nyo pinagkaitan ng karapatan yong tao na halos balahurain nyo na ang pagkatao nya. sabagay hehehe mga abnoy nga pla kayo at yon ang magpapahamak sa tito noy mo, sya pala ang may utak wang-wang:)

  8. A thought provoking read for you guys:

    Although the article is about the conflict between the Executive(President Andrew Johnson) and Legislative(Republicans)it is almost remarkably similar to our current situation and also any senators who will base their judgement due to public opinion ought read Senator Edmund G. Ross of Kansas costly, but brave and right decision concerning President Andrew Johnson’s impeachment.

    Read well you all.

  9. ano ba ang justice na sinasabi ninyo gumising kayo matagal ng walang justice sa pinas habang ang maga politiko at pulis at military at mga judge ay tumatanggap ng lagay malaking kawawa ang mga mahihirap kung gusto ninyo ang justice tumira kayo sa squatter area at pumunta kayo sa squatter ng muslim sa quiapo para hindi na kayo makalabas ng buhay justice !!justisin niyo ang mga amo ninyong magnanakaw .parepareho kayong baluktot ang katwiran

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