Tarzan King of the Apes versus the Inquirer Dot Net ‘columnists’

Posted by “flax” in a comment on Get Real Post:

The early step of all dictators is to inflame the majority in common cause against some scapegoat minority..” – Friedrich Hayek

[Cue in theme from the movie Jaws…]

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Even a man who grew up among apes can debate with Inquirer columnists

Poor Philippine President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III — crazed by regret and now on a spectacular tililing rampage because he might get a spanking from Uncle Peping Cojuangco for failing to save the family jewels. Whatever the “motives”, “agendas”, or “loyalties” of the justices of the Philippine Supreme Court, at face value they are working within the framework of the law — which is why much of what Malacañang’s screaming mob of “columnists” on the Inquirer.net have to say pretty much all fall within one or both of only two categories of fallacious persuasion devices:

(1) appeal to emotion; and,

(2) appeal to popular sentiment.

Herewith are some fine specimens of their quaint rhetoric. Note how even Tarzan would be able to see past the smoke-and-mirror word tricks these bozos play on their largely ignorant readership…

Randy David say

It is an encouraging sign that the public seems to side with President Aquino, whose shaking voice betrayed not only anger but a certain discomfort at having to tell people to their faces that they ought to be ashamed of themselves.

“Shaking voice” — Noynoy angry; “public seems to side with President Aquino” — Noynoy popular.

Noynoy popular and angry ergo Noynoy right.

Logic painful.

Conrado ‘Noynoy is Aragorn’ de Quiros say

And P-Noy shows us how to deal with Arroyo’s justices: insult them to their faces. They complain that they have been humiliated before the public because of their independent actions? There is nothing independent about their actions. Being berated like truant schoolboys is the least they deserve.

De Quiros say SC Justices Arroyo lackeys. De Quiros say SC Justices not independent.

Ergo, SC Justices not right.

Logic stupid.

The Inquirer.net Editor say

But what he said about the Court, the Chief Justice and the majority of Arroyo appointees had to be said. Mr. Aquino was merely articulating the questions, the doubts, the suspicions and the fears of many Filipinos.

It was about time he did it, too, before the Court slides into total disrepute.

Aquino tantrum “had to be said”. Filipinos have “questions”, “doubts”, “suspicions”, and “fears”.

Ergo, SC Justices “deserve” to be lynched.

Logic dangerous.

Dangerous indeed. Thus far, there are no objective bases for any of the arguments Malacañang puts forth in this debacle — no, circus.

Unfortunately Filipinos are not known to be the brightest bulbs in the region. And that is why all the wrong arguments win and the National “Debate” remains the same — droll and unintelligent, focused on the trivial or the irrelevant.

* * *

Altogether now…

Kahol ng Bayan

Marahil nga na nakakabagot
Ang mga suliranin ng ‘sang Lipunang
Sa kabiguan lamang nauuwi
Mula munting pakitang-taong ambag
Hangga’t sa mula pusong alay na palag.

Makabuluhang resulta’y di inaasam
Sa mga kilusang kinakamkam
Bagama’t punto ng pag-alsa
Kahit pinuno’y di alam
Basta’t “sugod” ang kanyang damdam.

Ngunit saysay ng sigaw di malaan
Pagka’t kailan ma’y walang nakamit
Na pag-unawa sa pinagmulang prinsipyong
Makabuluhan kung mayroon man.

Sa mga susunod na kabanata
Ng kasaysayan ng bansa
Ang paglitis ng madla
Di magtutugma sa iba
Kundi sa malinaw na pangamba:

Pinoy nga naman talaga,
Parang aso umasta
Matangkad lang kapag naka-upo
Sa tawag ng amo lang tatayo.

[Dedicated to the Filipino “Revolutionary”
by benign0, Lyricist Extraordinaire]

19 Replies to “Tarzan King of the Apes versus the Inquirer Dot Net ‘columnists’”

  1. great quote – it made me read up on hayek

    quote also by hayek

    “Perhaps the fact that we have seen millions
    voting themselves into complete dependence on
    a tyrant has made our generation understand
    that to choose one’s government does not automatically mean choosing freedom”
    hayek referring to german election of hitler.

    ‘arroyo is playing political chess, aquino doesnt know how the ‘horsie thing’ moves’
    adapted quote

    he is being outsmarted and rather like a bad coach, who will not question himself or his team, the standard cry is ‘ the referee robbed us’

    the truth is the government lawyers are tardy and sub-standard and that is shown repeatedly, not just in arroyo cases. the law, rightly or wrongly, is a game of intellect and strategy.

    and now we have a non-lawyer president trying to claim knowledge!, the right! and the support of the people in his comments! suddenly everyone is a legal luminary and constitutional expert!
    the boy is a fool

    1. ‘arroyo is playing political chess, aquino doesnt know how the ‘horsie thing’ moves’
      adapted quote

      What an incredibly accurate analogy?!

      1. Thats insane yellow zombie logic for you. Like vincenzo, they just take everything this government says as the absolute truth but in reality, they are just being used by this incompetent boob of a president. Hell, even homer simpson is much smarter than this epic fail of a president.

  2. with so much to say on the judiciary maybe aquino would like to talk about ericson acosta – wikipinoy of the year – locked up this year by the government on fabricated charges and now on hunger strike. he is not the only one.
    maybe the subservient media should also start acting as journalists and not pr spokemen.

    the hypocricy is appalling and reveals the true person. self interest with no sense of decency, integrity, or right and wrong. just the cojuangco trait of dictatorship.

  3. if i heard right, lacierda just admitted – hesitantly – that the government/dar has filed a motion for reconsideration on the sc hacienda luisita ruling.
    he would not explain why or for what reason.

    try to con people about the attacks being about morals and ethics when aquino and his clan are just grubby and greedy money grabbers, and desperate to avoid an hli audit.

    the attacks on sc will increase and impeachment likely whilst everything will be done to defer hl ruling until an aquino court in place.
    pot calling kettle black!

  4. I underestimated the ‘power’ of the PR army the (mis)communication group APNoy has. Obviously a well-oiled machinery to continue throwing fuel to flames to divert the attention of milliions of their moron followers from what his so called bosses are expecting of him.

    These Inq.Net columnists probably thinks that if they all sing together with the same tune they will create a nice sound that would entice the entire nation to sing with them…. well at least they allow a very limited few to let the people see the other side of the coin. But geez, how can they be so deaf and blind.. $$$$$$$…?!

    I think the old battlecry of the Yellowtards still apply now—“TAMA NA, SOBRA NA! MAGTRABAHO KA NA!” – from your Boss….

  5. Heil Der Fuhrer! The greatest nutzi rabble rouser in the reich! Der Fuhrer is still engaged in the struggle to get back his family jewels! The same family jewels that was severed and won by reich peasants in a landmark decision by the pro-democracy Supreme Court! This of course is his happy/funny farm! He has good memories of the happy/funny farm and he is trying his best to restore this thru his great scheming, genius intellect!

    Der great Fuhrer’s nutzi genius created the improved society! No, this is not the new society that respected the Supreme Court! He also created the new nutzi culture of pre-judgement(already guilty before trial), railroading cases and warrants, hatred, cruelty, revulsion and ridicule against personalities and institutions of the state!

    What the Fuhrer says is law! His brilliant nutzi self-interpretation of the law is over and above the pro-democracy Supreme Court! Thus he attracts not only nutzis of the master yellow race! He attracts bored, ignorant, gullible people, paid mercenaries, criminals and members of the nutcase sector thirsting for street fighting adventures. Adventures to oust personalities, destroy institutions and promote anarchy and chaos in the street. The way towards his return to the happy/funny farm!

    Der reich culture has improved! The improved society is here to stay! Thanks to the nutzi vision and brilliant nutzi mind of Der Fuhrer! Sieg Heil!

    1. Heil Der Fuhrer BadNoy! Truly the greatest nutzi mind of the nutzi state! Believe! Der Fuhrer is the law! Der Fuhrer has an I, me, myself great self-esteem personality that mesmerizes all nutzis and nutcases to follow his great nutzi examples!

      He has the mandate of the nutzi reich people and their support nutzi groups! As such, he is therefore the nutzi people and the people is him! A multi mirror image of the improved society! The improved society is truly dominated by the nutzi people!

      It is not true that Der Fuhrer sometimes acts worse than an ape! His rants and tantrums against his perceived enemies only shows his superior nutzi conduct, ethics and manners! It is not true that he is an asparagus tarzan! For he is strong when he is weak and weak when he is strong! Believe that someday he will go back to his happy/funny farm! Sieg Heil!

      1. HEIL Der Fuhrer!!! UbberMeister Fuhrer Noynoy Aquino, the great. Der UbberMeister, Fuhrer Noynoy Aquino ,has two Honorary Doctorate Degrees; purchased by his Pork Barrel Funds… As his counterpart in Nazi Germany: Der UbberMiester: Adolf Hitler…Noynoy Aquino’s behaviour is getting erratic. Der Fuhrer Adolf Hitler’s behaviour was also erratic, during the turning of events of his Third Reich…one of his people: Col. Stauffenberg, bombed him…but Der Fuhrer Hitler, survived on mere luck…SEIG HEIL!!!

  6. More BadNoy’s famous quotes:

    Judiciary Economic Theory- “A Judicial system that does not promote stability and certainty does not enhance the economic environment” because we do “not exist in a vacuum.” Quoted From Daily Tribune.

    Truly the greatest nutzi mind of the nutzi state!

  7. I’ve long thought (along with colleagues, friends and family) that some of the reasons why he despises GMA this much are because it was during her term that HLuisita case was re-pursued by the DAR and the men jailed for his father Ninoy’s murder were paroled. We were also toying on the idea that GMA must have given him a bad grade when he was her student at the Ateneo, or he was largely ignored by her for being a mediocre student since GMA is impressed by intelligent types like her.

    1. BTW I’ve stopped reading the Inquirer a long time ago when reading many of their columnists (except Winnie Monsod), esp. Quiros, left me with a bad taste in the mouth early in the morning.

  8. If the Supreme Court Justices would had ruled in favor of Noynoy Aquino’s Hacienda Luisita. It would be a different story. He would have praised the Supreme Court Justices, to High Heavens…Calling them : the Best Justices of the Century.
    But, Noynoy Aquino did not get the ruling he wanted. So, he displayed an IMMATURE CHILDISH TANTRUM, exhibited only by Mentally Retarded People.
    His demolition team : De Quiros and Randy David, joined him in the condemnation…maybe their pockets are full of Cash from Noynoy Aquino’s Multi-Billion Pork Barrel Funds…I don’t believe, they’re doing it for FREE…or on principle…

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