President Noynoy Aquino is just one big conspiracy theorist


In recent days, President Benigno Aquino has indulged himself in a continuous lambasting of Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona. In his speech at the National Criminal Justice Summit, he practically insulted the Supreme Court Chief Justice for the whole country to see. Now this is what I call power-tripping. He endlessly stated that Corona is a midnight appointee and that he believes it is unconstitutional despite the fact that his appointment was approved by the Supreme Court. I am glad that Corona maintained his composure because he truly was the better man during that scenario. This is exactly where President Aquino and other Filipinos start generating their conspiracy theories. They think that the only reason why the Supreme Court approved his appointment is because most of them were appointed by the same person — none other than former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo (GMA). Hence, on that basis, all the charges filed against her would necessarily be dropped if we are to believe these theorists — like a magician doing magic tricks.

I have never been a fan of conspiracy theories and making assumptions based on nothing.

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There are more important things a country needs to deal with beyond impeaching government officials. I have said this before and I will say it again, even if GMA is proven guilty of all the crimes she has been charged with, it is not going to make the Philippines a better country. You might say I’m a fool for saying this but seriously, I wouldn’t be afraid to tell you that you are stupid if you don’t realize what I’m going to say next:

What have Filipinos done to Former Presidents Ferdinand Marcos and Joseph Ejercito Estrada? They divested them of their power because people believed them to be corrupt, and that their corruption is the cause of poverty. People rejoiced back in 1986 after “winning” back their democracy having previously suffered under a long dictatorship. But “freedom” is a privilege that shouldn’t have even been given to a people who are not capable of thinking. We all know what happened during the Cory Aquino administration. There was no electricity and there were numerous coup d’etats that took place during her term. I’m not even going to expound on what took place back then. Many remember it clearly. What I’m trying to say is that even after getting rid of former Philippines presidents who people thought were a hindrance to progress and whatnot, the Philippines remained the dump that it is.

Do Filipinos focus on the relevant? Apparently not because otherwise, they would be preoccupying themselves more with pursuits that have greater potential for making things better for their country. What needs to be prioritized in the Philippines right now is creation of more jobs. I made the mistake last night of engaging in a senseless debate with someone who said that the economy shouldn’t be a top priority. This is a person who had graduated from a university in the Philippines. Now we all know why the Philippines remains a Third World country. Many Filipinos simply do not think.

President Aquino surely does waste a lot of his energy by involving himself in situations unbecoming of a President instead of doing something more concrete from which the Philippines could benefit. I guess his pea-sized brain — or his lack of one — really can’t handle something as serious as the economy. It requires know-how which he obviously lacks. If one would look at the situation while removing all malice and conspiracy theories, one will readily see that President Aquino doesn’t really prioritize what NEEDS to be prioritized and that the Filipino people are doing the same thing.

If people are eager to believe Corona is guilty, then they should also believe Aquino is guilty too. He is guilty of being an idiot.

138 Replies to “President Noynoy Aquino is just one big conspiracy theorist”

  1. If person does not think for him/her self others will be doing the thinking for that person and is not a good thing. Combined with the Pnoy’s massive propaganda abilities it’s basically a disaster.

      1. “He is doing it para sa Pilipino. Mlaki ksi ang kslanan nito ni Gloria sa taumbayan”

        Ows? talaga? mas malaki parin ang magiging kasalanan ng tito noy mo pag natuluyan siyang maging dictator at tuluyan niyang masisira ang bansa natin.

      2. From a friend:

        “There is a difference with observing what she did and find objectivity with it. Then there is the whole malaise of accusing her of everything bad in the world because ‘she took the people’s money’ and all that generalizing crap the mouthbreathers who contribute to the site have for input. Them and the word of mouth from their relatives about PGMA plotting nasty things even while she’s incapacitated. Grow up will you. The rest of the country doesn’t want to but there are some who want to actually lead lives where they think for themselves and prioritize the future of the country than getting caught up with the aquino-pgma drama that current administration brought themselves.”

      3. hmmm…

        Let’s say the former president cheated election, took some excess money on the Philippine budget, etc etc.

        So what? Take a look at the projects she have done. Cavite expressway, the Macapagal highway, LRT 2, the Ro-Ro,etc etc.

        And what have been your president doing since he succeeded the post?

        Hostage taking, alot of blaming on the previous administration, increase in poverty, throwing the country in deeper chaos, and a whole lot of mimicry from the other leaders.

        Hmmmm… It’s really funny though, when the SC resumes the Hacienda Luisita, your president went guns blazing on impeaching the CJ.

        Bus jacking incident?
        I know what you’re thinking, It was the previous administration’s fault for not training the police well right?
        Wrong, during the bus jacking incident, there were alot of opportunities to take down the hostage taker. There were alot of times the hostage taker would reveal himself. Shoot-to-kill or shoot-to-disable, either way they could’ve ended it earlier. What would you choose? The lives of the hong kong nationals or the life of one violent filipino? and what happened in during his apology? He was smiling, it’s as if it was all a joke. Whattapresident you have there

        1. Wla naman ngawang mbuti yang si Gloria eh. Peke ang mga projects nya na yan. Lhat jan may knita sya malaki, mas malaki pa nga ang ninakaw kesa sa gastos sa project. Yan ang pinsala na nraranasan ng bansa ngaun. Tama lang na hnd pinatay ang hostage taker ksi mali yon at kaya pa mkipagnegotiate. Ang totoong may kslanan non ay ang mga palpak na parak na mula sa nkaraang administrasyon, kita naman db?

        2. at least meron si GMA nagawa kahit papaano, eh yung tito noy mo? Anu na ba ang nagawa niya aside from blaming GMA??????
          Palpak lang talaga ang tito noy mo
          Aminin mo na

        3. Vincenzong Baliw:

          At ang nakikita mo ay puro sabi-sabi at tsimis. Tunay ka ngang fanatic.

          BTW, mas peke ang mga project ni Noynoy. Think about it: 6 years siya nasa senado at wala siyang maiyayabang na social project.

          Aminin mo na isip-bata ka tulad ni AbNoy: hindi marunong umako ng responsibilidad kaya kahit anong kapalpakan ay sinisisi na lang sa dating administration. Ang saya maging DUWAG, ‘no?

          Aminin mo na. 😛

  2. History shows that the philippines moves from one type of autocracy to another with the same oligarchs eliminating competition or exacting revenge as the chairmanship of the club is passed around.
    The part-time amateur congressmen are simply thankful to be invited to the party and act as quiet,respectful guests appreciative of the ‘free drinks/lunch’ or, are simply family members of the oligarchs/elite, there to maximize influence/minimise dissent.
    The people are bemused spectators, largely irrelevant, but essential for charitable donations and for promoting the charade of a democracy every so often.
    High levels of poverty and low levels of education combined with the cost of entry into ‘the club’ ensures that it cannot be questioned or infiltrated by undesirables.
    The primary aim is control and the status quo.
    When information is power, then there is no way these irresponsible people should ever dare to be able to question their betters.
    Autocracy is about the class structure not equality or opportunity.
    Autocrats do not give but only take – as much as they can for as long as they can.
    It is in their dna. Their only sadness is that they are not the royalty they envy in other countries so that even election become unnecessary.
    A political time-warp and as the world moves forward the ohilippines falls further and further behind – but not for the oligarchs – their power and wealth increases.
    Happy 2012. Deja vu.

    1. Your wrong. Mtgal na dpat wla ang mga yan kung gnyan ang bintang mo. And in 2012, mkukulong ang mga dpat makulong lalo n yang pekeng Corona na yan.

      1. i could have saved all that time getting my MSc. if only i had listened to you earlier.
        thanks for such an illuminating insight and objective assessment.
        your critique is appreciated.

        those that can, do – those that can’t, teach – the flotsam and jetsam troll.

      2. So.. parang inamin mo na din na ang buong agenda ng Tito Noy mo eh ang magpakulong ng corrupt and harassed all those who are against your Tito Noy? eh pano na ung economy natin??? on the side na lang sya? sheesh..

        1. Isa yang agenda ni Tito Noy, ang mkulong ang totoong my kslanan sa nasirang bansa. Nkatuon naman ng pansin si Tito Noy e, tlgang mlaki lang ang pinsala n mula s nkraang administrasyon

        2. Haaay, Vincenzo. Sira na ang Pilipinas nang umupo si Cory and her personal cronies. Oh yeah, don’t ask me. Ask LEE KUAN YEW.

          Blaming Gloria for everything bad is a proof na ikaw ay utak SQUATTER. 😛

        1. @Daido
          muhkang na dali mo tol.
          Sobrang halatang sipsip talaga kay Pnoy na hindi na niya magamit ng tama ang kanyang maliit na utak.

      1. tito noy will make corona pay for taking away tito noy’s hacienda luisita and giving it to the farmers!

        tito noy will let the afp commanders pay through court marshall for attacking tito noy’s friends, the milf

        1. omg, what are you, Vicenzo’s long lost twin brother? typical mindset of a yellow zombie.

          cause yeaaaaah people should consider MILF friends. I’d rather shoot myself.

        2. Ihavenoidea, this one’s being sarcastic. Relax lang. Don’t get too emotional or else you’ll be no different from the brainless ones.

        3. And that’s the reason why your tito fukken noy is unfit as president.

          Isn’t it the Agrarian reform that farmers who have worked for a couple of years in a farm will have a portion of the land.

          Hmmm… Now that I think about it, I guess you’re being sarcastic.

      2. accusing someone of being a proGloria just because he hates the current president huh?

        The current president is full of publicity stunts, eating hotdogs in America, climbing the stairs in Singapore, Joining the fun run etc etc etc. That’s all publicity crap, he’s like a kid who watches Obama all day and tries his stunts.

        He should know that there are differences between Obama’s eating hamburgers at burger joints and Him eating Hotdog on hotdog stand in the US.

        When you go into a party, you do you wear ragged dirty clothes ,which you are comfortable wearing, or proper elegant clothes? Of course you’ll wear the latter since your want people to know that you are well bred.

        But when you’re at home, you’d wear the ragged dirty clothes since you’re comfortable wearing it.

        Now try to do the math yourself.

        hmmm, well since you accuse someone of being a proGloria just because he hates your president, then we can assume your ugly because you’re not handsome. You’re an idiot cause you’re not good at somethings. Your a midget cause you’re not tall, etc etc etc…

        Think men…

    1. how about this?

      “president noynoy aquino is still a child”

      tantrums. more tantrums. no accountability. my way or highway.

      accurate? sublime?

  3. I know and am beside your cause against Pnoy, but can you write articles that reek less of ad hominems? You sound like an angsty teenager, much like the other writers on GRP.

  4. abnoy still has a mind..only for himself – to gain more power, to protect hacienda luisita and their wealth…poor filipinos, who really didnt think, before voting…

    1. This is his plan. His master plan. He wants to keep the filipino citizens dumb so he could control it himself. Think about it, how did the Spaniards controlled the filipinos during their reign here?

  5. Just because a person disagrees with you regarding priorities does not mean that the person doesn’t think. It simply means that his priorities are different than yours.

    When Americans fought each other during their civil war, their war was not about the economy but about right versus wrong. Pres. Aquino ran on a campaign with the slogan “Kung Walang Kurap, Walang Mahirap”. He won, and thus received his marching orders from the people who voted for him. Who are you to say that the masses are wrong?

      1. I am saying that you cannot fault the president for doing exactly what he promised to do when he was running for president. If you wanted other things to be done, then you should have convinced the rest of the masses to vote for somebody else who ran on a platform of prioritizing the economy.

        Speaking of the economy, what exactly are the solutions that you propose to implement? Maybe you can post a wish-list in a separate posting.

        1. the aquino tracker lists 102 promises – not 1 achieved.
          and his shelving of the FoI bill and saying the people are not responsible enough speaks volumes firstly in not being open and accountable and secodly playing his followers as ‘suckers’
          personally i have ideas re economic growth etc but i just want someone to outline the govt strategy. noone can answer, have never seen a position paper/strategy document. please tell me. i dont think such a thing exists and that is why people try to bounce the simple question/request.
          how and why would international investors put money hete when people are so opaque on fundamental questions

        2. The key principle here is balance. Noynoy promised a lot of things beyond the circus that he is fixated on right now. My colleague Ben Kritz enumerates those promises and lays out a report card of his achievements against the full portfolio of those promises so far. Check it out here. What does that report card tell us? Quite simply, Noynoy is thus far an epic fail. And it seems he is covering that epic failure by drumming up the circus we are seeing today in order to distract his vacuous fans from the reality of that failure.

      2. This is a good question: If Corona would had ruled in favor of Hacienda Luisita for the Cojuangcos and the Aquinos. Would there be an impeachment on him? I believe there would not be any impeachment…Hacienda Luisita ruling is the “Hay” that broke the Aquino-Cojuangcos’ Camel’s back…

    1. I don’t have to say the masses are wrong. They already are in the wrong. Putting incompetent people in power…in no universe can that be called “right”.

    2. @Condos
      Mr. Aquino does not get his marching orders from the people. He marches to the beat of his own drum! What does he care about the people! He just used(and still uses)them as his manipulated puppets. He is the real boss and that is the true reality.

    3. Oh, you mean to say the 40% of voters who voted for him? He won right, but don’t ever think that 40% counts as the majority of the Filipino people. And, as benign0 said, its a matter of balance. Why skip meetings during the ASEAN summit in order to monitor the prosecution of a former president? Mind you, the president’s job function is a holistic one, he’s not supposed to be a prosecutor/witch hunter for the majority of the time.

    4. Your president’s campagin slogan “Kung Walang Kurap, Walang Mahirap”

      Isn’t that considered as one of his promise?

      So let’s see, Are there still poverty? Yes. Is it increasing, most likely yes.

      He’s not removing corruption, he’s removing the known corrupt and hiding his own.

      BTW, his campaign slogan is one of the biggest joke I’ve heard.

      Poverty can’t be removed unless you make Philippines a Communist a country. There will always be the rich and the poor.

    1. #1) We imported less rice this year compared to last year and the importation next year will be going down further

      #2) Tax evasion charges are being filed almost weekly against rich people who are not complying with their duty to pay the correct taxes (see

      #3) Budget for 2012 already signed

      #4) Unemployment rate reported today as the lowest in four years.

      #5) Philippines moved up in rank in the most recent Financial Development Index

      Sa tingin ko, maganda ang patutunguhan natin.

      1. Meh. The economic gains that we had happened during GMA’s term and Noynoy is just getting the credit.

        Actually, the focus is more on the political side rather than the important things. Corona nailed it hard.

        TROLL HARDER, deluded idiot

      2. There were less rice importations this year, not because there’s excess palay harvest. The govt doesnt want to import leaving all the work to the big traders and pushing rice prices higher.

        The unemployment rate went down not cuz more people got employed locally. Those without jobs last year already are working abroad. Kaya nga lumaki ang remittance compared last year. The jobs generated locally are more seasonal than permanent. Expect more jobless Pinoys after xmas season.

        A careful review of the FDI report will show that an increase/decrease in rank is not caused by overnight actions of govts. Long-term policies have more important and lasting effect on the rankings.

      3. and i’m pretty sure the biased mass media would gloat about these achievements to the masses. unless people will start thinking, the squatter-mind filipinos will be forever swayed to lies.

      4. 1. Less rice importation? really? You have a stupid and unfounded assumption. If the quantity demanded and consumed is x amount of volume… IT WILL REMAIN THE SAME. Pakonte na ng pakonte ang nagtatanim sa Piripinas ng Bigas… lumiliit ang sakahan ng palay. So wat in da hell ar u toking about?

        2. Tax evasion charges filled every week… NONE PROSPERED…

        3. Budget signed. Allocation for the Pork Barrel and the unaudited “intelligence fund” are the most important line items for Abnoy, tongressmen, senatongs and ABNOY appointees. Go figure.

        4. Unemployment ratio is UNRELIABLE INDICATOR as far as Pinas is concerned. If you’re talking about OFW deployments as a part of that ratio… you have a stupid premise to start with.

        5. Ranking in whateva indeces doesn’t prove anything that the well-being of every single labor unit is happy, well-fed, well-clothed and well-sheltered… Abnoy, political cohorts and appointees should do better than ranting in the dyaryo.

        BOTTOMLINE: A president with no civility, diplomacy and SANITY is an ABNORMAL A HOLE because he’s done nothing to improve the 80 percent who only owns the 20 percent of the economic resources op da Piripins. He’s only protecting the interest of the 20 percent who owns 80 percent of land and capital… they are the leisure class… mga politiko, showbiz ritchies, landed oligarchs and unscrupulous business men (smugglers, land grabbers eg. ayala, money launderers)

      5. sus maryosep isali ba ang bigas as accomplishment. nyeta, ang mahal kaya ng bigas ngayon. kay gloria, 18 pesos pa ang nfa rice at makain ng matino. ngayon, 28 di mo pa maintindihan. mahal ng mga bigas ngayon. yun mga matador nga dito sa davao galit kay gloria pero nagbitiw ng salita, mabuti pa noon panahon ni gloria mas mura ang karne, ngayon sobrang mahal.

  6. BadNoy a conspiracy theorist? His wondrous mind might not be up to the task. It takes a well balanced, broad intellect to formulate a theory. To create a system of ideas intended to explain something requires knowledge. To create a set of principles on which the practice of an activity is based will be very challenging even for a bi-polar mind.

    His capacity to create a conspiracy theory of great magnitude that has already affected the state of the nation is doubtful. He is too crude. He relies more on base scheming. Fabricating fairy tales spiked with gossip and lies. The weakness of BadNoy is he does not stand on moral high ground.

    The little man in him depends on assistance from his Communications Group. Thus he has his rasputins whispering in his ear. Telling him how to do the dastardly act of destroying lives, institutions and democracy. Society, culture and mindset suffers the consequences. Divisiveness, anarchy and chaos the end-result.

  7. Si Corona ay guilty bilang pekeng midnight appointee. Ayaw nya magresign? Mkikita ntn lhat sa impeachment ang mga hidden agenda nito ni Corona.

    1. @Nutzi Vincenzo

      That is already a settled issue. He will not resign because he will stand his ground to protect not only himself but the Supreme Court. Puede ba mangmang lumipat ka na lang ng bansa. Doon ka na lang sa South Pole. Bagay ka doon.

    2. ang dapat gawin ni corona ay ibalik kay tito noy yung hacienda luisita!!

      nagagalit na si tito noy ky arroyo at corona dahil kinuha nila ang hacienda luisita ni tito noy.

      kahit nag supporta si tito noy kay arroyo na hindi ipa labas yung hello garci recording, pero ano ang ginawa ni arroyo? kinuha niya ang hacienda luisita ni tito noy. galit na galit talaga si tito noy dahil sa isinukli ni arroyo sa pag supporta ni tito noy sa kanya!!

      1. Nice try, “Go pnoy!” but we all know that you are still vincenzo.
        You can’t fool us with that tactic.
        Sorry, Vincenzo

      2. Bakit kelangang ibalik sa tito noy mo ang hacienda luisita? Sa kanila ba yun? Di ba inutang lang nila sa gobyerno ang pinambili ng hacienda. Ang usapan ipapamigay ang hacienda sa mga magsasaka bilang bayad-utang.

      3. Guys, guys, learn to detect sarcasm. Relax lang. Don’t get too emotional or else you’ll be no different from the brainless ones.

      4. Most likely this is sarcasm… hahahaha! He’s basically saying the stupidity of the current president and is own agenda in becoming the president

    3. Resigning would mean conceding. Conceding is the same as “Yeah, I’m guilty”

      First of all, only an idiot would not notice your president’s rush on impeaching Corona because of the HLI. It’s as if his saying, I’ll get rid you first before you get my land.

  8. …Kung tuwid na daan ang patutunguhan eh baket ang mga tao ni noynoy “tinapalan” ang malubak na daan na inumpisahan? gaya nun bjmp head na hindi daw alam ang paglabas-masok ni leviste sa kulungan…si sec. ochoa na may multi-million na mansion sa isang posh subdivision after barely a year in malacanang…at marami pang iba…so un pala ang tuwid na daan…ang pagtakpan ang kamalian basta kaibigan, kabarilan at kainuman…Ayus!

  9. read the daily tribune tomorrow – friday. the full inside story of impeachment and role of hacienda luisita as benigno and others have always said.
    the people are really being taken for a ride

    1. The Tribune story, if true, has serious implications. It shows that the oligarchs, led by the Aquinos & Roxas, are hell-bent on controlling the government. Wait. They already control the government! My bad 🙂

        1. That part about Binay and Roxas is a clever divide and conquer move. But it seems insignificant at this point. Let’s see if it does create a crack which can be exploited later.

  10. this made me think.I do however support the President in having GMA accountable for all her alleged crimes but it has to be done the right way.

    the question still remains on how he will lead the country into economic prosperity.

    I really wish people would see clearly and get pass their hatred for GMA. I wish they could see the lack of a concrete reform agenda for the country. the FOI bill perhaps would have been a far more effective tool in combating graft and corruption. indeed, jailing GMA would not make the country better.

    1. “I do however support the President in having GMA accountable for all her alleged crimes but it has to be done the right way.”

      Quoted for truth.

      1. @auriga
        I do not support Mr. Aquino. He is a dictator. He never did the right thing or gave proper humanitarian treatment to GMA. His dictated(through Delima)railroading of the case and preparation of the warrant of arrest against GMA was issued in a matter of hours.

        As I said before, I am not loyal to any politician or political party. My loyalty is to the Flag, Country and People.

        Yellow ribbon? No! Red, White and Blue!

  11. I SUPER AGREE! He should focus on his job as a President or just enjoy his joysticks or better yet,shut the hell up! Or maybe he really should see a Psychiatrist. HE NEEDS PROFESSIONAL HELP!

      1. ? girlfriend.
        r u sure
        i thought this is one if his underlying issues – seriously. a piolo pascual of politics – and there are many in the closet in congress

  12. The cat is now out of the bag. It was all about Hacienda Luisita. Mr. Aquino is really our favorite con artist. He is the master of deceit in imaginative political slogans, unfulfilled political promises, manipulated propaganda/surveys, glitzy entertainment and hidden political agendas.

    There was never a “matuwid na daan.” No idealism and no morals,no principles and scruples.There is no justice.The people were never the boss. His popular mass are just pawns in the altar of political expediency. The drama of his quest for justice done in the name of the state and the people is a continuing farce.

    Mr. Aquino wants us to believe that God is on his side. With all the bad examples for all the wrong reasons. Where are his divine credentials? What does he really worship? He worships absolute political power, vendetta games and all the profitable advantages of his rule of men. Welcome home to the happy/funny farm!

  13. The powers that be have schooled everyone on Dictatorship 101. The nasty truth is that the Pinoy masses are not averse to a dictatorship or authoritarian rule. You just have to market it expertly.

    Now, look back at the presidential race of 2010 and remember who suffered from being labeled “Future Dictator.” It was nothing more than baseless fear-mongering. If anything, Presidentiable Future Dictator’s fault is that he has poor marketing skills.

    1. The end is near for his presidency…
      His dictatorship won’t survive 2012
      The people will soon wake up from all the lies this govenment has sown into our country

  14. Hi Iya!!! We can remove anybody in office…yet, if we do not deal in our basic problems…we will remain, the same…Feudalism; too much partisan politics; the struggle for power; etc…While our economic problems remains untouched…
    The trouble here is: Noynoy Aquino is part of the problem; and not part of the solution. He came from a Feudal Lord family, that swindled the country of its landholding. Then, try to make Feudalism, to remain in our country. His clan is composed of Oligarchs, who control the economy…we will not solve the country’s problems by ousting him…Until, we can all work together to work for a solution. I don’t believe this will happen anywhere soon, because of the Culture of Corruption and Political Patronage in our country…the people you see surrounding Noynoy Aquino; will be the same people you will see surrounding his replacement…this I’m sure…

    1. sad, but true
      and with the nature of filipino they will tolerate too much.
      i do think that the seeds of discontent will grow in 2012 as excuses are exhausted for the poor economic performance and people experience the suffering
      and i think any reversal of hacienda luisita could also blow up in p-noys face as the motives become too apparent to hide or explain away, but no doubt they will try
      add no movement on FoI and RH bill and P-noys ratings will show a marked decline. that in itself will be like a stone in a pond with ripple effects but not enough for wholesale change – yet.

  15. 30 billion says no
    thats the estimated future value when
    redesignated to residential land – following
    devt of clark airport which cojuangco now part
    owns as main international hub for country.
    the farmers may have difficulty farming yheir small per person share but each one would be able to sell after 10 years for maybe 5 million plus each.
    on their wages i reckon they would be happy with that

  16. The part that I hate is this 2 officials who are the heads of the branches of the govt are exchanging words instead of bringing everything to the court, they would make speeches attacking each other shown on TV, like common celebrities. I just feel mad that these are the kind of people running the country.

    1. While Corona was addressing the concerns of his constituents and colleagues in order to boost everyone’s morale (media coverage here being merely secondary and consequential), AbNoy actually meant his speeches to be made to the public to gain popularity. AbNoy’s speeches are propaganda speeches.

    2. the impeachment is underway so you would think p-noy would shut up now, but no – in fact he attacks are continuing and now focussing on coronas wife. why
      they cant wait 6 months for impeachment, and dont seem to have the numbers in senate so expect continuing pressure to resign/leave of absence etc.
      the hacienda luisita verdict is not yet final hence the two prong delay tactic by HLI and the railroad/pressure by govt including using public opinion who dont have a clue about the game being played
      the cojuangcos must be sh#%&ng bricks.

  17. Pabayaan nyo nlng si Tito Noy at pekeng Corona na magsalita. Hbang dumarami ang naniniwala kay Tito Noy kpag nagsasalita sya, kabaliktaran naman kay pekeng Corona, dumarami lang ang ngagalit sknya dhil nlalaman ng tao na guilty sya bilang tuta ni Gloria.

      1. @Nutzi Vincenzo
        spoken like a true nutzi!
        BadNoy rule of thumb: “Lie is Truth and Truth is Lie. Your tito noy is better than tito Adolf! The L sign no longer stands for Laban. The L sign now stands for Linlangin!

    1. Dumadami?? Says who? The surveys?? Sad to say those aren’t true.. besides.. tapos na ba ang kaso for you to bluntly say that Corona is GMA’s pet?

    2. dapat ipalabas ni tito noy yung hello garci at parusahan yung lahat na nag supporta na hindi palabasin yung hello garci recording.

      1. teka muna! wag nalang po, isa c tito noy sa nag vote na hindi ipalabas yung hello garci recording. wag nalang natin pansinin yung hello garci. mag kaibigan pa kasi cla ni arroyo nung panahon na yun. pero nakita ni arroyo ang galit ni tito noy dahil kinuha ni arroyo ang hacienda luisita ni tito noy. ipalabas mo ang galit mo tito noy! go tito noy!

        1. Kung immoral ang ginawa ni GMA sa pakikipagusap kay Garci noong eleksyon, hindi ba mas immoral ang pakikipagusap at panunuhol ni Abnoy sa mga Senatong. Dapat din lang na magresign ang mga Senatong dahil sa pagtanggap nila ng tig 50M na suhol. Kapalan na lang ng mukha. Pweee….

    3. Hoy BOBONG VicenBOZO hindi pagpapakulong kay Gloria at pagpapatangal kay Corona ang trabaho ni Tito Abnoy mo. MADAMING GUTOM, WALANG TRABAHO AT WALANG TAHANAN. Ang unang tungkulin ni Abnoy bilang presidente ay bigyan ng paraan para lumamon, magkatrabaho at magkalupa o tahanan ang mga Piripinong pinanumpaan nya na BOSS sya. Tangnang kabobohan mo… nakaka aliw… magsama kayo ng Tito Abnoy mo… dun sa Mandaluyong mental hospital.

    4. Bobo lang na gaya ni Vicenzo ang patuloy na naniniwala na hindi magnanakaw at corrupt si Abnoy. Mas masahol pa sya sa corrupt at magnanakaw dahil ang pinansusuhol nya sa mga senatong at tongressmen ay malinaw na nakaw sa pera ng bayan.

  18. with god – king pinoy – in malacanan and pulse asia and abs-cbn to reflect the will of the people then SC/Senate/Congress not needed. is that a dictatorship or people power or just the philippines having another identity crisis

  19. With the exception of Peenot’s neps Visenso, I PRAY TO GOD THAT THE PEOPLE WHO POSTED HERE CAN BE CLONED ASAP!

    If I have 10,000 of you people here in PH–then we will prevail. O sige kahit 1000 na lang na tulad nina Benigno and Iya…Ok, I can sleep well at night kowing fully well there are smart and sensible Filipinos who will not swallow the lies of the yellowtards!

  20. To all filipinos who thinks GMA as a hero pls read the constitution if all of you know about the situation.
    “SEC 15. Two months immediately before the next presidential elections and up to the end of his term, a President or Acting President shall not make appointments, except temporary appointments to executive positions when continued vacancies therein will prejudice public service or endanger public safety.”

    According to the law it is clearly illegal to a former president to appoint a chief justice before the election. This states that CJ corona is illegal appointee of GMA because he is appointed 2 days before the may 2010 election. That’s why Pnoy wants to impeach corona because he is illegal appointee.

    1. “It was the Philippines’ Judicial and Bar Council (JBC) that “unanimously” agreed to start nominations prior to the 2010 elections for the replacement of the country’s outgoing Chief Justice Reynato Puno. And they did so citing Section 4(1), Article 8 of the constitution – which mandates that a Supreme Court vacancy should be filled within 90 days once the position remains vacant.

      In a news item published in February of 2010, it was shown that even constitutional experts had no problem with GMA appointing the new judge:

      A group of constitutionalists has no qualms about President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo appointing the next chief justice despite a constitutional provision supposedly prohibiting it two months before an election.

      Members of the Philippine Constitution Association (Philconsa) even want the Supreme Court to compel the Judicial and Bar Council (JBC), the body that screens nominees to vacant judicial posts, to submit its shortlist to President Arroyo.

      In a 20-page petition, Philconsa, through its president Manuel Lazaro, said the election ban in the Constitution covers only appointments in the executive department and not in the judiciary.

      The group pointed out that the only restriction cited by the Constitution is that the president must appoint from the list submitted by the JBC.

      The bottom line is, the issue about appointing a new SC judge has been resolved in early 2010 even before GMA chose Renato Corona. It turns out that GMA was even compelled to pick a new judge by the JBC out of an urgent need to do so because “historical events dictated the post should be vacant no more than a day”. Here’s what the SC had to say about the controversy at that time:

      The SC said there is no provision in the Constitution providing for designation of a temporary chief justice during the vacancy because the post is crucial during election period since the high court acts as the final arbiter under the Presidential Electoral Tribunal (PET).


      The SC, however, gave weight to the argument of the Solicitor General stressing the importance of the chief justice post saying historical events dictated the post should be vacant no more than a day.

      When Chief Justice Claudio Teehankee retired on April 18, 1988, Associate Justice Pedro Yap was appointed on the same day. When Yap retired on July 1, 1988, then Associate Justice Marcelo Fernan was appointed the same day.

      When Fernan effectively resigned on Dec. 7, 1991, Senior Justice Andres Narvasa was appointed the following day. When Narvasa retired on Nov. 29, 1998, Senior Justice Hilario Davide Jr. was sworn into office the following morning.

      When Davide retired on Dec. 19, 2005, Senior Justice Artemio Panganiban was appointed to succeed the following day.

      Lastly, when Panganiban retired on Dec. 6, 2006, incumbent Chief Justice Reynato Puno took his oath on midnight of Dec. 7, 2006.

      Whether one agrees with the Supreme Court’s final decision or not, one thing is for sure, Chief Justice Corona has been taking all these attacks on his personal integrity like a real gentleman. The record shows that during the height of the debate surrounding GMA’s move to appoint a new SC judge in early 2010, Chief Justice Corona who was at that time, still a Associate Justice together with fellow nominee, Antonio Carpio opted not to join the voting on the issue citing that “it will have effects on them”. And prior to the SC’s decision to okay GMA’s picking of the new judge, Corona even reportedly said that “he would accept the nomination for the post but on condition that the next president (PNoy) should make the appointment.” It is too bad that PNoy and his apologists like Randy David ignore Corona’s record of objectivity in the past. It must be in their nature to be too quick to judge a judge appointed by GMA.”

      Philconsa: Arroyo can appoint next chief justice

    2. Um, pardon chad, but I think you failed to recognize the exact words in the excerpt you included in your post.

      “SEC 15. Two months immediately before the next presidential elections and up to the end of his term, a President or Acting President shall not make appointments, except temporary appointments to EXECUTIVE positions when continued vacancies therein will prejudice public service or endanger public safety.”

      Second, you fail to recognize that it was not her but the JBC.

      Also, I think your logic is flawed. If Mr. Corona is in fact an illegal appointee and should not be recognized as CJ, why then are we having an impeachment court for a CJ? The discussion of the legality of the appointment of the CJ during the last moments of Arroyo’s term was in fact deliberated and discussed on by the relevant parties and they ruled it just.

      GMA is no saint/hero, but I think presumption of any/everyone’s innocence is in order and it is the job of the prosecution to prove someone’s guilt in court/in the proper authorities.


    3. “That’s why Pnoy wants to impeach corona because he is illegal appointee.”

      O RLY?

      The fact that Corona is being impeached clearly shows that he is the duly recognized Chief Justice. You can’t impeach someone from a position he/she does not rightly occupy.

      You seriously need to get your facts right.

      Ack, Sphynx beat me to it. Hahaha.

    4. @chad: TROLL.

      ‘Presidents come and go, but the Supreme Court lives on.’ -William Howard Taft.

      What you actually wanted is that to wait for Noynoy to appoint his on CJ ‘na kanyang kapit sa leeg.’ 😛 In other words, holy conflict of interest, Batman! But no, a CJ should be appointed ASAP.

  21. And welcome to the land of Idiocracy!
    Where idiots votes idiots alike
    This is all a power play of a vindicated President out on a vendetta against his political enemies. He is making a mockery of democracy

    Every one knows that impeachments are political circuses, and it depends now on public perception. Sad though because most of the public are also idiots. This impeachment trial of Justice Corona is a personal vendetta on the part of the President since he wants full control of the Supreme court. If he really wanted an honest crusade to cleanse the judiciary of misfits then it should be free from bias or prejudice which in his case is highly personal.

    Power is not perpetual though,It expires after six years unless of course he has plans on dictatorship which looks like where he is headed. He already has the military on a tight leash by appointing the new AFP Chief of Staff which turns out to be a really ally of his.

    Who needs to watch dramas when Politics in the Philippines is even more thrilling and explosive than prime time soap operas and of course the citizens being mindless the spectators.

  22. what a bunch of idiots…

    you’re always concerned of jobs “FOR YOURSELVES”,
    concerned of food “FOR YOURSELVES”, concerned of shelters “FOR YOURSELVES” …

    those who think PNoy as an idiot and insensitive president were only just concerned on “themselves” not really for the welfare of their countrymen !

    What you think of what Pnoy is, is really what you are !!!

    1. What is wrong with being concerned for myself? It is my obligation to take care of myself or else I die. Are not my concerns about food and shelter for myself representative of the concerns of my fellow countrymen?

      Your tears are delicious.

    2. TROLL.

      I never voted for that guy since day 1. Many have criticized Noynoy due to his INCOMPETENCE and his inability to lead. Yes, he’s an idiot who is all blunders and blame games. We never do that. If he’s reaaally concerned for his own countrymen, then he should never run in the first place.

      So who’s the idiot now? Of course, EMOtards like yourself.

    3. Jepot, you are stupid idiot that until now, you believe in your incompetent, corrupt, liar, and thief president.

  23. tsssss… harsh reality, eto na ata mismo ung pinagde-debatan natin….

    hindi importante sino tama, hindi importante kung sino dapat sisihin, importante solusyon

    kailangan pa ba may isang taong dapat sisihin at kilalanin na kalaban para lang magkaisa ung mga tao?

  24. “Politics is WAR without Bloodshed while WAR is politics with Bloodshed”

    CGMA and Pnoy are really allies. It’s all a propaganda to divert the public’s attention to avoid seeing the corruption happening today. Politicians are the best actors. They are just pretending to be fighting like what you see in teleserye and movie. Behind the scenes they are friends. Arroyo is not stupid to stay here in our country if they are not allies. GMA still run and won as congresswoman. No case was even filed against CGMA. Pnoy is almost sitting as president for almost a year. A month before SONA the old issue of corruption suddenly came out because Pnoy haven’t done anything aside from WANGWANG! Pnoy keep speaking of Arroyos corruption. The missing evidences and witnesses before just suddenly went out including the missing COMELEC commissioner. To get more public reaction CGMA does the best act of her life, pretending to be sick and needed to go abroad. De lima acting like a hero stopping CGMA from going out of the country but NO LEGAL COMPLAINT was filled against GMA. that is why SC gave GMA a go signal because,there was no legal basis not to allow GMA going out. See the propaganda? They told every Filipino about the corruption but they didn’t even file a,case whoch should be the first thing to do. The media reported that CGMA is planing to escape but the media arrived first on NAIA. The bogus investigation took almost 2yrs. If GMA really wants go leave the country she can take a plane in Clark instead of NAIA. She can even buy herself a private jet with that amount of money. The best proof Arroyo and Aquino was really allies is the money. They did not freeze or even attempted to get it back.

    Kickback lang yung nakurakot ni Arroyo, MAS LUMALA CORRUPTION NGAYON KASI WALANG NAMAN NAIPAPAGAWA SI PNOY! Si ARroyo marami talaga napagawa.

    It’s no longer a conspiracy theory because there is already physical evidence to prove it. CONSPIRACY FACT. Our country which is in poverty purchased almost 50 Billion Pesos worth of war machines. Pnoy might used Pacquaio match to leave the country and hide in a nuclear proof bunker. Before starting this Geopolitical war.

    The people they are calling conspiracy theorist are the survivors and victim’s families seeking for justice and truth on the FAKE terrorist attack in 9/11 2001. They don’t want you to know how the media lied to the whole world. NO TERRORIST AND AL-QAEDA involve.decide for yourself even a kid and idiot can see the lies because of the overwhelming evidence. Search youtube for “Want your mind blown?” US attack Iraq and Afghanistan killing a lot of people because of this LIES….

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