Jose Vargas: Does ‘coming out clean’ compensate for a life of deception?

It irritates me to a great extent whenever I encounter or hear about other people in the United States stealing resources that should only belong to American Citizens.

Take the case of Jose Vargas, a journalist who wrote about the Virginia Tech shooting and was awarded a Pulitzer Prize for it. He came to the Bay Area at age 12 and found out when he was 16 that he is an undocumented immigrant. He was able to go to San Francisco State University on a student loan and landed excellent jobs after college.

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I am assuming that he is ignorant at best about the fact that journalism regards truth with absolute importance because otherwise, he wouldn’t have done what he did. He would have submitted himself to the authorities upon realizing that he should not be in the United States at all. He would have gone back to his native home which is the Philippines and waited until it was the right time to apply for a green card. He would’ve done the right thing which is to do what millions of other people do – fall in line and wait for hours at the embassy so they can be admitted to the United States LEGALLY.

Mr. Vargas, if you think that championing the cause of eleven million illegal immigrants like yourself is a noble thing to do, keep in mind that there are Americans like us who you’ve robbed of the opportunity to get a student loan or a job in journalism because you are staying in our country illegally. Just because you’ve been here longer than I have or that you are a smart ass (by constantly finding ways to escape the law and falsifying documents) doesn’t mean you are an American.

I can’t reiterate enough how I find this man exceedingly arrogant by making an appeal that we not make him feel guiltier than he is. How in the world does he expect us to react? Does he want us to apply a double standard just because he is working a white collar job? Well Mr. Vargas, in America, we don’t do double standards. I will not give you special preference because to me, you’re no different to the Mexican guy who does landscaping or yard work. The law here applies to everyone regardless of whether or not they are rich or poor. In America, your status in life is inconsequential when you are in trial. You can’t escape the law by saying that you have contributed to our country because I’m pretty darn sure that other Americans are willing to do what you have done if only they weren’t robbed of the opportunity to do so. If you think we can’t find a journalist as good as you are among our population of 300 million, you better think again. I can guarantee you too that someone without the same contempt for American laws will be willing to take your job.

Americans supporting Jose Vargas are downright stupid. They probably have no idea that illegal immigrants are contributing to the rising unemployment rate in the United States. Moreover, they probably haven’t heard of the people who have the same situation as Jose Vargas but voluntarily went back to their native countries so that they can enter the Unites States legally. These Americans I am talking about are traitors. They would rather support illegal immigrants than their own countrymen. They either have no loyalty to their country or that they are too stupid to figure out what is going on and how the illegal immigrants are bringing about catastrophic effects to the already downtrodden U.S. economy.

Lying to the federal and state government of the United States is a big deal. If we let Mr. Jose Vargas get away with this, just think about the effects of this in the long run. Millions of people will start disregarding the laws that were made for the betterment of the country. Illegal Immigrants will feel invisible and would start thinking they have the same rights and privileges as American Citizen. The United States would be so chaotic and just imagining that makes me sick. Seriously, why do some people have so much sympathy for illegal immigrants and not jobless Americans struggling in their day to day life? The thought just seems too disgusting for me.

Correct me if I’m wrong but Mr. Vargas mentioned in his New York Times article that he is sick of hiding and pretending and that he will own up to his mistakes. If that’s the case, then we should deport him immediately and teach illegal immigrants some serious lessons. It wouldn’t be too bad for him since he has a degree from the United States and that would help him land a job there in the same field. Or maybe, he can write a book about his lying, cheating, and how American he is. I’m pretty sure a lot of those liberals who have bleeding hearts for him would purchase it.

[Photo coutesy: The Observer]

11 Replies to “Jose Vargas: Does ‘coming out clean’ compensate for a life of deception?”

  1. Hey Iya, long time no heard…are you in the U.S.? Filipino TNTs are overcrowded already in the U.S. and Canada. These countries, will never accept any compromise, if you break their immigration laws. This TNT will surely be deported.
    I know a TNT in Canada, who died in a car accident. The Canadian government declared her:” Asian and Stateless”. She has not passport, no visa, no documents that can legitimize her stay, in Canada. The Canadian government, does not even want to give fund money for her burial. So, my relatives in Canada, and the Filipino community have to contrbute for her burial…

    1. Are you telling us that if Iya is a native American, she is correct? And if she’s not, she’s wrong?

      Are you telling us that illegal immigrant are not illegal aliens?

      1. Apart from Native Americans, all Americans are illegal immigrants.

        From the Europeans who killed the Natives for their land, and the ones who followed with or without the permission of the original invaders.

        Is the article claiming that those who came by way of the Mayflower have more rights to be in America, compared to Jose Vargas?

        Are the descendants of George Washington? Town Destroyer, also translated as Town Taker, Burner of Towns, or Devourer of Villages, was a nickname given to George Washington by Iroquois Indians.

        Jose Vargas emigrated to the U.S.A. along with his parents who overstayed their visa.

        He did not destroy any towns or kill people to get his place. He only wants to live his life in the country where he grew up.

  2. If you’re angry about losing your job to an illegal immigrant, even if he is a skilled one, then you my friend may not be fit for the job. Actually in economics they say free the market it increases competitiveness, this holds true also for labor markets. If you lost your job to an illegal immigrant it means the price for your labor may be too high for its actual fair value. The illegal immigrant took your job because your competition beat you fair and square. STOP COMPLAINING ABOUT ILLEGALS TAKING JOBS AND LEARN TO COMPETE. The only people i should be hearing this from are from low-skilled, low-wage earners because they can’t compete to begin with and ask for higher wages. These borders are like protectionist policies for the labor market. Typical filipino to ask for protection from competition.

    1. But the Law states that if he an illegal immigrant, he/she has no rate to stay in the US and therefor should be deported back to their home country.

      That’s why there are Laws, it’s not the matter who’s skilled and who’s not, who’s capable and who’s not, the job are for AMERICAN CITIZENS, note the words because if you enter the country without proper papers, then you entered illegally, you broke the Law thus you are not welcome to a country where the Law must be followed.

      It’s ok if she loses a job to a fellow American but if she loses it to an illegal American then there is definitely wrong with your way of thinking.

      1. “It’s ok if she loses a job to a fellow American but if she loses it to an illegal American then there is definitely wrong with your way of thinking.”

        It’s Ok for Floyd Mayweather to lose to an American, but Manny Pacquiao, he aint no american citizen that’s just messed up.


    2. I think that on the whole, still progressing along compassion predispose problem as if America is so free of fault therefore deny people haggle, petition, well whatever, of what in their mind is his/her right to do so, just let them be. America is still a democracy no matter the kind of economic difficulty she suffers from has to just allow people a day in court. If the courts say f*ck, get the f*ck out, so be it. But until then, allow free-flow of hope to those seeking to find solace in American democracy, isn’t this why we like to be in America? We need not be so hard on this guy Vargas, we are Filipinos after all, ain’t it right?

    3. There are situations where I do agree that instead of whining, citizens should learn how to compete. In many cases that I’ve witnessed in the US however, skill is not the issue, but exploitation. Some employers would be willing to hire illegal immigrants who are less skilled because they are able to force them into working long hours for peanuts simply by threatening to expose them of their illegal status to the authorities. There are also standards of compliance against health and safety hazards for instance that are ignored by inadequately trained employees due to either plain ignorance or subservience to the abuses of their employers.

      This is not so different from the horrible working conditions in China, and we know from the low quality of many of their products that cutting corners for profit ultimately benefits only those greedy employers at the expense of both their laborers and disappointed consumers.

  3. Follow the LAW, pure and simple. Some people are hell bent on justifying their illegal deeds, no shame about breaking the law. Goes to tell about your character: a law breaker. And why would people believe you and trust you if first and foremost you broke the law? Minor or major offense, is still an offense…

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