Francine Prieto feels Yellow wrath after calling Noynoy ‘panot’

Things turned nasty in cyberspace for Filipino starlet Francine Prieto who alluded to the alleged baldness of President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III using her Twitter account @fwancheen. Asked by blogger Professional Heckler (@HecklerForever) if she would date the President if he asked her, Prieto tweeted back “Ayoko sa panot” (“I don’t like bald men”).

Following that unfortunate quip of a tweet, Prieto was reportedly inundated with hostile tweets coming from users who are presumably fans of the President. A number these (in a form we have become quite familiar with) made derogatory remarks against her person accusing her, among others, of being sexually promiscuous and lacking in breeding — bases, it seems, for asserting that Prieto enjoyed none of the moral ascendancy expected of one who would make such remarks as those directed at the President.

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Fans of President Aquino have a long history of resorting to non-sequitur, name-calling and personal attacks. This sort of behaviour had already been observed and well-documented as far back as the presidential campaign of 2009-2010, when supporters of then candidate Noynoy Aquino consistently failed to respond intelligently to the challenging and intellectually-stimulating questions of his detractors. A favourite comeback of Noynoy’s fans is to simply accuse those who beg to differ to Noynoy’s views of the world as being “paid hacks”…

Here’s pro-Noynoy logic at work: You criticise Noynoy = You are a paid hack. Full stop. End of discussion.

What’s our society gotten down to? You can’t have any real dialogue or conversation without being accused or labeled so and so with very little or no basis at all. I really think that [Aquino supporters] are just firing blanks and hoping the noise will scare us, because instead of giving us a rebuttal or use any real ammunition in Noynoy’s defense, it becomes easier to just dismiss us immediately.

The commotion drove a reportedly distressed Prieto to consider deleting her Twitter account (which she had already done once in the past). I wouldn’t do that if I were Prieto. Big-time celebrity that she is, I would’ve thought that the adulation she gets and the big bucks she earns would’ve built a bit of character and hardened her ego by now. Indeed, she would be better off taking all that with a grain of salt. I wrote a while back how Twitter is nothing more than a platform that brokers stampede-like behaviour in its users. Though oftentimes a powerful motivator of mass actions, the emergent outcomes of these do not have much intelligence underlying them…

The remarkable thing is that the power and illusory wisdom of emergent behaviour is generated by what essentially are comparatively unintelligent goals and immaterial physical effects of each individual in the collective.

Of course we can’t really expect Ms Francine Prieto to understand any of these concepts. For that matter, neither can we expect any of the same clueyness to come out of the Noynoy fans who attacked her online. But it’s all good to know just the same.

48 Replies to “Francine Prieto feels Yellow wrath after calling Noynoy ‘panot’”

    1. if there is a US visa included then i know some who would!
      and people should not be called bald , but follicly challenged.
      there may be no snow on the roof but there’s fire down below.
      being bald is useful – light reflector in brown-outs.
      save a fortune on shampoo
      but you should never wear a turtleneck sweater – or you look like a condom

      1. I laughed at the follicly challenged, what a nice ring to it haha

        On a more serious note, yes, there are a LOT who would date someone like that, if a US visa is included. Desperation, perhaps?

        1. not all who date bald guys do it out of desperation. there are hunks and gorgeous guys who are bald but very yummy. ang sama, panot na abnoy pa tulo laway pa, mukhang mabaho pa kahit bagong paligo.

  1. Hahaha! These Noyites are so shallow. I’m bald; some girls like that and some girls don’t. What’s the big deal? It’s hilarious how they have to step up and defend his presumed hurt feelings from the subtle implication that there’s a very good and uncorrectable reason why he’s a 50-year-old bachelor.

    1. There are certain people that looks good when bald. Mostly muscle-bound with exception to Jason Statham. The problem is Noy’s baldness reflects is retard. It looks like a bird’s nest, maybe that’s why the pigeon went there perhaps?

      His followers are the same, give them some logical challenge, they’ll give you threats and loads of trash talking, well it reflects them somehow. They’re trash that talks.

    1. Hanggang “pananaw” lang naman yan sa inyo. Pero meron rin mga Pilipino na sa katotohanan naman lamang tumitingin—at aminin lang ang totoo—panot talaga si Penot. Kaya hayan—sabihin mo sa amo mong panot!

    2. We seriously need to evaluate what this kid is posting… Seems like he’s happy with the attention his idiotic posts are receiving.

  2. Eh so what kung bald siya. Hello. Pandak kaya tawag ng mga tao kay GMA. In both cases, it can only be insulting if the involved parties do not accept who they are. Plus, it’s the personal opinion of Francine. Paki ninyo kung ayaw nga naman niya talagang dumate ng panot. It’s just like saying “Ayaw ko magdate ng pangit” or “Ayaw ko magdate ng balbasin na lalake”. This just proves how shallow some (or most?) Filipinos have become.

  3. Francine may not be referring to Noynoy’s physical appearance but to his mental vacancy. May punto sya di ba? 🙂

  4. another evidence of Pinoys rejecting truth when its right before their eyes. He’s B-A-L-D anyone can see that. Francine didn’t say “Noynoy is bald therefore a dumbass” she just referred to a physical trait of Noynoy. So what?
    I dont care if he’s disrespected coz he doesn’t act like a respectable individual, he talks like a commoner anyway.
    Oh wait thats Noynoy, anything you say against him is blasphemy. Criticize him and you’ll get a load full of “witch-hunting mentality” of his supporters.
    Oh well, the mob we’ll be on my door any moment…

  5. Funny how a tweet from an actress is taken so damned seriously by the yellow army. As if their queen Kris Aquino never had indiscretions of her own.

  6. national symbols
    US – Bald eagle
    philippines – Bald president

    hair today, gone tomorrow. power like hair is not forever.

    bald is the new hair

    “we are all born bald, baby”
    telly savalas (kojak)

  7. Freedom for tomatoes

    Tomatoes are like the electorate – kept in the dark and fed bullsh#t/manure.
    But tomatoes can teach us the difference between

    Information – this is a tomato,

    Knowledge – knowing that a tomato is a fruit
    Wisdom – knowing not to put a tomato in a fruit salad.

    And despite being bald they are useful when old and rotten – to throw at politicians.

    Moral – i dont know. Ask a tomato. They think they are so smart.

  8. Tignan nyo, kaya hindi kumikita ang website na ito ksi laban kayo kay Tito Noy at kampi ni GLORIA. Kht foreigner wlang bumibisita dito eh. Why dont u start making articles about Glorias graft and corruption?

    1. Walang foreigners??? Sure ka? Or baka naman ang basehan mo na foreigners ay mga Puti.. FYI.. Mga foreigners hindi lang Amerikano.. Ang daming Indian Nationals and Korean Nationals dito db? Besides.. every month, a lot of US citizens are going here dahil sa cell center business na pinaunlad ni Gloria..

    2. “Tignan nyo, kaya hindi kumikita ang website na ito ksi laban kayo kay Tito Noy at kampi ni GLORIA.”

      edi parang inamin mo narin na ang website na ito ay hindi bayaran ni GMA.


      1. pasensya ka na, tinali ko na yang pet ko na si vincenzo nakawala lang. hayaan mo ikukulong ko na lang.

        Vinz!!!! Vinz!!! come here. i have some nice treats for you… come. yooohooo.

        sorry guys. hehehe

    3. Meron mga foreigners na bumisita dito a.

      This is a non-profit website.

      Utak SQUATTER ka talaga. 😛 Sensya pero hindi kami ganun.

    4. Okay. First of all not all blogs are after profit. Some websites or blogs are after providing information. This blog right here is powered by WordPress and the only reason why it has ads on it is because the owner didn’t pay for the yearly fee that eliminates these ads. I know these because I run a WordPress blog as well. The ads on these website are profitable to WordPress and not to its owner. Therefore, the owner of this blog is not after profit FYI.

      Second of all, why would the writer target foreigners? Every blog is after the RIGHT audience. In this case, it is the Filipino people and their continued ignorance to the truth. My blog on the other hand targets people around the world. Saka title pa lang ng website oh Get Real Philippines. Duh. So why would the writer care if wala siyang foreign visits?

      The purpose of my reply: JUST TO MAKE YOU FEEL HOW STUPID YOU ARE 🙂

    5. so?
      may pakialam ba foreigner sa Philippine Politics?
      karamihan ng foreigner na andito sa Pilipinas e andito for business, English learning, may pamilyang pinoy or sex tourism. Wala naman silang pakialam sa politics dito.
      Yan ba ang batayan ng magandang website? Pag binibisita ng foreigner????? Paano yung mga website na Korean ang sulat? O German? Hiragana? Kanji? Nakadepende kung sino ang target na audience kung ano ang gagamitin na wika.

  9. if this had been thailand or a dictatorship francine prieto would be in jail.
    oh, thats next year.
    king p-noy, i love you
    have mercy – i have 72 children to feed

  10. Pfft, give me a break yellow hordes. Even Charles and Camilla are called by some Canadians as “a boot and horseface”, and they’re already the royals.

    1. and ‘jug ears’
      charles finds it funny
      english sense of humour – class of royalty
      3rd world oligarchs who got rich through corruption are wannabe royals but always trailer trash with no breeding and a source of amusement for the west.

  11. masama naman talaga tawagin na panot si tito noy ni vincenzo kasi nagagalit ang mga yellowbees at mas masakit ang sting nila…


  12. What else can one expect from yellow fans? Criticize Pnoy even objectively and they brand you a Pro-GMA. Sad to admit Pnoy has a large populist base to draw from and it’s scary.

  13. an innocuous comment and twitworld goes mad.
    the twitter comments in response which tends to be used by the youth is pretty sad.
    they seem to reflect an inbuilt anger and angst, a low level of tolerance, no respect for or understanding of free speech, subservience, and a complete lack of humour.
    if that is the youth of today then god help the philippines tomorrow

  14. she was just saying she prefers not to date guys with receeding hairline, what’s wrong with that ? can’t anyone speak what’s on their minds anymore ?

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