President Noynoy Aquino: Is he the new Filipino god?

Philippine President Benigno Simeon Aquino wants to end 2011 right — or at least his handlers do. Just a few days before the end of the year, Malacañang’s official survey firm, Social Weather Stations (SWS), which is owned and operated by friends and family members of PNoy, concluded the year with another “very good” rating for the controversial leader. The results of the survey were released on the same week PNoy received a lot of criticism for partying and laughing at jokes while over a thousand Filipinos from Cagayan de Oro and Iligan were flushed away from their homes to Macajalar Bay by floods wrought by typhoon Sendong. The rest of us who were not included in the survey can be forgiven for thinking that PNoy and his minions are becoming desperate in their attempts at mind control:

In its survey conducted Dec. 3 to 7, the SWS said Filipinos continued to give Aquino marginally higher approval ratings.

The results, posted Friday on SWS’ media partner BusinessWorld, showed Aquino gaining two points for a continued “very good” net satisfaction score of +58, or 71 percent satisfied minus 13 percent dissatisfied.

Aquino’s December score was higher than +46 (“good”) in June, although it was lower than the record +64 (“very good”) he got in November 2010.

It is too bad the survey report did not even explain why the respondents who still think very highly of PNoy gave him a “very good” mark. I would have liked to know if it was in the way PNoy humiliated former President Gloria Arroyo; or in the way he humiliated Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona; or in the way he allegedly strong arms his allies into doing what he wants; or in the way he justifies damaging the credibility of the Supreme Court in the guise of “good governance”. Either way, I’d like to know what makes PNoy’s supporters tick.

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Speaking of surveys and studies, there was some research conducted recently on how ignorant voters affect democracy. The findings of the study revealed that “adding ignorant or uninformed members to the group can counteract the minority’s powerful influence and promote a more democratic outcome”. This means that ultimately, it doesn’t really matter how well the arguments are for voting for a more competent candidate during an election, what matters more is how the ignorant or uninformed members are swayed to vote either way. This could explain why the use of propaganda during an election in the 2010 Philippine Presidential election worked well for PNoy. Majority of Aquino supporters seem to equate PNoy and his family to God and Country. A friend said that it is the result of decades of mind conditioning and propaganda.

Here are some more excerpts from the report:

Researchers used several computer models to investigate the decision-making process in various animal groups when a majority wants to travel in one direction and a minority wants to go in another.

When the strength of the two packs’ preferences was equal, the group was much more likely to follow the majority. But when the minority had stronger feelings than the rest of the group about its direction, it was able to control the decision.

When the researchers added a third crowd that was ignorant of the options, the majority was able to spontaneously wrestle the decision back from the minority.

“It’s very counterintuitive,” said Iain Couzin, an evolutionary biologist at Princeton University, who was lead author of the study published in the Dec. 15 issue of the journal Science. “We previously assumed that uninformed individuals promote extremism by being easily exploited by the [strong] minority.

The researchers may have used animals in the above-mentioned test but similar behavior may be found among humans who just go with the flow. It is interesting to note that fish, like humans “have certain sensory biases, Couzin explained. Just as humans have an innate reaction to the color red, golden shiners are naturally attracted to yellow, so the fish trained to expect food by following yellow dots were more strongly drawn to their target than those trained with blue dots.”

It is no wonder the majority of Filipinos (assuming the SWS surveys are accurate) are easily exploited by the current government. Not only does the incumbent President use the yellow color as a symbol, PNoy is also using religion as way to make people think that what he is doing is “the will of God”. He knows that religion plays a huge role in the lives of Filipinos, which is why he often claims that God is on his side and that to go against him would mean going against “God’s plan”. This claim of PNoy seems to work on so-called “God-fearing” Filipinos. Never mind that there is just no way that God could have communicated his thoughts to PNoy, unless PNoy’s communication team has found a way to contact the Almighty himself.

But even members of the Catholic Church, who we can consider to have direct access to God’s hotline agree that PNoy’s actions are similar to that of a dictator:

AN OFFICIAL of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) believes that President Benigno Aquino III could also face the same court if it is proven that he is acting as a dictator.

Lipa Archbishop Ramon Arguelles, for his part, said he believes in the claims of Corona as this strategy of the Aquino administration has actually been done to the CBCP.

He noted that this was what was attempted by the government during the “Pajero bishops” issue, which has arguably tainted the influence of the CBCP.

“Ang kagagawan ng diktadura noong panahon ni [late former president Ferdinand] Marcos na sirain ang isang institusyon na maaaring maging hadlang sa kanilang hangarin, they tried it to the Church kahit noon pa sa kasagsagan ng Pajero bishops. We received rumors sa gagawin nila sa atin at sa Korte Suprema ito,” said Arguelles in a separate interview.

“Matagal ko nang naramdaman yang diktaturya sa kanila,” he added.

Even an influential Jesuit priest and a noted constitutional lawyer, Fr. Joaquin Bernas finds PNoy’s behavior quite disturbing and compared him to Cuban dictator, Fidel Castro:

Echoing an earlier statement by SC spokesman Jose Midas Marquez that Aquino’s remarks were “disturbing,” Bernas said: “Nakakabahala nga. I don’t know kung ano mangyayari diyan. In his (Aquino’s) speeches, he sounds like Fidel Castro.”

It is really amazing how the Aquinos seemed to have turned some people against institutions like the Church and the Supreme Court. With the use of their media outlets owned and operated by friends and family, in just a quarter of a century, their clever use of propaganda tools shaped them into martyrs and victims of oppressions by their “evil” opponents before the public eye. There was even a time when the Catholic Church in the Philippines seemed infallible but PNoy has managed to destroy that public perception. Now the meaning of the word “infallible” can be equated to PNoy and his family because their supporters exempt them from any liability or error. To PNoy’s supporters, PNoy is absolutely trustworthy.

If the members of the Catholic Church do not condone PNoy’s appalling behavior of late, one has to wonder, which “God” PNoy was referring to when he said that “God is on my side”. Was it himself?

102 Replies to “President Noynoy Aquino: Is he the new Filipino god?”

  1. As far as I remember, the gullible fools only believed the Aquino Magic and Hype. And those said fools are worshiping the Aquinos as demi-gods.

    But on Noynoy’s case, it’s too much.

    1. PNoy is just a public servant. He should get used to public scrutiny because he handles public funds. Unfortunately, this concept is not something that his supporters do not get.

  2. I find the article was actually released in bad taste. Especially the way it was titled in “P-Noy ends year with a high note!”

    I mean, how callous and self-absorbed does he need to be really?

    They could have just chosen to keep mum about the results of the surveys as it has no bearing really. But to put it out there for the sake of propaganda is really a bad judgement call.

    As for the title of this article, well, I think Vincenzo will be on the affirmative with regards to the question posed. =)


    1. Yes, I find it a bit inconceivable that they’d actually release an article on approval ratings at this time. It’s so obviously contrived and, as you said, done in such bad taste.

    2. I agree that it is self-absorbed considering the result of the survey is already useless because it was done before typhoon Sedong. The survey was conducted 3-7 December. They shouldn’t have published it anymore. In fact, there is no point publishing popularity surveys because it does not reflect the true perception of the people.

  3. Opinion polls tell the lazy and uneducated what they should think, and in the hands of a dictator what he wants everyone to believe.

    The country clearly needs an independent survey group, otherwise the use of polls as propoganda, distraction, giving creedence to stories will escalate.

  4. agree with the article, except the inclusion of the statement of the cbcp. For me they don’t really count as they’ve been in the forefront of extrajudicial oust movements and had meddled with the government long enough.

    1. It was worth pointing out that even the CBCP fail to get support from PNoy supporters. Gone are the days when they had that big pulling power.

  5. although the philippines is not alone – the official UN classification of the country is ‘flawed democracy’
    without a free, balanced media/press it will not help to address some of the other contributory factors.
    hopefully technology/websites will offset some of the current bias providing they reach out to a wider audience

    1. Well it is either flawed or democracy works well for the moneyed politicians. Which is probably the reason why they are not interested in educating voters.

  6. This president is pulling the rug out from under us. Are we who see through his mess still a minority? Until when will the supposed 71% be blinded? Will they ever wake up? Or shall we just sit it out until 2016 when his handpicked takes over? (I pray to God it’s not the matapobre showbiz sister!). This could be the longest 5 years.

      1. That shameless presidential sister has time and again proved that she don’t use that blob between her ears but those between her …. never mind but we certainly do not deserve someone like her .

        1. Once Kris gets involved, you just know that they are getting desperate. She is usually the go to person when they need to appeal to emotion. Which always works with their supporters.

    1. The people who conducted the survey are probably the same people who took the previous survey (I saw a picture of people given free food to those who took the survey).

      The surveys conducted by the SWS are very suspicious in nature. I notice during the elections how the media keeps on reminding the citizens that Pnoy is really popular among the people(even today!). When there is a decrease in popularity(ex. post Manila Bus Hostage Crisis) the media rarely shows it.

  7. Noynoy’s self-righteousness makes my skin crawl. Anybody who says God is with them is dangerous as hell. Just look at the terrorists. What’s even more creepy is that the zombies sing their praises up to the heavens even when he keeps on doing something stupid.

    1. @Aljid

      Exactly!. The terrorists all claim to be blowing people up in the name of their “god”. I also think that there is blood in the hands of people who support flawed ideas.

      1. And the yellow zombies attack me for being a Muslim and telling me I’m an MILF member when they couldn’t answer a simple question like “Would you vote for Noynoy if his last name wasn’t Aquino?”. I usually reply, “Mas mukang miyembro si Noynoy ng MILF. Kinatay na ang mga sundali natin binigyan pa ng 5M..”

        I tend to leave an argument or debate when somebody starts posting verses of the Bible or the Qur’an to prove their point. Or when they begin to say, “God is on my side..” or “Church kids ang mga anak ko! Hindi nila kayang patayin ang kapatid nila!” A lot of people go to Church on Sundays but on the rest of the week, they belong to the devil.

        1. Ah yes the good old “God is on my side” declaration, with this he cam more or less justify his actions which are more or less detrimental to the everyone. Very dangerous invoking this words, Hitler did the same thing also.

  8. I really enjoy reading the articles here in GRP even though I rarely post my comments. I like how all the articles here in GRP are fact-filled and well written (there’s so much critical thinking applied to it) unlike the Pro PNOY sites. I’m an avid reader.

    I hope you can make a compilation of Pinoy’s blunders. I’ve been reading at the track-list of Pinoy promises at the ABS-CBN site, so far it is still empty. It’s sad it was overshadowed by the bias media, promoting surveys and demonizing the opponents with politically bias terms like “midnight appointee”
    “a GMA ally” and such.

    There is still “a lot” of people who don’t know about the real truth. As long as this site exist, you can uplift from the common lies they encountered daily by the media and from the Yellow propagandist. More power to GRP, PMP and AP. Cheers!

    1. Hi Working Mom!

      Thanks for the compliment. The pro-PNoy sites are all praises for PNoy. They will never acknowledge his faults.

      Enjoy the holiday season! 🙂

  9. Do you think p-noy is:

    A – an angry loner
    B – lazy
    C – a frustrated batchelor
    D – a puppet of the cojuangcos
    E – an inspiration to the country
    F – the greatest leader the world has ever seen

    Results soon

    1. pls add

      G – in perpetual childhood despite the dihydrotestosterone

      (merry xmas all ye who claim to be in abject poverty but swarm divisoria to buy all things angry birds!)

  10. Oh my lord, heavens please no! First you read something about their mother bering nominated to be a saint, and now this? If ever, he will be the first gay god I have ever read. Haaaaayist! Can’t you guys be more creative?

  11. In Iraq, in the time of Saddam Hussein…Surveys were done by his relatives, and his loyalists. Saddam Hussein got 98% approval ratings. Inspite of the fact, that he was murdering the Shiites, and burying them in mass graves…He was also gassing the Kurds…
    Joeseff Goebbels, the propaganda Minister of Adolf Hitler, used surveys, to promote Hitler’s approval ratings of the war. Hitler got 97% approval rating. While his General and invading army, were stucked in the winter war at Stalingard, Soviet Union. The Americans and the Allies, already had landed in Normandy, France…self-serving surveys are part of a leader’s delusion…it feeds his paranoia…

  12. I have never met anyone who had been surveyed by this groups. And has anyone known their research methods? And do they make surveys on other fields? Or just popularity surveys?

    1. @Pixel

      Here’s what it says on the news item:

      SWS’ survey involved face-to-face interviews of 1,200 adults nationwide. Error margins of ±3% for national and ±6% for area percentages applied to the survey.

  13. Tito Noy is going to the right path which is blessed by God through his prayers like what Tita Cory did. He is a servant of God.

        1. Bring religious does not justify losing sight of what is right, moral and just. Don’t forget that vincenzo.

          In your logic, i think w.w.j.d. question should be asked to you and Pnoy. And i can pretty much say he wouldn’t be doing what your types are doing, not in any way, shape or form.


    1. You mean acting like a terrorist by using God’s name for his violence vincensus ignoramus. Hell, even Jesus Himself will simply kinda say “F U for ruining my birthday” to the aquino scumbags and the likes of you yellow nazi zombies.

        1. Or you could say that masses love someone with the same religious inclination, regardless of what he or she has done. And these very same masses love it, eventhough they are being played like simple pawns that end up not bring able to think for themselves without the suggestion of the person that they’ve elevated to blessedness or enlightenment above everything else.

        2. Blessed my ass. And why’s that vincensus ignoramus? If your answer is cory magic then you fail and God Himself is now laughing at your delusional moronism fliptard.

    2. Sad that you use God as a justification for his actions.

      Rather than seeking answers/justifications as to why he did what he did/does, you simply give out an illogical excuse that is like “talk to the hand”.

      I wish you enlightenment for the New Years or that you may be gifted proper reasoning for Christmas.

      1. No need. Tito Noy is a servant of God. Thats what is is. Lhat ng gngwa nya sa government iniisip nya muna kung tama.

        1. Using that train of thought, anyone who does anything and claims he is a servant of God is automatically justified in his actions? No matter how bad or evil those actions may be?

          My god, then by your logic, jihad is also right! Hail vincenzo’s logic. Clap clap!

          Just because you justify your actions by claiming such does not make it automatically good. That’s not how you should justify every and all actions.

          If you lose all means of justifying his actions without resorting to the ‘god defense’, then it would mean the actions are not inherently good to begin with.

        2. Once again a very childish comment. How old are you now? You’re acting like an 8 year old moron. And congratulations for breaking the 2nd Commandment vincensus ignoramus.

        3. Hmmm…maybe we should start telling everyone “God is on our side”? It just might work to get the likes of Vincenzo on our side.

        4. ….talaga!??? oWWS!,tama bang unahin yung mga impeachment,wla nman siyang ginagawa pra bigyan ng trabaho ang maraming pilipino…BAKIT KUNG ma.IMPEACH c gloria,may trabaho bang lalabas…ang sabihin mo,sarili lng nya iniisip nya…dinidivert nya ang issue sa paghahanap ng mali sa nkaraang administrasyon,NGMAMALINIS PA XA,SARILI NGA NLANG HACIENDA HINDI NLA MABIGYAN NG SOLUSYON!!MANGARAP CYA!!!

      1. vincensus ignoramus: “He is a servant of God.”
        God: “Who told you that your “God”?”
        vincensus ignoramus: “You of course and I know it because Pnoy really helps the pinoys that you will gonna guide, protect and help him for our country’s success.”
        God: “You know what? I’m totally ominous and almighty that I don’t have to take crap from you.”

      1. Uh-oh.. ibabato na naman ni Vincenzo ang sisi sa iba nyan, hay..

        C Cory at Noynoy laging walang kasalanan.. sila naman ang majorly involved..

    3. then pnoy’s one lousy servant*. tamad, sinungaling, suwail, may hirit pang “kayo ang boss ko!” pero diktador naman**.

      (which reminds me: anyone notice that vincenzo is like joeam in fanboyness, but without the brain? vincenzo is also like gabbyd in actual usefulness to the world – like walking, talking warnings of what not to be.)

      *so much so that he’ll probably be hired by the flaming red guy downstairs after he’s fired upstairs.

      **if he’s lucky, he’ll get daily pineapples, just like hitler.

  14. SWS has a survey that about 40% of Filipino adults believe in Cupid.

    All SWS has to do is to look for these 40 percenter if they want to have a bias survey in favor of Penoy.

      1. Keep telling yourself that and maybe, just maybe, you can scientifically prove that it is in fact a truth and a fact.

        Until such time, it remains questionable as a source of reliable data.

  15. BadNoy isn’t holy. He is not a servant of God. He is not the boss. His nutzi, yellow people are also not the boss. Beware of false prophets…

    There is only one Boss… God! Jesus Christ is his only son.

    To use even the name of God to promote political propaganda is the greatest of all evil!

    1. With the people finally expressing their disapproval of this vindictive administration, Noynoy might be forced to listen as he had sworn to the people they will be his boss.

      Unfortunately, there is no sign that PNoy is listening to his critics. I am glad though that there are now some columnists from the mainstream who are echoing what I have been saying since this circus show started: that the Noynoy Aquino government is turning the Philippines into a vindictive society.

  16. i notice in the self-publicity blitz kris aquino has been on she said to a pre-planned question that she is now ” an actress, producerand philanthropist”
    a photo op does not make you a philanthropist, or being paid to sponsor products.
    pity she did not have the class to thank the unsung heroes and volunteers who give from their heart and not for personal glory, self promotion or an impending political campaign.
    some people are just too despicable

    1. I think she has lost the plot a long time ago. It’s a pity people like Vincenzo look up to the likes of her and even emulate her.

  17. They’re attempting to whitewash the PR disaster, and I’m laughing hard at the attempt.

    “Quick! Reestablish mind-control before they wake up!”

  18. If, and it is still a big if, aquino gets his way with the SC , then i would bet the hacienda luisita decision is amended.
    The point is will p-noy supporters just ignore it or go along with whatever reason/excuse is given.
    If you have sheep as electorate, then you already have a dictatorship

  19. ‘Somehow it seemed as though the farm had
    grown richer without making the animals
    themselves any richer — except, of course,
    for the pigs.’
    Animal farm – george orwell

    ‘Napolean would like equality for all animals, but he was concerned they would make the wrong decision, so for the good of the animals he decided that he would take all decisions’
    Animal farm

    1. you’re too kind. noynoy was the absolute worst in the lot. more than a decade of public (dis)service – ZERO real accomplishments. and then he became president! (what a country of morons)

      juan tamad incarnate got elected president – hey the philippines is a global laughing stock! partly because of him, and mostly because of the idiots who voted for him. mas matalino pa ang mga bumoto kay erap. yun nga lang puro bobo din sila.

      ano’ng tawag sa mas bobo sa bobo?


      sagot: “vincenzo”

  20. Pigs in clover – pro-pain

    Order through the chaos.
    The end game is at hand.
    Time is now of the essence
    for us to take a f…..g stand.
    Chinese and elitist pigs
    owned us from the start.
    They marched us into oblivion,
    instilled fear in our heart.
    like pigs in clover they are running things
    with the grand ambitions of kings.
    But the plot just thickened, the traps are set.
    Binay’s lurking whilst the yellows sweat.
    Got umpteen choices, but the choices suck!
    Put the nails in the coffin cause we’ll still all get

    1. You certainly got that one right Jay. Binay’s lurking to get his greasy fingers on the coffers to add to his already amassed unexplained wealth. Pnoy is a stooge compared to this f….r.

  21. It is not so much that Pnoy is the sole fault in this idol-worshipping, it is majorly the masa at fault who even bothered to pay attention to this guy and give him already a hero status without even knowing what his past achievements are. Mass media, the representation of our society is really the source of all destruction as it continues to glorify moronification and amorality amongst the havoc and the crises.

    1. It’s not that they weren’t aware of PNoy’s record of underachievement in the past. They really believed that the country just needed someone who is not corrupt. And the word “corrupt” to them simply means not stealing public funds. There are many forms of corruption, one of them is strong arming his allies into doing what he wants like impeaching Corona.

  22. Dear Ilda (and all others),

    I like to read your blogs since I read one a few months ago. This is the second from your hand that I read. I like to think I live in a democracy (the Netherlands, Europe) myself but maybe I am naieve and ignorant about that thinking (especially after reading this blog). However, if I really do live in a more or less democracy then I feel priviliged compared to the Philippines. Well, anyway, after visiting Cebu twice now (with a 14-15 months gap between the 2 visits) I already realized that I am a priviliged citizen of my own country. My Philippine partner wants to marry next year (I rather wait till the Divorce-bill is accepted) and wants to stay in the Philippines. Not so sure if thats a good idea, except for the climate and low cost of living.

    Having said this, I am truly sorry that everyone I talked (Pinays mostly) with told me – one by one – that the Phili government is corrupt. Maybe its time for a coup. Otherwise I would not know how your people can change the – rotten – system. It probably wont start from within.


    1. @Robert

      Another coup d’etat won’t solve the problems in the Philippines. In a nut shell, what can help is if majority of Filipinos follow the rule of law. Following the law even in simple things like road rules or throwing trash in the proper trash disposal can help put order in our society. When we have a less chaotic environment, we can attract both local and foreign investors to help uplift the economy.

      Removing the majority’s apathy and indifference to how the country is being run by the public servants can also help lessen corruption. These are just simple things that don’t even need a system change but can certainly help us move forward. Unfortunately, most Filipinos have this misguided idea that they should leave everything to their public servants while they preoccupy themselves with being a “happy” people.

      Please read this article: Filipinos cannot progress if they cannot follow even simple guidelines

      1. “Another coup d’etat won’t solve the problems in the Philippines…”

        …but it would sure remove that turd in malacanang…

        1. I don’t like the idea of removing someone unconstitutionally. We did that with Marcos and Erap but it had dire consequences. We have to allow our institutions to work for us. Let’s assume that the Presidential election was legit and assume that the majority really wanted PNoy to win. They are getting the government they deserve and soon enough, they will realise their mistake and vote wisely in the next election. Voter maturity takes time. We cannot force our views on other people by forcefully removing someone from office. They need to realise their mistake on their own. Once they do, they will accept our views.

  23. it would only take 3 things to fundamentally change the country – for the better

    economy – change 60/40 rule on investments
    accountability – a strong freedom of information bill
    corruption/politics – abolish pork barrel

    the benefits would automatically flow for all

    these are the strategic decisions for change – hence no chance they will happen. the politics is based upon elitism/feudalism which will not relinquish their power and privilege – obtained through corruption – so no intrinsic personal values which are about ‘the common good’ purely self-interest.

    civil unrest will increase by 2016 as the wealth gap increases and poverty remains endemic, but another round of slogans/promises/videoke and the charade will begin again – and nothung will change – for 95%

    1. It is another one of those chicken and egg dilemma. How do you invite foreign investors in if the country is still in disarray? They might come but only stay for a short period after realising that they are better off bringing their money somewhere else.

      I believe we need to clean the house first before inviting guests. If we can do some house-cleaning while striking a deal with investors at the same time, why not? But it would take a really good leader to rally the people to change their ways while charming investors in. We all know that PNoy is not the leader who can do that. In the meantime, we need to work on our own financial stability so we can rely on the government less and have the ability to help others who need more incentive.

      Sure, FOI and abolishing port barrel can work but while we are waiting for that to happen, we should do all the little things that matter as individuals like following the rules.

      1. Easier said than done Ilda. I am a foreigner, and I did bring my money to invest, but I found that although the rules are written, hardly anybody follows them. It seems to me that whenever a foreigner appears, everybody tries to get their chop whether it be by lying or cheating or just downright stealing. Many a foreigner warned me about the shenanagins and the confidence tricksters there but I thought they were exagerating. I soon found out they weren’t. So yes, you are spot on when you say you need to clean the house before inviting guests, for until it’s clean this little foreign investor won’t be back.

  24. Really quite absurd to suggest that Aquino “turned people against the Catholic Church. Yes, the Catholioc Taliban hates him for refusing to kowtow to them on the RH issue (among other things), but that’s one of the few really admirable things he’s done. Aquino didn’t turn anyone against the Church, it was the Church that turned people against its own hypocrisy and arrogance. If you truly believe that the CBCP has “direct access to God’s hotline”, it’s you that needs to get real.

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