Fails the So What? Test: Raissa Robles on Mrs Cristina Corona as ‘GMA appointee’ @raissawriter

By “investigative journalist” Raissa Robles’s own admission, some people end up as collateral damage when “dirt” about them gets dug up when scandal erupts. That’s what “investigative journalists” do after all. Dig up dirt. So the collateral supposedly damaged by Robles’s recent article is Mrs Cristina Corona, wife of Chief Justice Renato Corona who is currently undergoing impeachment proceedings.

“Whenever a political squabble erupts, all the alleged dirt comes out in the open,” says Robles. Indeed they do. But does Mrs Corona’s “dirt” that Robles “exposes” in painful “investigative” detail pass the So What? test?

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Refer to the article with the painful title “Cash gifts & car plans – COA report shows what Corona’s wife did as a GMA appointee“.

All Robles essentially does is answer the question “Are they true?” (“they” referring to said “dirt” “reported” in the above article). And to answer this question, she digs up some old Commission on Audit (COA) reports to imply that they are true.

So what are these “shocking” revelations of impropriety on Mrs Corona’s part that our perky investigative reporter dug up?

Here they are:

(1) Former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo (GMA) made it a point to appoint Mrs Corona to the Board of Directors of John Hay Management Corporation (JHMC) in 2001.

This “point” is brought up, Robles explains, because she notes that at the time in that year, it was “roughly a week after Estrada loyalists had stormed Malacanang Palace and nearly unseated Arroyo”. So in Robles’s mind, the “fact” that Arroyo would take “the time out to make such an appointment” in the middle of a garden-variety Filipino political circus is a basis to “conclude” that this was “important enough to be on [Arroyo’s] to-do list” to do so.


She goes on to note that Mr Corona was “rewarded” (for what exactly, Robles does not mention) with a “plum” seat in the Supreme Court (SC). As such…

(2) There was, supposedly, a “possible conflict of interest” [my italics] in an SC justice being married to a Board member of the JHMC both of whom were appointed by GMA to those positions.

Unfortunately, I’m left scratching my head as to what specifically that “possible” conflict of interest might be as Robles did not go into the detail of that matter in her “report”. Perhaps I am slow. But, as I observed, so are Robles’s readers. So I’m in good company.

See, (and, again, by Robles’s own admission), that “question over the possible conflict of interest involved in a top judge, appointed by the President, having a wife occupy a position also by virtue of presidential appointment” was not raised at the time. It’s a point made uncanny by Robles’s timing in making it. I’m reminded of how “illegal logging” is, well, illegal whether or not it contributes to making a storm-induced deluge deadlier than it should have been. But then we can be assured that the excuse that nobody makes a big deal about illegal logging in times of clement weather holds water (pardon the pun). As long as someone does make a big deal about it after thousands die in the NEXT one of those uniquely-Filipino disasters, everyone can feel that they have “done their part”.

Tough luck for the multi-thousand Filipinos who’ve been dying needlessly over the last several decades because of template disasters such as the one wrought by Sendong today.

By the same token, back in 2001 nobody made a big deal about this nebulous “conflict of interest” that Robles shocks us with in her “report” — until “things dramatically changed” in 2005 when Filipinos “learned” that “very possibly Mrs Arroyo had cheated in the 2004 elections in order to win by a million votes”.

Politicians cheat.


Robles then goes into C3P0 mode, relating her account of the eeevvvvilllls that GMA did to cling to power, and how Corona either agreed or dissented to SC rulings presumably depending on how favourable or unfavourable these were to GMA’s personal health. Perhaps there was a correlation. But see, Ms Robles, if you had taken up logic while taking your English course back in school, you will probably have appreciated the reality that correlation does not necessarily imply a causal relationship between the elements observed to be correlated.

Consuelo de bobo na lang. As Han Solo said to the yammering droid in the excellent film The Empire Strikes Back, “I’m glad you’re here to tell us these things.”

Well to be fair, Robles makes one of her now famous “points” after all that, noting how…

(3) Mr Corona sat in the SC as a justice courtesy of GMA’s “reward” and Mrs Corona enjoyed a plum Board position in the JHMC over the rest of the period of GMA’s cling-on presidency.

Noted. I stand corrected. Perhaps that is a conflict of interest having a GMA-appointed justice married to a GMA-appointed Board member of a state corporation that becomes relevant at a time when the legitimacy of the appointer‘s claim to the throne is being questioned.

That reminds me. Fast forward to today then rewind a bit to mid-2010 when noob President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III ate his words (after a long temper tantrum against “midnight appointments”) and officially recognised Renato Corona as Chief Justice of the SC.

“Obvious” according to Chief Presidential Legal Counsel Eduardo De Mesa.

But then the relevance of that decision became evident today now that the family jewels — the vast Hacienda Luisita of Presidential Uncle Peping Cojuangco — is imperiled. And so Corona has to go. Uncle Peping reportedly says so. Which is why Corona is now being impeached — and why Mrs Corona is now being hung out to dry. Collateral damage.

Robles then puts her C3P0 hat back on and quotes huge blocks of text from the COA report on Mrs Corona’s shocking use of JHMC resources. Whatever. It brings us to a twist to Robles’s article in the end. She does, yet again, admit that all that really has “little to do with Mrs Corona’s husband’s impeachment trial”.

Holy waste of space Batman!

But then, Robles, yet again notes in considering that the Php170,000 value associated with one of Mrs Corona’s alleged improprieties as a JHMC senior officer is tiny, but that;

(4) “[P]ublic officials have been jailed for far less than P170,000.”

File a case then Ms Robles.

Oh yeah, I forgot. Those instances of Mrs Corona’s alleged impropriety weren’t relevant at the time. But now they are, right? You just highlighted everything about the Philippines that is wrong. You just don’t know that you did in this article of yours. Thanks for doing my job.

So the question now is this:

So what if Mrs Corona was a GMA appointee?

The saving grace of Robles’s monumental treatise on why she thinks Mrs Corona sucks lies in Item 4. As I said Ms Robles, file a case against Mrs Corona and I might give your article a C+. I’ll give you an A- if you can go after all the rest of them who did similar wrongs whether said wrongs are politically relevant now or not.

107 Replies to “Fails the So What? Test: Raissa Robles on Mrs Cristina Corona as ‘GMA appointee’ @raissawriter”

  1. Will Raisa Robles be a able to convince and pass an impartial investigative panel that will probe, dig and expose the veracity of her report?

        1. Mas tanga ka because her journalism is full of bias. So what do you expect? It’s like you love eating sh*t.

        2. Remember it’s a blog Vicenzo. Meaning it can be partial fact/pure fiction. It is a blog, not an official publication with no editor to review. As such, take all statements from blogs with a grain of salt.

          Blogs are never to be taken as 100% truths/facts. Keep that in mind when you do vouch for him.

        3. hehheee… this guy is referring to raisa therefore, if you vouch for her is correct.

          or if the subject is journalists, the correct grammar is if you vouch for them…

          nobody is calling this guy about his wrong grammar… kapamilya kasi.. hehehe.

        4. @jcc, just a typo. There is no edit function so i could not replace him with her. I know you want to nitpick on other people’s statements which for me are non-essential. Whatever floats you boat sir.ü happy holidays.

          It still doesn’t change the fact that was stated. Cheers!

        5. not credible ang blog nia dahil walang support document like scanned document nagbibigay lng xa ng link pero di mo alam kung ginawa din nia ung site na un… pro type written so mananatili lng ung hearsay o hakahaka lng…

      1. Gago ang magsasabi na journalist si Raissa Robles. She’s a Penoy’s advocate (read: paid hack).

        I ‘d like to call her a presstitute, but no, she does not deserve that.

        BTW, benign0, a great post.

        1. Thanks, Trosp. Raissa’s article, like the previous one I featured, contains a lot of information that is stitched together using very sloppy thinking.

        2. He he he he…

          How about newscrafter?

          Those people from Inquirer and ABS-CBN.

          Dito kumukuha ng balita at opiion ang mga yellowtards.

        3. “contain a lot of information that are stiched together” better than a lot of information that is stitched together.. hehehe.

        4. jcc, the problem with Raissa’s approach is she put out 1 + 1 which you know is simply just leads to 2, but instead her approach is leading you towards a bigger number of 11 which is not the case. 11 being the A-HA moment she seeks.

          Case in point, does that mean anyone appointed is simply just awarded the position and they show utang na loob/gratitude in return. If that were the case then we must worry for the position of Mr. Mar Roxas then as he can find a way to cover up any anomalies or under the table scheme he and PNOY could hatch just because he has “utang na loob”, right?

          See my example, there is somewhat a sense of “gratitude” involve that it was the president that did place you in your “current” position, but does that automatically mean you will do anything that benefits the person, even if its wrong? AUTOMATICALLY?!

          I beg to disagree.

          I’m not saying Mr. Palengke will do what I cited as an example, but given the “logic” involved with Ms. Raissa’s statements about the CJ, it does mean it is also equivalent to Mr. Palengke’s situation and how he can be “controlled” so to speak. Agree?

        5. “it does mean it is also equivalent to Mr. Palengke’s situation and how he can be “controlled” so to speak. Agree?

          hehehheee… ito ay palalampasin ko sana dahil hindi naman ako mahilig mag nit-pick.

          kapamilya kasi kaya bale-wala kay trosp, benigno at chino… 🙂

  2. making extra effort about PNOY having recognized CJ Corona and yet he would want him impeached. HE is the CJ whether PNOY likes him or not. That he is perceived to be to partisan for Arroyo and would block his “matuwid na daan” to run after the crooks, then he should be removed from the way. There is no disconjunctive there. That he is being removed presupposes that he is entitled to the office of which PNOY has recognized– now that he could not be trusted upon to carry the policies of the new regime – (stumbling block,category), the impeachment process was convenient. so who was absent at the logic class but present on english 101, huh?

      1. At ang gusto mo ay magtalaga si AbNoy ng sarili niyang chief justice na kanyang kapit sa leeg? 😛

        Seems you’re on the wrong road since you’re spouting total nonsense. State facts for once and not conspiracy theories and crap.

        1. Ang itatalaga ni Tito Noy ay isang justice na tpat sa lhat, hnd nya mgagawa na mglagay dyan ng hwak nya sa leeg, nililinlang ka lang ni pekeng Corona

        2. Jcc: TROLL. 😛

          Dapat hindi nakisama sa pulitika ang mga mahistrado ng Korte Suprema. But Noynoy and his minions are doing it so they can even control the judiciary.

          Vincenzo Peke: At paano ka naman nakakasiguro na hindi niya gagawin iyon e your Noynoy wants to get hold of the Supreme Court. How can you trust a leader who is not acting one and a schizophrenic just like you?

          So mas peke si Noynoy at hindi si Corona because hindi siya marunong. 😛

        3. Vincenzo Peke:

          Aminin mo na, you’re living in a world of delusions just like your Tito AbNoy. Alam kong magagawa niya iyon because not only of his ineptitude but he’s insane.

        4. better: Seems you’re on the wrong side of the road x x x…

          hindi napansin ni trosp, benign0 at Chino.. kapamilya kasi… 🙂

      2. Vicenzo, I hope you’re more concerned about the big picture the country is facing rather than getting CGMA persecuted. No matter how much Noynoy whacks her in illegal ways, the accused graft and corruption will resolve to nothing.

    1. Fact is GMA was perceived as a crook because the media highlighted her faults and made her supposedly anti-masa.

      The policies of the new regime is still blunders and blame games, proving the current president’s ineptitude.

      1. the policies of the new regimme are not is the subject is plural which requires plural verb..

        hehehe… si trosp, benigno at chino did not edit it… hehehe.. kapamilya kasi.. heheeh.

        1. jcc,

          The problem with grammar surfaced with your comment:

          “so who was absent at the logic class but present on english 101, huh?”

          First you lectured us about history na sablay naman ang interpretation mo.

          Masabi lang na alam mo yung history.

          Ngayon yayabangan mo kami ng alam mo sa English 101, e palpak naman.

          Saaan mo nga ba nakuha yung word na “disconjunctive”.

          Just like your previous comment about Julius Caesar being a “gay” as if you’re the first one to uncover it. And with that “disconjunctive” word – as if it is your de rigueur.

          Disconjunctive can’t be a typo error because this blog has a spell check mode.

          I beg you to stick around. You’re my punching bag.

          Disconjunctive… he he he…

    2. Nah, you missed my point (as usual), attorney (with a small “a”) jcc.

      My point is around how Noynoy is as politically motivated in his actions as any other bozo politician and lawyer he claims he is better and more matuwid than.

      Corona being a “GMA-appointee” became acutely relevant to Noynoy today after the SC put his uncle’s little farm up for CARP. But back in mid-2010 that was relatively less relevant politically so he just let it pass albeit grudgingly.

      Indeed, if I were president, I’d also like my own CJ. But I won’t pretend to be more righteous and “above politics” compared to other politicians. Noynoy is behaving like any other politician. But the difference with him is that he campaigned on a platform that put him on a moral pedestal above his peers and pitched him as holier than most bishops.

      And Filipinos being the chumps that they are ate it all up.

    3. Grammar and spelling are not my strong points.

      But I’d bet my other ball that comprehension is one of my strong points.

      Sadly, I can’t comprehend anything from jcc’s comment.

      What’s the meaning of disconjunctive? Where have you taken your “E”nglish 101?

      Baka disjunctive(?)

      1. That’s just the way JCC writes. It’s lawyerese used in a really bad way. Having bad grammar is bad enough, but a lawyer with bad grammar is the worst. 😀

        1. hahaha….you want me to write and proof read it carefully as if i am writing a thesis? no.. i can only spend so much time. sorry if spelling or grammar was wrong.. but we are digressing. the logic of my comment is there despite some errors in spelling and grammar.

        2. I hate it when certain professions develop their own “secret language.” Makes you wonder if they want to hide something.

      2. i told you people to read people other than benign0. sabi ni erap weather weather lang iyan.

        time ni GMA kanya ang korte suprema, ngayon ba namang hindi na niya time, kanya pa rin ang korte suprema?

        time ni marcos kanya ang korte suprema.. time ni cory kanya ang korte suprema…

        hahaha.. sabi ng korte suprema alisin sa mga cojuangco-aquino ang HL.

        sabi ng korte suprema, pero iyong isang branch ng cojuangco family na kakampi natin ibigay sa kanya ang “coco-levy funds”.. hahahaa..

        baluktot lang ang daan pag hindi mo kakampi, pag kakampi mo kahit baluktot, tuwid pa rin.

        kung walang moral ascendancy si PNOY ay mas lalong wala naman iyang korte suprema at si GMA. Nagagalit ba kayo dito kay GMA at sa Korte Suprema or selective lang ang galit natin duon sa hindi natin kakampi?

        trosp, thanks for disjunctive… my typos.

        you talk about

        1. Mahirap kasi na you assume moral ascendancy in the actions of PNOY when in fact he has shown that he is not on the side of what is moral and right but rather what is convenient for him.

          May mga pagkakamali na ginawa nung panahon ni CGMA. Totoo yun, hindi tayo nagbubulagan dun. Pero hindi naman ata tama na si CGMA lang ang punut dulo ng lahat ng sinisisi ninyo sa kanya.

          Isa pa, hindi lang naman nagkaanomalya sa gobyerno nung panahon ni CGMA diba? Nung kay FVR meron din mga isyu pero natulog lang lahat ito, ganun din nung panahon ni Estrada.

          Ngayon din sa panahon ni PNOY, meron din naman mga anomalya at pagkakamli sila o mga tao niya ginawa or ginagawa ngunit may nakikita ba tayong aksyon sa panig nila?

          Ang pinupunto ko lang e, kung talagang matuwid na daan ang tinatahak, hindi dapat ang pansariling agenda lang ang tulak at kabig ng kilos ng gobyerno. Asa tama lang at nasa loob at sinasakop ng proseso. Kaso kitang kita naman ang railroading na ginawa basta kabanggaan ni PNOY, panu mo masasabi ngayon na tuwid nga ang daan at may moral ascendancy kung SELFISH/SELF SERVING ang motives?

      3. grammar, spelling and comprehension. three subjects that are clearly identified.

        comprehension is my strong point. so what are the others where you are strong?

        this is not the same as the phrase “one of the boys”.

      4. you have already contrasted it with grammar and spelling not being your strong points.

        there is no basis for saying comprehension is one of my strong points when there was a prior statement that says grammar and spelling are not your strong points…

        the better prose is “but comprehension is my strong point”

  3. Kaya pla ang laki ng utang na loob ng Corona na ito kay Gloria. Kta m lhat ng kaso nya abswelto sya kpalit non ang pgging appointee. Dpat rin pla mkulong itong mag-asawang Corona

    1. IKAW ang dapat makulong dahil sa kabobohan mo. 😛

      Honestly, the Judicial Bar Council selected Corona and not Gloria herself. You sir have failed the “So What” test.

      Natatawa ako HIHIHI. 😀

      1. uy, you’re back. If the article talks about cgma or corona or hl, ang bilis magcomment ni Vincenzo. Pero nung ilang araw na tungkol sa kapalpakan ni PNoy sa Bagyong Sendong, no show siya.

        Black Propaganda indeed.

        1. kau ksi ay nsa baluktot na daan. Alm naman ntn n ang totoong my kslanan ng bgsak n bnsa ay si Gloria at eto namang si Corona ay pinoprotektahan sya. At wlang kpalpakan si Tito Noy sa bgyo, ang my kslanan ay ang mayor ng CDO dhl pinayagan nya tumira ang mga tao sa mga delikadong lugar, kala nya mkakapagtago sya kay Tito Noy?

        2. Si Vincenzo ay nas bulok na daan na likha mismo ni Noynoy due to his incompetence and stupidity

          And saying si Gloria ang may kasalanan ng lahat is all lies. Iyan ang UTAK SQUATTER. Ang mga UTAK SQUATTER ay mga tunay na sinungaling. Sige, mag tsismis ka pa. 😛

      2. you do not understand the concept of the jbc. it is only a recommending body, the appointment authority still remains with the president, unless such authority is withheld from her by the constitution as in the case of CJ Corona who could not be appointed had the president adheres to the ban of “midnight appointment.”

        1. iyon ang gustong paniwalaan ng korte suprema.. pero malinaw sa consti na walang exception duon.. kahit miyembro ng hudikatura. 🙂

    2. Excuse me lang sa mga di nagre-research. Maraming kaso na ni GMA na inakyat sa korte suprema nung nakaupo na si Corona na natalo na ng unanimous si GMA. Magbasa nga kayo at di lang ABiaS-CBN at Inquirer ang source. Ang tunay na tuta, pinapanalo lahat di ba? Kung may tuta dito, sina Lacierda at De Lima yun…

        1. Ahahaha. Hindi ko kasi kayang manahimik na lang baga. I’m not really used to debates so I try to be civil as much as possible. Maikli din pasensiya ko kasi. Nakakainis na nakakaawa mga nagco-comment dun. Paniwalang paniwala sa lahat ng articles ng mga bias reporters. More than half of the nation is in deep slumber talaga, so I think a great explosion is needed to wake them up. Kung ano man ang explosion na yun na kelangan, it’s a duty for all of us siguro na hindi pa blinded sa yellow light to create.

        2. @Aljid I admire your enthusiasm, but believe when I state that you are wrong in saying “more than half of the nation.” Remember that our populace is mainly from the countryside, most of which doesn’t give a fuck on commenting or reading blogs but on living and fighting. Don’t be so hopeless, cheer up!

  4. @jcc & vincennzo

    no matter how you defend your ngoyngoy, lots have already realize who he is. mga tagapagsalita niya iba-iba sinasabi para pagtakpan siya kung saan siya noong gabi ng nagbaha sa CDO & Iligan, huling-huli sila, kasama na ang 3 witches. hindi pa kayo nahiya?

      1. Hindi siya mabait. How can you say na siya’y mabait if he’s doing nothing.

        Oh yeah, this country would never move forward if the likes of you still exists and artistas and last names always matter.

        Kilala? Only brainwashed idiots like you.

    1. lots have already realized.. not lots have already realize…

      hehehe… hindi napansin ni beningo, trosp at chino… kapamilya kasi… hehheeeee. 🙂

      1. well, he doesn’t have arguments or facts to counter those that we stated. As such, he has lowered himself to “correcting” or citing our typographical/grammatical error(s).

        Congrats to him then for his “eagle eye”. Ahe…he! =)

  5. It’s part of the self-delusion of Noynoy Aquino: to blame; seek faults; and evil doings on others. To cover : his own faults; incompetence and evil doings. We have not heard of the Hacienda Luisita massacre…using government troops, to kill farmers-tenants demonstrating. To ask increase in pay, for the starvation pays they were receiving, as farmers laborers of the Aquino-Cojuangco families. We have not heard about the Dacer-Corbito murder…We have not heard of his treasonous acts. The money, he gave to the MILF, and the portion of the Philippine territory, that he gave them as refuge…
    Corona issue , is more important to him…to protect his interest on his Hacienda Luisita ownership…

    1. Its n0t that what ur sayin but the thing Tito Noy wants is justice. Everyone knows that Corona is protecting Gloria so he must go down

      1. Nah. It’s just-tiis. 😛 And saying that Corona is protectin Gloria came from delusional emo zombies like Vincenzo.

        Corona must go down because Vincenzo longs for an Aquino dictatorship. 🙂

      2. Aquino doesn’t want justice, he just wants favourable control of his own agenda and to even control that which should be neutral.

        You Vincenzo do not see the big picture and regrettably deny the facts that are in front of you.

        You just call it immediately a bias on CJ’s part just because he was appointed by CGMA. How so?

        The ruling against the truth commission? We have the Ombudsman for that already. Redundancy much?

        The TRO against the WLO of CGMA by DOJ without any merit or case filed? The reasoning is sound. No case, no reason to hold her in the country for whatever reason. Second, CGMA has flown in and out of the country during Aquino’s term. You fail to take notice of it and justify the WLO with just bent reasoning.

        Equal protection of all under the rule of law and equal exercise of it. That is what is needed. Selective exercise, even for the object of finding the truth will result in bad examples and a bad precedent.

        The ends will not justify the means and maybe all will be for naught.

        Think before you speak Vincenzo.

        1. Tanga. Fertilizer fund scam? Hello Garci? NBN ZTE scandal? Euro generals? Mrmeng dpat harapin si Gloria, alam yang ng taumbayan kaya hnd sya pnayagan tumakas. Hnd totoo yng cnsbi mong no case.

        2. Hehe, those are scandals created by her enemies during that time.

          Don’t take allegations as truth. Tama nga ang sinabi ni Corona sa kanyang speech na “If you keep telling a lie a million times, then they will believe it’s the truth.”

          He’s quoting JOSEPH GOEBBELS, you’re idol other than Noynoy. 🙂

        3. Vicenzo, di ka marunung umintindi ng post nu?

          Ang no case na sinasabi ko is nung time na nilagay nila yung WLO, way before pa may issues or “scandals” na dinidikit sa kay CGMA. Pero even before WLO, nakalabas pasok na si CGMA ilang beses pero ilang beses din umuwi diba?

          Ang mga sinasabi mo na issues, oo tama, maganda na harapin pero sa ginagawa ni Noynoy mo eh selective justice lang ang tawag dun. Ika nga, hindi pa din matuwid na daan. Kung hindi, daan lang na gusto niya makita ng mga katulad mo.

          Ayaw nga i-tama mga pagkakamali ng mga KKK niya sasabihin mo pa asa tuwid na daan siya. Why deny facts when they are right there in front of you being done as we speak.

          You treat him like a saint when he is not. Don’t close your eyes to Noynoy when you claim to have open eyes against CGMA.

          Open your eyes for both and learn to accept when there is fault in both.

  6. Is being a midnight appointee so bad? Is it that evil?

    But even taking out the “midnight appointees” won’t make the country better.

      1. haha! if it is not evil, then what is the purpose of this witch hunt which you support?

        You claim it is for justice, but justice for what?

        Flawed reasoning man.. really flawed. Practice some more and maybe you’ll get it right someday.

        1. Mrmeng ninakaw si Gloria,ang pondo n dpt npunta sa tama, nwla kaya dumarami ang problema ng bansa. Isa pa mrme ding pinapatay tong si Gloria, yung Maguindanao massacre, alam nya n mangyyri yon pero hnd pnigilan.

        2. Give up Vincenzo
          You are fighting a losing battle here
          You will never be able to succeed at whatever purpose your boss carandang gave you

        3. See, you keep blaming all the problems on CGMA when you only have allegations with no proof. Just because Noynoy says so makes it truth?

          Sige, isisi mo na lahat kay CGMA, does that make you a happy camper?

          Pag tapos mo na isisi ang lahat kay CGMA solve na ba lahat ng problema?

          Hindi nga pro-active si Noynoy e, reactive nga ika-nga. Mali yun.

          Bakit di mo matanggap yun?

    1. Consider the speed at which Congress was galvanised to act on Corona’s impeachment, and imagine how that power could have instead been used on things that are RELEVANT to ordinary Filipinos.

  7. I consider Harry Roque an unhinged opinion maker. I have this exchange of notes from his blog. My remarks are enclosed in parenthesis []:

    “On December 10, 2010 at 5:54 pm Trosp said:

    [I’m not sure if I’ll just leave your post as it is or would I inquire for some clarifications -]

    H: “I did so because I have known since the appointment of its current Chief Justice, that the court is one of the many institutions that have been weakened by former president Gloria Arroyo to ensure her impunity.”

    [So, as mandated by the constitution for the president to choose a chief justice, what should she has done to satisfy your parameter? Sit down and let that matter pass? Is there any precedent that an incumbent president let it pass and let the predecessor to make the choice?]

    H: “By ruling that a toothless tiger such as the Truth Commisison is unconstitutional, the Court, in the exercise of its educational function, has effectively accorded Gloria Macapagal- Arroyo with impunity.”

    [How? Does it mean lawsuits can’t be filed anymore against GMA in court on her alleged corruptions etc.?]

    H: “First, it was the Ombudsman that told us that the former president could not be investigated for lying, cheating and stealing.”

    [Is it really what the Ombudman has told us? Care to cite your source. I’ve got a feeling that that remark was reworded or there were sins of omission.]

    H: “Where should ordinary citizens now go for redress of grievances against public officials suspected to have breached the constitutional precept that public office is a public trust? Where should we go now to enforce this trust ? Until this decision, we thought we can go to the court of last resort.”

    [Don’t you think the court or the ombudsman is the proper forum? If a truth commission is where we can put our trust, so, what is the use of the court? Or you just want a trial by publicity?]

    H: “But precisely because it is a toothless tiger, how on earth can it be unconstitutional?”

    [As Senator Joker Arroyo has opined: “”Anything the President does via Executive Order does not have [the] force of [the] law. It does not have subpoena power.

    Best way to do it, form a commission that is enacted by Congress.”

    He said Congress can arm the commission with its much needed power to investigate and prosecute government officials in the past administration who have been accused of corruption.”

    Another question – why Penoy can’t do that simple thing?]

    (Additional comment – now you know why Penoy is resorting to IMPEACHMENT.)

    [For it’s constitutionality thing, the Supreme Court has decided on it. Why is GMA is the sole person for that truth comission.

    Perhaps, If Penoy would say that it is not, then, maybe, he has provided a list and then a raffle who will be the first one to be investigated.]

    H: “Sure the commission will duplicate the functions of the Ombudsman. But since when did the enforcement of the country’s anti-graft laws become the sole monopoly of the Ombudsman?”

    [And what happens to your previous remark – “Truth to tell is that I myself am not a big fan of this commission. I have written that it would be a toothless tiger unless it utilizes existing powers of the Department of Justice to conduct preliminary investigations, the Office of the Solicitor –General to file civil cases for forfeiture of ill-gotten wealth, and the Anti-Money Laundering Council for forfeiture of dirty money. All these suggestions fell on deaf ears. But precisely because it is a toothless tiger, how on earth can it be unconstitutional?”]

    H: ‘Where is the dissimilar treatment? The fact that no commission was established against former presidents Ramos and Estrada is because neither could rival the avarice of either Marcos or GMA. Where then is the violation of equal protection?”

    [Care to show us the fact?]

    H: “Will someone please tell me since when the quest for the truth has become unconstitutional?”

    [What is the truth you want to have. That Ai Ai de las Alas has broken up with her latest boyfriend?

    You can also watch Discovery or Crime Investigation serials if you want to have some ideas on how the truth are presented that don’t have to delve with constitutional thing.

    Let’s deal with facts.

    But then for Penoy, no matter what, if you’re against me, even you’re a janitor from a any government agency, I’m going to IMPEACH you.”]

  8. Another one from H. “The Unhinged” Roque blog. A profile of a Penoy hack:

    “On December 24, 2010 at 8:08 am Tell me the truth said:

    Seek the truth, Senator Trillanes, the fight is not over. Alibaba and the 40 thieves are still in congress enjoying their loot. I was wondering what this TROSP was talking about. What politically and morally convenience is he/she is talking about and whose agenda? At least, Senator Trillanes and Senator Lacson didn’t steal from the government and besides, they have the courage to expose the evil of the Arroyo regime “They always depend on the seriousness and sheer volume of their accusations and not on the evidences and facts.” Trosp sounds like the old fat and corrupt to the core Mike Jose Pidal Arroyo. FYI, TROSP, WE KNOW BETTER, AND FOR THE PHILIPPINES TO HAVE A BETTER JUSTICE SYSTEM… SIMPLY GET RID OF THE HEAD OF THE OMBUDSMAN AND THE ALL THE JUSTICES OF THE “SUPREME CROOK”.


    On December 29, 2010 at 2:13 am harryroque said:



    On December 30, 2010 at 4:20 pm Trosp said:


    1. All this anti-Glorianism is leading to notorious people getting off the hook for just siding with who’s in the Palace hot seat.

  9. It is very frustrating to see some journalist go to this low level, maliciously spreading gossip, feeding the masses with this (mis)information. They have huge responsibility to tell the truth because this (mis)information shapes our country.

    One of the best investigative journalist I’ve seen is Mr. Cecilio Arillo. His book Greed and Betrayal contains shocking information that most Filipinos do not know because of cover ups by the mainstream media. It’s about what happened after the EDSA revolution. The book does not merely narrates the hapennings but it contain interviews with high people in the government at that time (vice President Laurel for example), references to corruption cases that were filed and more. Unfortunately it’s very difficult to find. I was looking for copies in several National Bookstore outlets but when I inquired, it’s all sold out. Then I wonder if copies are all sold out, it should have been recognized as best seller already but the book was almost never heard.So who bought these books???

    What we need right now is the truth. History (not the ones written in text books) will taught us not to repeat the same mistake. As what someone said we need to be more vigilant, knowing what really happened in the past enables us not to be tricked again and manipulated as puppets.

  10. It’s a shame not all of my comments on Robles’ article are approved.They are just opinions but the moderators find it too much perhaps but they allow all comments from those who praise the pointless article. Darn.

    1. robles is very selective in the comments she prints. i dont bother. so much for independence.
      her blog, her right, but a distorted view on the world not a debate.
      mutual mental mast%rbation society for frustrated/failed ‘lawyers’

      1. That’s what I did. Pinabayaan ko na lang. Hindi na ako nakabawi sa mga banat sakin kasi yung mga pang-counter ko, ayaw nang ilabas. So I’ll try not to bother looking at that blog again..Hehehe..

        1. @Ajid,
          Hindi ka nag iisa. Dito sa Get Real (kuno) na blog site na ito, hindi rin pinublish yung comments ko about GMA and about stupid people resorting to name calling. Ang malimit na lumalabas na comments dito yung comments against PNoy. Ganun talaga. Kanya kanyang kabig. Sabi nga ni Erap, birds of the same feather … are the same birds. He he he.. sabi nung isang sira ulo rito hormonal daw ako… siguro nga.

        2. @Harakiri

          Why not try again to post it but word it properly and explain your side?

          I believe the moderators here are not biased as you make them out to be.

          Maybe you violated the posting guidelines and your post was treated as spam, therefore it does not appear for others to see.

          If you have a point to tell people, do so with a calm heart and an open mind.


        3. @Sphynx,
          Thanks. I don’t get bothered by it. Past time ko na ang magbasa ng blogs and news on-line . I still read Get Real sometimes ;-). Obviously, I am not a regular here. Napadaan lang.

    2. That’s the way it is with these people. Selective commentary. They’d rather be surrounded by their like-minded mutual high-fivers than evaluate opposing views. Most of the time you actually learn more from those than from people who support your views — which makes sense because people who challenge your points of view actually force you to evaluate and re-evaluate your own thinking.

  11. hindi credible lahat ng evidenxa ni Raisa Robles kasi lahat ng reference nia type written,,, walang scanned document o what so ever na nagpapakita na original or xerox copy un… all content of her blog is type written lng at mananatiling hearsay at not credible… unlike sa book ni cecilio artillo pro scanned photo/document.. “greed and betrayal”

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