Why Baron Buchokoy represents every media exec’s worst nightmare AND sweetest dreams

The last several days saw a frenzy of commentary and speculation around the video Aquino-Cojuangcos: Facts They Don’t Want You To Know (which we shall refer to as just Facts when citing it henceforth) where some revealing and unflattering information about the feudal clans of the Aquinos and Cojuangcos currently ruling the Philippines in tandem were laid out in a brilliant showcase of moving picture artistry. Its enigmatic producer who goes by the name Baron Buchokoy and who runs the YouTube channel PinoyMonkeyPride understandably is coming under scrutiny and has since attracted attention from Philippine mainstream media. Despite the unsurprising glib dismissals of the information presented in Facts by Malacañang, the clamour for an interview with Buchokoy have been persistent.

Pressed for comment on these numerous invitations to come out for an interview, Buchokoy had so far given the following response to writer Paul Farol:

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Thanks [for the] offer. But I want to maintain my efforts as an idealistic effort. Meaning I don’t want to attribute it to one person (me). If I stay anonymous, it would be easy for people to become part of it. Until a solid figure who embodies “Fight Filipino Ignorance” comes out.

In the above short statement, Buchokoy sends out an important message to Filipinos:

Focus on the issues.

Though I myself would consider it a privilege to be sitting in the same room as Baron Buchokoy picking his brains, I think I could respect his coyness. Indeed, Buchokoy stands in stark contrast with some of the more high-profile “opinion shapers” out there who compensate for a lack of substance using spectacular displays of flamboyance.

Compare (1) the challenge faced by an obscure personality attempting to send out an important message with (2) that of a celebrity attempting to send out a message that is trivial. Hands down, celebrities succeed and get paid the big bucks while they are at it. This punctuates the astounding tragedy in the reality of the business of shaping opinion — it is usually the opinions of the loud and vacuous that get the most traction in our society. And that is what makes people like Baron Buchokoy absolutely remarkable. With no profile, no face, and no name, he succeeds at reaching out to hundreds of thousands with a relevant message.

Perhaps this is where we begin to understand the Mainstream’s interest in getting Buchokoy to come out and make himself known. The Mainstream gets its rocks off pumping out content devoid of substance using named and credentialled celebrities. The fixation on getting a mike and a camera shoved into Buchokoy’s face, it seems, represents a subconscious desire to pull the man by the ankles down to the abyssmal level of the Philippine mainstream.

We can imagine what might be going through the minds of our fat-cat media execs and “communications” bureaucrats:

How does an obscure Nobody get a message out to a vast audience for free while we routinely pay tens of millions to bozos like Sharon Cuneta and Ai Ai de las Alas to pitch our bullshit?

Well, I suppose when one needs to ask, one will never get it. Many self-described “social media practitioners”, media “consultants”, and “publicists” regularly walk into politicians’ offices with their Power Point presentations articulating one or the other seven-step “process” towards “achieving” their popularity goals. It’s big business. And the fact that it is so is a testament to how true substance remains the rare Earth element that it always has been — despite all this technology we now have at our disposal.

As what was said to have been said by the late Eleanor Roosevelt…

Small minds discuss people
Mediocre minds discuss events
Great minds discuss ideas.

19 Replies to “Why Baron Buchokoy represents every media exec’s worst nightmare AND sweetest dreams”

  1. I thought I will have a better alternative with the coming of TV5. It was a big disappointment. It came out to be a clone of the two leading tabloid networks.

  2. increasingly technology will have a significant bearing on info dissemination and future elections, as it already does in other countries.
    with the young and computer literate starting to tepresent a large percentage of the electorate, technology is what the oligarchs/powerbrokers fear most, especially as they do not underdtand it and cannot effectively control it.
    if co-ordinated and harnessed rather than being too fragmented it will be the catalyst for change and offer the youth the opportunity for new parties and a more level playing field where technological superiority can offset pure spending power.

  3. Don’t mind the Messenger…Just understand his Message…Because, it will give you the Truth, and makes you wiser.
    If Baron Buchakoy will come out. He will be hounded by the YellowTards; the YellowShirts rabid followers of their Aquino Cojuangco YellowTards puppeteers. Politicians who want his service will dangle to his face unresistable amount of Cash…
    We in the Social Media…try to improve things in our country…we don’t want accolades for our services…All we want is for a better country, with well informed people…It’s our altruistic hopes, that we have already made a difference in our peoples’ mind-sets..

      1. I agree. Historically, it took successive German and French revolutions for social democracy to evolve in feudalist europe. The rhetoric of the Simbahang Katoliko against the RH bill makes it more of a diguise weaponry for the oligarchy axis to further dominate a major pool of serf and labourer thereby asserting ruling hegemony to the ignoramous.

    1. Baron Buchukoy is now a menance to the ruling oligarchy of Ph. I remenmber the old Kabataang Makabayan in pre-martial law years was the last of the ghost of the Bonifacio spirit to make a stand aginst tyrannical hegemony.

      I wonder when will they resurrect to limelight to forestall back their socialist democratic endeavour ?

  4. If people would group together to perpetually hound on the Aquino-Cojuangco clan about their wrongdoings or even go after them, regardless of whether they’re in power or not, perhaps a point could be reached where they would realize that no amount of political or legal maneuvering could make it go away. They would have to confront this thing sooner or later.

    It’s possible that Ninoy and then GMA are just “fall guys” and that there would still be others to follow.

    If the wealth that started it all for the Cojuangco’s through Ysidra came from treasure meant to support our early resistance-fighters, then Ysidra would be “THE”, if not one of the, earliest embezzlers of people’s wealth—one of the earliest hidden wealth peculators. What Marcos (or presumably GMA) had been accused of doing pales into insignificance with what Ysidra had done in terms of future repercussions to the society.

    Now compound that with the sly “chinese-style” business manipulative opportunism of her heirs, and on top of that, what happened in Hacienda Luisita. We are in fact here dealing with one of the most corrupt families in the history of the republic.

    God save us all!

  5. Baron Buchukoy is synonymous to pnoy. Check Facebook. Sounds fitting for the “Baron” of Luisita, and Buchukoy family in control. I got tricked with this. Lol

  6. The Aquino Cojuangco family have made the Philippines a version of their hacienda Luisita in Tarlac…we are the slaves….thewy are the Plantation owners…

    1. historically in all serfdom and slavery, there will always be revolutions to assert against abuse by the intelligently thinking mankind.

      it’s time for the filipinos to open their minds that our selves, family, blood and country’s destiny rest under us only.

      1. Study the Russian Red October revolution. It parallels our condition. The Ruling Tsarist Royals, nobilities and Oligarchs…made the Russin People SERFS…the Bolshevist had only two issues in their revolution : Land and Bread…and there was a Rasputin in the midst, with a lustful Czarina…

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