Gloria Arroyo travel ban: The commies should be worried

The whole issue about the request of former Philippine President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo (GMA) to seek medical treatment abroad and the denial of that request by the Department of Justice under Secretary Leila de Lima is really a non-issue.

The Constitution of the Philippines guarantees freedom to travel in and out of the country to all Filipino citizens. This guarantee is such that even the whole notion of demanding a whole raft of paperwork for the onerous purpose of “clearing” departing overseas foreign workers (OFWs) remains a controversial issue that is still to be resolved

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In an article in the Philippine Daily Inquirer, former ambassador to Greece and Cyprus, Rigoberto Tiglao wrote that he just realized that [a directive to curtail OFWs’ freedom to depart the country] could actually be unconstitutional. He emphasized that the freedom to leave the country is a fundamental human right as explained to him by an immigration official:

Section 6 in our Constitution’s Bill of Rights says: “Neither shall the right to travel be impaired except in the interest of national security, public safety, or public health, as may be provided by law.”

The right is also emphasized by United Nations conventions that we have ratified. The UN Convention on Human Rights of 1948 states: “Everyone has the right to leave any country, including his own.” The International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights of 1966 says: “Everyone shall be free to leave the country, including his own.”

It was said that in March 2008, the POEA under another administrator, already scrapped the required validation of OFW documents “following a directive from then President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo to streamline processes in OFW deployment.” Good on the former President for using her head and for understanding what the OFWs have to go through.

Indeed, the irony here is that it was GMA herself who paved the way for a more “streamlined” process to be implemented for Filipino OFWs seeking employment abroad — an achievement that, not surprisingly, is being undone by the government of popular golden boy President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III.

A penchant to second-guess people’s intentions seems to be an unsavory cultural tradition of Filipinos. Rather than uphold the primacy of rules and facts, we instead incline towards deferring to the speculative and the unknowable. In the case of the plight of the OFWs, for example, listed among the requirements in a “frequently asked questions” (FAQ!) document issued by the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) is what they term “Proof of existing employment (such as valid employment contract, employment certificate, valid company ID, pay slips)”.


What business is it of a government that is lent legitimacy by a Constitution that stipulates anyone’s right to travel not being impaired in any way “except in the interest of national security, public safety, or public health, as may be provided by law” to demand that a citizen disclose his or her employment prospects abroad when exiting the country? If and where one works is a piece of personal information, last I heard.

More importantly, one’s medical requirements are even more so — personal and private. For that matter, GMA has neither been arraigned nor charged with any offense. What then is the basis for the ban on her departure? A perceived intent to defraud?

For me, this is not just about former President Gloria Arroyo. The principles at work here, as we have shown, extend to the plight of the much-vaunted “heroes” of the Republic, the OFWs. What next? I read somewhere that even the commies are applauding the travel ban being slapped upon the hapless former President. Amusing, considering that this whole case, if it goes in favour of the Yellow Horde, will set a precedent for future travel bans involving other perceived threats to “national security”. That puts our pals still dressed in Cold War costumes at risk of someday finding themselves squarely within the crosshairs of a regime empowered by such an outcome.

The common denominator in this and the earlier schmozzle is no less than the vindictive hand of the Second Aquino Administration. On one hand, Aquino through his Propaganda Team keep appealing to the patience and understanding of his adoring public for the snail-paced progress of his government in getting much of anything done; and on the other, he keeps piling on and attending to trivial issues such as this.

Ano ba talaga?

Does Noynoy want progress? Or does he want revenge? Only a brilliant statesman can pull off both — kill his enemies and flash a winning smile at the cameras as he swings his sword. Unfortunately, Noynoy is no statesman and certainly lacks the intellectual bandwidth to do more than one thing at a time. So he will have to choose: Focus on what is important? Or focus on the trivial?

I will for once have to agree with the eminent Manuel Buencamino who caps his piece in with this infinitessimally rare bit of insight coming from his pointed head:

Let’s stop the silliness. Make Gloria Arroyo’s doctors explain her true medical condition. If they say she has to go immediately, then she must go immediately. Her arraignment can wait. She can chill with Ramona Bautista in Turkey. Period. Plantsado at walang gusot. And we can move on to issues that really matter—Ruffa versus Shaina, Anabelle versus Nadia.

I’ll drink to that.

39 Replies to “Gloria Arroyo travel ban: The commies should be worried”

  1. Do remember that Noynoy’s father was given permission to leave and seek medical attention abroad ALONG with his entire family despite being jailed for suspicion in collaborating with communists.

      1. Because God is with me. Unlike Vincezo, Satan is with you. Kasi you’re immature at naniniwala sa mga sabi-sabi.

        Does the Bible teach you about the sin of… SLANDER? Your posts are full of comedy and fantasy rather than the TRUTH. So you’re a SLANDERER.

        Hypocrite. 😛

      2. What makes you think those two supernatural being exist? And you still fall for that talking snake knowledge and information conspiracy?

      3. kawawa naman the yellows, can’t they get better trolls than this dork vincenzo? or maybe he truly loves THE ABNORMAL ONE. Why don’t you just s**ck his d**ck

  2. funny…murderers, or those with murder cases, are given more slack. for all her braggadocio a while back of being hot on the trails of a fugitive-senator, de lima’s now taking advice from him, and all it took was the same guy having chicharon talk with BS. and of course there’s that “little” oversight with ramona.

    “Rather than uphold the primacy of rules and facts, we instead incline towards deferring to the speculative and the unknowable.” spot on benign0. i guess this is what to expect from a society that thrives on intrigues and misplaced paranoia.

    this is more than just about gloria. it’s about the Filipinos’ constitutional rights. apparently “pinoys” don’t care as long as their bloodlust is sated.

  3. The YellowTards want both…revenge and statemanship…it’s a useless diversionay issue…the Hacienda Luisita SCAM issue, is more worse, than GMA case…the government was swindled by millions of pesos. People were murdered, farmers were massacred…the farm workers are paid: nine pesos and fifty centavos a day (U.S. $0.25)…how can you live with that kind of pay? Modern day slavery? Aquino Cojuangco Greed knows no limit..

  4. Guys What The Fuck is wrong with this country!

    Most of the world seems to be developing and becoming smarter with all the new technology. The exception is the Philippines where people seem to actually become more stupid as the years go by.

    This does not mean that Filipinos are bad or stupid, this just mean that the government and the elite are either not doing their job to provide education or they are actually doing their best to make sure that people do not get too smart. They have found the perfect solution which is replacing education with stupid TV shows like Wowowee or Banana Split.

    The Elitist Government is worried that if people are well educated they might actually open their eyes and realize that the democratically elected government is nothing more than a dictatorship far worse than the time of President Marcos.

    To prove my point all we need to do is have a look at who the current president of the Philippines is. Guys don’t get me wrong I love Kris and if she would agree to be the mother of my children it would be a dream come true. But WTF Noynoy? Has he achieved anything in life? Has he achieved anything in politics? Has he achieved anything as President? Except for the Wang wang law that has changed the Philippines forever. So how was he elected? People were drunk, unconscious or stupid to vote for Noynoy

    The Philippines under the leadership of Pinoy has become a very sad joke it reminds me of a kindergarten. Pinoy wakes up every morning and spends his time thinking how he can get back at his two enemies Marcos and Arroyo. No one in the current administration has any idea of what the word diplomacy means. Anyone who doubts his majesty Pinoy is immediately attacked verbally by his school yard bullies including the former US ambassador to the Philippines who had the audacity to doubt his Majesties capabilities.

    Don’t get me wrong I hate corruption and dictators but are we really so stupid to believe that the Arroyos invented corruption and the only Dictator was President Marcos. Governments here have always been corrupt and the current one is no less corrupt (no offense to Kris). So how can we explain the frenzy gripping the public waiting for the arroyos to be hanged in EDSA.

    This has gone so far that the masses actually believe whatever they are told. It has reached a stage that if gods forbid Gloria will die; the masses will claim that she died to escape serving jail time. As someone rightly pointed out this week, that the people spreading all these stories need a mental asylum.

    When talking to middle aged people who remember the Marcos era all one hears is how good it was back then. Obviously this is only when talking to the working class people and not to the Elite. With at least 3 members of the Marcos family elected to politics it is pretty clear that the majority have no ill feelings towards the Marcos era and many actually look back with longing to those times.

    Let’s have a look at the facts under the Marcos administration the crime rates were far lower, the economy was actually better, judicial killings we no higher than today and even our beloved Ninoy Aquino was allowed to fly to the US after having charges filed against him.

    Under the Arroyo administration the economy was better and Erap was allowed to get medical treatment abroad even after having charges filed against him.

    Under his Majesty Pinoy, the economy is going down. Crime rates are soaring and Arroyo is not allowed to get medical treatment abroad despite not having any charges filed against her.

    So tell me who the Dictator is and who is corrupt. The right to travel is a basic human right so where is people power now? How sad that we are a nation of zombies who follow the orders of the elite.

    I will try to finish on a high note, I read yesterday that Manny Pacquiao might run for president in 2022, yehey

    1. mark
      some valid points but you lose some credibility if you want to go where all men have been before – kris – and if you support pacquaio as president. then you are part of the problem not solution and no different than brainless idiots like vincenzo who follow in blind faith without question or an iota of knowledge/facts just repeating the slogans/mantras fed to them.

      1. I am sorry I did not put a big JOKE sign near the Kris comment and the Pacquiao comment I thought it was obvious that I was being cynical

    2. The country was taken over by YellowTards…creating a Feudal Monopolistic Oligarchy kind of government…A Hacienda Plantation kind of governance…the YellowTards and the Oligarchs, are the Plantation owners…we are the YellowTard Slaves…

  5. God was still with him. Tignan mo nung libing nya, maraming Pilipino ang naroon. Pag si Gloria namatay, baka kay0ng mga bayaran lng ang pmUNTA

    1. That is because most of the people who went on Cory’s funeral are utterly BRAINWASHED just like you.

      Because only fools are gullible enough to believe Aquino magic and hype, much like everyone with a last name has a label to them. You’re just a stand-up comedian and you made us laugh with your nonsense. Pero wala ka kay George Carlin, ugok. 😛

    2. @ Vincenzo B. Arellano

      You keep using the name of the Lord in vain.

      The last time God was with a goverment, King Josiah of Judah, being the latest as per biblical records – the country prospered.

      We did not prosper during the time of Cory, so was God with her?

      Common sense says, DEFINITELY NOT.

    1. @Vicenzo…Your YelloeTard Uncle can just transfer ownership to any YellowTard relative…then, buy his Hacienda Luisita Plantation back; at his convinience…Another SCAM…we don’t want to be scammed twice…

  6. Mark your a ******** *****. Unti unti nang umaangat ang Pilipinas mula sa pagkasira nito. Marcos destroyed the Philippines by martial law. Lahat nwalan ng karapatan at ipapapatay ka kpag gs2 nila. Ninakaw pa nya ang bu0ng kaban ng bayan. Buti nlng nandyan si Tita Cory. E2 naman si Gloria isa pa. Ninakaw dn ang kaban ng bayan at ngay0n gus2 tumakas sa kasalanan nya. Buti nlng nandyan si Tito Noy. At bumabagsak ang ek0n0miya at tumataas ang krimen ng bansa dhl sa dalawang ito, sila ang may kasalanan. At lahat pantaypantay kay Tito Noy kaya wala yang elite elite n cnsbi m0. Ano naman kung tumakbo si Pacman? The people will decide,not you. Handa ako ib0to sya ksi mhal nya dn ang bayan.

    1. Vincenzo you are a fucking joke, your need to feel important makes you use words that are supposed to make you feel important. WTF? TITO Noy and TITA Cory dont give a fuck about you they dont even know that you exist, you are funny!!!!

    2. I hope in the near future we SCRAP the stupidity that is the 1987 Constitution and favor a form of governance that ACTUALLY favors efficient leaders. Besides Noynoy and former president Estrada, there was Gordon and Gibo who actually had something Pinoys could wish they can buy; a concrete vision/. Nothing is going to change if we still run a system where familiar last names matter and celebrities/athletes who get popular and pitch money to the poor to make things better.

  7. and we now post vincenzos rants on the company website as an example of what not to be, or how not to debate, and for a laugh
    he is losing p-noy more votes than even p-noy himself.
    keep it up vincenzo.
    god works in mysterious ways.

    1. not forgetting pluto.
      dont worry 2016 will be a new ball game.
      the old timers will not cope with the technological tsunami that we will unleash.
      the less they achieve now the better.
      give enough rope and they hang themselves. saves taxpayers money

  8. H0w ab0ut? Ur happy of critizising Tito Noy? Napakabait at makaDyos ung tao gngnyan m0? Cnb nya naman na bBguhin nya ang buhay ng Pilipino ah? Pr0blima sayo ayaw magantay ng 2016.

      1. A clear reflection of the Filipino society: religious but ungodly.

        The average Filipino go through all those ritualistic religious activities without even having a thought of changing their crooked lifestyles.

    1. Dahil totoo naman e. Actually, he’s immature on criticism, tulad mo.

      So… how’s life when you’re always shooting yourself? At least mag-antay ako sa 2016 for ACTUALLY effective leaders and not celebrities.

  9. Taena talaga mga yellowtards. can you guys please stop feeding the trolls? nakakairita lang magscroll makikita mo mga comments na brainwashed na dilaw na kabobohan. wag nyo na lang replayan kahit nakakapikon na para sa inyo. hopeless na yan. di ka mananalo sa argument diyan. zombie na eh. dapat binabasag na yung ulo.

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