The Dominican Republic dragged into the latest Aquino Government gaffe

This is looking to be another of those astounding gaffes that the government of Philippine President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III has become world-renowned for since taking power in July, 2010. In recent months, the lastest “issue” making the rounds of the chattering classes is the travel ban slapped by Malacañang on former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo after she requested that she be allowed to travel abroad for medical treatment.

Justice Secretary Leila de Lima

Earlier, Justice Secretary Leila de Lima claimed that she had information that Arroyo was in the process of seeking political asylum in the Dominican Republic. This is a claim that was denied by that country’s foreign minister in an official statement to the press issued yesterday

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MANILA, Philippines — The Dominican Republic’s foreign minister has denied reports from Philippine officials that former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo has requested asylum in the Caribbean nation.

Carlos Morales Troncoso told The Associated Press in the Dominican Republic on Friday that they have not received an application for asylum from Arroyo.

Turns out, de Lima’s “information” came from a rather shady source — a mobile phone text message from an unknown sender

JUSTICE Secretary Leila de Lima yesterday admitted that the government has no clear proof that former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo would seek political asylum in Dominican Republic.

In a chance interview, De Lima said she received the information regarding Mrs. Arroyo’s asylum only thru a forwarded SMS message, and she doesn’t even know the identity of the sender.

“Kung may nakuha akong information about Dominican Republic? Sabi ko oo, nakatanggap ako ng text so I’m verifying it. I don’t even know who’s the source of text kasi finorward lang sa akin,” De Lima said.

[Translation: Did I receive information about the Dominican Republic? I said, yes, I did receive a text message and I’m verifying it. I don’t really know the source of the text because it was just forwarded to me]

De Lima disclosed that once she gets any information during the verification, she would immediately disclose it in public.

Considering that the travel ban being imposed by Aquino on Arroyo is fundamentally unconstitutional and, for that matter, not legally enforceable because no charges have yet been made against the former President, this revelation further highlights the incompetence of the Second Aquino Administration. This incompetence is not surprising when one takes stock of the long history of warning signs emerging both in the months of the presidential campaign and over the months that Aquino and his Cabinet held office in the presidential palace.

Earlier, a video that brought to light information surrounding the way the Aquino and Cojuangco clans came to acquire their wealth was dismissed by key Aquino lieutenants as “black propaganda” instigated by unspecified “forces”. The sheer hypocrisy of such high-nosed position taken by both Aquino and his aides stands out even more now when one considers how de Lima was so quick to believe — and publicise — what turns out to be such unreliable information while her peers, on another matter, would be so quick to dismiss others. What makes de Lima’s behaviour even more appalling is how it prompted a top official from a foreign government to make a statement to clarify things for her.

In summary, Aquino’s presidency which, even way back in the campaign leading up to it, fancied itself a guardian of the “true and straight path” practices anything but. The astounding thing about it is that it does not take meticulous investigation to uncover the Truth about the Second Aquino Administration. One just needs to wait for the next gaffe to get the latest revealing insight on the true nature of this supposedly “popular” and “prayerful” government.

24 Replies to “The Dominican Republic dragged into the latest Aquino Government gaffe”

    1. Nabayaran ng maaga ang Dominican Republic

      Nakow…humirit pa ng sablay!

      Asus, eh gusto na ngang mag-donate sila Abnoy ng pera pagpagamot kay GMA, pilit mo pang palabasin na corrupt ang foreign affairs ng Dominican Republic tulad mo.

      Mga hindi honest kasi ang Aquino admin at supporters. Aquino supporters lang naman ang nagsasabing honest mga sarili sila…hahaha

      Hindi kaya ikaw mismo lang nag-text kay de Lima? Mahilig talaga kayo mag-spread ng disinformation, tulad ng gawa mo dito.

    1. magandang idea yan…. tapos pag bineripika nila ang validity ng raw information na binigay mo siguradong papalpak nanaman sila, magagamit nating issue ulit para ipamuka sakanila na palpak sila at pagpyestahan natin ang katangahan nila…


  1. dom rep is very nice.
    i like it a lot
    5star hotels, 7 star girls and nice airport.
    arroyo will be blackballed from the golf club and a social pariah.

    1. dom rep as wikipedia…

      …..unemployment, government corruption, and inconsistent electric service remain major Dominican problems. The country also has “marked income inequality”.

      birds with the same feather…..

      1. unfortunately you are right.
        common characteristic of island mentality
        and communism.
        preach public service and equality but only fill your own bank account and ensure monopoly businesses and media control for the elite whilst the masses struggle to survive.
        lets sort out the philippines first, then dominican republic

      2. typical place for corrupt individual… by hook or by crook, stay in power to plunder a country’s wealth, then seek an asylum to a country like dom rep, a plot for a grisham novel.

    2. dom rep per wikipedia….

      “…..unemployment, government corruption, and inconsistent electric service remain major Dominican problems. The country also has “marked income inequality”.

      birds of same feather….

    1. @nona

      murahin mo na ako, sabihin mong bobo, walang alam sa mundo at lait laitin ng todo,,,,

      please wag lang clone ni vincenzo…. aray!

  2. im beginning to suspect that they are having regular pot sessions in malacañang which explains such inanities. go easy on the pot guys

  3. Her words are disturbing… “state interests are more important than constitutional rights.” Poor choice of words for someone supposedly representing a democratic nation. And a former Human Rights advocate at that. I suspect we’re heading into another martial law era.

    1. We should look towards to the Bastille, and instate a fascist government with ideology of totally weeding out kleptocracy and oligarchy like in Singapore for a progressive Ph.

  4. These people are above the law…they continue to violate the law…
    Hacienda Luisita issue is very valid issue…they still did not answer my question: “How can one family obtain 80% of the agricultural lands in Tarlac?
    They are not multiple Lotto winners. I did not see any industrial companies there owned by the Cojuangcos.
    Why did they try to hide the facts about Hacienda Luisita? Why did they pay their Farm workers U.S., 25 cents a day…or an equivalent of U.S. $7.50 a month? The Farm Wrokers demonstrated, and in return they were shot and murdered…

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