Proud to be Pinoy because of Pacquiao

Congrats to manny pacquiao!! pinoy pride yeah!!!!”

That was one twitter message from a Manny Pacquiao fan after the boxing champion’s controversial win over Mexican boxer, Juan Manuel Marquez.

Manny Pacquiao in Filipiniana

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Pacquiao was the aggressor throughout, and landed some sharp punches of his own. But when the decision was announced, the crowd booed roundly and, once again Marquez had lost a close fight.

One ringside judge had it a 114-114 draw, while two others favored Pacquiao by 115-113 and 116-112. The Associated Press had it 114-114.

I often wonder what Filipinos like the above would say if and when Manny loses a boxing match. Are they still going to be “proud to be Pinoy” or are they going to bury their heads in the sand in shame?

To me, anyone who says, “I am proud to be Pinoy!” after Manny Pacquiao wins a fight has an identity crisis. Stop to think about it. When Manny Pacquiao wins, is it every Filipino in the ring with him while he fights? I don’t think so. Pacquiao may put our country on the map with what he does achieve, but why can’t Filipinos be proud as a people regardless? Does it have to take someone from the outside to tell us “Hey, you guys are ok!” before we can believe in our capabilities?

One of these days, Manny will lose a fight. It is inevitable. He can’t win every fight forever. It’s not possible. Even if he doesn’t lose, as an athlete, Manny only has his youth and stamina before he packs up his bags, go home, and retire.

Let’s face it. Boxing has never been the cleanest of sports. Characters from the underground have been known to rig fights just to please the audience. And if Filipinos continue to depend on Manny’s win just to feel “proud” to be Pinoy, they really need to have their head examined.

So please. The next time Manny wins a fight, try not to say, Proud to be Pinoy!

116 Replies to “Proud to be Pinoy because of Pacquiao”

  1. it is the absolute lack of anything else to feel good about that makes these people spout such sad drivel. perhaps if they were preoccupied with better, more important things(such as having a life,) they would be a bit more pragmatic and less trivial.

    1. Just by saying “Go pacquiao, pinoy pride!” you assume that it is because of the absolute lack of anything else to feel good about??

      LOL @ intelligent assumption

      1. si marcos ang unang nakilalang pinoy sa buong mundo ng nasa newyork.. si pacman ay ginamit lang ng promoter dahil maraming pinoy ang nanood ng laban .

    1. I would be proud if a Filipino found a cure for cancer.

      I could care less about a Pacman win. He’s not fighting for the country, he’s fighting for himself and his bank account.

      If he accomplishes anything out of winning his boxing matches, it’s his own personal triumph, not the country’s.

        1. it sucks that that’s what you think why people favors him. Around the World, they favor Manny because he really is damn good. He proved to the world that he can fight the “Goliaths” of Boxing.

        2. hindi sex appeal yan money appeal yan sa mga babae pero hindi lahat ay kumakagat sa kanya gaya ni valerie inoperan niya ng bahay hindi tinanggap at pinaalis pa ang kissing sa movie nila .na nilangaw sa takilya..ha!ha!ha!

    2. You can’t never be proud of what you can’t achieve, idiot. You were born a Filipino, much like I was. Hence we both cannot take ‘pride’ in something we were put into.

    3. tama nakilala ang pinoy sa buong mundo pero rasist parin sila sa pinoy dito sa america pinagtatawanan siya ng mga pilipino dito tuwing naririnig na kumakanta …ang lakas ng loob na kumanta kahit tonong bisaya sya pacman ay matatalo rin at mabubnura din ang pangalan niya tingnan ninyo si aali ay natalo ng bagitong kalaban ,si tyson ay kinatatakutan pero natalo rin ng bagito ,si chaves at dela joya ay natalo rin baka ito na ang huling laban niya dahil matatalo siya ng bagito ..kaya malaki ang ulo dahil sabi ng trainer niya ay wala ng killer insting si pacman ,luto lang ang panalo niya kay marques dahil gusto ng promoter na ilaban sya kay maywather..

  2. To me the reason as to why Charice and Manny get this “proud to be Pinoy” crap is that lately, Pinoys haven’t accomplished anything that can be popularly and positively acknowledged as something to be proud of, other than winning fights and getting into foreign TV shows.

    Personally I really don’t think it’s “proper” to tell them NOT to say they’re proud of these “accomplishments”, because come to think of it, there are so few other non-pacquiao boxing/non-charice deeds, if any at all, to be proud of. If this is not the case, then most of these people are incapable of recognizing accomplishments that are worth giving a dash of pride. They only recognize what is mainstream and what is the trend of the moment. These “nationalists” will take any chance they get.

    Regardless of which, they WILL say it, and you WILL hear it as the situation arises. It’s a pet peeve that I share with a lot of people (and with you, I assume), and like the rest of us, it’s something that you WILL have to endure or ignore.

    1. @Mark

      To me the reason as to why Charice and Manny get this “proud to be Pinoy” crap is that lately, Pinoys haven’t accomplished anything that can be popularly and positively acknowledged as something to be proud of, other than winning fights and getting into foreign TV shows.

      Lately? How about… never? The bad news always outweigh the good news. All this superficial wins just tend to distract misguided Filipinos from the real issues.

  3. People should think, “Pacquiao won through hard work and discipline. I should have those too even if I’m not a boxer.” If many Filipinos follow that, then that’s when it would become a good accomplishment. But if Filipinos simply ride on Pacman’s win, saying “he won because he’s Pinoy,” that’s freeloading. Big fail.

    1. gaya ni arroyo na binigyan pa ng pera eh nanalonanga ng dolliar at mga politiko na ganagamit sa kadidatura nila para iboto ng tao eh si bisaya naman ay hindi alam na inuuto lang sya ng mga politko gaya ni RECto na sinabi na double taxasion daw kung magbabayad pa sa pinas ng tax eh ginaya naman ni pacman ang sinabi ni recto ayan nagalit ang bir …ang laki ang ulo kasi ayan ang napapala ng mga taong mahirap na biglang yaman nagiging utouto sa mga tao para gustihin sya.

  4. Not so much a boxing match as a dancing contest.
    Pacquaio won and lost at the same time. Just like a philippine election.
    Frazier is smokin’ in his grave.
    Amir khan is aghast
    Jinkee is shopping
    Singson is counting the votes
    The judges are counting their money
    Bob arum is organising round 4
    Pacquaio is singing – ‘what kind of fool am i’
    Congressmen are – doing whatever you do in vegas.
    This takes boxing one step closer to wwe status, or the financial equivalent of greek govt. bonds

    1. It’s because most Filipinos are so used to “pwede na yan” anyway. To be fair, the decision wasn’t Manny’s fault. We have to accept what the judges think was right. The only problem is the misguided Filipino patriots who say the wrong things and take this sport too seriously like their life depended on it.

      1. thats right hindi na ako nanonood ng boksing ng mga pilipino dahil nadala na ako noong laban ni navarete na 1 to 13 round ay kanya pero noong 14 round bila nalang bumasak si navarertte at a hindi na tumindig nag tulog tulogtulogan na hindi naman tinamaan ng malakas .luto ang laban ..

  5. I will still be proud to be pinoy once manny looses. i am always proud to be one. its the same thing i feel even though there is corruption in my country. same thing when there’s only mandaraya and nadadaya in election results. i am proud because i am not one of those corrupt official. i am proud because i am not one of those mandaraya. i am proud because i am pinoy and pinoys have good traits that i can be proud of and those traits are on my blood. i feel more prouder when manny wins, yeah, because he’s pinoy. i live not in our country but i always like wearing pacman’s hoody and shirt because people around me recognizes the sign of the proud manny pacquiao. and they can associate me with a great boxer, who does his job with his working fist and not his judgmental finger or his blabbermouth. my mates doesn’t even know the word filipino before the small man won over bigger guys. before this winner of a controversial fight, who by the way had more punches thrown and landed and is the aggressor the whole fight, became the only 8-division champion in the history of boxing. so next time, when manny wins, i will tweet “proud to be pinoy!” and when he loses, i will still tweet and write on my facebook wall ‘proud to be pinoy!’, because i am. and yes, it’s because of manny. because of my blood. because of where i came from. proud to be pinoy!!!

      1. i’m proud because of Manny and because i am pinoy. my lineage gave me something that i don’t find with the people i am with now. kaya nga i’m proud to be pinoy and proud of how manny fought all odds inside and outside the ring. i will always express that proud anytime and anywhere. and i respect those filipinos that are not proud of their lineage. that is them. but that is not me. every storm is different. 😀

        1. @NoyP

          my lineage gave me something that i don’t find with the people i am with now

          What is it? Please tell us what you have that other people don’t. This should be interesting.

        1. Ilda was asking for that something you don’t find with other people don’t. I think it’s a simple question, why can’t you answer it?

      2. ang mga politiko ay mga sipsip kay manny dahil ang dami ng pilipino champion pero si pakyaw lang ang parating sinosoportahan nila gaya ni singson , mga artista na sumasakaydin kay manny para makilala ng mga tao ..

    1. But the underground river is a natural wonder. Pinoys had nothing to do with its magnificence. But I’m sure Pinoys will have something to do with it’s deterioration one day given our track record for ruining things. And plus the voting system provided by CNN is flawed.

        1. Kaya pala. I hope they put the money to good use like upgrading the tourist facilities now that more people will visit the place.

      1. hahahhahahahahah! True, thank CReation or God or the Universe…. we Pinoys didn;t MAKE the Underground River. Also, if beauty is in the eye of the beholder, there will always be those who will say that the Shara desert looks more magical at night.

  6. Ilda, I agree with you totally. I don’t bask every chance I get whenever Manny wins. He’s doing it for himself and family, not for the country. I would see it differently if majority of his winnings will be donated to charity across the country. I don’t even say I’m proud to be a Pinoy, or mention that I’m one, whenever I converse with a foreigner, given the fact that there were recent disasters/controversies involving pinoys here where I’m based at the moment. This country is too small not to notice the nationalities of the culprit. I’m pinoy by heart, and I intend to retire back home, because I still miss the values and the customs that makes us pinoys unique. But to simply say I’m pinoy because one boxer won, everyone around won’t give a sh*t. If Manny won in Olympics representing the country and not in a pay-per-view fight, saying proudly that you’re a Filipino could be regarded as patriotism. But winning brawls out of money (which can be equated to gambling) cannot be labeled as patriotism.

    1. Good on you, Dan. You obviously have a good head on your shoulders. I hope you can help change the mindset of our compatriots who are misguided.


      1. nang nanonood ako ng tv ay sinabi na si pakyaw daw ay magbibigay ng million kaya inabangan ko pero ang nakita ko ay game show oonga nagbigay siya ng pera pero kumikita naman siya sa advertizer kaya hindi talagang nagbinbigay kailangang sumali pa sa game show paramanalo …

  7. I’m seeing a pattern here. Is Pacman becoming the next Cory/Ninoy?

    It’s like people aren’t allowed to criticize their misdeeds, because of the “things” they have done for the country.Filipino’s should learn how to call a spade a spade.

    That’s the problem I’m seeing with Pinoy’s. Obvious na nga na may mali at may basehan ang sasabihin mong pagkakamali, sasabihan ka lang na “inggit ka lang kasi…” or “crab mentality ka”. And some will even say, “ikaw ano ba nagawa mo para sa bayan natin?”.

    1. Tama ka, the masses can only see objectively. Manny winning the fight – he can’t do anything wrong, he’s a hero by all standards. Even his womanizing will no longer be highlighted after all these celebrations. Kaya di umaasenso ang Pilipinas, hindi dahil sa crab mentality natin to think out of the box, but because of the type of people who refuse to look beyond the spectacle. I’m sure if a few years, he will be a Senator, or better yet, VP. Imagine that? These days, intelligence is of non-significance as long as you’re famous to run for government office. Philippines will never be another rated country beyond what it is now. Kawawa naman tayong pinoy, magagaling sana, pero dahil sa nakikita nating mukha sa TV, dahil sa napapanood nating panalo sa boksing, nagkakaroon tayo ng idea na dapat nating iboto dahil bayani natin sila.

      Kailan kaya tayo matututo?

      1. Kailan kaya tayo matututo?

        As long as commenters like Vincenzo and hatersgonnahate continue with their narrow-minded view of the world, the situation in the country will never change.

      2. Im sure the Philippines will be in better hands if only enlightened people like you with your new age intelligent modern man way of thinking would exist there

        “To me, anyone who says, “I am proud to be Pinoy!” after Manny Pacquiao wins a fight has an identity crisis.”

        “it is the absolute lack of anything else to feel good about that makes these people spout such sad drivel.”

        “People who say “pinoy pride!” is automatically mayabang and self-important.”

        And people who get irritated with “Congrats to manny pacquiao!! pinoy pride yeah!!!!” and think it is a reflection of something bigger than it is needs to have their lives examined. They should ask themselves, “why am i so angry?”.


        1. You’re back. I thought you already got the point. It’s too bad you still don’t get it.

          What makes you think we are angry?

        2. This post depresses me. Ilda is not angry. She is pointing out that it does not make sense to be a proud Filipino on the basis of another person’s achievements. It is irrelevant if the other person is also Filipino as that other person is acting in his/her own self-interest. You can be proud of Manny and support him. It is perfectly ok to say, “Congrats Manny. I am so proud of you”, instead of “Congrats Manny. Pinoy Pride Yeah!!” See the difference? Your ‘Pinoy-ness’ (for the lack of a better word) is based on Manny’s success. What if he fails? What does that say about your ‘Pinoy Pride’ then? The fact that you attach the collective sentiment that is ‘Pinoy Pride’ to an individual’s success is what makes it mayabang and self-important.

  8. Well IMHO, I agree with Ilda. Filipinos should not greatly depend on external factors to say that we are proud to be pinoy. Honestly, in everything we do which are proper, good and great can already be considered as Proud to be Pinoy. Take for example our camaraderie during Ondoy, helping one another during calamaties and other events. Being able to share our knowledge with others are things that make us proud to be pinoy.

    Manny Pacquiao may be an inspiration and example of proving that a Filipino can also be great in a lot of things. But its true that being proud to be Pinoy should not depend on winning a boxing match or having a great voice that can be noticed in other countries.

    What’s important is we are proud of being Filipinos because we are good and professionals in everything we do. And not because of others. Our being proud to be Pinoy should greatly depend on our good deeds and examples to others. And our willingness to respect and love our country despite of its issues.

    1. @Paolo

      I agree with most of what you said except for the below:

      What’s important is we are proud of being Filipinos because we are good and professionals in everything we do.

      Not everyone in the Philippines is good and professional in everything they do. If they were, the Philippines would have been a first world country by now.

  9. unfortunately too many pinoys need a ‘hero’ to follow. blind faith means a lack of questioning and almost typical character/psyche of cult members.
    copy cat culture leads to lack of indepence and any success is vicarious through others rather than their own achievements, hence personalities can readily become politicians without any experience or intellect and their misdeeds go unchallenged by the vast majority

    1. I believe we got that false sense of bravado from the Americans. The thing is, I know most of them love to brag but at least they have something to brag about.

      1. Dizzy Dean got it right: “It’s not bragging if you can do it.”

        But then again…this is the Philippines. What can each individual do worth bragging?


  10. This article incorrectly assumes that people who say “Go pacquiao, pinoy pride” have no other pride left in one’s self.

    Proud to be pinoy because of pacquiao, efren bata, all OFWs and other stuff too many to list here.

    I hate this “anti-masa thinking” just to feel good about one’s self.

    “Oh look at me, I’m different than the masses, i must be better than them”

    Even malaysia is proud of pacman

    1. There is nothing wrong with being proud of Manny. You can be proud of Manny, Efren, OFWs and other stuff but you shouldn’t be proud of being Pinoy just because of them. I hope you realise that there is a difference.

      There are many champion boxers in the world not just Pinoy boxers just like there are many philantrophists and overseas workers from other countries.

      Who said we want to be different? We actually want the rest of our compatriots to stop feeling so self-important. In other words, we want them to stop being “mayabang.” It’s not them who worked hard to win the boxing match. It was Manny.

      1. “To me, anyone who says, “I am proud to be Pinoy!” after Manny Pacquiao wins a fight has an identity crisis.”

        “And if Filipinos continue to depend on Manny’s win just to feel “proud” to be Pinoy, they really need to have their head examined. ”

        “You can be proud of Manny, Efren, OFWs and other stuff but you shouldn’t be proud of being Pinoy just because of them. I hope you realise that there is a difference.”

        You are the only one who assumes they are proud “Just because of them”. Do they always need to state everything to be proud about being pinoy when they say “pinoy pride”?

        How did your compatriots become “mayabang” and “self-important” by saying “Go pacquiao, pinoy pride” anyway? How did you go about thinking they’re mayabang and self important just by uttering this very simple statement?

        1. I can tell that you really don’t get it. Why do you have to say, “proud to be Pinoy” in the first place? You should just be proud of yourself as an individual and not just because you are Pinoy. You make it sound like we are so special. Obviously there are many people from other countries who can do what we do and some are even better than us.

      2. “Proud to be pinoy” is a support statement for pacquiao. It is not false pride.

        It is like saying, “Im proud being your brother” to your brother who graduated cum laude. It is like family supporting a member who had great success.

        Now again, how did people get all mayabang and self important just by saying “Pinoy Pride”?

        1. Bakit, kilala mo ba si Manny? Were you the one who spent for his training? He is not fighting in the Olympics or representing the Philippines in an international competition. He’s playing for himself.

          Now again, how did people get all mayabang and self important just by saying “Pinoy Pride”?

          By saying “Pinoy Pride”.

    1. mga badoy lang ang bobobto kay kris aquino at mga taong walang ginawa kundi bumabad sa harap ng tv kaya walang asenso..yung manga pinoy ay puwedeng maging proud na pinoy ,, hindi nqa kailangan dahil kay pacman proud sila .dahil dito sa america walang nagsasabi niyan kundi yung mga bagung dating na pinoy dito …kanya kanyang kayod ang mga tao dito..ang masama pa ay tayo ang nagsisiraan sa mga kababayan natin dito sa america pagka ang amo ay pinoy kayakanyang sisippan at siraan sa amo at kung sino pa ang iligal dahil malakas sa amo sya naninira pero pag isinumbong mo sa imigrasion masama kapa .gaya ng ginawa sa asawa ko ..gusto kong isumbong pero ayaw ng asawa ko yan ang pinoy dala pa sa america ang ugali sa pinas kaya hindi ako proud na sabihin na pinoy ako …noong minsan ay nadistino ako sa maliit na shopping mall ng mga pinoy dito at maraming mga estambay araw araw dito pero alas 8:00 ng umaga ay meron ng nagaaway na pinoy ang sabi ng matandang papaluin pa ng bata sa kanya na siya daw ay sinisiraan sa trabaho noong bata kaya nagaway sila at dumating ang pulis at inaresto yong bata dahil papaluin siya at nakita ng amercano kaya tumawag ng pulis yan ang ugaling pinoy …dito rin sa lugar na ito nagkalat ang mga pinay na nagasawa ng matanda yan ba ang sinasabi ninyong proud na pinoy …hahaha!!! nakakatawa kayo

  11. I noticed from the tv footage that when pacquaio arrived in las vegas, closer than even his security guards and a blood sucking leech, was chavit singson.
    Also on the piers morgan cnn interview bob arum was promoting pacquaio as governor in 2013 and then president in 2022 as ‘the end game’
    Added to which it said what a remarkable congressman he is co-authoring 35 bills in his first year!!!
    Does he know where congress is!
    What a misnomer and con for the people the term co-author is.
    It seems the gambling syndicates and boxing hangers on want to ride the gravy train for as long as they can and sod the people.

    1. Let’s give Pacman a reality check. Let him go to the APEC Summit and attend a roundtable discussion on geopolitics.

      I think he doesn’t even know the difference between the three branches of the Philippine government without some sycophant whispering to him what it is.

  12. Well, I would like to say that I’m proud and very secure in being half-Filipino and half white Australian. Win, lose or draw, be it when life deals good cards and bad, at the end of the day I am who I am and I’m happy about that.

  13. Ilda,

    I think the Pinoy pride shoutouts were not as much as the previous fight. Some fans were even skeptical of the win. Sports should transcend nationalities, as some will say.

    I think after shouting “Pinoy pride,” people just move on. It’s like honking a horn.

    1. Hmmm…I don’t know about them moving on. A lot of rabid Pacman fans still lash out at those who think he didn’t deserve to win. They also do not take kindly to criticism.

      1. i just don’t know why all of a sudden, people have doubts about pacquiao winning that fight. even the boxing ‘experts’ said that the fight is too close to call, meaning it could have gone either way. the criticisms are baseless and the win, is supported by good analysis from the experts. jmm had a good fight plan. wait for pacquiao to strike and counterpunch. and when manny does not strike, no punch were given by the loser. it is simple. manny the aggressor, jmm waited and strike. “challenger” won’t win a championship fight like that. jmm needed to be the aggressor to win it. and he was not. jmm needed to punch more and he did not. so why criticize those who believe, along with the experts, that pacman won the fight? PROUD TO BE PINOY!! :p

  14. The people chant “Proud to be Pinoy” and “Pinoy Pride” from celebrity success because of our Filipino inherent trait to avoid and deny to ourselves and everyone the truth of our failures and shortcomings.
    The masses want to show the world, when they see Manny Pacquiao or Charise, “This is us (Pinoys)!” and “This is what being Pinoy is all about!”.

    Pathethic, really.. How the masses would bite anyone’s head off who would say otherwise. That’s another Filipino trait to be proud of: we’re all ears as long as it’s not criticism.

    Do not rebuke mockers or they will hate you;
    rebuke the wise and they will love you.
    Instruct the wise and they will be wiser still;
    teach the righteous and they will add to their learning.
    – Proverbs 9:8-9

    Shouldn’t we offset the things we are proud of with the things we’re ashamed of? Just to get the whole picture of what’s right and wrong in this country.

    Just a thought.

    1. Yes. If they are proud of the successes, they should also learn to accept the failures. It’s wrong to recognise just one thing and not the other.

      1. that someone, carrying our flag, from my country won! that is why i am proud of my lineage.

        but wait… i get it! you just want to say that you, the writer, knows the real meaning of ‘proud’ to be pinoy. and we, who keeps on tweeting and putting the phrase on our social network site does not. now i get it.

        all i know is that for me being proud, especially when a filipino won something on a global perspective, means that ‘i am showing great pride or JOY’ for what my kababayan had accomplished.

        but this is just me. maybe others are ashamed to be pinoy when their kababayan wins. or maybe, i just don’t really know the meaning of “proud” to be pinoy.

        1. But Manny is not the only one who is good at boxing. He may be the current champion in his division but there are other boxers from other nationalities who can be as good as him. The last fight should be enough proof that he just won due to technicalities. He didn’t beat the other guy clear enough for everyone to accept the decision as fair. If Manny winning is a source of pride for you, then obviously you have nothing much going for you.

          Boxing is not something that can fix the current problems of our country. You guys are better off spending your time monitoring the activities of your local public servants. I’m not saying you should not watch the fight or should not root for Manny. I’m just saying that it’s not healthy to be too obssessed with him and make him as some kind of hero. Part of the reason our public servants are not doing their jobs properly is because most Filipinos don’t care how they do it. Basta masaya lang manuod ng boxing or teleserya, ayus na.

      2. please do not generalize that all who tweeted the first line of your article have nothing much going on their lives. not all who say they are ‘proud to be pinoy’ have identity crisis. i don’t know if you’re following other pinoy athletes like the azkals. the azkals don’t win all their games but i can see that people who follow them tweet or write the same phrase on their FB page. but still, manny’s or azkals’ winning or losing are still a source of pride for me. maybe others will understand why, because they feel the same and most probably, that is not acceptable to your readers. yes, we have problems back home. big problems. i may not have those problems where i am right now but that will not stop me in enjoying my kababayan’s win.

        I still am Proud to be Pinoy. and please let me and the others have this feeling for a day or two. cause after that, come monday morning or afternoon or evening, we have to go back to our normal lives. but even if we’re back to our schools, our cubicles, our machines, our computer, our blackberry, we are still proud to be pinoys. whether you or the the others like it or not.

        1. @NoyP

          It’s one thing to watch Manny’s fight but it’s another to be too obsessed about it. Just like what we are doing now. Instead of discussing more important things to lift the status of the nation, we are arguing about your misguided patriotism. You don’t need Manny to be proud of yourself and you don’t need to be Filipino to be proud of yourself. At the end of the day, it’s just a boxing match. It’s not going to change anything.

        2. You completely miss the point. Manny’s achievements are due to his hard work, training and talent. He is not successful, because he is Filipino. He is successful, because of his OWN effort. Now, if you bask in his glory and say that you’re “Proud to be Pinoy”, because of another person’s achievements, then you have an identity crisis. Your identity and sense of self worth relies on someone else succeeding. Again, Manny’s success is not due to him being Pinoy. Ilda is NOT saying that you can’t be proud of Manny. Go support him all you want! Just don’t say that you’re “Proud to be Pinoy”, because of another person’s achievements. Get the difference? Again, you CAN be proud of him, but please don’t base your identity and self-worth on another person’s achievements. Have a little self-respect. Look at the achievements in your own life.

  15. Let’s be objective here. I’m sure no one wants to be a racist here since it’s our own race we’re talking about.
    “Proud to be Pinoy”, meaning that a person takes pride on being a part of this group. A group which is “Pinoy”.
    We are proud on the basis of what? Because Pacquiao, a part of the collective noun “Pinoy”, won an internationally acclaimed boxing match. Unfortunately, Pacquiao is not the reflection of the group called “Pinoy” nor does he represent the majority thereof. Why should we be proud again? I think ilda has a point on that one.

    The thing with pride is: it blinds you to everything that is wrong.

  16. I believe Manny’s win is like the case of Efren Peñaflorida. He won because the Filipinos wanted him to win, if the technicalities are considered, perhaps the judges may have been threatened either directly(Filipinos bribed them, maybe) or indirectly(he read news about foreigners being lambasted by Filipinos just because they told the truth, as in the case of Adam Carolla, I think? And they wouldn’t want to get the lambasting). Not sure, but this is how I see it…

  17. I guess his winning a fight still excites me (and yes it’s because I am biased). BUT I never cry out corny things like that LOL. I find it terribly cheesy and ashamed for the ones who cry out such irrelevance.Still, I think I just let them be so no big deal if they express as such because well, that’s just what they want to say. Again, no one should call out an idiot for saying something so irrelevant (really no big deal), because you know any intelligent people out there may also cheer for him that way. Even some non-pinoy asians in America feel proud of him by the fact that he’s representing the ‘great asian man’ model image to the world (after being so underrepresented in popular media).

    What is big deal to me is when people do the ‘fighting’ here at home. Going out of our way in droves cleaning streets, obeying simple traffic rules, being polite and friendly to everyone, finding ways to improve the nation, this is also where one’s pride should really invest on.

  18. I really agree with Ms. Ilda about this. This is really true. During the aftermath of the Manila Hostage Crisis, many Pinoys bury their heads and exclaimed “only n da pilipins”, “tanga talaga ang pinoy”, and such. But cite Pacquiao, Charice and others, they will be the first ones to be yapping “pinoy pride!”

    To those who didn’t get the author’s idea, in my opinion, she is showing the ironical thinking of most Filipinos, which we must avoid to do so. If you want to be proud to be a Pinoy, then do things that will make you proud of yourself as a Pinoy, like obeying simple traffic rules, going to appointments on time, and such.

  19. Isn’t Manny supposed to be in Congress legislating something, at least lobbying for more Philippine Olympic boxing team funds?

    Anyone proud to be Pinoy because of Manny ought to have been flushed down the chute to a sanitary pad.

    Anybody who voted for him should be cleaned off with strong lysol.

    1. @Don

      I really do not know how a boxer can actually function effectively as a Congressman considering you need to spend a lot of time training for a fight. Not to mention the fact that he has to spend time away from the country.

      1. pacman and the arroyo clan are as you would expect the top 4 non attendees at congress but with the parties and free trips to vegas – 63 congressmen attended the last fight – the congress club dont care.
        it was also amusing that in the cnn interview the intro said how he is a hard working congressman co-authoring 35 bills in his first year.
        the world co-author to me means you sit down and work on something. in congress it means you give your name to support it. another con by congress to make the people think they are burning the midnight oil crafting bills!

        1. @nona

          I wonder why the “people power” mob does not get angry at lawmakers who use public funds for travelling to Vegas? They also waste time on rest and recreation while the country is in urgent need of attention.

      2. Ida,

        Pointing the negative side of Pacquiao is good but I don’t see a balance reporting here. As a neophyte in congress, I believed he has done more public service than some if not most of the TRAPOS specially the person (25 years as congressman) he replaced. Pacquiao’s positive traits outweighs his negative traits. Everyone has weakness. Concentrate on the positive. Absent man si Pacman, mayroong namang mahalagang dahilan. Talo or panalo man sa laban, nakakatulong sa mamamayan ang kita ni Pacman. Yong ibang absentee sa congress mayroon ba silang mahalagang dahilan bakit sila absent? Bakit kaya mahal na mahal ng karamihan na mga Pilipino si Pacquiao? Dahil lang ba sa panalo niya sa boksing? o ang kanyang magandang katangian? Proud to be Pinoy.

  20. @ilda
    stupidity and subservience come to mind.
    a complicit press who keep quiet doesnt help and i think apathy or ignorance.
    ask people how much a congressman gets. the answers are enlightening and explain part of it.
    most think they get 500,000 peso a year.
    even a congressman admits they get between 20 – 40% commission of pork barrel as standard practice dependant how greedy they are which equates to 15 – 30 million pesos a year plus other perks/backhanders.
    it makes filipino politicians the highest paid in the world and at 100 times the national wage average would be the equivalent of US congressmen being paid 3 million dollars a year!
    in US congress there are 47% millionairres but they make their money in order to get first in order to get elected.
    here i suspect there are 90% millionairres who have become such after election and then plough money into getting as many family retrobates elected as possible.
    anti corruption is a hypocritical joke whilst this conscious class elitism persists.
    even the party list system is a joke
    no principles. no values. no hope

  21. Top result of searching for “definition of pride” in Google was “A feeling of pleasure from one’s own achievements, the achievements of those with whom one is associated…”
    I am, admittedly, a laid back to lazy person. Thus my oftentimes use of the nickname “Pinoy” instead of the more proud – P or F – P/Filipino.
    I am Proud to be Pinoy, Proud to be P/Filipino. That is my statement.
    To be proud to be Pinoy because of Pacman? That I am not. I am proud of the man, I am proud of his accomplishments, and I am proud of what he has shown the world we, the Philippine people, are capable of when we do more than try.
    I am proud to be Filipino, Pilipino, Pinoy. Why? A real solid and believeable and, possibly, acceptable reason? Just because I am one, one of hundreds, one of thousands, that wake up each day and do my best to prove that being a Filipino, Pinoy, Pilipino, is worth being proud of.
    I am also, admittedly ADHD, therefore I have decided to end my comment with this last statement, since my thoughts have started to go all over the place, my thought aren’t organizing themselves as I wish they would and I’ve still got another article to comment on…

  22. why is it that all people here are trying to sway each others mind? i red this article and the comments just now and i am amused of your discussions. Can’t you just respect each other on what they have to say? what’s gonna change anyway if one convinces the other (and over a twitter comment? really?)

    some even sound that they are suppressing other’s right to say something or specifically their sense of pride. Peace!

  23. This applies not only to MP but also to every Charice, Arnell Pineda, Shamcey Supsup, Jessica Sanchez and even the Azkals out there. Each time a Filipino gains global recognition resulting to instant celebrity status, (never mind if they’re half-bloods or if they don’t even know how to speak Tagalog because they grew up abroad), someone will always say “Proud to be Pinoy”.

    Question is, are we proud to be pinoy because of what they have achieved? Or because you are, in all sense of the word, really PROUD to be one with or without them?

  24. A healthy sense of pride is necessary for any self-respecting person, country or culture.

    Whether you’re a boxing fan or not, one can see that this sport that takes a lot of training, skill, endurance, strategy and dedication. He most definitely had to struggle on his way to the top.

    It is totally possible to laud Manny Pacquiao for being both a great athlete AND fellow countryman. It is absurd to part him out, as if you could separate his being Filipino from his achievements, separate his torso from his legs. Like you and I, he’s a multi-faceted human being.

    If it uplifts the Filipino people, than that’s a tremendous thing. Countries esp. like the PI, can never have enough symbols of hope. Here’s a solid example of someone who came from nothing and despite all odds, made something of himself in the world. Period.

    Forgive your fellow Filipinos who sometimes articulate their excitement in simple terms such as “Proud to be Pinoy”. Because it is more than obvious, that when they say that, they too recognize his hard work and celebrate his great achievement.

  25. Hello Everyone!

    Are one of those people who identifies and defines themselves owing to famous and rich? influenctial, powerful people? Don’t ever get swayed by these people however famous and rich? influential, powerful they are. You ARE already that which you admire in them, but ‘rich’ perhaps? in your own skin. If you define yourself by other people’s beautiful faces & bodies, fame & power you’re in BIG trouble yourself just as they are (the people whom you admire on a physical, material levels). Admiring people because of WHAT they are rather than WHO they are in the inside is far better than anything else. Admire people who are famous and rich influenctial, powerful in the INSIDE instead.

    Don’t you get away with the thought that these people you admire are any better than you are. We are all better ALREADY in our own way. When we focus on, realise and manifest our own “metaphysical” qualities, then there won’t be no need of chasing people for their achievements.
    _ _ _ _ _
    Ross Galán, Ph. D.
    NLP Spiritual Lfe Coach

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