Mahathir Mohamad set to turn Malaysia back into a REAL southeast Asian nation!

The trend is becoming clear. With the victory of Malaysian opposition coalition Pakatan Harapan led by former revered strongman Mahathir Mohamad in the recently-concluded Malaysian elections, a region revisits its roots as rapidly-industrialising economies back in the mid- to latter-half of the 20th Century. The return of Mahathir follows a similar ascent to power of […]

Duterte featured in @IanBremmer’s TIME Magazine article on the world’s top “strongmen”

Heads up! A piece published today by TIME Magazine put Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte alongside Russian President Vladimir Putin amongst others. In “What the ‘Tough Guy’ Era Means for Global Politics“, Ian Bremmer writes what comes across as a lament over what could be the end of the moral ascendancy Western liberal democracy had enjoyed […]

The election-winning path FORWARD for the Philippine Opposition

Granted, the Opposition regard Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte as “a mass murderer and a traitor who sold the country to China”. However, if they don’t like the Philippines to be led by said president, then they will need to produce an alternative proposal (not just a mere slogan like “Join the Resistance”). Filipinos need a […]

What way if not the Duterte Way?

Despite volumes of work on the subject of the increasingly-evident vacuousness of today’s Opposition, there seems to be little change in the substance underlying their “movement”. The best they have so far come up with is the rather quaint “Join the Resistance” call-to-action which they bandy around using the hashtag #JoinTheResistance. Dubbed an “online movement”, […]

Cambridge Analytica parent company claims to have won the 2010 elections for Noynoy Aquino!

It seems Raissa Robles could have incorrectly interpreted the 2013 brochure statement of SCL (“parent company” of the now-infamous Cambridge Analytica) as referring to the Duterte campaign for the 2016 elections. That 2013 brochure (archived by Web.Archive.Org here) cites the Philippines as a case study of an election won on the back of services provided […]

The Yellowtards’ obsession with manufactured popularity

  Perhaps supporters of the Liberal Party (LP, also known as the Yellowtards) know, deep down inside, why their presidential candidate really lost in the 2016 elections. Or not. The point is, instead of taking stock of their candidates’ and their own shortcomings, they have repeatedly, and constantly, sought to externalize the loss, i.e., blame […]

Raissa Robles’s MISGUIDED “report” on how Cambridge Analytica inlfuenced the 2016 Philippine elections

An article on the role “Cambridge Analytica’s parent company” supposedly played in the victory of current President Rodrigo Duterte in the 2016 elections is making the rounds. The “report” published on the South China Morning Post and authored by renowned Filipino “investigative journalist” Raissa Robles insinuates that the firm helped “rebrand” Duterte as “a strong, […]

Philippines’ withdrawal from the International Criminal Court is a source of REAL national pride

“Proud to be Pinoy” is an oft-heard phrase when it comes to world champion boxers and beauty pageant contestants. That’s because it makes perfect sense that the “winner” coming out of a couple of boys pounding one another silly on a ring or an array of girls strutting around in bikinis on a stage could […]