Rodrigo Duterte should apologize over his rape ‘joke’ video

In a recently released video, mayor Duterte commented on the rape and murder of an Australian lay minister. The following is a transcript of his statements.

“Ni-rape nila lahat ng babae…So ang unang casualty, ang isa dun yung lay minister na Australyana.

Tsk, problema ito. Australyana eh!
Pag labas, binalot. Tiningnan ko yung mukha. Putangina, parang artista sa Amerika na maganda.

Putangina, sayang ito!

Ang pumasok sa isip ko…ni rape nila! Pinag pilahan nila! Putanginang yan, nagalit na ako. Kasi ni rape? Ah, oo. Isa na rin yun. Napakaganda, dapat mayor ang mauna.”

Rape is neither a trifling nor a laughing matter. Rape is a despicable crime that should be condemned – not discussed in jest. It is deplorable that the crowd erupted in raucous laughter after the rape ‘joke’.

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It is also important to point out that the mayor (jokingly) implied that the value of the life of a woman is indexed to her perceived attractiveness. His words could be construed by some to mean that the murder and rape would be less tragic, less deplorable, the victim was not attractive. This is misogyny, plain and simple. Misogyny, in any and all of its forms, must be condemned. Misogyny must end.

The mayor should apologize. He must acknowledge his mistake. He should demonstrate that he is capable of recognizing and correcting his mistakes. His work in advancing the rights of women do not constitute a sufficient defense for his statements. He must recognize that his words will have a tremendous impact on the views of people – this includes the views of people on women.

His supporters, in turn, should remember not to put him on a pedestal. He must not be placed beyond reproach. Our leaders must recognize that they too can make mistakes – and, more importantly, must own up to their mistakes.

51 Replies to “Rodrigo Duterte should apologize over his rape ‘joke’ video”

  1. Exactly, David. Despicable to say the least.

    I have no doubt he will again apologize for this latest faux pas, as he has before. But, he certainly is a hot potato to handle. He does not care whether he front of thousands, but he always sounds like he is just having a small talk inside a beer garden, or having a conversatiom in the side walk of a rough.hood. The message of course is WYSIWYG – what you see is what you get – which would be a problem if he becomes.the resident of.Malacanang, especially in the area.of foreign.affairs.

    What we don’t know is if these are calculated moves or something uncontrollable in him because his nature. If it is calculated, what is he trying to say? That those in.power look decent, but are more the inside? That.he is by nature.a “toughie” who has.his own.moral.standards? …???

    Thing is he is connecting. I can only surmise that the voters want a Ours has always been a grievance democracy, but.more so.the more he is like that,.the more they like it because it is a protest in.more ways than one even the despicable one.

    It is a different kind of people power. I have seen the mamoth crowds in Makati and Alabang, and it will make you think what people are saying by being there. And this is not the masa. You go inside Urdaneta,.Bel-Air, Dasma, Forbes, and Ayala Alabang, and even in the parking lots of Manila Polo and Manila Golf, you will see cars with Duterte-Cayetano, or Duterte-BBM stickers. They are not few, and it makes you wonder. Is it a diffrent people power in the works?

    His supporters, in turn, should remember not to put him on a pedestal.

    Exactly. Can the people use their vehicle of protest, or.are they.creating a frankenstein one day? Could people use.him and be able to control him still, or are the people allowing themselves to be used? I guess it is up to.the people.on May9.

  2. Nevermind an apology from Duterte. What else would you expect from him? More frightening is that the crowd thought this was amusing.

    Seriously, grimwald, this country has a high proportion of people who are borderline psychopaths: that is, they have a pathological lack of empathy for others and a limited range of affect. These people cut such a wide and deep swath through civil society they they have literally brought the country to its knees. It’s not enough for the average Filipino to fix his (relatively minor) attitude problems: unless those genuine psychopaths have their wings clipped, the Philippines will go nowhere.

  3. So not funny…. Mali talaga… At best, it is in poor taste and at worst, just flatly immoral. The joke is as stupid as it is offensive, and no amount of justification will ever change this…

    After seeing the video, it felt like the comic geek in me just saw and heard The Punisher/Frank Castle cracking a joke about wanting to rape someone he just saved.

    The joke also revealed two dysfunctional behaviors – misogyny and culture of entitlement. The former because of his obvious sexual objectification of the female victim, and the latter when he felt that he should have been first in line because he is the mayor. This is such a big letdown, and for me at least, a major deal-breaker at the homestretch…

    It just became hard for me now to reconcile his crime fighting stance with this sorry excuse of a joke, very confusing… Such a big letdown…

    1. If it is that hard to reconcile his crime-fighting stance that worked in Davao with a stupid joke he made to lighten up a story that’s indeed fucked up, then why did you even plan to vote for him?

      I don’t mean to attack, I’m just curious

      1. I planned to vote for him before because of his no-nonsense approach and actions against crime and criminals in general, so he’s the last person I’d expect to make a joke about thinking of committing a crime as barbaric and heinous as rape especially given the fact that he had long years of first hand experience seeing dead bodies of victims of such an act… I’ve seen the whole video of that speech and listened to the backstory. He had himself get taken hostage at knifepoint risking his life and limb, and he himself lead the offensive using his own Uzi firearm to eliminate the bad guys. Yes, I acknowledge that these are indeed heroic acts on his part worthy of recognition, but I still struggle to find a good explanation for that rape joke.

        So I’ve watched the full video of his apology. He told the whole story again and said a lot of things but I didn’t get the answer I was hoping for. What he said was he wasn’t making a joke, and it was just gutter language uttered out of anger and frustration, and he grew up in a place where people talk that way. Well, I get all that except for the not making a joke bit which sounds like an outright lie to me. It’s very clear based on his overall demeanor and the transcripts from the viral video that he was making a joke about it. They can spin it any way they want but it’s all obvious on the record that he was making a joke.

        An honest answer I could’ve lived with would’ve been, “I’m sorry for that joke. It was just my libido talking. I was thinking using my dick and in the process sounded like a dick. I have no excuse for this, I’m not perfect but I’m willing to do the dirty work to keep you all lazy assholes safe and clean.” Something like that would’ve been somewhat okay instead of trying to justify it… He gave a half-assed apology in general and refused to apologize to a particular entity. He said he’s sticking to his guns…

        I was looking for a little bit of courage in admitting he was wrong and a little bit of humility as these are somewhat traits becoming of a good leader but he has neither…. So I think it’s best if he should just stick to his literal guns and continue his work in Davao. It might not be a smart decision to look up to him as a leader after all, and I’m just realizing right now that I might just be one of the many pinoys desperate for change that got bedazzled by the rugged charm of the Duterte brand of justice. I was wrong.

        The image stuck in my mind now is that SICK necrophilic joke coming not from a heroic crime buster but from the mouth of a dirty old man who took too much Viagra and have little morals. I’m voting for Sen. Santiago now.

        1. You called me a Dutertard earlier on my decent comment in one of the articles here, yet you were a SuperDutertard yourself a while ago. So what is your excuse for name calling huh? Nakakatawa ka. You are as sick as those ‘balasubas supporters’ of Duterte and other presidential candidates who resorts to name calling instead of engaging someone in an intelligent and healthy discussion.

        2. I wasn’t a Dutertard you DUMB FUCK, I was a Duterte supporter. There’s a big difference between the two, and your comment was not decent because you’re one of those blind retard followers denying the fact that he made a JOKE. Dutertards like you really pisses me off because you refuse to see the wrongdoing and try make up some lame excuse and justification for what your idol did! You want discussion, I’ll indulge you. Go to your original comment in the other article!

  4. Any failipino including dutertards themselves enjoying that sick joke are being what they bitch to us critics of their idol: criminals.


    It was 1989, I was only 16 then when Duterte rescued a beautiful Australian girl who was raped. A child was killed and Duterte wept. True enough, after many years, he remembers the traumatic experience and tell the audience, the victim was so beautiful, as Mayor, he should have been the first.


    But in this story, he was the one who saved the victim. As mayor, he was supposed to only oversee it but he took active part in the operations beyond the call of duty. Perhaps, he may have said it to the criminals because this was not the first time I heard the story. So his recollection included that which seemed to be a joke. But look at this from his perspective.

    He just engaged in shooting against the criminals. As a first time mayor who wanted to put his mark, he was telling the rapists who was in charge. He was the alpha-dog. And as self-confessed virile male, he was cursing the criminals by saying roughly translated in Tagalog, “gago kayo, inunahan niyo pa ako.” It was thug language and Mayor spoke it. He had to have street credit to gain the fear of the hardened criminals and he did. That is why Davao is safe. No criminal wants to piss off another thug in authority. So most of them left Davao and viola, Metro Manila became their new breeding ground. They are in control here. There is no thug in power here. Hence, we saw the proliferation of many criminal syndicates who were allowed to grow because “cultured” politicians do not scare them.

    Then more then 28 years later, some of you make a big deal out of this. Crying out like you were the victims. Saying that it is unacceptable for you to have a leader like Duterte because he should have the finesse not to talk like a thug. But he is a thug. A thug with a conscience who can make careless thug jokes but weep like a Catholic moral man to injustice. You say, “do not vote for him”. And I tell you, then do not vote for him. You will never vote for him to begin with. So quit with the act of being shock and saying, he lost me there because you were never a supporter to begin with.

    But let me ask you hypocrites out there: what was your candidate doing in 1989? Mar was probably in the safe streets of Boston, Grace was nestled in safe Manila with her rich celebrity parents because the criminals where holding ground in Davao and Binay was busy getting rich because he was lucky enough to be appointed OIC in already wealthy Makati. They never had to deal with Davao in 1989.

    Kaya ako na ang magmumura: putang-ina niyo din!!! Galing ninyong magmalinis. Kung gusto niyo ng presidente na perpekto, kahit anong bayas at salsal ang gawin niyo, walang ganun. Pero kung magreact kayo na para bang hindi katanggap-tanggap, eh puke ng ina ninyo!!! And this is not meant as an expression. I am pissed.

    Guess, we are here in this situation of rampant criminality because hypocrites like you want finesse and cultured leaders who watches everything they will say because you are too sensitive. Too cautious to ruffle your feathers. And what do we get, emboldened criminals.

    Telling the world to put ourselves in the shoes of the rape victim. Guess what? I AM A RAPE VICTIM at 7 years old. I am the first one supposed to be hurt by the joke. But I am not. Because I am more hurt by the fact that my finesse and culture made me hide my situation. How I wished Mayor Digong was there to beat the crap out of the two brothers who did it.

    And worst, you tell us not to vote for Duterte when the real reason why we have to rouse him in his retirement and solitude in peaceful Davao because your candidates made a stinking job, they could not even deliver safety.

    So, enough with the smear campaign. Let us just put it this way. Kaming boboto kay Duterte, boboto kami kahit anong black propaganda ninyo. Sa inyo na lang din ang undecided. Kung magpapadala sila sa inyo, CONGRATULATIONS!!

    I am sick of defending a man I should not be defending from hypocrites like you. And if he loses because there are more hypocrites than realists in our country then let them have their cake and eat it. So in the event, you get raped or someone you love gets raped, your President will not make a joke because that destroyed the candidate who could have stopped the rape. And chances are, your President will not do anything about it. He or she is no thug, remember?” –
    Bruce Villafuerte Rivera

    1. I completely abhor rape. It is the crime I hate the most, and to borrow a line from Con Air’s Cyrus the virus as I happen to be of the same opinion – “I despise rapists. For me, they’re somewhere between a cockroach and that white stuff that accumulates at the corners of your mouth when you’re really thirsty.”

      Am I one of them bleeding hearts out there for crying foul about this joke? Is it hypocrisy to express displeasure about making fun of a deed I feel strongly against? If so, then YES I’m a bleeding heart hypocrite! Oh and one more thing, he lost me there…

    2. If the context you are providing is accurate, then it changes a lot the story. I can see why he can joke about it. I suppose I am one of those being alluded as hypocrites because of my earlier comment. If such is the case, then I take back some of what I said.

      I don’t know if the video was shortened because as it is, nobody can understand why the audience laughed. It reflects a sick Pinoy mind. But with the context you just gave, then Duterte is funny because the joke is on,or about, him, not on the rape per se. But, isn’t he still misogynist for being able to think of a joke like that, though coming from his own terrible experience?

    3. There is no way to spin this story. It is simply abhorrent and accurately reflective of the speaker. If, by some quirk of fate, this man becomes President, the electorate will simply have confirmed the country’s desire to remain ensconced in ignorance; or, if lucky… mediocrity.

      Sent from my iPad

  6. guess what? the joke is pinoy na pinoy. crass, ill-mannered, uncivilized. but it does resonate with the general populace. he must be doing something right catering to them.
    now, he may apologize but i do guess it will be very tongue in cheek. bleeding hearts will complain, but i am sure he knows he did wrong, its just that… its be the least of his problems he’s bother with dahil ang pinoy… forgive and memory loss.

  7. Looks like it wasn’t a joke after all…

    Duterte interview link

    Listening to Duterte’s story in the video, it turns out Cory’s decision in a previous hostage taking led to the death of the missionary (by the butterfly effect). Maybe we should be asking PNoy to apologize in behalf of his mother’s incompetence in handling hostage situations.

    In retrospect, I was wondering why Rolando Mendoza (Chinese bus hostage crisis) wasn’t gunned down by snipers while they had the line-of-sight chance. I now see the connection. Incompetence runs in the blood, and is passed down from mother to child.

    1. As usual, everyone jumped on the bandwagon without knowing the whole story and is screaming bloody murder. Jesus! Give me a break. I find other stuff that candidates say far more offensive. Shameless scumbags.

      Politics is a dirty game, but if people know the real story this will backfire. People who watch this interview will see a down to earth person who is not a pretender. If people would only know the foul mouth of Grace Poe or the wife of Mar Roxas. At least Duterte is a GENUINE person and he means well.

      Other candidates pointing fingers as if their shit does not stink. What a bunch of assholes!

      1. Not me, I researched the whole story first before jumping on the bandwagon. I even came across old news articles from different archives pointing out similar observations of bungled offensive on the part of the assault team, some even stated that bullets from the rescue team killed the hostages. If these are true, then fuckin Duterte should be blamed for this as he himself said he ordered the attack. I’m just wondering why he has authority over the other military officers present on the scene. It ended tragically and making a sick joke like that just added insult to injury….

        Now fucking dutertards like you Jim are far too blinded by the charisma that you refuse to see what’s wrong…

        1. Then you may call me a Dutertard, because I’m still voting for him. But I do think that he made a poor choice of words when he was in that rally.

        2. @Trip Latski, yeah…..Blablablabla

          Any more conspiracy theories you can pull out of your ass? “If these are true”

          “IF” being the magic word here, meaning you don’t know for sure, yet you throw these allegations out there.

          Duterte clearly stated that the media has a record of everything. So why not show it? Because he might look good?

          At least you admitted that the man has charisma.

          I don’t know what this juvenile term “dutertard” is suppose to mean, but he will have my vote.

        3. @Jim DigRiz
          He was actually a SuperDutertard a while ago or should I say a ‘balasubas supporter’ as described by BenignO, et al. who cannot reconcile his juvenile thoughts with Digong and is now becoming something else. He will be voting for Miriam which I also like, and a big thanks for that. But no matter how he switches from one candidate to another, he will always be a *tard or a ‘balasubas supporter’ as he is.

        4. Hey Lancelot, if I was a Superdutertard then you are a blind Dutertard for refusing to admit your idols failings… I’m acting only balasubas to rabid balasubas Dutertards and to blind Dutertards like you. If my thoughts are juvenile then yours reek of banalities…

          At least I’ve admitted that I made a mistake.

          This issue made me re-examine how I look at personalities, and I’m now reviewing du30 again to weigh pros and cons.

          What have you done? You’ve made a blatant lie by saying he was not making a JOKE. Well, fuck you blind follower! I have no respect for people like you.

        5. Who cares for your respect? No one in his right mind will demand respect from a loser like you. You are nothing to me. I am here in a good place living decently, comfortably and safe, while you are in a God-forsaken land because of people like you. So there, eat your own shit and the shit of people like you.

        6. Yo Lancelot, then why do you even care for Duterte if you’re living in a good place? I can eat my own shit. It’s your SHIT that I can’t stand because you’re too hopped up on du30 that you’re spouting LIES just so your idol can stay on the pedestal! Have a nice life in your good place Mr. Lancelot Dutertard!

  8. All Filipino voters must read the Full Interview of Duterte and decide for yourself if Duterte deserves to be our President. There are media outfit who will distort the story just to pull down Duterte.Check the Duterte interview link.

    1. and here’s the links & I’d just got it from twitter:

      And you know who’s the biggest fault of this incident? According to by using the hashtag #BIASmedia it was all the fault of Philippine Star and made a bias reporting regarding on the controversy of Duterte’s rape joke and there are many criticism by the netizens against that newspaper. So we must boycott Philippine Star for making a misleading story & ruining Duterte’s credibility. Tomorrow we will not gonna buy that newspaper or maybe we could buy it, get a smartphone & record it & burn their paper just like what the Cavaliers fans did to Lebron’s jersey when he’d decided to move to Miami Heat around 6 years ago. Let’s do this guys & boycott their biased reporting.

      1. The Philippine Star was always in the pocket of the Aquinos.

        Soliven was a vile individual, no wonder Marcos locked him up.

        1. During the Davao Trade Expo on Oct. 29, 2013, at the SMX Convention Center. (Davao Today’s report appeared on its website and on that of, but both links are no longer functioning.)

          In that speech, Duterte tackled the issue of the “revolutionary taxation” imposed by the New People’s Army in Region 11. Davao Today headlined his typically blunt advice to businessmen confronted by NPA tax collectors: “NPA taxation a reality, just pay them.” The actual quote: “If you pay to the [Bureau of Internal Revenue], you prepare also for the NPA.”

          In December 2012, Duterte was quoted as admitting to paying revolutionary taxes amounting to P125 million a year. He later explained that he had spoken at a Communist Party of the Philippines anniversary celebration in an area that Typhoon “Pablo” had devastated. The money he gave, he said, was not a revolutionary tax payment, but donations he had solicited for disaster victims. In the absence of any barangay captain, he entrusted the money to the NPA.

          He also lauded the NPA for offering to pay compensation to all the victims of its grenade attack on a gym in Paquibato. “When they informed me they will pay P5,000, I said, ‘Good.’ When I asked where they will get the money, they said they will get it from banana planters,” he quipped.

          NOW, MY QUESTION TO EVERYBODY HERE… is this a good strategy? On the contrary, Duterti maybe is just being honest – that he is a socialist. AND SOCIALIST is a communism in itself.

    2. I watched the full interview but I still felt disappointed after. Is this a blessing in disguise or a curse in the making? I’m at a crossroads but leaning more towards reconsidering other options….

        1. Yes, I admit that I’m confused. At least I’m not a Dutertard like you. May pa LOL LOL ka pa. ULOL!!!

  9. It was a Joke in Bad Taste. The tragedy was the Australian Lay Ministers were doing good work on those Prisoners.

    I believe, they should bring back the Death Penalty. Which was removed during the Aquino era. Death Penalty for criminals of all kinds, deter crime. It also remove dangerous criminals in our society. This includes Politicians, who plunder our national treasury and Pork Barrels.

  10. I mean lets be honest fellas. Would mar Jojo and grace actually do what that guy does? Or even Miriam. He may have refused to apologize outright but I can see why unlike the moronic president we have now who has ran out of excuses and even has the audacity to not tell people straight on the face any he won’t apologize.

  11. Mayor Duterte refuses to apologize for killing heinous criminals. He refuses to apologize for being overcome with grief and anger at the sight of an innocent child killed by hostage-takers. Mayor Duterte will not apologize for using gutter language to curse those who raped and killed the Australian hostage

  12. well, one controversial presidential to another. Here’s the news from Yahoo Asia that made a headlines today and don’t worry Duterte, you’re not alone on this mess!

    There’s a video that circulated on the social media right now that one emcee of Mar Roxas was distributing cash envelope to his supporters in Pikit, North Cotabato just a day before the Kidapawan shooting incident happened. And here’s the link:

    You could search that video on youtube and I’ll gonna watch it right now.

  13. He used gutter language to express his sick sexual desire to the victim because of he saw she was beautiful and pwede sana, sayang at di nya natikman…. Yun ang ibig sabihin ng joke na iyon and of course Dutertards like Yellowtards refuse to see this because they’re 100% convinced that he is the Philippines’ savior… I just hope I’m wrong and all you Dutertards are right because he will win, and if things get really messy without effecting any real change what will happen to us, our friends and families? I don’t know but I have a bad feeling about this…

  14. Political correctness are eating up the minds of those who are supposed to be intellectuals here.

    No, no one should apologize for making any kind of jokes.

    And rape IS NOT a joke. Rape JOKES are.

    Fat is NOT a joke. Fat JOKES are.

    Momma is not a joke. Momma JOKES are.

  15. Duterte is one rare specimen – it’s only once in 30 years that we get to have a presidential candidate this colorful – as in parang cine ang buhay.

    Well if you ask me if this “gaffe” changes anything on my end -> nope; zero; doesn’t make a dent.

    Did you know that Steve Jobs was totally unconventional / unpredictable? Some people who we think may be crazy are actually geniuses. They view the world from a different lens.

    What do we lose trying out a different experiment this coming elections? Nothing – this society is already a sinking ship. So I don’t give a damn if we install a criminal killer psychopath in top office.

    I’m in it for the nagging urge to find out how the story ends – it’s like reading a novel halfway through. You’ll always be wondering how the plot will turn out. We already started this Duterte movie by rousing him out of his retirement plan; just get on with it and let’s find out if he delivers. If it turns out to be a dud – well at least we get to find out.

    Remember the calls to get the fight if the century to come to happen? When Mayweather finally agreed – it was like euphoric to all boxing fans all over the world. Now what if just a few days before the long awaited event – the organizers pulled the plug? Roar!!!

    Mar, Poe, Binay – all boring. I want to watch the action guys. Don’t deprive me of this free real-life zombie-land movie! Let’s see how the criminals fight the war against this iron-fisted defender of the oppressed. I want to know who will win. If he dies fighting – at least we’ll have a hero from the south to name a fish after.

    1. I want to know who will win. If he dies fighting – at least we’ll have a hero from the south to name a fish after.

      That would be a good ending… I just hope it happens 6 months after oath taking so BBM can take the seat…

      1. Hoy! Homu-hopia ka pa kay Duterte? Kala ko ba decided ka na na ibasura sya? At kinailangan mo pa talaga gumamit ng utak ng iba para makapag-isip ng tama? LOL!

        1. That would be a good ending… I just hope it happens 6 months after oath taking so BBM can take the seat…

          Clearly you missed my point you Dutertard fanboy you… ULOL!

  16. one of my officemates who also supports Digong also reacted to this. he too was dismayed about the incident.

    me: tangina si duterte eh noh
    opismate: oo pre. tangina kasi ung bibig eh. eto na naman tayo eh. pero kung ganun dapat dineretso na lang niya, ‘oo balasubas ako magsalita, pero hindi ko naman gagawin yan sa totoong buhay eh kayo, ang lilinis niyong nga magsalita akala niyo sino kayong mga santo pero puro kurakot ang ginagawa niyo!’ dapat ganunan na.
    me: onga eh.

    and the paranoia that Duterte can be tapped by the Yellows it makes me want to vote for MDS (One Opposition). however, when I think about the filipino flaws (undisciplined nature, arrogance, no-obedience to the law), it makes me want to vote again for Digong. so i’m in the “Eeny-meeny-miny-moe” zone between MDS or Digong.

    let’s also add Federalism (non USA style) and Parliamentary (UK Style) shift under Digong presidency.

    For VP, hands down: BBM!

  17. Philippines presidential candidate vows not to apologize for gang rape ‘joke’

    (CNN)A Philippines presidential candidate under fire for his comments on gang rape has disowned an apology issued by his party and vowed he would “never really apologize” for the remarks, CNN Philippines reports.

    Pressure has been building on front-running presidential candidate and Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte since he made a joke in connection with the rape and murder of an Australian missionary during a 1989 hostage crisis in Davao City during a campaign rally on April 12.

    After days of balking at calls for him to say he was sorry for the comments, Duterte finally seemed to repent Tuesday, when a statement was issued by his political party, PDP-Laban, with an apparent apology, CNN Philippines reported.

    “I apologize to the Filipino people for my recent remarks in a rally. There was no intention of disrespecting our women and those who have been victims of this horrible crime,” read the statement.

    But asked about the statement later in the day during an appearance in Iloilo City, the 71-year-old seemed to back away from it, according to CNN Philippines.

    “Don’t force the issue because I will never really apologize,” he said, according to a CNN Philippines translation of his comments.
    He said he knew nothing about the statement of apology released by his party, and said the offensive remarks had been uttered in a burst of anger at the criminals.

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