Are Filipinos actively looking for Butthurt?

Filipinos like to see themselves as happy people. But this contradicts the numerous times Filipinos express outrage against something. Outrage fads come from time to time. Adam Carolla’s criticisms, Katherine Ryan’s joke using Filipino children, a woman named Kiki, and many other things seem to bring out the Filipinos’ anger hormones. Worst of all, some […]

The Talented Mr. Aquino The Week That Was

  Tom Ripley: I always thought it would be better, to be a fake somebody… than a real nobody. The Talented Mr Ripley is a movie about a con man played by Matt Damon. All throughout the movie we see Damon’s character convincingly deceive almost every person in his path. Which is something that goes […]

Why Get Real Philippines Is A Positive Website

“That’s  a Negatory Good buddy. “   I am old enough to have briefly participated in the Manila CB radio scene when it was active. CB for you kiddies stands for Citizen’s Band.There might still be some form of it but chat rooms now fill that need. If I recall your typical CB radio had […]

Nancy With The Laughing Face

  “I swear to goodness, you can’t resist her Sorry for you, she has no sister No angel could replace Nancy with the laughing face”   A song recorded by Francis Albert Sinatra         This is second time in a week that one tweet inspires a whole blog post. Full disclosure but […]

Explosion of Joy or Explosion of Superficiality?

 Philippine Daily Inquirer page March 14, 2013 A1     I have said many times mass media is simply a mirror to society. Mass media gives the audience what it wants to attract what they want. It is very uncomfortable to know as a practicing Catholic in the Philippines that our religious leaders are not […]

Harrassment by Presidential Security: There’s Three Sides To Every Story

“There’s three sides to every story, baby. There’s yours and there’s mine and the cold, hard truth.” Long Way Home Don Henley     On October 2012 a man meeting his family at a local restaurant   was threatened to be arrested . This man’s only crime was parking in a restaurant that just happened to […]

National Press Club, Your Freudian Slip Is Showing

freudian slip freud·i·an slip Noun: An unintentional error regarded as revealing subconscious feelings. We don’t know anything for sure (is that libel) but a Freudian slip is what seems to have happened . The National Press Club initially said that the libel portion of  the Cybercrime Act was “society’s weapon against bloggers”.  They had since […]

Is Death The Door To Other Side Or Merely A Billboard For Opportunists On This One?

“Every movie in every cinema is about Death, Death Sells!” Ian Faith, manager of the legendary band Spinal Tap.   Michael Jackson was as hot as a musical artist can get in the mid 80s.Like anything else there will be a regression. When he died people in my life from maids to our H.R. were […]