It Is Not Our Language That Makes Us Dumb But What We Talk About!

Okay, before we begin, I’m pretty sure some of you will be wondering what an “idiocracy” even is. Well, in case it’s not obvious enough from the words that compose it, an “idiocracy” is a nation or state that is ruled by idiots. This is a kind of place where being an idiot is actually […]

Gaming Etiquette For Pinoy Gamers

Again, I find myself angrily writing another article after getting royally enraged by a lot of you Pinoy gamers out there. Really, I must admit, it’s really ironic now that I have the time to really think about it. I know a lot of you scream “Pinoy Pride” at the top of your lungs whenever […]

Mass national disruption as APEC Manila 2015 circus comes to town!

Everything is such a huge drama in the Philippines. The coming Asia Pacific Economic Conference (APEC) is no exception. It promises to effect immense disruption across a vast swath of Philippine society — which makes the very hosting of this forum by the Philippine government quite ironic. Economies rise and fall on the back of […]

Why are you so negative? And other frequently asked questions answered

Every now and then, I get asked the same questions I have answered so many times before. I understand that not everyone will see my responses so I have compiled the frequently asked questions with my corresponding answers for everyone’s convenience: 1. When you highlight what is wrong in Philippine society, aren’t you being negative? […]

Should Filipinos Go Back to Pursuing Excellence in English?

Through the years, I have witnessed the steady decline of Filipinos in about almost everything they used to be good at, and one area is in their command of the English language. While neighboring countries like Korea and Japan have only recently realized the great value of this de-facto language of choice in today’s highly […]

The Problem with Filipino views about English Speakers

Here’s a certain reaction I heard about English-Speaking Filipinos: “Ha? Bakit tayo nag-i-Ingles? Mayaman ba tayo? (Why should we be speaking English? Are we rich?)” When I also noticed that people always assume I was rich and moneyed, I asked my mom about it and she said, “How could they not? You look white and […]

Gimmick Nation: Is the Philippines a society of con artists?

Part 1. A Look at How a Simple Word Impacted Our Culture Gimmick is an interesting word in its use in Tag-lish and Eng-saya — and baffling in how it is used.  It is a local showbiz lingo, a jargon among the personalities of said industry. Just listen to a familiar sound bite on TV: […]

What Marian Rivera’s fan base reveals about Philippine society

It suddenly occurred to me why Marian Rivera has so many frothing fans. It’s because she looks sosyal but sounds palengkera. The psychology there being that there is some sort of perverted appeal to seeing a person who looks like she comes from the colonial elite speaking the language of the masa. Yeah, I get […]