Chiz and Heart wedding out-glitzes ‘outrageously extravagant’ #DongYanWedding!

Ha ha! It seems fans of Filipino “royal couple” Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera are still royally butthurt over explosive exposés on the outrageous extravagance of their wedding. Back in early January, Ilda posed the question Did the Dingdong Dantes-Marian Rivera wedding violate the Philippine Civil Code against ‘thoughtless extravagance’? The post generated a lot of debate and drew in a lot of furious “DongYan” fans. Looks like they are still on a rampage though, waiting to pounce on the next opportunity to redeem the lost honor of their prince and princess!

chiz-heart_weddingSeems they found one such opportunity again. Last week another Pinoy royal couple wed. Senator Chiz Escudero married actress Heart Evangelista — his second wife. (Oh, excuuuuzzee me, his first “marriage” was supposedly “annulled” making that one the marriage that cannot be mentioned — wink-wink…)

So was Chiz’s and Heart’s wedding as outrageously extravagant as the DongYan spectacle? Well, the only mainstream media article coming close to bagging that wedding I could find was a Rappler article asking: How can a 2nd ‘poorest’ senator afford a Balesin wedding? Funny enough, the author of the report described that wedding as one that “may as well be the wedding of the year”. It was “star-studded” and easily “could be the grandest matrimonial event of the year.”

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In short, according to the Rappler “report”, taob ang DongYan ‘royal wedding’ sa wedding of da yir ni Chiz at Heart. Ha ha!

So maybe it is true. Perhaps Chiz and Heart did outdo Dingdong and Marian. Not to worry, Marian is still top suplada queen, I heard. Maybe that is why her wedding attracted a lot more derision than Heart’s who, presumably is all heart (pardon the lame pun). But is Heart more hearty than the reputedly heartless Marian? Ating alamin… The Chiz-meez (again, pardon the pun) is that Heart is a pretty decent person. In contrast, the chizms about Marian is all but. Stories abound all over the net recounting her Spanish conquistadora-style behavior. But I’ll leave that to the madla to sort out. One indio’s conquistadora is another’s peninsulares’s prinsesa, right? Or is it the other way around? Too confusing!

Thing with the Pinoy masa is that they don’t have very stable principles. They’ll pull the guilt-trip on you with their batang yagit act whenever victimhood suits them, but then turn around and worship colonial royalty when out scrounging for their daily showbiz eye candy fix.

To be fair, though, there is reason to be a bit more angry about Chiz’s and Heart’s wedding. Chiz, after all, is a Philippine senator. And seeing all the who’s who of big business and politics in the guest list makes you wonder how he will nagivate the minefield of conflicts-of-interest that all this pandering will present to him. What, for example, if big-bad San Miguel Corporation is found to be involved in unethical business practices and needs a spanking? Well, its CEO Ramon Ang was a sponsor at Chiz’s wedding, so I doubt that Senator Chiz will be making a beeline to any Senate ‘probes’ into a hypothetical San Miguel transgression anytime soon — not even for the much-needed media mileage that might get for him.

Still, there really is no point in putting the Chiz-Heart ‘wedding of the year’ side-by-side with the DongYan ‘royal wedding’ in a pataaasan ng ihi contest. Both of those circuses are the same — abominations in a country of hopelessly-wretched people. One does not absolve nor validate the other. They are events that find a place in an impoverished society only because Filipinos are “special” in the sense that they cannot smell trashy stuff stinking up their own backyard.

To give credit to President BS Aquino, he did learn something from the DongYan wedding — that is, not to touch big ostentatious weddings with a ten-foot pole from then on. Then again, I can already hear the bright comeback, Dingdong’s and Marian’s fans might issue sometime soon — DongYan beats ChizHeart anytime because no less than the president graced the earlier’s wedding. Ha ha! Yeah, if you say so.

71 Replies to “Chiz and Heart wedding out-glitzes ‘outrageously extravagant’ #DongYanWedding!”

  1. Why can’t Filipino celebrities/politicians keep their weddings low-key and private, just like what American celebrities/politicians do nowadays?


    “Thing with the Pinoy masa is that they don’t have very stable principles.”

    Just asking, is the above ARROGANT STATEMENT of Ms. Kate Natividad also in line with the PRINCIPLES and CHARACTER of the GRP CULTURE???!!!

    It seems Kate Natividad, the PROUD and LOUD Chiz-meez Queen of GRP and PERENNIAL Marian Rivera Hater/Basher/Stoker NEVER misses an opportunity when she finds one! She even has the habit of, deceitfully and maliciously, putting words in the mouth of her subject victim just to drive an elitist, opinionated point!


    Her GRP articles are lightyears away from the caliber and the likes of benignO and Ilda and other GRP writers! Emphasis is heavy on the subject and not in the issues! NAKAKABOBO!!!

    The Bird is the Word! Ms. Kate Natividad, for once GET REAL!!!!!!!!!

  3. dear, hibang ka ba? San mo naman nabasa na sinabing tinaob ng chizheart wedding and dongyan wedding? Porke bat sinabi na wedding of the year kina heart eh tinaob na ang kina Marian? Dear, year 2015 na po, baka you’re still stuck in 2014?! Year 2014 kinasal sila Marian dear, magkaiba sila ng taon. Dali, delete mo na tong post mo, ako ang nahihiya para sa yo. Tanga much? Lol!

  4. Seems like i’m reading an article from a frustrated Tabloid writer. Journalists should never take sides. It was like you wrote an article to make fun of the fans of DY? The topic was on Chiz and Heart but you manage to insert Marian and Dingdong just so you ca gain readers and increase internet traffic. Yes you will gain a lot of attention, negative that is.

  5. Kala ko ba makamahirap Ka? Kung makadescribe Ka sa mga pinoy masa sobrang panghahamak mo..kung gnyan pla tingin mo sa mga pinoymasa then why are you here mas malaki income d2? Kunyare nac0nfuse ka sa indio’s conquistadora & peninsulares princess pro kung pano mo I deliver ang blog mo seems like may kinakampihan Ka na.. Oh, e di lumabas ang kaipokritahan mo..

  6. Kelangan mo rin ng maraming views or followers? Wagi Ka, kasi karamihan sa mga gusto sumikat dinidikit lhat ng ginagawa nla sa dongyan..poor you mas mahirap pa pla sa daga ang mga panununtunan mo sa buhay,te.. Hndi pba sapat ang sumusubaybay sa inyo at nakikisakay kna rin sa kasikatan ng dongyan?

  7. unang una sa lahat ang dongyan ay hindi naman kasi politiko para kwestsyonin niyo sa paggastos ng kasal. kala ko ba getrealphilippines asan na ang paniniwala nyong yan?? kaya madami tumutuligsa sa inyo dahil itong sa chizheart eh wala man lang kasi kayo imik naturingan pulitiko si chiz isa pa isa sya sa pinakamahirap na senador at ang mga kinuha nyan ninong eh tipong pangfinancer para sa 2016 pero dedma kayo bakit dahil takot kayo kayo kay chiz at bahag ang buntot nyo??? so ang mga katulad lang ng dongyan ang kaya nyo?? tapos ngayon magtataka kayo at nakakatawa naman ang way ng pagsususulat mo pang tabloid at basher na basher ang dating ah halatang may galit ka lang kay marian. hindi nalang sana ikaw ng gumawa ng article about chizheart kung si marian lang din naman laman ng article mo anu yan para lang majustify mo kung bakit sinulat ni ilda ang dongyan wedding? para din pala kayo si noynoy para msabi nkkisimpatya namatay din tatay nya ganun???. tigilan nyo na ang getrealphil kung one sided naman kayo.

  8. Talaga ba ganito ka hypocrite ang writers ng GRP? Nakaka bobo ang article na to! The writer can nkt even stick to the issue and chose to insult fans of Marian and Marian herself! Just who do you think you are? Totoo namang biased kayomcoz you choose to be blinded with the truth! Again, how can a 2nd poorest senator afford a Balesin wedding, 3 receptions and 3 gowns made by world renowned designers? Maybe you should tackle that, that is kung real nga kayo

    1. The are real all right. Real stupid! Very obvious some of the grp writers are in heart’s payroll. This kate thingy wrote another article about marian’s english. You can tell she hates marian. I wonder why? Maybe she finds her waaay too beautiful, she can stand her. Lol.

  9. Walang kwenta, change your name, marian loves kate,queen heart. The pt is both weddings are lavish/extravagant. And for public figures like these celebrities and this politician it is borderline unethical if not unethical altogether. Much more so for Chiz bec he is a lawmaker and conflicts of interest are presented when you get powerful personalities to be your sponsor. I dont belive Kate is taking sides. You are so deluded to think that this is abt 1 celebrity couple vs another. It isn’t. But hey it was fun to see all of your emotional outbursts in GRP.

    1. Ha????? Are you talking to me? Can you read the article again or even the title man lang and then read my comment again. Ummmm, parang ang layo naman ng pinaglalaban mo sa puntong pinipuna ko. Geeesh

      1. You should read the article again. And try to understand the message this time. It’s not about 2014 vs 2015. Get the real message of the article before you zone in on any details.

  10. A true journalist takes no side and reports the news and voices their opinions fearlessly. Bakit walang nagcocover nung pagka inappropriately extravagant ng wedding ni Chiz and Heart? Are your hands tied? Is one of their rich sponsors the one funding this website?

    Hmmm what is going on with this site? Doon na lang ako sa Rappler.

  11. Dear writer,
    In an attempt for you to insult Marian Rivera and her fans which I’m proud to be one, I think the insult is on heart evangelista. You know why? You just proven to the world that your empty article would not attract real people without Marian Dantes’s name on it because to you heart evangelista and chiz got no fans who would drop by to read your empty half-baked article. As you proudly said it, your colleague Ilda got the attention she needed, now is your turn to get yours. So i’m wondering who between you both would get the highest karma. We hope to read an article about your struggling lives when the time comes.

    1. First of all I would like to thank all my fellow DongYan Fans for defending Our “Royal Couple” and to all the Haters and Bashers who took their precious time to write nonsense just to draw attention i thank them too for their stupidity and uncivilized manner because they will continue to remain stereotype and backward. They can go to hell for all we care because DongYan will always be DongYan for US WHETHER THEY LIKE IT OR NOT

  12. … my response to this is the same as my response to the brouhaha on the Dingdong-Marian wedding — they have the money, they’re not killing me, let them spend their money, yadda yadda yadda.

    But for full disclosure I will admit to a bit of bias for the couple: Heart ain’t no bad painter, and Chiz ain’t no bad senator. That’s it, really.

    1. Of course my response in Ilda’s article (something Ilda might or might not remember, given the number of posts) was made in white heat, with all fury and indignation.

      Today I’m just tired and bored.

  13. Really, what a joke of a trash site. This article is suppose to be about heart-chiz spending tax payers money and you manage to make it about marian and her fans? what is it about Marian and this site. While trying to get readers on you site don’t forget you are hurting people who never offended you in anyway. Now i’m beginning to understand why these so called tabloid writers and blogger always ended up useless.

  14. wow deleting every comments telling you what a trash writer you are? How typical. Imagine how Dongyan feel about you getting paid to trash their names. GetReal as your name says and stop publishing stupid articles.

  15. Without Dongyan name I wouldn’t even read this least of all comment. oh yea the writer needs Marian’s name to get attention.

  16. Hello Getreal, please if you what responsible people to stick to your site learn from Rapple. Your article is all about Dongyan wedding once again. Beginning to think heart paid Ilda to write the first one.

  17. Like I said, modern day showbiz fans are wannabe slaves, and some even want to be the defenders of their “royalty.” Sorry, folks, Chiz and Heart aren’t going to feed you. They’ll probably tell you to get a job.

        1. ChinoF, it’s pointless to enlighten some people. I’m actually surprised that these people are in GRP. They can speak the language and understand it I guess but reading and really getting the message are a different matter. It’s hard for these people to understand that the blog is not taking anyone’s side. That it is saying both are (borderline) unethical. AGAIN, for some readers that’s too difficult to understand.

    1. @ chino
      Wannabe slaves? Not really. I probably have a better job than you. Kung makapangmata naman. Hindi lang po ikaw ang magaling!
      @ ralph
      Hindi naman. Naintindihan naman namin kayo! Sinaling niya rin naman ng konti si chiz and heart but then she really just had to put marian and dingdong down. Truth be told, pa-english-english lang kayo. Kaya ko rin kayong sabayan sa english pero mas dama ko ang tagalog. Sarap kayang mag-tagalog! Remember ang hindi marunong magmahal sa sariling wika, higit pa ang amoy sa mabahong isda. Oh my, it stinks in here! Lol.

      1. I’m sure kayang kaya mo makipag sabayan Staycool. Hindi naging problema sa maraming Pilipino ang mag-Ingles . Ang problema talaga eh ang makaunawa. Yan ang malamang na wala ka. Kung marunong kang umintindi alam mo dapat na ang blog eh hindi against sa mga idolo mo per se. Pati trabaho ni ChinoF binanggit mo pa when the word “slave” in his statement has nothing to do with social stature.

        1. @ralph…..are u sure ako ang hindi marunong makaunawa? If the blog is not against my idolo per se, why not make the statement in general? Bakit ninyo sila pinangalanan? Why dingdong and marian? Puede namang “a person”, and aren’t we all talking about these 4 couples? I’m getting way confused here. About the wannabe slaves…..that’s quite a harsh word to say to the fans. I take it as kahit anong gawin nilang 2, idolo pa rin namin sila. Actually, i just like them too but i have a life and my world does not revolve around them. Kaya lang naman ako napapasagot dito sa blog niyo coz i can’t stand you all righteous people na akala niyo kayo lang ang magaling. Someone has to tell you too. Too bad it had to be me. As with regards to chino’s job, i do have a better job coz i don’t criticize people but i’m just not gonna sit around here listening to you all mighty good people. I’m always down with argument.

      1. Ralph says:
        February 24, 2015 at 9:26 am
        I’m sure kayang kaya mo makipag sabayan Staycool. Hindi naging problema sa maraming Pilipino ang mag-Ingles.

        benign0 says:
        February 24, 2015 at 12:01 pm
        The trouble with Pinoys is they cannot speak in English when spoken to in English.
        Kaya nga olats. Hanggang tingala na lang sa mga kano at tisay. Ha ha! 😀

        @ benigno: Oh-oh, it seems like you and ralph are not seeing each other eye to eye. I’m really getting waaaay too confused here. Ano ba talaga, magaling ba talagang mag-english ang mga pinoys or hindi? You guys need to keep it together.

        1. What???? See eye to eye???? You mean, that is actually what you think it is??? You are disappointing me benigno! i thought you are all that? ikaw naman pala ang olats! Wahhhh

      2. benign0 says:
        February 24, 2015 at 12:01 pm
        The trouble with Pinoys is they cannot speak in English when spoken to in English.
        Kaya nga olats. Hanggang tingala na lang sa mga kano at tisay. Ha ha! 😀

        @ benigno: You are so good in english indeed! (Pinoys is). You gotta be ashamed of yourself, criticizing pinoys! You can’t even get things right! Typo? Ok, i’m not like you so i’ll give it to you. But next time, you be careful ok. People will be extremely critical to arrogant people like you! Just sayin’!

        1. @ benigno: That’s it? Ah ok, i’m through with you then! Tsk, tsk, sayang, looking forward to listen to your litany of english pa naman. Oh i am so impressed, you arrogant biatch! Lol. The bully is now the one being bullied! Ha ha (pagaya nga!)

      3. The trouble with Pinoys is when they ‘use English as a symbol of their self-proclaimed “superiority”, and advocate Kate Natividad’s “private school swagger and loud and twanged English” as an effective tool for intimidation in the Philippines.

        And I always thought that Language as a tool of communication “is what unites the men and women” of GRP!

    2. @ChinoF You can only lead the horse to water. These fans won’t ever understand the point of this article so might as well not expect them to. I admire you for trying to enlighten them though 🙂

  18. Mga Marian fans grabe na mga pagka war freaks the world doesn’t revolve around her. I swear, madaming netizens na naiirita sa mga fans ni Marian gusto nila to bring others down para angat yong idol nila. Before ako bash ng Marian fans, I’m solid Dos just saying bakit nakaka cheap sa GMA mga ugali ng fans nya.

      1. War freaks all over social media Lagi may mga issues but can’t take criticisms well if u can’t take bashing dont dish it out.

    1. @Jill You hit the nail right on the head! They think that their idol is the freaking Virgin Mary or the next best thing since sliced bread that it’s irritating already when in fact she is nothing but a pretty face who happens to be HALF-Spanish and WHITE! God forbid if you disagree with them, they’d crucify you like you ate baby Jesus for breakfast.

  19. @ benigno: What’s that? See ya!….you mean eye to eye??? Ha ha. No seriousy, i’m through with you. I’m afraid i’m enjoying bullying you a little bit too much already. More on a dose of your own medicine ba! Kaya huwag na nga, tutal naman i’ve already proven my point. You ain’t all that after all! Ha ha.

    P.S. I’m not really familiar how this reply thingy works. I can’t reply to your latest post anymore. Does that mean, you already blocked me coz you want to have the last word? Well, that’s just too bad coz i ain’t giving it to you! Ha ha

    1. Well, you’re still here, right? So I’m no longer really sure if you really are going (as you keep saying you are) or staying (as you seem to be doing). To be fair, there really isn’t much else to go to other than GRP. We’re that good and that irresistible, you see.

      1. @ benigno: Hindi rin! I just like to bully you that’s why i’m hanging around. You’re right, you are sooooo irresistible. Oh, i’m so smitten. I wish i could see you eye to eye! Ha ha! I’m enjoying this Ha ha thingy. I learned something from you! Anyway, i was so bored, for a while you’ve managed to entertain me. I gotta give that to you. But now, on with my life….for real! Ha ha.

  20. I guess Alex Brosas is losing his credibility and our dear heart has shifted her investment to this blog. What a shame that her life has to revolve around Marian Rivera now.

    1. @ alicia, napaghahalata right? kailangan talagang pagtulungtulungan para itaob ang isang Marian Rivera Dantes. What they don’t realize is the more they bash her, the more she gains followers. Win-win for her,eh? So bashers, keep it coming!

    2. @ alicia, obvious ba? Sama sama lahat sila, wala pa ring mangyayari, hahaha! Marian Rivera will always have the most sought bachelor in town as her husband and continuosly raking millions of pesos in her craft. Bitter lang itong si Kate, dahil feel niya mas matalino sya but di man lang maka level up sa kung anong mayroon si Marian Rivera Dantes!

      1. Remember this isn’t a news website. Its a blog. There is no need for bitter overreactions. If you want your fangirl drama to be satisfied… you know where to look.

        1. @WR thank you for putting it out there and setting them straight 🙂 some fangirls just can’t get over the fact that the world doesn’t revolve around their idol

  21. reading these posts, i have this picture of the writers in my, foaming in the mouth, smoke coming out of their ears, red-faced about to explode…not a good picture

    if only these people who write their comments here show the same enthusiasm, the same fervor, the same ardor towards their work, towards their belief in their God, towards their relationship with others, towards whatever values they have…maybe, just maybe we can move on and become a great nation free of idolatry, free of pettiness, free of self-righteousness, free of judgmental attitude…but then it’s free to dream

  22. Im not a dingdong marian fan but I find articles like these pathetic and stupid. This blog reveals itself to be nothing more than pointless shallow tripe, no different to other celeb obsessed gossip sites. I find it bizarre that celebrity weddings like the marian/dingdong was met with outrage due to its supposed extravegence, despite the fact that they are not politicians, yet someone like Chiz even more expensive wedding is barely met with a shrug. The question is legitimate. How could a public servant like chiz, considered to be the second poorest in the senate, afford such a lavish wedding? You might dismiss it as petty or inggit lang when people adk these questions, but even in countries like Australia, politicians have come under fire for presents, gifts or special benefits they have received from wealthy individuals. To someone like Chiz, who has ambitions to become president, it is concerning that he might seem to be easily bought. This is part of the reason why there is such rampant corruption in the Philippines. Just what do those wealthy ninongs/ninangs want in return for contributing to this expensive wedding? Quite frankly, I find this wedding, rather than the showy vulgar glitz of the marian/dingdong wedding, to be more concerning.

  23. Furthermore, I am terrified of the idea that someone like Heart would become the next Philippine first lady. I already find nauseating the trend of celebrities becoming politicians, in order to line their coffers, so I have no love for this Chiz Heart affair. Just as I would oppose either Dingdong or Marian to join politics, I am hoping that Chiz does not end up becoming president with a celebrity for a wife. With barely any education, lack of social awareness, ignorant of the plight of the poor, and a diva reputation, as well as lust for a luxurious lifestyle, she would end up as the next Imelda Marcos if people foolishly vote for Chiz as prez.

  24. I am a poor filipino but instead of working hard to better my state in life, I’m going to spend my time complaining about how rich people spend their money.

  25. The obsession of celebrity weddings are a reflection of how hive minded we are as a nation of people and what we fail to realize are that DongYan and ChizHeart are all political machinations to sway the votes of the people in next years election in the same vain as PeeNoy used his mother’s death as a launching pad to run for president since politics in our country is not measured by how good you are but by how famous you are Chiz and Dong are smart it’s the fucking masses who are dumbfucks

  26. Usapang barbero to..nasa inyo lng kng maniwala kayo.. sino nakaka alam san pumunta si heart nong nwala sya sa showbiz?sila pa ata ni jericho non.

  27. Read through the article and chuckles at the number of people not getting the point of the blog post. It’s not even about dongyan vs chizheart at all! LOL

    My dear folks, it’s about 1) Filipinos being emotional: bashing Marian cause she’s suplada and the chizheart wedding not getting as much flak cause heart is generally perceived as sweet; 2) the ethical conundrum of being a senator and having company ceo’s as your wedding godfathers; 3) implied allegation of corruption: 2nd poorest senator (according to “public records”) + a very expensive wedding=does not compute.

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