The Problem With Pinoy Religiosity

To be honest, I was just going to make this a comment to Midway Haven’s latest article about spirituality in the Philippines. However, I decided to make it a full-on article because I have points to share that really need to be addressed to our society. The thing is, while I myself hold religious beliefs […]

Idolatry And Fanaticism In The Philippines: The Cycle Of Disaster Continues

Before I begin my formal rant, for a given value of the word “formal”, let me say a few bits from the Bible. The following are actually events taken from the book of Exodus translated to modern format and interpreted by me. However, before I go on, let me tell you that I am not […]

The winnable members of the Dead Relatives Society of Philippine politics

Today is the anniversary of the death of former Department of Interior and Local Government Secretary Jesse Robredo who died in a plane crash in 2012. Because he was seen to be a decent fellow, a lot of politicians and “activists” got on the bandwagon of hero worship, just short of turning him into a […]

Philippine Christianity: Is it Something to be Proud Of?

In light of recent events regarding the earthquake in Nepal (I offer my sincerest condolences to the departed there and a prayer of safety and recovery for the survivors), I have begun to hear many saying that we here in the Philippines should start considering our moral stance lest we become next. Then, much to […]

Idolatry and Idiocy: The True Pinoy Legacy

Okay, due to the recent reactions and comments of my previous article about Manny Pacquiao, I feel a need to elaborate further. While I laud those who took the time to read the whole article and analyzed it with both their hearts and minds (I don’t mind whether or not you agree with me as […]

Bakya Society: A Culture of Stupidity and Idolatry

This is more or less a response to Kate Natividad’s articles about breeding out idiots and why I think that, despite Ms. Natividad’s good intentions, it will be of little help in this country. This is also related to ChinoF’s article about “bakya” society and why this is one of the major problems we need […]

Alternative Media (Part 4): Realistic Fantasies

With my last article, I exposed how the Pinoy fantasy genre is degrading the minds of the Filipino people. As already mentioned, I still think there are a few fantaseryes worth looking into from time to time.¬†Encantadia¬†was actually pretty good because of the way it presented fae that were neither bad nor good and were […]

Fatal Fantasy: The Kabobohan Within

In a previous article, I cited that Filipinos seem to be caught in a “fatal fantasy” of their own design. While I pointed out that while the and the government and the media can be blamed for some of this, I can also point out that the people are also partially to be blamed for […]