Idolatry and Idiocy: The True Pinoy Legacy

Okay, due to the recent reactions and comments of my previous article about Manny Pacquiao, I feel a need to elaborate further. While I laud those who took the time to read the whole article and analyzed it with both their hearts and minds (I don’t mind whether or not you agree with me as long as you thought over your own opinion), I must say that I’m quite disappointed in the reaction of those who couldn’t even be bothered to even try to understand what I was talking about. I remember mentioning that I do indeed support Manny Pacquiao and I certainly approve of his efforts in trying to unite the people and his activities in philanthropy but I can wager that a good number of the article’s detractors didn’t even notice that small detail. Also, I never told anyone not to watch the fight; I simply said that probably won’t be watching it and I’m not forcing anyone to join me. Lastly, what I meant was that I wasn’t really all that enthusiastic about the mega-fight because I know the kind of trouble the country is in and the fight itself will probably be nothing more than a brief destruction compared to the problems we face. Oh heck, why am I even trying to explain myself? It’s not like a lot of you will bother to read any of this either…

Okay, to the point then!

Manny-PacquiaoThe Pacquiao article goes back to this particular article actually and this article here by Benign0. You see, the thing is, I can’t help but notice how the whole country seems to go nuts about their “hero” and how a lot of them think that he’s some kind of savior to the Philippines. It is not at all that different compared to how many typical Pinoys who voted for Noynoy Aquino thought that the son of Ninoy and Cory Aquino (Ninoy died before he could make any real difference and we all know the stuff that happened with Cory) would be the hero that would finally bring salvation and progress to the country.

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Since Pacquiao and his family are religious people and I can guess that most of his fans probably hold a lot of religious beliefs as well, let me refresh a few teachings from the Bible. The first commandment in the ten commandments goes something along the lines of: “I the Lord am Your God and thou shalt not have any other gods before me.” For our non-Christian readers out there, please bear with this short bit of preaching.

Anyway, it is argued by some Jews that the Big Guy wasn’t really that tough on having other religions as there were a lot of pagan deities in Israel or Canaan back then. However, what Yahweh did not like was putting those idols or baalim as they were referred to in antiquity over or ahead of Him. Heck, Moses blew up the Golden Calf just to prove the point and Elijah went through a lot of trouble to show that a bunch of worshipers of Baal (who were implied to be sacrificing live human beings to their idol) had it wrong.

So in essence, I don’t really have a problem with Manny Pacquiao himself or his upcoming fight. What I do have a problem with are the people who seem to think that he will be the hero who will somehow save the country in the same vein that there are still people who think that Noynoy Aquino will somehow be able to pull the Philippines out of its sorry condition. For these people, Manny Pacquiao has essentially become their personal Baal, their own Golden Calf if you will, a false god they jealously protect thinking that he is their only salvation despite the fact that he is clearly just an athlete, a skilled one maybe, but he is probably not at all that different from his opponent Floyd Mayweather.

Now, I have also noticed so many people who say that Manny Pacquiao is an inspiration to the Filipino people. Well, I got news for you, Pacquiao has been winning fights since before 2010 and the Filipino people still have very little to show for it. We are still floundering as a nation. You want proof?

We are STILL dicks to each other

As I said, Manny has been steadily rising in fame and fortune almost a decade ago but very little has changed in the attitude of Filipino people towards each other. Pinoys are generally dicks towards each other as evidenced by the people who still double-park, litter, are generally mean to everybody else, rob others blind and refuse to take responsibility for their failures and mistakes. People have certainly become protective of Manny Pacquiao. But each other? Hell no. Just ask Mei Magsino.

We are STILL lazy

Manny Pacquiao is probably one of the most industrious athlete I’ve ever seen and for that I applaud him. His fans on the other hand? I can’t really be sure about that. Time and time again, in our local town hall, it’s almost impossible to get our officials to lift a finger even if a mad (read: rabid) dog is on the loose in our barrio. People still arrive late for work and consider it a matter of tradition to stick to what is called “Filipino Time”.

We are STILL mostly undisciplined rabble

Pacquiao can be easily considered the epitome of discipline in our country and for that, again, I applaud him. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of many of his fans. Get a load of all the garbage found scattered across our airports and train stations. Notice how some of our officials can’t even be bothered to get off their backsides and see what can be done about these problems. Oh yes, let’s not forget, whether it’s another Pacquiao fight or the arrival of the Pope, discipline and goodwill are only used to keep up appearances and are just temporary breaks from the norm. Once everything is said and done, everyone goes back to their horrible and ill-disciplined selves.

Look if you people will insist that Pacquiao is an inspiration to the Filipino people then please prove it. Be nice, work hard and learn to discipline yourselves because those are things that Pacquiao is encouraging you to do, not something that will miraculously happen just because he wins a fight. If you believe in the good example that Pacquiao is espousing then start the change from within yourself.



28 Replies to “Idolatry and Idiocy: The True Pinoy Legacy”

  1. INB4 myfurysfury the pacquiao fanboy going hostile in this article. Those asshurts are obvious ultranationalist fanboys that they like declaring World War III only because pacquiao is fighting another foreign boxer.

    1. Btw another meaning of your comparison of pacquiao to Baal is the fact that failipinos never practice what they preach especially since they use their pride (which is one of the 7 deadly sins) in a dysfunctional way.

  2. Pretty ironic that these “positive” commenters are reciting the “it’s just a boxing match” chant while insisting the inspiration that gives them.

  3. Remember the time when Buboy Fernandez, team Pacquiao’s assistant coach kicked a photographer just because he’s taking pictures of a knocked down Pacquiao? That’s how idiotic our country worshipping this boxing athlete. And how about Pacquiao getting away with his tardiness in Congressional meetings just because he has to give honor to our country or whatever they mean by that? Taxpayers are paying this guy his salary just to be shitty absent on more important lawmaking activities. Hindi na lang sana siya nagpolitiko kung boxing pa rin ang priority niya.

    1. and don’t forget he can also act, sings and even playing billiards and basketball. He got many talents alright but he lacks class and fundamentals unlike Tim Duncan. Ha!

  4. The PEOPLE Is Not The ENEMY! But rather, It Is The UNMINDFUL POWERFUL FEW! This, the GRP Intelligentsia, has completely ignored and/or refused to acknowledged! You probably meant good but you’re supposed Culture of Intellectualism Is Eating You Away!

    Hate to say the TRUTH, But Still Para sa MASA…

    “You Haven’t Done Nothing”

    We are amazed but not amused
    By all the things you say that you’ll do
    Though much concerned but not involved
    With decisions that are made by you

    But we are sick and tired of hearing your song
    Telling how you are gonna change right from wrong
    ‘Cause if you really want to hear our views
    “You haven’t done nothing”!

    It’s not too cool to be ridiculed
    But you brought this upon yourself
    The world is tired of pacifiers
    We want the truth and nothing else

    And we are sick and tired of hearing your song
    Telling how you are gonna change right from wrong
    ‘Cause if you really want to hear our views
    “You haven’t done nothing”!

    We would not care to wake up to the nightmare
    That’s becoming real life
    But when mislead who knows a person’s mind
    Can turn as cold as ice un hum

    Why do you keep on making us hear your song
    Telling us how you are changing right from wrong
    ‘Cause if you really want to hear our views
    “You haven’t done nothing”!

    *song credit to Mr. Wonder!

  5. Your previous article’s title might be the reason for the reaction and comments you have received. I expected to read an opinion piece on how the upcoming fight would not live up to the hype but none of the reasons stated had nothing to do with boxing.

    My first reaction was, well of course none of your reasons will make the fight exciting since none of them have anything to do with boxing and it sounds like you may not even be a fan of boxing at all. However, after reading this article, I see that you did not really meant that to be a critique for the fight but more for how some of the people in Philippines are perceiving it.

    I’ve been away from the Philippines for a while but do people over there really think that there is more to this fight than just two of the best fighters fighting for the top pound-for-pound spot?

    1. Grimwald isn’t “hating” on Manny, he’s talking about Manny’s Filipino fans. I get the feeling you didn’t even read the article.

  6. Pacquiao is like a “Shabu” to the Filipinos. Everytime, he has a fight; the Filipinos get High…once the fight is over (win or loss). Reality sets in….we are as miserable, as we are in our lives.

    1. Once Manny lost a match, Filipinos hearts are broken and it crushes them. Why? Because they expect him to win all the time. Filipinos need to understand that Manny can’t win all the time. He’s bound to lose at least once.

  7. i’m a fan of pacquiao but i’m also a fan of mayweather, marquez, cotto, barrera, morales.
    at the end of the day they are all boxers who loves to box and win in the ring. so, i don’t mind if pacman got his ass served in the ring.
    the problem with us malays in this archipelago is that when our asses got served we exaggerate. i think it’s called emotionally immature.

    in terms of idolatry, pacman is pacman. we commoners will not get rich if we just seat our assess in front of the TV and cheer for him. sure, we are entertained, but that’s just about it.

    the key to success is discipline.

  8. Hindi kaya ni Pacquiao pilitin ang mga tao na maging katulad nya. At di rin si Pacquiao nagboxing para lang sa Pilipinas. Ang gusto nya maging isang magandang halimbawa sa mga Pilipino. Di mo nakikita ang positive at good na ginawa ni Pacquiao. Hindi mo ba nakikita na inilalapit nga nya mga tao para manalig sa Lord Jesus Christ. Malapit na pagbabalik nya kaya magsisi na tayong lahat at manumbalik sa kanya. Wag kang manghusga para di ka din husgahan. Hindi lahat tutularan si Pacquiao. At hindi po sya ang savior. Ang ating Panginong Hesus lang. John 3:16

    1. Iyan ang aking pinupunto ko, ginoo kung inintindi mo sana ang nakasaad sa artikulo na ito.

      Binubuwag at binabasag ko lamang ang mga “peke” na diyos na tayo mismong mga Pilipino ang naglikha.

      1. lahat ng diyos ay peke. likha ng tao upang mapalagay ang kanyang loob sa mga bagay na hindi nya kayang intindihin. siyensya lamang ang tunay na daan.

  9. read this article from 8list about the movie Kid Kulafu:


    I disagree on the #1 list and you know why? Filipino people will always idolize Pacquiao but they’ll NEVER follow his examples on how he did on his huge success from his humble beginnings. We don’t have enough commitment, strength and love on this country only laziness, idolatry and having a “mababaw na kaligayahan” attitude.

  10. I stopped caring about Manny Pacquiao a long time ago. I’m tired of seeing him fight and if anything, he should retire by now because he’s gonna suffer from brain damage due to boxing. He should either stay in politics or boxing –he can’t do both. Besides, he’s too old for this shit.

    I’m surprised Filipinos aren’t tired of him yet. Most Filipino’s past time is getting together and watching Manny’s boxing matches. They cheer when he wins but when he losses, they flip out.

  11. there is a big possibility manny might lose. boxing still is the “red light district” of sports. he is fighting an american in an american city with american judges. unless it’s not close (he pounds pretty boy’s face to the ground) or a KO. he will lose. now fanboys are gonna go bananas.

  12. Time immemorial we Filipinos always is trying to look for a Super hero to put on a pedestal and worship the ground he walks! It’s a total panacea for the ailments we feel about almost everything thing back home loss of faith in the government, poverty , no job and the just the lack of hope for their children to improve their education and future! So when someone like Manny P comes along its like a meteor shower on our planet! Hey it uplifts their spirit ! Why? It’s a pure veil to cover their suffering! What I’m saying is I wish they could see the real truth! You can’t put your trust in another Human being except yourself to get anywhere in life! That little mustard seed has to be planted I. You to make the change! It’s not easy in our country since all resources are so null! It’s always there’s so many stumbling blocks ! It takes courage and deathly determination to rise up and get where you want to be without stealing and being dishonest just to climb up ! So just one more thing I just hope Mr Pacquiao will just have the right goal to start something with his bounty! Do something for the less fortunate build a foundation for the children to promote some scholarships to get them to Collge! Build a tenement housing to give back , give back to the Lord!

  13. Well we all know now that Manny Pacquaio lost to Mayweather but as always our Pinoy bandwagoners was dismayed about their fight and they’d demand a rematch in spite of an agreement contract between them that there’ll be no rematch after their fight.

    And I would like to show you a website that came a limelight on our idiocy and “idolizing” our heroes when there’s a sporting event or a Miss Universe pageant:

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