The promise of ‘eternal life’: Simplifying the unknown

While people seek comfort in religion for assurance that they simply wouldn’t blink out when they finally croak, religion for its part has dismally failed to deliver on its end of the deal and provide a convincing concept of eternal existence that the modern human mind could at least explore in the way that it […]

God does not work FOR us

Joining our Muslim “kababayans” reflecting at the eve of Eid ul-Adha was most relevant for me. If it was a test of faith for Ibrahim/Abraham to surrender a beloved son, whose birth came to him when he was more than 80 years old; For Filipinos, it’s been the most trying months for our country devasted […]

Why Atheism Won’t Succeed in the Philippines

I used to embrace atheism and I used to be active in the Philippine atheist forum and community. However, during the past few years I find myself being drawn away from atheism. Did someone “save” my wretched soul and showed me the path to eternal life and salvation? No! I still believe that there is […]

President Noynoy Aquino: Is he the new Filipino god?

Philippine President Benigno Simeon Aquino wants to end 2011 right — or at least his handlers do. Just a few days before the end of the year, Malacañang’s official survey firm, Social Weather Stations (SWS), which is owned and operated by friends and family members of PNoy, concluded the year with another “very good” rating […]