The ‘God Card’: Another Favorite Justification Of Pinoys

After reading some previous posts from other writers here at GRP and the many comments that go with them, I find myself writing this article because I cannot help but notice how some people use the “Divine Mandate” or the “God Card” to justify a lot of the stupidity. Well, before I continue, let me define the meaning of the “Divine Mandate” or “God Card”. It is a practice present in many older civilizations and postulates that leaders of nations are chosen by a deity to rule the land or, as in the case with Egyptians, Chinese, Japanese and Aztecs, are gods in and of themselves.


One of the most difficult and dangerous things about Pinoy society is that a lot of us just love to use God’s name for all the wrong reasons. You see, asides from the victim card and the blame game, many Pinoys, including that of politicians, just love to use the Divine Mandate to justify things such as their own incompetence or their dabbling in things that would be better off without them. When people like President Aquino are called out for their wrongdoings, there are so many of you out there who blurt out: “He was chosen by God to lead us so don’t question him!” Then there’s Manny Pacquiao who justifies his being in politics (despite being present at congress meetings for only a total of FOUR times) with: “A voice in my dream told me to become a politician!”

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Well ladies and gentlemen, this has to stop and here’s why:

It’s Self-Righteous Nonsense

By insinuating that one is chosen by God, one implies that one is somehow special or superior to others. While I do hold religious beliefs, I think it’s more than a little pretentious to claim a sense of superiority for oneself using God’s name. I mean aren’t we all children of God with each our own set of responsibilities in society? Then you have to wonder, what about everyone else who don’t share your religion or opinion? What about the Muslims, Buddhists and Atheists of the Philippines? Don’t their opinions and views matter as well?

What’s worse is that, given the subjective and often ambiguous nature of religion, there’s no real way to prove or disprove one’s standing with God. As human beings, we can only judge by people’s action and, more often than not: Actions speak louder than words. And so far, the actions of many of these so-called “religious” individuals have proven themselves quite far from the actual ideals put forth by the Bible and are clearly just using the Good Book as justification for their questionable actions and possible insanity.

Is It Really God At All?

For those who didn’t understand my story, here’s what I’m talking about. How can we be sure that the “God” who supposedly chose the Aquinos to rule the country is the same Abrahamic God we’re all supposed to know and love? How can Manny Pacquiao be certain that the voice that told him to become a politician is the same Abrahamic God that many Christians around the world worship? What if the opposite is true? What if the force responsible for their position and power isn’t God at all but a sign of madness, or worse, a deception of the Devil?

Remember also that some of the worst atrocities in history have been justified using the words “God’s Will”. From the bloody Crusades, the horrific atrocities committed by Inquisition to the rape and brutal murder of civilians by Islamic fanatics, all of these are justified by deranged individuals saying they are doing “God’s Work”. So it does make one think, is it really God that makes some of these people do the things that they do? Or could it be their greed and selfishness? Or perhaps it’s something else, something much worse?

It’s An Insult To God

Remember when Manny Pacquiao said that God will help him win in his last fight with Floyd Mayweather? Well, he lost, so what does that mean now? That God is weak, incompetent, unreliable or does not exist? At the end of the day, invoking God’s name in activities like sports or competitions is just another violation of one of the Ten Commandments as we are taking His name in vain.

Even the Bible itself speaks against using God’s name to make oaths as He is largely impartial when it comes to our personal activities (such as sports and politics) and acts for the good of all, not just the good of some. After all, you have to think that God probably has better things to do than catering to the boastfulness of some Filipinos, don’t you agree? Indeed, while I certainly believe God cares about humankind in general, I kinda doubt he cares at all about the various trivial things we do. For instance, God might be amused by our sports but I don’t think He’ll go out of His way to make one side win. More likely than not, He’ll probably just watch it without intervening, laugh at the bloopers and tell Gabriel to pop more popcorn.


So please people, in respect to the Lord, let’s stop using His name to justify our stupidity. I mean, GET REAL, he chose all of us to do our part in society, not just the Aquinos, the Marcoses or Manny Pacquiao. We should stop waiting for a savior who will solve all our problems for us and, at the end of the day, blame for our incompetence and inadequacy. I have always believed that we are each an instrument of God and are given gifts like “common sense” and “wisdom” by the Holy Spirit in order to help, not just ourselves, but also one another.

Let us also not forget that we Filipinos aren’t God’s only children. Now, we may have a place in His heart but remember that we share this world with his other children as well who may need His help more like the Syrians and some of the poorer African states out there. If anything, let us help ourselves first rather than wait for others to help us. Remember always that: “God helps those who help themselves.”

25 Replies to “The ‘God Card’: Another Favorite Justification Of Pinoys”

  1. The divine mandate to use the world justly and charitably, then, defines every person’s moral predicament as that of a steward. But this predicament is hopeless and meaningless unless it produces an appropriate discipline: stewardship. And stewardship is hopeless and meaningless unless it involves long-term courage, perseverance, devotion, and skill. This skill is not to be confused with any accomplishment or grace of spirit or of intellect. It has to do with everyday proprieties in the practical use and care of the created things – with right livelihood.

  2. God does not play dice with the universe; He plays an ineffable game of His own devising, which might be compared, from the perspective of any of the other players [i.e. everybody], to being involved in an obscure and complex variant of poker in a pitch-dark room, with blank cards, for infinite stakes, with a Dealer who won’t tell you the rules, and who smiles all the time.

  3. Most Politicians do it, all are bunch of hypocrites. They do the opposite of what the Bible teaches. They go to church, attend the mass televised with their sad faces on. We have been through a lot of disasters and tragedies and still we are not learning. We let the TRAPOS take control leaving most of the Pinoys miserable. Just like the Aquinos, the Marcoses, the Estradas, the Binays and more, think they are God’s gift to the Pilipino People. What really HURTS us is that almost all Religious Groups even endorses this so called Chosen. We Should stop idolizing this TRAPOS.

  4. Do not do unto others what you do not want others to do unto you…every human being in this earth creat their own destiny meaning , you work for your well being and be the master of your self, if youn looking for some one to work for you , then you will slaves of that man. Work and action is Power not Money…

  5. God, Allah, and religion in general, are just props that the Filipino people keep using to justify their self-serving and arrogant way of life. In spite of the Filipinos’ claim to be religious people, their country and relationships with one another, are still FOCKED UP.

  6. Thanks, Padre Thadeus Grimwald. Using God, to justify your :stupidity, crimes,murder, deception, bigotry,prejudices, thievery and other evil things you do; is the most despicable thing in this world. I kill,rape, murder, steal, etc…because , God told me so. Hearing voices from God? How do you know ; that you are not suffering from mental illness? Like Cory Aquino, “God had chosen me to become President”. So, she posed with the picture of Jesus Christ, as the “choosen one”…

    The Islamic Radical , ISIS, kill, rape and exploit non believers or infidels; because their God, Allah, told them to do it.

    The Filipinos, rely on “God’s will” on all things they do. If they fail; it is God’s will. If they succeed; it is again God’s will.

    I believe that the “God thing” is abused: used as a reason to be irresponsible; used as a reason to exploit other people; used as a reason to justify one’s crime; and used in politics to deceive voters.

  7. The Muslim ejaculation,”Inshal’lah”, literally translates to “If Allah wills it”, (our “Bahala-na”) The real intent of “Insha’llah”, according to the Quran, however, is “..if it is in Allah’s plan”. Muslims are fatalists. They believe that everything happens because it is in a master plan..that everything is written in stone, and that there is nothing one can do to change it. The BBL is now written, signed by the negotiators and has now been endorsed to Congress by the President. This is all that Iqbal, Murad and the Malaysian referees need. To them this is a ‘done-deal’..”Inshal’lah”. The President, Ms. Quintos-Deles and Ms. Coronel-Ferrer, have put in motion something that has neither brakes nor a reverse gear. They have put the country on this prejudicial and perilous ride. Ninety-five percent (95%) of the country will now be disadvantaged, and, henceforth.. limited.. for the benefit of the other five percent (5%); and, for a very doubtful legacy.
    The Senate and the ‘House’ can do what they do best. They can analyze, (until they’re all paralyzed), and, debate this matter to death, then make impressive speeches about the BBL; but, alas that is all that they can do. It might wake them up to know that this BBL, in all likelihood, has its own life now.
    Let’s wait and see whether the ‘Allah Card’ works for the Philippine Muslims.

    1. It is stupid…I don’t believe in Organized Religion. It had caused :wars, exploitation, crimes, many sufferings, and other kinds of evils.

      Just do not fund the BBL Law. Do not implement it. Are we “slaves” of these fatalist people? They have to learn to earn their honest livelihood, like the rest of us. We are not a welfare country. If this lead to civil war, so be it…

      Iqbal who is a scammer; and the Malaysian government, should stay out of these issue. They are only inflaming the Filipinos,who are not YellowTards. I earn with my sweat and blood, the tax money, I am paying to my country.

      1. To: 77Hayden….
        Whichever side you’re coming from, you and I both know that the BBL is a flat-out and blatant cession and giveaway of Philippine territory to a stubborn and fractious minority who have heretofore refused to join the mainstream of Filipino society. The Philippine Muslim has neither been subjugated nor diminished in any way. Historical data, as well as today’s news, give testimony to the government’s attitude of including him/her in the country’s commerce and governance… despite his/her aloofness, and insistence on being distinct and different. ARMM was the latest example of the government’s readiness to accommodate. So.. what’s the point to the BBL?
        Playing the underdog, (victimhood’), on the one hand; and the cowering government’s willingness to play the dupe on the other, seem to be a winning scenario for the Philippine Muslim.

  8. Why are people seeing what iam seeing .. The wider picture why BBL must pass and I believed it is a dine deal. Look at the bigger picture and the timing of the BBL.. China is asserting his domination in that region, they already conquer the economic domination in that region and the only thing missing is military domination . The western world especially Australia, Japan , Canada and the US needed the ASEAN alliance to counter it and Philippines especially Mindanao Muslims and the radicals is a potential treat to give them problems . That is why Mindanao has to have peace…it is a strategic area, it’s is all about money yo calm the Muslims and they will get it through BBL . It is a done deal …

    1. Possible China’s counter us to finance the radical Muslims and the possibility if Mindanao being the next Middle East us very possible

    2. To: Cezar
      I had to make three passes over your post just to get it right. .and I am still unsure that I have. You seem to allude to the Philippines having to accede to the Muslims’ demands in order to achieve peace in Mindanao; a peace that could favor an American, Australian, Canadian and Japanese success in thwarting Chinese domination over ASEAN. To this end, the BBL deal must go through. To be honest, I can understand America’s intentions in the South-East Asia, but I can’t see Japan’s, Australia’s and Canada’s interests in the region at all…not even as a ‘coalition of the willing’. Further, I do not see the logic in having the Philippines assume the role of the dupe, who would cede sovereign territory the size of Belgium for a ‘Non-Filipino-Bangsamoros’ to own and minister-to, complete with shariah law and an armed militia. I’ve heard of many plots before, but this argument takes ‘conspiracy theories’ to an entirely different level. I think that you are seeing things that aren’t really there.

      1. Mine is a speculation or I say a possibility , But one thing does,not need to be proven is America In there now. And the coalition is brewing Philippines is a done deal…United States arm forces are back and you cannot do without are begging for them to be there…it played perfect in the Us hands…they will stop China in dominating that area …that area will not be controlled by any country , I guarantee that..China is building his military base and America cannot stop it for he is playing the roll of a policeman in the area….Philippines and the asean countries freedom is at American base in Mindanao and stability is a must..if you say Canada , Australia and Japan has nothing to lose if China dominates South China Sea you are mistaken..South China sea is the hot bed.america will feed Philippines to the lions if is not important strategically…BBL is not important for America but peace and tranquillity they concentrate in China…who will pay for BBL…it’s not America….You Filipinos are paying for it?.plus why not give it a chance with billions of pesos for the Moro and the Muslims…they will be quiet…the same as every Filipinos , give him a little money and they will be happy…This is not a fact , this is a own.

        1. Financing Islamic Radicals is not an assurance that there will be peace in Mindanao. If you have studied the Islamic Koran, and the Islamic dogmas, as well as the Islamic Radicals beliefs. You can understand, how their minds work.

          If you are a non Muslim. You are an infidel (non believer of their god, Allah). They can do anything to a non believer like: exploitation, rape, slavery, scamming them, taking their properties, and all kinds of evil. Non believers are treated as sub human. Just look at what is happening in the ISIS Caliphate of Iraq and Syria. the Non believers (Yazidis, other minorities, and Christians) are fleeing in droves, as refugees.

  9. The ISIS Caliphate of Iraq and Syria, earns $1 million US dollars per day. Thru the oil refineries, they captured in Iraq and Syria. Were they content and quiet? No, Sir….they want to conquer the world. This is their political and religious agenda. As was the political/religious agenda of their “Prophet Mohammad”, in the 7th century. “There is no God, but Allah, and Mohammad is his Prophet”…Conquest and world dominance is their goal. It is clear in the Al Queda/Wahabi Sect ideology.

  10. Do you ever wonder and ask yourself , who is benefiting in the turmoil created by ISIS. I will give you a hint . Look at the price of oil per barrel now and compare it before the Middle East war. The lowest it can be.. Where are the American troops and coalition forces, back home to their families, who’s weapons are ISIS using . The western countries are benefitting including the Philippines. The price if is now under control. The price for this is Muslims killing Muslims , do you think western world cares . Maybe but not much.. Think about it.

    1. Do you ever search why oil is getting cheap? Get your Facts straight okay i’l give you what to search for “OPEC” then you’l know why and its about destroying some competion okay ignorant ,Oil Price is all about supply and demand andTOO MUCH OIL PRODUCED THE PRICE GO DOWN. Okay always blame the west ,insecure fucktard.I Say to you’re just spouting what yo got nothing know about like a kid.

  11. The funny thing about Filipinos is that although they play the God Card, as you put it – let’s just call it a twisted form of sefl-righteous entitlement – they also play the “merely human” card when they slip up.

    “Tao lang po.” I’m sure many of us have heard that statement one too many times, and as someone who used to like saying it, it gets pretty irritating hearing it from other people. Especially when it’s a catch-all excuse for making mistakes but not learning from them. One can even think of it as another expression of Filipino anti-intellectualism, like “Ikaw na!” or “Eh di wow!”

  12. God (or Allah) and Filipinos are a complete mismatch. Religion has done nothing for the Philippines except validate the self-serving and arrogant nature of the Filipino people.

  13. religion? threw that out a long time ago. God? existent, but that’s pretty much it. Fun fact: Filipinos have a really hard time swallowing the possibility of being irreligious yet very spiritual at the same time.

    1. To them, they think it’s no better than worshipping Satan. Agnosticism itself is seen as abnormal in that craphole. What is this, pre Martin Luther Europe?

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