The REAL Cocoy Dayao: A cautionary tale about a person who hung out with the wrong crowd

I knew Cocoy Dayao back when he wrote for his own blog Big Mango in the early- to mid-2000s. Back then, a healthy respect for Yellowtardism still pervaded the political discourse, but there was, even then, a growing skepticism surrounding what was perceived to be a disturbing trend towards extra-constitutionally changing duly-elected leaders (a.k.a. “people […]

Those who rally against Noynoy Aquino’s government’s abuse of power are heroes

Would you go to a protest rally because someone told you to do so or because you feel passionate enough about an issue that compels you to go? If your answer is the former, then you should just stay home because you will most likely end up complaining about how your efforts were useless if […]

Are there still available men like Chris Tiu??

The ABS-CBN News headline got it right: “Sorry ladies, Chris Tiu is already married”. He’s the perfect Pinoy guy — handsome, Jesuit-educated, star basketball player, smart (as in, a grad of the Ateneo’s flagship mega-hard ultra-elite course Management Engineering), and, get this, super religious. Legend has it that he prays the rosary everyday. Wow! What […]

The Three Kings of the United Nationalist Alliance

Juan “Johnny” Ponce Enrile Once upon a time, Enrile was just another down and out offspring out of wedlock, growing-up in the boondoks. He had a prominent father, a mother from humble origins, more than his fair share of suffering and humiliation, and all the hang-ups associated with this scenario in that particular era of […]

Congressman Tiangco: Impeachment complaint against CJ Corona was railroaded

It’s not mere hearsay anymore. A member of the House of Representatives, Congressman Tobias Tiangco confirmed what most people have long been suspecting – that there is a culture of bullying, intimidation, and bribery in Congress. The bullying it seems even comes from the House Majority Leader Neptali “Boyet” Gonzales II himself. But the Senator […]

Impeachment and looming bank runs: Is economic plunder the real agenda of the Second Aquino Administration?

Looks like the venerable Philippine Savings Bank (PS Bank) is the next hapless chump thrust into the circus spotlight. In the usual tradition of the way the prosecution habitually pre-empts any court order to authorise any of its police activities, an “envelope” delivered by a shadowy “small lady” allegedly containing Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato […]

Election fraud did not just happen in 2004, it happened in other elections too!

“Pinpoint the mastermind behind the Hello Garci scandal and prosecute all those who participated in this shameless act”. These are the exact words of deposed former president and convicted plunderer, Joseph “Erap” Estrada regarding allegations of cheating in the 2004 Presidential elections. His statement reeks of vendetta. It seemed like a good idea then, but […]