Why Pinoy Pride will never save the Philippines


Some Pinoy Pride stuff had been in the radar lately. Local media ran a feature on a recently appointed American judge with Filipino blood (though the woman, thankfully, said she is an American first). Some NBA fans were quick to boast that Miami Heat coach Erik Spoelstra has Filipino blood. But same as the judge, he is an American first. Many Filipinos recently raised hell over Katherine Ryan’s controversial joke about Filipinos being “experimented on” in the cosmetic industry, when it is apparently based on an impression about the sad truth about the state of children in our country. Filipinos always feel punctured or insulted when they are the butt of jokes. They believe nothing should get in the way of being able to walk with their head held high, proud and happy, lording it over others. Filipinos insist that they deserve to be proud and that the solution to our problems is to have more pride as a people.

Oh really?

I have always been strongly vocal against Pinoy Pride for a good reason: it will never save the Philippines.

Goes to show you that pride can fail (photo courtesy of Business Insider)

Goes to show you that pride can fail (photo courtesy of Business Insider)

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Pinoy Pride seems to be the belief that Filipinos are a special people from the rest of the world, and thus deserve special respect. For example, they insist that no one has the right to make Pinoys the butt of jokes. And if Pinoys are not given this special respect, they were “cheated,” “insulted” or “oppressed.” Pinoys love to imagine that they are “oppressed” people in the world. But when they do things like post pictures of themselves wearing their employer’s clothes without permission (the maid in Singapore), slap a helpless Alzheimer’s patient (Jonathan Aquino case), steal from a US children’s cancer fund (Rene Ballenas pleaded guilty to larceny), make a loan in the U.S. then run home to avoid paying it, murder a famous fashion designer (Andrew Cunanan killing Gianni Versace), complain about someone else’s name (the Filipino complaining about someone being named Kiki in Australia) or be on the defensive after the botched Manila Hostage Crisis, you know they are far from “oppressed” or “deserving pride.” It’s more like they need therapy. If only there was a psychiatric treatment called Ego Therapy.

Back to Katherine Ryan: Why is it that Filipinos tend to be the butt of some jokes like this? Most obvious answer is that they are clearly doing something wrong. Else, there would be no reason for someone to create the Top 8 Habits of Filipino Jerks (the article implies that if you are insulted by Ryan’s joke, then you are a jerk!).

I also see a connection between Pinoy Pride and the tendency of our culture to be effete and boisterous when it comes to self-promotion. This self-promotion often comes as efforts to claim that being Pinoy is special and is the secret behind the success of some people. Pinoys will snag the chance to ride on names, such as as Charice Pempengco, Arnel Pineda, Manny Pacquiao and Lea Salonga. This reasoning probably came from a false syllogism:

Charice/Manny/Arnel/Lea are talented and celebrated.

Charice/Manny/Arnel/Lea are Filipino.

Ergo Filipinos are all talented and should be celebrated.

I’m a Filipino, so I am talented and should be celebrated.

Unfortunately, this all goes down the toilet when you find that these vocal “proud Pinoys” are actually cockroaches who are too lazy to work, go drinking all day and want to milk their relatives dry.

Truly, as fellow blogger Gogs says, KSP is the root of all evil. And this KSPness is just so prominent when demonstrated by Filipinos. It’s just too hard to not notice.

It certainly is ironic while the Philippines is predominantly Catholic, its greatest fault is the worst sin of all, pride. So it’s time to remind Pinoys about their beliefs. An article from Catholic.org, eloquently explains why pride is bad news for anyone. Although this is a Catholic article, it explains things in a way that any Christian – or person with religion – would agree with. I am confident that even an atheist, deist or agnostic or other non-religious would agree, pride is a major cause of wrongdoing in human society.

Then come some critics saying “GRP is negative, putting down the Filipino.” OK then, name an instance where a Pinoy Pride initiative actually uplifted the lives of Filipinos, and brought them out of dysfunction.


That’s the reality. Pinoy Pride never uplifted Filipino lives. Because Pinoy Pride itself is an act to cover up Filipino failings. It is a symptom of other attitude problems, such as sense of self-entitlement, emotionalism, anti-intellectualism and love of the underdog.

Let me lift an explanation from an earlier blog post, slightly revised: Pinoy Pride initiatives rise out of the imaginary notion that Filipinos are under attack. But way I see it, they are just attacking themselves. Filipinos are the ones declaring themselves inferior, and then imagine someone else saying it, like a foreigner. Based on this schizophrenic fear of a delusional enemy, they embark on Filipino Pride programs to try and push up their image. But these programs may involve covering up or denying the mistakes of the Filipinos. Thus, Filipinos actually end up pulling themselves down further.

Pinoy Pride will never save the Philippines because it is part of the problem. It was never a solution. It leads to Filipinos acting foolishly and without wisdom, caring only to feed their ego. Acts of pride are self-deflating by nature, because they are acts of projection that highlight the person’s faults instead of strengths. People may believe they are showing strength or good traits, when in fact, they are showing serious flaws.

I believe we can never attack Pinoy Pride enough, because it is the cancer itself that continues to shoot down all efforts to improve our people’s behavior. Why is corruption so hard to remove? Because the people are too proud to change. Perhaps that’s why our countrymen are experiencing a moral crisis. We’re Pinoys, we’re already perfect, we’re special. So we don’t need to change.

And neither do the dysfunctions of our country.

1,049 Replies to “Why Pinoy Pride will never save the Philippines”

  1. Pinoy Pride is being creative in coating Vanilla cream on a pile of dung.

    It can never be denied the noblest Filipino value of supporting almost all their relatives like sending them to school, helping them to find jobs and even sustaining their daily subsistence.

    However, the negative result of this virtue is that most Filipinos become parasitic, irresponsible and pay little concern to value and respect things given to them and even to almost everything in their surroundings.

    Filipino Pride is very good at creating new terms to make desirable to the ear despicable behaviors like (to mention a couple of terms) “kulit”, meaning the child, teen or adult is rude, inconsiderate, impolite, dishonest, etc. “Epal” means politicians attached the life-size photograph of themselves on government vehicles, buildings, bridges and whatever new structures or equipment as if they have procured these with money from their own pockets. Substitute terms that “are not offensive to the ears of those concerned” which make it even more irresponsible!

    If ever contributors to GRP write negative comments about the despicable culture and habits of Filipinos because positive and more subtle ways never work.

    There’s an old Indian adage which says “you can teach a tiger so many tricks but you could never make him to eat grass”.

    Filipinos would never change for the better because it’s not in their nature.

    1. That’s why I’ll try to come up with a later article, that one solution is to be more “UnFilipino” in our character.

    2. Pride is a problem, it’s done nothing for African Americans, Nazi Germany, Mexico, or any other culture or country.

      I think the people that trump pride are generally those with little success in their lives. They ride the coattails of successful countrymen in order to share in a ‘cultural’ victory, but it’s mostly just junk energy with absolutely no pay offs.

      Pride does not make you successful. Having interests, working hard, being moral, and obeying God make you a success.

    1. Well, in relation to this article, maybe we should think less of “Pinoy Pride” and begin to think of “Filipino Humility.” Such a virtue may make us think of the truth of things, then we could continue on from there.

      1. Agree with you. GRP is indeed too nega. Humility should have been the 90% of this topic. It would have achieved the same result but in a positively different perspective.

        1. GRP will never understand what genuine humility is. The writers are still battling it out on which political party is right for the Philippines, which they can be proud of, instead of addressing the arrogant and self-serving nature of our culture that’s destroying our nation. I guess it’s more profitable to blog about politics (and business) than culture.

    2. A change in attitudes and behavior, which some crab mentalists are quick to shoot down, sometimes with, “you have to change the system first.” So what, we don’t try to influence change now? You can see the solution in the last link, which is controlling one’s ego. That’s not system-wide, but that at least starts with something.

      1. The idiot who invented crab mentality knows little about crabs. You should be a politician and make change ChinoF, instead of just being all talk.

        1. Being a politician in the Philippines SUCKS, Mr. Troll. In fact, politikos are full of celebrities and last names so your suggestion is a fail.

          Also, crab mentality suits more for people like YOU. In fact, it’s for CRAB PEOPLE. Tastes like crab, walk like people. They have a tough shell but total softies on the inside, always resorting to emotional outbursts rather than logical thinking.

          So I wanna ask: who’s the idiot? Of course you won’t answer because what I actually said is totally TRUE.

    3. A cultural revolution that will rewire our aristocratic (arrogant) and self-serving (selfish) outlook and way of life, and transform us all into humble and selfless Buddhists, instead of “country-destructive” Christians and Muslims.

  2. We seem to prefer to leech off another successful Filipino’s success rather than get the gumption to pursue our own, individual success.

    We don’t deserve our “Pinoy Pride” until we earned it ourselves. Otherwise, humility goes a long way.

  3. what about the phenomenon called GRP pride? where GRP writers and their fans consider themselves superior to everyone else and are therefore too proud to accept when theyre wrong and need to change have you observed that? this cancer manifests in irrational hatred toward anything filipio especially any positive news about the philippines.

      1. Maybe GRP should also feature more positive traits of the Filipino. Although I agree with you that it is us who are pulling ourselves down, ending a negative topic with a positive solution will make the item useful. Definitely, the answers will remain in one’s psyche longer than our seemingly unending liabilities.

    1. Positive news about the Philippines? Like what?? Pinoys fueled by KSP go gaga over the Jessica Sanchez’s of the world. People who had nothing to do with the Philippines yet pinoys want to piggy back on them. Inciang, you love GRP otherwise you would not spend one second here. Comment some more you just root your love in us more. Leave, and you are gone. Either way, GRP wins.

    2. Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you inciang, the 5th incarnation of sendonggirl, AKA cdokay, amity, and oca.

      As far as we’re concerned, nobody here has ever gone around saying they were superior to anyone else here. It just happened that GRP’s observations and commentary are consistently spot on.

      GRP’s observations and commentaries have always been open to challenge. Tough luck for trolls like you that resist decent conversation and exchange of views and see it as nothing but a pissing contest that you can’t even win.

      You’re not very smart, are you, sendonggirl? Same old shit, no matter what the name, still stinks.

    3. Well Mr. Sendonggirl?
      We’re waiting for your answer.
      Oh yeah that’s right, you don’t have one.

      Tough luck, you still LOSE, TROLL

    4. Laughable. Very laughable.

      Your ilk represents the dumb Pinoys whose weapons of choice are straight-up pure ignorance and blatant idiocy. And please, you’re a total whore if you use positive news as a means to make you ‘feel good’.

      In other words, the likes of YOU are killing the Failippines. You want to make yourself feel good while you keep on unknowingly destroying this country hehehehehehehe.

      GRP wins. Nothing more. 😀

  4. If pinoys want to wallow in pinoy pride then they have to learn to look at both sides of the ledger. Maybe they don’t because on the other side of the ledger, there are way more significant items that easily outweigh the trivial “pride” items. So of course the solution is either widen the blind spot or exercise selective amnesia. Anybody who sheds light on that is a hater and negative.

  5. This comment is still gold:

    “You can’t be proud of what you didn’t achieve, idiot. You were born a Filipino, much like I was. Hence we both cannot take ‘pride’ in something we were put into.”

    Real pride comes from the COLLECTIVE. That also means CRITICAL THINKING and PROGRESS. I’m sure every typical Pinoy would respond like:

    “Paano ba maging Proud to be Pinoy? Malay ko sa iyo. Hahahaha. ‘Di kita maintindihan dahil bobo ata ako.”

  6. As if the Filipino race was a centuries old civilization that contributed greatly to the advancement of human knowledge. Hence, the Pinoy pride was conceived, for lacking actual contribution to the human race, clings to whoever gets recognised even if that someone has a tiniest bit of Filipino heritage in them.

  7. This is a great article! Sadly, most Filipinos are in denial as sadly, ‘Yabang’ and ‘Pikon’ are hand in hand ingrained in our culture.

  8. I am at a loss here. When I read your title, I’ll admit I was a bit offended but after seeing how you not only validated your point but also gave current examples of how we view ourselves as a collective, it’s no wonder we are disliked by our neighbors. Reading the comments made me see that we literally are kidding ourselves and how the world really sees us a people. How can we clam pride when we don’t even have a clear identity? A product of colonialism? Perhaps. I’ve met so many Pinoys in the US who have chosen to deny, as if embarrassed to be Filipinos. Some say it’s a their attempt to assimiltate to their new country.
    When I marched with strangers in EDSA I, I felt Pinoy Pride. The world was introduced to
    People Power. That was MY Pinoy pride. My 15 minutes of fame for being a part of EDSA I.
    Are you saying I was wrong?

    1. The events in 1986 resulted in the ouster of a dictator who, I think most people will agree, was not exactly the paragon of virtue he made himself out to be. He and his family are a contemptible lot who committed a number of reprehensible acts for which they remain unpunished. That was the right thing to do. And it inspired other countries to do the same thing that year. You SHOULD feel outraged that AFTERWARD “ningas cogon” took hold again and wasted the opportunities the revolution gave us.

    2. Honestly, you were part of a big great lie. And you are proud of it? Fact is that you are totally wrong.

      20 years after EDSA 1 and look at what happened. Reality speaks for itself.

      1. Hold on a minute WinterSoldier. What exactly was the lie? Are we saying now that the Aquinos manipulated events to convince the Filipino public that the events of February 1986 were spontaneous when in reality they were the machinations of Marcos’ political rivals? You give them too much credit for intelligence and initiative they DO NOT POSSESS.

        The fact is the EDSA revolution, which started out as a failed coup, was a manifestation of the collective distaste for the Marcos regime. Most people simply had had enough of their abuse. That suited Enrile who was by then just trying to survive. What frustrates us today is the aftermath. The opportunities that we gained were CO-OPTED by Cory Aquino’s “kamag-anak incorporated.” That set set the Philippines on a path of economic stagnation. For right minded Filipinos, the Aquinos will forever be remembered for destroying the hopes of the generation that grew up in the 1980s and 1990s with hours long blackouts, shutting down what little manufacturing and industry survived the Marcos economic policies, and forcing millions to migrate and become OFWs. Today Filipinos have their shortsightedness and stupidity to thank for again installing the Aquinos in Malacañang and again killing off any substantial economic progress.

        1. What I meant is EDSA 1 since it represented the 2% of the whole population who took part of it. Most in Visayas and Mindanao doesn’t give a damn.

          Alright, those machinations were done by the Marcos side, but if these people want Marcos out, they should choose Doy Laurel, if you ask me. But people uplift the humanly nice Cory and the Aquinos as demi-gods of the country when just as much corruption happened in her time as much as Marcos did, to go with inefficient decision making as a leader to boot.

          The rest is history.

        2. Johnny Saint, you and I share the same thoughts on this. Winter, you deviated from the point I was trying to make. We are talking about Pinoy Pride and regardless of the “lie” you were pertaining to, EDSA 1 was and still is my proudest moment as a Pinoy. Ridding the country of a dictator with minimal( I remember only 1 casualty) collateral damage. It was the feeling of winning knowing our lives were at stake. Ver was ready to open fire at civilians and was waiting for Marcos to approve. Had it not been for Ted Koppel interviewing Marcos at the time Ver was requesting permission to open fire, we would be collateral damage. For those of us who stood in front of tanks, waited for the Huey’s to open fire before learning of their defection. For the nuns who blocked the tanks and put their lives at stake. That to me was Pinoy Pride. We were applauded by the world for what we did. I am proud that I was there and survived and got rid of Marcos. I don’t know of anyone who was there that did not feel proud of being victorious. The events after EDSA 1 have no bearing in what that collective was able to do. Winter, whether or not you were there you cannot deny it impressed the international community. There will never be another Edsa 1. My participation as a Pinoy at that time will always be show my Pinoy pride.

        3. Beacon, WinterSoldier,

          Let’s put it in perspective.

          Were there foreign elements involved in the ouster of the Marcoses? Yes, there were. Certainly the CIA was funding local anti-Marcos organizations such as Joe Concepcion’s NAMFREL through groups like the National Endowment for Democracy (NED). The US has always had an interest in the Philippines because of the Subic Bay Naval Base and Clark Air Force Base — military bases that were key strategic sites from which every US invasion of Asia had gone through since 1898. It is not impossible that the US had come to the conclusion that Marcos was well past his “Sell by” date. Reagan would have been quite happy to see Marcos gone as long as his replacement were sympathetic to American interests (which Cory Aquino happened to be) and supported US strategic priorities in the region. At the top level, they even sent Philip Habib — who despised Marcos — to resolve conflicts in the opposition and convince them to form a united ticket that would stress anti-communism and refrain from opposing US [military] bases in the Philippines. The US government lived in fear of the evolution of a center-left popular alliance taking hold of the country.

          What about the events of February, 1986?

          If the non-violent “people power” movement had not occurred, the US would have just as happily continued funding local organizations like PCCI and NAMFREL to mobilize the middle class and apply pressure on Marcos while overtly declaring their support for him. But the people power movement did occur. And it was not something the US expected. Neither did Cory nor any of the local opposition; Cory was ensconced in the Carmelite convent in Cebu, preparing for another series of rallies protesting the outcome of the election. Everyone was taken off guard. The response to calls from Cardinal Sin was a spontaneous, organic outpouring of hostility and disgust for 20 years of Marcos abuse. That led to TWO MILLION people congregating on EDSA and the eventual exile of the Marcos family, facilitated by their US patrons. The achievement of this kind of non-violent insurrection was, at that time, unheard of. The fact that there were virtually no casualties — unlike current events in Egypt where they protest/celebrate by gang raping women — should be acknowledged, even honored. (By the way, WinterSoldier, in 1986, the Philippine population was at around 55-60 million. If two million people made it to EDSA, that means AT LEAST 3% were interested in the event, not 2% of Filipinos ;-))

          What came AFTER this event is what should elicit outrage from any right-minded Filipino. Cory Aquino BETRAYED the Filipino people by bringing back a corrupt oligarchy under the guise of restoring democratic institutions. At first the US was taken aback; Cory could have leveraged world sympathy/admiration to write our own ticket. Instead, Cory chose subservience to US foreign policy. She chose what was best for her and her family, NOT the Filipino people. By then, US policy makers knew they had nothing to worry about. The result? President Aquino’s six-year term (supported by the CIA) produced 2,696 dead from salvaging, military massacre, or disappearance, a figure comparable to the 3,257 killed during Marcos’s twenty year dictatorship. Not to mention the fact that it set the Philippines on a path that led to the domination of our society and economic exploitation by the Filipino “elite” in collusion with the state. For the poorest of the poor, Cory Aquino effectively put a stranglehold on land reform. Conditions we still struggle with today.

          Was the non-violent insurrection of “people power” a singular event? Absolutely. It made us “rich” with the possibility of actual change. The event itself was unforeseen; we cannot claim it was a fabrication of the CIA or the US State Department. Was it a completely wasted effort? Sadly, yes. We’ve become so besotted with the romantic notion of “people power” that we haven’t actually gotten around to harnessing this “public spirit,” much less using it to accomplish anything worthwhile as a nation. In fact it’s become a detriment. Any idiot who has some issue with the government can organize a fiesta/rally and snarl traffic on EDSA for days without any real purpose. The only thing this will accomplish is the loss of millions in revenue for everyone else in the Philippines who will be affected when Metro Manila comes to a standstill. We need to stop being enamored with this 27 year old “people power” phenomenon if we hope to progress beyond the caricature of non-violent struggle.

    3. Edsa I isn’t exactly the best thing to be proud of anymore, in my view. Country is still in the pits despite it. Many are now saying Edsa I opened up the chest for more corruption to come out of the woodwork. But if you’re wrong, it’s not your fault. We may have our freedoms as Filipinos, but given the examples I gave, we’re not using them properly.

      Be proud of your own individual achievements. That’s what people like Charice Pempengco, Lea Salonga and Arnel Pineda do. Not your nationality. That is something to accept, not to be proud of.

      1. Chino, like Winter, you are talking about the events AFTER Edsa 1. I am talking about being part of it. That IS MY pinoy pride which is what your article is about. Sure you have valid points which I agree with completely but what is it exactly you are proposing? A complete format C:\ of the Pinoy hardrive? I was an editor of The Outcrop, UP Baguio’s official publication in the early 80’s and was at one point outlawed and labeled as subversive. It was our policy never to critique unless we had a viable solution to any issue we wrote about. All I see is the critique.

        1. @Manny V:

          Well, that is what YOU and your ilk is all about! A bunch of… and a pile of…

          BTW, all of your comments are coming from EMOTIONS not logical thinking. So yeah… 😛

        2. i think you caught them in a pickle, @Beacon. they are spot on on their observations and THAT’S IT. no alternative solutions. a super-collection of internet intellectuals that used to troll the now-defunct Peyups website.

      2. Chino,

        I continue to maintain that the events of 24-26 February 1986 are a singular event. No one in the world had ever accomplished that. As a social movement, this deserves recognition and, true to form, Filipinos are quick to identify with “People Power.”

        Were there elements surrounding the ouster of the Marcos regime that co-opted what could have been the process which led to the Philippines’ democratization? As WinterSoldier likes to say, “reality speaks for itself.” You’d have to be a complete idiot not to recognise the ills in present day Filipino society or how we got to this point. A great deal of responsibility falls on the Aquinos in restoring the hegemony of an abusive oligarchy. And we shouldn’t overlook how the United States subtly manipulated the people’s movement in the country to assist Cory Aquino’s rise to power.

        You have to realize that non-violent action, for good or ill, facilitated political transformation in the Philippines. Without question, that IS a great achievement. However, it isn’t a reason to glorify “people power” or to see it as an end in itself; there will always be the messy job of getting down to the work of nation building afterward. If there is one thing we can take away from these events is that we mustn’t underestimate the power that millions of Filipinos possess if properly motivated with (non-violent) action. The other side of the coin is that non-violent movements MUST NOT BE ROMANTICIZED. Filipinos have been doing that for 27 years and all we have to show for it is bewilderment as to why our arguably non-democratic neighbors are doing so much better.

  9. I totally agree with this! Lack of education is also the cause of this Filipino pride. This should be taught to everyone.

  10. I’m a Filipino but I will always be proud as a Filipino however what I hate about MOST filipino is they will

    a.) Always use “family” as an excuse for EVERYTHING and ANYTHING
    b.) Who HOPES to much that everything will come their way. Pffft.
    c.) Who ALWAYS uses ‘AGE’ that you should be well more respected and ALWAYS right. F off! World works TWO WAYS mate.
    d.) Authoritative, you CANNOT make ANY MISTAKES. Apparently, the older you get the more rights you have? Whatever.
    e.) They always BITCH about everything especially when they’re overseas. You can’t teach them and they ALWAYS think they’re being belittle
    f.) Can’t teach these bastards and always ENVY everyone and belittle the ones who succeed. In short ALWAYS INGGIT.
    g.) They always bitch that don’t have MONEY when they spend SO MUCH material things and complaint the next day ‘Oh, wala na akong pera, ang hirap ng buhay’ Jesus!
    h.) Everything is about ‘God or Jesus’ but Sorry neither Jesus and God is there to tell you where you should go and the BIBLE isn’t the answer. YOURSELF is the answer no matter how you twists the words at the end of the day and the real reason is ‘Your decision’.

  11. I really like to write essays like this.

    I am so pissed off Dan Brown insultsted Maynila, calling its ‘gates of hell’. so disgoosted xD

  12. I agree with the article, too much pride prevents us from seeing ourselves as part of the truth.

    We need to learn to value the individual over the “race” or group. For example. when everyone fails an exam except for one, we should admire that person instead of saying that the guy cheated because he studied or didn’t let anyone copy his work.

  13. If you are living in this country that has suffered so much pain, suffering from both the local government to the natural calamities that strikes the Philippines every year (needless to say how many times per year), then giving that edification and boosting the morals of Filipinos by being proud of the achievement of other Filipinos, then F*CK OFF YOU HATERS ESP THOSE FILIPINOS WITH CRAB MENTALITY!!! Get delivered from Spain’s inflicted virus in our culture! What evil can someone who is proudly pinoy can do to you??? STUPID BLOG THIS IS!

    1. I think it’s trying to communicate…

      I didn’t get the whole message this guy was trying to convey…

      IMO, there’s nothing wrong with being proud of what the other Filipinos did, really. It can boost the morale and help others to reach for their dreams. Clinging on to their achievements and thinking its because of the “Filipino Blood”, however, is a different story.

      1. I don’t see why you didn’t remember the Ondoy disaster. It was the Filipino Pride that kept us fighting. Have you not seen photos

        Sila isang katrina lang sobrang kailangan pa ng brad pitt para maayos. Tayo, disaster after disaster we became resillient.Having these icons showed us that we can achieve anything through hardwork, determination and prayer which is realy what Filipino Pride is about.
        Its the same motivation that drove our ancestors to fight for our freedom from the spaniards and americans even though we are out gunned outmatched and outnumbered.
        Is that not to be proud of? This trait is our heritage and its one of our most noble traits as a race. And if someone thought that we are not a great race, having this in our hearts and in our minds, would you not be offended?

        To abandon our pride of being a filipino race is to dishonor their sacrifice, the sacrifice of our OFWs.
        You should better reasearch more before posting these articles.

        1. very well said. talk about FACTS and not baseless opinions on stupid carb mentality inflicted virus like most of the people here have!

          what do you want to do with FILIPINOS??? bury them with all your hate and racist opinions and steal away anything that could inspire and uplift them??????? gosh!!!!!! people nowadays are SICK!!! big time SICK in their senses!

        2. That wasn’t pride, that was just desperation to survive. And remember, people still die of stupidity in disasters like Ondoy, because we tend to be unprepared. Looking for pride is not the answer, being prepared in the right manner for disasters is. Resilience is only something we are forced to resort to because of another “noble trait,” which is lack of preparation. I wouldn’t be proud of that. Add to that the stupidity of residing in places that shouldn’t be, like mountainsides that later collapse in landslides.

          And “resilience” is found in every country, it isn’t uniquely Filipino.

        3. “Is that not to be proud of? This trait is our heritage and its one of our most noble traits as a race. And if someone thought that we are not a great race, having this in our hearts and in our minds, would you not be offended?”

          There is no ‘race’, as proven by the Human Genome Project, also considering the Filipinos in over 400 years have long mixed with the rest of Asia and some of Europe.

          And you’re totally missed the point. How can you say that we are noble when you express disdain to foreigners who have contributed to the modernization of the country and the knowledge they have shared?

          And if it’s because of our so-called ‘traits’ if most Filipinos always play the victim card when things mess up?

          You should better research before you whine, bitch and moan.

    2. Your post is a proof that you are indeed STUPID. 😛

      There is no morale boost for Filipinos when we talk about INDIVIDUAL achievements.

      Spain’s inflicted virus in our culture? Lies. The Spaniards came, instilled a class system and education. Much like people like you mock at the Spanish who brought the Catholic religion, embrace it as the national religion but still find ways to screw its concepts up. And it’s the fault of every Filipino like you about why we have a flawed, dysfunctional culture.

      And the ‘crab mentality’ shtick fits more on people like you. Wanna know why?

      Crab mentality is for CRAB PEOPLE. Taste like crab, walk like people. They had a tough shell but total softies on the inside. Just resorting into emotional outbursts rather than logical thinking, as it was evident in your comment.

  14. False pride is a mechanism for the avoidance of shame.

    Vicarious pride a means to mitigate inferority.

    “Every miserable fool who has nothing at all of which he can be proud, adopts as a last resource pride in the nation to which he belongs; he is ready and happy to defend all its faults and follies tooth and nail, thus reimbursing himself for his own inferiority”.
    – Arthur Schopenhauer, Aphorisms

    1. Brilliant quotes! Even better than Arthur Schopenhauer’s due to their brevity.

      These are going straight to my quotes collection file.
      libertas, I will attribute them to you, of course.

  15. AGAIN!!! What harm can any Filipino do to you by being proud of their kababayan’s achievements???? even my neighbor who was promoted from being a lieutenant at the air force now a captain, i made sure to let him know i am proud of his achievement, and he was inspired to work harder and inspire other military officers as well… WHERE IS THE EVIL IN THIS??? haters will remain haters for they are the worst virus in our society. GET LOST!

    1. Maybe you should GET LOST because you are totally missing the point.

      True pride as a country comes from COLLECTIVE, not INDIVIDUAL achievements. CRITICAL TH INKING and PROGRESS are also important but I’m very positive that you don’t have one.

      Get lost because you can’t accept the fact that you’re BUTTHURT because you’re only choice is to respond with emotional outbursts. Sorry, but the likes of you are to be considered being the worst virus in our society because our society and culture is flawed and dysfunctional because of people like you.

      Deal with it. 😛

    2. Wow.

      You, sir are one of those people that really needs to breath in and absorb what is in this message.

      I’m sick of people with piss poor debating skills using “HATERZ GNA HATE LOL” as a defense.

      It’s almost as bad as just ending an argument with “whatever”.

    1. And go f*ck your false sense of pride because you’re encouraging everyone to delude themselves. 😛

      1. How about you respect other people’s opinions, instead of replying to each and every one here that does not agree with you or the author? You point to their style of writing, yet you use the f word so liberally and end your tirades with a smiley.

        1. Opinions can be BIASED. Facts have none.

          As Margaret Thatcher said: “Listen to WHAT I say, not HOW I say it.”

          I can now consider yours as an EMO comment.

  16. F*ck this country. I think it’s true that “Pinoy Pride” is the cancer of this goddamn country. Some of our dumb-ass countrymen feel insulted when foreign people point out the problems in our country. They feel oppressed and insulted when it is really the truth. Just look at Manila. Dan Brown described it as the “Gates of Hell” in his book entitled Inferno. And guess what happened? You got it! The majority of our countrymen didn’t agree with it and reacted as if it wasn’t true at all. They’re like, “OMG, someone insulted us/ our country! We are a superior race of people and nobody should ever do that to us!” Psssh. Really? Seriously? Philippines, just please take a good look at yourself. We quickly point fingers when somebody points us to the mirror. I think it is totally wrong. We shouldn’t look at it negatively but instead we should use their criticism to team-up and change what’s wrong with us. We should “purify” our country of the impurities it has.

        1. At least I have hope for this country by using critical thinking and not other way around.

          Most of Filipinos have victim mentality. And it’s not right.

  17. I believe that most of the Filipinos say that they are being proud, but in reality it looks more like his achievements are also my achievements, you will hear news about people fighting over the achievements of their so called idols more than the actual person does meaning that it means more to them than the actual person does, so to speak that being proud is different from delusional thoughts that you also achieved what your so called idols achieved, but don’t get me wrong being proud is not bad, but being egotistic about some other peoples achievements and claiming it as if you are part of his success is different. Also i believe that the main point of this article is that mostly it is us Filipinos(collectively speaking) are the ones who actually put us to this situation, it’s really simple, why would someone be angry at us if we didn’t have the reputation of being assholes and jerks specially when we travel to other countries and bring our “probinsyano” mentality, no offense to the people in the provinces, but it really shows that pride also goes with that sense cause they don’t want to change and they think that the way they act in their provinces is what they should be doing and its the superior thing to do; a good example would be just walking in the sidewalk, you will see a lot of people walk in the middle of the road no care even if you know that its for the cars, but wait its the other way around nowadays its the car who should be scared of the pedestrians and as you honk your horn for them to move out of the road they would look at you like its their right to walk on the road, as like in the provinces where most people walk on the roads with no care at all even when there are sidewalks. This is just an example, but getting to the point, there is no excuse for what we have right now as all most of the masses still have the idol mentality and the thus the filipino people divided into poor and rich, and sadly rich intelligent people are only getting richer and poor people only getting poorer and poorer, and as the other posters here said it is only you and you alone who can determine whether you will be successful in life or not, it will still come down to one decision, “Your Decision”.

  18. Leave it to Filipinos to claim that they are “resilient”, when taken from another point of view, they are “mediocre” and “resistant to change”.

    What the hell is there to be proud of if you’re just barely making it through? Pwede-na-yan? Filipinos as a collective consistently fail to learn from the mistakes of their past in order to build something substantial that they truly can be proud of in the future.

    Being “proud of” someone is not the same as being “proud to be Pinoy” because of someone. The former shows happiness for another’s accomplishments; the latter indicates transitivity of success simply by link of being Filipino.

    It is expressed simply by this trail of Filipino logic failure:

    Manny P. is a successful Filipino;
    I am Filipino;
    therefore, I am also successful.

    Does not follow. Pinoy Pridist morons should go back to Philosophy class and take it again.

    1. Ang tagumpay ng X ay tagumpay nating lahat.

      That’s how we are brain-washed by TV shows. Nah, it’s their victory alone.

      1. This. I feel that instead of encouraging people to ride on achievements, media should encourage people to work hard and be successful like their Pinoy Pride icons.

        I cannot abide by Pinoys being proud of a successful compatriot of theirs abroad while they sit on their bottoms and do nothing.

  19. I don’t think we should lose that pride and I don’t think it will cause our downfall. This prideful behavior is not exclusive to Filipinos. It is inherent in every race or every individual. It is just not pronounced in some races because they don’t need to adamantly express it. They express it in other ways… in subtle ways. The white people are an example. They have it in their minds that they are superior based on their historical heritage. They have colonized and enslaved other races for years and now it is established that they are the most powerful race in the world. They have established to the whole world that their standard of living is the right one. They branded other races as third world. They have propagated their own standard for beauty and they have done that successfully. So now they don’t need to blatantly express their pride about their race. On the other hand, we Filipinos have come to accept their standards and based on their standards we are poor and ugly. So, we strive so hard to attain what they have and look the way they do. We have come to the point that we worship the western people. We have accepted that we are inferior. Our looks became an indelible mark of our inferiority. We can never change it, thus we’ll always feel as second rate beings compared to them. The only way we Filipinos would be able to at least gain a bit of pride or recognition is by calling attention to ourselves through those Filipinos that gained some fame in the western world. It is as if saying, “hey you white skinned people who look down on me for being ugly, I share the same blood as that famous Filipino – I am also worthy.” When we encounter news about a Filipino murdering a famous western person, we keep silent but deep within us we still have that pride saying, “no one messes with Filipinos.” Finally, we should, begin to set-up our own standard of beauty and living so we will not need to clamor for the attention of the western people. They will become irrelevant. We will not need to go over there to get what they have or show that, “hey, we are also worthy of attention.” This pride is what drove Jose Rizal and the Katipuneros to give us our identity. We should be glad and hold on to the pride that Lapu-Lapu slayed Magellan for double-crossing him. We should always hold on to that sense of pride that, “no one messes with Filipinos.” If we completely lose this pride which now we, from time to time only express by saying,”we are also worthy” by identifying ourselves with some world famous Filipinos, we will utterly become slaves in the most possible subtle way at this time and age.

    1. The real problem of Filipinos is the lack of Proper Self-Respect, which in turn leads to narcissism and riding on others’ achievements. Of course, you wouldn’t ride on others’ achievement if you had self-respect. 😉

    2. White isn’t a race…it’s a skin colour. The cultural and history of various countries with mostly caucasian populations is varied. Some might have colonized…many didn’t. Does the Saudi enslave when he employs a filipino for a few dollars? Do the Chinese believe they are superior for their historical heritage?

      Races are’nt branded third world…countries and economies are, including until recently many in eastern Europe.

      What is the “white race” standard of beauty, given the popularity in western countries of darker skinned beauties? Filipinos have set-up their own standard of beauty. It seems to me that Filipinos are more obsessed with white skin than any white skinned person I know. You assume that the majority of “white skinned” people “look down …for being ugly”. It is this very belief that damages self esteem and leads to false pride as a defence.

      So your answer is that when a Filipino “murdering” a western person you can have pride because “no one messes with a Filipinos”. This is completely dysfunctional. It is the very thing that this article is about. You are no doubt completely outraged though when a Filipino is mistreated by anyone….other than another Filipino.

      You are unworthy because of how you think and behave….not because of your skin or face…and it is you that has declared it so.

    3. actually it HAS become the problem. pride is actually a negative word. its a sin diba? this new form of crab mentality of getting even a 1/8 person and labeling as pinoy just so wed get uplifted is also a problem. i wish itd be more patriotic than pride. yes what you just commented is a problem to. kelangan ba makipag yabangan? no one messes with you when they see you ARE something.

  20. who in their freaking right mind would say, Pacman won and beat his rival so i am pacman as well and could beat all you mexicans??? SICK people like haters in this blog are making up imaginations and delusions of situations that are baseless and pointless!!! you are all whine and blah blahs but have any of you made a difference for our country??? why see the negative side of filipinos who are proud of other filipino’s achievement when you can use your tiny puny effort on making yourself worthful for this country? do u honestly believe that your blogs and comments are adequate and beneficial to any one??? you are making a mockery of yourself and your country!!! SHAME ON YOU!!!!! before you criticize your own country, make sure you have done something honorable to lift this country up!!!! all you do is BITCH & WHINE like a little spoiled brat! mind you, the FILIPINO spirit will never die but you will!

    1. “do u honestly believe that your blogs and comments are adequate and beneficial to any one???”
      “all you do is BITCH & WHINE like a little spoiled brat!”

      LOL. And here you are, posting a comment with pretty much no benefit, “bitching and whining” about this article.

      “before you criticize your own country, make sure you have done something honorable to lift this country up!!!!”

      Here’s a question for you: have YOU done something honorable for the country? It seems that you’re just making a fool of yourself. Haters or not, they make a hell of a lot more sense than you. Were they able to strike a nerve? Your comment seems to be more of emotion than logic, really.

    2. “why see the negative side of filipinos who are proud of other filipino’s achievement”

      Did you actually read and understand the article or did your emotions again get hold of you and just let lose comments on things you don’t really understand? There is nothing wrong with being “proud of” these people because of their achievements but to be “proud of being a Pinoy” because of these successful people is a no-no and unacceptable.

      Please, read again the article and digest everything. If you still can’t understand, and won’t accept it, then it’s your problem.

      Really, we’re going around in circles with people like you who use the hearts to think for themselves instead of their brains.

      1. ChinoF is stupid as a rock. So talking to him won’t make any sense. He’s someone trying to make a name for himself but to his dismay he’ll be earning 30k a month tops for a long long time. Pitiful. 😀

        1. And talking to YOU won’t make any sense because of your pathetic one liners and your baseless comments.

          PITIFUL. 😛

        2. you’ve just made yourself an example of exactly why it makes no sense to be proud to be pinoy, judging from your typical pinoy emo butthurt behaviour. backfire much, silver?

  21. I think Filipinos are generally racists to be honest. If you have one filipino (Male or female) in a talent show,you will have random pinoys hate on the rest of the races. Remember the American Idol season with Jessica Sanchez? If you read the youtube videos, you will see that 90% of the filipino posters bash holly. They make lies of her being jealous, fake, etc.. you can really see that they are using that pinoy pride in elevating another one of their race higher than anybody and being “envied on” by the other non-filipino contestants. I remember when Joshua (American Idol contestant with Jessica Sanchez) tweeted about not being excited about the AI flight to the Philippines,filipinos misinterpreted that as him not being excited about going to the Philippines. You had filipinos tweeting or commenting attacks such as “we are not excited for you… you are just jealous of losing to Jessica..who are you we never heard of you”. When in reality, Joshua literally had the most standing ovations in AI history, and it just showed that Filipinos can’t read properly and will automatically view racism everywhere.

    There is allot more examples i can type too but i don’t have the time right now.

    In short, Dear Filipinos:Stop being racists.. no one looks down on your race and no one looks up to your race. There is no such thing as a special race so please take that out of your minds.

    PS: American is not a race, i know that 80% of the filipinos think White automatically = american, which is why Pinoys where complaining that racism was the reason Jessica Sanchez got top 2. But please check some grade school books to know that you can be any race and still be american.

    1. It’s common for Filipinos to trash talk others. They even issue death threats. Just recall the Adam Carolla debacle. There’s a whole load of facepalm from Filipino reactions there.

    2. Firstly, to be precise most ethnic groups are racist not only Filipinos. Yes, they can be judgmental but tell me who isn’t at this generation?.. The fact that they cannot accept “losing” does not mean they’re racist.


      1. Yes, but if Filipinos lost fair and square, then they should accept it, and strive to improve themselves and do better next time. Instead of claim that they were “cheated.” That means they refuse to improve themselves out of laziness.

  22. Hoy Valiente, ignorante ka. Maka Pinoy Pride ka, ingles ka naman ng ingles. Buti sana kung maayos, baluktot naman!
    Hoy, aminin mo na na insecure tayong mga Pilipino. At excuse me, madami akong dapat ikaproud! Nagbabayad ako ng buwis. Bumoboto ako ng tama. Namumuhay ako sa isang disenteng paraan. Pero para maisigaw lang sa internet “Pinoy Pride! Woohoo!” dahil ayokong isipin ng mga banyaga na hindi ako pulpol tulad ng iniisip nila ay kacheapan! Oo, nakakaproud ang achievements ng mga kababayan natin. Pero dapat mainspire ako non para pagbutihin ko din at magaya ko sila, hindi yung ngawa lang ako sa internet. Bobo mo!

      1. Funny is that the “you’re all talk but no brain” tag points on to you. Did you even know about “EMOTIONAL OUTBURSTS”?

        Oh wait, you don’t. 😛

  23. PINOY PRIDE = sense of entitlement; believing you’re better than others; exaggerating achievements and talents; believing you are special and acting accordingly; believing others are jealous of you; taking advantage of others (manipulative); fantasizing about success, attractiveness, power; failing to recognize the feelings of others; always needing praise and admiration; being jealous of others; being easily hurt by criticism to the point of dangerous anger = NARCISSISM.

    Usually stems from a sense of shame and humiliation, and a damaged self esteem.

    The amazing thing is that not only do an inordinate number of filipinos display these behaviour but they are able to convey it as a nation.

  24. i don’t think the whole point of this article is true. First of all, it is a complete generalization of what Filipinos are. So the author also abides by the same logic which he hates (which he says the filipinos have)

    Some filipinos are successful.
    I am Filipino, therefore I am successful.

    Same as:
    Some Filipinos are overly concerned about pride while they do nothing to make their lives better.
    All Filipinos are overly concerned about pride while they do nothing to make their lives better.

    Same way of thinking. Anyway, if you think my first point is not true then I shall continue with my other points. I agree, though, that most Filipinos boast about the being partly Filipino of some known people as stated in the start of the article when in fact those people would not really call themselves “Filipino.” First of all, these people do not have their loyalty or allegiance to our country so in my mind they’re really not Filipinos and being Filipino, for them, is just some sort of ethnicity and not really a sort of nationality (which in turn would invoke nationalism). However, I would agree with the author on this point ONLY.

    I believe ALL races would have that sort of feeling “special” and that sort of pride. Colonialization even is rooted on the sense that these countries think they are superior enough to IMPOSE their own beliefs on others. Don’t you think that’s a more obvious and destructive manifestation of pride itself? Even the whole Nazi thing started because some Germans thought they were better than the Jews. So this is not a characteristic EXCLUSIVE to the Filipinos. If you want more recent examples just look at the US going to war with Iraq and those other places. They may even say that they are only helping them. Well who ever said they were in a better position to help? (Although they are economically better off but I would bet those countries never asked for their help in the first place). Look at all those American soldiers raping Filipino women like their just some sort of sex item. Isn’t that a sign of superiority, and thus, pride? So I would say this is really not something exclusive for the Filipinos so if you’re gonna hate on the Filipinos for this then hate on everyone else.

    Next point, some races would not have to assert the greatness of their race because they are practically known to everyone, and the success of their race is known to everyone. The Philippines, however, is such a small country. To add to that, we’re even a poor country. There are not a lot of Filipinos (compared to other races) who become successful globally so I would get why it makes “Filipinos proud.” Although I would argue that not all (probably just some really really really few people) would think that “Hey you know what arnel pineda, lea salonga, manny pacquiao, blah blah blah are filipinos and successful. I’m Filipino, I AM SUCCESSFUL AND TALENTED ALL HAIL ME” NO ONE ACTUALLY THINKS THAT. Well, not that extreme. Though they may think that way but just more subtle. Like in a sense it gives people hope that “hey, Filipinos can excel too, Filipinos can be like that too” And maybe it stems from an insecurity but what isn’t to be insecure about? You have decades and decades of history that shaped us into thinking that some races are better than us and now you’d finally think that hey some Filipinos can excel too just like them and wouldn’t that make you happy? (Obviously not since you are pretty sour about the topic but it could serve as an assurance to some Filipinos and an ideal to strive for)

    “Filipinos are the ones declaring themselves inferior, and then imagine someone else saying it, like a foreigner.” as I have said previously, it’s decades and decades of brainwashing. And I, personally, wouldn’t go to an insecure person saying “YOU ARE STUPID OKAY GET OVER IT STOP WHINING YOU STUPID LITTLE PIECE OF…. GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER!!!” and that’s what this post is basically doing.

    Another point, in one paragraph you stated all the bad and shameful things that Filipino INDIVIDUALS did like killing. Well I am partly sorry that some Filipinos are like this but aren’t there serial killers in other countries? Terrorists? Robbers? Psychos? Or whatever shameful bad thing people do. NEWS FLASH, THERE ARE A LOT. And I don’t go around saying “HEY YOU AMERICANS STOP FEELING PROUD ABOUT YOUR COUNTRY WHEN BLAH BLAH BLAH KILLED 100++ PEOPLE!” Just because some individuals are bad doesn’t make the whole country bad just like just because some individuals are good doesn’t make the whole country good. It is ignorant to say that Filipinos do not care at all about the crimes some other Filipinos do.

    Lastly, I don’t think you can blame ALL OF THE COUNTRY’S FAILURE solely on pride. Why can’t corruption stop? BECAUSE OF PRIDE. That’s what you said but I don’t think so. It’s not that the people don’t wanna stop corruption because they think they’re already perfect. They can’t stop corruption because of a lot of other factors. And also, if you ask the poor filipinos who are really living in less fortunate conditions, I don’t think any one of them would say “I’M PERFECT AND TALENTED AND SUCCESSFUL ALL HAIL ME” Most of them feel down and it’s just these little successes that make them feel a sense of hope in their own race or in their country or that they could ever elevate their living. It becomes some sort of ideal that they strive for (although, yes, some people are really inherently lazy and do not do shit to improve their lives but some people actually try). How selfish is it of you to take that hope and take that sense of assurance from them away?

    So, in conclusion, being proud does not always equate to “pride” in that bad sense. It’s what people do with it. It’s how people act upon it (whether they’d think it translates to them or they’d see it as a window of hope). It’s what people make of it. It doesn’t necessarily make them bad or stupid. Btw, I saw in your description “He believes he is right.” Such a proud person, do you think you’re bad?

    1. correction, not just “partly sorry” that FIlipinos did this. I mean I feel really awful about it and I hate them for doing such things.

        1. Well, both of you should be ashamed of yourselves because both of you have totally missed the point.

          EMO pricks. <_<

        2. @WinterSoldier

          HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I could laugh at that comment all day but I don’t have the time. I’ve never been called an EMO in my life hahahahahaha well that’s new lol and btw i’m totally not ashamed of myself 🙂

        3. @i hate this article:

          Laugh all you want but what I’ve said is true. One who goes with emotional outbursts are branded as EMO.

          You’re not using LOGICAL THINKING. If you do, then you’ll be ashamed of yourself. 😀

        4. Well, I think I am logical and I wouldn’t bother proving it to you. I don’t see anything about this that makes it emotional and illogical anyway.

      1. @ Winter Soldier

        and btw, if you are logical you should know that if you were in a debate it is WRONG to attack the individual. calling me an emo prick does not make you any better or prove your point.

        1. Again, I do. If you’re not an EMO prick then why bother attacking this article in defense of a pride that doesn’t exist?

          That’s my point.

        2. wintersoldier, how do you know that the pride you say does not exist? you just sound stupid for saying “pride that does not exist” because the mere fact that you acknowledge it means that it does exist. need i simplify it further?

    2. and btw, mr. author, it’s contradictory when you say Filipinos think they’re so perfect and they’re the ones who impose on themselves that they are inferior. If you think you’re perfect you would never think you’re inferior because what else is greater than perfection? a bit odd isn’t it?

      1. Nah, he’s not contradicting himself. You just prove yourself that you play the victim card just like your ilk?

        Or maybe you don’t even realize it?

        1. there’s a point why i put a question mark at the end. and that’s because it is precisely a question so thank you for answering my query. and i am not a victim because I don’t think I’m even as great as manny pacquiao or lea salonga or any other globally recognized filipino. And I think it is up to myself to prove if I could be great and their success does not translate to me. And I don’t even brag that Jessica Sanchez is Filipino or the Miami heat coach is Filipino. Clearly, you don’t know me. I’m not speaking for myself here, dudee. 🙂

        2. @i hate this article:

          Then why bother? Because what the author said is true and it hurts your false pride?


      2. and btw, if you are logical you should know that if you were in a debate it is WRONG to attack the individual. calling me an emo prick does not make you any better or prove your point.

      3. @ Winter Soldier

        Why bother? Why do people bother to write about the poor when they’re not really poor themselves? Uhmmm maybe it’s because they want to speak on behalf of other people. Call me pathetic and emotional all you want but i’m not going down to your level of insulting people

        1. But many of people who agree with you are also insulting people. You even insult the person who made this article and even the author itself.

          Please disregard them because I see that you didn’t even make sense whatsoever. It’s just another ploy to tell everyone to remain in the delusion and false sense of superiority called “Filipino Pride.”

      4. @ Winter soldier

        please enlighten me on how i insulted the author personally. I merely commented on his work. It’s not an insult. I never attacked his credentials (him being a tv news producer and all that stuff) I never said he was stupid and I never said he was emotional or pathetic. Never any adjective regarding his personal life actually. and as i said filipino pride can be delusional or it can me not. it may be delusional for some but not for others.

        1. Good thing because the people replied to you in agreement are also dumb people who resorted to emotional outbursts, which is annoying.

          But unfortunately, the term “Filipino Pride” is a delusion to many, not for some or others. True pride comes from critical thinking and progress. That is what the Philippines need. I’m not even proud of our present government system and not even proud of an incompetent president, etc. and stuff like that.

        2. “dumb people,” “emotional outbursts,” “annoying” lol no sense continuing a conversation with someone who keeps insulting people.

        3. @stop insulting people:

          So you admit that you are EMO. Because you focus more on words than context. Playing the victim card is actually cool.

          Stop insulting yourself.

      5. It wasn’t contradictory. You are so missing his point for one obvious reason…you are possessing the attitudes being discussed on this article. — being sensitive, inferiority complex, thus not accepting the criticisms (eg.words, sentences, articles, jokes, etc that doesn’t please their Filipino blood) thrown at them.

        “So this is not a characteristic exclusive to Filipinos” — oh my god, for real?? I can’t believe you just said that. We’ll who said it’s only exclusive to Filipinos? It’s one of the ugliest common reaction too of Filipinos when their mistakes or flaws are being pointed out–“hindi lang naman tayo, pati mga puti ganyan din, mas malala pa.” (so what, it’s ok to do the same thing?) obviously Philippines is not the only country having corrupt officials, being egoistic, having crimes, etc etc. And also, you don’t need to mention “recent” issues about the same topic, just to turn the table around.

        Your state of mind is one of things I dislike from “common people” thinking alike.

        Your sarcasm describes you best.

    3. Individuals who are too many already, and they have become representatives of our country in the eyes of other countries. Really now, ever heard of the principle that you represent the group/company/organization/family you belong to, and that your action can be construed as the action of your group? Think about that.

      1. yeah but i’m saying individuals who do bad stuff are all around the globe. they’re not exclusively filipinos. Think about that too 🙂

        1. But there are Filipinos still doing bad stuff. Don’t divert attention away from them. It’s like abetting the crime.

        2. and i never said the Philippines is not a poor corrupted country. I’m just replying on your point about pride.

        3. yeah i know there are Filipinos doing bad stuff I never said there weren’t any Filipino doing bad stuff did I? But there are a lot of people doing bad stuff too. and there are a lot of people doing good stuff. and I never said Filipinos doing bad stuff is no reason to be ashamed of the country

        4. I’m not ashamed of the country. I’m ashamed of “bad stuff.” Either you hammer at the “bad stuff,” or you’re turning a blind eye to them.

        5. i’m not ashamed of the country either i’m just saying i never said it can’t be a reason to be ashamed. gosh. and you hammer at the bad stuff okay you don’t turn a blind eye on them. doesn’t mean you have to turn a blind eye on the good stuff too. and the subject of my comment and the article is filipino pride not filipino goodness or badness. no point arguing with you anyway cause you believe you are right as said in your description.

        6. in short no one should point out what’s wrong to somebody when you are not going to do it to all the others. what a moron.

        7. In other words, don’t point out the errors of others at all. Turning a blind eye to evil. Hence, “all it takes for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing.”

        8. @chinof and tehot, when you guys are tired arguing with this poor excuse for a brick wall let’s go grab a few brewskis we can all be proud of. your treat! 😛

    4. I agree with your sentiments for the most part. Being “Pinoy Pride”, unfortunately, is getting more bad rap, than, say “Chilean Pride” or “Malaysian Pride” (or so it seems anyway.) The thing is, “Pinoy Pride” has gotten a bad reputation that we need to examine ourselves and reflect why this is the case.

  25. What is this? You are not a Filipino! Just shut up! You really are weird even among the weird, an outcast even among outcasts. That’s why you don’t belong, you are an outcast! Shame on you! You don’t know what a Filipino Pride is!

    1. Tell me what Filipino Pride is and maybe I will believe in you. Because…

      You can’t be proud of what you didn’t ACHIEVE, idiot. You were born a Filipino, much like I was. Hence we both cannot take ‘pride’ in something we were put into. I’ll give you 2/10 for ‘proud’ trolling.

    2. Talaga? I think I am the Right Kind of Pinoy. Try to prove that you’re the same, I’ll believe you. 😛

        1. silver is the REAL demented one because of senseless ad hominem attacks and trolling.

          You’re pathetic! LAWL! 😀

        2. Can’t get satire when they see it. If that’s how most Pinoys are, then we have a problem, Houston.

    3. And what achievements do you have instead of being a palamunin on riding some Filipino’s goal you indio? You have 12 hours to name them and impress us. Begin.

        1. Tarnished Silver makes use of ad hominems to cover up for lack of any valid arguments.

        2. And silver is one of the reasons that makes this country ‘the sick man of Asia’. Period. 😛

        3. You fail to impress us for not answering my question and just gone hostile utak squatter. Iyan lang ba ang kaya mong ibuga indio?

  26. What a stupid article.

    A lot of the points mentioned here are very weak, subjective, and have no ground whatsoever.

    1.) Pinoy Pride seems to be the belief that Filipinos are a special people from the rest of the world, and thus deserve special respect.
    – I’m with you til the last statement. Where did you find out that Filipinos demand special respect from others?

    2.) For example, they insist that no one has the right to make Pinoys the butt of jokes.
    – Just because Filipinos react when they get insulted? Well if you insult a race publicly, you’ll definitely receive some backlash. No one has the right to talk down to anyone. Whether it was said by a comedian or not, there will always be people who’ll take offense to it.

    3.) Unfortunately, this all goes down the toilet when you find that these vocal “proud Pinoys” are actually cockroaches who are too lazy to work, go drinking all day and want to milk their relatives dry.
    – Of course there are Filipinos who are lazy, drink a lot etc. But what makes you label those same people as “proud Pinoys”? Because they engage in comment-wars in Facebook, Youtube, and blog sites? Or they wear a 3 stars and a sun shirt and drink in a bar all day? Or are those the ones that post stuff comparing like Boracay to Hawaii, Makati to NY, etc? Those are the lazy cockroaches?

    .. Then some shit about pride being bad, well duh. And Pinoy Pride = self entitlement that doesn’t feed the hungry..

    4.a.) Why is corruption so hard to remove?
    – You can never remove corruption completely, dummy. Corruption will always be there.

    4.b.) Because the people are too proud to change.
    – And.. crab mentality.

    Also, the caption to your Pacquiao KO image clearly shows you know nothing about boxing. First of all, anyone can fail. And as Ali said, the fight is won or lost in the gym. “Pride” failed that night because he was overconfident (for a few seconds) towards a guy who has tirelessly prepared for that fight. Marquez ate, slept, breathed Pacquiao leading up to that.

    1. Your interpretation of my article is just as weak, subjective and having no ground. Because there are other examples of what I say that you deliberately miss.

    2. @M: You’re actually stupid if you ask me, because you’re now in the long list of whiny, angry emo pricks spewing nonsense.

      1.) I’m with you til the last statement. Where did you find out that Filipinos demand special respect from others?

      -It happens all the time. When some foreign comedian makes a joke about the Philippines then most Filipinos got mad and even demanded an apology. The Adam Carolla and the Tsip Hao debacles are a proof.

      2.) Just because Filipinos react when they get insulted? Well if you insult a race publicly, you’ll definitely receive some backlash. No one has the right to talk down to anyone. Whether it was said by a comedian or not, there will always be people who’ll take offense to it.

      -Lies. Your missed the point because most countries don’t act like that. South Park and Family Guy would have a word for you. 🙂 And Russia didn’t get mad when David Letterman made a joke one-time that he wants to have a Russian mail bride. See the difference. Keyword is BALAT-SIBUYAS.

      3.) Of course there are Filipinos who are lazy, drink a lot etc. But what makes you label those same people as “proud Pinoys”? Because they engage in comment-wars in Facebook, Youtube, and blog sites? Or they wear a 3 stars and a sun shirt and drink in a bar all day? Or are those the ones that post stuff comparing like Boracay to Hawaii, Makati to NY, etc? Those are the lazy cockroaches?

      -That’s nonsensical. It’s more like false Pinoy Pride. That concept is already shit. It is an ideology of nothing but delusion and a false sense of superiority.

      4.a.) You can never remove corruption completely, dummy. Corruption will always be there.

      -Point f*cking missed. Corruption will always be there but controlling it is the only thing to do. Not just the government but also the people.

      4.b.)And.. crab mentality.

      -Crab mentality is just a myth. If it’s not, then it’s for CRAB PEOPLE. Taste like crab, walk like people. They have a tough shell, but total softies on the inside, resorting to emotional outbursts rather than logical thinking.

      ChinoF was right. Your points are very weak.

      1. hahahahahahahahaha see you always gotta start your comments with insults don’t you? 🙂 just a little observation

        1. Use a little brains, would you? If he’s gonna react, then it’s his fault.

          Keyword: BRAINS.

          So you proved that you’re actually EMO? Just a little observation. 😀

        2. a little brains hahahahahaha i don’t think that’s grammatically correct. it’s like “can i have a little bananas” you can’t have a little of many. i think it should be “use a little BRAIN” Keyword: BRAIN

        3. well it could be little bananas but the since you said “a” it suggests the noun is singular 🙂

        4. @stop insulting people:

          Now you went grammar nazi mode. Isn’t that what you call ‘insulting people’?

          Just to clarify.

        5. lol if you’re actually civil and “logical” you would argue properly and not using insults. insults don’t work in court. you don’t call the other lawyer stupid and pathetic it wouldn’t count anyway.

        6. btw, it’s what i call “correcting” when a teacher corrects a student’s paper he/she’s not insulting him/her. he/she’s insulting him/her if he/she called the student stupid and illogical.

        7. @stop insulting people:

          “btw, it’s what i call “correcting” when a teacher corrects a student’s paper he/she’s not insulting him/her. he/she’s insulting him/her if he/she called the student stupid and illogical.”

          There’s a difference, especially in a blog. It can mean two things like: 1. insulting a person in order to save your own face or 2. trolling.

          I encountered some people like that but they aren’t even helpful because of the way that they post.

      2. Oh my god, I agree with all your point WinterSoldier. I hope South Park will have an episode making fun about Filipinos, I’m pretty sure they will feel insulted again and demand for apologies. Filipinos always feel insulted. Whenever you find or mention their flaws, they will always find things to say to attack you, such as your grammar, or you insulting your race, or you bringing Filipinos down..etc etc kind of sensitivity… False pride it is.

      3. Oh my God. Just. Please. Stop calling people names to start your arguments. Who died and made you god of all opinions right? People like you who attack anybody that comes here with a different point of view do not make it easier for us to reconsider the idea you are selling.

        And please stop defending the author like he needs anybody to do it for him.

        I myself cannot help but feel that this article tries too hard to nitpick, bitch and whine about something so…insignificant. It tries to look at something generally good and turn it into an idea that mocks your countrymen. As a whole, the article screams condescending.

    3. 1.) Pinoy Pride seems to be the belief that Filipinos are a special people from the rest of the world, and thus deserve special respect.
      – I’m with you til the last statement. Where did you find out that Filipinos demand special respect from others?

      lol i stopped reading this comment after this. this person must be out of touch with reality to post comments as ignorant as this.

      1. If you say something like “Adam Carolla/Katherine Ryan/No One has the right to make us the butt of jokes,” that means you want special respect. If you can’t accept being the butt of jokes for something that’s true after all, you’re conceited.

  27. whoever made this article cannot kill the FILIPINO SPIRIT. you will die but the FILIPINO SPIRIT WILL KEEP ON LIVING!!! Mabuhay ang PILIPINAS!!!

    P I N O Y P R I D E !!!


    1. Enjoy your false sense of pride. 😛

      It is an ideology of nothing but delusion and a false sense of superiority.

      Deal with it.

      1. i am with you on this one! (i’m “i hate this article” but i noticed i can’t comment anymore but i had to express my sentiments regarding your comment which i think is true.)

      2. and btw the “stop insulting people” isn’t for you hahaha just wanna clarify that cause i do salute you for not blatantly insulting people and just voicing out your opinion. after all, it’s freedom of expression, right? 🙂

        1. Yes, but in the Philippines, freedom of expression is used AND abused.

          It’s better to state FACTS than opinions BTW.

        2. @Winter Soldier

          please tell me that you calling them stupid isn’t an opinion? did you actually know their IQ scores? 😀 and also, do you suggest opinion articles in newspapers should be abolished?

        3. @stop insulting people:

          I don’t need an IQ score to prove someone who is stupid. It’s the way of how they post, plain and simple.

          TBH, opinions can be BIASED, even in newspapers. Even the current mass media itself is BIASED (with a few exceptions, of course). Your point?

  28. Kahol ng bayan

    Marahil nga na nakakabagot
    Ang mga suliranin ng ‘sang Lipunang
    Sa kabiguan lamang nauuwi
    Mula munting pakitang-taong ambag
    Hangga’t sa mula pusong alay na palag.

    Makabuluhang resulta’y di inaasam
    Sa mga kilusang kinakamkam
    Bagama’t punto ng pag-alsa
    Kahit pinuno’y di alam
    Basta’t “sugod” ang kanyang damdam.

    Ngunit saysay ng sigaw di malaan
    Pagka’t kailan ma’y walang nakamit
    Na pag-unawa sa pinagmulang prinsipyong
    Makabuluhan kung mayroon man.

    Sa mga susunod na kabanata
    Ng kasaysayan ng bansa
    Ang paglitis ng madla
    Di magtutugma sa iba
    Kundi sa malinaw na pangamba:

    Pinoy nga naman talaga,
    Parang aso umasta
    Matangkad lang kapag naka-upo
    Sa tawag ng amo lang tatayo.


    nyek nyek

    1. Pinoy nga naman talaga,
      Parang aso umasta
      Matangkad lang kapag naka-upo
      Sa tawag ng amo lang tatayo.

      That’s why they’re bitching. 😛

    2. Hehe.

      The comments of those who don’t understand the gist of this helpful article make me cringe.

      We’ll, you can’t teach old dogs new tricks… and oh even the zombies, hehe.

      1. It’s not just the Yellow Zombies, it’s the zombies of Mr. Personality over there in the recently smog-covered country. Unless they’ve turned Yellow themselves.

        Is this is the best they could do to “improve the country?” Really now. Destroying other people based on tsismis and unproven accusation is actually going to set us back more, not bring the country forward.

        1. You know I’ve seen this guy last year in one Philippine event here in this smog-covered country. Just saying, hehe. After I read of that article you mentioned and the things he said here, I suddenly lost respect of him.

  29. it deemed me to certainty that the author of this blog is CHINESE! go back to your country and stay away from our soil!!!

    1. Wow, another unproven assumption. These commenters must have found their way from the Australopithecus era, and failed to evolve. 😛

      1. “Commenters”? Maybe just a “Commenter” hiding behind different names to make it seem like there are a lot of them. 🙂 LOL

        1. That “commenter” or TROLL might as well shoot himself in the head because his tactic of “attacking” GRP isn’t effective AT ALL.

        2. I say just let him/her be. It’s actually funny for that “commenter” to just spew out nonsense and think that he/she is ‘rustling your jimmies’.

    2. Welcome to Pinoy Butthurtology 101. Here’s a classic example of symptoms of pinoy butthurtery. Take note of the poor grammar and the racism. To be precise: Ad hominem is a sign of pinoy butthurtery. Make sure to wash and study argument flaws after contact to avoid infection.

  30. Chino, your article reminds me of what I wrote in my previous article, Dear President Noynoy, being average is NOT being resilient:

    Until Filipinos learn the real meaning behind the adjective word good in its comparative and superlative form, better and best, we cannot consider our society “resilient.”

    Sadly, the reason why most Filipinos consider themselves resilient is partly because of the adjective bad. Most Filipinos actually take comfort in the thought that if the Philippines is bad, in their mind, some countries are worse or the worst off. And I do believe that Filipinos are still waiting for the day when things go from bad to worse before they do something more drastic to uplift their condition.

    1. Filipinos think they are resilient because after a disaster strikes, they can rebuild after. It’s like, they don’t do any prevention. If they were on a jeepney speeding to its doom, instead of trying to slam the brakes, they try to brace for impact and hope they survive after. But like someone else pointed out, if other countries have flaws, they have resilience too! And the difference is that after a disaster strikes, other countries make preparations for it. Filipinos tend to think preparation is pessimism.

  31. I get where the author of this article is coming from. Filipinos aren’t perfect. We have a LOT of flaws, inconsistencies, and weaknesses – just like any other human being.

    However, we are not as bad as some people think too. While I agree that we should not be proud as in ‘conceited’ or KSP or feeling that we are indeed up for some level of entitlement, being proud as a Filipino should mean = dignity and love for your own. It’s being thankful that God made you Filipino, and making sure you become a good steward of that; meaning you give the ‘Filipino’ a good name and stand up for the good traits we have as a people.

    There are things to be proud of and things to be ashamed of. God’s wisdom and a noble character would allow one to know the difference.

    1. Yes, I agree. There are things we can be proud of and things we should be ashamed of. The problem with Filipinos is that they mix these up very often, with disastrous results.

    2. But I take difference to “thanking God I am Filipino” and “love for your own.” I prefer to just accept that I am Filipino, without any special feelings, and I believe that we should treat everyone, even those of other nationalities, equally.

    3. ” It’s being thankful that God made you Filipino..” because Manny Pacquaio was once the greatest boxer in the world or Filipinos are known to be such a good singer in the world?

    4. @Coffee AID Volunteer:

      actually, how you’ve just expressed how we should feel about being filipino highlights the humility that is proper. i wouldn’t call it pride, because it just doesn’t fit. more of a sense of gratitude that we belong here, without lording it over non-filipinos in times of triumph or merely finding a success story elsewhere who happens to have filipino ancestry.

      this pinoy pride is just divisive, unrealistic, all-attitude-and-no-substance, over-the-top OVERCOMPENSATION for a hunger to be recognized. when the japanese are congratulated for a job well done they modestly say “i’ll do better next time,” and this is in line with a never-ending pursuit of perfection (whether it’s attainable or not) – with humility. this gets them somewhere. wish we had a filipino equivalent of this japanese mindset, not this useless bullshit pinoy pride.

  32. First of all pinoy pride is not about all the things that you mentioned it’s simply us being proud that we are Filipino even if we are rich, poor or whatsoever. You dumb prick! Get your facts right first before writing stupid things like this. You make me laugh and I pity your stupidity. 😀

      1. @C.F. Great article dude!

        The Catholic Church is not all bad, as is alluded to but not specifically mentioned in ur essay. The WORST sin is MURDER, in its various forms.
        I realize you are not a Psychologist/Psychiatrist but as w/all ‘sciences’:you do not need a weatherman to know where the wind is coming from.
        The best point you made was/is the part about Filipino’s say something and then transplant the statement onto someone else as if they, the Filipino, is the butt of a joke or an attack. and then feel justified striking back when it was the Filipino all along that was the maker of the original comment/imaginary insult etc,etc..(it is frustrating to deal w/such idiocy, as I have found out personally.)
        BRAVO to you Chino, you tell it like it is and keep this here BLOG, REAL!

        1. Thank you, but I do welcome a differing opinion… one where brains are obviously used. hehe

      2. ChinoF – you keep saying that, ad hominen, to everyone who disagrees with you (albeit emotionally charged I give you that), but not once to this winter guy, among others. Because he’s on your side? I mean, he’s blasting everybody here that’s on the other side of the fence and you the “when good men see bad stuff and do nothing about it”, do nothing about it.

        1. amen! perfectly said. winter guy is probably the one who commits ad hominem the most here. but yeah they’re on the same side. ChinoF probably goes by the saying “don’t bite the hands that feed you” 😛

        2. @hm: And when did I commit ad hominem attacks on everyone, huh?

          Focus on the message, not the messenger.

          ‘Those who have no sin should cast the first stone.’ If you call people ‘EMO’ and ‘stupid’ w/o any analysis or intelligent point to begin, then their is something wrong with you. Gets?

        3. Ah did your emo side being stabbed again until you cry like a little baby? pinoy nga naman ginagamit palagi ang puso hindi ang utak.

    1. Wrong.

      He talks more about false Filipino Pride. You didn’t even read the article, you just REACT to it. And I pity your OWN stupidity even more you totally missed the point.

      If you ask me, I understand this whole article. So who’s the dumb prick?

      1. who asked u?
        U r the dumb prick, of course(you prove it all the time, right here), 4 thinking you know what someone else did as well as thinks, HA!!! You are a laugh.OH and, and and
        and F@#% U and ur un-asked 4 insults douchbag!

        1. Obvious utak squatter is indeed obvious. Running out of ammunition eh indio? Troll harder.

        2. Um, you’re not even making sense either. So you disagree on this article?

          Just saying…

    2. what’s to be proud of just being a Filipino? why shout it just after the manny beat some opponents ass down?

    3. *Facepalm*

      And we thought you have read the article and get the point of the author – that this is about the false pride we like to boast about to every nation and not the one you think it is.

      No use conversing with you.

    4. Is there some sort of a secret agency that tracks down people who have pinoy blood in their veins, even the most miniscule amount, watching them everyday, waiting for them to achieve something big. Then boom! Raise the flag, rain the confetti, and shout it out: “Pinoy Pride!”

    5. “You dumb prick! Get your facts right first before writing stupid things like this. You make me laugh and I pity your stupidity.”

      They are too special and perfect so you don’t have to write about these things.. hahaha! this guy can be a perfect example of this article!

    6. What the blogger said is true… Remember we are a REPUBLIC and DEMOCRATIC country, and we are held responsible for each other and for our motherland, and you my friend should ask yourself first, am I a Law abiding citizen, who follows every inch of the law from simple pedestrian/traffic rules up to not committing any heinous crimes? sorry my friend if you disagree, and I’m also sorry for being late to set an example for you on how a real Filipino should act

  33. This article is weak. The mere definition of what pinoy pride is is already crumbling in itself. What makes you say that pinoy pride is what you say it is?

        1. I will use the Catholic.org article’s definition.

          ‘Being proud of something doesn’t seem so bad. According to the dictionary, it can mean, “A sense of one’s own proper dignity or value; self-respect“, or, “Pleasure or satisfaction taken in an achievement, a possession, or an association, as in parental pride“. If I work hard on my lawn, dig out all the weeds, and keep it cut so it looks like a golf course, don’t I have a right to be proud of my work?

          The Church, however, considers pride one of the Seven Deadly Sins. Pride can also mean, “Arrogant or disdainful conduct or treatment; haughtiness” or, “An excessively high opinion of oneself; conceit“. God does not like this attitude; we read in Proverbs 8:13, “The fear of the Lord is hatred of evil. Pride and arrogance and the way of evil and perverted speech I hate.”‘

          – I see that latter one as the nature of Pinoy Pride.

          But I see pride as opposed to self-respect:

        2. Here’s the Dictionary dot com definition which supports my point:

          “a high or inordinate opinion of one’s own dignity, importance, merit, or superiority, whether as cherished in the mind or as displayed in bearing, conduct, etc.”

          Keyword: inordinate. Even “high” implies it’s something bad in essence.

    1. You fail to know what pride really is. Please google its true definition and educate yourself dahil halatang wala kang alam.

        1. And you don’t even know what is TRUE pride, in case of what this country needs.

        2. and by critical thinking, you mean bashing other people’s ideas rather than taking them into consideration? or bashing the people themselves?

          corrections: That’s WHERE true Filipino pride comes from.
          For more ENLIGHTENMENT…

          and by collective, do you mean the whole of it or just the majority?

        3. You got a wrong perception of critical thinking. In order to help, here are some words from Eleanor Roosvelt:

          “Small minds discuss PEOPLE. Average minds discuss EVENTS. Great minds discuss IDEAS.”

        4. @ EZRA, this ‘soldier’ clown acts as if he knows everything, and knows squat!butts his 2 peso life savings into other people’s comments.
          He is no soldier, he a douchbag dullard!

        5. @Dan THE Man:

          And you’re just another clown whose methods are questionable and loves to make ad hominem attacks.

          Deal with it. 😛

    2. Hmmm. And what makes you say it is otherwise, the one you think it is and not the one the author think it is?

      Maybe you can enlighten us.

      1. I didn’t say it is otherwise. You see, the last part is a question. I wanted clarification. I can’t say it is otherwise unless the author clear things up. Please do not assume.

    1. says who? you? the fraudster ‘soldier’,ha hahahahahahahaha!’soldier’,BWHAHAHAHAHA! HUT 2-3-4, hut, hut, hut 2-3-4, sound familar? No, of course it doesn’t!u no ‘soldier’, & u kno it too!!!
      Fake, fake, fake 2-3-4, Fake, fake, fake 2-3-4!

  34. Here we go again! You pinoy butthurts really never learn do you? If pinoy pride means being intolerant to criticisms and posting needless violent reactions then good job. You guys are exemplary in showing pinoy pride. Bravo!

    1. from what i see, it is the grp fans who are intolerant because everyone and anyone who disagrees with the article is immediately attacked. are you chino’s lover?

      1. Lol because most of your disagreements are in the form of insults as if you never understood the article at all.

      2. Huhuhu, prieto AKA sendonggirl crying again, because the dog was sent to play with the humans and couldn’t keep up.

        What you perceive as “attacks” are merely opportunities to challenge and counter-challenge assumptions. Like the typical Pinoy, you see challenges to assertions as “attacks” and can’t separate the idea from the person.

        You’re not very smart, are you, sendonggirl?

  35. Geez, how low can you malacanang troll stooges get?
    Making multiple accounts just to “attack” this article yet you still fail miserably.
    Your stupidity knows no bounds.

    You know, we’ll still know it’s you guys even if you change your names.


  36. Interesting perspective on Pinoy pride. I do agree on most of your points.

    Although i would just like to share some of my opinion on the matter.

    First It does seem that the Filipino pride as it is now is bad but not in all instance is it bad. As it is ideally just being proud of where you come from. And yes i do agree with you that the way it is being used right now is bad.

    Last is the comment about the corruption. I believe the issue of corruption is far too complex to be diluted of just being caused of pinoy pride and that they are just too proud to change. I believe that the reason why they don’t change is that there is no incentive to change. Anyway just sharing

    Good article to ponder upon

    1. Thank you. There is pride that is good, but not where you come from or your place. Its pride of solid, beneficial achievements, those with lasting significance for society.

  37. Fvcking straight to the point. Me and my friends also puke at the thought of these pridists and their madness. We cant evolve without criticism. And we have to investigate why we are the butt of jokes.

  38. I think you must instead give possible solutions instead of hammering down that Pinoy Pride wont do anything.

  39. BAH!!! Filipinos like fooling selves with false pride because they are subhuman species. Hitler was wrong. Jews not inferiors. Filipinos are. AHAHAH.

    They think they are present day Israelites with special purpose to make the world better because Philippines Catholic country. What a joke.

    1. Really now, no need to go with “subhuman.” Filipinos are human beings just like anyone else. But certainly to think of oneself as “present day Israelites” or special than others in any sense is foolish.

      1. I just use subhuman to piss off pridists. But yes, with Manny Pacquiao being treated like Jesus and his mom like the Virgin Mary, for the past decade or so Filipinos (generally) think they’re so special (as the article mentioned).

        1. They also have this mentality, “Oh it’s okay for Filipinos to suffer God has better things in store for us than those godless Europeans.”

      2. on a tangent, have you guys noticed that often when violence erupts somewhere in the world often our local news reports focus only on whether there were filipinos hurt? this comes across as insensitive to the rest of the world, but even pinoy media doesn’t seem to notice. just sayin’.

        1. Always “looking out for our own,” but having no concern for other people of a different nationality.

        2. Exactly. We’re pretty selfish that way. When Jessica Ryan made a satirical joke, they mistook it as an attack on our children. They reason children shouldn’t be treated that way. And a lot of them call out to foreigners to support their cause against Jessica Ryan’s “racism”.

          But when children at Beslan were being raped and tortured by terrorists did anyone in this country give a fuck?

  40. pinoy pride is good, every citizen should be proud of his heritage, i am proud of being a filipino but pushing is it on someone elses throat is just plain bad taste

    what i think the writer meant is this over self-glorification (often riding on some filipino successes) which is annoyingly bad… comments like “he/she is good because he’s a pinoy” makes me wanna puke sometimes

    1. I quite agree with you. We can be happy in our “Pinoyness,” but we certainly should avoid exaggerating it.

        1. I keep saying this everyday! Im surprised my favorite Japanese idol group(AKB48) hasnt been discovered here yet from what i know one of their members is 1/2 Pinoy lol. I wanna keep it that way so I can be hipster about it too :))

  41. Finally someone said it! I’ve been meaning to put these thoughts into words but was never able to ’cause I couldn’t explain it correctly.
    “Pinoy Pride never uplifted Filipino lives. Because Pinoy Pride itself is an act to cover up Filipino failings.” Man, copyright that shit and post it around town.
    To be honest, it’s more about this country being too small and unrecognized that a little something such as a Pinay singer guested on Ellen is already such a ‘big’ thing for Filipinos to be proud of because the country is being put a name to “internationally”. When in reality the main reason for her being there is just mainly her voice. The audience could hardly find a single fuck about where she came from.
    But I have to disagree on pride being the dominating reason why this country is failing to change. The sole reason is really laziness. Man, Filipinos being hardworking is the biggest bullshit I’ve heard all my life.

    1. Good point. Being proud while being lazy and doing nothing is certainly a big problem. I know there are hardworking Filipinos, but the lazy ones seem so common and pronounced enough that they drown out the hardworking ones. Sapaw.

    2. Actually what ails Da Pinoy condition is worse than laziness — it is inefficiency. Despite the back-breaking toil of many Filipino workers, the aggregate added value to the economy fails to deliver an acceptable standard of living to the citizenry. As Nick Joaquin observed in his seminal piece A Heritage of Smallness

      The Filipino who travels abroad gets to thinking that his is the hardest working country in the world. By six or seven in the morning we are already up on our way to work, shops and markets are open; the wheels of industry are already agrind. Abroad, especially in the West, if you go out at seven in the morning you’re in a dead-town. Everybody’s still in bed; everything’s still closed up. Activity doesn’t begin till nine or ten– and ceases promptly at five p.m. By six, the business sections are dead towns again. The entire cities go to sleep on weekends. They have a shorter working day, a shorter working week. Yet they pile up more mileage than we who work all day and all week.

      1. Hmmm… probably because some Filipinos spend more of their long work hours having long coffee breaks and spreading stupid chismis.

      2. arrogant ignorance
        pinoy pride
        contentedness with inefficiency (“pwede na yan”)
        walang nararating as a nation

        good luck being proud of that, fellow filipinos.
        time to change that dumb mentality, for our children’s sake.

  42. I wouldn’t really look at “Filipino Pride” as the main issue in this case. Many Filipinos, myself included, are actually very critical of each other and of the backward culture prevalent in society. We aren’t afraid of acknowledging our weaknesses, the lack of morals, of common sense inherent in majority of our people. What probably stirs up most folks over here is hearing it come from other cultures, those who judge us based on a 5-minute international news report about Manny Pacquiao being grandiosely celebrated and treated as a King, when a significant portion of educated Filipinos are baffled at how he even has a seat in our local government. Of course, asking for an apology over a very minimally distasteful comment about Filipinos may be over-the-top. But those outspoken individuals asking for the apology are an insignificant bunch, a single ant in the entire colony. Pride, most of the time in our country, is the only reason one chooses to wake up the next day.

  43. Sapol! I love your article. It really makes me smile.

    Bato bato sa langit, tamaan ay huwag magagalit.

    Better take this as a challenge….for a change indeed.

  44. There you go. Just read the replies and the author of the article is absolutely right about his suppositions on the PINOY psyche. Filipinos definitely have a lot to learn from its Asian neighbors. Pinoys are proud, loud, and DEFENSIVE. They live in shanties, yet crave for the branded, expensive stuff. It tells of a shallow and wrong sense of values.

  45. I’m proud to be an American! I have never been this proud in my life, since I got sworn-in for my US Citizenship! I’m finally a citizen of the greatest nation on Earth, a citizen of a country I can truly be proud of!

    1. It’s this person’s right to place their pride where they want to. Nationality can never dictate your pride.

  46. Kudos to you for having the balls to write this article.

    It is in articles such as yours that we see the proof of it in the commentators. We see the posters who react violently to an OPINION, biased as it may be as they say it is yours and you are entitled to it yet we see them try their best hoping to shoot it down with their own however where your’s is supported by FACT theirs is supported by EMOTION.

    In most of the commentators we see the true nature of anti-intellectualism where majority of them ignore the facts of your statements and by asking rhetorical questions that only they know the answers to often accompanied by insults I might add. Their Filipino Pride blinds them to their own errors, they hate being shown the errors of their ways and it is that which causes our downfall for it is from mistakes that we learn.

    To those who disagree with this article you have two proper responses to this you could simply ignore it since you believe it is wrong anyway or you could tell us your side properly without using arguments like

    “Filipinos aren’t the only ones who do these/that”

    That is a childlike response and the only answer to it is – “If the other nations all jumped off a bridge would you?”

    To add all nations have their own form of pride we see the so called “rednecks” brandish their American Flags everywhere yet are one of the most satired sub-cultures in american entertainment yet we rarely see posts or news of violent reactions similar to those with Pinoy Pride do.

    To end, Ladies and Gentlemen we do not have Pinoy Pride, we have Pinoy Arrogance

        1. Congratulations for proving his point “dreamer”. Is that the best hostile attack you can do?

        2. aladeen “the dictator” (amir’s avatar) played by sacha baron cohen was really funny.

          but nick, if you’re telling amir off i will have to invite you to my olympics.

        3. Whatever Nick, Filipinos themselves do a bang-up job with their own country’s resources.

    1. since you believe this article is based on facts, can you cite an example? because there’s a lot of emo in there

      1. Well fact number one

        Filipinos always feel punctured or insulted when they are the butt of jokes.

        Pinoy’s reaction(s) to

        Adam Corolla

        Lucy Liu’s comment on why she doesnt wanna get tanned.

        Dan Brown’s Inferno

        You and your kind getting offended with this article.

        Fact, well rather Opinion but more of an Observed occurence.

        They believe nothing should get in the way of being able to walk with their head held high, proud and happy, lording it over others.

        example – When foreigners say the philippines isnt rising up economically all you people wanna here is Noynoy did this(though he actually did nothing) to raise the philippine economy and generate employment.

        When Manny P wins his boxing matches all of his opponents and by relation supporters weak and stupid.

        When Manny P loses nobody is allowed to insult him, pinoy’s make excuses for him and attack those that insult him(as much as I hate justin beiber A LOT of pinoys reacted against him when he made fun of Manny P which simply proves our onion-skinned attitude.)

        Number 3

        Filipinos insist that they deserve to be proud and that the solution to our problems is to have more pride as a people.

        The fact that you want me to cite some supporting evidence means that you want Pinoy Pride to win and nothing else matters.

        The fact that EVERY Pinoy wants PINOY PRIDE to be the only reason for winning at something heck if pinoys actually had Pinoy Pride we would have NEVER stopped supporting Efren Bata Reyes but where is he now? Still winning tournaments abroad but we don’t hear news because he isn’t big.

        For example, they insist that no one has the right to make Pinoys the butt of jokes.

        again refer to Adam Carolla, and that one British show with the maid.

        Need I say more? I’m bored anyway

        1. those are anecdotes and news items.

          sample facts: skin is the largest organ. manila is the capital of the philippines.

          verifiable. repeatable.

          try again.

        2. @prieto/sendonggirl:

          Strawman arguments and trolling.

          Irritating. Stupid.

          Try again

      2. See, even if the commenter cites facts, you wouldn’t believe them, because you’re selective of what you believe are “facts”.

        You’re not very smart, are you, sendonggirl?

    2. Also Pinoy Ignorance! Sometimes I’d get across some Pinoys here in New York, who do have unrefined manners, acting like morons.

      1. more offensive than american pedophiles who prey on children in third world countries? the sanctimonious are always the most offensive

        1. Here are some words from Tyra:

          “It’s one of the ugliest common reaction too of Filipinos when their mistakes or flaws are being pointed out–”hindi lang naman tayo, pati mga puti ganyan din, mas malala pa.” (so what, it’s ok to do the same thing?) obviously Philippines is not the only country having corrupt officials, being egoistic, having crimes, etc etc. And also, you don’t need to mention “recent” issues about the same topic, just to turn the table around.

          Your state of mind is one of things I dislike from “common people” thinking alike.”

          And I agree with her. That comment of yours sums up PERFECTION. 😛

        2. “It’s one of the ugliest common reaction too of Filipinos when their mistakes or flaws are being pointed out–”hindi lang naman tayo, pati mga puti ganyan din, mas malala pa.” (so what, it’s ok to do the same thing?) obviously Philippines is not the only country having corrupt officials, being egoistic, having crimes, etc etc. And also, you don’t need to mention “recent” issues about the same topic, just to turn the table around.

          We see this everyday too, our poor law enforcers(the good ones) who try to do their jobs end up being antagonized when they catch jaywalkers, speeders, red light beaters and the like because they hate being caught and every one of them has this excuse “BAKIT HINDI MO HINULI YUNG NAUNA SAKIN!”

        3. @winter soldier

          here are some words from tyra

          “standing before me are two beautiful girls, but i only have one photo in my hand”

        4. there will always be someone doing worse though gaya ng sinabi ni tyra na lagi na lang “may mas malala pa.” either we keep pointing at them and diverting attention from our flaws, “bakit ako, eh sila din naman?” or we change ourselves.

        5. Way to miss the point, prieto, AKA sendonggirl.

          You’re not very smart, are you?

    3. Yeah, thanks. You might agree, it takes a lot of balls to say what you mean to Filipinos, because they only want to hear what pleases their ears. The Bible predicted them: “For the time will come when people will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear.” (2 Timothy 4:3)

  47. You bring a lot of valid points regarding Filipinos. Yes corruption exists and yes the colonial mentality still exists. However, pride is present in the hard work of OFWS and constant stability it brings in households and hospitals throughout the world. They affect whole communities in bringing excellence in their chosen work outside of the country. So be careful how you label all Filipinos.

    1. Hes not attacking the actual “pride” of filipinos rather hes attacking the Pinoy Pride Mentality. Pride is necessary for every human being but too much of it becomes detrimental

      1. Thank you. I’m after the wrong kind of pride which is conceit and arrogance. I’m sure you can easily find examples of those.

  48. Well said!

    If I may offer another perspective on Pinoy Pride: Pinoy Pride, to me, feels a lot like a defense mechanism. With so much about our country to be ashamed of, a lot of our countrymen look for something, anything, to cover up for such a deficiency, even if that something is a mere drop of Filipino blood.

    The tragedy for me is that ethnicity is the most pathetic thing to be proud of, simply because you’re just born with it. It’s not something that you achieve or build, unlike nationality, which is the aggregate of a people’s efforts to uplift themselves.

      1. More aptly, it’s “Delutional Projection”, wherein any and all forms threatening the validity of the said entity is attacked and persecuted to the fullest extent of stupidity.

        all too evident in the previous and ensuing comments regarding your article. :))

    1. It’s dangerous when a people develop an inordinate self-esteem based on the mythological superiority of one’s ethnicity. Without restraint, it becomes racism.

        1. I’ll admit I have at one time or another made value judgments based on appearance, social/familial ties, and, yes, ethnicity. But I don’t believe it has gotten to the point where Filipinos consciously commit structured, overt acts against non-Filipinos in an attempt to offend or even cause physically harm precisely because they are different. At most, I’d characterize Filipinos as behaving in a misguided chauvinistic manner.

  49. Your achievement is your achievement. we are expected to be functional in our society, we dont need to separate ourselves from the rest of the world. Americans are not better than us. We are not oppressed, maybe some of us where born in that kind of belief, its not your fault. But doing nothing and patronizing internationally successful filipino will certainly will get you no where. Other peoples success has nothing to do with you.

  50. Nah

    I dont think you get it, Pinoy Pride is not the bad pride! I mean, c’mon, is it bad to be proud of your own country and what one has done to our country? See, when one filipino does a big thing outside our country, it’s automatic that he represents our country.

    Also, it’s frikkin Filipino Tradition. You can never break it. The Philippines is like a family. When one person in your family gets an award or a big promotion, ofcourse we celebrate it.

    It’s never bad to be proud of your nationality. Many heroes worked hard for your nation to be independent and we must be grateful.

    “If you’re not proud of your nationality, you smell worse than a dead fish.”

  51. Pinoy pride isn’t the problem, I think those who shout “Pinoy pride” and doesn’t do anything but procrastinate, procrastinate AND procrastinate are the ones that bring down pinoy society, I agree on what ChinoF said here, but I myself have pinoy pride! Not the pacquiao, jessica etc kind, I have pinoy pride but that pride is my inspiration that one day if and when I take a hold of my Father’s company I’ll help those who are in need, that pride is my motivation so you can’t clearly say that all those who feel pinoy pride are useless cockroaches, mostly yes, but not all.

  52. It’s good to be proud of your country but being proud of someone else’s achievements is another. This was truly a well written article that really highlights what we filipinos should reflect upon. The root of evil is not just KSP. It’s also the history of the Philippines. If only we could go back in time, get out of the spanish rule, elected a true filipino as our first leader (Bonifacio) instead of an president who only got his spot out of background, maybe Filipinos today would not wish to be like underdogs. Still looking forward for the day that Phillipines will flourish and be proud because the nation has done something though. The only way to start is start doing things. Just because you may have agreed with this article doesn’t mean anything unless you apply this to your own life. If only this was in tagalog, countrymen of the Philippines could be aware of the flaws too.

  53. I can sense that the writer of this post had never worked outside the country where for more than 20 years we were seen as nothing more but a country that supplies domestic helpers, bar singers, nurses and teachers. No foreigner had ever told him to his face following a calamity where hundreds of Filipinos die this – “Oh no! Where will we get our maids now?!” Well I have! So I raise my glass to Pinoy Pride at sorry na lang ang kung sino man na wala nito. I don’t really know what to say to you but maybe get out of this country and go find another race you can be proud of?

    1. amen to that. iba kase ang mind set pag nasubukan mo na ang hirap at discrimination sa ibang bansa eh. like me i live and reside most of my life here sa canada where filipinos are not heard of. and when filipinos like pacquiao or cahrice or jessica sanchez are known as pinoy, it feels so good to be recognize that we filipinos are good on something and that i am proud of! Filipino pride to the end my dear!

      1. Filipinos are not heard of? That’s a strange phrase. There are so many Filipinos in Toronto and Vancouver and wherever in Canada, so they would be a known ethnic group. Wonder what “not heard of” means to you.

        1. Come on Chino, you’re smarter than that, what they meant was we don’t have an IDENTITY as Filipinos. Are we asians? are we latinos? Filipinos making it big helps recognize our race. What’s wrong with celebrating the good about being Filipino and defending ourselves when we’re being attacked? Sure, no race or country is perfect but that doesn’t mean we can’t correct their mindset about us. “No, we’re not JUST maids, we can be nurses too, and so what if some of us are maids?” “No, not ALL Filipino children are hungry and starving, sure there are some but the Philippines is NOT AN ENTIRE SMOKEY MOUNTAIN”… etc…

        2. @angelica uy:

          But you let your EMOTIONS burst and that is why you are missing the point.

        3. We have an identity. Problem is, we’re not showing well enough to define it properly. Shouting “Pinoy Pride” is not the right way to do that.

    2. True, never worked abroad. But the thing is, just because we are discriminated, it doesn’t mean we are entitled to our faults. And we’re also not the only nationality discriminated in other countries. We’re not special, we can’t claim to be more discriminated than the rest. That’s what you have to face to make it in other countries… perhaps, those challenges which OFWs encounter may be necessary pride-deflators to remind them of their proper place in the world.

        1. To use a popular phraseology, one man’s “twisted” is another person’s “brilliant” or “insightful.”

        1. And what did you do for this country when it’s becoming “The sick man of Asia” thanks to ignoramuses like you? Lame excuse is lame.

        2. i agree with ehlen dixon, get out of this country now chinoF. we don’t need another pile of crap like you in this country that you so deliberately squander!

        3. YOU get out of the country. Or better yet, people like you who’re sensitive to the truth and who bitch whenever someone points it out to them should just… go to hell.

          Oh wait I forgot we’re already by its gates.

  54. Here’s another perspective:

    Most Filipinos consider “being internationally celebrated” is the highest form of recognition for a Filipino, which serves as a stroke to the ego of the Filipino community.

    Maybe, it is the way of thinking of most Filipinos that “If foreign nations/people acknowledge Filipino’s talent, intellect or whatever he worked hard for, then that means he is, indeed, great; that indeed, Filipinos in general are great in that aspect. Thus, will be respected and yeah, Pinoy Pride.” However, the downside of this mentality is that, when a person reaches a certain “celebrity status” in the country (Philippines), he won’t really be celebrated as much as his internationally acknowledged counterparts.

    Look at Charice for example. She is a really good singer ever since she started. Sadly, she didn’t win the talent contest, because, well, the winner has more fan base than her. If that certain Korean tv show, if Ellen DeGeneres and/or Ophra hadn’t seen Charice’s youtube videos, I don’t think she’ll be as celebrated as she is now, even if she’d try to make a career locally. Because she won’t have the approval of foreign people to prove that she is a good singer.

    1. If you ask me, we don’t need that kind of attention, or try to project ourselves as a “great people,” since that by itself is an inordinate act of arrogance. Projecting one’s people like that is a relic of old attitudes of imperialism and mercantilism, and thus is obsolete in the face of modern human equality and brotherhood. We can appreciate our talented countrymen for what they are, not because they are Filipino.

      1. Somehow, pinoy pride still stems from external validation. We celebrate other races for validating that someone with Filipino blood has done. This is actually an interesting phenomenon because for other races, like Greeks, Chinese or Japanese, it’s actually “Family pride”. For Filipinos, it goes beyond just family and spreads throughout the entire race as well.

        1. Quite ironic, it seems. Filipinos are also family-centered, meaning, we prefer to look out only for our family members, or immediate friends – our own “KKK,” so to speak. There is less concern for people outside of this sphere of closeness. But trying to look for approval – or more of adulation – from another country, people or someone else, instead of just in the family, as you indicated with other nationalities… that tells us something, doesn’t it?

        2. definitely not true! when american astronauts landed on the moon, the whole of america celebrated it and were hell proud of their achievement!!! but did every american stepped on the moon?!!!! and when america won the WW2, all americans celebrated and were proud of their accomplishment but did all americans fought in the war???? NO!!!!! so what the hell is wrong with being proud of the accomplishment of my kababayan in the global market or worldwide stage????? chinoF’s brain is wasted, twisted and crap!

        3. @Angela Uy

          when american astronauts landed on the moon, the whole of america celebrated it and were hell proud of their achievement!!!

          Of course the Americans celebrated it and were proud of it. You wanna know why? I’ll tell you why. The successful mission to the moon is an example of what American technology and innovation can do. It was made possible not just by one, but by a lot of American men and women, who were born, bread and educated in America. They might have had help from some people from Australia too but that is beside the point. Not to mention, the mission was funded by American taxpayer’s money. You can’t compare that to the Filipino people’s penchant for being proud of someone who is only 1/4 Filipino and who has never even been to the Philippines and more importantly, someone who only won a signing contest.

        4. @angelica uy:

          If you consider INDIVIDUAL achievement as the epitome of national pride, then your brain is wasted, twisted and crap. In other words, your EMO is showing full force.

          And since I’m a history nut, here’s some history for you:

          Ilda hit the nail hard on the US bringing a man on the moon. The astronauts (which included Neil Armstrong and Edwin ‘Buzz’ Aldrin, Jr.) have the support of the NASA and the US government. The space race began when the Soviet Union put the first man in space, Yuri Gagarin. That event marked in the history of mankind. Another mark was planted when a group of Americans stepped on the moon and for the Americans’ POV, it’s more like they want to tell the world about what free men can accomplish. And this is a COLLECTIVE ACHIEVEMENT.

          And you missed the point about World War II. America is already helping the war through peaceful means like the Lend-Lease Agreement, a policy made by Franklin D. Roosevelt. If Pearl Harbor never happened, maybe the US will stay out of the war. But Japan attacked and the rest is history. You said that ALL Americans fought in the war but you missed the point that war was won by soldiers. But do you think America will win if it’s not for their own technology, hard work, and massive support from the American people? No.

          And you missed these great quotes about WWII from these great men:

          “It is fatal to enter any war without the will to win it.”

          “They died hard, those savage men – like wounded wolves at bay. They were
          filthy, and they were lousy, and they stunk. And I loved them.”

          “In war there is no substitute for victory.”

          – General Douglas MacArthur

          “The death of one man is a tragedy. The death of millions is a statistic.”

          “If the opposition disarms, well and good. If it refuses to disarm, we shall
          disarm it ourselves.”

          – Joseph Stalin

          “The object of war is not to die for your country but to make the other bastard die for his.”

          “Better to fight for something than live for nothing.”

          “Courage is fear holding on a minute longer.”

          “It is foolish and wrong to mourn the men who died. Rather we should thank God that such men lived.”

          – General George S. Patton

          “When you get to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on.”

          – Franklin D. Roosevelt

          “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”

          – Winston Churchill

          The American victory in World War 2 is more of a COLLECTIVE achievement. And it’s not just them. There are the British, the Chinese and the Soviets. The ALLIES win the war, not one country.

          So please don’t equate INDIVIDUAL achievements as national pride. COLLECTIVE is one that counts and nothing else. What you said is not even true per se. Actually, it’s a DELUSION. It proves that your brain is twisted, wasted and crap because of your WRONG THINKING.

        5. Craig Nelson introduces his book Rocketmen, with the story of a 1969 Senate briefing (shortly after Apollo 11 landed Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin on the moon) where Fermilab physicist Robert Wilson is asked how a $250 million atom smasher he proposes be built will contribute to the security of the United States. Wilson responded by saying that it will contribute nothing, but that the American people’s capacity to undertake endeavours like those is what makes the United States of America worth defending.

  55. “Pinoy Pride” is a symbol for Filipino Hope. Hope for the OFW who left there own country for the future of there family and children.
    Hope for the poor people who work so hard and get very small salary.
    Hope for a child who we always see in EDSA asking for food and money that someday he/she can achieve his/her dreams.

    Pinoy Pride is a symbol, Just like American Flag or Superman’s S.

    1. That’s a better use of the term Pinoy Pride. Too bad it gets used these days for trying to be arrogant against other countries – something that’s so 1400s.

      1. you have nothing to be arrogant of. You cant make a bicycle on your own and you are good in being domestic helpers thats it! oh the best job for pinays. Sleep with an old man for some money wow! thats your prode thats it! Stupid idiots! PInoy pride-should be Pig Noy PRide damn it!

        1. Doesn’t it happen in a lot of countries ?

          Some of our bitches here in Red Light District are Americans.

          Some of other races that came from other countries are also sleeping with an old man for some money. Average = 50 euro per person. Wow, 50 euro won’t get you anything.

  56. in general, i agree with the author’s sentiment as i feel the shame most of our countrymen fail to feel for themselves. it was very heartwrenching to hear that in one of the big grocery stores in san francisco, there was a sign saying “Shoplifting is a crime” beside “Krimen ang pagnanakaw” and nothing else.

    though i, as an individual, strive to make myself a proud Human Being, and not just a Filipino.

    i believe that simple acts like:

    Throwing my garbage PROPERLY
    saying “Please” and “Thank You”
    saying “Sorry”
    being a good neighbor
    working honestly
    among other things,
    has already set me above the majority of the populace.

    I think “Filipinos” should take up a broader, but simpler, stance of aiming to be a respectable individual, rather than barking at anyone who pokes them with a stick.

    ika nga ng mga matatanda, “Maingay ang latang walang laman”

    1. This is a good discussion. And that sign at the store… sigh. That’s what I was talking about. Thank you.

  57. Pinoy Pride, as with all things, is two sided. On one hand, its keeping your head high when there is oppression. It allows an individual or even the race to still have the dignity of a human being. On the other hand, without the oppression, this can be taken “out of context”, so to speak. Filipinos have been on the bottom of the food chain for a long time: Even Steinbeck mentioned Filipinos in Grapes of Wrath. So when a Filipino yells “Proud to be Pinoy!” it may actually mean “Still Proud to be Pinoy (even with all this crap happening to me and my race).”

    With all the oppression, it’s not wonder that it may have evolved to become a defense mechanism for Filipinos to be proud. This is similar to the Ubermensch, the “Super Race” concept of the Nazis but it stems from opposite directions, us from the bottom and the ubermensch from the top. They are proud because they are the super race. We are still proud despite everything we have been through.

    At the end of the day, Pinoy pride has two sides, but is still the same coin. What needs to happen now is that we retain our pride, but ensure it does not become irrational hubris.

    1. Yours is a good discussion too. Personally, though, I believe Filipinos are no longer oppressed. And yes, it certainly seems like a tightrope act of sorts to keep our pride from becoming hubris – even though it shouldn’t be.

      1. I may have some points of clarification as to how you discussed oppression, but for the most part, I agree with it. But as I said, we have been at the bottom of the food chain for a long time, I think that it has have rubbed off on our culture somehow. Also, even though I agree with you that as a whole, Filipinos are not oppressed, we are perceived as somewhat on the lower end of the totem pole (given that there are many Filipinos in the service industry, including nursing and customer service). This may lead to most Filipinos still THINKING we are, and that’s all that matters to maintain our Pinoy Pride as a shield against perceived oppression.

        As a nation, we need to be secure of our identity, be proud of it but not BRAG about it. The thing is, insecure people are the ones easily offended, while those who know their self-worth tend to know whether to take criticisms constructively or outright ignore it.

  58. Oh fuck it… People will always have shit to say….
    Lol… The only thing im gonna say… Mind ur own business.
    And let those people to do whatever they want… #respectson

    1. Unfortunately, incompetent flips like you don’t have the qualifications to exercise free will because you always abuse your freedom with that pinoy prayd disease.

  59. SUB HUMANS!!! SUB HUMANS EVERYWHERE~!!! God when I read those rage posts against Lucy Liu and Jessica Ryan, the first thing that entered my head was, “Damn. Genocide ain’t a bad thing after all.”

    Okay to be fair, let’s make it “Selective Genocide.” Just rid this country of idiots who are sensitive twats who have no idea what a satire is. Fuck morality. The end justifies the means. We do that, and we’ll also be solving our population problems.

    God they make stupidity seem genetic.

    1. Also rid the country of people who believe that heroes are supposed perfect virginal Catholic schoolboys and girls are supposed to be Maria Claras.

      BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA~~~ Fuck you all who think God decides if Manny loses or wins.

  60. Blame the Philippine Media for poisoning Filipinos about false Pinoy Pride.. They keep on polluting the minds of everyone about how we should be proud of being Pinoys..
    Making things that doesn’t matter, matter.. And making important matters irrelevant..

  61. We all have our own interpretation of things. Let’s just respect each other. Mas nakakaawa tayo for going back and forth, arguing, insulting etc. just because we want to make a point.

    We all should keep an open mind. In my opinion, there are certain points from the blog that I agree and there are some that I think is pure stereotyping. For @i hate this article, I understand his/her point. He/she is not attacking the author but just commenting on his work.

    For me, every time I see Filipinos, half – filipinos etc. who are popular, it somehow helps uplift my spirit most esp. if my moral is low. That does not mean that I join the bandwagon but it simply serves as an insipiration to me.

    I think some Filipinos should just stop being hypersensitive. I guess the reason why some are like this is that since we are already in a 3rd world country, saying hurtful things to us is just adding insult to injury and is simply rubbing it in our faces that we are inferior. No, its not. We are now in a different generation, we should not think this way.

    I am proud to be a Filipino that I had our flag tatooed in my arm. We all have to start respecting each other and let us not add fuel to the fire.

    1. I think some Filipinos should just stop being hypersensitive. – Yes. Sometimes, all we need is to do just that.

  62. The country’s teeming with stubborn ‘proud’ filipinos. Filipinos are just to proud to say ‘NO’. When a friend asks to borrow money, they say that they don’t have enough or they’re saving it up or whatever excuse they could give. They just can’t say NO.

  63. And about the hospitality tradition, it’s exaggerated to the point that filipinos tend to side with a foreigner in a conflict against a fellow filipino. There’s always that special biased treatment to foreigners in the Phils because of that ridiculous tradition.

  64. “Pinoy pride” has a historical and sociological root. What with more than 400 years of living under 3 foreign masters and most of the media perpetuating this Pinoy pride thingy, it’s as if Pinoys always have something to prove. Flips are so insecure about themselves they’ll cling on to whatever is deemed of higher value in the nuance of gaining some esteem from peers.

  65. Hey look. Pinoy pride or whatevr pride. You guys are getting what you deserve. You are boastful of nothing. You have import a glue from CHina. That means you people are worthless. Yet, you are so boastful of being whiter than other nations. Remember, you indios got while blood from spanish and americans. MEans lot of other people fucked you first ok?. Then now you complain being bullied by americans or canadians and look at yourself first. You people make fun of every nation that is better than your nation. Americans dont take bath. To other nations smell bad. Lol! goo save urself from CHina by using your deodrants you idiots@

  66. “Pinoy Pride” is like a disease. When treated improperly, it becomes a malady. We have different levels how to feel proud, my mimimum wager neighbor is proud to project they are rich. Have a housekeeper they couldnt afford (owes the poor housekeeper at least a month salary), hired a private tutor for the son whom they owed the poor teacher a three weeks pay, the wife hires a yardkeeper and a maintenance guy to clean up the gutter of the house they got free rent from an Aunt while the husband is doing nothing but watch TV. Oh boy! That kind of pride could sink the country down.

  67. So how exactly can this article help your fellow Filipinos? Do you have to go as far as…. writing a lengthy article about something that’s so abstract.

    Be practical. Maybe pride’s not too bad. When you’ve got nothing, pride gets you through.

    After reading the whole thing, my I.Q. just dropped by a 100. I’m sorry.

    And this hublah buhbla blah blah blah talk about change, if you want Filipinos to change, be an example.Charity is where the heart is. It’s not hiding within a badly-designed website. Don’t say, spray it.

    You own’t ‘change’ pinoy pride as you call it, even with this post. I’ll just drop a comment and I won’t see this page ever again… Oh perhaps, I’ll tick the notify me checkbox and see if you do reply to this….

    You’re stupid, and that’s my opinion. Please respect my opinion just as I respect yours.

    1. @Igi Manaloto: Perhaps your statement “When you’ve got nothing, pride gets you through,” is incomplete. The better and more COMPLETE statement I’d recommend would be:

      Pride gets you through 25% of the way. The rest of the 75% of the way you get through by working smart.

      As to being “so abstract”, well I checked out this statement of yours: “if you want Filipinos to change, be an example.Charity is where the heart is. It’s not hiding within a badly-designed website. Don’t say, spray it,” and guess what: I found it had abstract written all over it. Thing with the abstract is that it takes thinking to digest it. Trouble with Pinoys is that they’d rather be spoonfed by somebody else’s thinking rather than come up with their own ideas on how to work their problems through.

      It is probably why slapstick is the preferred form of humour of Da Pinoy. Because, higher types of humour — like satire — require thinking to digest, an activity that Pinoys aren’t exactly renowned for. Slapstick is spoonfed humour. Which is why Pinoys love it.

      1. Amen to the slapstick humor reference. Couldn’t have said it better myself. The joke of Katherine Ryan, it could really be insulting, but if you look at the context of the show, it’s funny and not intended to be offensive. I’ve observed Pinoy commenters who got the joke and declared it was funny be flamed by other Pinoys who didn’t get it. I’ll just do a facepalm.

        Furthermore, I saw a few FB posts of Pinoys sharing experiences and writing them in English. On every comment section of that post, I promise that you will find a person saying something like, “Pa-english english ka, itagalog mo para maintindihan ng lahat.” Another facepalm. Why do this? Let’s be smart. I recommend veering away from TV shows that dumb down the public and educate ourselves.

    2. karamihan talaga ng di maka intinde ng abstract mababa ang IQ…what’s worse is when you label something as abstract just because you do not understand it…

    3. I wish you’ve read the earlier comments before writing your own opinion. If you did, maybe you’ll have an idea what the author’s answer is with your question. I lost 50% of my IQ and patience thanks to you.

    4. “You’re stupid, and that’s my opinion. Please respect my opinion just as I respect yours.”

      You claim to be respectful and ask to be respected while calling others stupid. Wow.

    5. I disagree with “when you’ve got nothing, pride gets you through.” It’s self-respect that gets you through.

    6. hay salamat @igi…ma igi pa nga wag ka na bumalik…I’m Proud of Chino…ganun talaga sometimes pag tama ka…they will call you stupid…what is worse than namatay sa gutom? yung namatay sa inggit…paminsan pa nga nakapatay dahil sa inggit…what is worse than nakapatay dahil sa inggit…national hero na pumatay dahil sa inggit 🙂

  68. Anung masama sa Pinoy Pride? you are looking at the negative side of the word Pinoy Pride. Charice/Arnel/Manny/Lea are not symbols how good Filipinos are but rather an inspiration that Filipinos “can” have world class talent.

    Its not a “defense mechanism”. Pinoy pride does not tell you that you are superior than others races, but makes you realize that you have certain quality of a typical Pinoy, and these are good qualities.

    Normal na lang un kung niloko mo Pinoy at naging defensive sila. But Pinoy Pride has nothing to do with this. Making jokes out of the word “Pinoy” is making joke of the Filipino race. Try mo sabihan ng “Nig**r” ang mga African Americans, subukan mong tawagin ng terorista ang mga Muslim?

    Pinoy Pride is all about the good things, don’t associate it to negative qualities. Proudly Pinoy!

    1. Being proud is good, proud of a son who has done good, of a daughter who has done good.

      But pride for strangers, just because they share national blood, is a defense mechanism.

      Examine the motivations behind Pinoy Pride.

      It is a sense of international Insecurity, a feeling of worthlessness, or a lack of identity. We have songs with lyrics that go (translated): ‘don’t be ashamed of your being brown, you are brown’. We hide behind it.

      We have no identity, we are a nation divided, so our celebrities, what the world sees as “Filipino” becomes our identity.

      Other nations have a lot to be proud of as well. But they don’t ride on other people’s successes. Nor do they associate with them on a personal level, should they fail.

      The root cause of this is pride. Now if you are humble, you wouldn’t mind failure. You would reflect. But if you are proud, you won’t believe you have done anything wrong. You become violent, because your identity has been offended.

      These celebrities, personalities, talented people: They don’t need your pride.

      1. So panu? lets not be proud of Manny, Charice, and Arnel?

        So you want it to be Pinoy Humility? Lets be humble because we are in a third world country, we have corrupt govt, poor education, and all?

        And if Manny wins his future fights, then what do you want us to say? “Ah eh anu naman? Eh di panalo. Who cares?” ganon?

        So anung kinaganda nyan ngayon?

        Pur dyis pur syento! There is nothing wrong being happy of what your countrymen have accomplished because it gives you an inspiration that someone from a remote area of the Philippine island aspired to be the best and became the best.

        Sus maryosep!

        1. what in the world is wrong with being proud “because” a countryman of yours gave you something to be proud of? hahaha! manny, charice, leah et al i am proud of them… and i am also proud because of them! chinoF if you have an axe to grind with (or nagpapapansin ka lang sa kanila?) the media, wag mong gamitin ang masang filipino… we are proud to be pinoy kung ikaw hindi, mangibang bansa ka!

        2. @Manny V:

          And I don’t even understand a damn thing about what you’ve said. Because…

          You can’t be proud of what you didn’t ACHIEVE, idiot. You were born a Filipino, much like I was. Hence we both cannot take ‘pride’ in something we were put into. Is it better if you can be proud to be FILIPINO (not Pinoy) if we go on collective achievements, not individual?

          And since you brought up Charice, are you still proud of her even though she’s a lesbian? I don’t give a damn about her so you lose every argument and the only way to ‘win’ is ad hominem attacks instead. 😛

        3. soldier, hahaha! i am filipino, but if your kind of thinking is what describes a filipino, then i wouldn’t be proud to be a filipino! is it just because you hate charice? jealous? that’s what you are…

        4. @Manny V:

          And yes, I’m a Filipino. So what about it? Better to proud of collective achievements than individual ones because THAT MAKES SENSE.

          This is an excerpt from ChinoF’s blog because this actually makes sense than your dumb claims:

          “So what makes me Filipino? My desire to see my country’s system fixed, and my country’s culture transformed into one that is more respectable.”

          Pity for people who never saw what the HARSH truth is all about, especially one who is living and enjoying himself in the US. And I never cared for Charice after all. So your point is dumb.

        5. winter, here’s something to think about – i am a proud filipino and you’re not! – that’s how simple it is…

        6. Manny, here’s something to think about:

          Pride is all about ACHIEVEMENTS, not about accident or birth. And it was GEORGE CARLIN who said that.

          So what makes me a Filipino? Here’s my answer. And what makes YOU a Filipino? What you’re clinging for is FALSE PRIDE. What I’m clinging is TRUE PRIDE, which is more on self-respect, critical thinking and progress. Fact is you’re clinging a DELUSION. A false sense of superiority.

          That is how simple it is.

    2. Damn Right JR Biona,you really got them Critics realizing what and How they commented on,Think before you Speak,Never Judge a Race as we never Judge any of YOU!Did we ever call you American Niggas,Hot Dogs,German Sausages or Half-Bred wannabees of a certain country?Nevaer hide under the cloaks of your Husbands citizenry…..please?

  69. The whole World History sucks!!! Ever since… History says that Pinoys are great host of those who came pretending to be some kind of hope & then we fought with swords and spears, now Isn’t that something to be proud about And not only Filipinos have pride you know there are worse race, A LOT MORE… When an individual shines outside of the country that brings pride to a country that is why these athletes compete, do you know what an Olympic gold medal is and what it means, If you won that? What would you feel? You did not just bring pride to yourself when you won an Olympic Medal specially the gold one, you made your flag proud, coz you are one team… Now there is this Dude who did bad things to other countries, FUCK it kill that person no single Pinoy will care specially if the person is guilty, let em rot!
    Lea, Manny etc… gave some thing to their country that none of you idiots have given yours and you are proud to criticize a whole nation, lol. About that joke pointing to Filipino kids, just look at the person who delivered it and keep quiet. I’m a Filipino and I’m not proud of everything going on right now in the country, seems hopeless… Look at the Gov’t, poor Philippines!!! Mass Murderers treated like a VIP in prison, Wow and etc… But I say this is not the only country who is abundant of Bullshit, The whole World is!!! And I’m still glad that there are people LOTS OF PEOPLE who could still show Pride in being a Pinoy with all of this unthinkable going around… That is their right and no one is going to take that away from them, specially this Write-ups… DO you remember how many supporters came to watch Ricky Hatton fight Manny? Are you aware of the Hooligans in GREAT BRITAIN when it’s Football season? They protect their hope their color, their team and that’s pride on a War movie have you not heard of Never leave a Man behind? It’s an instinct nothing bad about it. If you are not into it, then respect others may apply too. And about that Pinoy Pride can’t save thing… Hahaha no one can hope that a fucking Pride will save a country of any sort, that so stupid… About that Filipinos makes jokes of other countries (smell, looks and etc) All nations does that (RUSSEL PETERS) I like the guy…just have a good punch line and be humorous not like that crazy sounding delivery & timing that the lady did… And WE ARE NOT SCARED OF CHINA DEODORANT FREAK!!!

    1. where in the world can you see people critisize their own? wtf? if you’re not proud to be pinoy then leave!!!

      1. manny v is implying that da pinoy are perfect human beings than any race in the whole world. Care to prove them showoff? O nagtatago ka lang sa palda ng nanay mo dahil ayaw mong makakita ng negatibo’t dinadaan na lang palagi sa bahala na?

  70. My thoughts exactly a while back when they kept saying that a Filipino had a chance at becoming the pope. That would’ve been an egotistic catholic nation’s ultimate aspiration. Probably its society’s demise as well. Anybody not saying that pinoy pride isn’t bad has either misspoken or the subject of this article. Butthurt and won’t change for shit.

  71. I’m a Filipino and I totally agree on this article…

    Heck, I’ve got few examples why…

    If ya usually watch TV often and see when someone got an achievement from our country (like Manny Pacquiao won in a world boxing match), they make commercials about it that ends with “We are proud to be Pinoy”.

    I’m also an MMORPG gamer in fact… I play my favorite Online games that we can play even if it’s from a different country. There are times that I play in PVP (Player versus Player) games and most of them are Filipino. Whenever I win, It really makes me feel good but when I lose, it irritates me a bit but have to bear it and accept defeat. But when I win from another Filipino, that guy rants a lot and saying “Lagger, Cheater, Idiot and Weak” in our language. As for me, I keep silent and leave him alone there, but the guy doesn’t stop and making a shout (where every player can read) ranting the very same words with my IGN (In-game name). And I was like WTF.

    And lastly, I own a cafe that’s isn’t really popular in my place. Despite me not having much of an income, They ask me to lend them some so they could by something they really need or want. Of course, since they are my relatives, I kindly lend them because I don’t have anything to buy in particular at the moment. Sure they are grateful and all but give it a week or 2 and they will rant ya for just a very small mistake. Not to mention they haven’t pay me back the money they borrowed.

    And about NBA Finals, sure they are proud that Miami Heat coach, since he has blood of a Filipino(?). But it reality, they are proud about it since then gamble their money on the day they broadcast the play and won. Although, I didn’t really much cares since I ain’t into Basket ball.

    Ya see, I myself have some of pride, covering my mistakes and not much of a help in my country.

    But I don’t waste my time about being so prideful to its core and live my life to the way I can handle.

    I have a sinking feeling that many people will rant about this comment of mine. Hey that’s what internet is all about right? Freedom of Speech.

    1. Hello there, fellow MMO gamer. I agree with your statement on the MMORPG thing, but I can say that it’s not just our fellow Pinoys that do that. They may, however, be the ones who do that most of the time… and I am saddened. From what a friend of mine said, “Pinoy” is apparently a term used in DotA 2 now. Something along the lines of rage, accusations, etc.

    2. @Manny V

      ” write something positive and productive, hindi yung nakakababa ng morale ng kapwa pinoy if, you’re pinoy… tsk, tsk, tsk…”

      This portion of your comment simply proves the fact that you and your ilk wish nothing but praise and adoration. When announcents of why the filipino are number one in something whether or not its true and supported by facts you gobble it up like a thirsty man in a desert yet when articles like these appear you only spew hate and refuse to understand its contents. You hate to face the harsh reality of the sorry state of our nation.

      This article should be a wake up call for you to straighten up your act the fact that you’re being overly sensitive about the facts of life.

      Tatagalugin na kita ah gagamit ako ng analogy.

      Kung may kaibigan ka na gumawa ng bagay na di kanais nais? Pupurihin mo ba? O susubukan mong mulatin ang mata sa kanyang pagkakamali? O baka naman isa kang kaibigan na walang pakialam kung may pinatay na tao ang kaibigan mo?

      Maituturing nating kaibigan na nagkamali ang mga pilipinong SOBRA(tandaan SOBRA hindi kulang, hindi sakto) sa Pinoy Pride at inaankin ang achievement ng kababayan at nagiging arrogante sa punto nang nakahiya.

      Isa pang mas simple na analogy.

      Kung nagbabasketball ka siyempre proud ka pag nanalo yung team mo diba? Pero kung benchwarmer ka na malakas sa pag trash talk ng kalaban pero ni isang segundo inde ka pumasok sa court masasabi ba nating pwedeng palampasin yun?

    3. Thanks for letting us know of your experience. Some other people are not aware of these experiences, and thus they criticize me in an inappropriate way.

  72. I think there is a need to define here. There is a difference between pride as paniniwala sa sarili and “ma-pride”- the kind of anger that comes from lack of humility in any kind of mistake we make. The writer is expounding on one. bloggers on another. tsaka ,0pinyon lamang naman, e…ba’t maraming galit??

  73. so, what’s your point? “what” can save the philippines then? the real problem is people like you, makitid na ipokrito na feeling intelectual. write something positive and productive, hindi yung nakakababa ng morale ng kapwa pinoy if, you’re pinoy… tsk, tsk, tsk…

    1. write something positive and productive

      Oh please give us a sample of what you think is something “positive” and “productive”.

      Thank you.

      1. not being crab! it’s not about uplifting the lives of filipinos… it’s something that can boost their morale… nakadapa na nga tatapakan mo pa!

        1. Of course, you are a crab! Why? Because instead of logical thinking you went with emotional outbursts.

          If something that can boost their morale is ‘feel good’ stories, then you’re an idiot because you’re encouraging them to be DELUSIONAL. That is not what the Philippines is about. It’s about the harsh truth that it is now and the missed opportunities this nation has had. And this continued, horrible cycle until everyone finally wakes up and smell reality for what it is really is; not a bunch of rhetoric but what can and needs work. In other words, just ask Malaysia and look at what happened.

          “nakadapa na nga tatapakan mo pa!” Nope. Sa madaling salita, IKAW ang nagpadapa sa sarili mo at nagpapakatapak ka pa. And that’s what we call victim mentality. And it’s not a good thing.

        2. winter, don’t be bitter in being a filipino, get a life! it is the hatred and bitterness in you being an unsuccessful filipino that make you blame other filipinos for your miseries… and you line up yourself with the smart ones? you’re delusional!

        3. @Manny V:

          “winter, don’t be bitter in being a filipino, get a life! it is the hatred and bitterness in you being an unsuccessful filipino that make you blame other filipinos for your miseries… and you line up yourself with the smart ones? you’re delusional!”

          I’m not even mad or bitter but I’m utterly disappointed. Maybe you don’t even know how flawed the Philippine government system is and how flawed our culture is. I’m not blaming every Filipino for my own miseries. I am HUMAN and I have my own problems.

          If anyone here who has hatred and bitterness, it is you bro and your lack of intelligence is a proof of it. TBH, YOU’RE delusional indeed.

        1. Nope. The hope of the Philippines is CRITICAL THINKING and PROGRESS. That is where true pride comes from. And the guy himself is FILIPINO, not Pinoy. Thank God for that.

          Because of your harsh emo comments, I want to say this: you should realize the fact that the Philippines hate critical SMART PEOPLE. And if people like you exist, then there is no hope for this country.

        2. really? critical about your own race? how in the world can you progress if you pull down your own? i live in the US and we pinoys here use our pride to avoid being trampled upon! it is the likes of you pretending to be smart that bring our country down… well if you like being example of a buttjoke, it’s not humility, it’s dumbass dude!

        3. @Manny V:

          So you live in the US but I live in the Philippines for almost 20 years. Why can’t you just go here and see it for yourself? Sorry, but all of your comments speak arrogance and worse, ignorance. If you think criticism is what you consider ‘pulling down your own’, then you have a flawed logic.

          That’s dumbass dude. -_-

        4. kaming mga intellectual kung may gustong isabahagi sa mga kapwa namin pilipino kadalasan ang reply “DAMI MONG ALAM” kaya walang napupuntahan ang mga kabataan natin dahil natuto silang maliitin ang mga matatalino at ang mga maiingay na sikat ngunit walang alam sinasamba

    2. And what is this “something positive and productive”? Does it go something like the statement below?

      “Manny Pacquiao wins! Woohoo! Proud to be Pinoy!”

      Ok, it makes you feel “positive”. Then what? Does it make Filipinos feel “productive”, as you want it to be? Or do Filipinos simply go back to their lazy, onion-skinned, mediocre ways?

        1. Magaling ka? E ano ang maipagmamalaki mo?

          You indeed have a false sense of superiority. That’s arrogance. In other words, you’re actually PINOY, and he’s not. He is FILIPINO.

    3. If you think that you want something ‘productive’ and ‘positive’ wants you to make FEEL GOOD, then you’re an idiot. Because THAT is a bad idea.

      EMO prick. Tsk, tsk, tsk… <_<

        1. You’re a bigger bigot because you are now resorting to personal attacks and emotional outbursts.

          And on my username, it seems someone never reads the comics. Go tell the bigger bigot, ChinoF. 😉

      1. personal attack? i don’t even know you dude! and don’t be a cry baby please… naghahanap ka pa ng kakampi, pathetic…

        1. Internet tough guys are bigger crybabies than people who use logical thinking. At hindi ako naghahanap ng kakampi because what’s the use of explaining things if all of them won’t go through your thickheaded skull? That’s IGNORANCE and you’re happy about it. In other words, you’re just a TROLL.

          In other words, do know what the term ‘ad hominem’ means? Yes, personal attacks can be considered as ad hominem. Don’t be a hypocrite please, nagpapaka-plastic ka pa.

          Pathetic. -_-

        2. We don’t even know you as well. And yet here you are attacking the messenger and not the message with your emo hostility like a jejemon squatter. Can you please fill my glass with your tears? They’re tasty!

    4. There are other groups who write about good things in the country, let GRP do its thing.

      Seeing only the positive side of things prevents holistic growth and development

      1. “Seeing only the positive side of things prevents holistic growth and development” – This makes sense. It’s like, “get lulled into thinking that you’re doing it all right, and you might actually be doing it wrong without knowing it.”

        Sadly, that seems to be how some Filipino are doing it.

    5. Obvious positive pusher is indeed obvious. What’s the matter indio?. Are you hiding the fact that this country and your kind are very dysfunctional thus you’re resorting to sugarcoat it?

  74. I agree and disagree at the same time. There is nothing wrong with being proud whenever a pinoy becomes popular whatever career he is in. But at the same time, this is used an excuse by some Filipinos, make believing that just because Charice or Manny are successful and respected, they should be given great opportunities and be respected too, without working for it.

  75. There’s no such thing as Filipino pride, it’s just ABS-CBN and GMA blowing it up. So please don’t insult the Filipinos in general. You use the word Filipinos as if you’ve interviewed each and everyone of the 100, 000, 000 people living in these islands.

    1. You might be right on that. Mass media after all is a culprit in giving people wrong principles and values.

  76. True story bro.I’m a Filipino and not insulted, simply because not all Filipinos are being hurt or insulted. We’re not perfect, We are proud on other’s achievement but we don’t take it. I’m proud to be a Filipino one of a shit in your eyes.

    1. btw..we all fall, ever since we we’re young, so what if our boxer lose..? or our team Philippines lose? It’s a part of it. If you win I’m sure you’ll lose to. You can say “some” because we have some innocent here. All of Filipinos are not what you think. 🙂 but I respect your opinion so Respect ours.

    1. Did you just post that to troll? Honestly you’re using the internet too much. Don’t you have something to do with your life instead?

  77. simple sample equation: if a Filipino competes at the world stage as Ms. Philippines, she doesnt have her own name on her sash, she has the name PHILIPPINES on it. meaning she is not representing herself but furthermore her people, her country, her culture and her nationality. if she wins, then the whole PHILIPPINE won! and all hell break lose, the whole PHILIPPINES have the right to be proud of that and no one could steal that away not even rotten and twisted people like the one who made this foolish and dumb article.

    1. @Angelica uy

      Beauty contests like Ms Universe is just a sham. The organisers just found an excuse to parade women wearing a bikini. It’s an insult to the intelligence of the people. There’s no reason to be proud to be Pinoy if a representative from the Philippines wins in that shallow contest. Besides, most of the representatives from the Philippines nowadays don’t look Filipino anymore.

        1. And again, Manny V. is the REAL crab and not Ilda or anyone in GRP. Because…

          Crab mentality is for CRAB PEOPLE. Taste like crab, walk like people. They had a tough shell, but total softies on the inside. Always resorting to emotional outbursts than logical thinking.

      1. I’ll give you the Ms. Universe.

        What about the Olympics? Doesn’t every country strive to host, join or win it all?

        1. it comes back to what’s been said earlier: if you didn’t achieve the achievement because somebody else did it, you can be proud of that achiever, not yourself. it applies to our favorite athletes, pageant bets, and pop music sensations.

        2. Our athletes tried, I’ll honor them for that. Thing is, we didn’t win, and there’s no reason to say, “we were cheated.” Just accept it and try harder next time.

    2. Honestly how can we be proud of a beauty contest none of our taxes went to producing that one beauty queen, she wins because she is either beautiful or has a good personality.

      Another example – How can we be proud of the Azkals when all their posterboys are Half-breeds as put by Mr. Arnold Clavio, they RARELY even win games. I would honestly support the Azkals IF they showed more screentime with the other members.

      Arnel Pineda, I am a personal fan of Arnel Pineda but not because of him being a Filipino but because he is a great singer comparable to Steve Perry. But he isnt something that should be celebrated as a national hero.

      Manny P. I admit most nations celebrate their nation’s boxers but not to the Extent that we do, we are the ONLY country to give heroes welcomes to a boxer where in all honesty we shouldn’t. It teaches violence to our kids.

      Related to boxing – I would have preferred Onyok Velasco or Flash Elorde as a source of pride since they were an Olympic Boxer at one point if im not mistaken, they fought for the gold not for personal pride and money.

      Efren Bata Reyes – also known as OLD NEWS, when was the last time you heard his name honestly? See Pinoy Pride is but a shallow thing.

      During the 60’s philippine basketball was at world level that we could compete in the olmypics on par with other nations I would be honored to call this a good reason to be proud of the philippines BUT now where has our basketball gone to? Spolstra? Sure I admit hes a good coach but if he didnt have filipino blood i doubt anyone would care.

      1997 – We were once known as the TIGER Economy of asia during this time period, the peso dollar trade off was rapidly recovering after the marcos regime but do any other filipinos remember this and are proud of it? no!

      Now I ask you, name a celebrity which we SHOULD celebrate for their achievements and why?

      Oh and just having a drop of filipino blood and in a contest isnt a good enough reason.

  78. that goes for Pacman who carries the philippine flag and sings the philippine national anthem which means, the whole philippines is competing and if pacman wins, then the whole philippines won!!!!! how can any self proclaiming smart ass NOT get this????? go back to grade 1 you perks!

    1. And pacquaio is brain dead – even before getting laid flat out – and as immoral and self-centred as you can get. Sounds like a true reflection of country pride/psyche/national intellect!
      Such low standards.

      1. so what really is your point? that the pinoys are good for nothing? you’re probably not pinoy then…

        1. Sorry, but he’s FILIPINO and not Pinoy, if we go to GRP standards.

          Tanggalin mo ang pagiging ‘Pinoy’ mo at maging PILIPINO ka.

    2. If Pacman wins the whole Philippines won? That’s wrong values. He only wins for his own glory. Because even if he wins, poor people remain poor. Fans get only a temporary high, and that’s it. That’s a good example of latching onto others’ achievements, which is nothing more than false pride.

  79. Nobody is perfect ergo, no race is perfect. One has to be proud of who they are and what they have done that is good and learn from our mistakes. Humility and Pride can go hand and hand as long as it is in its respective places. There is truth in the article, that is why we all need to examine ourselves and be honest- does our actions represent us as how we want to be looked at or perceived? Answer the question and do the necessary change to have a self response of YES…..

        1. FILIPINO, not Pinoy.

          The term ‘Pinoy’ is a kanto term. In GRP, it represents more on the backward mentality of Filipinos a.k.a. Da Pinoy.

          Nope, we want to be Filipinos and not ‘Pinoy’. We don’t want to be ‘real Pinoy’ because you described it yourself: being butthurt. 😛

  80. The article is true. If you are working overseas, mas makakarelate ka sa sinasabi nung author. In ph baka nde na nila napapansin kasi baka sanay na sa ganyan na attitude kaya madame ang nagagalit. About sa article, nde naman intelektual yung sinabi nya kumbaga sinasabi nya lang, porke ba ingles intelektual na? Wala naman malalim na salita duon, ang simple ng pagkasulat. Kaya wag laiitin yung author. Para sakin natumbok nya kung anu ung pangit na ugali sa ating mga pilipino.

      1. And Manny V. is as example of one of the greatest problems of the country: people like him.

        Also, crab mentality is just a MYTH. A myth of your own creation. 😛

  81. If Pinoy Pride will not save us, what is your proposed alternative to save us? I would really like to hear that alternative.

  82. It was Steinbeck who wrote: “The poorer you are, the more you are required to boast.” Or something like that. It’s as true as the oft quoted sports announcer’s line:”Keep your feet on the ground, but keep reaching for the sky.” One needs to limber up before doing strenuous exercise.

  83. Filipino’s are fail, im a filipino but I hate being it. Our fellow filipino don’t have unity they are selfish fucks like our goverment officials.

    1. I don’t hate being one. The right attitude is that we must accept that we have faults, and that we must correct them. Otherwise, we will continue to be the laughingstock of the world.

    1. Nah it’s those incompetent indios who voted for those trapos on our government that they only wanted the pork barrel and not the people. Ever wonder why a lot of popularity-fading showbiz personalities prefer to join the government?
      “It’s easy to win the elections. But what if I win?”
      – Dolphy

    1. No its the ordinary people who need to change the government and who runs it… the reason the government is the way it is in the Philippines is because the people do not stand up and fight for what they believe in which is what I would call REAL PRIDE. The people of other countries do not tolerate this kind of thing from their government therefore the government is held accountable.

    2. As Jose Rizal said,

      “Tal Pueblo, tal gobierno.”

      Translation: As the people are, so is their government.

  84. Being on the other side of the globe reading this article, I need a dose of Pinoy pride each day working as a Nanny and a dose of humility and pakikisama as well to survive with all the different races in this rainbow country.

  85. I agree to some extent but wouldn’t go so far as to say Pinoy Pride is the problem. I do find a few over-the-top usage of Pinoy pride like seeing a meme about the Philippine Deep followed by a comment, “That’s where I’m from! I’m proud to be Pinoy!”. I just roll my eyes.

    Some more extreme “PROUD PINOYS” bring down those who don’t agree with them, or have a different perception. These are destructive.

    But having pride is good, just pick your spots. And so that you’ll be really proud of yourself and your country, I’ll just quote JFK (Yeah, I know. American. Bite me!), “Ask not what your country can do for you; Ask what you can do for your country.”

  86. I would like to ask you one thing…. please do not generalize… you are referring to a small percentage of total Filipino population only… not to all Filipinos…

    1. SMALL? SERIOUSLY? You weren’t there when butthurt Filipinos posted hate messages on Jessica Ryan’s facebook page or raged against Lucy Liu have you?

  87. A Pinay who should be proud of her native moral values instilled timelessly. And an open mind and heart to celebrate our own with other people of different color. Every time Manny has a big game, it’s a hit in Cayman, airing live in all the bars and restaurants.

      1. your comment disgusts me. clearly your sense of history is drawn from a need to disparage your own race and fail to capture the shining heroes who exemplify the true filipino spirit. you have no pride in your own roots whatsoever. the negativity is sickening.

        1. Which negativity was also caused by our flawed damaged culture.

          And you didn’t even notice it…

        2. I disparage my own race because most of them are retards who are attention whores at the smallest Filipino thing and cry foul at any funny satirical joke thrown our way.

        3. your very narrow view of your own race speaks more about you as a person than about your race. your cup isn’t even half empty, it’s completely empty.

        4. duke hazard, the Human Genome Project already proved that there is no race but only the human race. If you still think that’s ridiculous then look who is narrow-minded now religiot.

    1. It’s actually fine to celebrate Pacquiao. But to credit his success to being Filipino is not the right thing. We must remember, his trainer is American. The thing to credit is his good attitude as a boxer.

  88. Couldn’t have said it better myself… great article. I think pride can be a wonderful thing if used correctly, pride should be based on morals, beliefs and positive change. The Filipino pride is a contradiction in itself since the Filipino will gladly stand up for things that dont really matter or make a difference. Pinoy Pride could be a powerful force to change this country if it were used in the right way, like demanding more from your government and leaders and not accepting the corruption.

  89. “He will never lose his interest in correcting, since he believes he is right”

    mmmm… Pinoy pride, now i get it 🙂

  90. wala na mayabang na ang mga filipino ngayon we r now in a generation where inequality rules in our native land and go 4 this nonsense like boxing heroes kuno gosh what a real shame 2 the once proud filipino whose only interest is 2 being a true christian rather than this oh what a failure this generation now.

    1. I agree with you except on the “True Christian” part.

      It would actually be better if we were a secular nation.

      1. I still believe in good working Christian values, more from the Protestant perspective. But if we really practice good values, it would certainly look as if we are doing it in a secular manner. Just act it out, just do it, wala nang sali-salita. I believe in the saying, “you may be the only Bible some people see.”

  91. Hi Sir,

    Nice article.

    Correct me if I’m wrong but I think you need to get your facts straight. After reading the “Filipino complaining about someone being named Kiki in Australia” article, I noticed it wasn’t mentioned (at least in that article) that the complaint was from a Filipino. Yes the word is an awkward Filipino term but it doesn’t mean that a Filipino did complained about it. Nowadays, there’s a lot of foreigners who speak the language even if they haven’t been to the Philippines. I also read the line: “Even the Filipino-Australian Society of the Hunter Valley joined the chorus and the authority backed down.” meaning they helped “Kiki” to keep and use the plates without the authorities bothering her.

    My opinion in the Katherine Ryan issue, it’s not that no one should make fun of us and yes we make fun of other people too. But NOT on national television. She could have simply said “children” without the word Filipino or “12-yr old girls”. It wouldn’t be really funny but not everyone laughed at the her joke even in the video. Rather it gained violent reactions which I don’t think would have happened if she didn’t used “Filipino children”.

    1. A news article says a Filipino (as implied by “Tagalog speaker”) complained about the Kiki plate number. It would not make sense if non-Filipinos would file a complaint.

      I disagree on Katherine Ryan’s joke. Read my earlier article on it, and realize that it is based on fact, and it highlights an unsolved problem in our country.

      1. do you consider Filipino children at the bottom rung on the world stage? you find it acceptable to disparage a sector of your own race for the fun of it? a problem need solutions, not ridicule.

      2. if your mother had a birthmark on her face, would you laugh if I called her an ugly bitch? it may be true, but it is insulting nonetheless.

        1. That’s more of a PERSONAL perspective. You just love to see it also as a COLLECTIVE. That’s nonsensical.

          BTW, there is no ‘race’, as proven by the Human Genome Project, also considering the Filipinos in over 400 years have long mixed with the rest of Asia and some of Europe.

  92. the writer of this article wants nothing but publicity…

    But when they do things like post pictures of themselves wearing their employer’s clothes without permission (the maid in Singapore), slap a helpless Alzheimer’s patient (Jonathan Aquino case), steal from a US children’s cancer fund (Rene Ballenas pleaded guilty to larceny), make a loan in the U.S. then run home to avoid paying it, murder a famous fashion designer (Andrew Cunanan killing Gianni Versace), complain about someone else’s name (the Filipino complaining about someone being named Kiki in Australia) or be on the defensive after the botched Manila Hostage Crisis, you know they are far from “oppressed” or “deserving pride.” It’s more like they need therapy. If only there was a psychiatric treatment called Ego Therapy.

    “Do you think only Filipinos are capable of doing this kind of behavior…I don’t think so. All over the world this kind of crimes always occur…so whats the point of emphasizing all of this…..to degrade the whole Filipinos…what an act of publicity…ChinoF is KSP”

    1. in other words mababaw and makitid… and they trample upon those who do not agree as low IQ… it is actually the likes of you chino, who bring this country down!

    2. It seems that ‘BLACK SABBATH’ guy is more KSP than the author because he’s also a point misser. Am I right?

      @Manny V: Sorry, but the truth is that you and likes of you are bringing the country down. we’re the evil ones. The smart, logical, rational thinking Filipinos are your enemy and your weapon of choice is sheer ignorance and blatant idiocy.

      We have this and 20 times more of your ilk to look forward to for the future of the Philippines if things persist. The likes of you are the cancer killing the Failippines.

      Deal with it.

    1. It seems a prevailing thought is that humility is “giving in to oppression,” and “failure to assert.” That’s not true. Humility is knowing when to rightfully comply and when to rightfully assert.

  93. blame the media. Media coined the ff terms ” Angat ang pinoy ” “galing ng pinoy” “proud to be pinoy”, everytime they feature some half-blood pinoy doing well overseas. Do you think majority of the Filipinos think the same way? I loath the media everytime they make boast this just to capture viewers attention and get some ratings. They dont represent the majority’s take on this. tsk

    1. Yes, I agree. Mass media has been hyping up certain things, erroneous things for the most part. They’re the ones who do it for publicity.

  94. Seriously? Puro post2x nalang tayo nang mga ganito. Wala paring pagbabago. Kung ako maging presidente, gagawin kong parang rehimeng marcos except sa martial law para asenso talaga .

      1. do you not read on politics and do not know that being an authoritarian government does not necessarily equate to having bad governance?

        1. Actually, Singapore and Malaysia were managed very well because of these guys whom I call visionaries.

          The Philippines have a screwed up government system with a screwed up constitution and screwed up economic policies.

          What you get is a screwed up country.

        2. WinterSoldier,

          You haven’t really proven either way that an authoritarian government will be more effective for the Philippines. Nor does the success of Dr. Mahatir in Malaysia and Lee Kuan Yew in Singapore necessarily mean that this state of affairs will remain in place after they are gone. It comes down to having the right people in place for the job regardless of whether the government you have is a republic or an autocracy.

  95. I have the same sentiments for most parts..
    First, no matter what happens, too much of anything is bad.. And as a youtube netizen, I tend to get disturbed whenever 70% of the comments of a video having a Filipino participate in something abroad and televised would actually have “Pinoy Pride!” comments all over..

    It’s insane.

    But still, I think the significant number you are referring to is the one highly exposed to mass and social media and are very much active commenting on stuff.

    Hindi lumalabas yung mga taong tama lang magreact kasi hindi sila nagrereact. Relative sa mga responsible enough people. I must say, the KSPs are far from being called majority.

    1. If what you say is true, that the KSPs are far from the majority, that’s a relief. I do think the KSP minority are noisy enough to make people think most Filipinos are like that. Hopefully, the non-KSP Filipinos soon win out in terms of voice.

      1. Then again, the KSP minority’s noise may still drown out the non-KSP Filipinos, even if we try to stop them.

        I see that situation like this scenario:

        Imagine you’re walking down a crowded hallway with a lot of people walking around. Suddenly, there’s a commotion. A group of people (KSP) start to make a “scene”. These people are pretty much like you and most of the people around you. Some people (non-KSP) will just walk away and go on with their lives, some will watch, and some will try to stop them.

        Of course, there are other people around, as well (those that are foreign). While you know that the majority of [your kind] are not like that, the noise created by those people (the KSPs) will definitely grab the attention of the passers-by. From there, the others would arrive to the conclusion that these people are like that, blah blah, etc.

        (Sorry for the comment if you don’t understand what I’m trying to point out. heh… ^^;)

        1. I get what you mean. That’s sadly how some people make their impression of us; looking at the behavior of a few to represent the behavior of many. Similar to sampling in researches.

  96. I believe somehow this article is true enough, its just that we Filipino has difficulty of accepting the truth. We are always on the state of denial in situations like this, bottom line is… PRIDE!

    Kaya hindi pwedeng kainin kasi sabon yan! lol

  97. Interesting article. I must say I cannot disagree, however… perhaps understanding and questioning would be more appropriate.

    I also believe that if one expect a positive change then it should proceed with positive message too.

  98. If this winter guy says the words crab or emotional outbursts, or calls another person here ‘EMO’, ‘stupid’ or ‘idiot’ one more time I swear I’m gonna throw up.