Bianca Gonzalez-Intal shines bright against critics of her and her daughter’s skin color!

Whenever I and one particular friend of mine meet, the discussion inevitably drifts to show business, local or foreign. Though I do not follow it obsessively like she does, I guess the silver lining in it is that it rounds out whatever other types of news and developments that I follow. Besides, show business and […]

Philippine activism needs a serious reboot and a major cast-of-characters overhaul!

Perhaps it is time Filipino activists re-evaluate things. It is becoming evident that traditional protest movement organisers and leaders like Leftists and ‘civil society’ cliques are no longer able to inspire the popular sentiment and, as such, no longer possess the clout to mobilise the numbers and secure sufficient media mileage for their causes. For […]

Chito Miranda proposes marriage to sweetheart and viral video co-star Neri Naig!

I had a good laugh at what a colleague of mine said when she heard the news that Pinoy rocker Chito Miranda was proposing marriage to sweetheart Neri Naig; “Ha? Paano yan? Everybody knows di na siya virgin…” Lol! You don’t say. She was referring, of course, to the sensational viral sex video scandal that […]

Bianca Gonzalez engaged to JC Intal after big NAIA public proposal!

Wow! Despite all the other important things going on here and all over the world, what is really the buzz in the Philippines is the engagement of celebrity model Bianca Gonzalez to her basketballer boyfriend JC Intal. What probably set off the Philippines’ mass kilig is the way the guy did it — in public… […]

Philippine Public Transportation and Metro Manila’s Squatters

On the wayside of an outrage fiesta over Metro Manila’s teeming population of squatters, people seem to have missed a gaily colored solution piñata: public transportation. After people have salved their poverty butthurt and middle-class angst, perhaps it would be a good idea to revisit a column in Manila Standard called “Happy Hour” where it […]

Party-List politicians seek audience with Anti-Squatter postergirl Bianca Gonzalez

One wonders what else Kabataan party-list Rep. Terry Ridon wants to discuss with Bianca Gonzalez in a “dialogue” he is reportedly seeking with the famous model-turned-TV-personality. I suppose the question to Ridon is quite simple: What part of Gonzalez’s tweet that “So many people working hard to save to buy a house on prime land […]

Bianca Gonzalez’s Tweet Reveals The Pinoy Middle Class as the Thin Filling Inside an Entitlement Sandwich

The tweet of Bianca Gonzalaez @iamsuperbianca seems to be the focus of a lot of Pinoy outrage. Bianca tweeted: “Ang dami nating nagtatrabaho para makaipon para sa prime lot at bahay plus buwis pa. Bakit nga ba bine-baby ang mga informal settlers?” (Translation: “So many people working hard to save to buy a house on prime land […]

A lot of decent Filipinos are getting fed up with arrogant squatters

The squatters in the Philippines have wreaked havoc in the country and they are out of control. The problem is quite obvious and the solution is staring everyone in the face; there are just not enough public servants with enough guts to address the issue. But someone has to put an end to the vicious […]