Bianca Gonzalez engaged to JC Intal after big NAIA public proposal!

Wow! Despite all the other important things going on here and all over the world, what is really the buzz in the Philippines is the engagement of celebrity model Bianca Gonzalez to her basketballer boyfriend JC Intal.

What probably set off the Philippines’ mass kilig is the way the guy did it — in public…

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Very risky approach, these public proposals. Seems Intal was very prepared, what with the banners and people around the pair egging Bianca to say “yes”. What would you do if you were in Bianca’s shoes — caught in the middle of NAIA Terminal 2 with your celebrity squeeze suddenly kneeling before you holding up a ring?

What else do we do but wish the glitzy couple all the best as they move onto the next chapter in their lives.

I do hope though that Bianca doesn’t get too domesticated now that she is JC Intal’s wifey. It would be a real tragedy if she lost the socially-aware fire she exhibited a few months back when she weighed her million-strong social media clout in on the issue of the Philippines’ squatter infestation.

Romansa ng lahi nga naman talaga.

Sigh. All the world loves a lover. 🙂

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