The Blame Game: The Philippines’ Favorite Sport

They say that the national sport of the Philippines is basketball. I disagree, I believe that the Philippines’ favorite sport (and one it’s actually good at) is the blame game. Its had plenty of practice over the years and it has certainly improved its craft today. Of course, to be fair, the Philippines is not […]

Gilas Pilipinas and the Filipinos’ continuous tradition of ZERO results inspiration

As I write this, the Philippine men’s national basketball team, better known as Gilas Pilipinas, has just won against Kazakhstan in the 2014 Asian Games basketball tournament currently being held in Incheon, South Korea. According to reports, however, Gilas needed to win by eleven (11) points in order to advance to the semifinal round. They […]

Where there is no Andray Blatche, there is no Gilas Pilipinas

As we asserted a few times earlier, Gilas Pilipinas is really just The Andray Blatche Show. This reality about the Philippines’ flag bearer to the FIBA World Cup in Spain this year was punctuated this week after the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) ruled against Blatche being included in the Philippine basketball team playing in […]

Again: Why the Gilas Win may fail to uplift the Philippines

In connection to the recent win by the Gilas team against Senegal, a while back, The University of the Philippines obtained what is considered a rare sports victory. What signified that it was rare and important was because they decided to put up a big bonfire that time. It also seemed other that people criticized […]

Dedication To Basketball Does Not Translate To Wins

Top 10 Rejected Gilas Fans Cheers. 1. Let’s enamor the foreign press with 0-4 record. 2. If only style points counts towards medal determination 3. Show me a good loser and I will show you… never mind. 4. It’s Not Whether You Win Or Lose As Long As You Keep Saying Puso. 5. We May […]

Continued loss suffered by Gilas Pilipinas in the 2014 FIBA Wold Cup mirrors Philippine history

Regard for sport mirrors society. And nowhere is this more evident than in the Philippines. Last night, Gilas Pilipinas was handily beaten by Puerto Rico in the FIBA Basketball World Cup in Spain after literally dropping the ball — losing an early lead it enjoyed over the first half of the game. The game was […]

Winning, heroism and the palamunin mentality in Philippine society

Keen observers of the Filipino Condition had long ago collectively agreed to put a word to the concept: palamunin. The word encapsulates many aspects of Philippine culture encompassing its renowned mendicancy, lack of foresight, heritage of smallness, victim mentality, false hope, and anti-intellectual values. Indeed, the most disturbing aspect of Philippine society is the way […]

Why the UP bonfire celebration was truly a microcosm of Filipino society

As team manager Dan Palami had promised, the University of the Philippines (UP) basketball team held a “bonfire celebration” last Saturday, August 9, because the Fighting Maroons won against Adamson University (AdU) in a game from this year’s University Athletics Association of the Philippines (UAAP) season. Now, this is an especially big thing to the […]