Why Duterte’s Shoot-to-kill Order Makes Sense in a Land Overrun by Zombies

A war is being waged in the Philippines now: a war on drugs. Blood is spilling in the streets, and many bleeding-heart “freedom-loving” citizens and observers are shocked. But have you ever heard of a war where no one is allowed to kill or expected to die? Doesn’t it seem strange if you see the opponent […]

Leila’s Dilemma: To Lie or To Hide

Bilibid or not! The national penitentiary (the “New” Bilibid Prison) at the heart of Imperial Manila, the supposedly most secure (i.e., MAXIMUM security) facility on the face of the republic for incarcerating the worst criminals in this corner of the planet and thereby ensuring the public these scumbags CAN NEVER EVER cause any more trouble in Philippine […]

Common Sense for Pinoys: Practical Options for Resolving the Spratlys Dispute with China

After looking into the grave consequences of Filipino stupidity, let’s dive into a closely related topic: common sense for Pinoys. You really don’t have to be a holder of any college degree to apply basic common sense. Consider this awkward scenario: If you were suddenly caught naked in public, would you cover your private parts or cover […]

Customs and Traditions Filipinos Should Start to Stop

A girl in the US who was assisting her mother cook the Thanksgiving turkey was quite puzzled when she noticed her mother slice off the two ends of the turkey before placing it in the oven. Wondering why such choice portions had to be removed seemingly unnecessarily, she asked her mother the reason. The mother […]

Necessary Evil: How the Philippines Thrives on Criminality

Would you ever go watch a movie that didn’t have a villain? Likely not. In fact, we often glorify good villains – those who excel at being bad. Would box-office hits rake in their millions without the likes of the Joker, Darth Vader, and Cobra? Would there be heroes without the resilient antagonist that brings […]

Reflection Time: What is the Philippine’s Biggest Problem?

Low-hanging fruit. It can get some leaders misguided into addressing a problem just because it is easier to solve and check off, without even first weighing it out against the other more fundamentally relevant issues. Remember those seminars teaching us the difference between urgent and important? Well there is much to learn about Filipinos by […]

Overseas Election Results Prove that Bongbong Marcos was Cheated Massively

Who you see scheduled to take the throne of the second most powerful office of the land is more likely than not a Robber. My sensors tell me that Overseas Absentee Votes cast by our heroic OFWs were mostly untouched (least manipulated) by the LP-COMELEC-Smartmatic triumvirate of electoral sabotage. Common sense dictates that the Liberal […]

Why Bad Things Happen to “Good” People – Especially in the Philippines

Tragedy strikes again! Another gruesome ASG-sponsored beheading just took the life on an “innocent” Canadian visitor guilty of the crime of being in the wrong place at the wrong time, and buying into the “it’s more fun” advertising peddled around by the creative national tourism promoters of the land of gullible’s troubles. Well, as much as […]