Not really an “Asian” movie but I’m excited to see Crazy Rich Asians nonetheless

I’m gonna see Crazy Rich Asians as soon as I can. How can I not? It’s been promoted ’til Kindgom come! There’s also all that hype surrounding Queen of Philippine Media Kris Aquino’s millisecond appearance. Lol! If I were her I wouldn’t make such a big deal of it. When you are The Queen and all you get is an uncredited appearance, that simply highlights the smallness of the Pinoy showbiz landscape when placed side-by-side with the international scene. And let’s not go about calling this millisecond appearance a “cameo”. Cameos are done by A-List celebrities who, despite an uncredited small appearnce in a movie, are quickly recognized and often become the bigger subject of talk about said movie than the actual top-billed stars themselves. That is simply not the thing going for Kris in this one. Not by a mile.

Seriously, I’m no victim of clever marketing so the reason why I’m gonna watch Crazy Rich is because despite seeing the trailer so many times over the last couple of months, I’ve always gotten a good laugh out of it. It’s also great to see all the glitz of Singapore and all those beautiful and character-rich Asians. I mean, most of us watch movies to feel good and escape, right? So those who are baffled as to why Pinoy movies like Buy Bust crash and burn in the box office and register hardly any blips in the global scene despite Duterte’s “drug war” routinely making headlines in the New York Times simply don’t get what the movies are all about.

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Winning societies celebrate wealth, success, and beauty. Wealth, success and beauty are entertaining to behold. So even those who raise a stink about other ethnic groups not being “well represented” in Crazy Rich should just suck it up. If you want a movie that stars your lot, make your own and ensure that it goes on to become a global hit. The only way to gain respect in this world is to be successful. Whining about failure (or non-recognition) only makes you look even more like losers. And that goes specially so for Filipino entertainers who can’t seem to stop whining about not being given “enough representation” in the global arena.

The great thing about Hollywood is that they make being rich look good. Rich folk in Hollywood movies are cool. They make the audience aspire to be like them. To be fair, many people go about being like them the wrong way, opting for the easy way to do that by living beyond their means or fashioning themselves into superficial attention-whoring twats. But I’m pretty sure there is a good number who get to the bottom of what it really means to be rich — by consistently living below your means and plowing your surplus cash into savings and investments.

Then again, Crazy Rich Asians is a Hollywood movie. You can tell that it fits the formula plot and emotional hooks we’ve all come to associate with the rom-com (romantic comedy) genre. It just so happens it is set in Asia and has a cast of Asian characters. While many see Crazy Rich as a landmark “Asian” movie churned out by Hollywood and promoted (and maybe will hit) globally, it bears reminding that a truly Asian movie or, in this specific case, southeast Asian movie is one written and produced by a southeast Asian. That’s still something that worth waiting for and celebrating even more than this one. Nonetheless, Crazy Rich fits the bill for now and I look forward to be entertained.

37 Replies to “Not really an “Asian” movie but I’m excited to see Crazy Rich Asians nonetheless”

  1. This, a thousand times!!

    Winning societies celebrate wealth, success, and beauty. Wealth, success and beauty are entertaining to behold.

    I am never a fan of Filipino movies. The only exception was OTJ, but even that I only rated 6.5/10. That would be the best rating I’ve ever given a Filipino movie.

    The “pro-poor” and “love will conquer all” themes should really stop.

    1. I do not understand Filipino language most of the time in restaurants I am captive and held hostage to Filipino movies just watching them are just total crap a reflection of Filipinos.

  2. CRAZY RICH ASIANS … Filipinos, please, do not celebrate because you Filipinos are not Asians. You are more of a Guam stock or Samoan or Pacific Islander. Filipinos style themselves as Asians because the word itself has a good cachet: Intelligent. Culturally rich. Brave. Scientific. Smooth white skin. Pretty handsome faces.

    A top-notch high school in Cerritos California separate Filipinos from Asian. It is Whitney High School. Here is their school profile, quote:
    “WHS students are: 62% Asian, 16.5% Filipino/Pacific Islander, …”

    Yes, Filipinos are Pacific Islander separate from Asian which are intelligent people. So Filipinos become part of the Asian Club they should study more instead of watching looney unintelligent Philippine-produced movies which has no art at all. Even their actors and actresses do not watch them. They just do it for the money of it.

  3. Filipinos believe they are smart yet not one Filipino were ever in National Academic Decathlon Contest. Know who the usual suspects are in this contest? Yes, Virginia, the Indians the Filipinos always laugh at of their unintelligible English. The Koreans. The Chinese. And, of course, yours truly white Americans. Filipinos? Wishful thinking.

    Filipinos also believe they are good in spelling. Not one Filipino in Scripps Spelling Bee. NOT ONE !!! Of course, the winners are the usual suspects: Indians, Koreans, Chinese, White Americans

    Filipinos laugh at white Americans written English, grammar and spelling as if Filipinos are really good at it. When they stand before me they tremble, knees turn to jelly and they simply lose their English and diction then they start squirming, tweedling their fingers and giggle and smile.

    Giggle and smile are Filipinos best defense of their inferiority.

    1. This youtube videos proves that Filipinos are truly a Pacific Islanders rather than Asian in nature, and quite ironic on that video many of the interviewers are Filipinos (or Filipino-American since it was shot in a high school in California):

      And that’s what you call a #PHexit, a Pinoy version of #Brexit and I wonder if when will our country gonna withdraw her membership in the ASEAN since Philippines is NOT part of Asia but a part of the continent known as Oceania or South Pacific.

      I would rather to watch these 2 Pinoy historical films namely Balangiga & Goyo instead of Crazy Rich Asian & surely that movie will flop big time in our country because of Kris Aquino. Seriously!!!

    2. You claim you’re a white American? I don’t think so. I suspect you’re a Pinoy who has migrated to the US, and is so full of himself. But that’s another story.

    3. Sorry, Vortex, I touched a nerve didn’t I? Yes, you Filipinos wanted to be like us. White, English-speaking, respected, upright law-abiding citizens. You can never be like us. DNA PROVES IT. But we do love former colonized people to come to the colonist country to surrender to apply for re-colonization because we need people with two hands and a little short-circuited brain to work and rudimentary english to understand, hopefully, simple instructions.

      1. And you assumed I am Pinoy? Sorry to disappoint you. DNA-wise, I am 90 per cent Chinese, 4.5% South Asian (Indian), 2.72% Hungarian, 1.5% Japanese, 1.02% Ashkenazi Jew. You are one such presumptuous Fil-Am pretending to be white.

        It’s a giveaway. The way you construct your sentences in English indicates you’re not a native speaker. I am not, by the way. I am almost certain you’re the proverbial Pinoy who has left the country and lived in the US, and who thinks he is above every Pinoy he has left behind.

        1. Heard that before … if Filipinos are caught in their illogical lies they attack my English despite knowing my English is impeccably American. Why are you Filipinos like that? Is there something wrong with your twisted DNAs?

      2. And why would I want to be like you, idiot!? You have the DNA of the very people you love to hate–the Pinoys. Please stop pretending. You’re Pinoy. Oratio ImperatO? It is Oratio ImperatA, idiot! May God deliver us from a vile Pinoy (pretending to be white) like you.

        1. Aha! Ha! Ha! You Filipinos are incorrigibly ridiculous. Let me tell you this, I like the way you are so are the rest of the Filipinos. Because the more Filipinos think like you the better for my greenbacks.

        2. Vortex, you are one pathetic Filipino like the rest … you even claimed your Miss Universes as Filipino when they are not. You marry off your children to foreigners bring them back and brand them as Filipino. You even claimed to be Chinese not a Filipino ….


      3. Idiot! I didn’t attack your English. All that I said was that you wrote English like Pinoys. Is that an attack, Oratio Imperata Ignoramus? If you think so, so be it.

        1. Tell me in English the difference between a Pinoy English and an American English. Thank you.

          I know Filipinos just go bunkers over impeccable English … Sorry, kuya, born and raised American … too bad your English sucks.

        2. Hey Oratio Imperata Ignoramus, I am not even talking about impeccable English. I was commenting about your pretensions. You hate Filipinos so much because you are a Pinoy yourself. A Pinoy whose family migrated to the US and who thinks he is above the rest. I’ve thought you’re a Pinoy all along because of the way you construct your sentences in English, your hatred of Pinoys (only a fellow Pinoy would hate another Pinoy like you do).

          And I notice you have difficulty comprehending things. Just because I commented about your Pinoy English, it doesn’t mean Pinoy English is not impeccable. It’s a matter of style. And your style is Pinoy English, so stop pretending you’re white. You must have a miserable, uneventful life in the US (are you really in the US?) that you derive pleasure from maligning Pinoys. Hayzz, you have lost credibility. I don’t believe anything you say.

        3. Aha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Vortex! Vortex! You ignorant fool! Now I get what you meant. See? Your Filipino English construction and nuance were not understood. I apologize.

          Since you are at it, let me tell you this I AM WHITE AMERICAN! I teach conversational English to Call Center employees diction, subtle nuances and all. Yes, they imported me. 5-star condo free. Unfortunately I have to provide my own car and no chauffeur.

          We recorded call center employees conversation. I listen to it. Gather everyone one hour before they leave and tell them their “mistakes”. You think I am having a good time? No! Imagine listening to their conversation 7 hours a day to spot what is wrong with their conversation on the other side of the world.

    1. And you will be the star of that movie. But I will change the title. GAGOng Poor na PINOY starring Oratio Imperata Ignoramus.

      To those who are reading the comments, what do you think about Oratio Imperata Ignoramus? Do you agree with me that he is actually Pinoy/Pinay/gay Pinoy pretending to be white?

      1. Aha! ha! ha! ha! “gay” “bading” “bakla” are typical derogatory words Filipinos in blog when they ran out of logical rational comments.

        Why is that so? Why do Filipinos come down to namecalling? Something wrong with them? That includes you.

        What is in being “Gay”? “Bading”. “Bakla”?

        You are an iconic epitome of what Filipinos are.

        Here is my prescription for you and the rest of the Filipinos: DO NOT WATCH TAGALOG MOVIES. IT BRINGS DOWN YOUR I.Q. WHATEVER LEFT OF IT.

        Watch American Movie. Watching CSI for example teaches you forensic evidence instead of Adarna and tear-jerker lousy WoWoWieee !!! UNFORTUNATELY, YOU AND THE REST OF THE FILIPINOS JUST CANNOT DIGEST WHAT I JUST SAID. Try Padrax before going to sleep it may help develop your brains.

  4. I have not seen a Flipino movie for a long time. Kris Aquino, the “may tulo at may kuto” movie queen, may be adored by YellowTards movie and political followers. However, the Aquino Cojuangco political axis, made her that way, for their own political agendas.

    We , Filipinos are not that rich, but maybe a little bit crazy. Comedy movies make us laugh…it is an anesthesia of what we are feeling inside us…

    1. I do not watch Filipino movies unless I am held captive audience, what I can discern the theme is mostly escape-from-reality. No science movie. No CIS movie. No detective movie.

      In the U.S. TFC (‘toopid Filipino Channel) these are advertisement in sequential order:
      1. Feel Good Patriotic Jingle
      2. Car Financing
      3. Fix Credit
      4. Fix immigrant status
      5. Bankruptcy

      Their news:
      1. Filipino news caster screaming at camera
      2. turo-turo justice system thru war of affidavits and counter-affidavits no forensic evidences
      3. iyak-iyakan.
      4. ina-api
      5. Barilan
      6. Politics

      OP-ED Columnists are scientists. Yes, Virgina, THEY ARE SCIENTISTS
      1. Their science do not speak math
      2. Their science has no imperical studies
      3. Science is based on gossips
      *** IT IS CALLED POLITICAL SCIENCE *** they are only good in political analysis

      1. Filipinos are not realists; not idealists; but are emotional retards and fantasy escapists. This is the reason, they love the : “ina api hero”, the “live happily ever after movie endings”; the “poor becoming rich heroes”; the “problem solver heroes”; etc..

        Unfortunately, they mistake movie fantasies to the real life realities. This is the reason, they voted for movie actors and movie actresses as their leaders. Hoping these “as if people” who play in films will solve their problems.

      2. No science movie. No CIS movie. No detective movie.

        Here lies the rub. Those movie genres assume the audience have the capacity to think and they clearly do not . Mass media is all about giving the audience what they want. Pinoy mass media is about baduy people making baduy content for a lot of baduy people to consume. The values are all there on display on the TV shows, movies and advertising. There is no reward for contemplating. There are rewards for making “kilig”. That is why baduy is seen everywhere including the polls once every 3 years. If you bother to refine your mental capabilities you are called derogatory terms like “sosyal ” and “nosebleed”. Dumb it down to please the pinoys. That is all you need to know.


          Sorry, I forgot there is no edit on posts that aren’t mine. 


          “No science movie. No CIS movie. No detective movie.”

          Here lies the rub. Those movie genres assume the audience have the capacity to think and they clearly do not . Mass media is all about giving the audience what they want. Pinoy mass media is about baduy people making baduy content for a lot of baduy people to consume. The values are all there on display on the TV shows, movies and advertising. There is no reward for contemplation.  There is no reward for subtlety.  There are rewards for making “kilig”. That is why baduy is seen everywhere including the polls once every 3 years. If you bother to refine your mental capabilities you are called derogatory terms like “sosyal ” and “nosebleed”. Dumb it down to please the pinoys. That is all you need to know




      3. Idiot. I am 90 per cent Chinese. Where can I sen you my DNA results (23andme, DNA.Land, Wegene). But never mind.

        Will you please stop pretending you’re white, Oratio Imperata Ignoramus? You’re Pinoy through and through.

        Yes, my English is more Chinese. What’s your problem?

        1. Where do I send my superior white European decent DNA? Name the place and we’ll meet and bring you to a real scientist not some Filipino scientists who are only “expert” in political science.

        2. Did you say European DECENT, idiot? I don’t think you’re DECENT. Neither are you European DESCENT. Delusional! Mr Pinoy-pretending-to-be-white, the countries/race with the highest IQs are not even white Europeans. They are Singapore, HK, Taiwan, Japan, China, South Korea. Top 5 are all East Asians.

          I don’t think I will reply to you anymore. As I keep on saying, you’re Pinoy so stop pretending you’re white. Assuming you’re white, I couldn’t care less, idiot!

        3. Aha! ha! ha! ha! I love trash talk to ding alings kingkongs and dingdongs. You are saying Asians are smart (except Filipinos who really are Pacific Islanders/Samoan stock) ? Why is it it was us, caucasians, made the world that has now become today?

          Why do Asians (of course, except Filipinos) parachute to our countries run by whites? If they have high IQ stay where they are and develop their country.

          Filipinos are different. They were colonized for 50 years. They fought against us. We gave them freedom because they gave us so much headache to rid ourselves of them once and for all. Lately, they are coming in droves to surrender to their former colonist to apply for re-colonization because they were able to discern the colonist can give them better lives than their country run by Filipinos.

          These ignorant Filipinos who forced their way to our country celebrate “Independence Day” in Los Angeles before their board of supervisors dancing the tenekhleng. Don’t they know June 12 was not sanctioned by us, colonists? They did it anyways creating friction that exploded into Filipino-American war. How dare they dance tenekhleng and celebrate June 12 when it was a war against the American colonist.

          How stupid, naive and ignorant can they get. They shouldn’t be dancing and celebrating their “independence day”. They were not given independence. We own them. We gave them independence in July 4 which “patriotic” white-skin-mestiza-loving politicians downgrade it to Philippine-American Friendship Day.

          Please educate your comrades.

        4. In one of my class I showed them a cut-and-paste from local daily Fake News and asked them what is wrong with this statement:

          “Bañacia posted on his Facebook page that the victim, who sustained gunshot wounds on her head and left face, already appears to be dead since she is no longer breathing and is already without any pulse.”

          What is wrong, which one is a true statement:
          1. a dead person still breaths
          2. a dead person still have pulse
          3. “already appears to be dead … she is no longer breathing … without any pulse”
          4. All of the above statements are stupid
          5. None of the above

        5. Hey Oratio Imperata Ignoramuses (Pinoy pretending to be white), wait another 50-100 years and your US of A will be run by the yellow race. Drill this into your head: I am not Pinoy, I am Chinese, idiot!

  5. The concept of “love team movie”, “gun-toting style hero revenge movie” and superfan club war rivalry still exist in the country.

  6. “CRAZY RICH FILIPINOS” They are Sari-Sari Store Queens. Because rich “Filipinos” are Chinese and Spaniards. Sorrry. But Sari-Sari Store is good. At least it is an honest living. Thank you.

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