A lamentation: Charice (Jake Zyrus), like Boracay, goes into classic Pinoy self-destruct mode

Are you a big fan of the LGBT community? If you don’t find anything wrong with a “man” without a male organ trying to take a leak on a male urinal, you probably need to get some professional counseling. The problem with the concept of unfettered freedom of expression is that people think that it’s fine to destroy yourself as long as you’re not directly harming anyone.

This will not be the typical discriminating, condescending, bashing post. I’m sure the international singing sensation, who since last year changed her name to Jake Zyrus, has been bombarded by enough flak by now – to the point she is probably on the brink of committing suicide. Instead, let’s dive into the underlying mechanism and disastrous outcome of sex-change decisions.

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Charice!!! Only a few native home-grown Filipinos have ever achieved the status of getting so world-renowned to the level of becoming a household name across America, Europe and Asia, rubbing shoulders with the likes of Celine Dione, David Foster, and Andrea Bocelli. The only other Pinoys to gain such level of international recognition would be Pacquiao and Duterte. But then, to the shock of all her admiring fans, fellow artists, and mentors, she dropped the bombs and announced her “manhood”.

This sexuality-related self-destruct mode first begins with a lie: “I can be something beyond the clear boundaries of nature; and that by changing to become that something, I am being true to myself”. It’s best illustrated with this analogy: Imagine you had a car, which you believed was an airplane deep inside. Believing in it so much, you simply strapped some “wings” onto the fenders and drove it off a cliff. The problem though is that you can’t just make superficial changes and think you’ll get to fly across the sea.

Despite all the advice she got from her loved ones, Charice still went ahead with going all out to being true to herself: that she is a “man trapped in a woman’s body”. She has now completed breast removal (showing off her flat chest) and getting her testosterone shots to lower her voice and grow a mustache. But did she truly get the inner peace she had always longed for?

It’s been all downhill for her since then: losing so many hard-earned properties, becoming the object of ridicule and rejection, conflict with estranged family members, and her once promising career as a diva taking a nose dive – with that high-note-hitting voice people would go on a standing ovation for just getting flushed down the drain.

There is just something with Pinoys that gets them into this all too familiar trajectory. Upon reaching what could have been the pinnacle, they suddenly push a self-destruct button and go spiraling down into the open sea. It’s like the shock of watching the Challenger space shuttle explode in a great ball of fire. Why do many Pinoys have to throw away such promising potential?

The same thing is what we see happening to Boracay – a beach paradise now laid to waste by mismanagement and abuse, which only took a “dictator” to bring people to their senses in salvaging what’s left of its former glory and calling in emergency dispatch units to take it to its long overdue ICU.

In the political arena, it’s like after 6 years of high flying under the Duterte administration, people suddenly elect Bam Aquino in 2022 to undo all that a government with common sense worked hard to establish.

Filipinos and the Philippines as a nation have enormous potential, wealth and talent. It’s about time we begin to ask ourselves why we keep getting into self-destruct mode. We must begin to identify the lies, nip them at the bud, and become influencers to steer people away from self-destructive mindsets and behaviors.

Let’s face it; the LGBT lie is an outright obvious dysfunction, a type of social/psychological cancer that’s eating up many Filipinos, no different from terrorism, pollution, corruption, and narcotics. Face the logic: Saying “yes” to gay marriage is just one step closer to having “sex with your dog in the name of true love” legalized and accepted as normal. It’s not true that you’re not harming anyone: you are harming many young minds into believing (through your role modeling) that the LGBT life is a viable alternative.

We are seeing many professionals and potentially responsible parents announcing they are gay (even good-looking talented people), never going to have a normal family with children they can pass their heritage/genes to, and society trying to convince itself this is a positive move toward human evolution. Let’s not encourage our misguided friends by saying “I’m happy for you”, because it will never really be a happy ending for these people.

If you have an LGBT issue, it’s best to accept you have a dysfunction and get help and rehabilitation as soon as you can. If you need more convincing that it’s anything but good for you: just look (from their outward appearance) at what a big freak’n joke Caitlyn Jenner and BB Gandanghari turned out to be. Don’t become the next Fake Zyrus. Let’s all hope Charice will get back to her senses before all is lost.

End of lamentation.

70 Replies to “A lamentation: Charice (Jake Zyrus), like Boracay, goes into classic Pinoy self-destruct mode”

  1. Zaxx,
    When you look at the absolute numbers of gays, lesbians (and bi-sexulas) and those who want to change their gender/genitals, they never pose a threat to society. They dont offend me, they dont insult me and they dont let me change my life. So, I am very calm and relaxed about them. Even if they want to get married in a church, then I will say: “go go go”. Its an individual choice. And that is what we must appreciate. If we dont do that then we become monsters. In the same way as what Duterte does and did with drug addicts in your country. What a way to “solve” a problem.

    1. The Philippines is generally a godly country. Before, homosexuality was not tolerated here, until you Europeans and westerners came and show your wares and even brought the animalistic same-sex marriage in our country. Oh, I’m sorry. I should have not mentioned animals here. Because the animals themselves never engage in same-sex sexual activities.

      1. You forgot to mention pedophilia, incest, zoophilia and bestiality. You really must loathe and hate Europeans, right? What are you afraid of ….?

        I really do hope you know and are an expert in the animal kingdom. Because same sex sexual activity does happen in the animal kingdom. Animals created by god (btw: in reverse it reads as DOG).

        1. No, I don’t hate Europeans, not all, at least. Only those gullible ones who believed the fake news about the situation in the Philippines being proliferated by the Yellows, and judged our President without prior investigations. I can sense in your statements you are one of them. And I can also sense that you are an atheist. Because if you are a believer of God, you will never say the reverse of it reads as DOG just like as if God is just an ordinary word and is nothing important. Same sex marriage is prohibited not only by the church, but by God Himself. A woman is only for a man, and a man is only for a woman, that ‘s written in the Bible. But you believe otherwise. You even said that if the same-sex couple wants to get married in a church, you will say go go go!

          I don’t believe that in the animal kingdom, same sex sexual activities happen, unless there is a pervert European there.

        2. Look, you have every right. No sorry, you are entitled to speak and express your own opinion and emotions. But pls tell me then why many Filipinos circumcise their genitals if what god created is so perfect? Oh and BTW: it are NOT your own opinions. You are just citing/copying (and pasting) the bible and what you were told. We call that indoctrination.

          Whether god exists or not is totally irrelevant. What is important is what you, me and every other individual makes of his live,. And the bible doesnt give any solution how to solve problems. It only dictates. If I dont comply to the 10 commandments, hell is waiting for me. But god loves me (right?).
          So, am I scared of that imaginary guy with grey hair sitting on a cloud … ?

        3. Calling yourself “godly” does not equal good and moral. Numerous studies have shown the complete opposite. Countries with the highest percentages of believers score the worst on levels of corruption, standard of living, overall happiness and every other category that measures well being. Having traveled throughout this world much of my life I’m amazed at the level of hypocrisy found here in the Philippines. Morals are decided on by societies in their times and change as society at large dictates. There is no such thing as absolute morality and we certainly don’t base them on the ramblings of illiterate, hallucinating desert dwellers from a few thousand years ago. If you want to believe in such fairy tales that’s fine, but be prepared to offer some evidence for your ludicrous beliefs that contradict 200 or more years of applied science. An atheist simply doesn’t buy into your childish notions any more than you buy into god is an elephant head being named Ganesh. BTW, your president freely admits to having murdered long before he fooled the masses.

        4. Homosexual actions have been observed in numerous animals like giraffes and albatrosses. It’s science; you can choose not to believe in it, but that doesn’t make it any less of a fact.

        5. I just read your guy’s entire argument… I’m European, born and raised in the balkans,but I currently live in America and I have a lot of lgbtq friends. Me personally I don’t believe in God because there’s no proof he exists because it’s essentially blind faith. Anyways, I don’t care if someone is gay, trans, lesbian, etc. It’s their life not mine but I am and will always will be a girl that likes boys. Everyone has different mindsets and I respect that and I hope people respect mine because I know most people will come for me when I say I don’t believe in god.

    2. If they want to get married in a church? No, it’s not their individual’s choice. That decisions is decided by the church council. Yes they can be married but within civil or court marriage. In Christian churches, they won’t accept that even they (same sex couple) want to, they just can’t bend other people’s rules and belief just because they want to because in that case, they are being a nuisance if they insist. Btw, I’m not Christian but I understand how the system works and how people affects each other’s behavior. I am not professional on that but I can observe it and that’s my opinion.

      1. Well said. I agree with you. An action of any individual will ALWAYS affect at least another person. When a person comes out to his family, even if it is his choice and his life, he will affect those he loves. That’s just how it is. Fact. Now if that person chooses to live his life solely for himself despite how this affects his loved ones, then he should also be person enough to face the consequences of his actions. That is responsible behavior.

        The problem is though… more often than not, the consequences can be too much for any one person. Alas, that person will sneed others to help him along. No one lives in a vacuum. In other words, selfishness loses out. Always.

        There is a moral order. There is a natural law. Peace mind and of heart come when one is in accord with it. Just saying.

      2. Suchiru,
        I also know and understand how churches (religion) work. But more and more people will drift away from churches (attendance of church masses/services are going down) and so the church (RCC/CBCP) has to do something to restore that fall (in attendances). How? To become more lenient regarding church/biblical rules and laws. So, I expect that some day in the future it will be possible for gay and lesbian couples to have a religious wedding inside a church. I really wouldnt be surprised if that will be possible one day. And probably it will start somewhere in the West (most likely Western Europe)

        I always compare the church (and religion) with a product that needs to be sold. That is why they invented the “product lifecycle” (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Product_lifecycle). So when church attendance falls, the product needs a boost to get higher sales again.

        1. Hi, Robert. Since you said that you know how religions work, am I right to assume that you are sure that the objective of religions is more about obtaining attendance, and not serving as moral compasses of their believers? I think that they have rigid standards because of the second option. But nevertheless, complete belief in science is another religion. Nevertheless, homosexual behavior exists as a spectrum in the animal kingdom, and if we are indeed animals (scientific fact), then there should be no branding as “straight” or “bent.” Marriages are to be called same-sex and different-sex marriages (not gay, lesbian, straight marriage), and are to be easily dissolved (thru divorce) when the limbic and cortical connection between the couple is gone. Polygamy and group marriages should be accepted as well.

        2. Hi Gang,
          I can make this personal (as in MY opinion and thus not making it a fact) about religion. I really think that back in the days, religion was indeed meant as a moral and ethical compass. But now, for me – it is more about money and keeping the flock (all those who are religious) together AND keeping them inside the barn (the church).
          So if the attendance drops, the church will be afraid (more) people will also drop behaving, acting and thinking religiously. Swaying (moving) more to agnost (or even to atheism) direction.

          In my humble opinion, the church can not give in too much (example: allowing same-sex marriages inside a church) because then they (the flock) will move away from the actual meaning of the bible AND giving people the opportunity to ‘grab’ other freedoms as well. Although, in (western-) Europe, I expect they will give in because the attendance is dropping big time.

          For quite some time, I have given polygamy some thought and I dont see anything against it as long as it happens with consent. So, an adult woman can marry several adult men and an adult man can marry several adult women. And to be politically correct: an adult woman can marry several adult women and an adult man can marry several adult men.

          In real life we all can have several girlfriends at the same time, so why not when being/getting married? Can this be organized by law so that every party’s right is recognized? I think so but didnt give it much thought of the HOW.

          Personally, I find the bible one-dimensional (and therefore every religion) and just follow one guy (god) is really too simple for my taste. I am not allowed to worship Justin Bieber but I have to worship god.

  2. I can’t believe GRP allowed your homophobic rant be posted. You criticize those who abuse Boracay and likened them (i don’t see the connection because either there’s none or you failed to connect them) to Jake’s and other LGBT in general’s abuse of freedom of expression without realizing your own abuse of your freedom of speech. I understand people’s (especially the “faithful”) bias, discomfort about homosexuality, but hatred is different issue. And spreading that hatred in guise of social and political activism is sick.

    1. There is a point of difference between hatred and disgust, depending on how the author intends to be understood. In this article, I didn’t see any hatred expressed. It’s just plain disgust on what some people are doing to themselves. Let’s just broaden our minds and accept that not everything that makes a person happy is good, not even when nobody else is affected. The author is just telling the truth, and it is true that the truth hurts that’s why all negative comments here so far.

      1. Why is the author so affected by someone’s personal choice? And what makes him think it is a self destructive choice when he never lived Jake’s life? Using this forum to promote bigotry is anti-progressive which is I believe is against the principles of GRP.

        1. Bluemax is right. If it hurts you that much – well that’s because it’s the truth. A chain smoker does not like to hear stuff like “what you’re doing will lead to lung cancer”. What he’d like to hear is what Robert H. is saying above “Go go go” … go ahead and kill yourself (by slow-motion suicide), because that’s your choice. Never mind the health hazard you pose for people all around you with your carcinogenic smoke pollution.

          Trust me. I can smell dysfunction a mile off. When you use a screw driver to cut wood or hammer nails – it’s called idiotic. Pointing out dysfunction is a key mandate of GRP. Charice needs professional help fast. Her talent manager obviously did a lousy job in letting her do this to herself – breast removal, tattoos and all.

          We’re not hating gay people; we’re loving them enough to show them the right path. A lot of people are too afraid to speak out on this topic. If you want to help a person struggling with LGBT, it’s easier now. Just point them to this post – and most likely, some sense will get into them.

          The boy who said the emperor had no clothes was not doing their kingdom a disservice. He was just being honest. Sometimes, we need posts like these to get us back to our senses. The madness of gay marriage is a Western disease that should never be allowed to reach our shores. Not everything from the West is good for you.

        2. Just wondering Zaxx, if 2 lesbian pinays will go abroad to a western country for the sole purpose of getting a same-zaxx marriage. Is/will that be recognized in PH?
          Because of globalization the demand for a legal settlement of same sex marriages will become louder and louder. (Philippine) People can read it everywhere what is possible abroad.
          Why is it a disease? You really sound very homophobic.

          I had high(er) hopes with you but you are falling deep now. I thought GRP stands for quality, style and class. You miss out on all of them. What a shame.

        3. By the time you’re already having human-animal marriage in Europe, PH will still be debating in Congress if XY chromosomes can be legally changed to XX. So it’s highly unlikely anytime soon.

          Not a disease? How can having your penis irreversibly removed not be a mental dysfunction of the highest order? Too many professionals are now gay/childless in PH, while the dirt poor just keep multiplying like rabbits. Do you really want Pinoys to wake up one day with half the children of the next generation being offspring of squatters?

          As I’ve said many times, better watch your own back yard. Muslims and Africans will soon dominate your EU demography and the few remaining blue-eyed blondies will regret waking up under Shariah Law some day. Just apply basic biology and common sense, and you’ll figure it out yourself Robert.

        4. Lets take your remark (human – animal marriage) serious for a second.
          As far as I know, both parties have to say “yes, I do” even during a civil wedding. Now, for as long as we do NOT understand dog/god language, this cant happen any time soon. So to make it happen “tomorrow”, we have to study dog language very soon and very quick. Thnis also applies for the fact that a marriage must be contracted out of free will.
          Okay, so now, today it is “tomorrow”: then what? If it makes Maria (the human) happy, then so be it. Oh BTW: you can find various human/animals sex videos on the web.

          Gender change a disease? Okay, you win. I am okay. Only I really dont mind about it. It is an individual right. And in my country the individual’s righht(s) transcends the rights of the group/collective. Why? Simple. Because every group consists of x-individuals.
          What about breast enlargement? What about circumcision?

          Your dirt poor squatter spring off are today’s and tomorrow’s losers. So why pay any attention to them? Ignore them completely! They live in their own world.

          Lets take your remark (Muslims and Africans tsunami Europe) serious for a second. Because of nature, I do not have eternal life. So why should I worry what will happen with my country or with Europe when I am dead? Can I still influence what will happen when I am cremated? And then the filthy rich will be gone to another planet. Sci-Fi? I am not sure.

          YOU probably think that we humans have the monopoly on/of everything. Please take your head out of god’s ass for once. When you do, you may see some light.

          I always thought that GRP was for unity and one nation? Probably not, based on this author’s article.

        5. >>> Your dirt poor squatter spring off are today’s and tomorrow’s losers. So why pay any attention to them? Ignore them completely! They live in their own world.

          Unfortunately, their world does not have walls…

          Give these like-minded people an inch and they will eat up an entire city block. The same goes for LGBT dysfunction. Don’t underestimate the power of mental diseases. You need to watch more zombie movies. The epidemic usually just starts with a few infected guys.

          And by the way, dogs do wag their tails and can sign using paw prints. You won’t be laughing when your son decides to marry his dog, or cuts off his genitals – inspired by BB Gandanghari. At what point will you say your society has crossed the line when your basis of ethics/morality appears to be self-gratification?

        6. “At what point will you say your society has crossed the line when your basis of ethics/morality appears to be self-gratification?”

          Morals and ethics will only limit all MY options. The sky is the limit. And when I am dead, I am ashes to ashes, dust to dust. I cant vote (sanymore) when I am dead. That is the negative side of being a human being. We all die and we only live a measly 80-90 years. Is it immoral to ask to have eternal life on planet earth? If yes, where can I sign?

          I am not a nationalist and a not a patriotist. A flag is just a piece of cotton. Am I offended and/or insulted when you burn the Dutch flag? No, not in a million years.

          Dear Zaxx, you really need to man up. All your negative energy will break you down one day. Just relax and keep on breathing.

          BTW: I thought that the plastic soup was only visible in the oceans. You have it next to your door. In my neck of the woods the city government will penalize me for throwing dirt on the ground or in a river.

          Maybe your so beloved president can do something about that plastic soup. More cops? Tht is why I always advocated for change in constitution and change in laws. But your so beloved president doesnt want to burn his fingers.

          Same with my suggestion for a “social SONA”. He hasnt got the gutz.

  3. If your friend is convinced, he is a dog; and begins to piss on the wall , with one hind leg up. Would you convince him, to go back to his senses that he is not a dog ?

    Reassignment of private parts, cost a lot of money. It also takes a lot of sacrifice, pain and time.

    I still cannot understand why people , born with the wrong sexual parts and body, do it. If it makes Charise (Jack Zyrus) happy; then it is her/his choice.

    By the way, what is the Roman Catholic Church and other religions comments on this matter ?

    1. There is no such thing as wrong sexual parts. God created everybody and everything in it. He was never wrong and never makes mistakes. It’s just the person’s preference that makes the absurdity. Maybe it is also the environment that makes a person thinks otherwise of what he has to think and do otherwise of what he has to do.

      1. “He was never wrong and never makes mistakes.”

        Then pls tell me why many Filipinos circumcise their genitals if what god created is so perfect?

        1. I stand by the statement that “He was never wrong and never makes mistakes”.

          Almost all Filipino males are circumcised, except of course those who are afraid of it. It is a shame if someone found out that a man was not circumcised. He will be laughed at and be called “Supot”, which is very humiliating especially when connected to your name. Circumcision is in the Bible. Even Jesus Christ himself was circumcised. So with Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and almost all of the male Bible characters. Because Filipinos are mostly Christians, we tend to follow Jesus’ examples and that includes circumcision.

          The issue here is not about that small genital skin’s removal, but the complete conversion of a male genital to a female’s and vice versa.

        2. I really wonder why Dutch catholics/protestants dont do the same practise. It is not forbidden in my country but both the government and all health organizations (hospitals, doctors etc) dis-encourage the practise. Only in case of medical/health problems, they will perform a circumcision. The government will most likely never forbid it (make it illegal) because then people will resort to maleficent ‘doctors’.
          We dont do it here out of hygienic matters because we wash (with water and soap) our genitals every day (during shower, bath or whatever). So, un-circumcised is the norm here.

          Last but not least, I will never allow it when my pinay GF and I have a son. If a future son of us wants it, he can make that decision when he is 18 and older. We (parents) already make enough decisions for kids without asking their consent/approval and that includes baptising..

    2. Hyden,
      female dogs pee without putting up their hind leg. They just sit down (more or less). Only male dogs pee with lifting up their leg. However both dogs shit (poo) in the same way.

      I dont know what the bible says about gender change. Probably nothing because back in those days (2000 years ago) it was not a known/familair thing to do. And technology wasnt ready yet and not even the knowledge how to do that.

      1. @Robert Haighton:
        Okay, but Charise aka Jake Zyrus, was a She; now she is a He. So, Jake Zyrus pees with one leg up…

  4. Unspeakable feelings need to find expression in words. However… verbalization of very intense feelings may be a difficult task.

  5. Keep your opinions to yourself. You have your definition of dignity and self respect but he has chosen this path for himself. Dont hate someone because you dont understand what is going on. Just live and let live.

  6. While I do agree about the other points of your piece, you have a serious homophobic problem. Zyrus, BB Gandanghari and Caitlyn Jenner don’t represent the whole LGBT community. In whatever sexual preference or identification you acknowledge to be in, no one will ever be perfect.

    1. I think it is not being homophobic. It is telling it the way it really is: a man, no matter what he does to himself to transform into a woman, is still a man, unless he can go back inside his mother’s womb and be the lord of his birth. These transgenders aim to be perfect. They were not content with what God gave them, they wanted to be more than how God created them. Remember that we are the most perfect of God’s creation. Let us keep it that way. And be grateful.

      1. Some people don’t see it that way. They are fighting for their right to be happy, compromising their soul in the end. Not all things that makes a person happy is good and correct. It feels good sometimes because he fulfilled what his heart says, but he fail to consider the permanent effect. Some of them even pretend to be prayerful. But do they realize that God only listens to the prayer of the righteous. How can they be righteous in the eyes of God if they had ruined what God has given them. Yes, they can always ask for forgiveness within the prayer to try to be clean. They might be forgiven, alright, but right after the forgiveness and prayer, the damage has been done and they cannot be the creatures they originally were, and they continue to do what their hearts dictate.

  7. What this homophobic post really elides is the existence of successful LGBTs — people like Aiza Seguerra or Vice Ganda or Boy Abunda — who thus can’t be used as cudgels to beat down the rest of us Pinoys.

    Pinoy pride in reverse, in essence: if idiots on one side can’t help but claim the achievements of any number of Pinoys as their own, idiots on this side do the same, only instead of praising they hammer it down.

    1. They say we are the captains of our souls. We direct our ships where we want them to sail. But sometimes, ships get lost and make wrong turns. And the only thing to do is find our way back, no matter what. These transgenders are completely lost. They are nowhere seeking the path back to where they came from. They have found a new world where they believe they will fit. For as long as people accept them and treat them as role models, I think they will stay. What happens when their stars begin to dim? Where would they go? Success is not a measure of happiness. Why did Charice choose the transgender path in the first place? There are consequences in everything that we do. We choose wisely lest we regret the choice me make.

      1. “Success is not a measure of happiness.”

        Well, yeah, but this article’s talking about the success Jake had as a performer before he came out and transitioned, so I’ll stick to topic, yes?

        “What happens when their stars begin to dim?”

        I dunno, they retire? They settle down to a humdrum life like every other celebrity past their prime? The ages of man (or star) aren’t mountains, yo.

        “Why did Charice choose the transgender path in the first place?”

        Because he wanted to be happy and felt he couldn’t be happy, even with all he had achieved in his life, as a woman. He risked his celebrity to be happy, and didn’t come out all on top, but as you yourself said: success is not a measure of happiness.

        1. A math professor once told a group of freshmen math majors: “happiness is the true measure of success.” But then it may not be true all the time.

          If a promising actress finds happiness in eating a gallon of ice cream a day to the point that she ruins her career due to obesity, then she won’t be happy for long. If your source of happiness eventually destroys you (just like those addicts), then it’s time to reconsider if you’re really making the right choice.

          Charice clearly ruined her career (esp. the lost vocal range that got her to the top). All over the world people are just saying “sayang talaga!” It’s like the sadness that swept the world when Michael Jackson passed away before his time. If we cared for somebody, we should warn them of the dangers that lie ahead. Respecting somebody does not mean you just leave them to make wrong or even less-than-optimum choices.

          High-profile people usually need to make certain sacrifices. Duterte had to sacrifice his freedom to roam freely. With that sacrifice, there is greater happiness and fulfillment in seeing the people they serve happy. Charice could have just sacrificed her LGBT urges for the nation – as she was back then a national treasure who placed PH on the map, the way sprinter Usain Bolt is for Jamaica.

          BTW, as long as she has no proof she has XY chromosomes, we should stick to calling Charice a “she/her”, and demand that she use the women’s CR. If pronoun gender choice (she/he) becomes an issue as well, then we can all use the vernacular. See how many problems this gender confusion is causing? And will PH invest to create the infrastructure for a 3rd sex toilet? Most likely not.

        2. Jake Zyrus is not a totem pole around which we Pinoys rally, zaxx — he is his own person, with his own needs, needs I’d rather see fulfilled than frustrated. This site has spoken out against equating successful Pinoys with the rabble before — why force her to serve for the people, to suffer for the accolades?

        3. Pallacertus, isa ka pang “sayang.” You could have been writing enlightening articles here if only you didn’t keep finding yourself on the other side of the fence.

          Needs being met and fulfilled? Since when did having one’s private parts removed become a NEED?

          Japan does not have much natural resources to boast of. But they have one national treasure that’s been key to their blockbuster economic success: it’s people.

          So what keeps me from considering individual Pinoys to be national treasures? One prominent successful Pinoy will inspire a thousand more. And one dysfunctional Charice will infect so many young emerging minds with the same self-destructive psychogenic virus.

          Just answer this one question to snap out of that LGBT spell: Is having one’s own genitals removed to achieve happiness a form of dysfunctional behavior or not?

    1. You want a Sass vs. Zaxx debate on gender reassignment? Bring it on!

      My opening statement: paying to have one’s testicles and penis removed is clearly beyond any sane person’s comprehension. Where in the world does anyone get the balls to face such an irreversible decision? A lot of people will not have their eyes plucked out for a million dollars, how much more their balls?
      PS: I did try castrating a pig before – but at least he was willingly ignorant.

  8. Thanks for this. I actually agree… there is a grave threat to the family as an institution. The family is the basic cell of society, and of any nation. One just has to look at governments failing, the laws it has… and you’ll know they are run by people from broken relationships. Did you know that there are now 90+ genders listed in the world? Gender theorists opine that gender is a choice that changes depending on phase, stage or circumstance in life of a person. How screwed up is that?

    1. “there is a grave threat to the family as an institution.”

      Can you pls inform me how the grave threat looks like when a very small minority of a(ny) population is gay, lesbian, bi-sexual and/or wanting to change its gender?
      And even when that group takes the upperhand then so what? You will not be here to see it happen so why bother about it?

    2. All the hearts that are breaking. All the drugs that we’re taking. All the activities to fade memories and erase tears that could become wells. And yet we still endorse the corrupt institution of “family” all the children suffering all the parents hurting all resources money blood sweat and tears “family” is a pathway to destruction

    3. No, there isn’t a threat to the family as a basic cell of the society, because obviously if you accept us, nothing will ever happen to your fragile hetero ego. Your rights won’t be stepped on by people who you’ve been stepping on for so long. And what’s screwed up about 90+ genders being listed in the world? Are you some kind of an anthropologist? Does this affect your human person in any way?

      1. 90+ genders. Baloney my axx. Basic biology dude: just XY and XX chromosomes- nothing in between.

        Ask the Olympic committee first how many genders exist. There is no room for transgenders in sports. Are you accusing the Olympic body/organization to be one big discriminatory bigot?

        LGBT rights should not be given an inch of foothold in PH. Are they gonna sue schools which can’t provide 3rd sex toilets? Are they gonna close down churches which won’t wed gays? Is Charice going to sue me for using the she/her pronoun on her? Will they remove the business permit of a cake shop that refuses to bake for a homosexual couple?

        Don’t bite the bait guys. It’s a Pandora’s Box they’re opening. Individuality is just a euphemism for perverts – they truly are perverts. Men having anal sex with men. Disgusting! Will you allow your kids to even imagine what they do in secret? Just call them by their real name.

        Have a great day all perverts! Don’t complain about government corruption if you yourself are sexually corrupt.

  9. You think you’re not harming your LGBT children by bringing them into this world of horror with homophobic pricks like you? Thanks to your parents who dumped you here allowing you to exist in this vicious planet is worse torture than anything. But it’s not your fault. You’re parents should have known before you were born that this world is full of murderers, pedophiles and sadistic assholes like you.

  10. People need to realize that LGB are labels for sexual orientation while T is a matter of gender identity. These are two absolutely different topics.

    Orientation isn’t a choice. Nobody chooses whom they are attracted to or not. However, sexual behavior/actions/lifestyle are. “Gay therapy” doesn’t really turn people straight; it only tones down sexual behaviors.

    Also, if we’re going to say that non-hetero is wrong because it’s not feasible for reproduction, then what of celibates and infertile people? Are we going to criticize them too?

    Now, as for transgenderism, a person may feel like an “x trapped in the body of a y,” but ultimately, it is still their choice whether they will actively identify themselves by their original gender or another.

    (Btw, the article has a slippery slope and hasty generalization.)

  11. I usually enjoy reading articles from GetReal, but this is the first time I’ve been disgusted reading an article here. The most amateurish article I’ve read here so far.

    1. I agree this part of the post is disgusting… Saying “yes” to gay marriage is just one step closer to having “sex with your dog in the name of true love” legalized and accepted as normal.

      This slippery road down to total depravity is something that can totally ruin this country. It only takes one baby step at a time to get there. Don’t be deceived. The LGBT community is a prime agent of the spread of AIDS. And remember US Marine Pemberton was himself a victim of Transgender deceit. Better apply the brakes before all hell breaks loose.

  12. How do you feel, if Charice aka Jake Zyrus, will come to pee next to you
    in a Comfort Room for Men Only ? She/He brings out her artificial private parts; you bring out your natural private parts…then, yours is substandard compared to her/him…

  13. He can’t get his peace of mind basically because he’s Filipino. Because he lives in a culture where writers like you and this crappy, antique-lookimg site exists. I can’t believe you wrote something like this, what a mindless, and illogically written article. It’s so sad that writers like you are emerging these days. And you even hide yourself. What are you trying to gain from this? Are you trying to get publicity because your blog is heading in for a nosedive? And no, your points are too biased, too misinformed. Writers like this is what puts our freedom to shame.

  14. If bloggers would like to gain publicity; they would come out with their true names. Whatever they blog, is their god damn opinions. It is the readers of the blog to decide – if they believe that the opinion makes sense, then so be it. If they believe the opinion does not make sense, then the aggrieved reader must contradict it…state the reason/reasons
    why the opinion does not make sense.

    Telling bloggers, that they are son-of-bitches, because you don’t want what they write is irrational and stupid.

    1. Hyden,
      I guess – with your last/final sentence – you are refering to me. My statement (getting head out of someone’s ass) was and is not irrational and was and is not stupid. Why?
      Because Zaxx turns something into a frenzy. Something (change of gender) that happens not often and he immeditely sees and thinks that it will destroy the (existence of the) family values in the Philippines. What are the numbers, we are talking about? How many cases are known in PH regarding gender change? Millions?

      Zaxx also seems to be afraid of all the PH squatters for procreating like rabbits. All, I can say about that is: do something about it if it scares you. For me, it all has to with knowledge (or better yet, the lack of knowledge), culture, the way kids (especially daughters) are raised and religion. Maybe the current president should have a social SONA and address the entire PH population and tell them to stop procreating because it will keep them/you poor or make them/you poorer. But why will he NOT do that? Because by doing that he will lose voters and he will get in a “fight” with the RC church. And BTW: what happened with the RH law?

      Instead of bashing them, Zaxx should and must come up with solutions and how to solve it. Only bashing will lead to nothing. And that is not common sense and not rational. What he is doing here is the same as what Mr. Santos once tried with rape victims and how PH women must be dressed.

      1. @Robert Haighton:

        My blog refers to all bloggers; not only you. Sorry, if you are offended. I did not mean it. Let us have our blogs discourse more sensible. We encourage foreigners to participate; to teach us, also. Thanks, for participating in the GRP. We appreciate it.

        1. Hyden,
          No, I was not offended. But I wanted to clearify myself. I was triggered by your sentence/line: “Telling bloggers, that they are son-of-bitches,” as a reference to my statement “pulling one’s head out of god’s ass” (pointing towards Zaxx).

          When I see something for the very first time (a lesbian woman or a transgender or whatever or whoever) then I will think: “okay this is new to me” and I will not/never say : “they are suffering from some sort of disease”. I dont say that to be politically correct. I do say it because that is the first thing that comes to my mind (“its new to me”). And I will leave it to the medical scientifical world to make up a judgement of what it is. And that is common sense and logic for me.

  15. Zaxx,
    What is your problem with “It’s not true that you’re not harming anyone”?

    When my best (female) friend is abouit to change her gender, then she will never harm me. Never. Okay, I didnt expect it; I didnt see it coming. But never will I be harmed. And most likely – because we are best friends – she already told me about it BEFORE she actually go into the procedure. Because that is what best friends share with each other.

    Nobody in my country cares about how I feel or if I will be harmed if someone changes his/her gender. It is called individualism. And it is about his/her life and not my life. And if I leave/ignore/dump her because of her gender change, then I never was a best friend of her in the first place.

    You and your country really have a problem with “harming me”. Grow up, wake up and get real, Life is too short.

    I really dont know how many GRP authors preach progress with someone like you with an attitude/mindset like that.

    1. Try looking at it at a national scale and from a eugenics viewpoint. Charice should have produced offspring gifted with vocal talent of the same caliber. Instead our friendly neighborhood squatter is the one reproducing with 7 malnourished kids, with another one in the pipeline.

      We are breeding the wrong kind of people, and you keep wondering why PH is stuck in a cycle of poverty. Common sense dictates you don’t castrate a thoroughbred; you make it produce more of its kind, and limit the roaches from multiplying. The LGBT dysfunction disease is harming PH demography. This is not progress. It’s my river that these squatters are polluting.

      Relax? I find pointing out people’s dysfunction very fulfilling, rewarding, entertaining, amusing, and fun. But it’s also because I happen to care.

      If I had a friend who thinks plucking out his left eye is fashionable – an expression of individuality, I would strongly advice against it – not because I am getting hurt personally, but because I can’t tolerate this level of absurd stupidity.

      Sex change is a lie. Scientifically only chromosomes determine our sex from birth. The truth is in our DNA…

      1. Charice should have produced completely and totally NOTHING.

        What is your all time best music artist/group (male and or female)? Now, do tell me: do/did they produce the same quality and talented artists as off spring? I am sure the answer is no.
        How many great football (soccer) players turn out to be great trainers/coaches. Not many if not none/nobody.

        “Common sense dictates you don’t castrate a thoroughbred; you make it produce more of its kind”
        This is exactly what all those (poor) people in your country do. And most of them do want baby-girls. I wonder why? Right, because those stupid PH parents need kids so that those girls can look after the parents when they are old and senile.
        Pls find me one mature adult PH woman who doesnt want any kids? I guess you need to find the needle in the haystack.

        If you really want to solve poverty, the number of squatters and the unbridled procreation of those people? Look no further and look at the stupid RH law. Look at the your own current president and finally look at your own culture especially the utang na loob and hiya and look at all the parents who dont give their own kids any form of sex-ed (which is their task and duty in the first place). No, in the Philippines to talk about sex, is a big taboo.

  16. Sorry but I just can’t buy an advice regarding LGBT from someone like you who rejects scientific research about sexuality and uses biblical passages as evidence. The REAL MENTALLY SICK is you who believes in “Almighty”. You’re a bigot, delusional, no more than a weasel thinking like a fox.

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