Zaxx to Charice (Jake Zyrus): False Voice was your beginning. Will Fake Voice be your end?

False advertising, fake news, fake election results, and guess what’s trending next… Below is an open letter to the former diva Charice (Charmaine Clarice Relucio Pempengco, 26) who now goes by the name Jake Zyrus, a transgender “male”. This is in response to her coming out in the recent interview at the Tonight with Boy Abunda show (ABS-CBN) to voice her reaction on the GRP article I wrote entitled: …

A lamentation: Charice (Jake Zyrus), like Boracay, goes into classic Pinoy self-destruct mode

For those of you who missed the interview, below is a clip:

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with the earlier part of the interview [HERE].

Dear Charice / Jake Zyrus,

First of all, I would like to express my appreciation for the amazing musical talent you have so willingly shared to so many people across the world, and most especially to your kababayans. You have made a lot of people smile, and even took them with you on your awesome journey/adventure with the greatest names in today’s tough music industry, where only the most gifted can really make it to the top.

Let me use this channel here at GRP to air my response to the things you expressed during the interview, matters which take us to the depths of the heart and soul of arguably the greatest Filipino singer of our time.

Jake’s response to the critical article:

Andun yung kurot na parang hindi niyo kasi alam yung mga pinagdadaanan ko… It’s sad because sanay ka na…  Kailangan ba tanggapin lang? Of course I’m not a hypocrite. I’m not going to accept that because you don’t know who I am. You don’t know kung ano yung pinagdaanan ko… This person you see right now is not a one night decision. But thank you for showing this to all the people… Hindi dapat hinahayaan na sinasaktan lang yung mga tao kahit na alam natin na ang trabaho nila is pasayahin lang kayo.

I’d like to apologize if the words pierced deeper than it should have. I hope you’ll understand that criticisms are not necessarily meant to destroy (it’s wrong to label anything that’s against LGBT as hate speech). The article was really aimed at getting things back into perspective. If you really read the article, and not just the title (as most people do) – you will realize that it punches hard on a lot of valid points. It’s likely that it hurts because it’s TRUE. The truth hurts. And as they say… “No pain, no gain.” So I would like to invite you to just read the original article again with a sense of detachment, as someone outside of YOU – free from the deep-seated hurts/wounds. Sometimes being too deep in the thick of the drama/action, we can no longer think straight and our judgment gets hazy and clouded. Detach yourself with a passive third person point of view, and the article will make a lot more sense.

Zyrus to Zaxx:

So instead of saying hurtful things to you, I will say na You will get better, kung ano man yung pinagdadaanan mo. Hindi man kita kilala… I know how you feel.

Well you took it like a man, este… strong woman, there. Thanks for the good vibes, for keeping your cool and just reaching out with a positive parting note despite the tough/strong language you had to absorb.

It’s not that your admirers are really so depressed about your decision to go transgender, that they can’t sleep, eat or work anymore. Many after saying “Sayang ka” have simply moved on with an attitude of indifference. Besides there are many fresh new talented singers out there (J-Nissi for one), with some on the verge of filling up the void you just created with your withdrawal from the greater international spotlight. Nevertheless, thanks for your concern. It just goes to show that you care about how other people feel, which really speaks volumes about your big heart.

Yes, you don’t know me, and you may be right about knowing how I feel – which represents the feelings of all those who got disappointed with your dropping that bomb of a revelation. Like a sudden suicide of a seemingly happy person, most of us really didn’t see it coming, despite some signs that there was something else going on behind the adorable charming façade.

Maybe you know how I feel, but I doubt you know how I think. So here’s the deal: I’ll tell you more about how I see your situation and how it can be improved/rectified. All you have to do is sit down, relax and open the ears of your soul.

This follow-up article touches on “False Voice”. If you recall, this was the YouTube channel/admirer/fan (Dave in real life) that ushered you into the international scene and catapulted your career on a laser-beam trajectory to the peak of your eventual worldwide stardom (with no less than David Foster as your mentor). False voice or falsetto is also the musical term for that amazing technique used by singers like you to hit incredibly high notes beyond your natural vocal range, as in your [duet with Aegis]. This is likely the technique that got you on the stage in the first place.

Somehow, in some ironic twist of fate – your short high-flying career takes a sudden nosedive (which I detailed in my original article). How exactly is it ending? By your decision to sell us Jake’s Fake Voice.

You said ang trabaho ninyo (artists/entertainers) is pasayahin lang kami. If you really want to make us (the audience) happy, then I strongly suggest you get your original voice back. I hope you still remember Sam Milby’s (your crush’s) kind advice/admonition many years ago: “Don’t change. Stay as you are.” (@8:05; 8:15 of video link).

Please stop the voice-altering testosterone nonsense – akin to “demonic possession”! Stop before it (like your breast removal) eventually causes irreversible damage on you. Honestly speaking, people will not line up and go on a standing ovation for a voice that sounds like a croaking “ribbit” frog and with you sporting those Kim Jong-un looks. Sorry, but it sounds just too flat-out ordinary, mediocre and uninspiring – even quite pathetic in trying hard (TH) to mimic the vocal depth and richness of the likes of true men like Martin Nievera, when you can never TRULY attain it being a fake half-baked testosterone-adulterated transgender.

If you don’t stop altering your voice, people will start calling you “Fake Jake”, for your fake voice and fake manhood, or “Zyrus Virus”, for spreading the dysfunction of altering one’s body (voice/skin/sexual organs) in the name of being “true to yourself”. Do you want that to happen? Can’t you see the signs? Market forces dictate what people want. Gone are the standing ovations and the glamorous concert halls. Instead you get these thinning crowds, cancelled concerts, missed opportunities (Celine Dion veering away from a possible duet), and just the cheers of only a handful of mostly LGBT supporters left on the boat. The general public is no longer interested in what you have to offer.

In the world of sports, athletes who are found to have been doped with drugs and illegal steroids are eventually booted out of the game or disqualified for cheating. The same is true for people in your industry. Altering one’s natural self (like what Michael Jackson did to his face) eventually brings them down. As they say “Natural is No.1”. If you want to be true to yourself, first be true to your body – just be the natural physical you.

Fortunately, it’s your lucky day. I’ll tell you a few secrets that might help you change your course. Are you ready?

  1. The 40 Percent Rule. The Navy SEALs (America’s elite special combat force) have this rule for training their men to go beyond their apparent limits. It’s their secret to mental toughness. The 40% rule is simple: “When your mind is telling you that you’re done, that you’re exhausted, that you cannot possibly go any further, you’re only actually 40% done.” If you think you’ve already given your all, they say that at that point – you can actually push yourself to go 60% more. [Thanks Jesse for this great illustration.] So how does that relate to you? A lot of people think you did not really take it all the way being “Charice”. You could have gone much further – to greater heights if you only held yourself a bit longer as the charming cute little diva you once were. That means if you hypothetically performed in 40 international shows with 4M USD in earnings, you could have gone 60 / 6M USD more. You simply gave up and ditched your hot-selling brand too soon – a brand that was promoted by David Foster the Hitman himself and the greatest talk show hosts (Ellen, Oprah) in the American continent. You simply don’t ditch a strong brand at the height of its glory. It’s basic marketing common sense. Think of the possibility: What if you held a come-back concert “The Return of Charice”? Man (I mean woman!), there won’t be enough tickets/seats to meet the demand.
  2. Good influence. Let’s admit you really went through a lot of “shit”. We all know the drama you went through esp. within your family. Who doesn’t have drama and inner struggles in life? You also said what you are now (breast-free testosterone-doped Jake Zyrus) was not an overnight decision. Sometimes the key to getting through these difficult/confusion-laden times is being with the right kind of people. So let me introduce someone who can likely understand you in the fullest extent of the word. Here is a video of a former transgender. Please try to get in touch with him – yes he’s a HE now: [Mark Estephen Oblero] [Ex-Super Sireyna Queen]. His testimony starts with the all too familiar lines for those with gender issues: “I grew up in a poor and broken family and without my biological father…
  3. Filipino Mind Revolution. Finally, this should be like the cherry that tops the icing on the cake. There’s a  belief system / mindset that I live by, which I also am in a way marketing and peddling around to all my beloved Filipino countrymen. Because you see, I went through some “shit” in life myself – and I was at the brink of giving up (throwing in the towel in pursuing a rich  fulfilling career in my field). But a significant key to getting me back on track was what I’m going to reveal to you next.  It’s called the Zaxxun Creed, with the name standing for “RiZAl mind revolution for the double-X-termination of corruption and incompetence – the UNited movement”. It’s a tried and tested set of mottos/slogans that will totally revolutionize anyone’s life like dynamite. As if overnight, anyone who suffers from chronic failure and dysfunction can become virtually bulletproof like Iron Man (thus my look-alike avatar). And it’s my hope fellow Filipinos will begin to adopt it in their personal lives and institutions, to finally rid themselves of pervasive, protracted and relentless cycles of ill-advised decisions and defeat.

I guess that was a mouthful; so I’ll hit the brakes now. It’s been quite an honor to have my article featured on national TV (thanks to GRP, TWBA/ABS-CBN), and finally getting a direct response from you Charice. One last thing I want to say is that Asians love their staple Cha (tea) + Rice, they don’t want Charred Rice. If your job is to really make people happy, I trust you know what to do.

Truly yours,

PS 1: The same interview was featured by an article at this LINK, with a bit of analysis and loads of Jake Z pictures

PS 2: To all who miss the original Charice, here she is (the raw non-testosterone-spoiled killer voice) with a vengeance
[Charice Pempengco “You’ll never walk alone]
[Charice — ‘To Love You More’ & ‘All By Myself’, Hit Man Returns: David Foster & Friends]
[Charice at Oscar Party (Listen and I will survive)]
[Charice My Heart Will Go On]

PS 3: Compare with Jake’s fake voice
[Charice VS Jake Zyrus IN SAME SONGS! Vocal comparison]
[PYRAMID performance: Jake Zyrus VS Charice. WHICH VOICE IS THE BEST?]
Charice, please read the comments under these 2 YouTube videos to know the truth about what people really think.

35 Replies to “Zaxx to Charice (Jake Zyrus): False Voice was your beginning. Will Fake Voice be your end?”

  1. Dear Zaxx,
    I would have and I will appreciate all your criticism much more if you had the gutz to vent it using your real name. This is so easy and lame what you are doing. In the safety knowing your are using a fake name. Be a man and use your real name and then write an article like this. But you are lacking the gutz. Such a pity.

    1. What do you mean “real name”? If you mean the name on my passport, then “Charice” is not a real name. One thing you need to know about Pinoys is that they love to change their names using aliases and nicknames (Bongbong, Digong, Noynoy) because they love convoluting things. The issue isn’t about fake names though, it’s about her voice that just won’t sell anymore. What a waste of raw talent.

      And besides how can I enjoy my pepperoni pizza when paparazzi keep bugging me?

      FYI…Ad hominem
      An attack upon an opponent in order to discredit their arguement or opinion. Ad hominems are used by immature and/or unintelligent people because they are unable to counter their opponent using logic and intelligence. – urban dict

    2. Doesn’t matter anymore. Charice Pempengco is dead. As someone who supported her throughout the years, I am really really sad that she passed away. I will forever miss her unique voice.

  2. We still cannot understand homosexuality…men becoming women…women becoming men…

    It may be a quirk of nature, why some women think they are trapped in men’s body. Or some men think they are trapped in women’s body.

    They feel restless, until they tinker /change their natural bodies/self. However, when you are born with unique talent like , Charice Pempengco aka Jake Cyrus. You are destroying what God has given you as a gift, like your high note Voice.

    We all have been born and gifted with , talents and skills. .. It is our duty to discover these talents and skills; and use them for the advancement of ourselves and our humanity. Blogging is a talent. Writing is also a talent. Trolling , I think, is not a talent…

    If you destroy and throw away that inborn gift or talent…you throw away what God has given you in order to better your life, and contribute to humanity.

    I have no more to say. What Charice has done, cannot be undone. It is her/his decision. Let us honor her/his decision, and give her/him Peace !

    1. One thing that I am amazed about Filipinos is … THEY ARE ABOVE THE CURVE WHEN IT COMES TO SEXUALITY … Filipinos embraced homosexuality way way way far ahead than 1stWorld countries. Fiesta is a failure without Gay Fashion Show. The Filipinos just go tizzy crazy over it.

      Gay Filipinos have high employment rate, close to 100%, than violent uneducated straights.

      Those who are against LGBT are pro-unemployment.

      1. “Filipinos embraced homosexuality way way way far ahead of the 1st world nations”

        And because of that, we as a nation are suffering. We don’t need degenerates and closet pedophiles going scot free and without consequence.

        We don’t need faggots ruining society with their pride, lies, and degeneracy.

        We need to go back to a time honored tradition of exterminating deviants.

    2. Just wondering Hyden,
      “You are destroying what God has given you as a gift, like your high note voice.”

      Being an atheist, where do my talents come from? Also from god?

      “We all have been born and gifted with , talents and skills”
      Nobody is born with skills. That (skills) is what you acquire later in life. The only thing everybody is born with, are reflexes. Nobody taught you how to suckle the nipple of your mother (breastfeeding) and still you knew what and how to do it.

      And only a few do have real talents. Oh and pls make sure that you discriminate between simple tasks and real talents. Being a domestic housekeeper/househelp is NOT a talent. Everybody can do those simple tasks and duties.

      1. @Robert Haighton:

        I believe in God. You do not believe in God. So, whatever I do, I cannot explain your talents and skills

        For those who believe in God; no explanation is necessary…

        For those who do not believe in God; no explanation is possible.

        1. Sorry to butt in but it takes more faith to be an atheist than to believe in a Universal Mind that transcends the physical plane of existence being responsible for the complexity and design of biological systems.

          Imagine the alternative…
          wet rock + flash light ==> human DNA

          Who/what is the source of information? Doesn’t empirical /scientific evidence show meaningful information can only be generated by minds?

          Conclusion: a dumb rock is smarter than an atheist, who can’t write a single strand of meaningful DNA code within a billion years.

          Just try writing down the TCAG molecular code that rhibosomes read to synthesize proteins to form your left eye. That’s how smart the atheist’s dumb wet rock is.

          If you really want to find out if non-physical reality/God exists I know a simple experiment. It’s called “the leap of faith”. Jump off of a 30-storey building head first and observe what you see after impact. You’ll be surprised you’re still very self-aware, which proves consciousness transcends your physical existence.

      2. There was always a God. For God is the Truth. It’s so funny, you fools think you can wave away the Truth by claiming that God doesn’t exist.

        But behind every atheist is a resentful loser who wishes the world to be something it can never be. And as he continues to rage against Cosmic Reality itself, he begins to degenerate into a fucking puddle of nonsense.

        I know people like you. Most of them have skeletons in their closet. What’s yours?

    1. Bam Aquino had plastic surgery, to look like Ninoy Aquino, Jr. Bam Aquino is an idiot; a know nothing guy… Ninoy Aquino, Jr. is a Fake News media hero. Bam Aquino wants to capitalize on the “heroism” of Ninoy Aquino, Jr. and the “sainthood” of Cory Aquino.

      The Aquino family, loves to be on the spotlight. They want people to worship them, and put them on pedestals. In truth, they are corrupt to the core, and are the worst political opportunists.

      1. I really wouldn’t be surprised if the truth came out -> that Cory had her husband killed. Never underestimate what a “saint” is willing to sacrifice for the “greater good” (…of her “public servitude” ambitions and her daughter’s delusions of “Holy wood” grandeur).

  3. Nice latest article that you’d made, zaxx about “Fake” Jake Zyrus.

    Pleas make an article as well about “Fake” Xander Ford. I know he’s not a homosexual or a member of an LGBT community but he have the same character to Jake Zyrus. They just want to get famous but in the end their attitudes/personas are really a s**thole!!! ?

    I wonder how will Ice Seguerra gonna respond to this article? ?

    1. Thanks. If anyone wants to become famous – he/she just needs to hold a concert at UP’s sunken garden entitled “I am Xander Zyrus”.

      This is what America taught Pinoys to aspire for…

      “Like a rhinestone cowboy
      Getting cards and letters from people I don’t even know
      And offers comin’ over the phone”

      Did you ever notice why there are hardly any famous Japanese individuals? Only famous Japanese brands. Maybe we need to redefine our concept of “ greatness”.

  4. Zaxx,
    secondly, you are fighting (and bullying) something that is no threat to your country. You are talking about a very thin, very small minority group who wants to and will change their gender/body. Period. Your country has more serious and much deeper problems to overcome. Pls focus on the real big problems instead.

    And finally (again), stop using fake names (and fake avitars) yourself. It makes your story very hypocritical (fake voice fake name (Zaxx)). Be a man, stop playing in the boys’ league. Have courage and gutz. But I dont believe you have that in abundance. Probably even zero, zilch, nada.

    1. When one runs out of fingers counting how many friends/acquaintances he has who have fallen into the LGBT trap, it’s no longer a minor issue.

      The biggest problem of Pinoys is the inability to spot dysfunction. Now tell me if hacking off your fully functional testicles is not a mental dysfunction of the highest order. Did you see what happened to BB gandanghari’s face lately – Thriller nights!

      Well anti-pervert articles like this one are exactly what keeps GRP ahead of the pack. Just let me know though if a male sticking his organ into another male’s ass is not a perversion- maybe my mind’s just being too judgmental.

      1. Zaxx,
        “Just let me know though if a male sticking his organ into another male’s ass is not a perversion-”
        In the heterosexual world, a man and a woman also have anal sex. So, to be honest, I dont see that as perverted either. And two (lesbian) women do the same (with the help of sex toys). Yes, it wont lead up to a pregnancy (I will never call/label it as ‘unnatural’).

        I dont regard you as judgemental. I do remember that someone (a commenter here) told me a few years ago (in a response to me) that in PH sex can only be done (or is done) for procreational purposes only (so that means to me: only in the missionary position; without any form of contraception; in a dark – unlit – room with the curtains closed and under the sheets). There lies the difference. And that behavior leads to an explosive population (in absolute numbers). It also leads to a high number of teenage pregnancies in PH. And of course, a rising number in HIV/Aids cases. We – heterosexuals in the west – however look at different and other ways (entries, if you will) to satisfy our mutual lust.

        Welcome to the 20th and 21st century.

  5. I can only assume she(now he) is just trying to escape from exploitation. The people that use to surrounds him and sadly those who are near and dear were the very ones who carry on these use and abuse. Unfortunate we live in a world where exploiters rule, either you are a predator or a prey.

    1. Well, that’s one valid factor. Another may be the emergence of “Charice-slayer”
      Morissette Amon with that absurdly high Whistle register blitzkrieg attack starting at 3:00 in…

      Yup, probably early retirement from the high-note career via LGBT was just a convenient EXIT door for Jake.

      YouTube is now replete with these “Reaction to Morissette” blown-away videos…

      Now, the big question is: What if Morissette suddenly decides to follow Charice’s footsteps to turn Transgender and start injecting Testosterone to lower her voice, would it be “hate speech” or “bigotry” to try to dissuade her?

  6. I’ve heard this before: Athiest vs Agnostic vs Pious

    I am GOD. I answer my own prayers. When I say I will pass the board exam. I study. I study very hard. I pass the exam. Therefore, I am GOD.

    If the Pious prays they pass the board exam without studying they will surely fail. The Pious have this common excuse: It was the will of God that they did not pass the board exam. It is not meant for them. God has better plan for them not to pass the board exam

    God is within you. It takes brilliance, industriousness and intelligence to harness God within you.

    Harness that Inner God in you. Release it. Unleash it. Do what you pray not wait for God to answer your prayers.

  7. It’s easier not to say anything. Shut your trap, button your lip, can it. All that crap you hear on TV about communication and expressing feelings is a lie. Nobody really wants to hear what you have to say.

  8. I would not care about Bibi Gandanghari who is a transgender, so is Mura, aren’t they both trollfags like I am who lie and exaggerate (or aggravate)?

    1. A lot of people still care…
      and career-wise:

      And they just keep wondering and ask in stupefied amazement … “Rustom, what have you done to yourself?”
      Or maybe he’s doing this to warn all Filipinos what will happen to them if they follow his “self-destructive LGBT” footsteps.

  9. One thing that I am amazed about Filipinos is … THEY ARE ABOVE THE CURVE WHEN IT COMES TO SEXUALITY … Filipinos embraced homosexuality way way way far ahead than 1stWorld countries. Fiesta is a failure without Gay Fashion Show. The Filipinos just go tizzy crazy over it. ?

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