Senator Cayetano Dares Foreign Media To Admit They Were Fooled

De Lima’s EJK Witness Testimony Discredited

Senator Leila De Lima, yet again, walked out of the Senate’s inquiry on extra judicial killings.

dick-gordonTrailing her teary exit were words from Senate Committee Justice Chairman Dick Gordon pointing out that it was cowardice to walk out of the senate inquiry.

Prior to the dramatic turn in the senate inquiry, it was discovered that the witness Edgar Matobato disobeyed the senate committee’s order to attend the inquiry and that De Lima failed to properly notify the committee that Matobato had charged by the National Bureau of Investigation for the 2002 kidnapping with ransom of Pakistani national Sali Makdum.

Previously, Matobato had claimed that he and other members of the Davao Death Squad had abducted Makdum, a Pakistani national, on Samal Island and killed him for being a terrorist.

Not being a lawyer, it appears to me as if Matobato was coached into making false allegations that President Rodrigo Duterte had ordered the kidnapping and eventual killing of Makdum.

Could he have been offered to go scot free from the kidnap for ransom case filed by the NBI against him in exchange for falsely accusing Duterte?

And while I’m speculating here, let me also mention another news article titled Davao cop claims De Lima offered to help him in admin case, suspects Nograles-Duterte rift tied to it” could possibly indicate how a witness like Matobato could be motivated to appear at a senate inquiry.

Testifying before the Senate justice committee, SPO3 Enrique “Jun” Delos Reyes Ayao raised an incident in May 2009 wherein he was approached by a male staff of De Lima after attending a public inquiry in Davao on the so-called Davao Death Squad (DDS).

The inquiry was held by the Commission on Human Rights (CHR), which De Lima chaired then.

“Sinabi niya sa’kin na gusto niya i-discuss namin yung development sa pagka-tanggal ko…Kinuha yung cellphone number ko at in-advise niya ako na mag-expect ng call from her in a few days,” Ayao narrated.

Ayao said days later, he recevied a call from De Lima, telling him that “she wanted to talk to me confidentially in a discreet place.”


The thing with testimonial evidence is that these are not only tested in so many ways, but they must at times be corroborated or supported by other evidence.

The whole thing with Matobato’s testimony as I previously pointed out was that it is eerily similar to a negative publicity ploy where someone files a complaint at the Ombudsman’s office against a public official and with unusual speed, stories are published in newspapers that are almost completely based on the still unexamined complaint.

This is a case of an unfair journalism where bare allegations are given the appearance of evidence of wrongdoing even before the proper judicial body rules on the merits of the allegations.

During the hearing, Senator Allan Peter Cayetano explained the damage done by Matobato’s inconsistent and uncorroborated testimony.

I think the committee can forgive, the PNP can forgive, the Filipino people can forgive, that we were taken for a ride here. But mister chair, your self, senator Lacson, in public some of us in private, have told the president, “Sir any statement you made is amplified worldwide”.

But the problem mister chair, let me put on record, because that mister Matobato was allowed here without vetting him and without disclosing that case, BBC, CNN, New York Times, Washington Post… put on their front page, on their TV show that the Philippine president is a mass murderer and put on their front page that the Philippine president fed his enemies to the crocodiles.

That is, may I quote senator Lacson statement, that is toothpaste out of the tube that you cannot put back in. And I am not saying this because the president was my running mate, but because he represents the country.

I don’t know how but I challenge this foreign media, now put on your front page that this witness took you for a ride because you printed it without checking first and cross examining this witness. In fact, some of these publications came out before mister Matobato testified here.


Post Author: Paul Farol

Communications consultant.

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Ben Ben

Too late, the foreign media has already absorbed the lies of the local media unless they have the balls to apologise on national TV for failing to see the 2 sides of the story.

If Dick Gordon with his tandem Bayani Fernando were the ones voted into office, they would have applied themselves so effectively, that people would not have this dire need to vote for someone like Du30. Gordon would have Du30’s resolve, and yet posses the articulation and temperament to handle provocations by certain [mainstream] media reporters. Gordon’s admin would have had their priorities straight. Although Du30 present focus on improvements (as opposed to the priority of BS Aquino—-e.g. persecuting political enemies, bribing for political alliances, getting a “pretend” girlfriend, purchasing a “penis extender” such as a Porsche, too much emphasis on… Read more »
I believed Chairman Gordon is fair. I watched him conduct himself during the previous hearing and I’m convinced that he’s really serious I getting to the bottom of the case at hand. However, since we are all humans we are all susceptible to make mistakes from time to time. And for Chair Gordon to commit one on an important hearing is just unfortunate. All the optics show that Chair Gordon lost self-control and got emotional when he found out the Mr. Matobato is not attending the hearing which was supposed to be a confrontation between Mr. Matobato and those whom… Read more »

I’d think from the start, it was obvious that Matobato was lying. What he’s been saying looks like he was just pulling it from a hat. Too many observers have said that.

And he’s soon to be arrested because he did admit he was a hitman. But not for Duterte. Now he’s about to get cooked in his own oil.

We have to understand that WORLD MEDIA, like the : New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, BBC, etc…sell their news thru , sensational news. The nastier the news, the better… The Aquinos used this kind of false and sensational publicity, to arouse sympathy worldwide against the former Pres. Marcos, Sr. They painted themselves as “victims”. They painted Pres. Marcos Sr., as tyrant, with his Martial Law ! It is the same tactic that the Aquinos and his YellowTards are using. Religion, the Roman Catholic Church, the Academia, the biased newspapers, the TV propaganda machines, false witnesses, etc…all in all :witch… Read more »

Time and again, I’m going to say this bluntly.

The so-called “credible witness” named Edgar Matobato about the so-yellows-call-it Extra-Judicial Killings (EJKs) in the Failippines Senate recently is whom we can call the Failippines version of “Jacob The Liar”.

His handler is “Senator” Antonio “Sonny” Fuentes Trillanes IV. His financier is “Senator” Leila Norma Eulalia Josefa Magistrado de Lima. And the benefactor is “Vice President” Maria Leonor Santo Tomas Gerona (Leni Robredo).

Enough said.

armchair citizen
Just finished watching Day 5 of the Senate hearing on EJKs. You can binge-watch the whole thing here if you haven’t seen it. This is TV gold! There’s a lot to say about Leila de Lima’s maniacal rant and walk-out at the end, so if you can’t wait for that, scroll down to #5 below. Meanwhile, let’s review the highlights that led up to De Lima’s emotional rampage. In the Day 5 episode, the Davao policemen that Edgar Matobato accused of being members of the “Davao Death Squad” appeared at the Senate. Matobato was kept in another room and… Read more »
I notice in the discussion that Sen. Lacson committed a gaffe when he “explained” something about Sali Makdum. Here’s the exchanges: After Chair Gordon insinuated to him that the question he was about to ask was already addressed before this is what Trillanes said 31:09 Trillanes: Yes, Mr. Chairman I won’t dispute that but just like what happen kay Sali Makdum, sabi natin, ‘there’s no such person’ then after a few weeks me biglang lumabas. So…. Lacson: No, your honor I’d like to correct that. There, there’s no such terrorist. In the last hearing this was what Sen. Lacson… Read more »
I wonder why Trillanes’ request for identification was turned down? I think the Committee would have gain some valuable information had they allowed it. If I’m one of the senators I would allow it to find out if Mr. Motabato really knew the names and the person he mentioned in the previous hearing. I’m going to ask him to identify before the Committee the person he mentioned by name and I’ll require him to say all the information he know about such person. What he did together with such person; what place he had been with such person, what transaction… Read more »
“To save time, THE COMMITTEE SKIPPED THE DRAMATIC WITNESS IDENTIFICATION…..” “Trillanes looked pissed. He was desperate to have Matobato say anything correct on TV…..” “But Gordon was right—THE IDENTIFICATION WOULD PROVE NOTHING, except the fact that Matobato knows the Davao policemen exist.” – armchair citizen Most likely, Trillanes realized HE NEEDED TO COACH MATOBATO SOME MORE after he saw the testimonies of the Davao policemen, so he whisked Matobato away to buy extra time for rehearsing before putting him back in play. – armchair citizen Two contradictory statements. 😳 If Trillanes need to coach Matobato some more, why did he… Read more »
Trillanes said he took Matobato out of the Senate for security reasons. But why didn’t he ask Gordon’s permission first? – armchair citizen Why will he ask Gordon’s permission when Matobato was not under the custody of the Committee? He knew Gordon had strict orders for Matobato to stay at the Senate until the hearing was over. Again, since Matobato was not under Chair Gordon’s authority because the Senate did not or refuse or for some reason deny Matobato security, why will Sen. Trillanes submit his security authority over Matobato under Chair Gordon? Trillanes, upon Senate’s failure to provide security,… Read more »

Gnogid, no one’s going to read through your crap you yellow tard. As soon as Delimaw and her gang are found to be ready for jail card, I hope you would put to rest your screwed up thoughts of the matter.