Moving on from “It’s More Dysfunctional in the Philippines”


Tourism is an important sector for the Philippine economy. In 2015, the travel and tourism industry contributed 10.6% to the country’s GDP (wiki). It is as important a pillar as our OFW remittances and BPO industry for keeping our economy humming and ensuring hot pan de sal stays served on Juan’s breakfast table.

With all the damaging publicity that some squealing pigs in the slaughterhouse are generating with all the focus on EJKs, something’s got to be done to salvage our country’s image and suffering sidelined tourism industry. Now here’s some welcome news – the Department of Tourism (DOT) will be changing its marketing slogan next year as a reflection of the new administration’s thrusts.

Why? What was wrong with “It’s more fun in the Philippines”? Well, many foreign tourists around the world actually did bite the bait, only to discover the appalling reality that “It’s more dysfunctional in the Philippines.

Now if you stare at the word “DYSFUNCTIONAL” long enough, you will easily recognize the 3-letter word in the middle which tells a lot about the root cause of the miserable state of this happy-go-lucky laughter-filled nation with its people caught in mental hypnosis by its mind-dumbing mesmerizing clowning-around local media. Many foreign visitors get shortchanged and feel bad about being tricked into a scam in trying out this so-called “fun” country.

It’s time to move on. Having such dysfunctional infrastructure, communication, and transport systems turns out to be not so funny after all. The idea of focusing on seeking one’s own delight at the expense of placing priority on the general welfare and safety of the people no longer sits well with the current administration as well as the 90% of Filipinos who approve of the Du30 brand of management. It’s time for a cool change, but a change to what?

What Attracts Tourists?

When I go about traveling abroad, one of the best tests and surest signs of a functional country is a tourist’s ability to navigate from point A to B without the need to ask anybody questions. Is there an information bulletin map on display when you walk out of the station or airport? Are there color-coded arrows and signboards all around? How easy is it to find the toilet?

The last thing tourists want after a long-haul body-stiffening plane ride is to go out of the airport puzzled about what to do while being swarmed by flies offering all sorts of scams when all he really wants is to simply first relax at the hotel. There’s just a soothing feeling to get out into a new world with the warm assurance things will be working out smoothly as you anticipate the adventure that awaits you.

Each visiting tourist creates jobs for Filipinos. Every hotel room constructed creates two direct and two indirect jobs. We need to make sure they are stress-free and satisfied, or better yet come back hauling a bunch of relatives and friends along. Their positive experience will be our free marketing arm when they get back to their home countries. A friend of mine overheard a tourist on the plane flying back to their first-world country saying that their trip to the Philippines was the worst experience ever.  Another set of visiting friends from abroad said that they were so happy every time they stumbled across Jollibee while travelling around the country, as they can all finally get to go to a decent toilet. What does that say about our public utilities?

Rapid Response, Relentless Improvement

First impressions last. That’s why the international gateway into the country should be at its best.

The past condition of NAIA (aka MIA) hit rock bottom during the BS Aquino administration with fellow incompetent bozos running the show. In the recent article Aviation black hole no more :

Apparently, we are known in aviation circles as a black hole in the region. All our neighbors have sophisticated satellite based communication and navigation systems while we relief on an outdated and often non-operational land-based radar system.  …

Mar, and later Jun Abaya, sat on the project for two years. They claimed they were reviewing the contracts for the Communications, Navigation, Surveillance and Air Traffic Management (CNS/ATM) system that Sec Ping (who Noynoy fired) already cleared for implementation. In the meantime the old system they were using was always “dying” and if working, some of its monitors were blinking.

Thankfully, Someone up above must have had some mercy reserved for the Filipino people and its many visitors – in squeezing out much of the sickening putrid yellow pus out of our institutions. Under the new Duterte administration, the new navigation system is finally almost done at over 90 percent completion.

This brings us to some vital lines of code in the Creed of Winners: Time is gold. Relentless improvement drives success.

President Duterte is a man of lightning-speed action who has zero tolerance for sluggards in government content on the status quo, or even having his customers made to wait in lines. Acting fast to accelerate progress in this country will work wonders. In fact, teaming up with fellow fast-growing China (Duterte’s strategy) can turn the tide around by bringing in functionality into our national culture/psyche and much needed infrastructural investments.

For sure, Filipinos will again come up with some catchy slogan to market our should-have-been attractive country to potential tourists around the world. Let’s just hope it lives up to the claim this time.


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Zealous revolutionary advocate of bringing back common sense for the common good in a land of dysfunctional and delusional zombies.

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Good points, zaxx. Philippines encourages tourism and has a lot to offer, but Visa on arrival is only 21 days. Every day “overstayed” is a penalty, extending a visa is a 1/2 day spent at immigration and a fee. If every day a tourist stays and pays is an added boost to the economy, make it easier for them to do it. My guess is, fees and fines are divided as per Official Corruption Protocols. Hopefully a phone call from DU30 can improve that policy. Re: changing the “Slogan”, try a simple “Welcome Home”, even for first time visitors. It’s… Read more »
GOODLUCK. Shitty service, ‘college graduate’ waitresses that can’t get an order right, stupid owners and/or managers who think foreign tourists should be milked or bilked, receptionists that behave like they are doing you a favour letting you stay in their shitty turd world hotting with fucked plumbing, dumb noisy staff, scamming taxi drivers, security guards, on McDonalds, grocery stores and anything else turning ix your airport, your infrastructure…whatever….What you need to fix is Filipino attitude. Am I being hard? biased by experience? NO. Read between the lines from people with any experience with Philippines, talk them…it’s a tourist shithole and… Read more »

Make it a habit to give yourself enough reasons to relentlessly push forward with a high level of enthusiasm. You are more mentally stronger than you could ever possibly imagine.

Robert Haighton
Most foreign tourist going to the Philippines will enter the Philippines through an airport. Making that airport a-state-of-the-art building is nice. But then what? – No metro/underground/sub going from Mactan-Cebu International Airport (CEB) straight to Cebu City. – Taxi drivers that may con you by not using the meter. – Jeepneys not built for tall people (and thus hitting their heads) – Jeepneys that cant bring you from CEB to Cebu City due to constraints of legalities/city-borders (Mandaue City, Mactan, Cebu City) – No city buses whatsoever. You can make an ugly girl (MIA) pretty and hot again but pls… Read more »
News about the ISIS Abu Sayaff , beheading of kidnapping foreigners, for ransom, travel fast … Who would want to be kidnapped or beheaded ? Along with the lack of good facilities, like sanitary public toilets in our country. I just talked to a “Balikbayan” who visited our country. He told me : “there are no toilet papers in any public toilet”…” you have to bring your own toilet paper, while traveling in our country”… Tourists are also pestered by Pimps, offering sex services , to tourists ! Some of those prostitutes are just children or young teenagers… Words… Read more »

The quality of the hotels is also a serious issue for tourism. Apart from major centres like makati and Cebu there really isn’t much up to western standards. I live in the Philippines and all our family holidays are abroad because of this. What is on offer in places like Vietnam and Thailand for between 100 and 200 dollars per night plus the cheap cost of flights is much better than what we can find locally.

my best travel experiences in Australia have been at YHA (Youth Hostel Associations) which I doubt you have here; way better than YMCA, it’s a European concept which lets tourists of modest means have an enriching experience without getting ripped off, it’s a basically do-it-yourself concept, make your own brekky and other meals in the communal kitchen or enjoy low cost meals in their canteen etc. In the Philippines, staying with friends and family members makes life that much more enjoyable, even the humble hospitality of people living in a nipa hut! As for CRs – best story I ever… Read more »
Going to the Philippines is not easy. I remember my first trip landing in Tacloban, and people were staring at me like I have 6 horns coming out of my head; people stare. One cab driver was hovering around me like a fly on tae. As a foreigner I felt out-of-place and “on display.” The roads are few and people drive like there are no rules. It’s hard to figure out where the fuck you’re going, unless the person with you knows. There is a legitimate risk of hepatitis and water-born diseases; this in part because handwashing and basic hygiene… Read more »

No toilet paper in the Philippines? Well, why still go here? You can go and enjoy life in other countries like Syria of Afghanistan? 😄

If you are looking for comfort, satisfaction and happiness, forget the Philippines.

You might want to look at this list and pick your choice of a country where you can spend the rest of your life in total bliss.

Ben Ben

I’m better off going to the “Sin City” (Pasay City) with cheap beers and cute girls than listen to another Flip Pride bullshit.

Jim DiGriz

Most of the people I know who did not come for the ladies told me that they will never come back.

The Philippines is a tourism disaster.

It only attracts gamblers & sex tourists, now mostly from Korea. The Philippines is not only totally disorganized, but far too expensive compared to other Asian destinations.


You cracked me up at the part of Jolibee having a “decent toilet” haha!