Demonizing political enemies is a tradition of the Aquino gov’t that De Lima was a part of


After being ousted as chairman of the Senate Justice Committee, Leila De Lima is, predictably, playing the victim card, claiming that she no longer “feels safe”…

De Lima said she was not confident whether Philippines security agencies would protect her.

“Can I rely on the government and (Philippines National Police) for safety or (National Bureau of Investigations) for my security? Can I rely on the (Armed Forces of the Philippines) to give me security? What is my choice?”


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But in issuing a blanket indictment of all of the Philippines’ state security and law enforcement agencies, De Lima merely puts up a mirror to her own face. The Philippines’ police and National Bureau of Investigation (NBI), after all, constitute components of a system that De Lima was, herself, a key part of — over the term of her former boss, former President Benigno Simeon ‘BS’ Aquino III and even beyond that in various posts in previous governments.

It may fly right over De Lima’s head but it is ironic that De Lima would not trust a system that, for six long enough years, she had every opportunity to reform.

Now, as a Philippine senator, De Lima has even more opportunity at her disposal, this time as a legislator whose job it is to craft laws and propose improvements to existing laws. But what is De Lima doing with her precious time as senator instead? We’ve been seeing it all on TV and on our social media timelines in recent weeks. De Lima chooses to waste her taxpayer-funded time in the Senate to organise these circuses and perform tele-dramas before the cameras.

To begin with, it is hard to see what aid to legislation the probe into those alleged “extrajudicial killings” (EJKs), will deliver. Is De Lima going to take ownership and follow through with a legislative agenda that takes into full account what lessons (if any) are learned from her EJK probe? That remains to be seen. Many observers doubt that there is any bigger purpose to De Lima’s EJK probe beyond it being a mere channel through which anti-Duterte rhetoric is broadcast.

The trouble with Yellow camp politicians like De Lima is they remain disinclined to shedding their now-tired old penchant for painting the police as the enemy and the Establishment as a usual suspect. That sort of stance sounds ok when one only has street rallies as a means to exert influence. But when one is a Philippine Senator (or even, once, a Justice Secretary), making demons of state forces and state institutions becomes moronic at best. As Senator, De Lima should act the part — that of a Philippine Government official.

Her latest stunt, inviting the United Nations to investigate EJKs and demanding that Malacanang accede to this — what is tantamount to a meddling in Philippine domestic affairs by an international body — is nothing short of an affront to the mandate granted to her by the Filipino voters…

De Lima’s resolution said the call for the investigation by the United Nations came amid perceptions “that our local institutions of law enforcement and justice, including domestic mechanisms of accountability of public officials appear to be either inadequate, compromised or weak.”

She said the Philippine National Police and the National Bureau of Investigation “cannot be expected to even initiate—much more sustain—an independent investigation into the killings.”

De Lima should ask herself this confronting question: Whose fault is it that things are today as she had described above? Most Filipinos know the answer. And it is that knowledge of the answer to that important question held by a big enough section of the electorate that catapulted current President Rodrigo Duterte to power in the 2016 elections. It’s time De Lima and her ilk learn how to handle The Truth.

[Photo courtesy ABS-CBN News.]

21 Replies to “Demonizing political enemies is a tradition of the Aquino gov’t that De Lima was a part of”

  1. Let’s see. She had 6 years to hammer the system into shape, as she and her Liberal Party, under BS Aquino’s administration, had the power at their disposal to do practically whatever they wanted (even get away with crimes). But, they chose to squander their resources, time, & power to persecute political enemies & exploit both local & foreign media connections—-to spread half-truths & poison the wells for their partisan political gain.

    Du30 hasn’t had his 100 days in office yet, but De Lima is now blaming him for the wreckage she and her previous admin left this newly installed government? De Lima’s belligerence knows no bounds! From playing the Devil’s advocate to being the Devil’s flesh-and-blood personification herself, she wastes no time being hell’s darling—-demons would be stepping over each other just to get her autograph!

    1. Du30 hasn’t had his 100 days in office yet, but De Lima is now blaming him for the wreckage she and her previous admin left this newly installed government?

      What makes this more hilarious and more frustrating is the fact that even towards the end of BS Aquino’s term, they still kept blaming the previous administration for their woes.

      What really nailed the coffin on this party is their obvious hypocrisy. Maybe more people would sympathize with their cause (e.g. advocating for due process, anti-character assassination, etc) if they themselves didn’t resort to the same actions they are now condemning.

  2. Her defensive strategy is all fluff and drama.Publicity stunts at best.
    She couldn’t even give a substantial and rational defense given all that press coverage.

  3. De Lima can ask her lovers, to protect her. Or, she can add more lovers, to protect her…

    Her former lovers were dangerous criminals in the Bilibid Prison…she was not afraid of them. It is now laughable, that she is now pretending to be afraid of people to murder her.

    Did she ever think, when she was sneaking into the “Kubol” of Jaybee Sebastian, for sex, that Jaybee Sebastian could murder her ?

    Calling the United Nation for any EKJ investigation will never work. The United Nation is a toothless agency. It cannot even prevent murders, killings in : Iraq, Syria , Yemen, Afghanistan, Lybia, Nigeria…etc…
    It cannot even prevent the ISIS Caliphate in using/selling infidel women as sex slaves …

    The United Nation cannot even prevent Kim Jung Un, from exploding and testing his atomic bombs; and his rockets, pointed to Japan, U.S.A., etc…

    Anyway, De Lima won her seat in the Senate, by HOCUS PCOS, like Leni Robredo…let us remove them both…to make our country safe !

    She thinks that her “victim card” would work…”Lumang tugtugin na yan, De Lima”…find other ways to gain sympathy…maybe you can do another pornograpic video , with those criminals!

  4. Demonizing each other is a major part of the Filipino culture to make themselves look good and to get what they want; it defines who they are, what they do to each other, and how they destroy their country. Filipino “Crab” mentality at its best.

    1. Aquino, Mar Roxas, and De Lima did demonizing to their political enemies.

      All of them are just getting the taste of their own medicine ! KARMA at work !

      1. Karma doesn’t work that way. Karma is not based according to our definition of what is good or bad, rewards or punishments. What is good today may be bad tomorrow, and vice versa; therefore, Karma cannot be interpreted according to the dynamics of how we define it.

        Instead, Karma is a set of thoughts and actions that we create in the present moment, that will be the precedence of how future generations will live their lives. If you create a legacy of good, it will plant the seed of goodness for the future; it’s the same with creating a legacy of bad.

        As far as the Philippines is concerned, the seeds of bad legacies must have been planted by Filipinos of several lifetimes ago. Now the people today are reaping the harvest of all those bad seeds, experiencing Karma of those seeds, and re-planting them for future generations to reap.

        That is how Karma works.

  5. -De Lima can ask her lovers, to protect her. Or, she can add more lovers, to protect her…

    -Her former lovers were dangerous criminals…
    she was sneaking into the “Kubol” of Jaybee Sebastian, for sex…

    -De Lima”…find other ways to gain sympathy…maybe you can do another pornograpic video , with those criminals!

    -De Lima won her seat in the Senate, by HOCUS PCOS – Hyden

    Frankly, I don’t know what to make of those allegations. I mean, do we really have to stoop down to that level to attack and criticize? I’m sure Sen. De Lima is not perfect and people can cite some of her faults especially those that are related to her function as an administration official back then and as a senator now.

    I expect somebody who claimed this about himself

    I work in Technical and Scientific fields, here in the U.S. I deal with Scientific and Technical facts, everyday…I know how to : discern, observe, perceive and arrive at facts and truth. I am educated and experienced in this field… – Hyden

    to practice what he claimed and show that he really is telling the truth about himself. That as an educated person he really exercise discernment and caution especially when alleging and accusing another person.

    I don’t think it is too much to ask to, at least, give this blog a modicum of respect. I’m sure the administrator here did not open this space just to accommodate anyone who wants puke and vomit and defecate here whenever they want.

    We can criticize and criticize harshly, why not, but let’s not insult the members/posters by putting up a feces-like posts and expect an inspiring and interesting response which will expand the conversation.

    Terrible. ????

    1. @gnogid:

      gnogid comment:

      “Frankly, I don’t know what to make those allegation…”


      A YellowTard idiot like you should go to the Congress, to defend De Lima. Ask Sec. Aguirre, and tell him in the investigation. These are all allegation…

      1. @gnogid:

        gnogid comment –

        “We can criticize and criticize harsly…”

        Answer –

        You are envious on me, because you are just a paid hack of Aquino.
        Ask BenignO, that you are taking over the GRP website; and you can put your YellowTard rules, on the bloggers. Dimwit YellowTard !

  6. Calling the United Nation for any EKJ investigation will never work. – Hyden
    The United Nation is a toothless agency. It cannot even prevent murders…
    It cannot even prevent the ISIS Caliphate…
    The United Nation cannot even prevent Kim Jung Un…

    How can an investigation(?) be connected to prevention? If the UN comes in, and granting the insinuation is correct, it investigates and found some basis for EJK, how can it exercise prevention?

    And if it is indeed a toothless agency who cannot prevent anything, doesn’t it make more sense to allow it to come since there is really no risk? ????

    1. @gnogid:

      gnogid comment –

      “How can an investigation (?) be connected to prevention ?”

      Answer :

      Figure it out yourself, Dimwit YellowTard. answer the question yourself !

  7. Delima is fighting a desperate fight. It is karma engulfing her that no matter what, she isn’t going to win. Looking back for what the previous administration squandered and its abused of power, in which she was a major participant, isn’t her cup of tea. I do not wonder then, why she isn’t winning sympathy from a lot of people. That’s indeed is the real problem.

  8. I strongly suggest we bring GMA into the cabinet, give the First Gentleman a position also, make Jojo Binary secretary of Treasury, too bad we can’t do a nothing for the late Corona, but we can appoint Mrs Corona a Supreme Court seat, and whilst at it, let’s promote all the judges who favour the reinstatement of the Aguinaldo Doctrine. Hech let’s paint the town red to teach the yellows a lesson.

  9. I work in Technical and Scientific fields, here in the U.S. I deal with Scientific and Technical facts, everyday…I know how to : discern, observe, perceive and arrive at facts and truth. I am educated and experienced in this field… – Hyden

    Based on the lousy, hearsay, one-sided, gossip-based posts put up by the guy who made that statement, it’s confirmed that it’s all a lie.

    1. gnogid:

      Ginogid comments –

      “It’s confirmed , that it’s a lie.”


      You don’t even know me , YellowTard idiot…
      then, you conclude ?

      1. You don’t even know me – Hyden Toro

        Really? Well, at least I have basis why I said that. Here, enjoy and refresh your memory bragging about “yourself”.

        I work in Technical and Scientific fields, here in the U.S. I deal with Scientific and Technical facts, everyday…I know how to : discern, observe, perceive and arrive at facts and truth. I am educated and experienced in this field… – Hyden Toro

        Sinungaling ka Hyden Toro Boy! : )

  10. I have an honest question and I think this is the latest correct article where it would fit.

    I do not agree with show an alleged sex video in a congressional inquiry/hearing no matter who it is. It is just wrong on so many levels.

    However, I am wondering why no congressman, not even the chair/vice chair of the committee has mentioned or raised this formally like this:
    “The committee is requesting to view an alleged video. However, in light of the explicit nature of the said video, a motion is requested for the Sergeant at Arms to view the video inside the Congress in private to check timestamps if possible where we see the 2 people in the video where there is still no nudity. Should the Sergeant at Arms determine a timestamps between A to B where it is safe for viewing by the committee (either in public or in exec session) then we shall only view that portion but no splicing or extracting of the segment shall be done to avoid any claims of alteration. Should the Sergeant at Arms not find any portion of the video which is safe to be viewed then we will not view it in the committee. Sergeant at Arms is instructed to sign non-disclosure to any one of what is being requested, except what is being requested of him.
    Please note that if the underwear is seen, that does not count as nudity yet in this request.”

    It saves everyones face in the sense that no one is too eager to watch a “Sex video”. But if a safe segment is found, then the committee can be left to determine for themselves whether or not the people in the video are the ones being pointed to as stated repeatedly.

    You can replace the sergeant at arms with someone else but I don’t know who else to put who could be neutral to most peoples eyes.

    1. We don’t even need to watch the damned video as it can’t be used as evidence. However as a smear campaign material, it is very powerful. And by the looks of it, that is exactly the kind of play being used against De Lima. Now she knows what it feels when that type of low-ball crap is used against her. But even so, I’m disappointed at the Duterte administration for this stunt. This is no different from the dastardly strategy of the LP to demonize their enemies. So much for “change is cum—er, coming.”

  11. This video of Leila de Lima’s epic meltdown at the Senate the other day should be submitted to the Journal of Psychology.

    It’s rare scientific documentation of a sociopath cracking under pressure and dropping her mask. You can even see her persona switch from “disente” to deranged then back again in a matter of minutes. (The craziest part is in -27:35 to -22.05.)

    What made De Lima snap?

    De Lima held this press con just a few hours after that Bilibid stabbing incident that left drug lord Tony Co dead, drug lord Peter Co in critical condition, and drug-lord-cum-De-Lima-“asset” Jaybee Sebastian injured. While the police were still investigating the crime scene, De Lima was already telling the press that the stabbing was part of the government’s efforts to force inmates to testify against her.

    Why was she so defensive? Why was she so strung out? Could it be because Peter Co and Jaybee Sebastian survived?

    Witnesses at the House probe on Bilibid have linked De Lima and her driver-lover to the transactions of Co and Sebastian. Regardless of who was responsible for the stabbing, there’s no denying who would benefit if Co and Sebastian are suddenly eliminated.

    De Lima’s press con was a preemptive strike, one of her signature propaganda moves. Whenever she’s about to come under fire, she throws the heat on someone or something else to insulate herself.

    For instance, since she knew Duterte was hellbent on investigating the Bilibid drug trade, De Lima launched her EJK inquiry early, so she could claim political persecution by the time her name surfaced in the Bilibid probe.

    De Lima also unleashed Edgar Matobato several days before the Bilibid inmates were going to testify about her drug links at the House hearing, so she could claim that their testimonies were in retaliation for Matobato’s testimony.

    Now, De Lima preemptively held a press con on the stabbing incident so she could float her narrative in advance, and she even filed a Senate resolution asking for an investigation, so people would not suspect her. Unfortunately, the only thing her press con proved was her deteriorating mental state.

    De Lima stood in front of the seal of the Senate of the Philippines and raved like a madwoman, babbling about people urging her to seek political asylum abroad and an “A1 source” sending her text messages about inmates being tortured. Ironically, the only one who looks tortured these days is De Lima herself, not the inmates who seem to be relishing the opportunity to expose how her “asset” Jaybee and her minions extorted money from them.

    De Lima thinks of herself as a human rights heroine with all her talk about political asylum. But the only asylum that comes to mind when you watch her go berserk in this video is the insane asylum.

    De Lima is not the only one losing her mind. The Liberal Party and Leni Robredo are also going on overdrive with statements warning the House not to play De Lima’s alleged sex video. Don’t they realize that the more they do this, the more they confirm the authenticity of the video? If the video was fake, it wouldn’t matter if it was played, right? In fact, playing it would be the fastest way to discredit it. But why are they so afraid? Is it because the video is real?

    I doubt the House committee really meant to play that video publicly. They were testing the waters to see the reaction, and now they have it. Yellows outplayed once again.

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