De Lima’s ouster and Trillanes’s apology: Bullying and mudslinging no longer tolerated in the Senate


Senator Leila De Lima is finding out the hard way that, in politics, it is better to be likeable than to be “right”. This is after sixteen of her colleagues voted to remove her from the chairmanship of the Senate Justice Committee. De Lima, after all, is a newbie, yet her demeanour of late outsizes her tenure.

Consider the way she disrespected Senator Alan Peter Cayetano today by walking out as he delivered his privilege speech…

In a privilege speech, Cayetano said: “Senator De Lima, in her desire to destroy the President, is destroying the integrity and reputation of the Senate.”

“Worse, damaging the image of our country and people worldwide,” Cayetano, a close ally of Duterte, said. Cayetano was the vice-presidential candidate of Duterte in the 2016 national elections.

Her excuse? She “could no longer stand” Cayetano’s speech.

It is behaviour unbecoming of a Philippine Senator whose job it is to keep a steady head on her shoulders while under fire during heated Senate sessions — par for the course in any legislative assembly. Rather than follow procedure to address Cayetano’s statements, de Lima chose to make her own rules saying during a brief interview following the incident, “I’m gonna deliver a privilege speech tomorrow instead of confronting him…”

Cayetano, of course, is a veteran Philippine senator having served in the Senate since 2007. Thus it is quite rich that De Lima the Newbie would not accord the senior senator a bit more deference.

Interestingly enough, it was another newbie, Senator Manny Pacquiao who instigated De Lima’s ouster from the Justice Committee and successfully saw it through

Sixteen senators voted in favor of Pacquiao’s motion, four were against it while two abstained.

The four who voted against the motion were Drilon, Hontiveros and Senators Bam Aquino and Francis “Kiko” Pangilinan.

Drilon, Aquino and Pangilinan are members of the Liberal Party, while Hontiveros belongs to the Akbayan partylist group but she ran under the LP-led slate during the last May 2016 elections.

Perhaps because of his more extensive experience in the Senate compared to De Lima’s, “senator” Antonio Trillanes exhibited a bit of foresight earlier when he apologised to Cayetano for his behaviour during last Thursday’s Justice Committee session. In that session Trillanes threatened to block whatever “move” Cayetano was planning to make during the session to interpolate star witness Edgar Matobato.

During a Senate hearing on extrajudicial killings on Thursday, Trillanes told Cayetano, “hindi kita papopormahin,” [I won’t let you make your move] angering the latter. Cayetano retaliated and said “Senador ako ah… Binoto ako ng taumbayan.” [I’m a Senator, voters elected me.]

De Lima, however, remains unapologetic with regard to her un-senatorial behaviour and, instead, went on to suggest that President Rodrigo Duterte was squarely behind her ouster from the Justice Committee. This further adds insult to the already serious injury to her stature as a senator. Rather than take accountability for her schoolgirl-level political posturing and her astounding lack of self-awareness as she went about running roughshod over her colleagues’ sensibilities during the committee sessions she led, De Lima plays that all-too-familiar victim card.

It is a noteworthy development that good behaviour now seems to be winning in the Senate now that the Liberal Party is no longer in power. Where, previously, Trillanes’s style of bullying and De Lima’s shameless using of the Senate as a grandstand for her vendetta against her enemies was regarded as normal, these developments prove that change is indeed coming.


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Getting LP hounds in strategic political positions, I believe, was originally not only meant to safeguard the interests of their oligarchic backers & the “status quo”, but also to defend BS Aquino in case the succeeding administration (the current one) pursues him for crimes (PDAF, etc) & “mishaps” (Mamasapano, etc) he committed during his term. The LP attack dogs seem to be oblivious to the changing political climate & have underestimated the current administration’s popular support—-They have been too aggressive & premature with their methods.

De Lima is the most corrupt politician/government official, I have ever seen; since I have been following Philippine politics. She is shameless; with elephantine skin; full of ego; and the utmost political opportunist. Her winning her senatorial position, is even , in question. She used her position in the Senate, to present, a Stinking False Witness, with exaggerated testimony. She used her position, as Secretary of Justice , to become rich, as Drug Lord protector. Shabu Drugs proliferated under her tenure, as Secretary of Justice…Bilibid Prison, became the Shabu Mfg. Co. It became also the center of Shabu distribution !… Read more »
“change is indeed coming” Uh-huh. Well hindi mo ako sinagot noong huling beses kaya susubukan ko ulit. 1) Does the Philippines want foreign investment and tourism or no? 2) Does the recent 5% decline in the USD/PHP exchange rate indicate anything about the image of the country abroad and the economic development of the country? 3) Is it acceptable for a person to be shot by police based solely on the officer’s assertion that the victim was a drug dealer, with the full approval of the country’s president? 4) Do police officers ever make mistakes or act from improper motives?… Read more »
practical observer
The overwhelming vote to remove Leila de Lima as chair of the Senate committee on justice is shaking up the yellow media. They’re getting so desperate they can’t think rationally anymore. They’re giving De Lima so much air time, people around me are tuning out every time she comes on. We know what’s coming next. The yellow media will turn De Lima into a martyr and claim that she was removed as committee chair to stop Matobato from testifying further. The yellow media will portray the clownish Matobato as a star witness, and act like his inane claims have not… Read more »
Dick S. O'Rosary

My circle of Atenean friends were predictably all tweeting about the “death of democracy” yesterday. Go figure. =/

Is ‘change’ really happening or is it just really more of the same game of politics that has been with us since we can remember? What happened to Sen. De Lima has happened before every time a political stablemate of whoever is in Malacanang, by sheer force of number, decides to force out anyone who antagonizes the leadership of the party in power. To see Sen. Manny Pacquiao in a robotic fashion moved to declare as vacant the chairmanship and entire membership of the Senate Justice and Human Rights Committee is to see how our politicians play hardball politics when… Read more »

Those Failipino politicians who-call-themselves “zealots and righteous” have often been prepared to ride roughshod over due process and basic considerations of fairness when they think they can get away with it. For them the ends always seems to justify the means. That is precisely how their predecessors came to create the Failippines version of the gulag.


Oh, so now they have standards.

If we’re lucky, these fruitless exercises “in aid of legislation” will end soon.


All this “in aid of legislation” mumbo jumbo should be thrown into the trash bin; our senators should be made to perform what they were voted and paid for – to create laws that will boost job creation and economic development.

Media should just be barred from Senate sessions so these opportunists don’t use the senate as a venue for grandstanding and getting media coverage. Image if the discussion of the Knights of the round table on tactical decisions on outsmarting an incoming foe was broadcasted live for all the world to know;


Good riddance!

It is easy for her to fight Duterte and other political opponents but doesn’t fight drug lords and drug pushers.

yellowed out GRP reader
yellowed out GRP reader
The yellow media now want to declare martial law on social media. They want Sec. Martin Andanar to investigate netizens who criticized reporters who passed on inaccurate and biased information about President Duterte to the foreign media. This is truly hilarious, even by the standards of the ultra-moronic National Union of Philippine Journalists. The “defenders of freedom of speech” can’t take it that netizens are throwing their sh*t back at them, so they cry and tattle to mommy. Suck it up, guys. You don’t have a monopoly of “freedom of speech” anymore. A new world has evolved out there.… Read more »
yellowed out GRP reader
yellowed out GRP reader

P.S. ABS-CBN still calls it the “alleged” NBP drug trade, even after all the shabu, cash, weapons, and cellphones that have been unearthed by the police from the raids at the national penitentiary.

But when ABS-CBN reports on the accusations of a discredited joke-witness like Matobato against Duterte, they don’t bother to say “alleged”.

Jojo Mart Solis
These De Lima and Trillanes, I believe, deserve to be admonished. As a matter of fact, they should be subjected, via a resolution, under the Senate Ethics committee. Trouble with these two guys is the fact that they still carry or have the hang over of the past administration where they lorded it over and acted like spoiled brats and continue to manifest the same attitude without an iota of shame. De Lima’s attempt to destroy President Duterte via her fake witness is, to my mind, an obvious effort to paint the President as a leader of a gang who… Read more »
Chris Espiritu
To understand how Sen. De Lima thinks is simply to understand the meaning of her name: D – esperadong E – litistang L – umalaban sa I – nang Bayan at M – akatwirang A – Adminsitrasyon Need do i say more?
Ofelia Harvey

The world will judge Duterte based on what he says and what is seen on Philippine news regarding police killing poor looking Filipinos in the streets and in their homes while they are sleeping.

Kid Dynamo

I saw that Trillanes move to that way, the moment i read the news that he “apologize” I was like:-

“Wala ka pala, eh” 🙂

Further to that, he abstained from voting (for) keeping Delima as Committee Chair. Di man lang bumoto for moral support.

Danny P. Dela Cruz
Thank God, DeLima was removed in the Chairmanship of the Committee of Justice and Human Rights. The whole peace loving Filipinos are rejoicing. Trillanes should be slapped with suspension for unethical and unbecoming attitudes. Now,how about DeLima’s reactions in the on going Drug Prolifirations at the Bilibid Prisons. DeLima should attend the hearing to clear her name. DeLima, harapin mo ang mga alegasyon sa iyo… which wala ka ng reputasyong tinatago…milyong milyong kinita mo sa Droga, ayon sa mga Testigo na dati mong kaalyado…Ang taong bayan ay gising na DeLima. Nasaan ang tapang mo ngayon. Thank God for what is… Read more »
From hacker group anonymos
From hacker group anonymos
Drug testing using urine. only used knitting sample. ie deciding now we take drug tests on all our workers or inmates. NOT THIS PLANNED drug test where you yourself REQUESTS OR ANY SAY ABOUT TWO DAYS OR NEXT WEEK SO DUTERTES IS NOT CLEAR FROM THIS. IT will be done on independent basis and when no one knows All in europe and usa knows this and PAOLO DUTERTE TOO It is common knowledge that people are cheating with urine samples during drug screenings. There are so many ways that any tampering with a urine sample. The goal is obviously to… Read more »
From hacker group anonymos
From hacker group anonymos

Duterte’s two sons previously abused drugs, and the Mayor
channeled his anger over his son’s drug use not just against
drug pushers, but also drug users, eventually leading him to
embrace vigilante killings as a means to reduce crime
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Guess who has taken over Leila de Lima’s place on the anti-Duterte international speaking circuit? Watch this video that Leni Robredo made for an international NGO event in Vienna tomorrow. Warning: this will REALLY make your blood boil. If you have vertigo, sit down and take a deep breath before watching. You know what’s really sickening about this video? It’s not even the lies and exaggerations that Robredo is saying about what’s going on in the Philippines and how Pinoys feel about it (as if she’s in any position to speak for the Filipino people, who mostly hate her… Read more »