Leni Robredo has become a victim of her own over-confidence

Current Philippine Vice President Leni Robredo is proving that her detractors are right about her. Even before the recently-concluded Presidential Elections, a lot of people already thought that she is not fit to be Vice President. Her recent statements to the media is not doing much to reverse that impression.

First of all, some people are wondering why she is doing a media blitz at all. She seems to be in the news a lot. If not her regular bus trips going to and from Naga City or her holiday trips overseas, the media would be reporting what she’s wearing to functions. I don’t recall previous Vice Presidents being in the limelight this much. It could have something to do with the fact that both media and Robredo have a lot of time on their hands since President Rodrigo Duterte has not given them much to work with. Or it could be because Robredo seems to be the “darling” of the media at the moment since the latter fell out of favour with Duterte. Either way, nothing significant comes out of her press conferences and media interviews.

Leni Robredo: Is she a victim of her own hubris?
Leni Robredo: Is she a victim of her own hubris?
During a recent interview with Tina Palma, Robredo said she is confident there was no cheating in the last election despite the claims of her closest rival and former Senator Bongbong Marcos. When asked by Palma what her basis is in being confident there was no cheating, she simply said that she is sure because she did not cheat. But when Palma pointed out that the electoral protest filed by Marcos did not cite her specifically – that it was the Commission on Elections and Smartmatic that were cited in the cheating allegations – her answer was a mixture of naiveté and condescension. She reiterated again that she is confident there was no cheating in the last elections. She added it was not possible since the country now uses an automated system. She also said that she finds it ridiculous that she is the only one who would benefit from the electoral fraud:

“Sigurado kasi ako hindi naman ako nandaya. Pero sigurado din akong walang pandadaya,” she said in an ANC Talkback interview that aired Monday.

“Ako kasi, confident ako na walang pandarayang nagawa kasi automated elections ito. Parang napaka-ridiculous na may pandadayang gagawin tapos ako lang ‘yung makikinabang,” Robredo added.

Those who are protesting the election results – and this includes millions of voters who felt disenfranchised for various reasons like not being able to vote in their precincts – did not say that only Robredo benefited from cheating. Marcos’s electoral protest, if investigated properly, could quite possibly expose cheating on a massive scale. It could prove that votes were also shaved from other candidates to favour the candidates allied with the Liberal Party who were said to have allegedly paid criminal syndicates to tamper with election forms and voting machines. After all, part of the complaint filed by Marcos is alleged pre-shading of votes in Mindanao prior to election. Likewise, some whistle-blowers already confirmed that it is not only Robredo who benefited from electoral fraud:

The whistleblower allegeds that not only Roxas and Robredo benefited from their Quezon operations; Senate President Franklin Drilon who topped the Senate race, along with incoming senators Risa Hontiveros and Leila De Lima also did.

They claimed the votes for Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos were taken and encoded for Robredo. Even Senator Grace Poe and other candidates were allegedly robbed of votes which were also encoded for Roxas.

The whistle-blowers’ claims are not too far-fetched. A lot of people were wondering why Drilon got more votes with 18,607,391 than President Duterte’s 16,600,000 votes. The same people were very surprised that Hontiveros and De Lima won seats in the Senate.

Robredo’s confidence that there was no cheating also highlights her arrogance. Prior to Marcos filing his election protest before Presidential Electoral Tribunal (PET), Robredo was implying that Marcos was simply making things up to condition the minds of the public to go against her. But now that Marcos has formalised his complaint, she is still quick to dismiss the allegations. Her attitude reveals that she either did not or has not studied the basis of Marcos’s allegations – the mountain of evidence submitted to the PET. Once again, Robredo is proving she lacks foresight. What if the cheating allegations are proven right? She is putting herself in potentially humiliating situation.

Robredo should at least show concern that there are members of the public who think she benefited from electoral fraud. Dismissing them just makes those people angrier. She probably thinks they are just a product of her detractors. That kind of attitude is so Liberal Party – very dismissive of its critics. Well, she is wrong. A lot of people don’t like her because of her attitude towards cheating allegations. They think she doesn’t care that voters are not free to choose who they want to lead the country. They think she doesn’t care that the country’s democracy has become a sham thanks to criminal syndicates who have taken over the voting system. There is even a Facebook page dedicated to mocking Robredo. Her handlers could be protecting her from these facts, but that won’t help her stay grounded in reality.

Putting the charms on Leni Robredo: President Rodrigo Duterte
Putting the charms on Leni Robredo:
President Rodrigo Duterte
Apart from her lack of foresight, Robredo’s penchant for being a bad judge of character was evident after her brief courtesy call on Duterte in Malacanang Palace. After weeks of waiting for an invite from Duterte, she decided to invite herself over. She claims she just wants to express her support in person. Sure. We believe her. She does not have a choice but to do so lest she wants to stay out of the loop and further alienate herself from the Duterte government over the next six years. But anyway, after meeting Duterte, this was what Robredo had to say:

‘Yung na-meet ko on Friday saka kanina, malayo na doon sa dati kong nakikita sa TV. Malayo doon sa preconceived notions ko about him. Kasi ‘yung dati parang sound and fury eh, nagmumura, madaling magalit, pinapagalitan ‘yung kung sinong nakaka-get his ire. Pero, Friday, kanina, ibang iba. He was very respectful, malumanay magsalita, mina-Ma’am pa nga ako,” Robredo told ANC.

It goes to show that Robredo did not look beyond the hype and negative propaganda against Duterte during the election campaign. That proves that she does not have very good analytical skills. A smart person would have studied Duterte’s tactics during the campaign and see it for what it is – brutal honesty. Meanwhile, someone like Robredo easily got swayed by warnings of “doom” and “gloom” by bleeding heart “liberals”. After all, she is one of them. She now has to eat her words – words if I remember correctly were “It would be difficult to work with Duterte”. Unfortunately, aside from being a victim of her Liberal Party mates who forced her to run even if she didn’t want to, Robredo has become a victim of her own hubris. Someone needs to knock some sense into her.

Robredo seems to be clueless about a lot of things. In another statement, she said she is not yet familiar with tasks involved in heading a big political party like the Liberal Party. Damn. How can Filipinos expect her to lead the country if she can’t even lead a political party? Robredo seems to be expecting the public to “understand” that she is still “learning” as she goes. This is the kind of stuff that makes progress in the Philippines move in a glacial pace. Filipino politicians run for higher office not knowing what to do when they finally win. God forbid something bad happens to Duterte while Robredo is Vice President. Robredo is simply not fit to replace him especially while she is still “not yet familiar with the tasks involved” in her current post.


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Omg. I officially love you. Your article is so on point. Oo nga naman, how can we expect her to lead a country if she doesn’t even know how to run a political party. And she expects the Filipino people to understand because she’s still learning the ropes of her new role? That’s double damn. Aaaaargh!!


Dang, i do hope the electoral protest gets resolved the soonest possible time. It is just soooo hard to trust her. Laylayan, laylayan her foot! Try as she can but she fails to project that she is simple, honest, and intelligent.

To future trolls in this thread, oh well, do your thang (and get slayed) 😂

Another clueless and incompetent woman eyeing the position, of the Presidency. I am confident also, that illegal drugs , are not a problem in our country. Yet, drug dealers and drug traffickers are running around like rats. We have to investigate thoroughly the Electoral Fraud in 2016. Let the chips fall, where it may. Prosecute those who were directly involved in the electoral cheating. Jail all of them ! One of the causes of this electoral cheating is the: Narco Politics, that Aquino, Mar Roxas, the Liberal Party and their cahoots have protected ! The Philippines is the base of… Read more »

Had she just sat back and enjoyed the perks of simply getting paid doing nothing, she’d probably be more likable. Instead we have this pretentious poser who’s a true blue TRAPO utilizing the tried and tested “motherhood” sentiments that’s all too-effective to the equally moronic mob that support that type of crap.


BBM just tasted the bitter pill of his dad. Does he now realize what it means to be cheated? What goes around comes around. Robredo’s denial in cheating is not due to her arrogance but because of her being naive. As you have pointed out”Robredo seems to be clueless about a lot of things.”Cheating could have been done without her knowledge. As she said, she still waits hard evidence to be presented for her to acknowledge cheating. Otherwise she sticks to her assumption of a clean election.

How TH can you get. Ms. KSP decided to “invite herself over” to the Palace. And that picture is on the front page of every leading newspaper. Yellow brains lapping it all up. Everybody now 1, 2, 3….. puke! (no that’s not Tagalog ok) Finally! That’s me alright – yup, WITH the President. In the flesh. Hindi yan Photoshopped ha. Robber-redo is the name; NOT being left out is the game. Pwede ba akong maka-sit-in man lang sa next Cabinet meeting? By the way, magaling ako magtimpla ng kape – Siempre pa … Walang Lason. What’s sneaky cat woman’s favorite… Read more »

i love this article, this is what we all wanted to say about the fake VP! kudos!

Have you guys noticed that she barely adds any intelligent ideas to the provervial plate? She goes on and on about how she was shocked at Duterte’s attitude towards her but as a VP, shouldn’t she be discussing about more serious matters? Like damn woman, we don’t want to hear about how kilig you are towards Duterte. I would’ve loved to hear what her actual (technical) plans are, instead of her sugar-coated promises for the poor. Or at least discuss her ideas on how to help Duterte since that’s what she keeps blabbing about. Maybe if Duterte’s party hear her… Read more »
Paquito Die-Ass

During her inaugural speech as VP(?), she forgot to take a chance to thank those “Lugaw, ice cream and nag-bisekleta supporters” just to support her bid as VP, instead, she gave thanks to a woman pawned a ring just to support her. Millions worth of the ring? Damned!


Overconfidence precedes carelessness.

A good article ,for a change. Up Until the ‘Someone needs to knock some sense into her’ sentence. Telling an audience to disrespect and assualt a Vice President of the country is total disrespect and encouraging a felony. Anyway, Robredo is a product of the sympathy card, well played by the Aquino’s in the past.’Look, my husband died in a plane crash,POOR ME, VOTE FOR POOR ME.’ Filipio’s need not worry about anything bad happening to Duterte because nothing is going to change anyway.If there were going to be changes of any substantial nature the people being gunned down in… Read more »
John Galt

Philippines is in a worst state of idiotocracy (?) & stupidity. When that Smartmatic tech guy tinkered with the Transparency server while the results were being electronically transmitted in PPCRV, in IT practice that nullifies all the counting & violates data security & integrity. Nothing more, nothing less. That action was outright hacking resulting to electoral sabotage. Period

Sorry guys, looks like the party’s over… time to bow to your new Yellow queen. Duterte appoints Robredo as HUDCC chief My question to Du30: WHY? Looks like the “darling of the media” is here to stay -> to fill the headline news each day. Better get used to that gloating smile. At least GRP will have someone to grill in place of the apathetic Yellow grinning boy. She will use this as a platform to get more media coverage. Finally the master-plan to totally eclipse BBM and MOVE ON is all working in her favor. It’s true – kahinaan… Read more »
Carlo de Leon

Great article Ilda, good insights, and well-written.

VP Leni Robredo is indeed naive, condescending, lacks foresight and definitely not prepared to take on the responsibility of replacing President Rodrigo Duterte.


What do you expect from a typical Pinay….what more a Bicolana ! She has the magayot syndrome…a trait of a bicolana eating hot chili pepper that make them too much hot and makati in their woman self …feel running away with wolves….but pretending weak and innocent…but too work up inside ! lol


I couldn’t agree more


What happened to the failed Bonifacio day revolution