5 cops named and shamed, but early days of Duterte’s war on drugs draws mixed reviews


What to make of what’s happening in the Philippines today. Reports of “drug lords”, drug dealers, kidnappers, carjackers, and the like being killed in police operations fill the news. It could be a shortfall in reporting resources deployed by Philippine corporate news organisations that makes facts surrounding these incidents spotty but there seems to be more speculation than actual information on these events flying around all over the Net.

It is, after all, easy to justify killing suspected criminals in crime-weary Philippines. Filipinos have tired of due process and what is perceived as, at best, kids-gloved treatment of crooks by the police and justice system. At worst, Filipinos, now watching bewildered as reports pour in of mass roundups — and killings — of alleged drug dealers and users pour in, begin to suspect that the previous administration under former President Benigno Simeon ‘BS’ Aquino III of tolerating a vast drug trade or, worse, deliberately covering it all up. How, after all, could what seems to be a purge of all this villainy just suddenly erupt after years of relative quiet on this front?

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Manila Times columnist in a 28th June article thinks all that quiet “defintely” points to the Aquino administration likely coddling and protecting drug lords out of “sheer incompetence, or outright complicity.”

Indeed, Tiglao writes…

Such scale of the illegal-drug and crime menace couldn’t have emerged overnight. I can only conclude that President Aquino allowed it to grow during his six years in office. He had hundreds of millions of pesos in confidential funds, and the Presidential Anti-Organized Crime Commission (headed by his executive secretary, Paquito Ochoa), yet did little to fight the drug lords.

On the other hand, it was reported on BusinessWorld Online back in mid-2015 that the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) oversaw the arrest of almost 14,000 individuals from 2010 through 2014. According to the report, over 1,000 were “high-value targets” and more than 2,000 “drug personalities” had been charged. As early as 2011, Ochoa, speaking before the Anti-Illegal Drugs Forum, reported that on-going initiatives to curb illegal drug use and its trade enjoy the backing of the president himself.

So, what is the real score?

Perhaps, indeed, the scale of the illegal drug trade in the Philippines is such that even if law enforcement is applied selectively — favouring, say, elements of the trade that have ties with the powers-that-be and targeting those that lie outside of this sphere of ties — there’d still be enough “arrests” and “charges” of both low and “high profile” personalities to report.

Best case scenario, Duterte is truthful in his assertion that he considers no “friends” in his drive against the illegal drug trade and, therefore, the arrests — and killings — we are seeing today do reflect the long-overdue targeting of elements that, now, have been deprived of the immunity they enjoyed under the previous administration.

Worst case, something that, in these early days, still warrants serious consideration, is that we may simply be seeing a bloody purge as connections with the powers-that-be change. Interestingly enough, some of the five police generals publicly named as being involved in illegal drugs by President Duterte in a speech he delivered during the 69th anniversary of the Philippine Air Force on the 5th of July, are said to be close associates of former Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) Secretary Mar Roxas who also ran for president under the Liberal Party this year.

One of the officers Duterte named, retired Philippine National Police (PNP) director Marcelo Garbo Jr is a staunch Roxas supporter who had only good things to say about the former DILG chief…

“He was the only DILG (Department of the Interior and Local Government) secretary who did not make money out of the PNP. He practically spent more hours with the PNP trying to address crime situation by leading the Lambat Sibat meeting at the PNP national headquarters,” Garbo said, referring to Roxas.

Back in April 2016, Garbo was reportedly seen meeting with “men identified with Liberal Party (LP) standard-bearer Mar Roxas”. According to the PhilStar report, one of the men in the party was former Region 6 Director Bernardo Diaz who was also among those Duterte named.

Given this political angle, it will be best that Duterte leave the fate of these named alleged drug personalities to the devices of due process. Indeed, Duterte had already opened himself to criticism for his use of a public occasion to name and shame these five police officers. Still somewhat rough at the edges it seems. Following Duterte’s impressive inaugural “metamorphosis” there may still need to be some fine-tuning of the approach he takes to making good on his promise to rid the country of the drug scourge. Hopefully, the fine-tuning does not, in any way, dull the sharp edge he applies to fulfilling that promise.

[Photo courtesy Wyoming DailyNews.]

68 Replies to “5 cops named and shamed, but early days of Duterte’s war on drugs draws mixed reviews”

  1. Mar Roxas, Aquino and his cahoots were protecting the Drug Lords and Drug Traffickers. It may be one of the reasons, they committed Electoral Fraud in the 2016 election !

    Bring back the Death Penalty. And, make it a crime punishable by death to traffic illegal drugs, in any way. NARCO POLITICS have already reached our country. It is like Mexico. Where the Police, are in cahoots, with the Drug Lords. Drug Lords offer Police: Death or a lot of money. Now, Mexico can only rely on its Army and its Marines, to enforce its Illegal Drug Laws.

    Another cause is because Aquino is a rich and a powerful Chekwa. So, the Hong Kong Chinese Chekwas and the Mainland China Chekwas, came here in the Philippines: to manufacture , SHABU, and, use the country, as a Center Point in their distribution of the Shabu. It is very convenient for them, because,politicians in high office; high ranking Police ; Generals in the AFP; Mar Roxas; and Aquino’s cahoots protect these Drug Lords, Drug Manufacturers and Drug Traffickers ! We have now the Chinese Triad (Chinese Mafia), operating in our country… We have a serious drug problem …To Hell with Human Rights ! These evil people are now destroying the Philippines !
    This is War !

    1. After reading your entire comment, it sounds like the root of the problem are the corrupt oligarch/elites – and not the drugs themselves.

      I agree Shabu is an awful drug, but what about alcohol… like san mig gin? Why does the government stop at illegal drugs alone?

      1. Because drug cause permanent/lifetime damage addiction vs alcohol thaat you can just sleep it over and piss it out.

    2. it’s about time citizen’s arrest for those connected in drugs. let the people power out on the streets and start arresting them one by one. president Duterte can’t make the change alone he needs his armies, you the citizens of the Philippines.

      Go People Power, you are the LAW.

  2. While the rest of the world realizes the war on drugs was politically motivated and substances like marijuana are found to not only be less harmful then the current legal drugs but actually beneficial its sad to see the philippines take a step into the darkages and start killing people whos biggest crime is wanting to get high.
    Shaboo is a terrible drug yes.
    But is drug enforcement really a police matter?
    Drug use should be allowed if an adult wishes to do so.
    Its not your or my responsibility to tell people what they can or can not do to their own bodies.
    Drugs do not create crime( accept for the fact they themselves are illegal).
    Crime is not a symptom of drugs but a symptom of the war or drugs.
    These are the facts.
    To be happy that people are being murdered without due process for using drugs is very alarming.
    If u r going to take a tough stance on drugs then do not start by enforcing the failed ideals of our past.
    Death penalty is not a deterent.
    It makes drugs more expensive, gangs more agressive and is proven time and time again to be immoral.
    Im wondering how much stress this put on cancer patients and chronic pain patients who are forced to illegally but marijuana because a government refuses to acknowledge the facts surrounding it.
    The idea that drugs are the problem of the filipino society and not a symptom of the diseased culture is like believing cutting off your arm will help heal your foot.
    I do hope you atleast legalize marijuana for medical uses.
    Oh by the way. You are all crazy and unchristian is you think this sort of uncivilized behavior is acceptable in a democratic nation.
    Shame, shame, shame.
    Kill anyone, claim they were a drug user or drug pusher, license to kill.
    Yeah this is going to end poorly

    1. Im sure you think yourself as an intelligent person..so I can’t believe you cannot see the bigger picture here.

      Yes, illegal drugs themselves are not the core problem per se. But it’s the people behind them that’s the real problem. These people with their seemingly infinite amount of money control our country. These people are basically above the law. That’s why our country is so corrupt. Because the real rulers are corrupt and have no respect for the law. These people do as they please. The people close to them do as they please. And we can’t do anything about it because they hold the power.

      I agree with you about the beneficial uses of marijuana. But i disagree with you when it comes to other drugs. Our people are simply too undisciplined to ever let them use meth, ecstasy, and the likes. And you are a fool if you think theae illegal drugs (besides marijuana) don’t add to the criminality in this country. The state shouldn’t interfere with how adults use drugs? Yea, tell that to the people who were victimized by drug users. The men who recently raped two women in a UV Express were admittedly high on shabu. Yea, go tell their families we shouldnt interfere with how adults take illegal drugs.

      I also agree that the lack of due process is alarming. I hope Duterte does something about this. But I can understand his point of view. With the amount of drug dealings in this country, it’s near impossible to finish all the cases in 6 years. I think you fail to realize just how big our drug problem is and how far reaching it is. This isnt just about a couple of adults taking drugs and doing stupid things afterwards. There’s an actual empire behind it now. And this empire includes the people who hold power in this country. Its not us versus drugs. It’s us versus that empire.

      1. Ill say it again but add more information.. The war on drugs causes causes crime.
        Without the war on drugs there would be no designer drugs.
        Designer drugs are manufactured to get people higher then ever.
        Well to maxiumize the profits of the gangs and orginizations in charge.
        If u go to holland you will find it hard to hear about meth or ecstasy.
        They do not enforce the drug law which was forced on them by the un and the usa.
        Same laws that was forced upon this country.
        Marijuana is availsble there and abundant.
        heroin use drops every year per population as it no longer seems anti estiblashment and cool to use.
        Meth is a fucking horrible drug.
        It twists the users mind and screws them up for life.
        No one should use it.
        Addicts once no longer addicts struggle for the rest of their life to find happiness as it basically burns your bodies ability to feel this without meth.
        Gang rape happens in this country without the use of shaboo.
        Happens all the time.
        Are u trying to tell me that this is the first instance of gang rape by a culture.?
        Are u really trying to tell me shaboo is to blame for raping someone?
        Its not to blame nor an excuse as much as being drunk and gang raping a woman is an excuse.
        30 years ago when that australian woman was gang raped in the davao prison, you know the one Duterte made a gang rape joke about, are you telling me they were on shaboo?
        Before it was even invented?
        Gang rape is actually a very huge problem in the philippines.
        But its not shaboo that causes it to happen.
        You just like everyone else tries to blame a toxin on a rape cultural that is already prevalent in the philippine society.
        Regardless if you want to agree with me or not i do not have opinions.
        I just speak facts.
        This is the problem with people making decissions or having opinions without the facts.
        You make assumptions drugs were the cause of a gang rape.
        It was not the cause, no one who is not a criminal or immoral person no matter how fucking high they are or how drunk they are, all of a sudden thinks raping a woman and beating her is the right thing to do.
        No one.
        Only people that would have done it without drigs would have.
        Infact i will think u will find the link to be not shaboo that they gang raped that poor girl but that they were criminals.

        1. And here I thought The National Enquirer was the be all and end all of ridiculous “facts”. You sir ought to start a publication with that kind of slant and add in the conspiracy theories about The Catcher In The Rye, bigfoot, and Hangar 18. You make the rest sound like amateurs in your scholarly defense of meth.

        2. Firstly.
          I did not voive MY opinon.
          This is the facts surrounding the War on Drugs and it is well documented and has been brought up by the top minds on the subject numerous times.
          Unfortunately people that have power in governments are selected by popularity, not brains so instead of taking the advice from the leading minds of the workd the do the direct opposite.
          Welcome to democacy in its current form.
          None of what i have stated are conspiracy theroies.
          Im sorry, its not my fault you are not informed nor would u be because fear sells, not so.utions or humanism.

          That blog is filled with filipinos too.
          Unfortunately for many foreigners they do not understand that the smiles and pretend morals on the surface of this culture, hide the using abusing cortupt values that dwell underneath.
          His fault for thinking an uneducated woman, with zero experience with buying a property or dealing with large sums of money in this country would do it right.
          He has no one to blame but himself.
          That blog has two faults.
          The people with the opinions who knew nothing about a country and assumed it would function like their own.
          And the corrupt culture you yourself complain about at every turn, in fact they complain about the same shit you guys do (at cursory glance at some of their articles)
          Though im undure how that has anything to do with an Australian aid worker that was here helping the filipino people and was gang raped thsn killed, by men with out the influence of shaboo.
          Actually other then trying to suggest she, as an australian deserved it because a few foreigners are bitter about their experiences here, even though you here complain about the exact fucking thing im uncappable of seeing your point.
          I am The Voice of Reason in an ocean of the unreasonable.

        3. That link was totally unrelated to your point Voice. I figured you needed a breather considering how stressed you seem trying to drive a logical argument that most Pinoys will not care to even understand.

          Arguing for drug legalization in this country will just fall on deaf ears. To Pinoys drugs are evil because Duterte says so. No thinking, no arguing – it’s just THE FACT.

          But I understand your point and see its merits. How about rape. So you really think legalizing rape will actually reduce the number of rape-murder incidents? How about no laws, so there will be no law breakers? Everything legal just like in the jungle. Lion murders and eats zebra. Lion doesn’t go to jail. Survival of the fittest. Evolution right?

          Do I pass for a convincing evolution-brainwashed atheist already?

    2. Another YellowTard, trying to sway people that Drug Addiction is not a problem.

      Between 1856 to 1860; there was an Anglo Chinese War. It was called the: Opium War. The British wanted to sell Opium to China; forced the legalization of Opium in China. So, that the British East India Company, can sell Opium legally in China…

      China lost the war. And was partitioned by several foreign powers. The Chinese became addicted to Opium.

      If you try to control a country…make addicts, their citizens. This is what the Chinese Triad (Chinese Mafia) is doing to us ! Aquino; Mar Roxas; the NARCO Generals ; the Liberal Party and their cahoots…are willing tools of the Chinese Triad !

      1. The british made the chinese addicted to opium so they could get cheap tea.

        Education is how u win a population from becoming drug addicts.
        Funny u mention the chinese triad.
        Drug use and dealing is a death sentence in china.
        Yet you claim they are the ones solely responsible for the drugs here.
        So if the death penalty did not stop drugs in china, seems it just helped expand thier empire and thier borders, why the hell do u think it will work here?
        Honestly, do u think before you type?

        1. TheVoice of Reason:

          It is not tea…they want to colonize China, add it to their Empire.

          Other foreign countries partitioned China, like the: French, U.S., etc…

          Tea came from India, Ceylon , etc…

          If you want to weaken a country…make the citizens addicted to : opium, heroine, shabu, etc…any addicting drugs.

          The addicted citizens will not use their earnings in good living…they will steal, rob, prostitute, kill…etc…to maintain their addictions.

          This happened in China in the middle of the 18th century. There was an Anglo Chinese Opium War; forcing China , to legalize Opium, sold by the British !

        2. Hydrn im seriously at a fucking loss how u can completly fuck up history.
          The british were trying to pay chna in opium( from india) instead of the silver the demanded.
          I seriously have just realized how little you actually know of a bloody thing u talk about.
          Here ill even link another piece for you
          Pls enjoy being educated on a subject you clearly have not the slightest idea about.
          Once you are done reading, take your opinion and leave it where it belongs, in the trash along with your ” facts” which are found to be in your mind and not easily fact checked, by anyone, ever.

  3. This is the state of due process for drug cases in the country…


    From 2002 to 2014, 106,092 drug cases were filed, but only 5,265 or 5 percent resulted in conviction. Around 19,585 or 18.46 percent were settled. A total of 9,051 or 8 percent led to acquittal and 5,269 or 5 percent to dismissal.

    The remaining unresolved cases are still pending before the court or provisionally dismissed and archived in the meantime, according to Cacdac.

    With thousands upon thousands of still pending cases, Duterte knows “due process” in this country is just a sham. He is doing plan-B to accelerate the wheels of justice – to bring the ringleaders down or to “kill them all” in action.

    About the only “justice” these generals will really ever get is being put to shame in the court of public opinion. Lacson anyways says the Intel is accurate. We might have to just settle for that.

    Yeah, there are mixed reactions to all this. My reaction is: bakit lima lang?

    1. Precisely because the five policemen named are Aquino/Roxas supporters and the rest are Duterte friends and allies.

      1. NARCO Generals, NARCO Politics !… We don’t want a country controlled by Chinese Triad…with citizens addicted to Shabu !

        We don’t want our country to be a manufacturing base of Shabu; and center point of distribution of Shabu products.

        1. Hyden,

          It never ceases to amaze me as to how thick you consistently prove yourself to be.

          The issue is one of propriety.

          Because elected officials in the Philippines tend to play partisan politics, it would not be unheard of for President Duterte to be perceived as favouring his own while attacking personalities associated with his rivals and/or enemies. Director Garbo supported Mar Roxas; Mayor Loot ran under the UNA banner. This is all the more believable considering he has publicly accused these five police officials with NO REAL EVIDENCE to prove his assertions other than mentioning offhand that he heard their names being ‘floated’ as protectors of drug syndicates while he was mayor.

          As ‘benign0’ pointed out, it is now more important than ever for the administration to allow the justice system to prove their guilt or innocence and avoid the matter degenerating into a farce as with the Aquino administration’s so-called anti-corruption campaign.

    2. WELL, YOU FINALLY FIGURED IT OUT: Those with powerful friends, from GMA to Corona to Aquino to Marcos to Estrada to virtually all politicians and family and friends,get a PUBLIC SHAMING….and that is all.While getting to keep everything they stole.

      While Juan Della Cruz, who knows nobody and has no powerful friends, gets gunned down in the streets like a dog (maybe even wrongfully accused)….with no ‘due process’ what-so-ever. AND the mindless massa cheer wildly.

      The courts are so clogged that cases take 20 years to conclude to a verdict and so it seems that there is no justice anywhere in the archipelago….and it is true. The democracy Filipino’s think they live in doesn’t exist, it is a scam in the finest of Filipino scam/traditions.

      Money talks, bullshit walks…and there you have it.

      1. @Johnny Saint:

        There is nothing to prove. We know that there are Drug Traffickers , and Chekwa Drug Lords ,all over the Philippines. Drug Lords; in collusion with politicians, police and high government officials; are done in secret manner…I am not naive, about evidences.

        If there are many drug dealers on the streets. Who are allowing them ? Who are protecting these Drug Traffickers ? I don’t believe , that these evil people are operating freely…or, they do it on their own ! I was not born yesterday, and I am not naive …YellowTards defend the drug connection of Aquino and his cahoots. Want some evidence?
        Just look at how widespread the Shabu addiction in our country !

        1. ‘Shabu’ is not even an illegal drug. It is not actually ‘METHAMPHETAMINE HYDROCHLORIDE’, its not !!! it can not be or it would be ten times as expensive.There isn’t even any cocaine in the country because its too expensive…even the crappy ‘CRACK’ cocaine that is everywhere in the EU/USA (which is not even 10% pure cocaine, but garbage mixed in with it) is too expensive for the average ‘Druggie’ in the Fail-ippines, so they end up thrown in prison for what is actually not even an illegal drug.SOME SHIT,HUH? Yet everyone says that ‘Shabu’ is a killer, its fuckin garbage (watered down rat poison,nail polish remover,baking soda and MAYBE some pseudo-ephedrine from some cough medicine thrown in instead of caffeine.THATS IT !!!) masquerading as a ‘dangerous’ drug.It would be comical that people are even spending money on it, but they get thrown in a philippine prison for it, so it ain’t funny. The politicians are the criminals, not the ‘Druggies’ that are not even taking REAL drugs. Give a Filipino some pure Cocaine and they’d not know what the fuck hit them, that ‘Shabu’ shit is bogus.

        2. YellowTards defend the drug connection of Aquino and his cahoots. Want some evidence?

          Just look at how widespread the Shabu addiction in our country !

          Widespread addiction to ‘meth?’

          I can appreciate the concern you claim to have for the state of Philippine society but the facts do not support your claims. In 2012 there were an estimated 1.7 million drug users in the Philippines. As of 2015 that number has been revised to 1.3 million. One percent of the population. And that reflects ALL drug use, not just meth. If anything, that indicates a drop in the number of people using illegal drugs BEFORE President Duterte’s so-called ‘war on drugs.’

          And no one could ever accuse ‘Hyden Toro’ of being ‘naive.’ Or of being overly concerned with facts. Automatically equating the presence of an illegal drug trade in the country with collusion by the previous administration only reflects your unhealthy, poisonous obsession with the Aquinos. Not any real kind of evidence.

      2. @TheVoiceof Reason:

        History is written by the Victors. The same way that the Aquinos made themselves, heroes and saints in Philippine history textbooks. China became a British colony…the British were interested in China…not paying silver or the tea…hooking the Chinese opium, was their strategy to desensitize the Chinese of the coming British invasion…

        YellowTard minds are really dimwits !

        1. Its a lovely saying.
          ” history is written by the victors”
          A poet and philospher wrote that.
          About ancient history.
          Before printed word, radio. Television or the internet.
          Let me guess all history is wrong but a virgin girl in the back waters of society 2000 years ago gave birth to the messiah who thirty years later died for your sins and rose from the dead three days later…that story is believable to you.?

          By the way. Brittan did not conquer shit in that bit of history.
          To think that what is well documented by numerous sources and is a black stain on the english empire’s history and you think its u true?

          Bro you are a waste of oxygen and the worlds rss.
          Let me guess. Whats next?
          The holocaust was not real?

          Fyi. Repeating the same cliche term over and over again as your mantra against modern history or a differeing opinion based on facts, does not make you appear learned.
          No it shows you for what you are. An empty headed one trick pony.

  4. The British used Heroin to destroy Imperial China, and colonized it. They grew heroin plants in Afghanistan; process it; then, sold it to the Chinese.

    If you want to control and destroy a country. Give its citizens, illegal drugs, and make them addicts…

    This was proven in the Chinese case. When the British colonized them…

    “Those who not remember the past, are condemned to repeat it”…

    Aquino and Mar Roxas and their cahoots are the modern day “KALIBAPI”…only they are doing it, for their Chinese Triad masters, and not to the Japanese Imperialists…

    1. The DRUG scene in the Philippines is not nearly as bad as it is made out to be. Having lived in the country for many years I know it.Try going to a EU/USA city where a REAL drug problem exists, the shit is everywhere and will find you, you do not even have to look for it….and besides the drugs in the Philippines suck, they aren’t even real drugs.
      Shabu is nail polish remover with baking soda and caffeine thrown in and the pot is so bad its not even worth smoking. The ‘DRUG PROBLEM’ is just another way to mis-direct the attention of the massa away from the true problem that exists in the country.and that is that the politicians are stealing everything that is not nailed down and it has been that way for over 50 years.

      1. It is good to nip it on the bud…when the Drug Problem is starting. Drug problem not as bad? The Bilibid Prison became the Shabu Mfg. Co. While Justice Sec. De Lima looked , the other way.

        NARCO Politics, with the Chinese Triad is already operating in our country. How many Chinese Shabu manufacturers, has been arrested ? How many Filipino Drug Mules have been arrested ?

        If you dig thoroughly; the Drug problem in our country is getting worse and worse, everyday !

        1. @ TORO TORO , U R missing my point. the drugs in the Philippines aren’t even real drugs. ‘SHABU’ is not Methamphetamine Hydrochloride, its some ingredients from old poison containers with skulls and bones on them, some nail polish remover and caffeine thrown in…..the stuff is fuckin garbage, mostly not even illegal ingredients and doesn’t get the user ‘high’, it scrambles the user’s brain (so they look like they are high but they are not) and rots their teeth…and yet these poor scrubs are seen as a ‘problem’ to be thrown in jail or worse, shot like dogs in the street.

          The FAIL-ippines needs to get the criminals out of the gov’t. before they can reclaim their country, its that simple. Ever smoke pot in the philippines? It is garbage, almost no THC in it, and will not get you high….and yet getting caught with it will get you thrown in prison….THAT DOESN’T SOUND RETARDED TO YOU ?

          Get out the guillotine and get busy taking back your country!

      2. I laugh at people like you who thinks illegal drugs is not bad in a small-medium country like Philippines then compare it to a continental sized countries like EU/USA.

        Illegal drugs specifically chemical one’s has been a serious problem in every country as it damages and destroys the lives of people affected by it.

        Specially if politicians/government personnels are in cahoots with these people manufacturing/distributing illegal drugs that flourshed under the Yellow Administration.

        1. I dont expect someone like you, that has never been outside the neighborhood you grew up in, to understand what I said. So who should be getting laughed at ? it ain’t me,MORON.

          If you knew what illegal ‘street’ drugs actually are in the Philippines you would be angry that people are being thrown in jail for it, but you are just incapable of seeing what is really going on.Laugh at yourself, you live there and can’t leave.

        2. @SO WHAT ?

          SHABU is a Synthesized Cocaine drug, called: “Crack Cocaine”…

          It has the same effect as a real Cocaine coming from the processed Coca leaves…it makes high the user; make the user be addicted to it…

          It is called the: “Poor Man’s Cocaine”…it is more addictive than the processed Cocaine , from the Coca leaves…

          With good knowledge in Chemistry; anybody can manufacture “Crack Cocaine”. The Chinese Triad Chemists set up laboratories here, in our country. The reason is : there is no Death Penalty. The Chinese Chemists are incarcerated in the Bilibid Prison. They made the Bilibid Prison, the : Shabu Mfg. Co.; with De Lima and her driver lover, looking the other way, as if they don’t know what was happening in the Bilibid Prison ! Aquino knew what was happening…Mar Roxas knew , what was happening…the Narco Generals knew , what was happening…the Bilibid Prison Guards were part of the happening ! So…tuloy ang ligaya nila ! Dumating si Pangulong Duterte…wala nang ligaya !

        3. @TheVoiceof Reason:

          This YellowTard is also “On High” with Shabu, while writing his blogs on the GRP. Aquino and his Drug cartel cahoots are now sending to the GRP , YellowTards who are “On High” in Shabu, to rationalize their masters’ crimes…

        4. @ HT 455, NO ITS NOT. ‘SHABU’ IS NOT SYNTHESIZED COCAINE, ITS NOT EVEN METHAMPHETAMINE HYDROCHLORIDE…its FUCKIN GARBAGE. That is why street people can afford it. Homeless people, AND MOST OTHER DRUGGIES IN THE FAILIPPINES can not afford real drugs, so they get the fake ones…’SHABU’ being one of them.I will not repeat myself but there is no way there is any ‘CRACK COCAINE’ in it. You do not even know wtf ‘CRACK COCAINE’ ACTUALLY IS.

    2. @Johnny Saints:

      YellowTards love Statistics…like the SWS False Asia Survey of Aquino. Who handled the government in the last six years ?

      Now, every stink is coming out ! It is like opening a can of worms…maggots …all kinds of vermins, are coming out ! Earn your living , YellowTard. Keep kissing your master’s ass ! They may pay you very well…they stole a lot of taxpayers’ money. Made a lot of money from the Chekwa Drug Lords and the Chinese Triad Mafia !

      1. Everyone with a brain likes facts and statistics.
        Its how we work out fact from thosethat talk out their ass.

        You are being manipulated by fear with zero facts to support it.
        You claim you are free thinking filipinos but by your words here there is clearly zero free thinking put into a damn thing you write.
        Drugs are not the problem and So What is correct.
        Shaboo is not currently illegal in thos country.
        So your government and police force are harrassing and murdering innocent citizens.
        Ill say it one more time as i think its not getting through your thick skull.
        You are on the wrong side of history.
        You are being manipulated by fear and the word change gives you hope.
        nothing you ae neing fed is true.
        But your fear makes u think it so.
        Poverty and the philippine culture are to blame for the crime and shitty way of life.
        Drugs are merely a way young people escape the harsh reality you think its ok to protect.
        I am the Voice of Reason in a sea of clowns.

        1. Just to clarify some things.

          ‘Shabu’ is slang for methamphetamine. The term is used in the Philippines, Japan, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Indonesia. It is an amphetamine derivative (Methedrine) used in the form of a crystalline hydrochloride (‘crystal meth’). Shabu is a stimulant and is also used as an appetite suppressant.

          Shabu/Methamphetamine IS ILLEGAL in the Philippines. It has been placed in schedule II of the United Nations Convention on Psychotropic Substances treaty. As such, its production, distribution, sale, and possession is restricted or illegal in many jurisdictions, including the Philippines.

          Drug addiction and narco-trafficking, gangs, crime and other social dysfunctions mirror the rates of family functionality in a society combined with other socio-economic factors. Certainly, persistent poverty is a significant contributor to how broken or flawed a society is, but it is hardly the only one.

          It is also incorrect to diminish the problem of drugs and narcotics trafficking. The violence arising from the illegal trade is significant in and of itself. Countries like Mexico, El Salvador and Colombia face organised criminal elements that threaten to undermine the legitimacy of their governments.

          ‘Escape’ is not the only reason users ingest intoxicants. Nor is it an assurance of developing addiction. If there is anything we have learned from four decades in the ‘war on drugs,’ it is that — regardless of race, creed, gender or socioeconomic status — people have a desire for certain types of narcotic substances and no amount of legislation is going to modify human behaviour to completely eradicate this tendency.

          The extent to which a particular culture (or aspects of it) contributes to — or even causes — social dysfunctions within a society is too broad a subject to encapsulate in a short comment attached to a blog post.

      2. And there it is again.

        Disagree with ‘Hyden Toro’ and you must necessarily be a die-hard Aquino loyalist. There really is no arguing with that kind of demagoguery.

        Worse, the barmy rhetoric reduces the critics of Penoy Aquino’s administration to the level of laughable buffoonery.

        1. @Johnny Saint:

          The tactic of YellowTard is to misinform people. They rationalize the crimes of Aquino and his cahoots. Aquino was part of the Drug Cartel of the Chinese Triad Mafia. Same as his cahoots. These YellowTards are paid by the Drug money; to convince the Filipino public, that Shabu is not an addictive drug…maybe they have ingested Shabu; and “on high” with the Shabu drug; while defending Aquino and his drug cartel cahoots in the GRP…

        2. Add to that the YElLOw MEDIA…. ABIAS-CBN, GMA, TV5, etc. non-government media and newspapers.

        3. @Hyden:

          What about those who actually did their research from non-Yellow propaganda (which are MORE numerous)? Do you call them Yellowtards too? The Yellowtards arent’ the only expertd in information manipulation. Almost every political movement can do that to advance their interests. It’s a basic tactic in politics.

          Wow, Now you say Noynoy is in cahoots with the Triad? Do you have ANY evidence to back that up?

          PS: The Triad and the Mafia are HIGHLY DIFFERENT organixations. Please check the words you’re typing before you post

      3. @FURRY SIMMER:

        Maybe you are “on high” on Shabu also. Crack Cocaine is derived from the chemical base: sodium bicarbonate. It is combined with methampetamine, for recreational drug use. What they sell on the street, for poor people, like the Filipinos, are the adulterated ones, to have more profit. The Chinese Triad Mafia manufacture this drug in our country. The Filipino connection: political, police, military, to the barangay level,etc…distribute them.

        This drug affects the brain , in the production of: dopamine and serotonin. Users crave for it, once they get hooked…

  5. The Voice actually brings up a very good point. We should first be asking more fundamental questions.

    1. Why are drugs illegal in the first place?
    2. Why are some drugs legal in more functional first-world societies?
    3. What will happen if we legalize drugs? Will it reduce the # of drug addictions?

    Like Elon Musk, I like to delve into first principles and basics. It makes thinking a lot more simple if we fix our foundations first.

    I will attempt to give an answer using an analogy and some rhetorical questions. Think of what has happened to our youth. We have basically legalized the consumption of crap TV shows? Did it reduce the level of addiction to these useless programs? What kind of society did these brainwashing shows produce?

    I guess you know the answer. I think a more pressing concern than drugs is the type of shows being aired across the nation. It’s a drug more powerful than shabu, and a bigger culprit behind our society’s dysfunction, affecting almost every citizen of this country.

    Freedom of choice is only given to people who CAN handle it. Pinoys in general are children with the mindset of a 3rd grader. There’s a reason why you don’t leave a smartphone loaded with games with small children at night. Pinoys are simply too immature to handle basic liberties enjoyed in the first world.

    The Voice is trying to bring Pinoys to adopt principles that apply to first-world functional societies. I’m afraid it’s not as simple as that.
    We have to remember Filipinos are 200 years behind in cultural and mindset evolution.

    We can probably adopt Voice’s proposal to legalize drugs 200 years after. As of now, let’s have Duterte clean up this country on the road to inculcating in each person discipline by correct habit formation. We can legalize drugs when we come to a point where nobody wants them even if you pay them to take a sniff.

    1. Think of what has happened to our youth. We have basically legalized the consumption of crap TV shows? Did it reduce the level of addiction to these useless programs? What kind of society did these brainwashing shows produce?

      What ‘addiction to crap TV shows?’

      That isn’t even a real behavioural addiction. There is nothing to demonstrate that watching Filipino TV shows (or any television programming for that matter) is compulsive or pathological.

      Drug addiction and the violence of the illegal narcotics trade are worrying issues in and of themselves without having to conflate them with fantasy conditions.

      The Voice is trying to bring Pinoys to adopt principles that apply to first-world functional societies. I’m afraid it’s not as simple as that.

      We have to remember Filipinos are 200 years behind in cultural and mindset evolution.

      Those misguided beliefs and unsubstantiated assumptions with regards to Filipinos and Filipino culture are precisely what limit Filipinos from ‘evolving.’

      1. @Johnny Saint:

        You are “on high” with Shabu, while writing your blog. Maybe, they gave you free Shabu…to make you twist the truth, to defend the crimes of Aquino and his drug Chinese Triad Mafia cahoots !

        1. @zaxx:

          Illegal drugs or they call recreational drugs , destroy people. They affect the brain :serotonin and dopamine. They hook people, who use them,to crave for more.

          Idiotic TV show do not inform people. If people are ignorant and desensitized; they can be easily manipulated. This is what happened to the YellowTards. They are rabid followers of Aquino and his cahoots. They may have also been paid by the drug money from the Chinese Triad Mafia, operating in our country.

        2. You now resort to ad hominem because you’re losing an argument?

          Who’s high on shabu now?

  6. Only a brainless amoeba would think that drug proliferation is not a problem, yellowtard attack dogs wants to protect their masters knowingly that death penalty is in the offing for their masters in cahoots with drug traffickers. Drug Lords are crying for due process since they know that the Justice system does not work in the Philippines, because the same people who are in the government are in cahoots with criminals who just want to destroy and exploit Filipinos.

    1. Bring back the Death Penalty. Prosecute all those who are involved in the Drug dealings. The Chinese Triad Mafia is already operating in the Philippines. It has a tight grip on some high government officials and high ranking Generals in the military.

      It made them very rich, with drug money ! Continue to investigate and prosecute also those who committed Electoral Fraud…this fraud is tied up to the Chinese Triad Mafia, to continue their grip and control of the Philippine…

      1. Legalization of all drugs brings much needed TAX revenue (unless its stolen),uncloggs the jails, eliminates the illegal drug-trade…the benefits far outway killing street level’drug dealers’.

        Remember E-CRAP and his ‘Jue-teng’ racket ? well, making a gov’t. run version eliminates all of that, with no messy court proceedings, killings of street level dupes, jail sentences and best of all…eliminates the profits for the REAL criminals and puts in in the public domain.

    2. drugs are not the problem, and YOU are the brainless amoeba buddy. People will use drugs regardless of what the gov’t. does. Throwing people in jail for just using drugs is not addressing the problem. Legalization makes the worst part of the problem go away, the drain on the economy and,here’s a laugher, the countries ‘criminal justice’ system (LOL!) and puts much needed revenue’s in the public domain.
      Prison and killings have been done to death and do not work. GET A CLUE….

      1. No buddy I think you are worst than an amoeba who can’t understand logic, what can I expect from an amoeba like you, at least an amoeba knows that shabu can kill him.

        1. AND where is your couter argument? YOU DON’T HAVE ONE, and you call someone else an amoeba ? YOUR A CLOWN, a brainless one…

        2. ^ Says the moron who came only on this site to attack because he is very offended on what Ilda wrote.

    1. We don’t want an addicted people with illegal drugs…illegal drugs affect the brain, and destroy its normal function…money earned for basic needs in life, will be spent on drugs. People will rob, steal, prostitute, etc…just to buy illegal drugs. Drug traffickers will kill one another, for territories…

  7. by the way guys, how legal is airgun in the philippines using a CO2 cartridge? i heard sometimes back from president Duterte that low calibers no need for license to citizen’s for self defense against criminals. i think it’s a must.


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