Senator Bongbong Marcos was the crowd favorite at the Vice Presidential Debates #PiliPinasDebates2016


The one and only Vice Presidential Debates hosted by CNN Philippines became mostly about Senator Bongbong Marcos. If not for Marcos Jr, the debates would have been boring. It seems most people just want to hear from him and what he has to say. Well, except of course for the hecklers who kept interrupting him by chanting “Never Again”.

The irony of what the members of the Never Again movement are doing escapes them. They complain about human rights abuses but are also quick to deny an individual’s right to presumption of innocence and right to a fair trial. They are not even good at following rules. They kept heckling even when the rules from organizers were clear against heckling and interrupting the proceedings. They behaved like they were an audience in a gladiator ring – uncivilized.

The members of the Never Again movement do not want to listen to what Marcos Jr had to say because they are afraid they could be proven wrong. His rivals like Congresswoman Leni Robredo kept bringing up the victims of Martial Law even when their cases have already been settled. They didn’t bother to understand what Marcos Jr was saying about the status of the settlement.

It turns out that the current government under President Benigno Simeon Aquino is the one delaying granting reparation claim. In the last two years since the law granting the compensation was enacted, hardly anything has been done.  It seems BS Aquino’s law was simply for public relations purposes – to make him look compassionate to so-called victims of Martial Law. But this is only on paper and was not followed through by action.

Samahan ng Ex-detainees Laban sa Detensyon at Aresto or SELDA said the delay in granting the compensation “reflects how the Aquino government treats human rights victims then and now,” as it noted that instead of diminishing, the number of human rights violations has increased in the waning months of the current administration.

It also pointed out Aquino has yet to name a replacement for former HRVCB member Chito Gascon, who is now chairman of the Commission on Human Rights, causing even more delays in the panel’s work.

Leni Robredo came across as not well-informed about the status of the compensation claims of Martial Law victims. She just sounded like a broken record. She doesn’t have anything much against Marcos Jr except for atrocities allegedly committed by his family during Martial Law. She is irrational when it comes to putting Marcos Jr down. Maybe that’s from hanging out too much with an irrational crowd like the Never Again advocates.

The problem with Robredo is she is too beholden to the Aquino name. She keeps turning a blind eye to atrocities committed during Aquino’s term. She promotes her platform and ideas on how to solve the country’s problems while ignoring the fact that the country’s problems worsened in the last six years.

At least the other VP candidates acknowledge the current government’s shortfalls. Robredo may have good ideas but being associated with the Liberal Party is pulling her down.

Senator Alan Peter Cayetano acted like he was in a Senate hearing. He was acting like a mad dog spewing baseless accusations against his rivals. He spoke as if he is not corrupt. He probably thinks the public hasn’t read the news item about the Commission on Audit asking both him and his sister to return unused pork barrel funds:

“Pursuant thereto, the unutilized/unused  PDAF funds for the period CY 2010 to 2013 from the legislator proponents of different projects in the amount of  P39,588,528.41 as of December 31, 2013 as shown in the Subsidiary Ledgers should not be disbursed and has to be remitted to the Bureau of the Treasury (BTr),”  COA said in its report.

COA said Alan has to return P21 million of the P44 million pork funds he gave to the city. The pork funds were for the purchase of 18 multi-cab units worth P9 million, construction of North Signal Village Health Center worth P5 million, financial assistance for indigent patients in Taguig City Hospital and Western Bicutan for P3.5 million, financial assistance to families in crisis worth P5 million, and construction of 5 multi-purpose buildings for P21.5 million.

Cayetano came across like a hypocrite. He is against political dynasties but is married to Taguig Mayor Lani Cayetano. He is also the brother of Senator Pia Cayetano. No wonder the voters do not like him. He is so unpopular in surveys even when he is already teamed up with Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, who has become second most popular Presidential candidate.

All the other Vice Presidential candidates were so boring. Senator Chiz Escudero is only popular because he is married to a beautiful young actress Heart Evangelists. There is nothing special about his ideas of governance. He is also into patronage politics. We recall that he was one of the senator judges who voted to impeach former Chief Justice Renato Corona even when as a lawyer, he should have known that the charges against him were trumped up and that information used against him were gathered illegally especially when Anti-Money Laundering Council divulged his bank accounts without Corona’s consent.

Senator Trillanes spoke about his ideas like fixing the traffic problems as if it was as easy as installing another light rail transit. The government cannot even manage the maintenance of the Metro Rail System properly but he wants to add more of them. It’s quite bizarre why Trillanes is running for the Vice Presidency when he knows he is not popular. He should still be serving his jail term for rebellion. The only reason BS Aquino pardoned him was because he was jailed during former President Gloria Arroyo’s term. We all know BS Aquino hates Arroyo. Trillanes’s enemy is BS Aquino’s enemy.

Another Vice Presidential candidate who does not have a chance of winning is Senator Gringo Honasan. As much as he appears to have sound ideas, his charm with the crowd has faded. The sparkle in his eyes is gone. He doesn’t seem relevant to the voters anymore. I doubt if any of the members of the audience actually listened to what he had to say. It doesn’t help that he is associated with Vice President Jejomar Binay. Sometimes that’s all it takes to lose. Just ask Mar Roxas who is associated with BS Aquino.

The VP debates are more entertaining than the Presidential debates. Frankly, the Vice President is not really going to make a difference in the policies of the President particularly when the President is from a different political party. But if Duterte wins and fails to curb criminality within six months as promised, he might turn over the Presidency to his Vice President Marcos Jr. Assuming the latter wins the VP. In a democracy, the voters will decide on that.


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hannah hobday

very well said

Ralph Torres

I Agree , One thing i noticed …. Cayetano became a clown when he start mudslinging Sen. Marcos in correction for what he said ” Wala daw Bahid ng Corruption ang pamilya marcos ” but Marcos Said ” Walang Bahid ng Corruption ang TRACK RECORD KO ” it seems cayetano has mental illness thou… HAHAAH ! and that moment when Sen. Marcos was just laughing when Cayetano stared to talk shit … kasi Sina Phsycho lang ni Marcos si Cayetano kaya naging Tanga nga tuloy si Cayetano ..



Roland malasig

Nakakatawa yong pa ulit ulit na sinasabi nang mga kalaban ni senador Marcos, ibalik mo ang pera, humingi nang tawad sa martial law, ito ang kanilang plataporma!
Tama akala ni cayetano at robredo nasa hearing sila, ha,ha,ha,
Dito sa tingin ko kung walang dayaan bongbong marcos ang mananalo

Kari Normann

I could tell the Cayetano is so jealous of sen #BBM that he keeps on provoking him. but the good senator (BBM) just kept his cool. and why is it that everytime Cayetano opens his mouth, it would always be about Davao as if he came from that province. what about Taguig–he has his own dynasty there, right?

Mr marcos supporter

I remeber When Mayor duterte had decided to participate in the game, there was an anbush interview asking him if who will be his vice or running mate The good mayor said! E sino pa? Di ito! Pointing Peter Cayetano who was in his right side “ITO LANG NAMAN ANG SUNOD NG SUNOD E”frankly speAcking! Ako ang parang nagliit! But Peter pretends not to mind it! But I know he felt offended by the gesture of the Mayor!

They never could hurl anything against BBM except what his father did because they really have nothing against him. It is a shame how Cayetano carried himself in the debate. No composure and no decency. Not a statesman. Robredo’s facts are based on what? Human rights atrocities? How about the Hacienda Luisita killings? At least BBM did not mention that because he is not like that. I admire his decency. Also, I read somewhere that Marcos Sr. tried to give back 90% of his wealth in exchange to be allowed to return to the Philippines. A proposal through Doy Laurel… Read more »

Dont be blind marcos regime a stepping stone to a greatness and progressive country…….

Elmi macatuggal

Basta kahit anong mangyari bongbong marcos parin

Sonny Padoni

BBM pa rin for the national recovery

mando crescini

We are tuta ng mga Marcoses here

Ofelia Padilla
Tama ka Mr Crescini mga tuta nga kayo. Mga tuta na bulag at bingi.As I read thru all the comments above, I began imagining a bulag at bingi na Tuta leading another bulag at bingi na Tuta. In fairness, I admire Bongbong Marcos for his composure pero his arrogance for refusing to apologize is unpardonable. Bakit? Nobody is perfect in this world. And an expression of apology wil not in any way diminish a person’s being a person. I am on my sixth decade in my journey on this earth and I have seen the evils of the Marcos regime… Read more »
Maria Cynthia cherry Lou Decierdo
Maria Cynthia cherry Lou Decierdo

Duterte my president and Marcos my vice president

Xiexie Flores

A wise and true gentleman can be a great leader. Its very obvious that ghey are all pointing a finger on #BBM but we all know that when everybody seems to be attacking him, it means they are all threatened by him…my vote on May 9 will be for #BBM4VP!!! Nothing will ever change that!

Robert Tomas
Ms Padilla, It seems that you weren’t clearly oriented with what’s happening to that case you were pointing out. “Hindi na kami nagpapadala ng Abogado sa kasong iyan”- Marcos Meaning hindi sila kasama diyan. Ang PCGG po ang nagsasabing may narecover silang “loot” pero wala naman silang pinamamahagi. Logically speaking, kung wala sila sa kaso, Bakit siya magssorry? Ikaw, magssorry ka ba sa pagpatay ng mga kastila kay Dr. Jose Rizal? I think that isn’t arrogance, that is standing on the ground of Truth. Perhaps what you saw during the Marcos regime is how swift justice is and being upheld.… Read more »


Hilarion garcia jr

Marcos are true hero of the filipino people.

I want them back.

rod red

It was interesting to hear the answers of Senator Marcos on the arrogant and without decency accusations from his opponents specially to Senator Cayetano. It only proves Senator Marcos ability to be straight forward on whatever issues they may throw on him. He is really a leader who has the will on overcoming wrongful accusations for the understanding of every electorate.

Imagine if BBM was as abrasive and harsh as Alan Cayetano. That debate would have deteriorated very quickly. BBM kept his cool because nothing could be achieved by attacking back. Yet, he could if we think about it. Rene Cayetano, the father of Alan, was a partner in Pecabar, which was the go-to law firm during ML because Enrile was also a partner in the firm. So, you could say that the father of Alan was a beneficiary of ML because his family was part of the then powers-that-be. Then you have Leni Robredo, whose father was also appointed by… Read more »