Vice Ganda’s vulgar behavior damages the image of the Philippines’ gay community

The lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community has been thrown in the spotlight after boxing champion and Philippine congressman Manny Pacquiao’s controversial statement saying they are worse than animals. While he received a lot of flak from people around the world and consequently got fired by his sponsor, shoe manufacturing giant Nike, Pacquiao also received a lot of support from those who share his views.

Netizens pray that Manny Pacquiao learn to be more tolerant of homosexuals.
Netizens pray that Manny Pacquiao learn to be more tolerant of homosexuals.
Many of his supporters say that he is entitled to his opinion just like any regular guy. The problem is, Pacquiao is not a regular guy. He is an internationally-renowned athlete and is treated like a celebrity everywhere he goes. His millions of followers look up to him and take his words very seriously. His words can ignite anti-homosexual attitudes and promote intolerance in communities around the world. Already we are seeing people arguing online over his statements – religious groups against LGBT supporters – and things are becoming nasty. To be fair, both sides tend to act like lynch mobs.

The worst part is, since he is a lawmaker in the Philippines, Pacquiao can come up with laws that could make homosexuals feel unwelcome in the country. Some say he could eventually ban homosexuals considering he doesn’t think too highly of them.

Indeed, Pacquiao is entitled to his opinion but he has to learn to choose his words very carefully. There are people from certain groups like the gay community who have received their fair share of beating just for being who they are. In the past, gays have been bullied and even murdered for being “different”. What I’m trying to say is, while on the surface, gays and lesbians seem to be accepted by the general community nowadays, a lot of people still resent their lifestyle. Some people’s views against homosexuals get validated when popular figures like Pacquiao share their own views via mainstream media. Some of these people hate homosexuals enough to kill the first one they see.

Vice Ganda has come to symbolise male homosexuality in the Philippines.
Vice Ganda has come to symbolise male homosexuality in the Philippines.
Prior to Pacquiao’s statement, most people agreed that he is a likeable person. It’s not surprising since he has helped a lot of people in his district General Santos City with his generosity. He is said to have used his own money to build houses for thousands of poor people. While his actions are commendable, it is not a long-term solution to fixing poverty in the Philippines. Most of what he does are Band-Aid solutions. Besides, Pacquiao helping the poor using his own money is not sustainable not to mention unwise on his part. The money could run out eventually. Furthermore, it is encouraging people to be too reliant on handouts. A more sustainable way to help would have been to provide livelihood projects for the poor so they could work for a living.

His supporters who cite his generosity in defending him should realize that his generosity is not a license for him to spread hatred against people who have values and belief systems different to his.

While Pacquiao’s statement deserves to be criticized, I can understand why there are people who hate members of the LGBT community particularly in the Philippines. A lot of those who represent homosexuals in Philippine show business are crass and vulgar. They seem to be obsessed with talking about sex and acting it out in their shows.

One such homosexual who is very popular in the Philippines is Vice Ganda. He quite often dresses inappropriately and uses language not suitable for children under 15 years of age. Unfortunately, he has a lot of underage followers who even emulate him. Another homosexual representative in show business is Boy Abunda. He may not be as rude and crude as Vice Ganda but his show promotes gossiping – talking about people instead of ideas. This is not good for the society.

Incidentally, Vice Ganda has come under fire for his lascivious acts during a concert in Japan gyrating on stage with two men. It seems some homosexuals like Vice Ganda are overcompensating for something by acting like nymphomaniacs in public.

The point is, when Filipinos think of homosexuals, what comes to their mind are gays like Vice Ganda and Boy Abunda. That’s enough for a lot of people to become homophobic.

Not all homosexuals act like Vice Ganda and he is not doing the LGBT community any favors by acting like a sexually-deprived individual on stage in his shows. I know a few homosexuals who don’t act like Vice Ganda and you wouldn’t even think they are gay because they are very fine and proper. It is not fair for homosexuals like them to be represented by the likes of Vice Ganda.

Vice Ganda's lascivious antics in front of the cameras possibly contribute to homophobia.
Vice Ganda’s lascivious antics in front of the cameras possibly contribute to homophobia.
In a lot of progressive countries, homosexuals are not exclusively represented by what some call in derogatory terms “screaming faggots”. The Americans have fashion designer and movie director Tom Ford; the United Kingdom has highly-acclaimed actor Sir Ian McKellen, among other prominent folks. You wouldn’t even realize some of them are homosexuals because they are very discrete. There are homosexuals in the medical and law professions – they are professionals who lead quiet and respectable lives and do not deserve to be lumped in the same mold as Vice Ganda.

It’s a shame that the LGTB community in the Philippines is represented by such characters like Vice Ganda. Some homosexuals actually don’t want him to represent the gay community. Goes to show that it’s not only Pacquiao who is taking the country in the wrong direction. The best way to fix this dilemma is to meet halfway. Pacquiao should promote tolerance of homosexuals and the LGBT community should speak out against people like Vice Ganda and stop them from promoting promiscuity and overall appalling behavior in public.

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vagoneto rieles
The mention of Boy Abunda along with Vice Ganda, in the same piece.. who, both, talk, dwell and thrive on inanities.. seems to take the issue of popular celebrities in influential positions to a different dimension. You might have thrown in their producers to consolidate the mix. I find it deplorable that TV and Movie personalities, (homosexual and straight alike), seem oblivious of the fact that they have a choice of, ‘whether or not to uplift’ their audience’s intellect and discernment. And that, if they are aware of this at all, they choose, instead, to condescend and indulge the public… Read more »

Another situation where both sides made big missteps. Or where both sides were represented by big names that they actually don’t want to be represented by.

A Chinese Philosopher stated: “Give a man a fish, and he will have one meal in his life. Teach him how to fish, and he will have meals thruout his whole life”…Pandering for freebees, from a rich boxers, is encouraging people to be dependent in their lives. They have to work for their own living, like the rest of us. Giving freebees to voters, like Binay and Erap Estrada did, is one way to get elected in public office. Politicians know the “Pandering mindsets” of Filipino voters. Vice Ganda is spicing her/his shows with eroticism, to sell more tickets and… Read more »
ren car
I would also like to add thst the people who rallied behind Manny and who said, “Manny is just telling the truth, and the truth hurts.” I suppose the saying, Do not underestimate the power of stupidty en masse.” Oh, before you self-righteois biblr thumping hypocrites accuse me of whining and bitching, msy I remind you that you are the whines and cry babies. Besides, I am just voicing my opinions based on my personal belifs so touche’. First of all, gays are worse than animals bec animals do not engage in same sex fking (note; Manny has a right… Read more »
Bienvenido Garcia
I am highly well pleased of the latest issue dated 2/20/16 re -Vice Ganda’s vulgar behavior affecting the image of LGBT as well defined after my previous issue against Vice Ganda .I personally assumed that Manny has no hatred against the gay people only he commented against the same sex marriage & comparing us as human beings to the animals as an extreme loose example as we are used to just to elaborate our freedom to comments & expressions without any intention to hurt a feeling , just like an NFL sport analyst watching the game that I oftentimes heard… Read more »
After this mess, I really hope Messrs. Jose Marie B. Viceral and Eugenio R. Abunda, Jr. (Vice Ganda and Boy Abunda’s real names, respectively) will try to reexamine if their views need some readjustments. Both of them, whether we like it or not, were put in the pedestal by a lot of Filipinos that whatever they say or do, though they are not politicians, have a big impact in shaping the beliefs of a lot people especially their fans. The same goes for Rep. Manny Pacquaio. They are not ordinary Filipinos anymore. Abunda is 50, Viceral is 39 and Pacquaio,… Read more »
I am just curious of what kind of image the Failippines trying to get and keep. This country tries very hard to propagandize a crime-figthing and economy-improving image to attract more foreign investors and tourists; but, the reality of life inside the country paints a harsher picture. If ‘all’ Failipinos really want to improve the image of the Failippines, they need to start with the way they think (be less arrogant), the way they live (be less self-serving), and the way they treat their own country (stop raping it of its natural resources and beauty by turning the land into… Read more »
Lynn Gabutan

Wow…. You question pacquiao’s act in giving houses to the poor from his own salary… When not half of the “more intellectual” politicians may have not even given houses to their constituents even from the government coffer. Wow, what an opinion. So biased and against Pacquaio. Its as if an orchestrated, character assasination has been set and on the go against pacquiao, and you are one of the new recruits.

Dale Jose Gozar
All three are shameful profession Manny’s boxing career promote gambling, violence, cheating/deception and boxer’s fist is deadly capable of killing or premanent disability of one’s opponents. So how can you say Manny is a respectable or a hero? Vice Ganda shows promote vulgarity and indecency on national television. 3. Boy Abunda – is all about Showbiz talks, gossips and no-sense craps. It’s all about the Money Our Society & Religion has a tendency to spoil Leaders & Role models in many ways and gets everything they want and never have to work for it. Hence, an easy life results Lazy… Read more »

There is a correlation between the number of days since this Vice Ganda person last had sex, and, the number of things that he is willing to do for a man.

Actually,Pacquiao is not comparing gays,lesbian or whatever to animals per se,but only those who are doing sexual act to their same-sex partners. Being born gay or lesbian is not a sin. It’s nobody’s fault. He or she can live a normal. If they want,they can also get married,but with the opposite sex,of course. It’s when they entered into a relationship with the same-sex that is considered a no-no. The relationship in itself is not a sin. But we all know what that relstionship entails,so the bible prohibited so that it never comes to that actual act. Now there is where… Read more »
Brett Gardner van der Meer
Brett Gardner van der Meer

“In the past, gays have been bullied and even murdered for being different” No this happens everyday! Who wrote this article?

Jo Ybarra
Pacquiao’s ‘abhorrent’ remarks could be blessing in disguise As shown in the link above, “Pacquaio went into politics with a distorted sense of public service. In an interview with him in 2010 when he was running for Saranggani congressman, I asked him why he had to be a congressman to help the people when he was already doing it without being in government. “He replied: “Pera ko ang ginagastos ko. Kawawa naman ang pamilya ko. Mauubos ang pera ko. “Some maybe duped by this tale about Pacquaio’s generosity. But it’s not his personal money that was used to build the… Read more »
Charles Rivera

When a ‘straight’ person is vulgar and misbehaves in public (i.e. Willie Revillame) nobody says he is damaging the image of men or even straight people. He is damaging his own image. Why are LGBT expected to be perfect? Do individual gays and lesbians represent ALL LGBT?
Let’s be fair. Let’s be consistent.

Joey Balano

A minority cannot and will not dictate the majority about same-sex marriage on this country. It is time to show this LGBT where we the majority stands and I for one will stanby with Manny.


“Vice Ganda damages the image of the Philippines”. Title fixed.


Mayaman na yang vice gandagandahan na yan.
Kaya wala siyang pakialam kung anu ang nagagawa ng joke nya.
May nadinig nga ako mag ina
Nanay:anak paki kuha mo nga un sinmpay at baka umulan na ,dali

Anak: oo na,nagmamadali nagmamadali…

Sa bata parang wala lang ,biro lang pero nawawala na un values na meron ang mga unang kabataan..
Dahil yan kay vice.


Pacquiao is not against LGBT or homosexuals which he made clear in the video (the whole video is now released which clearly says he’s not against homozexuals). What he is against is same sex marriage.


For those of you who amusingly think consistent and “true” homosexual behavior is practiced by animals, check this documentation by some of the best experts in animal behavior:
What did they say? “LeVay and Vasey still say that humans are the only documented case of ‘true’ homosexuality in wild animals.”
I guess Manny Pacquiao was right afterall. 🙂

Vagoneto Rieles
I’m not too sure about this tack, so let me ask. Are we conflating ‘same sex marriage’ with the ‘Church’s Sacrament of Matrimony? To my knowledge the Church, (Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Rites), yet has to bestow this Sacrament to people of the same sex. For that matter, it has been just one or two sects of Protestantism, worldwide, that have recognized these unions. If this distinction is made; in the Philippines, therefore, where there is an overwhelming predominance of Catholics, (however devout regardless), same sex marriage is simply a legal, (civil, if you will), transaction to bind a… Read more »