Vice Ganda’s vulgar behavior damages the image of the Philippines’ gay community


The lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community has been thrown in the spotlight after boxing champion and Philippine congressman Manny Pacquiao’s controversial statement saying they are worse than animals. While he received a lot of flak from people around the world and consequently got fired by his sponsor, shoe manufacturing giant Nike, Pacquiao also received a lot of support from those who share his views.

Netizens pray that Manny Pacquiao learn to be more tolerant of homosexuals.

Netizens pray that Manny Pacquiao learn to be more tolerant of homosexuals.

Many of his supporters say that he is entitled to his opinion just like any regular guy. The problem is, Pacquiao is not a regular guy. He is an internationally-renowned athlete and is treated like a celebrity everywhere he goes. His millions of followers look up to him and take his words very seriously. His words can ignite anti-homosexual attitudes and promote intolerance in communities around the world. Already we are seeing people arguing online over his statements – religious groups against LGBT supporters – and things are becoming nasty. To be fair, both sides tend to act like lynch mobs.

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The worst part is, since he is a lawmaker in the Philippines, Pacquiao can come up with laws that could make homosexuals feel unwelcome in the country. Some say he could eventually ban homosexuals considering he doesn’t think too highly of them.

Indeed, Pacquiao is entitled to his opinion but he has to learn to choose his words very carefully. There are people from certain groups like the gay community who have received their fair share of beating just for being who they are. In the past, gays have been bullied and even murdered for being “different”. What I’m trying to say is, while on the surface, gays and lesbians seem to be accepted by the general community nowadays, a lot of people still resent their lifestyle. Some people’s views against homosexuals get validated when popular figures like Pacquiao share their own views via mainstream media. Some of these people hate homosexuals enough to kill the first one they see.

Vice Ganda has come to symbolise male homosexuality in the Philippines.

Vice Ganda has come to symbolise male homosexuality in the Philippines.

Prior to Pacquiao’s statement, most people agreed that he is a likeable person. It’s not surprising since he has helped a lot of people in his district General Santos City with his generosity. He is said to have used his own money to build houses for thousands of poor people. While his actions are commendable, it is not a long-term solution to fixing poverty in the Philippines. Most of what he does are Band-Aid solutions. Besides, Pacquiao helping the poor using his own money is not sustainable not to mention unwise on his part. The money could run out eventually. Furthermore, it is encouraging people to be too reliant on handouts. A more sustainable way to help would have been to provide livelihood projects for the poor so they could work for a living.

His supporters who cite his generosity in defending him should realize that his generosity is not a license for him to spread hatred against people who have values and belief systems different to his.

While Pacquiao’s statement deserves to be criticized, I can understand why there are people who hate members of the LGBT community particularly in the Philippines. A lot of those who represent homosexuals in Philippine show business are crass and vulgar. They seem to be obsessed with talking about sex and acting it out in their shows.

One such homosexual who is very popular in the Philippines is Vice Ganda. He quite often dresses inappropriately and uses language not suitable for children under 15 years of age. Unfortunately, he has a lot of underage followers who even emulate him. Another homosexual representative in show business is Boy Abunda. He may not be as rude and crude as Vice Ganda but his show promotes gossiping – talking about people instead of ideas. This is not good for the society.

Incidentally, Vice Ganda has come under fire for his lascivious acts during a concert in Japan gyrating on stage with two men. It seems some homosexuals like Vice Ganda are overcompensating for something by acting like nymphomaniacs in public.

The point is, when Filipinos think of homosexuals, what comes to their mind are gays like Vice Ganda and Boy Abunda. That’s enough for a lot of people to become homophobic.

Not all homosexuals act like Vice Ganda and he is not doing the LGBT community any favors by acting like a sexually-deprived individual on stage in his shows. I know a few homosexuals who don’t act like Vice Ganda and you wouldn’t even think they are gay because they are very fine and proper. It is not fair for homosexuals like them to be represented by the likes of Vice Ganda.

Vice Ganda's lascivious antics in front of the cameras possibly contribute to homophobia.

Vice Ganda’s lascivious antics in front of the cameras possibly contribute to homophobia.

In a lot of progressive countries, homosexuals are not exclusively represented by what some call in derogatory terms “screaming faggots”. The Americans have fashion designer and movie director Tom Ford; the United Kingdom has highly-acclaimed actor Sir Ian McKellen, among other prominent folks. You wouldn’t even realize some of them are homosexuals because they are very discrete. There are homosexuals in the medical and law professions – they are professionals who lead quiet and respectable lives and do not deserve to be lumped in the same mold as Vice Ganda.

It’s a shame that the LGTB community in the Philippines is represented by such characters like Vice Ganda. Some homosexuals actually don’t want him to represent the gay community. Goes to show that it’s not only Pacquiao who is taking the country in the wrong direction. The best way to fix this dilemma is to meet halfway. Pacquiao should promote tolerance of homosexuals and the LGBT community should speak out against people like Vice Ganda and stop them from promoting promiscuity and overall appalling behavior in public.

[Photo courtesy ABS-CBN News.]

69 Replies to “Vice Ganda’s vulgar behavior damages the image of the Philippines’ gay community”

  1. The mention of Boy Abunda along with Vice Ganda, in the same piece.. who, both, talk, dwell and thrive on inanities.. seems to take the issue of popular celebrities in influential positions to a different dimension. You might have thrown in their producers to consolidate the mix. I find it deplorable that TV and Movie personalities, (homosexual and straight alike), seem oblivious of the fact that they have a choice of, ‘whether or not to uplift’ their audience’s intellect and discernment. And that, if they are aware of this at all, they choose, instead, to condescend and indulge the public with trendy, but cheap, crowd-pleasing inanities, most of which are vulgar and voyeuristic. If the objective is to further cripple already enfeebled minds, they are definitely succeeding, because, If the shows they put on are narcotics, the audience just dose up on it and get even more desensitized.
    It is such a pity that famous and persuasive people, (and I would include politicians), who have a chance to uplift the public’s perception and judgement, find it more profitable to simply join their audience who are mired in the muck.

  2. Another situation where both sides made big missteps. Or where both sides were represented by big names that they actually don’t want to be represented by.

  3. A Chinese Philosopher stated: “Give a man a fish, and he will have one meal in his life. Teach him how to fish, and he will have meals thruout his whole life”…Pandering for freebees, from a rich boxers, is encouraging people to be dependent in their lives. They have to work for their own living, like the rest of us.

    Giving freebees to voters, like Binay and Erap Estrada did, is one way to get elected in public office. Politicians know the “Pandering mindsets” of Filipino voters.

    Vice Ganda is spicing her/his shows with eroticism, to sell more tickets and earn a good box office show. It is bad for the young. However, anything goes, for these homosexual celebrities.

    Pacquiao became a “lose canon”, because of his unbridled mouth. His brain may have been affected by beatings from boxing opponents. Look at the condition of Muhammad Ali. He is suffering from Parkinson disease .

    1. Dude, Ali’s is suffering from Parkinson’s disease but his mind was sharp and he is very wise. He said so many uplifting and intelligent things, and he is articulate and eloquent, which Manny could not accomplish even in his wettest dreams, lol.

      Manny became a Lose Cannon based on his uneducated and twisted interpretation of Leviticus but we all know he is a good guy and he do not hate gay people. He just said something very stupid and ignorant, and HATEFUL but it doesn’t equate him to being hateful to gays. To say such a thing is intellectual dishonesty or, to be more blunt, stupid.

      He exaggerated his statement about gay people being worse than animals because(in his own educated and ignorant mind) the latter do not have sex with their own gender WHICH IS SO BLATANTLY STUPID, IGNORANT, and FALSE. The FACT IS some animals like the giraffes, the dolphins, snails, killer whales, vampire bats, etc. do have sex with the same gender.

      People can call Manny stupid and ignorant, and I would say that they would be right, but to call him hateful, or he hates gay people, or he is a BIGOT is equally stupid, ignorant, and false.

      Manny is the kind of person whom you can say, “Father, forgive him for he know not what he spew,” LOL!

      1. His interpretation? How can he interpret wrong, a man shall not lay with another man as he does with a woman? The bible is clear on homosexuality, it is wrong and sinful in God’s eyes. He created them male and female from the beginning. The man and woman leave their parents and join together and become one flesh.

        Manny said exactly what God said in the bible. Homosexuality spreads diseases and they can’t reproduce. God commanded to go and multiply and fill the earth.

        Should Manny have spoken that publicly like that? No. Because it just alienates people from opening up their hearts to the truth in God’s word.

        I used to be one of those people like Vice ganda. So I’m not speaking from ignorance. I know first hand what homosexuals are like. There is nothing normal about it and God forbids it.

  4. I would also like to add thst the people who rallied behind Manny and who said, “Manny is just telling the truth, and the truth hurts.” I suppose the saying, Do not underestimate the power of stupidty en masse.” Oh, before you self-righteois biblr thumping hypocrites accuse me of whining and bitching, msy I remind you that you are the whines and cry babies. Besides, I am
    just voicing my opinions based on my personal belifs so touche’.

    First of all, gays are worse than animals bec animals do not engage in same sex fking (note; Manny has a right to be politically incorrect but I also share the same right) is not true. He said it’s common sense? There is no sense in what he said. What may be true to him and the self-righteoud hypocrites bible thumpers is not true to others. Oops, did I hurt the feelings of the fundamentalist christians? Boofuckinghoo!

    There is a scientific evidence that some animals have sex with the same sex such as giraffes, snails, vampire bats. dolphins, orca’s to name a few. These idiots have the audacity to declare somthing as the truth without providing any evidence and pull their faux truths from their asses.

    What Manny said was offensive not only to gay people but also to folks who care about equal rights to all, not just christian. If I say something offensive to christians based on my personal beliefs, logic, and scientific evidence, I will expect to get a backlas from the Christian community and I would expect nothing less because I judged a certain group and claim that it is the truth but I will not whine, bitch, and be like a cry baby.

    There are many, not all (I do not use hasty generalization because only mental midgets resort to such fallacious logic, and I would kill myself of there is a hint that I am transforming into a mental midget) filipinos, or any nationality for that matter, who loves to dish but they can not take the heat.

    SOME people are blinded by their dogmas or idols that they will turn a blind eye in criticizing thei hero, idol, or whoever the fuck they idolize.

    Look, Manny is a good guy and I do not believe for a moment that he hates gay people or he is a bigot. That would br a stretch to say that. However, Manny said a bigotted and ignorant statement. Ignorant because he claimed to be just saying the truth when his truth is not the truth, and that is FACTUAL TRUTH.

    Many, again not all, Christians or religious people are so dogmatically stupid that they just parrot what they hear from others without putting much thought to it. They are like sheeps who just follow their shepherd.

    Oh wait! That is just my opinion based on my OWN truth! If these idiots do not recognize my deliberate facetiousness and sarcasm by resorting to semantics and figurative speech, I suggest they get a lobotomy and have a million two braincells embedded in their empty skulls.

    Caveat: Not all christians are self-righteous bible thumping hypocrites as much as not all gay people are as vulgar as vice ganda. If anyone would like to challenge me or repapy me with an insult please, have at it but male sure to support your insults with something intelligible, coherent, and reason. I am not stopping you to resort to using ad-hominems, non-sequitir, Appeal to authorities, Slippery slopes. and all the fallacious logic you can come up with albeit am sure you would resort to it UNKNOWINGLY for the simple TRUTH (hey, it is my truth and the truth hurts, eh? How do u like the taste of your own medicine now) that SOME, not all, of you may not know what it means.

    Now Now, do not cry now nor bitch and whine. I am simply expressing my opinions and it is just the truth, and the truth hurts.

    1. @ Ren Car: The intent of your message is on point but I would question your choice on how you chose to deliver it. I think your style of writing here may very well put a reader who aligns with Pacman on the defensive, which in turn would most likely close their minds from toying with new and foreign concepts, which inevitably defeats the purpose of you trying to educate. This entire reply is under the assumption that your statement indeed seeks to educate. Have a nice day!

  5. I am highly well pleased of the latest issue dated 2/20/16 re -Vice Ganda’s vulgar behavior affecting the image of LGBT as well defined after my previous issue against Vice Ganda .I personally assumed that Manny has no hatred against the gay people only he commented against the same sex marriage & comparing us as human beings to the animals as an extreme loose example as we are used to just to elaborate our freedom to comments & expressions without any intention to hurt a feeling , just like an NFL sport analyst watching the game that I oftentimes heard as announced , ” The quarterback took all day long to find the wide receiver ” where in reality it will never happen as well as the quarterback that won’t get offended. Supposed to be as we are now under a civilized generation it should be considered as an automatic understanding to avoid any hard conclusive feelings leading into additional friction that will only build fire that will burn our harmony with the LGBT.

  6. After this mess, I really hope Messrs. Jose Marie B. Viceral and Eugenio R. Abunda, Jr. (Vice Ganda and Boy Abunda’s real names, respectively) will try to reexamine if their views need some readjustments. Both of them, whether we like it or not, were put in the pedestal by a lot of Filipinos that whatever they say or do, though they are not politicians, have a big impact in shaping the beliefs of a lot people especially their fans. The same goes for Rep. Manny Pacquaio. They are not ordinary Filipinos anymore. Abunda is 50, Viceral is 39 and Pacquaio, 37 – ages where maturity for actions is highly expected especially for persons who is frequently in the spotlight. The final point is, they should be careful in expressing their emotions on and off camera.

    (On the side, I really hope this issue dies down so very soon. China was reported to have sent missiles to the disputed territory near the Philippines and there are rumors of “World War 3” in the Middle East. Whether these stories are true or not, I hope the Philippine government have prepared itself and so should we. I’m sure these two issues are bigger and more urgent than the pains of Viceral, Abunda and the ‘blunder’ of Pacquiao and it needs our national attention.)

    Like always, good article, Ilda.

    1. Maybe your backward may ur backward mentality need to readjust ….SAMe sex marriage is legal in most FIRST WORLD COUNTRIES inc USA… of course backward ang pinas but whereelse does this ugly brown monkeys go but to follow americans right ???

      1. From the way you replied to me, I don’t think it’s not me who needs readjusting. And by the way, it’s not what they stand or what they say I’m really pointing at. It’s all about how they say it.

        “SAMe sex marriage is legal in most FIRST WORLD COUNTRIES inc USA…” – I really don’t care.

        “of course backward ang pinas but whereelse does this ugly brown monkeys go but to follow americans right ???” – Calling people names? “Brown monkeys? Yeah. Indeed, between you and me, I’m not the one that needs to be readjusted.

        1. Hahaha I’m sorry just dropping by and was very surprised on what I have read about the brown monkeys??? Ops??? We’re so very proud to be that brown as we know people from other country spend much money just to become brown like oh well I think someone job into a wrong tupic???? I though the issue is about same sex marriage? How this things involved the brown happy monkey??? Hahaha twist and shout…..Lmaoooo

      2. backward mentality? legal in usa? brown monkeys to follow americans? LOL mas mababait pa nga mga brown monkeys sa mga bakla kesa mga kano, mataas ang gay hate crimes sa US, your chances of getting killed is very high if you are gay than just being a brown monkey in the usa.

  7. I am just curious of what kind of image the Failippines trying to get and keep. This country tries very hard to propagandize a crime-figthing and economy-improving image to attract more foreign investors and tourists; but, the reality of life inside the country paints a harsher picture.

    If ‘all’ Failipinos really want to improve the image of the Failippines, they need to start with the way they think (be less arrogant), the way they live (be less self-serving), and the way they treat their own country (stop raping it of its natural resources and beauty by turning the land into a concrete and metal wasteland, littered with shopping malls, condominiums, and motor vehicles).

  8. Wow…. You question pacquiao’s act in giving houses to the poor from his own salary… When not half of the “more intellectual” politicians may have not even given houses to their constituents even from the government coffer. Wow, what an opinion. So biased and against Pacquaio. Its as if an orchestrated, character assasination has been set and on the go against pacquiao, and you are one of the new recruits.

    1. Giving houses, you see, is not a congressman’s job. Making laws is what being in congress is supposed to be about. And besides, this post isn’t even about Pacquiao, in case you didn’t notice.

    2. Hey pacquiao fanboy. He’s only a boxer not a politician. He may help give house to the poor but he’s always late in congress and he can’t even make laws. You failipinos are one of the reasons why we can’t have decent leaders. You bobotantes are very stupid on choosing the right candidate by basing popularity over knowledge of politics because you have a showbiz mindset.

    3. Lynn Gabutan,

      Ask yourself the following question. What is Pacquiao’s motive for giving away houses to the poor?

      Your answer will tell us how knowledgeable you are about human nature.


  9. All three are shameful profession

    Manny’s boxing career promote gambling, violence, cheating/deception and boxer’s fist is deadly capable of killing or premanent disability of one’s opponents. So how can you say Manny is a respectable or a hero?

    Vice Ganda shows promote vulgarity and indecency on national television.

    3. Boy Abunda – is all about Showbiz talks, gossips and no-sense craps.

    It’s all about the Money

    Our Society & Religion has a tendency to spoil Leaders & Role models in many ways and gets everything they want and never have to work for it. Hence, an easy life results Lazy & Idle Mind as exemplified by our politicians, role models, celebrities in Showbiz, sports, media, etc.

    The root cause of stagnant economy and false public service is due to lack of intelligence and not SHARP (incompetence : lack of vision/poor logic/no-sense of observation, lack of imagination, creativity, planning, organization and problem solving skills).

  10. There is a correlation between the number of days since this Vice Ganda person last had sex, and, the number of things that he is willing to do for a man.

  11. Actually,Pacquiao is not comparing gays,lesbian or whatever to animals per se,but only those who are doing sexual act to their same-sex partners. Being born gay or lesbian is not a sin. It’s nobody’s fault. He or she can live a normal. If they want,they can also get married,but with the opposite sex,of course. It’s when they entered into a relationship with the same-sex that is considered a no-no. The relationship in itself is not a sin. But we all know what that relstionship entails,so the bible prohibited so that it never comes to that actual act. Now there is where Manny Pacquuao in that interview comes in.

    1. But in general, people have needs, and since lgbt could only express their love with their partner w/c is most likely of same sex, i dont get it, accept lgbt but not the way they express love, it doesnt make sense. Catholic belief are forcing lgbt to be celibate, we respect your belief, but please also respect people who believes otherwise. Sexual pleasure is for all human to feel.

        1. If that is what you believe, i respect it, but lgbt have different belief, and if you will respect or at least have some tolerance about it, then we have peace. It is not as if 100% of people on earth are catholics sharing your beliefs, respect individualism, that is why lgbt leave the catholic community because they know it is against your belief, and that is respect. If only you could return the favor and not drag the people’s government in to your catholic beliefs.. much better.

        2. Hi Amylance, I do not agree that the “sexual act is for purposes of life propagation alone”, I think it is also for the pleasure, emotional and soul-connection of the married husband and wife this is so they become better at becoming father and mother to their children. I mean even in the Bible we see in the Song of Songs how pleasurable and reCreational sex can be. What you may be emphasizing instead is that the feelings of sexual longings and pleasure during sex were created by God, and marriage was created to fulfill those longings. What St. Paul is saying (in Corinthians for example) is to direct those feelings to your spouse and no other and make sure that they are fulfilled within your marriage relationship, not outside of it. Yes, it is also biologically the life-giving act that is why marriage is instituted to protect the fruits of that act. The traditional view of marriage recognizes basic facts: Sex is not merely for pleasure, affection and romance. Whether we like it or not, the correlation of sex and having children is high (There is no guarantee that a man and a woman cannot have children, while there is a guarantee that two men or three women cannot naturally do so). Therefore, society, by the state, encouraged and protected sexual relationships which are suitable for procreation – a union which can create new life and support new families. That’s the point of marriage. It would be better, by far, if every family was founded by a man and woman committed in a caring, exclusive, lifelong relationship. For this reason, sexual relationships are never merely private affairs. Society, culture and law have an interest in promoting, maintaining, protecting and supporting relationships which are suitable for creating, sustaining and raising the next generation. This is the only substantive rationale for civil marriage and the reason why the state is involved. Thank you!

      1. Hi Auric, I will agree with Macgyver on this one. I understand your concern, but don’t forget too that Christianity and the Catholic church isn’t singling out LGBT on in this principle, it also excludes people who are single regardless of gender/orientation. Christianity in effect is “forcing [not just LGBT, but also single persons] to be celibate”. Simply because the consummation of marriage in sex is a special soul-joining and reproducing act. It includes spiritual, emotional and physical significance for a man and a woman which are individuals joined together in a biologically and anthropologically complementary act. Marriage protects this procreative act with exclusivity and permanency, this is for society to ensure that the sociological truth that children (new members of the society) need both their mother and father to grow well is met. The danger with the idea “sexual pleasure is for all human to feel” is that you make it into some sort of a right and then it separates the procreative and parental aspects of the sexual act, what’s more is that it also separates sex from the emotional bonds it naturally creates (for a good purpose). OK, you may say that what I’ve said is “only my personal beliefs”, but we can evaluate beliefs, there are truths and falsities – ideas we can judge whether correct or not, objectively factual or not, or good or bad for society. This is exactly why there is a debate and discussion on this. These are on different levels, so I’d agree that while the Catholic church has authority on this within their adherents, and adherents have the responsibility not just to obey, but read the bible for themselves and find out what it says there about homosexual sex, that does not mean this automatically translates to laws in the country with a majority Catholic or Christian population so we also must “respect people who believes otherwise”. Now, consider, when it comes to laws, that can be democratically decided with due reference to fundamental principles such as individual rights and personal autonomy. I am still not convinced that without same-sex marriage LGBTs are not treated equally and they are not capable of living out their lives and forming their own families as they see fit, even engaging in their own expression of love in sodomy for example. They are free to do so privately just as much as anyone else. So same-sex marriage is not required and it is not an issue of equality and individual rights because the state has interest in marriage, this isn’t about the Catholic church dictating upon everyone, it is the constitution of the Republic of the Philippines that tells all citizens and the government that it would be prudent to protect traditional marriage and the family based on the sociological principles I hinted at in my opening statement which is a purely secular consideration. So to sum it up, on one level I have told you why Christianity reserves sex for a married man and his wife exclusively and that on another level, the state honors that universal sociological principle to nurture the next generation properly. Feel free to respond for clarifications. Thank you!

        1. With all this ideals you wrote, the thing is, respectable lgbt members only request is to be recognize as a couple registered in nso, with all the rights if heterosexual couple enjoy ( sss beneficiary, healthcare…. you know what i mean) i dont care if catholic despises us, i heard enough insults about lgbt in my life for me to be immune to those things. That is why constitution should be changed, aside from the outdated family code, outside lgbt issue, there are a lot of things to be updated based on the changes of society today.

        2. Thanks for the response Auric! Whether it’s “respectable/not respectable” LGBT, that would be too judgmental to me already. Tom Ford or Vice or Boy, it really does not matter to me, I would recognize their choices on the way they act in public, that is their branding. So no problem when they voice out their opinions, what matters to me is the content of their arguments and claims. We are talking about ideas only so in Filipino we usually say “it’s nothing personal” (walang personalan, debate lang). So that being said here’s why I don’t think same sex marriage is a civil rights and equality issue and why I don’t think it is possible to “recognize a same sex couple as a married couple in NSO with all the *entitlements* (not rights) married couples get.” On several levels, philosophical and constitutional – why the state can only recognize “traditonal” marriage. This is quite long but please hear me out, I also said this in my response to Amylance above: Only a man and a woman can marry, that is philosophically the essential property of marriage. Now, as for civil marriage, this traditional definition is an anthropological truth that men and women are different and complementary, a biological fact that reproduction depends on a man and a woman, and a social reality that children need both a mother and a father. The traditional view of marriage recognizes basic facts: Sex is not merely for pleasure, affection and romance. Whether we like it or not, the correlation of sex and having children is high (There is no guarantee that a man and a woman cannot have children, while there is a guarantee that two men or three women cannot naturally do so). Therefore, society, by the state, encouraged and protected sexual relationships which are suitable for procreation – a union which can create new life and support new families. That’s the point of marriage. It would be better, by far, if every family was founded by a man and woman committed in a caring, exclusive, lifelong relationship. For this reason, sexual relationships are never merely private affairs. Society, culture and law have an interest in promoting, maintaining, protecting and supporting relationships which are suitable for creating, sustaining and raising the next generation. This is the only substantive rationale for civil marriage and the reason why the state is involved. Promoting marriage does not ban any type of relationship: Adults are free to make choices about their relationships, and they do not ever need government sanction or license to do so. Marriage predates government and so I think all Filipinos regardless of religion and orientation are free to love as they please, and if they want to settle down “with someone they love” they can do so, no one is preventing them from co-habiting. But that cannot be considered a marriage. Not all relationships are equal to and can be recognized as marriage. As I’ve said no one is arguing that we should extend the rights of married couples to those living in stable, loving, non-sexual relationships. Sexual partnerships are not the only form of family life. For example, siblings can live together in a domestic relationship, an elderly parent might live with one of their children. Such domestic relationships can exemplify admirable qualities, can be socially beneficial, are surprisingly common. However, they are not marriages and should not be equivalent to marriage in law. That being said I hope you understand my position. Thank you for your time, Auric.

  12. “In the past, gays have been bullied and even murdered for being different” No this happens everyday! Who wrote this article?

    1. Everyday? Are you talking about this happening in the Philippines or abroad? Anyway, please back your assertions up with official data. Thank you.

      1. Question why do people think the USA is pro same sex marriage? The law was struck down by nearly all of the states. It took the US Supreme Court to pass the Law federally. And yes, people are still beating and killing gays and lesbians outside the big cities everyday in the USA. There are more people in the USA that attack gays than Muslims. Think about that? Here is your stats directly from the FBI

        1. What the…? Where in the article did I mention USA and pro same sex marriage? The article did not even discuss same sex marriage. Please read the article properly.

          Likewise, the article is talking about how homosexuals are being treated in the Philippines. Care to give me data showing attacks on homosexuals in the Philippines?

        2. llda, sorry for the mistaken purpose for my comments. This is about your comments to Brett Gardner van der Meer “My Everyday? Are you talking about this happening in the Philippines or abroad? Anyway, please back your assertions up with official data. Thank you” I actually like the article you wrote. I just disagree with your comments to Brett.

        3. I was asking him if he was referring to violence against homosexuals happening in the Philippines everyday. What don’t you like about that?

  13. Pacquiao’s ‘abhorrent’ remarks could be blessing in disguise

    As shown in the link above, “Pacquaio went into politics with a distorted sense of public service. In an interview with him in 2010 when he was running for Saranggani congressman, I asked him why he had to be a congressman to help the people when he was already doing it without being in government.

    “He replied: “Pera ko ang ginagastos ko. Kawawa naman ang pamilya ko. Mauubos ang pera ko.

    “Some maybe duped by this tale about Pacquaio’s generosity. But it’s not his personal money that was used to build the houses for his Saranggani constituents. It’s the Filipino people’s money that he collected as congressman without even working for it. That way, he can continue to be “generous” at hindi mauubos ang pera niya.”

  14. When a ‘straight’ person is vulgar and misbehaves in public (i.e. Willie Revillame) nobody says he is damaging the image of men or even straight people. He is damaging his own image. Why are LGBT expected to be perfect? Do individual gays and lesbians represent ALL LGBT?
    Let’s be fair. Let’s be consistent.

    1. Members of the LGBT are not expected to be perfect but they should practice more decency and less of vulgarity. What makes them think everyone wants to see them making out anyway? I don’t even want to see straight people making out in public. Get a room!

  15. A minority cannot and will not dictate the majority about same-sex marriage on this country. It is time to show this LGBT where we the majority stands and I for one will stanby with Manny.

  16. Mayaman na yang vice gandagandahan na yan.
    Kaya wala siyang pakialam kung anu ang nagagawa ng joke nya.
    May nadinig nga ako mag ina
    Nanay:anak paki kuha mo nga un sinmpay at baka umulan na ,dali

    Anak: oo na,nagmamadali nagmamadali…

    Sa bata parang wala lang ,biro lang pero nawawala na un values na meron ang mga unang kabataan..
    Dahil yan kay vice.

  17. Pacquiao is not against LGBT or homosexuals which he made clear in the video (the whole video is now released which clearly says he’s not against homozexuals). What he is against is same sex marriage.

    1. I think it is better to be against lgbt as a whole, than go 50% yes , 50% no, i will understand it better than what you are defending, same sex act will be part of the same sex relationship, there are some cases of “death bed” but it is an expression of love at least it is lgbt belief, if you are replusive about it, we understand, but what i hope will not happen is anyone against us to be violent towards us. That is what lgbt activist are fighting for tolerance. The “worse than animals” comments is what set this off, no need to present catholic’s doctrine on this issue like most people, but not you did.

    1. @Mangyan

      Gee…I just read the article and it does say homosexual behavior is common with animals. You need to read it again.

      For argument’s sake, let’s just say homosexual behavior is not practiced in the animal kingdom. But humans are an entirely different specie. We do a lot of things that animals do not do but it doesn’t mean we are worse than animals.

      1. What’s been described is that many animals are happy to engage in sex with partners of either sex.

        That is not homosexual behavior. It’s called bisexual.

        That is why I laugh at people claiming animals have homosexual tendencies. This is wrong. They have bisexual tendencies.

        Only humans have homosexuals.

  18. I’m not too sure about this tack, so let me ask. Are we conflating ‘same sex marriage’ with the ‘Church’s Sacrament of Matrimony? To my knowledge the Church, (Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Rites), yet has to bestow this Sacrament to people of the same sex. For that matter, it has been just one or two sects of Protestantism, worldwide, that have recognized these unions. If this distinction is made; in the Philippines, therefore, where there is an overwhelming predominance of Catholics, (however devout regardless), same sex marriage is simply a legal, (civil, if you will), transaction to bind a same sex couple to certain property and fiduciary rights and limits. All this noise might not really be worth the bother.

    1. Yes i agree with you, it seems there is a misinterpretation that once same sex will be legalized (if ever that will happen) , same sex will next push to be accepted in church, religious org such as catholics could draw the line right there, but the government who receives taxes from the people regardless of gender could at least do something about it. It is not “special rights” it is equal rights… the anger, hatred and fear is there, that is why i realize religion is not good for the civil society if mix within government. I dont understand why the priests are shoving threats if such laws against their doctrines be passed, people still have free will right, they have choices that people within 4 walls of airconditioned rooms without children to feed or doesn’t fall in love wigh same sex might not understand.

  19. ALL religions ban homosexuality. If you want to think on your own, you have to realize that the relationship between you and your creator is personal and somebody who is devout in his religious beliefs should not be persecuted. Your love for a fellow human being should not be deterred. Sex doesn’t define love, you can make love by just enjoying each other’s company. Compassion is what Manny has, I can’t say the same for his most vocal critics. LGBT should be led by someone who has this trait.

  20. It is suprising and perhaps naive that the author finds it odd that vulgarity accompanies LGBT behaviour. Perversion is vulgar by definition. Whether its sodomy, pedophilia, bestiality, necrophilia or any other variation on the theme. What LGBT community are hoping for is to make their appetities and attractions more acceptable than the many other disorders. Civil law across the centuries have also legislated against all unnatural acts , it is only in the last 50 years that the LGBT have been able to influence public opinion to such a large extent to gain ‘acceptance’ for their behaviour. Although occassionally the bubble is burst when someone like Manny (although lacking graciousness)does point out the truth of the matter…

  21. You must have read this before, but here it goes one more time:
    “For those who haven’t heard, Washington State just passed both laws – legalized gay marriage and legalized marijuana.
    The fact that gay marriage and marijuana were legalized on the same day makes perfect biblical sense, because Leviticus 20:13 says: “If a man lies with another man they should be stoned.”
    We just hadn’t interpreted it correctly before”

  22. As much as the LGBT community know when enough is enough, I’m fine for it and probably the rest of the people would be too. The annoying part is the fact that Pacquiao already asked for an apology, but a lot of people still threw hate on him. Even I do feel sorry for both of the sides though, I believe the became on the good side here.

  23. The fine art world has always been an interest of mine. Humans have been creating art for our entire history as a species. Many of his supporters say that he is entitled to his opinion just like any regular guy.

  24. I’m from America and we don’t condone blatant homosexuality on television. It makes a normal person in the audience want to upchuck. Remember , God once vaporized the cities of Soddom and Gohmorah for deviate sexual behavior . I don’t think God has changed his mind much on that topic.

  25. No one should emphasize an “act” such that they may think that they are above everyone else on the planet all because they have a despicable mental illness that makes them act that way. And besides, who in the World would be AFRAID of that? Hence, there is no “Phobia” — That’s just more playground name-calling by people who refuse to become mature-responsible-adults. So be it.

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