Philippine Media And The Masses: A Cycle Of Stupidity And Madness

While the release of Heneral Luna was quite a welcome change from the usual (okay, let’s be honest here now) garbage that our media churns out on a regular basis. Both Fallen Angel and I have both said our pieces about it, but what’s sad is that the film has proven to be rather unappreciated at theaters what with films like Ex with Benefits proving to be all the rage. I’ve written my piece about dreams, talent and superficiality and, unfortunately, my suspicions about typical Pinoys have turned out to be true. I know that you people are going to call me out on the way that I like to bash the media, but before I continue, let me tell you that it’s not the media I’m going to bash this time.

showbiz_philippinesBefore I continue, let me admit to you that I was once a big fan of Spider-Man. I think I’ve already mentioned that in a previous article. I was always a big fan of what he stood for. Ideas such as taking responsibility for one’s actions and being a good guy in an otherwise bad world was something I really liked about the guy. Indeed, I’m willing to admit that (I’m really sorry Wade, I really am) I was once one of his many fanatics. I collected notebooks, pens and other merchandise related to the Wallcrawler because, when I look back on all that now, he was probably my favorite superhero.

But then, the movies came to the Philippines and everything changed. I have nothing against the idea of Spider-Man being portrayed by an attractive actor. I mean, I suppose that it’s the sex appeal of some superheroes that help keep them popular. After all, what would Superman be without his enormous biceps or Wonderwoman without her prominent bust? However, what saddens me about majority Pinoy Spidey fans is that they latched onto his sex appeal and only his sex appeal while not even bothering to look into the ideals which made him what he was. None cared about Spider-Man’s heroism, his dedication to doing what was right even when it was hard and his deep sense of responsibility not just for himself but everyone else around him. What they did care about was the exterior of the character such as his “sexy nerd” feel and his overall cute appearance. What saddened me most was that people only saw the hunk aspect of Spider-Man and overlooked the man. They forgot that beneath all that muscle, beyond all the superpowers, Spidey was just a guy who wanted to do what was right because someone had to.

The thing is, as I’ve come to realize, it’s not really the media that’s the problem. It’s the people who continue to embrace the stupidity ground out by the media on a regular basis. I’ll admit, I’ve been holding back because I didn’t want to hurt people too badly as Fallen Angel has done in some of her articles. Unfortunately for you sensitive people out there, the poor treatment of Heneral Luna is the last straw for Thaddeus Grimwald.

Are you ready to be butthurt, people of the Philippines?

Pinoys Are Irresponsible

Yes, this is why (to me at least), typical Pinoys cannot appreciate Spider-Man for what he really is. You see, reality is about cause and effect. When it comes to the media and how it affects the minds of the youth, we are almost completely careless. We laud programs about immorality and dishonesty and when children say and do bad things, we are quick to blame the media even though it is we, the people, who allow them to see such programs without any kind of thought regarding the consequences.

Pinoys Are Perverts

Sorry, but I just had to say this. I know that “sex sells” in just about every industry. I’d also like to say that there’s nothing wrong with being attracted to other people and finding them “sexy”. I’m sure that a lot of you out there will probably try to deny this and say that the Philippines is a “wholesome” country. Unfortunately, typical Pinoy behavior speaks for itself when people care more about Derek Ramsey’s abs or Anne Curtis’ boobs than they do about relevant stuff like the BBL, the fate of the Lumads or a film like Heneral Luna.

Pinoys Are Sadistic

The thing is, I believe that comedy is almost always a good thing. Unfortunately, as I’ve said quite a few times before, Pinoy comedy these days mostly just revolve around humiliating people. It’s less about laughing with someone and more about laughing at them which generally degrades a person. At the end of the day, while people have fun, it will always be at the expense of someone rather than something that is to be enjoyed by everyone.

Pinoys Are Stupid

Dumb people can be forgiven for being dumb. I mean, it’s no one’s fault if one’s IQ is lower than normal. Unfortunately, choosing to be dumb even when knowledge is presented to you is nothing more than stupidity. At the end of the day, most Pinoys would rather shun knowledge rather than accept the truth for what it is because it is both painful and, to some at least, unbearable. At the end of the day, Pinoys just see what they want to see, hear what they want to hear and think what they want to think rather than accept the bitter reality that they are essentially an ignorant and delusional people.

Pinoys Are Hypocrites

Last but not least, here we are with Pinoy hypocrisy. I know that a lot of you are going to deny a lot of what I’ve said so far. I know you’ll be upset too. I want you to be upset because I’m done coddling you. The truth of the matter is that while you can say anything you want, the truth will always speak for itself. Pinoys can claim they are responsible, wholesome, kind and smart but majority of them are careless, addicted to porn, outright mean to one another and are blind and deaf to reality.


Do you disagree with me?

Then prove me wrong!



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Why cant we just be happy for our kababayans who are having great time just by watching aldub. We are facing too many problems in our country and a source of entertainment and joy that could lighten up our kababayans spirit must be welcomed. Stupid is when you use your intelligence to spread hate. How dare you question someone elses source of happiness!!!!


Well, to each his own, I guess.
Pinoys are dumb. They like trash-tier comedy and they like mindless sexuality.
But, that’s what they want to do.
If they want to continue on being idiots and do what they do, nothing you can do about that.
Believe me, I agree with your post, it’s just that people tend to do the things they like. No matter how much you want them to stop, you can’t control the whole world.
Us Pinoys are a disgrace. We’re only a few levels above a monkey. A FEW.
But, well, what do I know? I’m just a kid.


Man, you got issues. Spiderman? Really? Filipinos are the most connected people in the world. I know, I’ll just bash them, hit them where it hurts, aldub and all, I’m sure to get so many violent reactions, so much traffic on my site! It’s an old tune sung by so many wannabes. Ooh, I’m so smart and so so relevant. Lame. I do however have similar peeves as you. I, however, don’t need to broadcast them just to gain attention. Again, so so lame.


Well its not only filipinos whose stupid and perverts. cant you see? we are living in a Rat Race which is having a big impact for being a human , i guess that most of out media today shares influences to is just a how people handles. Its not just filipinos its us HUMANS who are Idiots ..


Are you listening to what you are saying? You are what you are as what you describe on your post. Stop your shiit… you’re crazy, hypocrite and pervert.

You couldn’t have said it Better Grimwald *slow claps* i scrolled down expecting to see comments of people agreeing with what you have said. But then again, you were Right; most pinoys really are Stupid. Low IQ’d people tend to have a Hard Time Opening their Minds. Women lose their Virginity at the age of 15, students laugh when they get low Grades, then they Blame the Government and Society if they can’t find a Decent Job, and all Men think about is getting into Relationships just for Fun Sex. Some even use the name “utotmo” in hopes of hurting… Read more »

I pray for a war to broke out right now and wipe us out. I can’t stand the stupidity of my race.

it is what it is and whomsoever’s fault it is, we are where we find ourselves. why do you write? do you write to educate or do you do so to blow off steam or to alienate yourself from the filipino psyche that you so obviously hate. i don’t watch aldub not because i am loathe to but because i generally don’t watch TV. i simply do not have the time. right now i am regretting spending the few minutes i wasted reading what you wrote. i will not justify the aldub phenomenon by comparing it with obsession for the… Read more »

The question here madam/sir Grimwald, are you a Filipino? if so, then you admit that you’re among the stupid, perverts, irresponsible, sadistic human beings? Such a pity then.. Because you are just hurting your own bloodline. However, if you are not a Pinoy then so be it and just don’t mind them at all. Live and let live.. That’s the way of life.


While I tend to agree about your points in your article, I disagree on how you presented them. You see, you are not really different from those people who uses other’s expense for their comedy. You stir hate in people’s mind just so you can generate more views. It would’ve been a very enlightening article if you were really able to give a beautiful call for action to people reading your article rather than just bashing them.


LOL. you have a point but let me tell you something, I think you do not know all the pinoy too well. I sure do hope you absolutely know what your saying. it’s a shame that it is easy for you to conclude things up only in this aspect (media). pity then.


Yeah.. And because to watch “Heneral Luna” makes us a better Filipino. No! Now this is just lame.

Siguro taga kabilang channel ka..hehe!May bitterness eh…ano to brad…advertising agent ka ba ng Heneral Luna…kasi kung maganda tong movie, di na kailangan ang panghahamak mu makakuha lang ng moviegoers…actually naka kalat na to sa pinaglalaban mu??ahh!Feeling mu dadami ang follower mo sa post mo para mapansin ang mga gawa mu…???anu toh???reverse phychology…heheh!Try mu kayang mang libre baka sakaling basahin yang pang intelligent mung mga gawa…kesa sa ika moy basurang libreng napapanuod at available lang sa tv…???swerte mo dami mu choices…kumpleto kasiguro ng gadget kia basura sayo yung kung anu avail na libangan sa karaniwang bahay…btw yun nga palang ginagastos… Read more »
Dale Jose Gozar
How does watching #AlDub on EAT Bulaga or Vice Ganda on Showtime, PBB makes one poor? Current, past & future Leaders are voted or put into place by people (rich/poor) who are easily influence by media – what we see, hear and read constantly everyday on TV, radio, movies, music, newspapers, magazines and social media (internet). Media can greatly influence us (unconsciously or blindly) on how we think, what to believe, how we behave, our actions, how we decide, who to vote, and on the way leaders think/rule/govern. etc., Hence, media is largely responsible for the Leaders we produced, the… Read more »

That feeling when the author got owned by the reader’s comments LOL

Hugh 1

I think you all are missing the point. He said pinoys are sadistic and needs to see someone humiliated in order to get comedy and we watch shows that are more on the sex and not on the lessons and value of the movie. I don’t see any hate comment about Aldub because that segment in EB showcases comedy with moral values and not like the usual. I think he is even promoting more of those type of shows and asking us to make sure to follow and value the lessons on the show itself.


Masyado ka pa intelectual kuno. Wala rin naman sense article mo. Kung wala kang sasabihing maganda sa kapwa mo sayo nalang.


I think the author use aldub picture to get attention. So that alfub fans will read his post. Tsk.wrong move. E di ikaw na matalino at magaling. Aanhin mk kagalingan ming yn kung puro hate ka at sadness. Bawas bawasan ang pagkain ng ampalaya.tsk.

Christian Carpeso

It’s a long-standing, deep and ingrained culture. As much as I want to point out myself what you have pointed out what Pinoys are here it’s just a losing battle. Unless Pinoys go out of their way or any individual in that matter we cannot see change.

ice cube

aldub = avant garde street theatre

better than most teleseryes planned months in advance…to do it in a real environment, it’s like reality tv-inception.