On the INC Rally on EDSA: Mar Roxas Still CHARING Despite the Tough Talk

Nearly a whole day has passed since members of the Iglesia Ni Cristo occupied EDSA and as of this writing it still seems as if the government hasn’t managed to bring order back.


So, I really don’t get all the praise being given to DILG Secretary Mar Roxas for a statement he made regarding the rally that had people stuck in traffic for hours and hours.

In a statement on a Facebook Page run by Roxas’ campaign team, the DILG Secretary was supposed to have said:

As in all protest actions, preserving peace and order with maximum tolerance will be practiced by all responding policemen.

While all citizens have the right to be heard and to peaceful assembly, the exercise of these rights cannot impinge on the rights of others or cause inconvenience to anyone. Lalo na yung mga kababayan nating pauwi sa kanilang mga tahanan para magpahinga at makasama ang kanilang mga pamilya.

The PNP is duty-bound to ensure that the safety and general welfare of the public is maintained, both those protesting and those uninvolved. This includes making sure opportunists do not try to take advantage of the situation for personal ends.

Let us remember that ours is a Rule of Law and not of men.

(See original here)

End result? The rally still continued despite the tough talk about the Rule of Law — which, by the way, now looks just like lip service.

Funny really and that statement could have fooled me to think that Roxas actually grew enough backbone to intervene in such a difficult issue. I’ve actually seen him refuse to get involved in settling disputes amongst his staff when he was in DTI and I really find it remarkable that he seems to have turned over a new leaf.

But the thing is I was brought up believing that the real measure of toughness (and other personal qualities) is seen in what people DO and not what they merely SAY.

If it were any other group rallying in that area on EDSA, I would suppose they would have been dispersed in a matter of hours. But because they are the INC, a powerful religious group, Roxas and his team merely issued a statement assuring the group that the police would practice maximum tolerance. Which is short of saying that they’d basically be there to do nothing.

mar_roxasEven as Roxas’ camp criticizes other contenders for the presidency for issuing soft (or even fawning) statements regarding the INC rally, they should be CIRCUMSPECT enough to realize that the maintenance of peace and order is actually Roxas’ job as DILG Secretary.

And you know what? A apart from the fact that EDSA was virtually impassable, there were reports of an ABS-CBN news team being mauled and that trash as well as all manner of human filth littered the place.

The others can say whatever they want and even side with INC, for all I care. It’s not really their job to make sure to maintain peace and order on EDSA.


Post Author: Paul Farol

Communications consultant.

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Magsasaka Sa Nayon

What I don’t really get is your silence about Binay’s or Poe’s statements about this INC idiocy.


Let me refresh your memory. Mar Roxas already resigned as DILG Secretary a few weeks back.


It must be nice getting paid to say the obvious. What a joke Mar is.


Do you know that if those Iglesia Ni Cristo will gather and made a mass protest within Singapore, they’ll get arrested for illegal assembly:

Singapore police warn against illegal assembly in support of Bersih

And of course, that country’s rule of law are very strict & orderly in spite that religious freedom is allowed in their constitution. Nuff said.


“A Leopard will never change its spots”…they usually say.

Roxas was just telling the INK crowd to disperse; and observe the Rule of Law. The Police did not disperse the INK crowd. It means , they are treated with “kids’ gloves”. They are allowed to do their things. And, Roxas just retreated in the background.

Roxas is afraid to lose votes and endorsement from the INK block votes. “Walang paninindigan si Roxas”…The dude has no Spine…


Even you can express yourselves in public that is your right. The problem was, recently the city government of mandaluyong has just issued permit to assemble. So why blame Roxas for that? Look at other politicos who haven’t had the guts to oppose INC what they said was obviously cowardice. Only Mar told that they must at all times obey the rule of all.


Who is paying you?
Si Roxas lang ang headlines?? You did not mentioned about other presidential candidates for Riding On.. Playing safe.. Baka Hindi sila iboto…

May permit sila so they can rally all they want but their permit doesn’t include harassing other people, causing too much inconvenience to others..
Haaay alam ko namang alam mo yan

Mike Herbert Defensor Bautista
Mike Herbert Defensor Bautista

Does roxas live in QC? His words are nothing but chorva


Mawalang galang na po. Di po kasi ako taga manila nakikinuod lang sa TV. ask ko lang po pag nag rarally ba ang ibang grupo dinidisperse po ba nang mga police at hinohold lang nila ang line para di makapasok kung saan sila di pwedeng mag rally or nagsisiuwian lang ang mga rallyista pagkatapos mag rally? kasi sa pag kakaintindi ko sa statement ni Roxas ni rerespeto niya ang right nang tao mag rally di nga lang pwede na maapakan ang iba. ibig sabihin di niya pwedeng i disperse kasi may right. taa ba ako?

john ryan bercero

Alam naman nating lahat na ginagawa yan ng INC, its because halata naman its not fair ang ating DOJsecretary… Ang tanung ng nakakarami bakit mas punagtuonan ni de Lima ang kaso ng INC KAYSA SA SAF44 e ang tagal na nun d pa tapus at klarung may ebedunsya na yun..


Its really funny that all of the INC member is gathering their members to have a rally at EDSA. What are they fighting for? I don’t have anything against INC but they are causing heavy traffic, if they really wanted to do that then its fine as long as its not affecting others, they block the way, so the bus drivers are forced to go in a different route, like come on! we don’t give a fuck about your life so don’t give us inconvenience!


Hopefully, when your actions and deeds – and therefore other people – boast for you, you’re made tired of hearing it, too, from your own mouth because if not, all could lose sight of those actions and deeds behind the gong of your boasting.


It is not always the same thing to be a good man and a good citizen.


what the hell was that all about? a staring contest? who blinks first loses? and the damn yellow government blinked first? what is wrong with us? i mean what the fuck is wrong with us? we are being raped according to Grimwald and we happily spread our legs and smile…2% of the votes and politicians roll over,play dead or beg like a trained dog…give me a BFG and i will show these dipshits how i really feel…


23 years as an OFW, kids grew up without a dad, i come home to find this shit still happening, i think i am entitled to rant and whoever thinks otherwise can jump in the lake..