Cedric likely crooked, Vhong probably the REAL victim, Deniece just plain clueless

I could be wrong about this but I think Vhong Navarro is the real victim here. I mean, have a close look at Deniece Cornejo and her artificially-engineered face. I mean, her nose, lips and even her chin all look done up. Perhaps the police should pay ol’ Vicki Belo a visit and check out how much money was spent on all that. After all, what’s up with a 20-something girl living in a swanky condo in Forbeswood Heights? On second thought, seems I am more likely to be right. The girl and her crew have got predator written all over them. I mean, c’mon, a 22-year-old inviting a middle-aged guy with kids into her apartment??

Alleged goon squad leader Cedric Lee: Modern-day Jack Enrile?
Alleged goon squad leader Cedric Lee: Modern-day Jack Enrile?
And why would a gang of goons be hanging out in Deniece’s place to begin with? That is an indication that Vhong fell into a trap. Kinda idiotic of Vhong to get taken by all that though. Then again, goes to show what the prospect of a nice lay could do to the mind of the average male. According to alleged goon squad leader Cedric Lee, he caught Navarro with his pants down on top of Deniece when he happened to visit her condo and had to do something…

“We were restraining him, persuading him to wear some clothes so the police can do their work, but he was punching us so we had nothing else to do but to fight back which resulted in his bruised face.”

The businessman said that his friend managed to find a duct tape in the condominium unit and the two managed to tie Navarro’s hands.

“We taped his hands and restrained him so he won’t be able to run away while we call the police. Then when we asked him what he was doing, he offered us his apology on his actions towards Deniece,” Lee said. “Navarro was pleading with us not to file charges as it may affect his career and he doesn’t know how to explain the incident to his children.”

Hmmmm… okayyy….

I heard too that Vhong is possibly involved with a girl who is also a mistress of a powerful politician. Go figure. Vhong is obviously a poor judge of character — which is probably why he was so easily lured into the wolves’ den. It also introduces the possibility of blackmail being yet another angle in this story. If Deniece was an accessory in all that, it would explain why she seemingly is disinclined to file criminal charges for her “rape”. Maybe both Vhong and Deniece are being blackmailed!

The plot thickens. I read a report that the cops were refused entry to the crime scene by security guards in the building…

The condo management was given until 6 p.m. Monday to submit its guest list, CCTV recordings, and statement of the guards related to the case.

However, condominium management reportedly asked for an extension until Tuesday morning.

Another sikyo-versus-pulis standoff a-la that “Dasma-gate” incident involving Junjun Binay. Same sort of timeframe as well. It happened last week but it’s making the news only now. What is it with these private armies anyway? O baka naman the cops didn’t do their homework either and failed to produce a proper search warrant? When there are powerful people involved, entire security agencies and entire buildings can be made to “cooperate”. Tsk tsk.

A history of violence: '9262 Club' member Vina Morales
A history of violence: ‘9262 Club’ member Vina Morales
I mean, with Deniece being associated with a guy like Cedric Lee who himself has a colorful history of (alleged) violence and (supposedly) eluding prosecution, wouldn’t you expect her to be the one on the losing end of the social media speculation fad? Cedric, seems to be quite the piece of work — a modern-day Jack Enrile in his own right. His former wife starlet Vina Morales now claims to be a victim of domestic violence allegedly in Cedric’s hands when they were married. Cedric Lee also figured in an incident back in 2007 involving the beating up of businessman David Joseph Buenvacz allegedly by his partners in a failed venture (get this, a cosmetic surgery clinic called “Beverly Hills 6750”). These partners included — tada! — Cedric Lee! What a guy

In November, in several news and showbiz reports, Bunevacz was allegedly confronted by several of the clinic’s investors, demanding that he pay back what he took from the company. Local media said that five persons—Tyrone Ong, Cedric Lee, Louie Kau, Chito Ho and Dominique Sytini, identified in the reports as Bunevacz’s business partners—had “manhandled” the former track and field athlete. Bunevacz filed a case against them with the National Bureau of Investigation, alleging that the five took his Porsche, an expensive watch and a cellphone, but this was later dismissed.

One final thing: Has anybody checked Deniece for any bruises or signs of defensive struggle?

Oh well.

Too bad there’s still a bit of a way to go before a link to a top politicians’ agenda emerges. The only plausible theory going around on account of ABS-CBN being so involved in all this is that there is much going on that tarnishes the image of President Noynoy Aquino that there is a pressing need for his media lapdogs to stir up a distraction for the masa. Well this circus is certainly doing the job pretty well.


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