Cedric likely crooked, Vhong probably the REAL victim, Deniece just plain clueless

I could be wrong about this but I think Vhong Navarro is the real victim here. I mean, have a close look at Deniece Cornejo and her artificially-engineered face. I mean, her nose, lips and even her chin all look done up. Perhaps the police should pay ol’ Vicki Belo a visit and check out how much money was spent on all that. After all, what’s up with a 20-something girl living in a swanky condo in Forbeswood Heights? On second thought, seems I am more likely to be right. The girl and her crew have got predator written all over them. I mean, c’mon, a 22-year-old inviting a middle-aged guy with kids into her apartment??

Alleged goon squad leader Cedric Lee: Modern-day Jack Enrile?

Alleged goon squad leader Cedric Lee: Modern-day Jack Enrile?

And why would a gang of goons be hanging out in Deniece’s place to begin with? That is an indication that Vhong fell into a trap. Kinda idiotic of Vhong to get taken by all that though. Then again, goes to show what the prospect of a nice lay could do to the mind of the average male. According to alleged goon squad leader Cedric Lee, he caught Navarro with his pants down on top of Deniece when he happened to visit her condo and had to do something…

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“We were restraining him, persuading him to wear some clothes so the police can do their work, but he was punching us so we had nothing else to do but to fight back which resulted in his bruised face.”

The businessman said that his friend managed to find a duct tape in the condominium unit and the two managed to tie Navarro’s hands.

“We taped his hands and restrained him so he won’t be able to run away while we call the police. Then when we asked him what he was doing, he offered us his apology on his actions towards Deniece,” Lee said. “Navarro was pleading with us not to file charges as it may affect his career and he doesn’t know how to explain the incident to his children.”

Hmmmm… okayyy….

I heard too that Vhong is possibly involved with a girl who is also a mistress of a powerful politician. Go figure. Vhong is obviously a poor judge of character — which is probably why he was so easily lured into the wolves’ den. It also introduces the possibility of blackmail being yet another angle in this story. If Deniece was an accessory in all that, it would explain why she seemingly is disinclined to file criminal charges for her “rape”. Maybe both Vhong and Deniece are being blackmailed!

The plot thickens. I read a report that the cops were refused entry to the crime scene by security guards in the building…

The condo management was given until 6 p.m. Monday to submit its guest list, CCTV recordings, and statement of the guards related to the case.

However, condominium management reportedly asked for an extension until Tuesday morning.

Another sikyo-versus-pulis standoff a-la that “Dasma-gate” incident involving Junjun Binay. Same sort of timeframe as well. It happened last week but it’s making the news only now. What is it with these private armies anyway? O baka naman the cops didn’t do their homework either and failed to produce a proper search warrant? When there are powerful people involved, entire security agencies and entire buildings can be made to “cooperate”. Tsk tsk.

A history of violence: '9262 Club' member Vina Morales

A history of violence: ‘9262 Club’ member Vina Morales

I mean, with Deniece being associated with a guy like Cedric Lee who himself has a colorful history of (alleged) violence and (supposedly) eluding prosecution, wouldn’t you expect her to be the one on the losing end of the social media speculation fad? Cedric, seems to be quite the piece of work — a modern-day Jack Enrile in his own right. His former wife starlet Vina Morales now claims to be a victim of domestic violence allegedly in Cedric’s hands when they were married. Cedric Lee also figured in an incident back in 2007 involving the beating up of businessman David Joseph Buenvacz allegedly by his partners in a failed venture (get this, a cosmetic surgery clinic called “Beverly Hills 6750”). These partners included — tada! — Cedric Lee! What a guy

In November, in several news and showbiz reports, Bunevacz was allegedly confronted by several of the clinic’s investors, demanding that he pay back what he took from the company. Local media said that five persons—Tyrone Ong, Cedric Lee, Louie Kau, Chito Ho and Dominique Sytini, identified in the reports as Bunevacz’s business partners—had “manhandled” the former track and field athlete. Bunevacz filed a case against them with the National Bureau of Investigation, alleging that the five took his Porsche, an expensive watch and a cellphone, but this was later dismissed.

One final thing: Has anybody checked Deniece for any bruises or signs of defensive struggle?

Oh well.

Too bad there’s still a bit of a way to go before a link to a top politicians’ agenda emerges. The only plausible theory going around on account of ABS-CBN being so involved in all this is that there is much going on that tarnishes the image of President Noynoy Aquino that there is a pressing need for his media lapdogs to stir up a distraction for the masa. Well this circus is certainly doing the job pretty well.

111 Replies to “Cedric likely crooked, Vhong probably the REAL victim, Deniece just plain clueless”

  1. I see people comment na bakit daw hindi nagfile agad si deniece ng rape sa pulisya kung totoong vhong attempted to rape her. Friends, rape is horrifying and the victim relives it EVERYTIME she tells her story. I would understand how deniece would rather forget it than file a case because so many of us see rape victims as sluts who asked for it. Wag sana mangyari sa mga lalaki to kasi yung mga mapaghusga dyan hindi nyo alam ang pinagdadaanan ng rape victim. And no it was never their fault they were raped, just as it is not your fault kung maholdap ka sa jeep in broad daylight.

    team deniece ako. i believe her story.

    The way Vhong Navarro’s camp is defending him makes him look more gulty. Kung anu ano ang sinasabi, even dragging the Bunevacz case of yesteryears, na kung babasahin mo ng mabuti, papanigan mo pa si Cedric Lee. Seriously the card-stacking technique is not working. Vhong Navarro’s people should just address the issue and not invoke all kinds of distractions just to destroy the credibility of his accusers. Simple lang yan, kung hindi sya rapist prove it na lang.

    Cedric Lee’s eyes were locked and focused while he was telling his version of the events. Very confident sya sa sinasabi nya and his story made sense.

    i really wish for the truth to come out. I hate seeing Deniece Cornejo being portrayed as the villain. I believe hindi pagpa planuhan si Vhong kung wala syang ginawang masama. itong cedric lee, sabihin na nating gulpidor, eh sa lahat ng nabasa kong articles about his exploits, are almost always retaliatory. meaning, kung hindi mo sya inunahan, mukha namang hindi ka rin nya tatargetin. just my 2 cents po. Vhong Navarro isn’t exactly a saint with women.

    1. people skilled at lying actually force/practice looking into your eyes. Vhong was played, wouldnt be the first time a womanizer was blackmailed/extorted from.

    2. wow! have you really seen their interview?

      locked and focused??? have either your eyes and glasses fixed. you got raped attemptedly. and you just want to forget about it? obviously yes, but just forget? seriously, who in their right mind would not press charges, if she really got attemptedly raped, WHERE ARE THE BRUISES???
      If he got caught with his pants down? then what about her? if you are going to really rape someone, obviously the first one who gets naked is the one to be raped and the other follows..and she runs out of her condo unit bare naked then the goons comes in..really..WHERE ARE THE TEARS??? WHERE IS THE TRAUMA FROM GETTING RAPED ATTEMPTEDLY???as you have quoted that raped really is terrying…

    3. Not taking sides here but do you honestly believe they we’re there just at the right moment when Vhong was trying to rape her? and it just so happened the front door was unlocked?

      1. of course i don’t believe it…as what the girl said when Vhong arrived in her unit that Vhong surprised her and she was not able to clean up yet…I think what he mean is those men are not able to fix things yet as planned…Deniece should meet Vhong downstairs as agreed with Deniece thru his phone call but she was surprised by Vhong’s arrival…so maybe those men were forced to came out unplanned.

    4. really, your basis is how locked his eyes were sa interview? sheesh. look at the circumstances beyond anything else.

      1.) what were they doing there in the girl’s condo exactly during the time na ininvite si vhong? just curious, napadaan lang? bibisita? 6 guys, off to visit 1 girl? if that doesn’t raise alarms, I don’t know how your thought process is.

      2.) so asa loob ng condo si vhong and girl. may susi si cedric lee kasi nakapasok sya agad-agad? or ndi ba naglock ng pinto si girl nung dumating si vhong. sa condo, that is actually SOP that once you close the door, you lock it. di ba kahit saan ganun naman? so did they break-in? hina naman ng door nung condo na un.

      3.) locked and focused eyes, that can actually be practiced.

      Vhong, we know, is not a saint. But a victim, for me yes.

      1. the ultimate sabit: naghubad muna daw si vhong ng shorts bago patungan at i attempt na hubarin ang shorts ni deniece…. wth!! subukan mo ngang gawin yan… next time hire ng scriptwriter….

    5. He may not be a saint and so are you. He is the victim here. How can someone rape a friend when in the first place it was her who invited him? C’mon he should’ve gone to strippers club if he really wants to happen the urge thing

    6. i don’t think Vhong raped Deniece because the first meeting goes well… Something happened to them but not to the extent of having an intercourse… In my opinion, the first meeting was planned by the girl’s camp and maybe they planned of getting a video of what Vhong and the girl was doing….But as what Vhong said no intercourse happened, maybe that’s why Deniece txted Vhong calling him a Bad Boy because maybe the plan was not realized… Come to think of it, if an intercourse happen between Vhong and the girl on their first meeting and the video (if ever they really planned of taking it) was taken their is a big possibility that they will use it to blackmail Vhong… the problem is nothing happened because if Vhong really raped Deniece or attempt to rape that girl for sure she will fight back that will possibly result to bruises or scratches…but nothing was found and the second meeting was planned wherein the incident happen…If we say Vhong isn’t exactly a saint when it comes to women what about Cedric Lee who does have pending cases against people he knew in the past… Come on guys, open your eyes…we can’t take sides here…all they have to do is face Vhong and tell it to his face that his lying and making up stories…or the other way around, Vhong must face them and tell it to their face that he was abused and was the victim here..

      1. the simpler the story, the more believable. i think deniece didnt want to file charges because she didnt want this coming out. Rape is very hurtful to the victim and a court case will smear her reputation din.

        1. Hi Arpee, your Deniece just did a blowjob on Vhong. Wow, mukang rape nga… Rape with blowjob hahaha!

    7. I’m not taking sides of either. Pero honesty kong na rape nga ung babae why do they have to beat him bad and theirs 5 or 7 of them,why do they have to take a video,even asking for money and specially mag report nga cla pero it’s not in the right police station. Kahit kaibigan pa cla rape is rape,tapus palabas nila na ayaw nila na masira ung career ni vhong. Come on,then why do they have to do the video then? That’s the thing that confuse me the most. May guard sa baba,bkt d sila humingi nang tulong doon or at least let them witness na si vhong nag rape. Eh wala nga din un. Girl should have report it in right police station regardless sa naawa man cya kay vhong bcoz sa career,she’s still the victim. If she is really is the victim. But from my opinion and what I notice sa issue nila,it looks like ni blackmail nga nila si Vhong. But hopefully truth will come out soon.

    8. Ang galing no nirape ka sa sarili mong condo tapos iniwan pang unlock pinto tapos mma fighter pa kasama madali lang sana nila masundue si vhong ng simpleng paraan tapos inabot ng ganon?lol panoorin mo cctv taliwas un sa kwento nila cedric lee.

  2. Pinoys are getting good at the sub-culture of trial by publicity.

    Already taking sides even before full disclosure of details and due process have been gone through.

    1. lucky guy as well. the door was unlocked, there was only curtain to make a room, duct tape was within reach, had friends who came for help and had police friends. he failed however to inform the guards of the condo

  3. I always though there was something else than meets the eye, but my money is on the issue really being the Beverly Hills 6750 fiasco. I always thought the greatest motivation for Filipinos to beat up someone is when a partner messes up with money.

      1. rape is one of those crimes where the victim continues to suffer even after the atrocity was committed. idagdag mo pa dyan yung damage sa reputation nya and how people usually judge rape victims as being the cause of their own problems. every time she tells a cop, judge or lawyer, she will have to relive the trauma repeatedly. now that’s just when she is filing pa lang. may medico-legal pa yan where her insides will be exposed to the doctor who will, again, ask questions forcing her to remember the details. and then there’s the very harsh and parochial pinoy communities who will condemn her and call her names, with some men even masturbating to details of her trauma, then hoping that she will be a loose woman after that so it will be their turn at her naman. then in trial where all her baho will be exposed just to attack her credibility, all because she chose to speak up. deniece’s predicament is beyond cheating, if indeed she did. it is the fact that she has been defiled and still vilified. masakit yun. had a man been raped by another man, im sure hindi rin yun agad magrereklamo sa pulis. normally pinagtatawanan pa nila yun

        1. Errrr, do still stand by your rape theory? Your victim doesnt look distraught, at gumimick pa after the supposed rape incident. Go check the CCTV and watch it paulit-ulit dude…

        2. The only group of people that control the forbeswood heights security group, which also controls the cctv video feed, is the homeowners association. Someone in that group is probably partial to vhong or to ABSCBN because of the agency’s refusal to cooperate with the local police and opted to hand over evidence only to d nbi

  4. I dont believe the statement of Miss Deniece & Mr. Cedric, i think there is a much deeper on that circumstances, the truth sana will prevail

    1. may mga babae pa who join in condemning Deniece. unbelievable talaga. i believe this story by the inquirer, kasi walang distracting theories, walang bunevaczs, just reporting how it went in the precinct. yung pagdadala sa presinto ang hindi maipaliwanag ni vhong navarro ng maayos. dinala sya sa pulisya ng taguig which is exactly where it should have been brought because the attempted rape happened in forbestown. so kung balak lang sya bugbugin para perahan, bakit ka dadalhin sa presinto pagkatapos? makes no sense.

      1. Just because a girl said she was raped it doesn’t always have to be true. You are right in saying that rape is a horrible experience but don’t forget that in this day and age there have been men that has been falsely accused of rape too, extortion is very common, rich people have a lot of connections, and the list are endless. People are taking Vhong side because of all the CONVENIENT coincidences that happened (ie the duct tape in her condo, the six or seven men who showed up, the lack of involvement from the security in the building and don’t forget Vhongs badly beaten up face compare to Denieces and Cedric’s composed face). Babae din ako so I know where your feelings are coming from, but I don’t know this people personally, so we can’t jump to conclusion. We can only base our opinion in what we hear from the media.
        Yes there have been people in the limelight that gets away with everything as well as there have been women who gets involved with the wrong crowd and forgets their morals.
        For now, the odds are all in Vhongs favor….

        1. They have to examine Miss Cornejo. the authorities will examine, and get sample from her body. DNA testing can help in the case…it is very effective and scientific…

      2. Ang tanga mo talaga sa sucat nga dinalang presinto hindi sa taguig e diba? ambobo mo pa kung perahan pala dapat sa atm nalang dalhin?haha.alam mo kung magkano lang makukuha nila nun?kahit mayaman un mahirap parin makakiha ng 1m at nakabugbog ka pa. Isipin mo di nila nireport sa condo guards.sa sucat pa sila may kakilalang pulis dahil sa taguig pwede naman magisip ka nga.naniniwala ka pa sa simpleng kwento kesa sa detalyado e engot lang talaga

  5. show the CCTV footage the night happened the incident. who came first? if mr. lee group arrived first base on the cctv then its very clear that the incident is planned.

  6. first i had my doubts because i didn’t know squat who cedric lee was. then came the issue of david bunevacz, after that vina morales saying she’s now part of the 9262 club. there seems to be a pattern of violence for cedric. as an aside, am sure am not the only one who noticed this that deniece cornejo seemed too calm and robotic when interviewed, for someone who claims to have just been almost fake-raped.

  7. Daming lumalabas na istorya sa pagkabugbog nya. Ngayon naman, rapist daw sya according sa gurlalu. I doubt it. artista yan at daming humahabol na chicks, so I doubt it kung makukuha nya pa mangrape. Pwede pa mayabang sya kaya nabugbog. May mga nayabangan. What do you think. P.S. respect each others opinion.

  8. As i have said in previous forums rape is a crine where the victim continues to suffer even after the actual rape. She relives every horrifying minute each time she tells her story, then she is blamed for the attack then she is humiliated then she is put under a microscope because pinoys tend to believe a celebrity over someone who isnt famous making her look like the villain. All that on top of healing your insides from d abuse. If Edwin Padillo, wag naman sana, someone attempted to rape u in d ass by another male tapos kakilala mo, sa tingin mo hindi ka pagtatawan ng mga kakilala mo pag nakatalikod ka? Kaya mo bang ikwento sa lahat yung nangyari sa yo and hope that your family will not be affected? Wife, gf, parents, siblings, co workers? Kung si deniece lang siguro she just wanred to forget the whole thing. Kya lang her attacker made it public pa, tapos sya pa ngayon ang pinagmumukhang namemera when her grandfather rod cornejo is one of wealthiest in d country. Talo si deniece however this turns out. Si vhong, he will recover from his injuries and perhaps rape again then say it was extortion and people will believe him again and abscbn will continue to support him kasi talent sya at pinagkakaperahan nila. While deniece is and will always be, dmaged goods after this kasi public perception has already accused her

    1. Hello ms.arpee, observed ko lang if you actually knows what you are saying? You are presenting details, emotional trauma and all but have you ever thought that deniece was not actually raped? Attempted nga diba?? So, whats the trauma and difficult process that she has to go throug like medico legal check up and all eh hindi naman natuloy ma rape. The only thing that they will do is to check bruises or marks of defense sa katawan nya. Anung horrible story nya eh d nga sya narape? So, i dont think yan ang reason niya for not reporting the “attempted” rape daw sa kanya ni vhong.

    2. Tama na… Kita na sa cctv ung saktong oras ng mga pag pasok at pg labas sa kwarto nya.. Sya pa sumundo kay vhong..

      A minute pmasok n agad c lee sa kwarto watdahek.. Hahah

      Manuod kc ng balita..

  9. kung open minded lang naman tau,
    marami pd maging possibilities eh.
    1. na black mail si deniece kaya nya gnwa un
    2. napag selosan si vhong
    3. kinukuartahan si vhong. malaki narin yang isang milyon, kahit ganu kapa ka yaman.
    4. may galit kay vhong, pumunta kay cedric lee, na marami nang ngwang ganyan [HK-KH scandal, assault case]
    5. madami pa.

    1. ay naku, kanya kanyang manok, lol. parang circus na itetch, may mg hindi talaga papatalo sa mga comment. Mga
      1. solid vhong
      2.soild cedric
      3. solid deniece
      4. team cedric at deniece
      5. at syempre merong nakikichika lang.

      weeh, saan kayo dyan?

  10. more often than not,kaya maraming rape victim who choose to remain quiet,kasi mas sila pa ang nadidiin kapag nag ingay pa sila.come to think of it,yung mga rapist,after the incident,they could come out of their house whistling,as if walang nangyari or wala silang ginawang masama,while the rape victim suffer in darkness,alone. kapag lumabas at may napagsabihan,minsan sila pa ang nasisisi,kesyo malalandi,inakit si lalaki,matagal na nya itong type and so on and so fort,kapag mayaman pa ang rapist,ano sinasabi natin,naku,gusto lang nyang magkapera,kaya di masisisi si deniese if she try to be quiet,kasi nga our society is like that,lalo na may career pa sya.

  11. kasi naman, syota na si cedric at pabahay sa condo, nag iinvite pa sa disoras ng gabi. ayan tuloy, napasok sya sa problemam kaya oinaoangatawanan nya na yung idea ni cedric na frustrated rape, baka pati sya mabugbog din ni cedric balang araw pag nagsalita sya. kabit na nga nangangabit pa itong batang ire. Sino kaya maga magulang nyan at pinabayaan na yatang kumabit kabit para lang makilala sa showbiz at makifeeling sosyal.

  12. eto ang sabi.. yung time intervals.. yung time na pagdating ni vhong na sinalubong sya nung girl.. then the girl went out, pagbalik nung girl kasama na si cedric lee.. and then sunod na the rest of the guys..

    just wondering.. how come cedric lee’s statement saying that Vhong was on top of the girl.. eh pagpasok nya ng unit nung girl kasama nya si cedric… sino ang ni-re-reyp ni vhong? dummy? LOL

    1. 😀 😀 😀 sino nga ba ang nire-rape ni vhong? para sa akin biktima si Vhong ni Deniece and Cedric!!! While Deniece is biktima ni cedric!!!! At posible nga na may powerful politician behind all these!!!! “PERA” ang dahian ng trahedya!!!

    1. might be a rape victim, this arpee lazaro…even made it to the point of really stressing out the agony of how it is to be feeling raped, paulit ulit pa…

  13. who the hell knows. not because vhong is celebrity doesnt mean he’s a saint.. that he cant do such thing. in my opinion, i’m more on denice side. if ever vhong got absolved in this, well still, who the hell knows. i dont believe in our justice system.. it’s all about connections, money .. power. filthy. vhong got many to protect him, celebrities, politicians, and big abs-cbn. easy to cover that up. so how the abs-cbn protecting him now? getting statements from celebrities. are these celebrities really know vhong? just a coworker. some people are always nice to coworkers or friends but to others, they are not. funny how vhong camp got so like defensive.. digging up anything about cedric lee. breaking his credibility. if you’re not a rapist, prove it that you’re not a rapist. dont twist things around. passing the blame. but actually, that’s how cases work , break your opponent. so i think, no one can really know. but if vhong had done thigns like this before uncaught, well this time is good to give him a lesson.

    1. Vhong is not a saint. But in this case, he is the victim!
      Remember…The end does not justify the means!!! Pinakulong na lang sana kung tutuo and sinasabi nila.

  14. I think si Arpee LazAro and eislet , ay mga alipores ni Cedric Lee and Deniece Cornejo kasi dinidefend nila or mismo si Cedric Lee eto or si Deniece Cornejo. Kailangan makuha ang web address Niya para mareport din sa NBI, maraming alam na kasinungalingan kasi.

    1. Arpee…PR control… Hirap trabaho mo ngaun.

      Hindi po rape case…. Frustrated rape po. Wag po mating palalimin Baka Di na natin maabot… Funny thing is… Ahhh Deniece ikaw ba yan… Lol!

  15. i dont see the extortion thing happening kasi hindi naman mayaman si vhong navarro. Cedric Lee is actually wealthier by several degrees compared to Vhong Navarro. kung ako criminal, if i will extort money from an actor, sa ATM kami dederecho hindi sa presinto. di ba? pauuwiin mo pa eh di nakapagsumbong na yun. as far the supposed video na hawak daw ni cedric lee, all the more than hindi ka magsusumbong kung meron ngang ganun. the natural response would be to call a lawyer and see kung papano ka makakabawi. in cases involving celebrities and famous people, hindi naman beholden sa 500 pesos ang mga pulis sa taguig. ive seen their station. many cops there are well mannered.

    1. Kahit pa sabihin nating guilty of attempted rape si Vhong Navarro, di pa rin makalulusot yang si Deniece at Cedric. Illegal pa rin yung ginawa nila. Kahit nga pulis di yan pwede gawin sa mga madadakip na criminal. Suntok siguro pwede pero “mauling”? Come on where’s your brain! Isip isip naman pag may time! lol

    2. si cedric nga naman kasi nagbabayad ng condo na tinitirhan nya, manlalalaki pa. malas ni vhong, tirador yung nakabangga nya. at malas din ni deniece kasi pati sya, hindi pwedeng sumalungat ke cedric at may kalalagyan sya. Kaya ayun kontodo pinanindigan ang rape daw , utos ni cedric.

    3. Manakot ka kahit 10 katao lang na hindi naman kasing yaman ni Cedric Lee (but, “people who value their reputations” according to Capunan). Tapos manghingi ka ng at least 100,000 man lang a month for the rest of the victim’s miserable life kasi nga may video/photos or whatever sh*t was documented at the time of the victim’s stupidity. 10 x 100,000 = 1M, d bah? Or 500,000 per quarter…duh! Mag-isip naman kasi. Isang text lang, remittance agad.
      Bakit si Vhong?
      Bakit si David?
      Bakit si Vina?

  16. Alam mo ang Mafia? Meron din sa pinas nyan… Extortion, manipulation, etc. powerful individual yang nabangga nya. Dahil sa takot, magagawa ng isang tao na sumunod nalang. Dahil nga sa Mafia na yan, (hindi naman lahat) pati pulis kayang macontrol.

  17. If she really is a rape victim or watsoever hnd b mas dpt na maglakas loob ka n gwin lht ng means pra mpatunayan at mapanagot ung mga tao na nambaboy sau?tska anu b mhrap s ipapagawa s knya eh hnd nmn titingnan ung kalooblooban nya kc nga attempted rape lng so ang titingnan lng dun eh kng my mga traces ng struggle eh sa kaso ni ate prang wla nmn ata todo makeup pa nga eh

    1. If we dont know the truth, let’s not demonize the woman shouting rape. Either way true or not, she is already tainted in the eyes of the public, her reputation in the gutter. to the men and women who support Vhong, appeal ko lang, tirahin nyo na lang yung mga involved based on the NBI evidence and merits or demerits of the events. pero wag naman siraan yung babae BECAUSE she cried rape. double whammy na sa kanila yun. like i said, unpopular as it may sound, team Deniece pa rin ako.


      1. A career in porn beckons, either in front of the camera, or more likely as somebody’s bitch in jail. Won’t be able to cry rape there

  18. So what if cedric has a history of violence? what if i told you that a friend of mine used to go out with vhong at bugbog sarado siya kay vhong? magiiba ba ang isip nyo?

    porket comedian siya na idolo nyo, wala kayong alam kung sino/ano si vhong sa personal – lalo na kung pano siya sa mga babae. pwedeng parehong crazy ang cedric at vhong, so wag magspeculate based on character alone, focus on the evidence (unless, of course, na-tamper na ng condo security at ng pulis at media).

    1. Same question, porke ba nabugbog ni Vhong ang kaibigan mo eh maniniwala na akong hindi nabugbog si Vhong? gago ka pala. May medical certificate ba yung kaibigan mo galing sa medico legal? e si Vhong maski wala pang medical certificate maniniwala ako na nabugbog kasi tingin ko di naman siya nagkapasa dahil siya ay nadapa.

  19. We can draw conclusions from the story of both sides kung tumutugma ba sa CCTV, police blotter na naifile sa Sucat (bumiyahe pa talaga sa Sucat from Taguig), plus the circumstantial evidence surrounding the case.

    By then, we can know who’s telling the truth.

  20. Ulitin lo po…We can draw conclusion from the story of both sides kung tumutugma ba sa CCTV, police blotter na naifile sa Sucat (bumiyahe pa talaga sa Sucat from Taguig), plus the circumstantial evidence surrounding the case.

    By then, we can know who’s telling the truth.

  21. Yeah kung totoong na-rape siya or inattempt na gawin sa kanya yun how come nung ininterview sila parang wala lang sa kanya?! Dapat nga todo iyak siya or galit na galit dahil sa nangyari right?! pero todo make-up pa nga si ate…Tsaka Bobo sila hahaha!!! nakalimutan atang may cctv camera Cedric sna sinama mo talaga kapatid mo para mas convincing huli ka eh wag ka ng gumawa ng bagong alibi….. Gawain mo na tlagang yan mamblckmail……

  22. This was definitely as setup. But not to extort vhong.. Just to teach him a lesson, as he is really known to take advantage of women.

  23. Mejo odd lang kse na sabi nong Cedric narinig nya sumisigaw daw ung babae. Pag sa condo paps mahirap marinig yung mga ingay sa loob. Saka napakaconvenient ng timing nong “nagrescue” tapos swerte pa nila at bukas yung pinto. Usually naglolock agad ang pinto ng mga condo, unless may kalang.

    Magkakaalaman yan pag ininspeksyon at nagreenactment don sa unit ni Deneeeeys.

    1. Locking the front door is usually the practice of people living in houses, hehehe. Being a condo dweller for the past 3 years, hindi unusual sa kin yung ganun circumstance.

      Actually kung may bisita ako, i dont lock my door. Happens when the visitor is the last one through the door. Some condos maririnig from the hallway kasi pinto lang ang insulation but will not be heard by the neighbors where the side walls are thicker. When i walk down the hallway i hear conversations by my neighbors but i cant hear even loud music when im inside

      1. Arpee, that’s true. BUT the question was not merely why she didn’t file a case. The question was why she didn’t pursue a legal case when she and company already filed a blotter AT the police station. Any lawyer would find that suspect, if not totally outrageous.

        1. Paulit ulit? again sasabihin ko

          rape is one of those crimes where the victim continues to suffer even after the atrocity was committed. idagdag mo pa dyan yung damage sa reputation nya and how people usually judge rape victims as being the cause of their own problems. every time she tells a cop, judge or lawyer, she will have to relive the trauma repeatedly. now that’s just when she is filing pa lang. may medico-legal pa yan where her insides will be exposed to the doctor who will, again, ask questions forcing her to remember the details. and then there’s the very harsh and parochial pinoy communities who will condemn her and call her names, with some men even masturbating to details of her trauma, then hoping that she will be a loose woman after that so it will be their turn at her naman. then in trial where all her baho will be exposed just to attack her credibility, all because she chose to speak up. deniece’s predicament is beyond cheating, if indeed she did. it is the fact that she has been defiled and still vilified. masakit yun. had a man been raped by another man, im sure hindi rin yun agad magrereklamo sa pulis. normally pinagtatawanan pa nila yun

      2. o anu na say mo ngayon ny my CCTV na lumabas from NBI confirming that CCTV videos aligned with Vhong’s story!! Come on, tell me???

  24. tama naman yung timeline ni cedric eh, although tama rin yung sinabi ni vhong. NBI thinks pinagplanuhan sya. pero may dahilan yan. yun ang hinihintay ko. team deniece pa rin for now.

    kasi nga baka pinagplanuhan si vhong. kung ano ang ginawa ni vhong para pagplanuhan sya, dun ako interesado

    kanya kanyang depensa, yung oral sex revelation ni vhong was a low blow kaya lang sobrang gulpi inabot nya. nawalan na sya ng restraint.

  25. pero seriously, iba ang kwento kasi ng mga tiga dyaryo sa kin. di bale, im sure the truth will come out eventually. and my heart goes out to Deniece, who I think is the ultimate victim. opinion ko lang yan

  26. Asan ba ung ibang kasama ni cedric? Bat di sila lumabas para msgbigay ng statement? Baka kasi hindi magtugma sasabihin nila kaya nagprapraktis muna… s7 cedric at denise kasi sanay n magsinungaling

  27. Grrrrrrr! bakit klangan husgahan agad si vhong..kahit anung gawin nya kung tlgang ayaw ng babae, walang magagawa si vhong! kapag ayaw ng babae gagawa’t gagawa sya ng way pra lumaban. may mukha bang ngstruggle na nag-ayos pa ng sarili sa elevator! makonsensya nmn kayo!! at mag-isip mga tao..hnd nlng puros satsat ng may masabi lng! the truth will always prevail!

  28. Based on evidence, mas ppnig ako kay vhong! SNa mbgyn ng hustisya nangyari sa knya! Ang landi kc ni denice mag iinbite sa bahy pa nia knowing na may gf at anak na c nong nakikioag flirt pa sia, nahuli cguro ni cedric wala siang magawa kung nde sumangayon kc nmn malakas ang koneksyon nung tao. Kilala pa na agrisibong tao! TSK TSK

    DENICE may sariki ka nmn cgurong pagiisip! Wag puros ikaw! Ibang tao napektuhan sa kalandian mo

  29. SHUT UP ARPEE! What if were right and what if ur bullshit nonsense story absolutely wrong? what will i do to you?! im not taking sides both of them,but its clearly stated that deniense and cedric lee was lying!! WTF!!

  30. Timeline ng cctv
    Pumasok si vhong navarro ng condo, sumakay ng elevator, pumasom sa kwarto ng ni deniece,

    Lumabas si deniece ng kwarto palabad ng condo

    Pumasok ng condo si cedric lee, papaakyat sa kwarto,

    Dun palang panalo na si vhong, paano makikita no cedric si vhong na nakapatong sya kay deniece, it is very impossible as t rape victim is outside the condo,

    Another group of 5 came inside

    The total of 8 came out the room

    Dun palang mga sir setup na, kasi, may dalawang kalalakihan na nag hihintay kay vhong.

    Wag na depensahan ang mga man loloko

    Dapat bitay na agad

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