Instead of Helping Flood Victims, Sen. Imee, Bato, and Bong Go Engage in Politicking

Ex President Rodrigo Roa Duterte’s fentanyl addled rant at a rally in Davao City was merely the foretaste of grotesque politicking that would happen days later on February 2.

Senator Imee Marcos, the older (some say half) sister of president Bongbong Marcos, flew to flooded Davao City to continue her campaign to have Speaker Martin Romualdez ousted through political witch hunt against the purveyors of what she claims to be a fake People’s Initiative.

The deaths and suffering of six thousand families in several Davao provinces were not enough to stop Senator Imee from conducting the hearing which ultimately turned out nothing of any sort that would directly and credibly connect Speaker Romualdez to the people’s initiative.

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Neither did it turn out even JUST ONE case of any one admitting they were paid money or any manner of goods in exchange for their signature for the People’s Initiative.

The meeting dragged on for hours even as people outside where the senate hearing was being held shivered in the cold as they watched their homes and belongings get destroyed by muddy flood waters.

The howls of despair and the cries of starving children were muffled by Senator Imee’s mannish voice that strained and failed to conjure an evil more tangible, immediate evil of corruption that led to the flooding of the place she was in.

The funniest thing about the whole farce of a senate hearing was that the reported cases of “signatures for sale” all came from Davao City — which is the political bailiwick of the Dutertes.

It’s easy enough to surmise that if ever there were any one claiming to have been bribed, these people would probably a diehard Duterte cult follower or someone they had coerced.

Rightly, Deputy Speaker David “Jayjay” Suarez spoke out against Senator Imee Marcos and urged her to stop the investigation into the People’s Initiative.

“In the continuation of the investigation in Davao City, Senator Marcos’ committee has not presented any witnesses to prove that bribery occurred. All the witnesses stated that they did not receive any money. That is very clear.

“It seems that Senator Imee is just insisting that bribery happened. Her problem is that wherever she goes, and whoever they summon, everyone says that no money was given to them.”

(Source here.)

In times of disaster, politicking is detrimental on multiple levels.

It diverts attention and resources away from the critical needs of the affected population. Instead of focusing on relief efforts and effective crisis management, political leaders may become preoccupied with scoring points, undermining the urgency of the situation. This can hinder the rapid response and coordination necessary to address the immediate needs of those impacted by the disaster.

When politicians prioritize their own agendas over the well-being of the people, it fosters a sense of division and distrust among the population. This can impede the collective effort needed to overcome the challenges posed by the disaster, hindering the effectiveness of relief efforts and prolonging the recovery process.

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