Rody Duterte’s Alleged Fentanyl Driven Rant Threatens PH Security, Stability

Former Philippine President Rody Duterte’s alleged fentanyl driven rants against President Bongbong Marcos and House Speaker Martin Romualdez at what was supposed to be a prayer rally in Davao City has been met with overwhelming push-back from the broader swath of Philippine society.

Speaker Romualdez quipped that Duterte shouldn’t be throwing stones in his proverbial glass house, but personally, I’d advise the former president against raging inside a padded cell.

Apart from the wild and unsubstantiated accusation that President Marcos was drug addled and an addict, the eighty year old former president also accused Speaker Romualdez (and alternatively, congress-at-large) of bribing people to support a People’s Initiative to amend the Philippine Constitution. Duterte made unsubstantiated claims that efforts to amend the four decade old constitution was intended to install a parliamentary form of government which would enable the Marcoses to perpetuate themselves in power indefinitely.

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Duterte described congressmen supporting the people’s initiative as greedy and even accused First Lady Liza Araneta Marcos of being power hungry.

Watching the whole thing unfold over nearly an hour was like watching a psychotic vagrant raging in the middle of EDSA and I actually found myself wishing for Duterte to stop making a fool of himself.

Clapping back on Duterte’s putrid antics, President Marcos responded with compassion saying that the former president’s state of mind could have been brought about by years of fentanyl use and that his doctors should take better care of him.

Speaker Romualdez, at a party leaders’ caucus just a few hours after Duterte’s embarrassing rant on January 28, said that, “Sa pamilyang Duterte, siguro konting galang naman sa ating mahal na Presidente tsaka sa pamilya niya. Noong panahon ninyo, iginalang namin kayo. Masyadong maaga naman ninyo gustong ipabagsak ang rehimen ni Bongbong.”

As far as constitutional amendments are concerned, Romualdez also rightly pointed out that Duterte had actually used his office as well as line agencies to push for what amounts to an overhaul of the constitutions political provisions by turning the country into a union of federated states.

“Pederalismo. Yan ay hindi lang amendment ng political provisions, kung hindi pagbabago ng buong system of government. Mukhang hindi niya nakayanan gawin. Baka at the very least, binubudol-budol tayo noon, kasi yang (pederalismo) ang naging basihan ng pagtakbo niya bilang presidente. Tapos maalala rin natin na sabi niya na in six months matatapos niya ang problema ng bansa sa drugs, pero sa anim na taon niya may drugs pa rin. Maganda mag-isip isip muna siya bago magsalita.”

A shift to a union of federated Philippine states would have enabled the Duterte’s to perpetuate themselves as the “forever” kings/queens of a Mindanao State and this is a far worse than merely allowing full foreign ownership in the Philippines. This actually entails breaking up the country and paving the way for a Duterte Kingdom of Mindanao.

Romualdez didn’t mention it, but as far as so-called greed for money is concerned, Duterte’s administration has been accused of misspending a considerable portion of the P7.6 Trillion national debt that he generated as well as the fact that his daughter, VP Inday Sara Duterte spent P125 Million in 11 days and son, Congressman Pulong Duterte, is being questioned over the P51 billion in congressional allotments to his district.

Indeed, as Romualdez put it, “People living in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.”

11 Replies to “Rody Duterte’s Alleged Fentanyl Driven Rant Threatens PH Security, Stability”

  1. Former President Duterte is a narcissistic hypocrite in a supposed Davao prayer rally where prayers played less significance than the Dutertes’ public show of rudeness and disrespect.

    And the people of Davao seemingly enjoys every bit of it tells a lot what transform of its society… balasubas.

  2. why shouldnt they?

    this is politics…they can, and should , throw as many stones as can possibly fit in romualdez’s squirelly cheeks


    O sige bai, manalamin tayo pareho…

    Ano ang ginusto mo sa naganap na Davao prayer rally?

    Para sa dasal ba talaga at pagsa-samasama ng mga tao o para lang sa mga paglapastangan at pagmumura ng isang utak-tambay na lider na gustong hatiin ang pagkakaisa ng sambayanan at ibagsak ang gobyerno ng pamahalaang Marcos na umiiral pa lang ng mahigit sa isang taon?

    Mapapisip ka, bakit di ginawa ng dating pangulo ang mga bagay na gusto niya habang na sa kapangyarihan pa. Mahaba ang panahon ang hawak niya. Dapat ba isisi sa kasalukuyan ang mga bagay na di niya magawa o di kayang gawin?

    Pero kagabi lang, sa isang pulong-balitaan, rumesbak na naman ang dating pinuno. Wala naman sinabing bago at inulit lang ang nasabi na. Mahilig lang at di mapigilan ang humawak ng mikropono at mukhang gustong-gusto ng pansin.

    Tanong ko lang bai, payag ka ba sa gusto nila na hatiin ang bayan mong Pilipinas? Hindi ba rebelyon ‘yun?

    Kung naalala mo pa, limang buwan na nakipagbakbakan ang puwersa ng gobyerno ng pamahalaang Duterte para lang pigilan ang pag-aklas at pag-agaw sa lupain ng Marawi ng mga rebeldeng Moro.

    Ganito ba ngayon ang proteksiyon para sa Saligang Batas ang hanap ng mga Duterte?

    Mamili ka. Pag-iisip kritikal o samba sa kulto ng mga Duterte?

    Ano mas makatuwiran? Ano mas mahalaga?


    1. This is what normally happens when the motivation to every decision is based only on a loyalty to a cult of personality.

      Look no further, there’s Willie Revillame, TV game show host of Wowowin fame, speaking at a recent Davao prayer rally about Duterte’s offer for him to run as a Senator.

      He declared: “Ipinagdasal ko ‘tong mabuti… Kung ano po ang magiging desisyon n’yo, yun ang susundin ko. Palagay ko handa na ‘ko.”

      Is Duterte being serious about Mr. Revillame’s potential cability as a lawmaker? Or is Duterte, simply, is a deceitful user?

      We are reminded of former Senator Manny Pacquiao who was dropped like hot potato when he’s no longer an asset to Duterte’s political party.

  4. And once again we have the worlds biggest Duterte hater Oman trying to pretend he’s a source of legitimate news.

    I noticed you’ve also added Imee to your hate list because of her support for Duterte. I’d actually consider you a threat to our security if anybody really took you seriously.

    Fortunately most people have already figured out that you just rant and rave like a crazy person. I hope no one ever pre-judges GetRealPh based on your ridiculous content.

    Along the same lines the people also realize that Martin is the real threat to the Philippines. Even worse, his psychotic desperate need to get rid of VP Sara betrays his true plans.

    If Sara is no longer the VP, Martin will not hesitate to do something to his cousin to get him out of office.

    At that point he will foceably take control of the country, declare martial law and let his Tita play Queen lilke she did during her late husband’s term in office!

    PBBM has already figured out that his mother no longer supports him because he hasn’t fulfilled her royal dream quiickly enough and has turned to her nephew instead.

    He also knows of Martin’s intention to replace him. Hence the main reason he is so polvoronic these days; he cannot handle the reality that someone hates him enough to get rid of him, and the thought of what’s gonna happen to him terrifies him.

    During his interview with the lady from ABS-CBN, he couldn’t even answer her question. Instead, after accusing Duterte of being doped up she asked him directly if he was doing drugs as well. Instead off answering, he just started laughing hysterically; it’s not a very good sign when your President cannot even answer a serious question the public has a right to know about and, bursts into a fit pf laughter instead of answering.

    Unfortunately you can’t see anything real past your own hatred. One would think that being fortunate enough to be schooled in the UK would have helped you get over the hatred that’s so predominant in the area you come from. But to paraphrase a very popular quote, “You can’t take the not out of the Middle East but you cannot take the Middle East out of the boy!”

    Try actually growing up.

    1. Dutertes’ rants stem from the CF that OVP was stripped off and, of course, to whitewash the P51B pork barrel that Pulong got during the last 3 years of his father’s term.

      Ipaliwanag na lang kasi kung papano ginastos ang P125M within 11 days at ang P51B !

    1. Of course, most Filipino politicians treat politics like their family businesses which is why they care only on how to maintain their power, the moment they get elected, all they think about is how to keep their positions or upgrade to a higher position.

      Filipino society has low IQ, so they just support who’s famous without realizing that the politicians they support are no different from con artists.

  5. Between a ranting fented-up old man and a clique that, in potential Taiwan Strait conflict, has painted a Stars-and-Stripes coloured bulls-eye on our country – I would know the greater evil.

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